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This page was updated on January 22, 2022 and has every news article, video, picture and link to medical research to prove natural immunity is superior to the fake vaccines being pushed by cultists, greedy and corrupt businessmen, scientists, doctors and politicians. I found more WordPress duplicate article entry errors on this page and removed the, fixed missing links and removed junk.

Note: I added a site link showing which Covid-19 injections are supposedly the deadliest.

Note: Deadly forms of Covid are extinct, and healthy people who didn’t use the toxic, DNA-damaging mRNA “vaccines” (actually they are poisons) are naturally immune. However, the mRNA poisoned can still benefit from Ivermectin, colloidal silver and vitamin D3. Also, I often modify the headlines here so they are easier to translate and better summarize the articles.

The tainted polio vaccine that sickened and fatally paralyzed children in 1955

It was ‘one of the worst biological disasters in American history,’ (Paul Offit, Director of Vaccine Education Center in Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia)

By Michael E. Ruane, April 14, 2020

Article exceprt: “By April 30 (1955), within forty-eight hours of the recall,” Offit wrote. “Cutter’s vaccine had paralyzed or killed twenty-five children: fourteen in California, seven in Idaho, two in Washington, one in Illinois, and one in Colorado.” – Full article.

Withholding vaccine safety data ‘morally indefensible,’ medical journal says, by RT, Jan 22, 2022

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) has urged public health regulators and pharma majors to immediately release all raw data from Covid-19 vaccine trials for independent scrutiny, arguing that “complete data transparency” was a matter of “public interest.”

Branding Big Pharma as “the least trusted industry,” a recent op-ed by BMJ editors stated that it was “morally indefensible” that this information remains inaccessible to doctors, researchers and the public, despite the global rollout of vaccines and treatments.

In the scathing editorial, the writers – senior BMJ editor Peter Doshi, former editor-in-chief Fiona Godlee and her successor Kamran Abbasi – accuse pharmaceutical companies of “reaping vast profits without adequate independent scrutiny of their scientific claims.”Full article.

A Los Angeles Charter School, “New West Charter School” in California discriminates against and abuses “unvaccinated” girls (who are
probably naturally immune to Covid) who are students there, forcing them to sit outside without chairs behind “caution” tape. Jan 2022
More info (note: these are not “little” girls.

“CHILD ABUSE: Kindergartners are forced to eat lunch outside in 40 degree weather at Capitol Hill Elementary School in Portland, Oregon.” Dec 8, 2021

Boris Johnson ends England’s COVID restrictions, including mask mandates and vaccine passports, amid scandal by Chris Pandolfo, January 19, 2022.

Video: An NHS (UK’s National Health Service) Doctor Says All Vaccines Will Be Recalled, “It’s a long story” she says, Jan 17, 2022

(The truth on natural immunity is finally admitted by the CDC, with the usual lie about the fake vaccines) Natural Covid Delta immunity more effective than vaccination
by, Jan 20, 2022

CDC study Despite contradicting previous advice from health officials, the study still insists that vaccination is the “safest strategy” against the coronavirus

Despite contradicting previous advice from health officials, the study still insists that vaccination is the “safest strategy” against the coronavirus

The study, published on Wednesday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), found that as the Delta variant became the dominant coronavirus strain during the second half of 2021, people who were vaccinated were six times less likely to catch Covid-19 than those who hadn’t been jabbed.

However, those who had been infected with an earlier variant of the coronavirus, but hadn’t been vaccinated, were between 15 and 29 times less likely to catch the virus.

A similar difference was noticed in hospitalization rates, with prior immunity conferring better protection against hospitalization than vaccination. Full article.

The CDC Verifies “Mysterious” 40% Increase In Deaths Recorded by Life Insurance Companies (among the “vaccinated” of course)
by Stephanie Brail, Jan 4, 2022

About a month ago, I reported that the CDC death database was showing an alarming increase in mysterious deaths. BOMBSHELL: SMOKING GUN? Massive Increase in Unclassified Deaths Reported by CDC.)

Now, a viral story is going around about an Indiana life insurance company CEO claiming that deaths are up 40% among people between the ages of 18 and 64. (Here’s a link to Dr. Robert Malone’s article.) These excess deaths, however, are not being classified as COVID-19 deaths.

This is not an insignificant percentage. In fact, it’s on par with a massive catastrophe. It’s also showing up in odd places, such as labor shortages, as augured on Market Ticker.

Igor Chudov has confirmed this by evaluating the all-cause excess mortality for young people in the United States. Please read his analysis at his Substack, and here’s the chart for reference.

Full article.


Nurses of Australia share covered up injuries and deaths from fake vaccines like caused by Merck’s.
“Please share the nurse’s stories, although they are anonymous they have been vetted by a collective of health professionals.”

Video: Aussies Form Human Chain To Block Anti-Christian Cultists From Harassing Them, Jan 18, 2022

Victorian officials refuse to release vaccination status of virus deaths Victorian health authorities have declared they will not report a key Covid detail, which NSW has released every day for months.
by Jack Paynter, Oct 28, 2021
The Victorian health department has refused to release the vaccination status on the 25 coronavirus fatalities. The spike in new deaths were reported on Thursday, which was the highest number of daily fatalities of the state’s current Delta outbreak. When asked whether they were vaccinated, deputy chief health officer Ben Cowie said the data was available but “we’re not going to be reporting on that”. Full article

VIDEO: Senior research scientist of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stephanie Seneff, tells Laura Ingraham that parents should do everything they can to avoid giving their kids the COVID vaccine, Laura Ingraham, Jan 14, 2022
Sennef told Laura, it’s “outrageous to be giving vaccines to young people because they have a very, very low risk of dying from COVID,” and that boosters will have a devestating effect on kids in the long term (which I can tell you, as a vaccine-injured person, is true. Some vaccine I am sure, gave me a chronic burning, itching, flaking scalp condition that destroyed my social life at age 16, caused me decades of fatigue, depression, extreme bitterness and insomnia, and has kept me friendless and the object of endless hateful stereotyping by neigbors, police, landlords, employers and fake Christians, like those shallow Pentecostals.
Seneff’s MIT biography page

5-Year-Old Died 4 Days After Pfizer Shot, CDC VAERS Data Shows
by Megan Redshaw, December 4, 2021

VAERS data released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention included a total of 927,740 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 19,532 deaths and 146,720 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and Nov. 26, 2021. Full article.

“Evidence That US Government Targeted Red States With Deadly Batches of Vaccine”, by Greg Reese, Jan 21, 2022

DEATH TO AMERICA: CODES ON MRNA FAKE VACCINE VIALS SHOW WHICH ARE MOST DEADLY: Here are the batch codes and associated deaths, disabilities and illnesses for Covid-19 “Vaccines”

Stew Peters Interview Video Jan 3, 2022: Doctor Jane Ruby says she has the receipts to show that “vaccine” toxicity varies by “vaccine” batch.

There is currently no evidence that Covid-19 booster shots should be administered to healthy children and adolescents, the WHO’s top scientists said, by RT, Jan 17, 2022

“The aim is to protect the most vulnerable, to protect those at highest risk of severe disease and dying, those are our elderly population, immunocompromised with underlying conditions and also health care workers,” WHO chief scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan said at a news briefing on Tuesday, adding that “there’s no evidence right now” for administering them to otherwise healthy children and teens. Full article.

