Racist Mormon Phone Sex – Mormon Morality in Private and Public

Last night I rebuked this Mormon for disrespecting me from day one that I met him, obviously trying to take advantage of me, thinking I was a push-over, and told him off, and too my amazement, rather than being mature, instead looked for something about me to point out that was wrong about me, and was it something that provoked him to be disrespectful? No. It was, “You know what your problem is? You don’t have a job.” And this coming from someone who doesn’t know me, doesn’t care to know me, already knew a little of my story and as I said earlier tried to use it to get money out of me, and who lied about having a job (something I could tell after a while). He also lied about his “grandma” dying to get me to shut up and to use it to make me feel guilty (it was actually a Mormon girl he was hitting on whose grandmother died, who he played a long loudish-sex game with over the phone a very few minutes after trying to win the argument with me, and she participated like a professional).

Then, this morning, I hear him say to her, “…story about why there are no black people in the church?… F___ all those other stories. … That’s why I love the Mormon church: there re no black people anywhere.” And I didn’t hear the girl respond. I did hear him getting exasperating with her though when she asked him what he said, and he responded immediately with, “Nothiiing!” And complaining about how far away she lived. He then thought he was mad at her when he asked if she wanted picture of him, and she declined bluntly. And he kept trying hard to get her to come over, and she suggested they “drink”, to which he replied, “I don’t want to, I just want to chill in bed all day. … and watch, ‘Saving Emo’.” But early in the morning during their sex game he made it clear that he wanted to have sex with her, and I won’t get into the details about that for obvious reasons.

And by the way: he already has a very good hint that I write about him, and he knows about this journal, but doesn’t care.

It’s odd that he said there are no blacks in his church anywhere, let alone emphatically, because the first two missionaries I met recently in the area were both black, one was half black however, and there was a beautiful black woman in their “stake” (an appropriate name for their churches) as that is the feeling I get from Mormonism, which is a religion that involves repeatedly crucifying Christ, till he comes back, and no doubt some Mormons think he will suffer again for whoever sins. One of the most attractive women I’ve ever seen, at least at about 20 years of age, was a black woman. She was super cute with a flawless face. Whenever I think of her smile it easily cuts my depression in half. And there was a little girl, about 8 (in the year 2001 I think, in a mall in Springfield, Virginia), who I think was Ethiopian, not sure, who had brown hair, who was also super beautiful and cute, who accidentally kissed my cheek, when being playful with me, and it was one of the softest things I’ve ever felt, so soft it instantly got me to tell her her soft her lips felt. with amazement.

But back to the rebellious “Jack Mormon” he called himself when I first met him: what just a hypocrite. He tells me I have no job as some excuse to trample over me and rob me repeatedly, yet lied about having a job himself and even saying that he quit this imaginary job, feigned helping me to wash the dishes if I merely asked him to he said, yet has me clean up after him and his friends whenever they come over, and who ate like a racoon using my expensive sugar last night, without my permission, and for the second time lied to me about buying food that he took from me (how in the world am I going to forget what I buy?) and yet he kept insisting with this lie of having bought the food he attempted to take. This is someone who also implied he’d shoot anyone who took his things. And speaking of Mormons, something I want to note in the article before the last one I wrote in which I mentioned Mormons: the head of the stake I had been at in which that genealogist had mentioned Wycliffe – he said to the men, in front of me, in one of their “studies”: “We always seem to be dropping the ball.” CLEARLY.

I also want to mention something else, some good things: Amazon and Newegg are really good with refunds when there is a problem, though Amazon bests Newegg when it comes to refunds for misdescribed or defective items, though Newegg has refused two refund a bad soundcard they sent me, made by Azuzentech, and Azuzentech has not been good in their responses to me about getting a refund for it. It was a $179 card.

And before arguing with Jack Mormon, when at a certain place, got to see a very beautiful teen girl again, who is mostly polite to me, and even sat next to me, but I don’t think she did do on purpose, but didn’t notice me right way, and when she did, didn’t want to be rude and sit somewhere else. I sh she liked me. I saw her writing some long letter after wards about some secrets she keeps, which she put into a box of secrets. I’d explain what I’m talking about in more detail, but for certain reasons I won’t for now. I hope she and her family makes it to Heaven, especially since I can see she’s had a hard time in life.

