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The Anti-Fundamentalist Fundamentals Church That Went Nowhere

June 29, 2010 2 comments

Jonathan Flores, No Ordinary Singer: Pastor Galen!: This Satanic person just shows up out of no where judging and legalizing and misquoting the Book of Quotes and talkin’ bout’ kissin’ on the lips n’ nakededz stuff people in bikinis! He was so negative and unholy and of Satan. I used my highest speechems and wordums on him to show him whose boss n’ smartiest, but he was juz stubborn as a Jew’s stiff neck, the Christ-murderers! (Jonathan says while clutching a Bible to his chest with a look of great distress).

Pastor Gas-Money Galen: Well holy shuckems that sounds horrible. Well ya know Jonathan, you know what I always say about such people.

Jonathan, Magnifique Musicial One: What’s that oh great and wise pastor who “hears from God”?

Pastor Gas-Money Galen: “Yah reap what yah sow son.”

Jonathan, Seer of Great Tunes: *smiles* Aw shucks I love it when you call me son, makes me feel equal to high second in command master Dustin, super pastor. And heh heh, huh, yeah, “reapin what’s sown”, so true indeed it’s obvious and apparent.

Pastor Gas Money Galen: Satan will gettem’, always gets the nay-saying Nellies. He’ll teach those who speak against us and our word a lesson they’ll soon not forget, for we are the true and most righteous and wisest of Christians, which is why my prophecy of our church moving soon came true. Shaytan has power Jonny, mark my word, that dark devil demon from Hell has power, great power. Big power.

Jonathan, Worship Master Extraordinaire: Wait what?

Pastor Gas Money Galen: You questioning my version of reality son?

Jonathan, MASTER of SONG and… DANCE: Oh no way, I’m not into that legalistic stuff, no way. Hey there’s a dull spot on your boots. Really tiny but I can see it, should polish that out even though it’s as small as a gnat. Want me strain at it?

Pastor Gas Money Galen: Oh a speck isn’t going to bother me, that’s not manly.

Jonathan, Singer
: Oh yeah yeah you’re right, ignore I mentioned it then.

Pastor Gas Money Galen: Forgotten and forgiven.

Jonathan, Musician: Jesus is Lord!

Pastor Gas Money Galen: Hey, I think I’m hearing from God.

Jonathan, Majestic Musician: Really, wuh, can I hear? What’s he saying? I mean what’s he obviously apparently saying?

Pastor Gas Money Galen
: He’s saying “Go get something to eat, for soon we’ll need full bellies to move the church, and that will be soon.”

Jonathan, Lover of Music: But you just said…

Pastor Gas Money Galen: Jon, don’t be negative.

Jonathan, Songmaster!: Oh oh yeah that’s right, be positive.

Pastor Gas Money Galen
: And not legalistic.

Jonathan, Special Maker of Tunes: And not legalistic.

Pastor Gas Money Galen: “I pledge allegiance…”

Jonathan, Holy Golfer AND Musician: “I pledge allegiance…”

Pastor Gas Money Galen: “To obey the Galens, like they are God’s voice on Earth…”

Jonathan, Master Player of Synthesizers: “To uh…”

Pastor Gas Money Galen: Damnit son what’s wrong with you? Must you question my every word? Just obey! Don’t question, don’t hesitate, don’t think, don’t go to Scripture, just obey okay!

Jonathan, Master of Master Musicians, Almost: Geeze gosh okay, please just keep your voice down don’t humiliate me in front of the others or kick me out of the synagogue ok? That would be a shame I could not bear, for I love to play music and to get the great attention and praise I receive from it. I like watching the youths hug each other real close and sensual too from the view I have after I’m done turning them on to the Lord, doesn’t distract me a bit to see that.

Pastor Gas Money Galen: Now you ARE hearing from the Lord oh Jonathan like of the Jonathan of Biblical ancient old apparent obvious times.

