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Obscure Arminian Kent R. Rieske Calls All Arminian UFO Sighters Deluded by Satan and More

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On Dec 26, 2007 7:33 AM, in his careless opinion bashing, the Arminius worshiper Kent at accidentally bashed all Arminius worshipers who have seen UFO’s. Since Arminus worshipers far outnumber those who believe in permanent salvation by Christ’s grace alone, Arminians are the majority of those who see UFO’s along with Buddhists, Atheists, and Muslims. The comic-looking font is the actual font and style he used along with an altered mocking subject heading (in other words he changed the original subject line – he’s real mature and serious guy eh?):

Re: Calvinist Who Believes In UFOs Goes Ballistic.

“[…] I am not surprise that you believe in UFOs, since you are also a Calvinist. Boy… [text deleted due to the fact this Arminian is an obviously contentious, and deceived moron].


Those few pieces I read of his reply had kept my eyes from reading whatever else stupidity had been in reply. One of the problems of being an opinion basher like Kent, is that such bashing repels the eyes and ears of those you hope to bash. So, there you have it, an oh so loving Arminian not just refusing to repent of his blatant opinion-bashing bigotry, misquoting me by calling me a Calvinist, and bashing all government officials, all police officers, pilots, everyone, including all Christians from Arminian to Calvinistic as being gullible and deceived, and deluded by Satan while gloating, mocking, and stereotyping on top of it. Great ministry eh? Yet another reason not to worship the deceiver Arminius or to trust his worshipers.

He couldn’t even be bothered to correct “surprise” to surprised”. Real careful guy. That’s the reply of a contentious, self-willed, money-loving, social-climber who is obsessed with airing his own opinions and could care less about the Bible. I checked my file storage site to see if he had downloaded my books which refute Arminian theology using almost 100% verses from the Bible but saw he did not bother to download them. The same is true of a previous Arminian I had recently talked to who also did not bother to download them. That clearly shows what kind of people Arminian-worshippers are.

And wasn’t that just such a beautiful loving Christian reply? “Hahahaha”? Gloating with derision is Christ-like? Calling me a Calvinist implying that I worship Calvin when I said I was Calvinistic = careful and loving? Slandering all Calvinists = loving?

Here was the original message I sent this ballistic babbler:

In a message dated 12/25/2007 10:49:28 P.M. Mountain Standard Time, kyle ain writes:

“The reasons people believe in UFOs and aliens go back to the school education system. Kids are taught that life can evolve given enough time.” [That’s a quote from mocker Kent who illogically associates UFO’s and evolution.]

That’s an idiotic lie. I am a calvinistic Christian, I am saved and how can you not know better than to say something so stupid? How can you be so massively ignorant as to citing a government study (as if all the government is honest or knows what the other hand is doing lol? talk about naive!) and to ignore MILLIONS of sightings and thousands of videos and testimony from people of every walk of life? How can you ignore ancient art showing obvious UFOs and aliens?

I saw two UFOs with my own eyes they were not meteors or airplanes or blimps flares or swamp gas. You have to nearly be nearly a master moron to have said what you did or very lazy or were being very impatient at that time.

I suppose angels are just swamp gas right and God’s glory was a meteor shower? Get real man and stop rationalizing in stupid ways.

Check out the videos in my profile […]

merry christmas

Using Kent’s logic if any kid is taught a lie then there is no chance that they can ever make a correct judgment from then on. That effectively makes Kent’s ministry worthless since there are no kids who haven’t been taught lies. Another problem with his stupid logic is that there are Christians like me who have never been taught evolution in school or who never comprehended being told fossils were millions of years old. I used to have one or two dinosaur books and don’t recall either of them saying dinosaurs were millions of years old and even if I was told that, wouldn’t have understood since when I was a kid I was very poor with math. In fact I have dyscalculia which often corrupts and distorts how I perceive long periods of time. So then how does Ken’s magical judgment corruption apply to me?
Note that I changed the link to a new one so that no one would go to the wrong link.

On the Nearly Useless and Damaging Disclosure Project Movement

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Greer says big media is worse yet says the media is not free, well the corporate and gov elites are free, therefore they are worse then the media. Greer is one of the naive types who thinks that all aliens are peaceful despite the unfriendly abductions and new age nonsense some of them supposedly tell humans. Greer thinks the aliens of the universe have become concerned about us because we obtained nuclear weapons. Well these aliens sure are useless. Where were they when Nagasaki and Hiroshima were bombed? Where were they when ancient India was bombed? Where were they when Egypt was bombed? What are they doing about all the people all over the world dying from malaria, chaga’s disease, cancer, starvation, polluted water flowing into the ocean, air pollution? So buzzing about a few nuclear plants or observing them and messing with them a little = concern? Why don’t they buzz around coal polluting plants and diamond and coal mines where coal workers (or slaves) are slowly dying or being murdered? Nuclear plants mean more huh? No, that’s God testing humans to see if they will keep obeying him when faced with mysterious and unknown things and the world is failing his test.