Pfizer CEO says two Covid vaccine doses aren’t ‘enough for [harmless] omicron’
by Spencer Kimball of CNBC via MSN, Jan 10, 2022
Excerpt: “The two doses, they’re not enough for omicron,” Bourla said. “The third dose of the current vaccine is providing quite good protection against deaths, and decent protection against hospitalizations.” My comment: Now world, do you see, you’re being played fools? too bad poisoned yourselves, many to death, except little kids, whose parents failed them in their failure proper research. Full article.

CEO of Pfizer Adam Bourla Says Two Pfizer Shots Won’t Do Much If Anything, but a Third Will Help a Little (with no mention as usual of the possible injuries and deadly side effects and not being asked about them)
Interview by Yahoo Finance reporter Anjalee Khemlani, transcribed by me, Jan 11, 2022

Anjalee: “…I know you’re working on an Omicron specific booster as well right now, so what’s at stake for us in fall of [20]22?

Bourla: “[unintelligable] we [sic] situation has been deteriorating (Bourla looks down) because of the Omicron, (Bourla looks down) we had a very quick (Bourla looks down) and (unintelligable)… (Bourla looks down) and it is a disease that manifests a little bit less in terms of uh, mildness, (Bourla looks down) I mean it’s more mild, but you know, because of the higher, (Bourla looks down) the high infectious [sic] rates, still the hospitals [sic, “hospitalizations”] are going up (Bourla shakes his head), much higher in terms of severe disease, icu’s (this means Intensive Care Unit), occupation, etc., etc. So, and, uh, we know what um, the three, the two dose [sic] offer very limited, protection, if any. The three doses with a booster, (Bourla swallows hard and loud), they offer reasonable protection, against hospitalization and deaths, uh, uh, uh, um, in, in (unintelligible) very good. And uh, less protection against the infection. Now, we are working on eh (a), on eh (a), a new version, for vaccine [sic], the 1.1, let me put it that way, that will cover Omicron as well, and uh, of course, uh we are waiting, to have the final results. The vaccine will be ready in March. And the vaccine [Bourla failed pause properly] we’ll be able to produce it massively. Eh, we will see if, we will need it, and we need to see if eh, what place, eh, can take, eh, the overall eh, fight, against eh, the virus, particularly now that we know that mutations are coming faster, that we have a treatment, so all of that needs to be taken seriously in (“this direction”?). But then we’ve never had more weapons, on our, eh, on our, on our, (“box too”?)

Anjalee: Absolutely. And eh I know that Pfizer is taking the lead…

“Weapons” indeed. Video

Australia and Israel Reported That 95-99% Hospitalized Covid Infected Patients Were Fully Vaccinated, By NewsRescue, August 8, 2021

Excerpt: “The news out of Israel coincides with similar statistics coming out of Sydney, Australia, where government health officials late last month announced nearly all new Covid hospitalizations involve vaccinated people – except one.” Full article with video.

UK Science Chief, Sir Patrick Vallance, lied about mRNA vaccine effectiveness, calling them, “Very, very effective, but not 100%” and is therefore guilty of crimes against humanity, July 20, 2021. So if not 100% Sir Coward the Liar, then 99.9%? Why don’t you say, Sir Scams-a-Lot? Article.

Bob Saget Dead Weeks After Taking Covid Booster

VIDEO: Vaxxed Blood Clots Instantly Upon Mixing With mRNA “Vaccine” (84,335 views on as of Jan 11, 2022), by InfoWars, Dec 20, 2021

European Medicines Agency (EMA) Warns Repeated Booster Shots Could Cause “Immune Response” Problems by The Covid World, Jan 13, 2022

Marco Cavaleri, who is the head of EMA’s biological health threats and vaccines strategy, said that if the current policy of rolling out new booster shots every four months were to continue, it could end up weakening the immune system: “We will end up potentially having problems with immune response and the immune response may end up not being as good as we would like it to be, so we should be careful in not overloading the immune system with repeated immunisation.” Full article.

EU Parliament president David Sassoli dead at 65 in a hospital due to an immune system dysfunction. Jan 11, 2022. Article. Do you need more proof the “vaccines” are poison? And note that he was in a hospital, and don’t tell me it was because he was unvaccinated.

OneAmerica Insurance CEO: Deaths Increase 40% Among People Ages 18-64 ‘Just to give you an idea of how bad that is, a three-sigma or a one-in-200-year catastrophe would be 10% increase over pre-pandemic. So 40% is just unheard of… ‘, By Wire Editor, January 3, 2022

Massive 145-Country Study Shows Sharp INCREASE of Transmission and DEATH After Introduction of COVID Vaccines,
by Julian Conradson, January 9, 2022, (this article has 1292 Comments)

Vaccinated hospital patients outpace the unvaccinated, but it doesn’t mean the shots don’t work: [says] experts (the article excerpt includes my comments)
Timm Bruch, Jan 6, 2022
Shut up Timm. Timm only cites a Dr. Laura Saxinger, not “experts”, and she has a mediocre teacher rating. She told this lie, “You can reduce your risk of an unpleasant, severe or deadly illness by at least three-quarters and up to 90 per cent if you get vaccinated.” Timm then said, “But the vaccines aren’t completely flawless.” Do tell Timmy: “More than other variants, Omicron can still infect immunized populations.” Then Timmy resorted to fear-porn lying after his empty admission that the vaccines “aren’t flawless”: “That’s where severity comes into play.” What ‘severity” Timmy? So then then he quoted “expert” Laura, “The fact that (Omicron) is rip-roaring” It’s “ripping into your flesh and roaring!” “through the population means that it might not be reasonable to expect that people will not get infected with it,” Say what Miss Riddler? “No yes no right go left right yes of course not” “but the severity” oooo it’s “severe” she says, “really does count” REALLY? SERIOUSLY? “an awful lot” OH IT’S SO AWFUL, EH DOC LAURA? She’s an expert in tragedy-drama I see “in your life experience” Wow Dr. Miss”big phrases esoteric” Laura. Is she aiming to be on Oprah or to be a drama school teacher? “and also in the effect on the healthcare system.” Okay Laura, the health care system has problems because of liars like you and Timm, actually. “Although these vaccines are a little bit leaky in terms of preventing transmission they do reduce it.” No Laura, they make it worse for all viruses. “People who have been vaccinated carry less virus for a shorter time and transmit less.” WRONG. Here’s Timm’s whole criminal, one-sided, half-truthed, pretentious, scare mongering, sensationalism article.

Australia has recorded 12 times more Deaths in 10 months due to the Covid-19 Vaccines than Deaths due to all other Vaccines combined in 51 years
by The Expose, Jan 11, 2022

Excerpt, “The Department of Health Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is the medicine regulator for the Australian Government, and as part of the Department of Health, the TGA regulates the quality, supply, and advertising of medicines, pathology devices, medical devices, blood products and most other therapeutics. However, a Freedom of Information request made by Doctors for Covid Ethics back in February 2021 revealed that the TGA never saw the extremely limited study data for the Pfizer mRNA Covid-19 vaccine prior to granting it emergency approval and deeming it safe to be injected into the arms of Australians. The TGA originally attempted to suppress the FOI request by requesting a 6-month extension in view of the amount of work required to respond satisfactorily. But after a complaint was made to the Office of the Information Commissioner the TGA responded confirming that they had never seen or requested the patient data from Pfizer and simply accepted Pfizer’s report of their study as fact, despite their proven history of fraudulent claims. Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc., have been fined at least £3,573,465,793.97p since the year 2000 for over 80 offences / violations. This includes over £26.1million in Kickbacks and Bribery offences, £870million in False Claims offences and £2.5billion in healthcare related offences.” Full article.

