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Racist Mormon Phone Sex – Mormon Morality in Private and Public

Last night I rebuked this Mormon for disrespecting me from day one that I met him, obviously trying to take advantage of me, thinking I was a push-over, and told him off, and too my amazement, rather than being mature, instead looked for something about me to point out that was wrong about me, and was it something that provoked him to be disrespectful? No. It was, “You know what your problem is? You don’t have a job.” And this coming from someone who doesn’t know me, doesn’t care to know me, already knew a little of my story and as I said earlier tried to use it to get money out of me, and who lied about having a job (something I could tell after a while). He also lied about his “grandma” dying to get me to shut up and to use it to make me feel guilty (it was actually a Mormon girl he was hitting on whose grandmother died, who he played a long loudish-sex game with over the phone a very few minutes after trying to win the argument with me, and she participated like a professional).

Then, this morning, I hear him say to her, “…story about why there are no black people in the church?… F___ all those other stories. … That’s why I love the Mormon church: there re no black people anywhere.” And I didn’t hear the girl respond. I did hear him getting exasperating with her though when she asked him what he said, and he responded immediately with, “Nothiiing!” And complaining about how far away she lived. He then thought he was mad at her when he asked if she wanted picture of him, and she declined bluntly. And he kept trying hard to get her to come over, and she suggested they “drink”, to which he replied, “I don’t want to, I just want to chill in bed all day. … and watch, ‘Saving Emo’.” But early in the morning during their sex game he made it clear that he wanted to have sex with her, and I won’t get into the details about that for obvious reasons.

And by the way: he already has a very good hint that I write about him, and he knows about this journal, but doesn’t care.

It’s odd that he said there are no blacks in his church anywhere, let alone emphatically, because the first two missionaries I met recently in the area were both black, one was half black however, and there was a beautiful black woman in their “stake” (an appropriate name for their churches) as that is the feeling I get from Mormonism, which is a religion that involves repeatedly crucifying Christ, till he comes back, and no doubt some Mormons think he will suffer again for whoever sins. One of the most attractive women I’ve ever seen, at least at about 20 years of age, was a black woman. She was super cute with a flawless face. Whenever I think of her smile it easily cuts my depression in half. And there was a little girl, about 8 (in the year 2001 I think, in a mall in Springfield, Virginia), who I think was Ethiopian, not sure, who had brown hair, who was also super beautiful and cute, who accidentally kissed my cheek, when being playful with me, and it was one of the softest things I’ve ever felt, so soft it instantly got me to tell her her soft her lips felt. with amazement.

But back to the rebellious “Jack Mormon” he called himself when I first met him: what just a hypocrite. He tells me I have no job as some excuse to trample over me and rob me repeatedly, yet lied about having a job himself and even saying that he quit this imaginary job, feigned helping me to wash the dishes if I merely asked him to he said, yet has me clean up after him and his friends whenever they come over, and who ate like a racoon using my expensive sugar last night, without my permission, and for the second time lied to me about buying food that he took from me (how in the world am I going to forget what I buy?) and yet he kept insisting with this lie of having bought the food he attempted to take. This is someone who also implied he’d shoot anyone who took his things. And speaking of Mormons, something I want to note in the article before the last one I wrote in which I mentioned Mormons: the head of the stake I had been at in which that genealogist had mentioned Wycliffe – he said to the men, in front of me, in one of their “studies”: “We always seem to be dropping the ball.” CLEARLY.

I also want to mention something else, some good things: Amazon and Newegg are really good with refunds when there is a problem, though Amazon bests Newegg when it comes to refunds for misdescribed or defective items, though Newegg has refused two refund a bad soundcard they sent me, made by Azuzentech, and Azuzentech has not been good in their responses to me about getting a refund for it. It was a $179 card.

And before arguing with Jack Mormon, when at a certain place, got to see a very beautiful teen girl again, who is mostly polite to me, and even sat next to me, but I don’t think she did do on purpose, but didn’t notice me right way, and when she did, didn’t want to be rude and sit somewhere else. I sh she liked me. I saw her writing some long letter after wards about some secrets she keeps, which she put into a box of secrets. I’d explain what I’m talking about in more detail, but for certain reasons I won’t for now. I hope she and her family makes it to Heaven, especially since I can see she’s had a hard time in life.

  1. Danielle
    January 1, 2011 at 9:36 AM

    I must tell you that I’m Mormon and I really don’t agree with your views. I DO know the person who you are talking about and I have to say that he is a pathological liar and his actions and behavior has nothing to do with his so called choice of religion.
    It’s too easy to pretend to be a Mormon while acting like a jack ass, telling people lies… like my mother is dying from cancer and so forth. To me given that I do know him, this is a case of being a pathetic bastard, and not being a racist Mormon… Just saying!

    • January 1, 2011 at 6:48 PM

      Hi Danielle.

      “I must tell you that I’m Mormon and I really don’t agree with your views.”