Marrs made an obvious point which is that all aliens are not the same, but later in the documentary Pippin and Webre implies all aliens are peaceful. Pippin suggests that in order to keep fro being abducted you be an ostrich and pretend you don’t see anything and that if you don’t it means you want to be abducted. Really? Is that why most aliens allegedly try and erase or suppress your memory, because you volunteered? Or is it they feel they’ve sodomized you and “don’t” want you to remember?

Does that work with the sun too? There are also two human mutilation cases, done by aliens? Don’t know, but that’s not a good sign.

According to Salla we’re just a “resource” to the Reptilians, not sentient beings in deep moral trouble who could really use some moral, medical, housing, food and environmental disaster help. If Reptilians exist and Salla is right, then maybe Icke is right about these Reptilians being evil..

Salla says “WE” doesn’t know if withholding advanced technology is beneficial or not. Hey, I do know if it’s beneficial or not: If you withhold it from a good person you are doing wrong. If you withhold it from reckless people but still treat the reckless with kindness, you are doing right. The governments of the world who are hiding advanced technology do so for self-centered reasons. That is there way, to do everything that benefits them first.

If Webre is right about these aliens then they are just as useless as the elites U.S. and British government who go about making useless and damaging speeches, traveling here and there, robbing and being stingy, ignoring and ridiculing the poor and needy.

And what is this genetic upgrade nonsense fro Webre? What’s his evidence? Webre is one of those naive vain types that thinks ufo technology will rescue the world from environmental pollution. And what does he think will save us from moral pollution which is even more deadly?

Alan G. Tolman claims we haven’t (as a planet?) said “hello” in a friendly way to the aliens. Well he obviously doesn’t know or could care less about the 100+ million Presbyterians and Baptists who spend their money (and not out of their vast riches) often to help the poor and needy and preach peace in hostile places at the risk of their own lives, risking torture and enslavement. If that’s not saying “hello” in a friendly manner then what is? And why should aliens expect the whole planet to be friendly? So the aliens won’t budge from watching and butt and nose-probing till the whole world says, “Hi, we’re all sane and friendly now, promise!”

The disclosureproject site is selling a book called “Disclosure”, an oh so important on how the good guys are battling the bad guys to get them to admit UFO’s exist and supposedly share the special technology, yet the d.p. website says on the bottom of it’s “donation” page:

“And, NOT INCLUDED IN THE BOOK ‘DISCLOSURE’: A summary of energy and anti-gravity research which shows how the technologies which are being kept secret, because of the UFO issues, hold the answers to our environmental and energy problems. Such as:
# Tesla’s Self-Powered Automobile
# The Moray Radian Energy Device
# Gabriel Kron and the Negative Resistor
# Cold Fusion
# Dr. Randell Mills and Blacklight Power
# and many, many more”

Great! So, not only will the C.I.A., military, aerospace, and oil company elites not show us anything, but we won’t be seeing “many, many more” from DISCLOSURE project either. To me that makes disclosure project a calculated move by the government to pacify rebels who would think to over throw them. It’s a way of making them feel as if they are making progress.

In conclusion, the Disclosure Project is only useful in that it shows UFO’s exist via credible eyewitness testimony or at best and that it might get someone to release technology concerning how to build advanced transportm defense, and medical technology. It is damaging however because many of the people in it are misdirecting people from what really can save their lives forever and so is a quasi-scam, especially since they are selling silly and useless products and using the disclosure website to do so.

Instead of wasting time trying to make the rich budge with silly new age speeches which give false hope, and protesting and threatening, and defending abortion and throwing cut up babies in the trash as if that’s, “Hello we’re peaceful”, turn to God for salvation, get saved, and obey him, and that includes by praying for the governments in power to do the same.

Social life stuff

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I met two nice girls online recently, Ashley and Deborah. They are both Christians. I’ve been talking for a a month or two on my messenger to an atheist whose name I have a hard time remembering.

Why Vote For Ron Paul for President?

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Ron Paul isn’t the best historian on American history (he seems ignorant of the terrorist history of the C.I.A. and F.B.I. leaders) or the best Christian, but he is the best man for president. Click here to read about Ron’s book.