Galaxies beautifully arranged everywhere, but hardly an atheist will think

On Coast to Coast AM tonight, at 10:24 P.M., Seth Shostak, of SETI, was asked by a logic-ignorant caller if whether or not it was a coincidence that during a solar eclipse it was a coincidence that the moon perfectly blocked out the sun (and asked some stupid questions), and Seth, an evolutionist and probably a Big Bang believer, said that he thought it was a coincidence. He didn’t say it was, I just realized, but that he didn’t think it was anything other than a coincidence. But when I listened to the caller bring up this fact, and knowing the other things about the universe and this planet and the solar system that make life possible here and possible all over the universe, knowing about the so called “fine tuning”, I was amazed, and knew it was no coincidence. The next caller was angry at Seth for not acknowledging that we were being visited by extraterrestrials, and brought up witnesses with high reputations for being honest and very intelligent, whom the caller said would be willing to sign affidavits. Seth gave an illogical and deceptive reply by saying that science wasn’t done by affidavits but by experiments. No Seth: science is not that simple; it doesn’t exist in a vaccuum. In science a hypothesis is made, like this: If intelligent life existed outside of Earth, and decided to visit various planets, and there is a great amount of intelligent life outside of Earth (and Seth emphatically implied that he believed there could be billions around the time that he was asked the question about the solar eclipse), and many of these living things were like humans, only able to survive by breathing in gas or liquid of a speficic type, needing protection from various temperatures and chemicals, and if space travel can be accomplished in various ways using ships with widely varying materials and energy sources, than we should see objects entering into our atmosphere from space which appear similar and very different to craft which we build, which show great speed and or manueverablity due to the aliens having enough intelligence to reach earth from great distances and who would logically want to creat a ship that can quickly avoid capture by enemies among themselves or among aliens, and to avoid collisions to be able to witness any amazing discoveries they make back to their own alien kind and bring back anything of value, or to trade with other aliens. Further, if any of these aliens appear to be non-human and not very similar to any life that is known to have existed on Earth since its beginning, than it would be further evidence that they were not from Earth, but outside of it. And to carry out an experiment to verify if such a thing were true, all one would have to have people watch the sky all over, and observe if there are any objects which appear to have superior speed and manuverability and a different shape than craft made by humans, and also to observe the outside of the atmosphere, and also to observe if anyone seese any beings which come out of these objects which appear to be non-human. Conveniently, people are often watching the sky and there are also cameras in human-made ships outside of the planet looking down upon it and away from it. And what are the results? There have been millions of people who have seen such craft that show superior speed and manueverablity to human-made ships (before we may have acquired alien technology and used it or copied it or both), and sometimes there are multiple witnesses to a craft, sometimes over one hundred, sometimes thousands. As for whether or not there have been two witnesses or more who have seen an extraterrestrial entering or leaving such craft, I don’t know, but there have been many people who saw aliens leaving or entering such craft, but with no second witness. There have also been two or more witnesses to an apparent alien or aliens (for example in Brazil (2) where a ship with some inside had crashed, and living occupants went out of it, with at least one was captured) There are also a few people who have regularly seen such a thing happen (which count as repeat experiments, and even if they were not intentional experiments, that would not invalidate what was seen and make the sighting invalid evidence).

How ironic that Seth and other God-deniers are blind to what is right in front of them, that even searching far out past this planet, they still see no sign of intelligence anywhere, not even when they see countless glorious galaxies containing countless glorious stars. Like God says of such people: they are always searching, but never coming to the truth.

Two New Books

I finished two books today. One was essentially finished in early September, but I found many typos in it. The other book is a very concise remake of another book I mostly finished four years ago. The remake however is not entirely the same, but has some unique additions. Though the remake is finished, I plan on adding a little more to the end, evidence of something. On Christmas, I might release them for free in various formats, or may do so earlier, and without notice here. No doubt to me some will immediately try to libel me when they see these new works, and no doubt to me some will be saved by them.

Ian Punnet Does Some Good on Coast to Coast AM

Last night Ian had on a guest named Robert Landori on Coast to Coast AM, and as usual snorting a laugh soon into the show. At one point Landori made a very ignorant comment, claiming that Christianity taught that mankind was good but sometimes fell off the boat. When Ian began to reply to Landori’s mistake it sounded to me at first like he was going to overlook the comment or try to say something in agreement with it, but instead and he seemed to seemed to be trying to gently correct him, by just saying the opposite without a hint of anger in his voice, and his guest seemed to agree with Ian’s response. Whether or not Ian should have been blunt and simply said that he was wrong and gave evidence for the opposite I’m not sure, but at least he gave some correction. When I first heard the topic of the show I was somewhat angry, since I was hoping for something about the supernatural or cryptozoology or UFOs, but the guest and the stories he told turned out to be interesting and in keeping with the theme of the show, some were strange, yet all amazing, to me at least.