BBC News “forgot” to tell you that official data shows the Triple/Double Vaccinated accounted for 4 in every 5 Covid-19 Deaths in December.By The Expose, Jan 8, 2022

Democratic New York Congresswoman [and narcissist] Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is fully vaccinated and boosted, has tested positive for Covid-19 just a week after she was spotted partying without a face mask in Florida, By RT, Jan 10, 2022

Excerpt: “Just last Sunday, Ocasio-Cortez was criticized for partying without a face mask during a trip to Florida. Videos showed her maskless in a large crowd at a Miami drag queen bar, while one photo showed her hugging Hollywood actor Billy Porter – both without masks.” Full article

Glenn Beck Reveals NIH And Moderna Worked On mRNA Vaxx Together PRIOR To Pandemic Outbreak, FIGHT4USA, December 11, 2021
“…Glenn Beck appeared on [the news show,] Tucker Carlson Live Tonight, claiming a partnership between biotech company Moderna and the US National Institutes of Health began [one year] BEFORE the Pandemic outbreak. Glenn Beck then discussed an over 500-page document by Moderna that indicated a private agreement on page 104 by saying, “mRNA coronavirus vaccine candidates developed and jointly owned by NIAID and Moderna.” Full article. Video.

Video Reveals Fauci Talking About ‘China’ Virus, Global Vaccines Weeks Before COVID Spreads (and New Yorker Staff Writer Michael Specter wanting to blow up the vaccine testing and approval system)
by Anton Carillo, Oct 15, 2021
LifeSite News featured an October 2019 video unearthed from the Milken Institute YouTube Channel involving Fauci and a panel of other health experts in a discussion on “the quest for a universal vaccine” for influenza that is mRNA-based. The premise on the “universal” vaccine at that time is that there was “no great threat to global health, security, and the economy” besides the possibility of a flu “that could spark the next global pandemic.”

Part of the discussion involved the consensus of the “disruptive” way of quickly making vaccines that is said to be needed “urgently.” The New Yorker Staff Writer Michael Specter asked the panel of the possibility of blowing up the system. Specter pointed out that making vaccines have never become faster than how they were developed seven decades ago when so many innovations have taken place since then.

“I mean obviously, we can’t just turn off the spigot on the system we have and then say, hey, everyone in the world should get this new vaccine that we haven’t given to anyone yet. But there must be some way. We live in a world where I can download whatever song I want onto my phone at command, and we grow vaccines the way we did 70 years ago,” Specter said. Full article. Here’s the full video of this meeting:

Proof Fauci and Peter Daszak Tried to Infect Everyone With Coronaviruses Via Bats

by Project Vertias, Jan. 10, 2022

Project Veritas has obtained startling never-before-seen documents regarding the origins of COVID-19, gain of function research, vaccines, potential treatments which have been suppressed, and the government’s effort to conceal all of this.

Project Veritas has obtained a separate report to the Inspector General of the Department of Defense written by U.S. Marine Corp Major, Joseph Murphy, a former DARPA Fellow.

The report states that EcoHealth Alliance approached DARPA in March 2018, seeking funding to conduct gain of function research of bat borne coronaviruses. The proposal, named Project Defuse, was rejected by DARPA over safety concerns and the notion that it violates the basis gain of function research moratorium.

According to the documents, NAIAD, under the direction of Dr. Fauci, went ahead with the research in Wuhan, China and at several sites across the U.S.

Dr. Fauci has repeatedly maintained, under oath, that the NIH and NAIAD have not been involved in gain of function research with the EcoHealth Alliance program. But according to the documents obtained by Project Veritas which outline why EcoHealth Alliance’s proposal was rejected, DARPA certainly classified the research as gain of function. 

“The proposal does not mention or assess [i.e. lacks mention of] potential risks of Gain of Function (GoF) research [as proposed by EcoHealth],” a direct quote from the DARPA rejection letter.

Major Murphy’s report goes on to detail great concern over the COVID-19 gain of function program, the concealment of documents, the suppression of potential curatives, like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine…” Full article. Proof on video.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Interviewed by Reinette Senum, March, 17 2021. Note: Though this video was published on March 17, 2021, I only discovered this video on the 7th of Jan (and I didn’t watch/listen to it till the 9th), but it’s not too late to post as it only has 2,688 views, and contains much info as to how the mRNA liquids cause damage and death which most people I’m sure know nothing about how is done. I didn’t realize Tenpenny was super intelligent, so didn’t follow her, and only found this video on bitchute from a bad search result, thinking it might have info on the unknown moving objects often found in the mRNA vaccines.
Dr. Tenpenny talks about the 10 ways the mRNA inoculations can injure or kill you, including antibodies to polyethylene glycol causing anaphylactic shock. She also talks about how it can damage your DNA indirectly. If my readers donate to me, being that I have no income, am disabled and have had everything stolen from me repeatedly, I will be more likely to transcribe the entire video. It’s very complex to write down. My Venmo ID isn’t set up yet. Video

Self-Assembling Technology Found In Covid Vaccine by Scientist Ricardo Delgado, Jan 6, 2022

Evidence of Self-Assembling Wireless Nanosensor Networks using Graphene Quantum Dots, Nanorouters, Nanoantennas Found by Dr. Pablo Campra in 4 COVID Vaccines Revealed by Researcher Mik Anderson and Corona2Inspect, December 1, 2021 by Ramola D Link
Note that the link to the Corona2Inspect page on that page is broken, but here is cached copy in Spanish

Canadian Pastor Artur Powlowski Beaten And Arrested (Yet Again) For Resisting Covid Tyrants

Dr. Mattias Desmet Explains mass formation psychosis as has happened in dictatorial governments like North Korea, Australia, Nazi and Merkel Germany, Austria, the UK and America, Oct 2021

Anesthesiologist Steve James, who  works in a hospital’s Covid Intensive Care Unit, explained to British Health Secretary Sajid Javid why natural immunity is superior to endless Covid vaccine shots on live TV, Infowars, January 7, 2022

US Surgeon General begs people to ‘STOP BUYING MASKS!’ amid coronavirus panic
by Lee Brown March 1, 2020
America’s top doctor is begging people to stop panic-buying face masks — fearing a shortage could cause an even bigger medical threat.
“Seriously people- STOP BUYING MASKS!” US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams complained Saturday on Twitter.
“They are NOT effective in preventing general public from catching #Coronavirus, but if healthcare providers can’t get them to care for sick patients, it puts them and our communities at risk!” Full article

Gaddafi In 2009, speaking to the UN, predicting viruses will be released so drug companies can profit from vaccines:

7News News Station Reported In November 2021 that an “estimated” 79,000 vaccinated Australians have been injured by mRNA “vaccines” and may be awarded up to $600,000 if their medical “experts” decide their injuries severe. Imagine if you were duped into taking these poisons and have continual yet light nerve shocks in your spine that more and more will eventually cause you insomnia, car accidents, explosive temper causing you to kill your pets or destroy your marriage, especially if these Dr. Mengle dictators decide your pain is little or only pay for you to get “mental help” when it’s they who should be committed to dungeon insane asylums for their medical crimes.