Non-Christians Being "Open-minded" Yet Again

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Hate Laws Flog Another Christian

By Harmony Grant
December 5, 2007

Telling the truth is an illegal act in Canada . It’s worse if you’re a Christian. A pastor in Alberta, Rev. Stephen Boissoin, is the latest to make this chilling discovery.

Boissoin has been charged by a human rights panel with violating Canada’s “hate crime” law, for words he wrote to a newspaper back in 2002, when he was executive director of the Concerned Christian Coalition. His letter said “war has been declared” against the “homosexual machine.”

I wonder which of Boissoin’s words violated the Canadian human rights law. Which of his words were “likely to expose homosexuals to hatred or contempt because of their sexual preference?” Maybe it was the part where he called their militant agenda “a machine.” That might be seen as flattery and certainly isn’t a lie.

In 1977, Quebec became the first jurisdiction in the world to prohibit private or public “discrimination” based on sexual orientation. In 1988, the first Canadian Member of Parliament “came out” to media. Also in 1988, a Canadian church first allowed ordination of openly practicing homosexuals. In 2005, Canada became the fourth country worldwide to federally sanction marriage between people of the same gender. Canadian public school curricula are currently being revised with “LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender] topics.” (Maybe while they’re at it they should include topics about boys who prefer large breasts or girls who like to be handcuffed during sex. Or maybe they should quit bringing sexuality into grade school.)

So. A machine? Fueled by the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith with its anti-Christian “hate crimes” laws, the Canadian homosexual movement is practically bionic. A 2000 Supreme Court decision ruled that homosexuals’ publications are federally protected free speech, even if they are sexually explicit or obscene.

Get this straight: If my homosexual neighbor prints a zine of photos of naked men having anal sex and urinating on each other, that’s protected speech. But I could be jailed if I distribute the same prints labeled with, say, Romans 1:27 (“In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion”).

The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith always claims that hate crime laws won’t stifle freedom of speech or religion. What a joke. They openly brag about their role as creators of “anti-hate” laws On their website you can even view their “model hate crime legislation,” which offers “The ADL Approach” to dealing with hatred, bigotry and racism. Sounds so noble.

But ADL isn’t concerned with preventing true violent crime (which is already against the law, hence the word “crime”). It also isn’t concerned about promoting true health in society, which is fundamentally based on families and healthy sexuality. Instead, ADL—a Jewish fraternal civil liberties organization—seeks to strip Christianity from public life and criminalize the expression of Christian morality (especially that of salvation through Christ alone).

In his excellent essay, “Is Sex Meaningless?”, Joel Hilliker writes that hate crime laws have made it incredibly easy for Christians to be “perceived” by the court as breaking the law. “Illegal discrimination now includes anything “perceived” as different treatment because of behavior “perceived” as not stereotypically male or female,” says Hilliker. “It includes anything that might suggest that a child living with biological Dad and Mom is advantaged over someone living with a single homosexual man or woman who has multiple partners. It could include a business treating a cross-dressing job applicant different from anyone else. It could include a reference to family in a school textbook that fails to mention it’s just fine if it involves a homosexual couple. You can be sure that zealous lawyers are itching to test the new laws by putting such “crimes” on trial.”

ADL is not concerned about bias in general—certainly not against Christians or Christians’ free expression of their faith! In The Conservative Voice, Bonnie Alba points out that Christmas is a time of numerous “hate crimes against Christians” when Christian symbols and public expression are increasingly not allowed. You may remember that last Christmas a rabbi complained about Christmas trees at the Seattle airport. To avoid any fuss this year, airport officials have banned any recognition that there even is such a thing as Christmas! No Christmas trees, carols or stars.
In one Michigan school district, a list of politically incorrect words is forbidden. They include Santa, Christmas, and nativity.

In case anyone has questions about what to disallow, the ADL has provided a helpful “December Dilemma” guide to make sure Christmas gets censored right out of public view. Mention of our Maker’s birth, here to redeem us, might make some people uncomfortable! Heaven forbid (see, ADL’s ‘December Dilemma’).

So would I be speaking hate to say the militant pro-homosexual and “anti-hate” ADL is a machine efficiently stripping Christian faith and morals from North America? No, not hate. Just the facts.

Are All Christians the Same?

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For those of you that don’t know, not all Christians are the same, there is one group that is very unlike the others, a group that believes God’s Law is perfect and that he hates it when anyone breaks it. I am apart of that group.

The world calls Christians like me fanatics or extremists (and Catholics call us heretics). Why?