Massive Nemesis of Stupidity in Nonexistant Oort Cloud Threatens to Destroy Earth’s Science Even Further

Massive Nemesis of Stupidity in Nonexistant Oort Cloud Threatens to Destroy Earth’s Science Even Further:

Massive dark object ‘lurking on edge of solar system hurling comets at Earth’
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 12:28 PM on 10th December 2010
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A massive dark object may be lurking on the edge of our solar system, according to scientists. [What ‘scientists’? Not all scientists despite the implication of this immoral weasel.]

Most comets that fly into the inner solar system seem to come from the outer region of the Oort cloud [seem to who you weasel? So you speak for everyone? Arrogant.]- a region of icy dust and debris left over from the birth of the solar system [it’s an evolutionist theory, not a known real region as you imply].

The cloud starts from a point about 93 billion miles from the Sun and stretches for around three light years and contains billions of comets, most of them small and hidden [so goes the theory, liar. And if most of them are small and hidden, how do you know this cloud exists, or your “scientists” friends? Contradict yourself much Mr. Evolutionist Pretending to Be a Scholarly Scientists and Journalist?].
A Nasa graphic which illustrates how the Oort Cloud surrounds our solar system. [really? It’s from NASA, that company packed full of creationist scientists? No.] Scientists believe [what scientists you weasel? All scientists? No.] that an object with a huge mass may be pushing comets towards Earth from the cloud[.][And? We should believe with these so far unknown scientists, because? Well because you’re talking pretentiously, like you’re king of the world, and mentioned scientists all believing so and so, and you mentioned NASA, the great center of scientific mastery, which is why it still uses rocket technology from the 60’s.]
Now new calculations suggest a large object that is up to four times as big as Jupiter could be responsible for sending them in our direction. [Cool: “Now new calculations”. I’m scared. I’ve now abandoned Christianity and recalculated my life to be atheist and believe in evolution and read dailymail all day long. I’m really productive now!]

The scientists [what scientists? ‘Just have faith’ right?] have analysed the comets in the Oort cloud [you can’t analyse something that hasn’t been found] and deduced that 25 per-cent of them would need a nudge by a body of at least Jupiter size before they changed orbit. [You still haven’t explained why these scientists believe in this flying elephant planet.]

Astrophysicists John Matese and Daniel Whitmire at the University of Louisiana came up with theory said that ‘something smaller than a Jovian mass would not be strong enough to perform the task’. [You still haven’t explained why these scientists believe in this flying elephant planet.]
They believe that our solar system has a hidden ‘companion’ that has so far remained undetected. [You still haven’t explained why these scientists believe in this flying elephant planet, or why I should trust in these people. Oh I know: because you called them astrophysicists. They must be trustworthy..]
The scientists [the what? Repeat that 100 times in a row to brainwash me more.] have been studying the cloud using WISE, Nasa’s infra-red space telescope that is capable of detecting dark objects. [And what did they find?]
Matese said: ‘I think this whole issue will be resolved in the next five to 10 years, [Oh, they found nothing, and yet you speak of them as having found something. You wasted my time and the time of thousands of others.] because there’s surveys coming on line that will dwarf the comet sample we have today. [Because you said so.]

‘Whether these types of asymmetries in the directions that comets are coming from actually do exist or not will definitely be hammered out by those surveys,’ Matese added. [Wait: you mean you don’t know? But this article was about you and other “scientists” knowing.] ‘We anticipate that WISE is going to falsify or verify our conjecture.’ [Wait again: I thought you were already sure and full of evidence for this imaginary cloud. And uh, so why was this invisible planet of faith brought up again? Oh: sensationalism, draw in people to read your article. Liars won’t win in end, nor thieves. ]
About 3,200 long-period comets are known, one of the most famous being Hale-Bopp which was visible to even the naked eye during 1996 and 1997. [But where’s the cloud?]
Halley’s Comet, which reappears about every 75 years, is a ‘short-period’ comet from a different part of the Solar System called the Kuiper Belt.

