Magpies Refute Rudimentary Darwinist Intelligence

The Darwinists of Discover [the Stupidity of Anti-Christians] have once against attempted to spin evidence against Darwinist Evolutionary Theory (the discovery that magpies are self-aware) into evidence for it. Note their typical weasel wording:

"This new study suggests that a brain capable of surprisingly sophisticated intelligence developed in a few birds long after they split from the mammalian evolutionary tree, about 300 million years ago."

"300 million" cuz u said so; I, a Christian, don’t think so.

Then notice their typical "well this thing God made is primitive, doh" weasel-wording:

"The findings, reported in the journal PLoS Biology, contradict the notion that only higher mammals with a neocortex brain area (the source of conscious thought and reasoning) could develop rudimentary self-awareness."

Yeah, rudimentary because you said so, and as if you could make a self-aware magpie let alone anything living from scratch yourself. What arrogant bitter people these anti-Christians are.

And note the title, the typically misleading title of Discover magazine’s magpie article which attempts to make it seem like universal proof of real-time evolution has been found:

"One Giant Leap for Birdkind: A Magpie Looks in the Mirror and Recognizes Itself" SAYS WHO? Who said that magpies suddenly became self-aware the moment "scientists" found out about it? AND HOW STUPID, HOW CHILDISH, HOW ABSURD TO THINK THAT THEY JUST HAPPENED TO BECOME SELF-AWARE THE MOMENT ANTI-CHRISTIANS DECIDED TO PUT THEM TO THE TEST! Suuuuuuure they did. How convenient they "evolved" right after yah tested them anti-Christians! And I have a universe to sell you. GET REAL, ugh.

That magpies are self-aware despite their "primitive" selves isn’t evidence FOR Darwinian evolution, but evidence AGAINST it, being that self-awareness is clearly nothing simple something requiring clever programming beyond the collective wisdom of us mere humans. Even Darwinists recognize this fact in that they admit to having taught that "small-brained" life-forms didn’t have the material space in their heads for whatever allows for self-awareness. Though their reasoning is clearly flawed, especially in their hatred for spiritual explanations (they are always acting like spiritual things like information, necessary for all life to exist, don’t exist and have nothing to do with "evolution"), they clearly instinctively know , as demonstrated by their flawed "bigger-brained life-forms are more ingenious and intelligent" reasoning that self-awareness isn’t something simple.

If only non-Christians could recognize their own irrational hate when reflecting on themselves and not delude themselves with a false image of what they really are.

An accurate title for Discover’s article is, "Magpies Discover the Rudimentary Intelligence of Anti-Christians."