Jonathan, the Manly Musician: *Smiles*: I love you.

Pastor Gas Money Galen: *Raises his eyebrows*: I love you to son. Don’t worry me anymore with hesitation. Be quick to obey and agree when I speak, be positive.

Jonathan, Who Sings Like He?: Yes: I understand master Galen, *he says in a robot voice* (as if he’s lost his sacred sovereign golden free will, untouchable… except like when demons possess you, so dare not God control a person’s will, that’s demonic!)

Pastor Gas Money Galen: *Slaps his hands together* good boy, now lets fill up at Flying Star. I love that place, such decadent chocolate.

Jonathan, Who Sees the Notes As They Truly Are: That’s obvious and apparent.

Pastor Gas Money Galen: Uh, yeah. Man you use big words you know that? That means you’ve got smarts. I ad-mire ur skillful use of uncommon words

Jonathan, Who Hath Power Over the Tones as He?: *Smiles a big manly cowboy smile* and says, “Hey that’s my word, ‘admire’. *Suddenly Jon looked serious and looked at Galen’s chest*.

Pastor Gas Money Galen: What?

Jonathan, He Can Sing!: Um, do you think I sing the same songs too many times?

Pastor Gas Money Galen: What? Don’t be silly. That’s like, that weird negative crazy talk that crazy people talk. Man I love your little ditties. They’re serene and comforting son, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, repeat and replay all you want. So, no more such paranoid talk.

Jonathan, Who Uses Big Words (and he can play the piano): Thanks that’s sweet of you, I really feel better, more positive and inspired, less rigid and dogmatic. Such is indeed that which is an apparent judgment of truth.

Pastor Gas Money Galen: Man you are so smart… now lets go.

Pastor Gas Money Galen and his trusty third in command, sort of, side kick Jonathan Awesome Repeater of Songs and Tunes goes out the office door headed for Flying Star Cafe, eager to fill up their manly bellies on smooth, delicious, classy, preppy (and manly) chocolate cake.

A little while later the anti-Christ showed up to begin his mass murders of beautiful white Christians, with some blacks and hispanics among them, and one Native American, but Jesus took them up and their chocolate cakes plopped (and in the case of the Native American, his MSG filled generic can of half-opened beans) spilled and hit the ground as they flew up into the clouds with Christ, Christ who was invisible to the world lest it be counted as the second coming of Christ, which would be really confusing.

Later, some people reading Bibles and remembering Jonathan’s “Accept Jesus Into Your Heart and That’s Salvation Tour” remembered the title of the tour, and became saved, but then the anti-Christ chopped their heads off because mainly they blacks and hispanics, and God doesn’t care as much about them as whites. But in the end, the Christians got their heads back and Satan lost. The end.

Botox May Temporarily Paralyze Emotions

from HealthDay News

For Botox users concerned that the muscle-paralyzing injections will rob their face of its ability to show emotion, a new study suggests that people injected with the toxin might end up with less strong emotion to display in the first place.

Researchers at Barnard College in New York City found that facial expressions appear to play a role in how your emotions develop, not just in how you display them for others to see.

The study suggests that facial expressions themselves may influence emotional experiences through a kind of feedback loop. In short, Botox — a toxin that weakens or paralyzes muscles — not only changes one’s appearance, but also appears to deaden real emotions.

“In a bigger picture sense, the work fits with common beliefs, such as ‘fake it till you make it,'” study co-author Joshua Davis, a psychology professor at Barnard College, said in a school news release. “With the advent of Botox, it is now possible to work with people who have a temporary, reversible paralysis in muscles that are involved in facial expressions. The muscle paralysis allows us to isolate the effects of facial expression and the subsequent sensory feedback to the brain that would follow from other factors, such as intentions relating to one’s expressions, and motor commands to make an expression.”

