FactCheck, ScienceBasedMedicine.Org and David Gorski

While doing research on the dangerous chemicals in the false Covid vaccines, decided to look at this hit piece against antivaxxers (it’s the usual dishonest journalism  that atheists and panderers of rich New Agers, Christian-haters and Trump-haters would write). Here’s the title:

Lipid nanoparticles in COVID-19 vaccines: The new mercury to antivaxxers. When it comes to antivaccine misinformation and the COVID-19 pandemic, everything old is new again, at least if you haven’t been paying attention. This time around, it’s the resurrection of an old favorite antivaccine trope, the “toxins” gambit. Truly, lipid nanoparticles are the new mercury. by David Gorski, February 15, 2021

So, I went to find out how to contact Gorski about his article and on his contact page found a comment about the sad passing away of their anti-child grooming colleague (a  friend of theirs). I decided to see if she died early of course, and she did, somewhat. But while reading her profile on Wikipedia, found something very, very interesting:

On June 15, 2021, Hall published a book review of Irreversible Damage in Science-Based Medicine, stating that the book “brings up some alarming facts that desperately need to be looked into”, that the affirmative care model for gender dysphoria “is a mistake and a dereliction of duty”, and that the current political climate has made scientific study of these matters nearly impossible. Within two days, the review was removed and replaced with a retraction notice authored by Steven Novella and David Gorski. They stated that the health protocols for dealing with gender dysphoria in children were misrepresented and argued that an increase in gender dysphoria diagnoses can be explained without invoking a theory of social contagion, as well as stating that the science behind gender-affirming care indicates it improves mental health. Novella and Gorski emphasized that Hall was still an editor in good standing at Science-Based Medicine, and praised her history of promoting good science. Science-Based Medicine also published a series of articles from doctors specialising in LGBTQ+ health care, which were critical of the book and Hall’s positive review. When journalist Jesse Singal criticized Novella and Gorski’s retraction of Hall’s original article and the factual accuracy of the follow-up articles, his critique was also met with criticism.

Hall’s review was republished at Skeptic.com, and an updated version that responds to the critiques was published on her personal website.

I wish to say to Gorski: You are intellectually dishonest and it is you who are a homophobe. You are blind guides who care more about money and not ending up homeless and not being persecuted than you care about life-saving truth.  Why don’t you listen to your suddenly dead friend Hall who was against tooth fairy science? Yet you betrayed her and truth, true science when you backstabbed her and showed that those drag queen story time child groomers are your masters.

Look at all the news you conspiracy theorists pretend doesn’t exist:

You deliberately keep blinders on your eyes over natural immunity and Ivermectin, Vitamin D3 and C, Quercitin, Zinc, garlic, aspirin and HCQ over your recommended experimental poisons. You choose to side with those who demonize reasonable discussion and protest, doctors and scientists and simply call them “antivaxxers”, after having lied about the fake COVID vaccines being “100 percent safe and effective” and only needing “two weeks to flatten the curve” and no masks then masks from Dr. “I Don’t Recall, You Don’t Need a Flu Vaccine If You Already Had the Flu” Fauci. You choose to side with those who recommend needless experimental poisons for pregnant women and kids, babies even,

Skepticism isn’t rational, it is arbitrary. Why aren’t you skeptical of the so called experimental vaccines? Why aren’t you skeptical of multi-billion dollar “Big Pharma” businesses who’ve been fined for various crimes having the best intentions rather than having “then bottom line”, making money, more on their mind?

If you the readers of my blog want to email David Gorksi and their suddenly dying friends who die from coincidence after coincidence that none of them care to scientifically analyze or learn if was actually a murder or medical malpractice, you may email them at:

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Please, let them know what you think about having helped enable and cause mass disinformation, fairy tooth science, child grooming and sexual abuse, gender dysphoria, miscarriages and mass injuries and deformities of babies, deaths of children and those who were never in danger of dying from COVID but ended up suffocated and poisoned by false vaccines and that poison, Remdesivir. Remind them how bad AZT was too perhaps and many other false medicines their kind scammed and murdered humans, even animals, with. No doubt these rainbow puffs are moderators (truth-hiders) on Wikipedia too.