Refugees lack COVID shots because drugmakers fear lawsuits, documents show (oh, but I thought the “vaccines” were “safe” and very, very effective”
by Reuters, Dec 16, 2021
Tens of millions of migrants may be denied COVID-19 vaccines from a global programme because some major manufacturers are worried about legal risks from harmful side effects, according to officials and internal documents from Gavi, the charity operating the programme, reviewed by Reuters. Nearly two years into a pandemic that has already killed more than 5 million people, only about 7% of people in low-income countries have received a dose. Vaccine deliveries worldwide have been delayed by production problems, hoarding by rich countries, export restrictions and red tape. Many programmes have also been hampered by hesitancy among the public… Full article.Video Read more…

Offering Dragon Eggs… To Whoever Can Afford Them

After much study, despite these perilous times of corrupt governments, police, judges, druggies, racists, sex fiends and narcissists, have decided to finally make an offer I believe is very possible for myself, with good team mates, to deliver on. The title says I am offering “dragon” eggs, but, it may be I will give you something equally spectacular, or, monstrous, of the reptilian kind, and not necessarily a creature you’d find beautiful. Some may think of them as giant snakes, as in not merely very long, but much much wider/thicker than what is currently classified. I’m offering to retrieve and deliver any the following cryptids to you either in egg form, or juvenile, who can put up the millions of dollars I will need to pull it off,

  1. A horse head “snake”
  2. A flying snake (not the common kind)
  3. A pterodactyl,
  4. A T-Rex like creature
  5. Two small cryptid bipeds (I will attempt two, so they aren’t depressed from feeling alone, I will not try for anything called “bigfoot”, because they’re too dangerous, whatever they are, and stink, and probably infested with lice and ticks and I don’t want to risk unleashing unknown viruses in or on them)
  6. Two cryptid felines or something like a cross between a monkey and feline or something you might call a “Thylacine”
  7. A giant spider, the largest known but moatly unknown to the world.

I will not try and capture anything like a brontosaurus or gator of giant species, as they’re too heavy and I personally find them a boring thing and so not worth a bite from attempting to capture. I also have no interest in attempting to capture species of giant flying birds, as I don’t want my head pecked or bitten off or talons in me from some angry or hungry /mom or dad bird, but mainly because where they may live is too vague to pin down.

To do this I’ll need a barge modified to carry a crew of 20 and with an animal containtment area. You, the buyer, must also have land large spacious enough for a reptile to live in. It shouls be some sort of dome or cylinder-shaped building at least 60 to 120 feet in length. That is for the protection of humans around it and the animal/s too.

I also will require ownership of the barge and all equipment, food and drink on it, I am not going to do this with the risk of some expensive prank being played on me and my crew, or our pets or the investor suddenly changing his mind with an equally hurtful effect.

I am mosly enthusiastic about looking for the flying snakes, as I have many good precise spots I’ve discovered where they may reside.

If you would like to join my team for these planned missions, leave me your name, number and email and any profile page in the comments, it won’t be published as my comments are not automatically published.

America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand’s Governments Have Been Overthrown

January 18, 2022 Leave a comment

America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand’s Governments Have Been Overthrown by Stealth Blackmail, Terrorist Threats, Bribery and Deception.

Besides the proof of this being Britain’s inability (being too cowardly) to stop the mass kidnapping, rape, drugging and whoring-out of it’s little kids and teens by Muslim gangs, strong-arming of any kind by infantile narcissist LGBTQs and bribes from the rich including by business companies like Pfizer (ultimately by the top monetary bank owners), and similarly in the US, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Australia, Canada, New Zealand.

The killer Remdesivir drug and Midazolam drug being used to overdose the elderly, the fake vaccine scams that have injured and killed millions, the Oklahoma City Bombing, 9/11 Terrorist and Demolition Bombings and the incredibly cruel massacre set up by Marxists against the Route 91 event goers at the Las Vegas Strip and the Australian mass attempted killing of feral cats, killing rescued dogs to prevent their rescue in their paranoia and gullibility, their massacre of Afghan civilians, rapes and hazings of their cadets, persecution of their “unvaccinated” citizens as has been done in Canada and Australia are excellent examples.

More info: The Rise of the Tyrant and the Quest for Global Power, January 17, 2022, by VCY America

The Pentecostal and Pseudo Christian Free Will Heresy

January 13, 2022 Leave a comment

Alex Jones’ videos are always tainted with “free will” nonsense, which is the same concept the evil people he rages against use to justify their evil doing. Ironically, maybe two months ago, read the definition of “Judas goat”, something he easily qualifies as, and about two days ago claimed he’d discovered he’d been leading those who listened to him to go along with the evil people he’d pointed out. That’s how bad Alex Jones’ example is, that many see him as an inferior type of the evil leaders he rages against. And today I heard of Crosstalk America a woman call in, who said, “God didn’t give us mandates, he gavw us free will, we need to remember that.” That’s how liberals and free-will obsessed psuedo Christians and conservatives think. She’s all wrong: God COMMANDS everyone, far beyond a human mandate, not only to obey the ten commandments, but this: “God overlooked and disregarded the former ages of ignorance; but now He commands all people everywhere to repent” – Acts 17:30, to change your mind to, to decide to stop disobeying him! Enough of this vague “God gave us free will so we can do whatever we want because he gave us free will” circular nonsense. He gave us A, WILL, IT GETS ENSLAVES TO SIN, and bound to Satan, hence the need for a saviour, and it’s not us and an imaginary free will, but God’s will and his invincible pre-plan.

It’s extremely ironic when free willers claim Calvinists are fatalists, yet they are the ones guilty of that with their futile free will thinking, their, “But God gave us a free will so he still loves us no matter what we do and it’s okay when we sin, because he gave us a free will” i.e., “whatever we do doesn’t matter, because God knows we’ll make mistakes.” Don’t say, “sin”, because that’s too unpleasant, and we mustn’t feel bad about our sins, not even giving false vaccines to our kids and harming or murdering them. Censors My Questions On Their SARS-CoV-2 Kidney Study Comment Section

January 12, 2022 Leave a comment

To the world, tell me was Cell Press justified in blocking my questions from being posted?Was Cell Press justified in blocking my questions from being posted? See the image I’ve uploaded as proof and perhaps you can answer my questions.

My Rebuke of the Hell’s Gate Cult Leader Governor Hochul

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On September 2021, Hell’s Gate cult leader Governor Hochul, said, from a Christian church’s pulpit, “we are not through this pandemic. I wished we were, but I prayed to God a lot during this time, and you know what, God did answer our prayers. He made the smartest men and women, the scientists, the doctors, the researchers; he made them come up with the vaccine. That is from God to us, and we must say, ‘Thank you God, thank you.’ And I wear my vaccinated necklace all the time to say, ‘I’m vaccinated.'”