It’s not always because we believe that it’s absolutely wrong to lie, steal, or murder, but for believing that it is wrong because God said not to. Even Catholics detest that. Why? Because they want Christians like me to believe that it’s wrong because the CHURCH said so, in other words, men.

But I’m not a Churchian, or Manian, I’m a Christian, a Christ-follower that is. I’d rather be called an Eternian though, to convey that I believe I have eternal life (a spirit that won’t die) and will be immortal one day.

The usual stereotypes about people like me are that we only think about God or the Bible, actually we usually do and do so to make sure we are not disobeying him, we don’t simply think about it. It’s similar to how the world thinks about themselves all the time and tries to please themselves nonstop (and pleasing themselves can be done by pleasing those they love). So, I’m no fanatic, I do what I do because it is logical, unlike most non-Christians, who do what they do because it feels good to them and seems good to them.

I believe that by obeying God that in the end you will be a happier person because you will be in less pain and if God loves you, one day, you will only feel pleasure.

Another stupid myth is that all Christians believe what they do juz cuz. Ironically it’s just the opposite: The world believes what it does because they feel like what they believe is the truth, not because it is. They often say themselves that what they believe is their opinion (beliefs not based on facts) and in their confusion also claim that science is on their side (forgetting that Christians invented science) while scientific evidence shows the Bible is true (but most people can’t be bothered to read what it is or if they do just laugh it off, as if laughter and their doubt is evidence that what they glanced at is false).

It’s sad I have to say all this to keep people from running from me, but helping a person come to their senses and realize they are in danger is worth the trouble.

Carl Flygare’s Raving "Review" of "The New Answers Book" Refuted

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Neanderthal Art vs. the Modern Art of Atheists

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Check out this beautiful artwork produced by the ancients, it’s far better than what most atheists, even those supposedly educated ones can produce. Isn’t it amazing that these “stupid cave men” who lived “30,000” years ago (at least so claim many atheists, Buddhists, pagans and Muslims and Bible-hating Christians) were able to paint better then most modern people who claim that these painters were stupid primitive less-evolved-then-them cave men?

More about this painting and others found in the same cave with it from the Answers In Genesis website:

Art finds rock evolutionists

To understand why two recent rock-art finds have upset evolutionary theories, we need to look at them through evolutionary eyes (i.e. assume the dating methods to be valid for the moment).

First, the pigment in some paintings in the Chauvet cave in France carbon-dated at around 30,000 years, making them ‘the world’s oldest rock paintings’. According to standard theory, the first art was ‘simple and crudely drawn, and only later evolved into more sophisticated images’. However, these Chauvet works of art are regarded as ‘exquisitely rendered’ and ‘stunning’, utilizing the natural contours of the cave to give perspective.

Second, Aboriginal paintings allegedly thousands of years older than the rise of agriculture have been discovered in Australia’s Northern Territory, showing what appear to be scenes of ‘organized warfare’. This upsets the standard theory that ‘warfare began only after the rise of agriculture, when there were boundaries and people had land to fight over’.

New Scientist, 17 June 1995 (p. 5).
TIME Australia, 19 June 1995 (p. 49), and 14 August 1995 (pp. 92-94).

Note how comfortably these finds sit with Genesis history. The Chauvet paintings now force evolutionists to conclude that a crudely drawn cave painting does not mean the artist’s ability was ‘partly evolved’; it probably happened to be drawn by someone ‘without talent’. The Australian battle-scenes destroy the ‘noble, peaceful hunter-gatherer’ myth. Human society has always experienced conflict since the Fall; being fully human from the beginning, there is no reason why people should not have been able to organize major battles at any time in post-Babel history.”

Ancient Advanced Languages Refute Evolutionist History

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Ancient Asians were using a written language more advanced than those of today, a language called Kavi. Can atheists explain why where the Filipinos using a language 1107 years ago that was more advanced that that of their modern language Tagalog?

And in ancient China:

Mysteries of the Yellow Emperor

Mysteries of the Yellow Emperor

Paul Stonehill


Chinese and Japanese archaeologists claim they have discovered in China’s southwestern province of Sichuan evidence of the fifth ancient civilization, Japan’s Kyodo News reported Monday, October 28 1996. The evidence is an earthen stage, unearthed during a joint archaeology project and estimated to date back 4,500 years. It was found among the remains of an ancient castle near the banks of the Yangtze River 56 miles (90 km) southwest of the city of Chengdu. The archaeologists involved in the excavation project explain that the earthen stage, pointing to an advanced knowledge of construction techniques by those who built it, reinforces the possibility of a fifth civilization. The world’s four oldest civilizations are known as Mesopotamia, Egypt, Indus and China’s Yellow River. Carbon isotope analysis on earthenware found at the excavation site was used to help identify the age of the castle and stage.

