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Ian Punnet Does Some Good on Coast to Coast AM

Last night Ian had on a guest named Robert Landori on Coast to Coast AM, and as usual snorting a laugh soon into the show. At one point Landori made a very ignorant comment, claiming that Christianity taught that mankind was good but sometimes fell off the boat. When Ian began to reply to Landori’s mistake it sounded to me at first like he was going to overlook the comment or try to say something in agreement with it, but instead and he seemed to seemed to be trying to gently correct him, by just saying the opposite without a hint of anger in his voice, and his guest seemed to agree with Ian’s response. Whether or not Ian should have been blunt and simply said that he was wrong and gave evidence for the opposite I’m not sure, but at least he gave some correction. When I first heard the topic of the show I was somewhat angry, since I was hoping for something about the supernatural or cryptozoology or UFOs, but the guest and the stories he told turned out to be interesting and in keeping with the theme of the show, some were strange, yet all amazing, to me at least.

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