[…]These occasional comet showers could be why the mass extinctions on Earth are so regular, some scientists believe. [What… is this an allusion to evolution… in an astrophysics article…? No: evolutionists never use propaganda in other fields of science, they never associate things like the Big Bang with evolution and then repeatedly mock Christians by asking them why they “always talking about the Big Bang and evolution as if they have something to do with each other,”… nah: they never do that…]

The research appeared in the online edition of the journal Icarus. [Sounds sciency and cool: must be trustworthy.]
‘Most planetary scientists would not be surprised if the largest undiscovered companion was Neptune-sized or smaller, but a Jupiter-mass object would be a surprise,’ Matese told SPACE.com [And how does this person know that it’s “most scientists” who would not be surprised at this? Did he take a poll? Is there a survey on this somewhere? ]
‘If the conjecture is indeed true, the important implications would relate to how it got there — touching on the early solar environment — and how it might have affected the subsequent distributions of comets and, to a lesser extent, the known planets.’ [“early solar system environment”: How early? Are you trying to bring us back to the Big Bang? Weasel.] – Source

It occurred to me after having finished this post, and then adding the tags for it, that as I typed planet x as part of the keywords, repeatedly, realized this dailymail article and the “scientists” it quotes were trying to cash in on the Planet X scam, something which is discussed on certain radio shows and websites repeatedly, to get more visitors and more money from advertisers.

“Most of them small and hidden” indeed, just like the good deeds of these “scientists”. They are all liars, just as God said.

Jews With Heart-Walls Turn to Dead False Prophet

At about 11:40 P.M. yesterday, on Coast to Coast AM, the following exchange was made between George Noory and conartist Dr. Bradley Nelson (a moron who claims that there are more than nine emotions, and had trouble getting the number straight when asked and who claimed you can inherit emotional problems called heart-walls composed of more than 20 emotions):

Dr. Bradley Nelson: When someone in high school or college tells you to follow your heart, that is the best advice they can give you.

George: Absolutely.

Since when is following your heart, let alone of all times when you are teen or in college, the best advice, let alone the best advice? How many more divorces, yelling arguments, physical fights, crushed feelings leading to suicide and baby-murders does there need to be before people like the self-proclaimed emo-doctor, doctor Bradley, realize that he and heart-followers like him are the ones creating so called heart-walls, not curing them? And this conartist, when asked by a caller how she could find out how to remove her heart-wall, advised her merely to go to his website, watch his videos and buy his books, and that that would make her certified to remove them. How convenient that he, having the cure for all of humanities emotional problems, can’t give a basic explanation as to how to cure the world, and can only do so through profit. To my disgust the caller flattered him greatly and praised him for his advice – what advice? Here’s simple free advice for getting rid of “pent up” emotions, so called heart-walls: find out from the Bible what you should feel and why and why you feel the way you do. The short answer: because God gave us the ability to feel, and allowed us to to sense things which we would desire or dislike, be happy, sad, angry, afraid, curious, worried, amazed or surprised over, and because of man’s inability to be logical apart from God’s love and help, they chose to feel things that they should not in certain situations. And how can this Bradley Nelson be a doctor of emotions and not know there are at a maximum, no more than nine core emotions? Imagine someone calling themselves a doctor of the body and first claiming there was an extreme of 180, and then a few seconds later, 18. Would you call such a person a doctor or think him qualified to heal you of anything, or even sane? Would you trust him with your life?

George Noory also interviewed a heretic Moshe Yess, a so called “rabbi” and Judaic (people often mistakenly refer to Judaics as “Jews”, as if there is no Jewish race) who was a heretic. He believed in a ridiculously named “Messiah” who was, get this: dead. How corrupt can Judaism get? So now instead of waiting for a living Messiah, instead of worshiping a living man, now there is a sect that worships a DEAD messiah! Talk about hating God! Instead of worshiping the true Messiah who died for the sins of the world, who has come back to life, whose demonstrated his all-surpassing love and power before many witnesses, a section of the Judaic group has become so twisted that they not only reject that one, but instead accept some obscure demonic Judaic who died in the 90’s, and expect him to return! How convenient that after the New Testament already came up with the concept of a Messiah who could die and who would return does now, these Judaics, come up with one 2000 years later and act like they have something original to give the world, and so original, as to be ridiculous. The Rabbi Schneerson cult also claims not to be a “team” that is above other teams, but that this Rabbi Schneerson will save everyone. The rabbi also claimed that there will be nothing “negative” when Rabbi Schneerson returns to change the universe, which is a comment that makes it a New Age cult: New Agers smear everything that they personally dislike (including fundamentalist Christians) as “negative” or evil, in place of the word immoral or wicked because those words remind people of the Bible and it’s laws. The word evil is also a Biblical word, but was a word that was used for hundreds of years, unlike “negative”, as a term for what was generally considered “immoral” by everyone, though it was also used like the word “negative” in that a good/righteous or decent person or group would be called “evil” by someone or some group that personally disliked them. The word “negative” however, unlike “evil” is used much more vaguely and more often used.