It is a very significant discovery . We may be closer to solving the enigma of the “Yellow Emperor,” Huang-ti (27th century B.C.), who, it is said, lived in those misty reaches of time before the Shang dynasty.

In the beginning

Archaeological evidence suggests that China is one of the cradles of the human race. The earliest known human in China, whose fossilized skull was unearthed in Shanxi Province in 1963, is believed to date back to 600,000 BC.

Around the 4th or 3rd millennium BC, in the New Stone Age, great changes occurred in the lives of the ancient Chinese. Larger numbers of people began living together at settled places, cultivating land, and domesticating animals. These people made polished stone tools and built shelters in pit dwellings and beehive huts that were covered with reed roofs. Such villages were found mostly in the area of the great bend of the Huang He on the North China Plain. Despite its severe winters, this area was well suited to agriculture. In fact, it closely resembled the other cradles of ancient civilizations, such as the valley of the Nile in Egypt. As we will see, this is an important fact, because there are other striking similarities between the ancient civilizations. According to Chinese tradition, the Chinese people originated in the Huang He (Hwang Ho or Yellow River) valley. The legends tell of a creator, P’an Ku, who was succeeded by a series of heavenly, terrestrial, and human sovereigns. Rice was grown in eastern China circa 5500 BC, and about five centuries later an agricultural society developed in the Huang He valley.

The Emperor’s legacy

Chinese civilization owes much to the legendary ruler. Agriculture and husbandry simultaneously developed in the ancient times when Huang-ti ruled. Silkworm raising was accomplished earliest in China. Yue Jue Shu says Emperor Huang-ti started the silk clothing industry and cultivated mulberry (for silkworms) and hemp; as the Chinese archaeologists state “it is from historical records” (Selections of Chinese Relics and Archaeology, Foreign Languages Press, Beijing, 1995). We should be grateful that at least some historical records reach to us from the mists of time. Ancient scribes took care to leave us an incredible tale of a very strange being, the one they called the “Yellow Emperor.” And it was in Huang-ti’s age that the most ancient Chinese writing was “invented.”

Like other ancient peoples, the Chinese developed unique attributes. Their form of writing, developed by 2000 BC, was a complex system of picture writing using forms called ideograms, pictograms, and phonograms. Such early forms of Chinese became known through the discovery by archaeologists of oracle bones, which were bones with writings inscribed on them. They were used for fortune-telling and record keeping in ancient China. In 1899 a small group of Chinese scholars and antiquarians collected quantities of inscribed bones from the fields around Hsiao T’un. Five years passed before enough symbols could be deciphered to reveal the true nature of the “dragon bones.”

They were a record of a people who called themselves Shang, and ruled lands surrounding Anyang some four thousand years ago. The objects embedded in the fields of Hsiao T’un came not from dragons but from tortoises and cattle. Shang kings desired to glimpse into the future, and their diviners inscribed the royal inquiries on a carefully scraped and polished tortoise shell or ox blade or leg bone.

Years later the People’s Republic of China archaeologists uncovered thousands more Shang oracle bones. Corps of learned people created a whole new anch of linguistic study, Jia gu shu, the study of shell and bone writing. As scholars pored over the writings of ancient diviners, they reached a provocative conclusion: Shang writing was not the oldest Chinese writing, not by a thousand years at least. The characters used then were already so sophisticated that they undoubtedly had many centuries of development behind them.

Who knew? Creation scientists knew, because according to the Bible the first men were healthier (and so had an easier time processing information than our brains can). The Bible also teaches that what is has already been (meaning the advanced technology we have today was already invented in the past).

For more evidence that the Big Bang, Steady State, and evolutionary theories are wrong click here.

Why Vote For Ron Paul for President?

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Ron Paul isn’t the best historian on American history (he seems ignorant of the terrorist history of the C.I.A. and F.B.I. leaders) or the best Christian, but he is the best man for president. Click here to read about Ron’s book.

Still trying to get my books published

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Yes, still trying. I some projects I want to accomplish first. One has to do with the horrible atheist communist propaganda site called Yahoo! another to do with perfecting XP as much as I can, and organizing my computer files.
The social security administration is still doing me wrong with my disability check – it’s really depressing getting so little money each month and having no paying job.
I still have no love life of any sort but it’s better that way since I’m too busy for one for now.
I’ve made more historical findings and physics discoveries breakthroughs.
I’m still hating life.