This is an ignorant and nonsensical rant of some nobody ugly, deluded, cultist, patsy, fall girl who loves money and the glory of man more than God. Of course this moron narcissist babbler is an idiot simpleton using vague baby babble, babbling about her prayers being our prayers, and misdefining what vaccines are, pretending one injection is all we need, that it’s needed when it’s not, and leaves out all the evil side effects and deaths they, the fake vaccines (not ‘the vaccine’ as if there was just one of these scam medicines, stupid babbling moron). She’s a wannabe Pentecostal pastor whose mixed Calvinism with her weird Pentecostalism: Since when do cultists believe God makes anyone do anything because someone prayed about it?! As I Calvinist myself, I do believe in pre-destiny, but it’s not some simple matter of God holding your hands and moving them for you or possessing you and controlling your thoughts. Pre-destiny is actually a fact acknowledged in Catholic doctrine, so, that’s the one, and largest Christian cult in which it’s official doctrine (though I doubt most Catholics even know the Bible mentions it let alone is supposed to be believed because their popes said so). So, her rant, if fully believed by the ignorant, had a little benefit, in that it acknowledged God is in control, but in her narcissism, implied he controls people only if she has personally prayed about it, and nothing else but what she wants, and only her feelings, ultimately matter. Hence why that ugly fool tried passing a law to give herself the power to arrest anyone and jail them whenever she feels like it, at her mere command. Such an evil person must be confronted with these words, rebuked and shouted into obscurity and everlasting shame.

Article and video: NY Gov. Hochul says vaccines are ‘from God,’ sends out her own ‘apostles’ to push jabs Hochul claimed the unvaccinated are disobeying God. Sept 27, 2021.

Tom Barlett is a Criminal Liar and Medical Misinformation Spreader

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On August 12, 2021, Tom Barlett. a nobody writer for The Atlantic (the liberal propaganda news publisher), made a huge deadly lie, and of course cited no proof for his medical misinformation which liberals like him happily, carelessly in their bias spread. He said, “The vaccines have repeatedly been shown to help prevent symptomatic coronavirus infections and reduce their severity.” Where’s your proof Mr. Gullible “just believe me the liberal immoral Tom Barlett”? Tom pretends that (even if the mRNA vaccines worked) that one shot is all you need and 100% free of adverse side-effects, including death. How stupid and criminal is that when they’re called “experimental”, and the FDA showed a big list of horrible side effects and VAERS and other medical side-effect databases list the largest number of injuries and deaths ever for these so-called vaccines?! Tom also pretends that there’s no safer preventative treatments or after becoming SICK (not simply INFECTED, which is near unimportant) and natural immunity isn’t better or a good option to get, and ignored the CDC’s and his liberal media friends’ own warning to avoid the J&J “vaccines”, AS THEY MIGHT GIVE YOU A HEART ATTACK AND KILL YOU. The CDC even hinted that by their use of sly language they were not just bribed cowards by failing to state plainly why they were showing “preference” for Pfizer and Moderna’s poisons, but that those two might also kill you, by saying “preference” rather than, “YOU SHOULD TAKE THEM AS WITHOUT THEM YOU WILL MOST LIKELY GET DEATHLY SICK OR DIE AND CAUSE OTHERS THIS PROBLEM.” But they don’t say that at all, do they Tom Bartlett, who failed to mention that 3 1/2 month-old April 14, 2021 news. Tom, you’ve mislead people to death, including parents of little kids, and so are a criminal accomplice of child abusers and murderers. So, had everyone taken Tom’s pretended “facts” as facts, and all taken the J&J vaccines, only for huge numbers to end up with permanent heart injuries or dead as Tom couldn’t imagine the CDC, his apparent weird gods of medical truth, would even hint at something bad about any of the “vaccines”, a hint that came a mere four months after Tom’s arrogant, presumptuous, immoral claim of 100% safety, and that is what it was Tom, as you were morally and legally required to state the possible adverse reactions. Or do you think you’re above being charged with crimes against humanity? You aren’t, and you should be executed for them. You’re a hypocrite and a disgrace.

The AntiChrist and WW3

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I like many ponder if the AntiChrist (Satan’s son) is alive, and perhaps even responsible for the vaccine-holocaust that’s occuring. I think certain elitists, consulting demons in seances, are mostly responsible for it. I think they’ve been told he’s been born, and that they’re preparing the way for him. I’m guessing by next year America will have been massively depopulated by vaccines and in a second war between Maxists, hippies and Satanists and conservatives and libertarians. I believe a 3rd world war, killing most adults and elderly will leave the world devoid of hearing Bible verses anymore, and in the AntiChrist will fill that spiritual void. I think his name may have something to do with the word “Beast” in some language, and may even be covered in hair, looking like an ape. Some might even think he’s part ape, or an ape that evolved, and be seen as some sort of Messiah of Animals and (false) proof of evolution, and that humans can suddenly evolve or change into something superior by having “enough faith” in him and/or doing enough acts or worship, which may include kidnapping, harassing and murdering Jews and Christians. A 3rd world war will be necessary to finally destroy the dome on the rock, in Jerusalem, and rebuild the third temple for Judaic animal sacrifices to continue again. My guess is that militant Muslims will use it as a base for storing rocket grenades, and may be doing so now, and when they start using them to try and conquer Jerusalem in Allah’s name, the Israeli military will blow it up and forever ban Muslims from ever going back.

And when may WW3 start? It will no doubt start when American’s cannot bare the coming wave of infant and child paralysis and deaths the false vaccines will cause, and when then conservatives form a new federal government and new bloc of states, and their own advanced military, and when that happens, Russia may take Ukraine and China may take Taiwan and South Korea may even take North Korea when seeing China focusing mostly on obtaining Taiwan. I think there’s a possibility Muslims in the Phillipines will try to or will kill Dutarte and the Christians end up fleeing into the jungles. There may be a practical reason that Satan is fine with massacring most Marxists and liberals, it being that they are too gullible and contain too many powerful narcissists among them to easily control. The AntiChrist will want a submissive people who will obey his laws and whims, not their personal feelings and overly grand ambitions that would step on his overly grand ambition. Perhaps by the end of the year, conservative Americans will no longer tolerate the devestation the super rich and their dupes are causing, and vaccine-injured soldiers will help split the US military in two. The democrats may try and recruit BLM, Antifa and illegals to boost their soldier count, but enough will survive to be a continual torment to the conservative-controlled south.

IAfter seven years of wars from now, the world, having much fewer adults and elders, much less Bibles and Christians, and after seven years of famines and more mass deaths, and the third temple having been rebuilt, there will exist a generation of youths who (except for many educated Jews in Israel I think, yet having no religion, or leaning towards Christianity) will know nothing about the Bible, or AntiChrist, or so deceived think that Christians are antiChrists for rejecting their false Christ. It is that generation who will brand themselves with “666”, or their AntiChrist’s name.

Reply to user Garfisch who posted a rant on Dr. Carrie Madej’s Covid ‘vaccine’ microscope images

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This is my public reply to user Garfisch who posted a rant on Dr. Carrie Madej’s microscope images of Covid-19 mRNA vaccine “contaminants” on

I was going to reply to him there but they’re not accepting anymore members.

He started out with a pretentious and obnoxious,

“I’m sorry,”

Pretentious, intros don’t help your babble.