You can always hear many false Christians and non-Christians, including atheists, calling other groups, including true Christians, “negative”, but less so “evil”, because that word evil, as I said, is a biblical word, further, true Christians use it often to describe some non-Christians who repeatedly reject Christ after he is explained to them (I don’t mean that true Christians will say to anyone’s face that they are evil after first seeing what they are like, but to others so as not to get into a physical fight or embarrass the evil person or group they met). And so, the non-Christians who were condemned as evil will avoid using the word evil so as not to be reminded of the condemnation from Christians. So, this Schneerson cult is “universalist”, meaning that ultimately, or indirectly, it approves of any and every belief, including evil ones, with the exception of the true religion (the one given by God), because the true religion (which promotes only the truth and is accepted fully only by those who are honest), directly opposes universalism, which accepts lies and liars.

I’ve already been given eternal life, and don’t need a dead “rabbi Schneerson”, who comes on not just 2000 years late on the seen, but who even when he died was late in letting the world know he existed, let alone died, to give me life.

At 12:46 A.M., George asked this “rabbi” Moshe Yess: Is there anything to our free will? …can we change them [future events]?

This question once again demonstrates the misconception the world has over the meaning of “free” and “will” and no surprise then the term “free will”. The Mormons and every false Christian (that includes Catholics like George Noory), misunderstand “free will” to mean “free physical actions” as in freedom to do ANYTHING you want to do. George asked if free will could change physical events, because he was confused, or, was completely deceived into thinking his will could affect physical events (and he does believe literally in wishful thinking, that willing something to happen with enough will power can change the physical environment (just like many insane Pentecostals believe, who believe they can wish money into their purses and wallets with faith). He may have been asking the rabbi that question to see if the rabbi was on his side, his side that precious “free will” (a subconscious code for “Man’s sovereignty) was sacred, and above God’s will.

At 1:51 A.M., the false rabbi reminded me of something George Noory says now and then, which is that he doesn’t believe in coincidence, and I immediately realized that by saying that, Noory was contradicting himself in his belief that the future can be changed. For George, who is a believer in a thinking God who designed and created the universe, who still interacts in the world at least indirectly – for him to say that there is no coincidence, is to say that there is no randomness, no chaos, but that everything happens based on someone’s will, and due to “natural laws” which God created, and which God sets aside at times to accomplish something according to his will.

I also noticed that a few minutes later, near the end of the show, that the false rabbi went against the statement of the final caller, which was that the world was not controlled by an illuminati, but that we were all under the control of God. This was deceptive statement, and unwise to say, because as I often point out, the world doesn’t understand “free will” and God’s control correctly, and so when someone simply says God control’s everything to the masses, it doesn’t advance their understand but ends up creating more contention, in general. His reply was also deceptive, because the Bible itself says that Satan is the god of this world, figuratively, but that literally there are demons who rule certain sections of this planet, who, like human rulers, fight against the good (however the demons also fight against angels, which demons once were).

I’m curious if Noory, being someone who confuses “free will” with being able to do whatever you want to do, took the claim of the rabbi that God is in control to be true or false, and if he understood it to mean a general control (as in spiritual to a limited degree, and also fully environmental) or if he took it to mean in control of even the will of others (which wouldn’t make sense by the way since a will by definition has to be free to choose otherwise it’s not a will). l also wonder what the false rabbi meant by saying “control”: if he meant complete control or a general overall control so that his plans are always fulfilled without failure of any kind.

There was one good thing that Moshe Yess said, which was that he distinguished Jews from Judaism, indirectly acknowledging/implying that a Jew was still one racially, and not only a person who practiced Judaism.