Davis explained that “with Botox, a person can respond otherwise normally to an emotional event, e.g., a sad movie scene, but will have less movement in the facial muscles that have been injected, and therefore less feedback to the brain about such facial expressivity. It thus allows for a test of whether facial expressions and the sensory feedback from them to the brain can influence our emotions.”

The study was published in the June issue of the journal Emotion. – Source

A Toothbrush that Stands Upright

June 24, 2010 2 comments

After thinking about this toothbrush for a few minutes, I thought it wasn’t so original as there are already electric
toothbrushes like from Sonicare that can stand upright, but then I realized these were more compact, elegant and beautiful. More here.

Discovered via Google via Treehugger (and after looking at this picture again but in my gmail account, could swear I’ve seen this picture before, in my account and was even going to write about it yesterday, but decided not to. It might be a false memory though.)

You Must Wait Two Hours Before Reporting Someone Elses News Rules Federal Judge Denise Cote

by Jacqui Cheng

Google and Twitter have weighed in on the “hot news” doctrine, which grants newspapers in some states a time-limited, quasi-property right over facts they report, arguing that the legal concept is old ‘n’ busted in the instantaneous Internet age.

The companies filed an amicus brief in the legal case between financial website and Barclays Plc, claiming that Internet chatter cannot be contained and that restricting the spread of news content could hurt the public.
Free-riding fly

A US federal judge ruled back in March that The Fly had misappropriated content from major analyst firms—Morgan Stanley, Barclays Plc, and Merrill Lynch—to get a “free ride” on their stock recommendations.

The firms (and the judge) believed that they had invested time and resources into researching the market, and The Fly was making money off of their hard effort by offering subscriptions so that users could access The Fly’s near-realtime writeups of the analysts’ work.

Judge Denise Cote agreed that the site was directly competing with the investment banks by publishing their time-sensitive information, “thereby substantially threatening their incentive to continue in the business.” She ruled that The Fly must wait a minimum of two hours before publishing information about the banks’ reports—a crippling blow to a site that competes on the Internet against hundreds of others that do publish that information instantaneously.

The Fly came back after the injunction asking if it could publish this information after it appeared elsewhere (such as Dow Jones, Reuters, Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal—the list goes on). The company argued that it was going out of business due to this unreasonable restriction and may soon be forced to close.
The difficulty of drawing a line

Now, Google and Twitter have jumped to The Fly’s side. In their amicus brief, the two companies said the idea of “hot news” protection in the Internet age is “obsolete.” They pointed out that it’s nearly impossible to implement some period of exclusivity for news when it can spread so quickly across blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and so on, and that upholding such a restriction could actually hurt the news-consuming public. – More here

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Ramblin’ Steve: a Giant False Christian

June 23, 2010 39 comments

See also: Steve Quayle, False Christian

False Christian Pastor, Robert Tilton
Sweeet money: gimme ur money so I can buy more cool stuff for myself oh flock!
I like Texas a lot, yessum, I do indeed. Yee, yee, yee, yee, yee, yes iiiin DEED!

If anyone has been listening to Steve Quayle tonight on Coast to Coast AM, it’s another good example of what a liar this person is. He rambles (amazingly George Noory is skilled enough to be able to get a word in without it sounding like either is talking over each other) and floods, as if to avoid having to answer any hard questions. When George asked him if he had any scientific evidence for his claims (for example giants having the ability to kill people with electromagnetic waves produced from their skulls), Steve replied, “Of course there is” but gave none and continued to ramble. Very weasely. He cites the Bible as if it were evidence for his claims, yet if you read the Bible you can see that it doesn’t even hint at giants having the ability to hurt anyone from a distance with EM waves. He also, to my disgust, cited that fraud Tom Bearden, and cited the usual nonsense Bearden is known for pretending to be an expert on: scalar waves and perpetual motion. Bearden is a liar who incredibly, managed to dupe some mainstream (evolutionist) scientists into letting him ramble about “his” free energy MEG in their science journals. His mathematical rants have been exposed as hoaxes years ago. Incredibly, it took me to get Wikipedia to put an article up on this con, and despite me citing the evidence that he was a con, Wikipedia deleted the page in jealousy, knowing I was a creationist, but then later added a page on him, a page that didn’t even mention criticisms against him till long after, and even when it cited some of the same evidence I pointed out against his fake science, were merely put as foot notes at the bottom. Why were they protecting this idiot?

