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An Interesting Coast to Coast AM Show This Early Morning

October 30, 2009 4 comments

George Noory had Linda Moulton Howe on, and they were at odds with each other on the true danger and origin of the H1N1 virus. Linda was baffled as to why George and his listeners were so suspicious and fearful of any vaccine, and yet she claimed that the paranoia was from speculation of baseless information on the Internet, which George politely and indirectly pointed out was also from some doctors that he’s had on. George was baffled as to why she trusted doctors so much though knowing that governments in general were not trustworthy. Linda’s reasons earlier for explaining her trust of the vaccines was because she had taken many and was ok (which is an ignorant argument since many were clearly harmed by vaccines, even admitted by the Washington Post concerning the Polio Vaccine, and that’s just one of hundreds of examples) and because she had a deep respect for doctors (apparently because of her safe experiences with them). Her reasoning is bizarre, and reminds me of a teen I once met years ago, who told me that cops were good, because they protected people, and an atheist who years ago told me that scientists believed in evolution because it was their job to learn the truth. That reasoning is clearly flawed since merely having a certain kind of job doesn’t make you moral or competent, as is demonstrated every day, ever hour, ever minute, and many people, including police and scientists are fired for not doing their job right, not wanting to do their job right, and also sued for causing monetary, emotional and physical damage. It’s also known that myths, including harmful ones, can be and still are perpetuated by cultures, people of various organizations, and of various kinds of groups, like scientists and police. One example of a years long perpetuated myth among police , including the FBI and CIA, and in the forensic community, was that it could be determined if a bullet came from a certain gun if the bullet had certain markings on it. Among scientists in general was the myth that evolution occurred in pregnant animals including humans (not that I believe animals are humans), which some Darwinist scientists said was a deliberate lie that came from a scientist named Haeckel (and it says a lot about the intelligence of Darwinists that they would believe something so stupid and nonsensical – why would evolution be repeated in the stomach by a baby? Stupid.) Another myth is that there are geological columns (layers of dirt) that show a gradual pattern of evolution over millions of years showing simple lifeforms becoming more complex ones over millions of years, and with the baseless belief that bigger = more complex. Many people still believe those things because of stupid propaganda from stubborn deliberately ignorant Darwinists in leadership positions, who use clever distraction tactics, pretty pictures and videos to persuade the ignorant and reinforce their claims. Another myth commonly used by Darwinists to support macro-evolution (which is when one animal is said to turn into another) is that birds on the Galapagos Islands were proof that Darwin was right (about one animal being able to turn into another), but rarely will an evolutionist be bold enough to directly make that claim, which is why I used brackets. Instead, in their delusion or on purpose, they lieve out “about one animal being able to turn into another” because they know that no one ever found evidence that one animal turned into another on the Galapagos Islands, or anywhere else. What they claim is that o the Galapagos Islands, are various birds with different shaped beaks which were once the same kind of bird, and that their beaks are very different now because they turned into other kinds of birds. That is clearly stupid because anyone can see that there are all kinds of cats and dogs, from lions to little cats and wolves to little dogs, and that despite their great differences, they are all the same kinds of animals and their different features just give them different advantages, rather than making them different animals. But Darwinists are so stupid they think that merely different beak shapes among the birds of the Galapagos Islands is enough evidence to say that the birds are so different from each other than that means dogs can turn into cats and cats can turn into dogs if you wait long enough. One Darwinist museum creator was so deluded that he thought just putting two cats on an island without any other cats was (macro-)evolution! It always amazes me how such stupid people can get prestigious positions and jobs and high pay, yet I know it’s not a big surprise to me because many people hate God and are happy to help and promote others who are good at getting others to hate God, especially if they can even get people to stop believing in him.

Ugly Boomboxes and Portable Media Players

October 28, 2009 Leave a comment

I spent hours and hours today, at least it felt like it, looking for a nice looking boombox and pmp to buy, and looking at eyesore after eyesore. I don’t get how all these companies keep putting out ugly products and can’t tell that they are ugly and that no one wants to look at a blight all day. Many years ago there were a lot of beautiful boomboxes to be found, like from Magnavox, Craig and Panasonic, at place like Circuit City. But now it seems to me the world market has been flooded with ugly ugly stereo systems, often with cheap looking matte silver paint or bright neon or red colors with LCDs backlit by hideous green and blue light,  mostly from Coby, Sony, JVC, and Emerson. Everything looks like something from another planet or cheap toys that would blend in well among Barbie Dolls and Power Rangers. Maybe that’s the idea behind the designs, so that they blend in with the garbage many parents give their kids these days.

Obama Earn’s His Peace Prize, Fatbaugh Sinks Even Lower

October 19, 2009 Leave a comment

So, our president Obama earns his peace prize by forbidding federal and state officers to harass and arrest users of marijuana who have a medical prescription to do so and from harassing and arresting those with a state license to sell marijuana for medical use, and what does the head of the Republican Party, Fatbaugh, do?: insults Obama a few minutes ago by claiming (via an unfunny parody) that he’s getting rid of criminal drug use by legalizing marijuana use, which now that I think about it is even dumber than I first realized, since decriminalizing marijuana use by making it legal to use is something that has been asked of by the government leaders of the world for decades, but now all the sudden it’s a joke to (I just remembered this too) this drug-busted glutton. What a hypocrite.

President Obama’s Military Inaction and Actions In Afghanistan

For many hours before this I had been thinking about the seeming hypocrisy of Michael Savage and other conservatives on Obama’s military strategy or handling of the military in Afghanistan, in which they damn him for having troops there and damn him for not having enough troops there, but it occurs to me now that if you are going to try and win the war there, or a war, that you need the right amount of troops, yet Obama said he is not interested in winning a war there. On top of that, even if he was simply speaking impulsively and trying to seem noble about not trying to win, and really just wasn’t sending enough troops to win there because of Karzai’s illegitimacy and not wanting to be blamed for helping an illegal leader, his logic would still be poor since he could use the extra troops with the permission and helpof the U.N. troops to make sure that the elections are redone properly, while crushing the Taliban. If he also doesn’t want to be seen as a meddler or someone who helped a horrible leader get elected, that’s stupid, because there will always be people who will accuse of things falsely, which in his mind, has already happened to him greatly, or at least he pretends that is what has been happening since he’s been our president.