‘”this just seems like crap”

So because it merely SEEMS like that, make a long, time waste of a rant? So because some angry babbler says “it seems” “like crap” to him, just ignore this scientist and all the others and doctors and the “a picture(s) is worth a 1000 words” besides video, besides this has been shown repeatedly. You must be gullible and easy to scam. You think just the opposite because you make obnoxious contrary replies, why is that?

“especially the shit about what’s supposedly happening to red blood cells”

Ignorant one it’s not just shown by many pathologist, blood analysts and doctors it’s admitted by the CDC and FDA.

“after vaccines.”

You’re ranting.

“Thousands if not millions of people have been seeing doctors with bad post-‘vax’ symptoms and getting blood workups”

So you admit there’s adverse reactions, then stupidly assumes money, time, fear of job loss and retaliation and political bias won’t influence anyone? And turd brain blood-work-ups don’t include doing a 400-1400x magnification session looking for graphene oxide and other contaminants presumpteous idiot. Further moron, it has been repeatedly found, but not everyone thinks, “I’m gonna upload pics of graphene oxide and clotting”, why would they when venomous snakes like you spew baseless nonsensical obnoxious insulting rants even in reply, and when hospitals are being overloaded by gullible turds like you, who when you realize you’re an evil gullible turd and insulted the wise, injured and dead, and endangered countless lives with your nasty rants, are too embarassed to mention the damage you did to yourself and with your rants. Coward.

Further, as more injuries and deaths pile up, so would fear of saying anything lest you get attacked by those leaders doing or allowing the poisoning. A German woman had her kids taken for merely questioning the mRNA vaccines.

“as a result.”

You need to be brief, you don’t need to go on and on thinking that’s proving you’re wise.

“Surely this would have been noticed here? Fact: it hasn’t.” Fact, it has moron, but you’re a liar who is too lazy and conceited and desirous of vain attention to know or actually care.

“This is all just 5G nanobot consipirotardery”

That last word describes your ranting. You’re the paranoid moron conspiritorialist who thinks you’re seeing imaginary pics and vids, or, because you’re a narcissist, loves babbling nonsense for attention and too prideful to admit you were duped into poisoning yourself, even though seeing the pics refutes you. 5G has been shown by scientists to do biological damage.

“designed to draw ire away from the massive abject criminality of the vax industrial establishment and invest it instead in cloud-chasing retardery.”

Paranoid, nonsensical and conspiratorial ranting. Why would showing the vaccines are poisons cause people to give attention to “5G nanobots” and not pay attention to the vaccine businesses? Fact: you’re as insane as the leaders, scientists and doctors pushing endless masking and fake vaccines or who pretend everyone should take every drug and vaccine they come up with, as long as it’s Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca or J&Js “medicine”.

“Kikes use this technique every damned time”

Racist moron, thanks for showing your mind is so poisoned by hate that you even fall for and spread stereotypes of Jews.

“because it works on the credulous morons.”


Objection needs to stay focused on the deleterious EFFECTS of the gene-therapies,”


“and the INTENT of those pushing them, and not speculate upon the mechanisms.

Why would theorizing be wrong you crazy idiot? I’m oh so sorry but what an absolute actual moron. And leader of imaginary turds, why would you think no one is looking for such mechisms when here you see part of it in your face and you automatically reject it? As for intent whose not SPECULATING on that either or doesn’t know being that the elitists mRNA-pushers have already said? To depopulate low-born, annoying, racist, dupes like you who spread chaos and literal trash everywhere, besides scamming you for quick profit. No one needs your childish attempts at inspiring proper actions.

“For fuck’s actual sake.”

God bless you, antiChrist.

An English Vicar’s Wife Witnesses On mRNA “Vaccine” Deaths

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January 6, 2022, I watched an English woman in a Tik Tok interview, on account “nuffin_but_the_truth” (which I watched on a video from talked about the mRNA vaccines. This is a transcription I made of what she said, with corrections of what I think she meant to say in her rush to speak: “Most of those I now know with Covid are double or triple vaccinated[,] they’re getting so ill. So what they’re trying to do is get you to do a virtue symbol; they’re trying to get you to wear a mask [to make you feel protected and think to yourself and say to others], ‘I’m a good person [or], I’m a good Christian, I’m protecting people,’ no you’re not, you’re showing that you’re gagged, and you’re not speaking up for the truth. …

The video clip I then watched skipped to her saying, “My husband is a vicar in the church of England. When we were at the height of the pandemic, he was very very quiet on funerals (she means that he didn’t many funeral rituals and so didn’t talk about them), there was very few funerals at all. People were not dying (in an unusually higher amount) and… one of my sons actually was in [a] hospital. The hospital was dead (she means there wasn’t much activity), full hospital was absolutely empty, I got straight into N.E., no problem at all. Now, since the vaccine roll out, there’s been funeral after funeral after funeral. We know undertakers in the area [and these] undertakers have spoken out. What is now killing people [is not Covid-19 mainly, but] vaccine injury. Whether you can relate to it or not (I think she meant, ‘You’ve may have already heard about it or not, but it’s’ [mostly]) heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, myocarditis, inflammation of the heart…”

Her speech can be found in this Jan 5, 2021 video by Alex Jones, her speech starting at 5:13 into the video.

From a Christian to Canadian Muslims

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Hello Muslims of Canada. Shouldn’t you defend pastor Pawlowski? Your wannabe dictator Trudeau said, “we’re attacking your fundamental rights”. Is JT a Christian ( No, he’s not Muslim either, he’s a deranged narcissist. The Quran says the closest religion to Islam is Christianity. So, should you be allowing hypocrite JT to burn down church buildings or tell you how to dress or force poison on you and to tell you what’s best? He is not God, he is a stupid arrogant child in a man’s body.

Twitter Suspends Me for Saying WHY I Was Suspended, Now for Linking to a 5G Senate Hearing Video!

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The harassment from the hateful CEOs and liberals thought-policing Twitter has happened again. I was mainly just telling another person who the doctor was that she had linked to and copy pasting that doctors web description of what she was presenting (i didn’t even watch it and she as far as I know never mentioned covid). They also suspended my account Tarzaniss1 for merely telling another user WHY they suspended me which was for saying “mRNA vaccines can injure and kill Ivermectin can cure Covid” by sitting on my appeal since September (so they can pretend to have an excuse of course for completely silencing me). Twitter has taken on being thought police using the guise of “pandemic misinformation. So, you cannot even talk about a suspension on Twitter? If they don’t like a certain user’s religion, like Calvinism, or don’t like some supposed lesbian who won’t agree with some nebulous LGBTQ+ “authority”, simply claim “pandemic misinformation” or some other reason, like “sock puppet”. Twitter wants to be Wikipedia I think and clearly wants to rule the minds of the world. How arrogant and stupid.

Please ask Twitter to stop censoring these tweets.