During the show George played a song from Steve’s daughter, some country song, part of which was, “I ain’t no housewife”. Is it humble or “Christian” to make housewives appear to be something bad or shameful? Obviously not, but Steve raised that woman.

Steve Quayle is a greatly damaging heretic because he promotes pseudo-science and gives a false impression of what a true Christian is.

Update 2:41 P.M.: What a surprise: Just now Steve said he wasn’t always for turning the other cheek and “I’m not a pacifist”. That makes it pretty clear where his daughter got her arrogant, “I ain’t no housewife” attitude. Hypocritically, after saying this, he kept asking what was wrong with saying, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” So love equals shooting at “giants” and government agents or those who offend you or trespass against you? Jesus also said, “Love your enemies”, “bless those who persecute you” and “not to resist an evil man”, not “resist and shoot your enemies”.

2:47 P.M. A caller just reminded me, indirectly, that spirits are not material beings, yet Steve claims that they can turn into giant beings of flesh and “an appropriate size”. Steve also teaches the false claim that the “Sons of God” mentioned in Genesis were evil angels who had sex with humans and made demonic giant children as a result. “Sons of God” however implies something good, Christians. The Bible doesn’t call evil angels “sons”, it does repeatedly call Christians “sons” however. Only once does the Bible refer to all humans as “children” of God. In Genesis, when it says that the Sons of God took wives from among men, it’s talking about Christians marrying and having children non-Christians.

At about this time Steve said that he believed some book he was selling was going to sell out (in other words to get it now so that others who want it won’t be able to get it, nice), but wasn’t boasting when he said that and wasn’t trying to pitch his book; I don’t think so.

2:55 P.M. Steve is telling everyone that you can see giants who are pretending to be ordinary humans with sound waves. Ridiculous. So everyone is going to go out buying sonar vision now to see who might be preparing to attack them with their EM power and eat them (Steve claims all giants are cannibals).

While listening to this show, Steve, besides sounding like a classic “bullshitter”, reminded me of that false Christian, con pastor televangelist Robert Tilton. Steve’s babble is even like Tilton’s fake speaking-in-tongues routine.

Pastor Robert Tilton smells imaginary bread.

Just imagine givin’ me all your money sweet flock.
Just visualize, then give. That’s right: God wants you to fork it
all over to me. Oh bibili babili babalah babiboh, rahdi tih tah TAH!

Pastor Robert Tilton using his imagination.

I smells me some bread, n’ it smells like, muh muh muh muh munay.
Tithe to Tilton, and ur’ tithin’ to the Lord. 1-800-GIVE-2-GET-RICH
Have faith my friends, have faith. Mmm mmm mmm.

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Armada of U.S. and Israeli Warships Head for Iran

by Kurt Nimmo

More than twelve U.S. and Israeli warships, including an aircraft carrier, passed through the Suez Canal on Friday and are headed for the Red Sea. “According to eyewitnesses, the U.S. battleships were the largest to have crossed the Canal in many years,” reported the London-based newspaper al-Quds al-Arabi on Saturday.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported Egyptian opposition members criticized the government for cooperating with the U.S. and Israeli forces and allowing the passage of the ships through Egyptian territorial waters. The Red Sea is the most direct route to the Persian Gulf from the Mediterranean.

Retired Egyptian General Amin Radi, chairman of the national security affairs committee, told the paper that “the decision to declare war on Iran is not easy, and Israel, due to its wild nature, may start a war just to remain the sole nuclear power in the region,” according to Yedioth Internet, an Israeli news site.

The passage of a warship armada through the Suez Canal and headed for the Persian Gulf and Iran is apparently not deemed important enough to be reported by the corporate media in the United States.

Egypt recently rejected an Israeli request to prevent Gaza aid ships from passing through the Suez Canal. According to a report by al-Jazeera, Israel appealed to Egyptians asking them to prevent the passage of Iranian ships through the Suez Canal. The Egyptians responded that due to international agreements on movement through the Suez Canal, Egypt cannot prevent ships from passing through the canal unless a ship belongs to a state that is at war with Egypt. Iran and Egypt are not at war.

The United States and Israel, the sole nuclear-armed power in the Middle East, have not ruled out a military strike to destroy Iran’s nuclear program.

A number of Israeli politicians and scholars have admitted Israel has used its nuclear weapons for “compellent purposes,” in short forcing others to accept Israeli political demands.

Israel’s threats to use nuclear weapons have increased significantly since it was discovered in 2002 that Iran was building uranium enrichment facilities. Israel’s former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon “called on the international community to target Iran as soon as the imminent conflict with Iraq is complete,” the Sunday Times reported on November 5, 2002. The United States invaded Iraq on March 20, 2003.

Earlier this month Israel leaked to the press that they had permission from Saudi Arabia to use their air space to attack Iran. “In the week that the UN Security Council imposed a new round of sanctions on Tehran, defence sources in the Gulf say that Riyadh has agreed to allow Israel to use a narrow corridor of its airspace in the north of the country to shorten the distance for a bombing run on Iran,” the Sunday Times reported on June 12. On June 14, the ambassador of Saudi Arabia to UK Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf issued a categorical denial of the report.

On June 17, Iran’s parliament warned it will respond in kind to inspection of its ships under a fourth round of sanctions imposed on the country by the UN Security Council. “Even if one Iranian ship is stopped for security-check, we will act likewise and thoroughly inspect any (western) ship passing through the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz,” member of the Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Hossein Ebrahimi said.

Also on Saturday, Iran accused the United States of “deception” and insisted its missile program is for self-defense after a top U.S. official claimed that Iran had the capacity to attack Europe. “The Islamic Republic’s missile capability has been designed and implemented to defend against any military aggression and it does not threaten any nation,” Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said in a statement carried by state media.

Vahidi announced on April 10 that Iran will use all available options to defend itself if the country comes under a military attack. “Americans have said they will use all options against Iran, we announce that we will use all options to defend ourselves,” Vahidi told the Tehran Times. – Source

Congressman Bob Etheridge (D-NC) Assaults Student on Washington Sidewalk – Video and Transcript

Video. Transcript:

6/14/2010 — A college student reporter ask the simple question: “Do you fully support the Obama agenda?”

The entire conversation:

Student: “Hi Congressman.”
Etheridge: “Hi.”
Student: “How are you?”
Student: “Do you fully support the Obama agenda?”
Etheridge: “Who are you?, Who are you?” (Etheridge goes beserk and proceeds to assault the student. He then grabs the student and won’t let go.)
Etheridge: “Who are you?, Who are you?” “Tell me who you are.”
Student: “Just here for a project sir.”
Etheridge: “Tell me who you are.”
Student: We’re just here for a project.”
Etheridge: “I don’t care.” (still holding the wrist of the student)
Student: “Will you please let go of my hand.”
Etheridge: “Tell me who you are.”
Student: “I’m just a student sir.”
Etheridge: “From?”
Student: “We’re just students”
Etheridge: “I have a right to know who you are.”
Student: “All we are are students.”
Student: “We’re in a public place.”
Etheridge: “So am I. Who are you? Who are you?”
Student: “Please let go of my arm.”
Etheridge: “Who are you?” (then grabs the back of the students neck and pulls him close to him.)
Student: “Sir, sir, sir, please sir.”
Etheridge: “Who are you?” (Student breaks free).