Twitter Suspends and Censors Me 2

I tell Fiona Horne of why Twitter suspended me, (for saying the mRNA vaccines can injure and kill and that Ivermectin cures)

Twitter Suspends and Censors Me for linking to 5G health senate hearing with Dr. Sharon Goldberg

Read more…

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Following the Money – How Fauci, Pfizer and Gilead Sciences Fleeced and Devestated AMERICA With Remdesivir and Blamed Covid and the Unvaccinated

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Following the Money – How Fauci, Pfizer and Gilead Sciences Fleeced and Devestated AMERICA With Remdesivir and Blamed Covid and the Unvaccinated:

Big Pharma’s Covid-19 Profiteers How the race to develop treatments and a vaccine will create a historic windfall for the industry — and everyone else will pay the price

by MATT TAIBBI, August 13, 2020, 7:00AM EDT
On June 29th, 2020, while America remained transfixed by anti-police protests, the chairman and CEO of the pharmaceutical company Gilead issued a much-anticipated announcement. In a breezy open letter, Daniel O’Day explained how much his company planned on charging for a course of remdesivir, one of many possible treatments for Covid-19. “In the weeks since we learned of remdesivir’s potential against Covid-19, one topic has attracted more speculation than any other: what price we might set for the medicine,” O’Day wrote, before plunging into a masterpiece of corporate doublespeak. The CEO noted a study by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, a division of the National Institutes of Health, showing that Covid-19 patients taking remdesivir recovered after 11 days, compared with 15 days for placebo takers. In the U.S., he wrote, “earlier hospital discharge would result in hospital savings of approximately $12,000 per patient.” RELATED ‘Preposterous!’ Fauci Fires Back at Sen. Ron Johnson’s Claim He ‘Overhyped’ AIDS and Covid Counties That Voted Trump Have Much Higher Covid Death Rates, Analysis Finds The hilarious implication seemed to be that by shortening hospital stays by four days on average, remdesivir was worth $48,000 a dose. That O’Day might come to such a conclusion was not outlandish. Gilead became infamous a few years ago for charging $84,000 per course of treatment for Sovaldi, a “groundbreaking” hepatitis-C drug. The company’s policies for pricing have more than once prompted congressional hearings, as in the case of Truvada, a drug to combat HIV transmission that was developed in part with the aid of government grants and that earned Gilead more than $30 billion in revenue. Would they try something similar at a time of unprecedented medical terror with one of the few available Covid-19 treatments?
Full article here

Fauci’s deadly corruption on Remdesivir
Scott Lively notes hospitals are paid bonuses for using drug [Remdesivir] with [its] horrific results
By Scott Lively, November 1, 2021 at 7:17 PM

In a recent article, I opined that the state of Nebraska has a duty to prosecute Anthony Fauci and others for their malicious and deceitful suppression of lifesaving, low-cost ivermectin, based upon Nebraska Attorney General Douglas Peterson’s impressive legal opinion in which he documented just how truly safe and effective that drug is for treating COVID-19.
Today I want to discuss the drug Fauci and his co-conspirators in control of our health systems have aggressively pushed instead of ivermectin: Remdevisir.
The leading whistleblower on Remdesivir is fellow Brighteon.TV host Dr. Bryan Ardis who makes the following assertions in his public warnings about the drug:

On May 1, 2020, Dr. Fauci released a memo related to the FDA emergency use authorization of Remdesivir in which he said it has been shown to be safe and effective in two studies. Dr. Ardis says that is a brazen lie.
The first was a study of its use against the Ebola virus in 2019. Dr. Ardis says that Remdesivir was by far the least safe and effective of the four drugs in the Ebola trial, and that the one-year study was canceled by safety monitors in August of 2019 after just six months because of a 53.1% mortality rate – not from ineffectively treated Ebola, but from kidney and other organ failure caused by the drug itself.

The second study cited by Fauci as evidence of the safety and effectiveness of Remdesivir was a March 2020 study of 53 people with COVID, done by the owner of the Remdesivir patent, Gilead Sciences, a major pharmaceutical company. Instead of the 28-day course of Remdesivir used against Ebola, a 10 day course was used. Of 53 people, 23% developed acute kidney and/or liver failure, while another 8% had to be pulled from the study before 10 days with such severe reaction that they needed emergency kidney or transplants or they would die. That’s a combined 31% with life-threatening adverse reactions.
By mandating Redemsivir as the exclusive COVID-19 treatment drug in American hospital protocols instead of ivermectin, Fauci knowingly set up the American population for a massive death toll from kidney and liver failure complications caused by Remdesivir poisoning.

Dr. Ardis explains that kidney failure (especially for those being artificially hydrated by IV bags) causes the body to flood with water internally, including the lungs, creating the condition wrongly characterized as “secondary COVID pneumonia” when in fact people are literally drowning in their own body fluids.
Also in May of 2020, Fauci asked the U.S. government to buy up all the reserves of Remdesivir, for exclusive use in America through 2020. That guaranteed that Americans would be the only population suffering the increased mortality related to Remdesivir – the motive being to heighten fear and urgency among Americans to drive future global vaccine sales…

Full article

Fauci Botched the AIDS Epidemic so Big Pharma Could Profit. He’s Doing It Again With COVID

by Children’s Health Defense, Sept 13, 2021

During the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s, Dr. Anthony Fauci discouraged and prevented inexpensive treatments for AIDS and focused exclusively on AZT. He’s doing the same thing today with COVID, focusing on highly profitable vaccines and ignoring potentially safe and effective treatments. In a new video on The Hill’s “Rising,” political commentator Kim Iversen analyzes Dr. Anthony Fauci’s support for azidothymidine (AZT) to treat HIV/AIDS and compares it to his current support for COVID mRNA vaccines. Fauci, named head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in 1984, sparked panic among Americans in the 1980s when he wrote in a medical journal that AIDS could be transmitted not only through sexual contact and sharing needles, but also through “ordinary close contact” with the infected. Iversen says Fauci’s remarks followed the discovery of an infant diagnosed with AIDS — a case we would later learn was caused when the child passed through the womb of an infected mother. But the damage was already done, said Iversen: “Public panic had intensified and people were fearing they could get AIDS from sharing a toilet seat or even from shaking hands. People living with AIDS were being alienated and ostracized from their jobs, homes, communities, and gay men, in particular, were heavily stigmatized.” Meanwhile, Fauci and his team of scientists at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) went full speed ahead on developing a vaccine for AIDS. However, despite promises from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that it would roll out an AIDS/HIV vaccine, Iversen says that never happened. Realizing the potential to earn big profits, Iversen says pharmaceutical companies soon began developing treatments for AIDS. The British drug company, Burroughs Wellcome & Co., said its failed cancer drug AZT could be used to treat AIDS. Few studies were done, said Iversen, and the long-term side effects were unknown. But in March 1987, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved AZT, claiming the benefits outweighed the risks. Celia Farber, who in 1989 reported on the approval of AZT and its potential health risks, wrote at the time: “The majority of those in the AIDS-afflicted and medical communities held the drug up as the first breakthrough on AIDS. For better or worse, AZT had been approved faster than any drug in FDA history, and activists considered it a victory. The price paid for the victory, however, was that almost all government drug trials, from then on, focused on AZT — while over 100 other promising drugs were left uninvestigated.” The drug was “one of the most toxic, expensive and controversial drugs in the history of medicine,” Farber wrote. In 1989, Iversen said Fauci started promoting the drug not only for critically ill AIDS patients, but for anyone who tested positive for HIV, including those who were asymptomatic and showed no sign of the disease. “Those patients included hospital workers, pregnant women and even children,” said Iversen. “Doctors were stunned.” Despite limited data, the NIH went all in on AZT, ignoring evidence that the drug was toxic, caused liver damage and destroyed white blood cells, Iversen said. “The drug continued to be used for years,” she explained. As Children’s Health Defense Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. notes in his upcoming book, “The Real Anthony Fauci,” Fauci sabotaged safe and effective off-patent therapeutic treatments for AIDS while promoting deadly chemotherapy drugs that almost certainly caused more deaths than HIV.

Full article here

by Carter HI, May 25, 2021

Tell me; how do you undo over 38 years of official fraud, over 200,000 scientific papers all based on a faulty premise, tens of thousands of hours of, well to be charitable, fake news? And how about over 500 billion, half a trillion dollars in research money that has so far failed to come up with a working vaccine and failed to come up with a cure? That’s the story of Tony Fauci and AIDS, hardly anyone knows it, and this is the guy who is leading the fight against C19.

Full Article

by Carter HI, Sept 21, 2021

In April, 2020, Anthony Fauci cited a study which he said proved Remdesivir could block coronavirus.

He claimed the study showed Remdesivir was safe and efficacious in the use against the Ebola virus, in both 2018 and 2019, but this was a lie. If one were to actually look at the study, titled; ‘A Randomized, Controlled Trial of Ebola Virus Disease Therapeutics‘, which was testing four different drugs against the Ebola virus, they will find that the safety board pulled Remdesivir out of trial six months early, because over 50% of patients who received it died.

Fauci quoted a second study in support of his mandating the use of Remdesivir, a study conducted by the makers of Remdesivir titled; ‘Compassionate Use of Remdesivir for Patients with Severe Covid-19‘, wherein 53 patients with covid were administered the drug for 10 days. 23% of them suffered from multiple organ disfunction syndrome, septic shock, and acute kidney injury. 8% of them had to be taken off the drug after only 5 days because it was killing them.

Full Article

So, given the facts about Fauci pushing AZT, Remdesivir, “useless” masks as he first called them, and false vaccines (the mRNA poison), what could be motivating Fauci to lie? Perhaps this April 27th 2020 article from the World Union of Jesuit Alumni may give you a big hint:


I find it suspicious that the rabid anti-Calvinist and supposed anti-Jesuit, Brannon Howse, keeps mentioning Fauci having a Jesuit education, yet never mentions Trump’s. Is Brannon using Fauci as a decoy? Could Brannon secretly hope to destroy Calvinists (Christians who believe God’s will is always done) through a second “civil war”?

More on Fauci’s long Jesuit, Roman Catholic education:

Who is Dr. Fauci and should you be concerned? by the Berean Beacon, 2020 Article link

Knowing is Beautiful – The Hidden Face of HIV – Part 1

December 5, 2021 Leave a comment

I have reblogged this to help the youths of the world and forgetful and blind to have a fuller and clearer understanding of the Covid Fake Vaccine Pandemic (CFVP) or rather the Vaccine Scam Pandemic (VSP). It is so you will know how the PCR tests are not reliable or rather how their interpreters are unreliable (especially do to bias from conflicts of interest like bribes or threat of persecution or job loss). It’s also to show the usual greed of pharmaceutical companies and world leaders and their incompetence, negligence and recklessness with truth, human life and as this two part article shows, the environment too.

The Incarnation Children's Center Investigation

by Liam Scheff
published at GNN, Accuracy in Media, and Tutto in Vendita
Spring 2005

Read as PDF

As a journalist who writes about AIDS, I am endlessly amazed by the difference between the public and the private face of HIV; between what the public is told and what’s explained in the medical literature. The public face of HIV is well-known: HIV is a sexually transmitted virus that particularly preys on gay men, African Americans, drug users, and just about all of Africa, although we’re all at risk. We’re encouraged to be tested, because, as the MTV ads say, “knowing is beautiful.” We also know that AIDS drugs are all that’s stopping the entire African continent from falling into the sea.

The medical literature spells it out differently – quite differently. The journals that review HIV tests, drugs and patients, as well as the instructional material from medical schools…

View original post 3,370 more words

Why Trump Failed America and Failed to Secure a Second Term as President

In short (besides that liberals/globalists stole votes), President Trump insulted Mexico, insulted blacks (when he boasted that he could shoot anyone he wanted to and not be treated as a criminal for it during a time when many blacks were angry over white police being homicidal to unarmed blacks and a  Latin American man shooting dead a black citizen for wearing a hood and by defending Confederate tributes), was hateful towards and insensitive to Chinese-American citizens and Americans who were partnered with Chinese business people by childishly exhaustingly emphasizing a Chinese origin of the Covid 19 virus rather than simply saying, “there’s evidence from Chinese reporters that it came from the Wuhan Bioweapons Lab” and said that he’d try to force the poor to work for their food stamps. To force work for food stamps would include the very poor, chronically disabled and government supplemental disability income and so often homeless and without friends or survival partners, and rather, enemies hoping to steal from them or use them as a punching bag. Yet many of them also had pets or love partners to care for. And most of them knew that Donald Trump was a lazy adult-child (a pathological narcissist) who hated hard work and avoided it and always strained to avoid paying taxes, and who had inherited his great wealth rather than having first earned it. So, Trump presented himself as not just cold-hearted, uncaringand stingy, into a cold-hearted, cruel, extremely arrogant, very unreasonable, a hindrance, and obviously: an extreme hypocrite. In response these poor would end up voting against Trump and/or in some places protesting, looting and rioting for many days and so inspiring many famous and wealthy people to also vote against Trump. The response by many police and Trump supporters was for an increase in police numbers and to continue~ supporting Trump and to ignore the plight of these poor and CONTINUE to stereotype them all as being thieves, lazy, hypocrite racists, drug addicts, animal abusers, unreasonable, criminals or narcissists. And this in turn encouraged the liberals in America’s government to encourage Mexicans to continue coming into America to help them ultimately defeat Republicans and conservatives. It is obvious then that liberals should desire to give instant citizenship to Mexicans. Trump also made things much worse by continually pandering to police (and judges) instead of helping in any obvious or big way those who were or felt oppressed by then. The last major blows was his blocking of more stimulus checks to the poor during mass hospital overload, negligence and mismanagement, mass job layoffs and the DMV and social and welfare services becoming extremely difficult to use and hypocritically and maliciously at the last second, pretending to care about the poor by asking for a larger stimulus check to be given then that which was proposed. He was a conniving bully who did and said malicious things for cheap emotional satisfaction including to his own supporters, which in turn caused them to turn against him. His wife and daughter Ivanka Trump were also insulting to the plight of “illegal” Mexican parents trying to help their children and poor Americans trying to help theirs too.
  Trump now continues to lose support by supporting Covid “vaccination” and I suppose for causing his supporters to be stuck under two foolish and severely immorally leaders: the sexists and racist Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. They are also vexed by Joe’s criminal son, Hunter Biden. There is also resentment that this may end up dooming America to a devestating civil war and a life of poverty and fear ending in misery.
  It is my guess that the Gentile generation being born now is the Gentile generation that will end up knowing little if anything about the Bible and therefore the significance of “666” and the Anti-Christ, and be the most likely generation to allow his name or that number to be tatood onto their arms or head. If so, then contrawise, the Jews being born now, whether only of Jewish fathers or Jewish mothers are the generation of Jews who will accept the true Christ that their cursed ancestors and parents rejected. So, expect major trouble and deciet from the Gentile youths being born now, don’t turn your backs on them, even if their parents are conservatives or Catholic.