      And that you disagree matters because? Isn’t what matters is whether or not what I said goes against the Bible or not, and not your feelings? What you said is off the subject and so doesn’t contribute drawing a logical conclusion about what the true religion is. It’s no more helpful than if I had said to you, “I must tell you that I’m Muslim and I really don’t agree with your views.” or “I only eat meat and disagree with you.” Also, what you said was redundant: of course if you are a Mormon then you disagree with my view on how to be saved, but at the same time, but your statement is also vague: what views are you referring to? Is it only my religion or my view that Jack is immoral and that Mormons are sinful and far from perfectly logical, and that salvation cannot be had except through Christ and his sacrifice? And why did you say “views” as if I had not given any evidence for my “views”; wasn’t that deceptive and misleading for you to say?

      “I DO know the person who you are talking about and I have to say that he is a pathological liar and his actions and behavior has nothing to do with his so called choice of religion.”

      That’s a mere claim, in other words you didn’t explain why pathological lying and Mormonism are unrelated. It would be like me saying being an honest person has nothing to do with your so called choice of religion (sic).

      You also said “so called” for no logical reason, why are you treating the term “choice of religion” as fake, you said it was “so called”? Has no one ever referred to your religion being a choice, or is it forced upon you? And aren’t you a Mormon? And aren’t Mormons supposed to believe that God allows you to have free will so that you are free to choose anything? Why wasn’t it sufficient for you to say, “…his religion…”? He is religious: he worship’s Joseph Smith’s version of Jesus, which is a contradictory Jesus who serves man over God.

      It’s also obviously not true for those who know the difference between Mormonism and strict Christianity/fundamentalist Christianity. For example, if you knew the difference between Satanism and Christianity (and you do somewhat I’m sure if you know the laws of the Bible, unless you are not a well-studied Mormon) and know the behavior of Satanists from news articles on their criminal activity and documentaries on them giving their own testimony, it would be absurd to then say, “There is no reason why a person would choose Satanism over Christianity.” Now think of how wrong this statement is: “There is no reason why a liar with no conscience would choose Satanism over Christianity.” But there is a reason, many reasons, and they are obvious. And I knowing Mormons and their religion, would know why illogical people would choose to join that religion, that way of life.

      “It’s too easy to pretend to be a Mormon while acting like a jack ass,”

      Then what is the difference between a Mormon and a “jack ass”? Your statement isn’t logical in the context of what you implied (which was that Mormons don’t sin), this is why:

      1) Why is it too easy to do that? In other words what is the evidence?

      It isn’t going to be easy for someone who doesn’t know what Mormonism is. Not everyone has the same knowledge or intelligence, so your statement is wrong on that.

      2) What does it being too easy have to do with Mormonism being the true religion?

      Actually it is evidence against it, because according to the Bible it is hard to be good and sinful people, especially evil people like the one you are speaking of, would have a very hard time imitating good behavior and coming up with good things to say unless they merely stuck with reading the Bible and nearly undisputed truthful comments, like, “2 + 2 = 4.” And even then, an evil person disputes the truth. But you are saying it’s easy for not even just an evil person, but one with no conscience, to be able to successfully imitate being a Mormon (for years), with full participation, who doesn’t tithe and yet is still supported, is evidence against him being one. To make it even clearer: how many very evil people could imitate Christ for years? None. They would slip up constantly and everyone would know they were fakes, unless they were deluded so that they couldn’t see the difference between a truly good person and one who wasn’t or a liar and an honest person.

      I’ll make it clear in another way to show why you’re statement isn’t logical; you basically said: “Mormon’s don’t sin because it’s too easy to be a Mormon.” Does that make sense? It’s backwards in logic as I pointed out: it’s easy to sin, and if it’s easy for a very evil person to pretend to be a Mormon for years, and for his sin to be known by other Mormons, and yet not excommunicated for it as the Bible requires, than Mormonism must be very evil, especially for accepting such an evil person. And even if you had said,

      “Mormons aren’t very sinful therefore he is not a Mormon,” Your statement would have no evidence for that, and if you were implying the evidence alone was that Mormon’s aren’t very sinful, then you would be going against common knowledge against the many Mormons who know that there are many who they and their leaders, their prophets, accept as Mormons despite them being addicted to alcohol or other destructive drugs or other destructive things. So you cannot truthfully say that there is no such thing as a Mormon. And if you want to dispute that what makes a person isn’t what laypeople accept, you still cannot dispute your prophets, since what they say is supposed to be law and the truth, no matter how ridiculous or clearly untrue. And if you want to dispute that, then go to what the definition of a “Mormon” is: it’s a person who worships Joseph Smith above God, who filters their beliefs through his? And what did it come down to: trusting in his own heart, his feelings, and so you also do as him, obeying yourself also above God, praising yourself for what you do. And what is worship? Worship is to show devotion to a thing over anything else, and that includes giving praise to it. Do Mormons show devotion to Joseph Smith over anything else? Yes: they follow his laws even when they go against Scripture or logic. Examples: Their religion forbids drinking tea because it is unhealthy, even though for thousands of years it has been shown that drinking it in moderation is healthy, and can heal. And if that glaring mistake isn’t obvious enough, then consider that it also forbids drinking “hot drinks.” Is a hot drink for someone who is freezing bad for them? Or is a cold drink for someone who has been out in hot weather bad for them? Even little kids know these things. Also, they perpetuate many so called truths that are against what Scripture says, for example Scripture says that there is only one God and no other gods, and yet for decades they have taught the opposite. And there are many websites covering contradictions between Mormonism and the Bible, so there is no need for me to go on and on about it.

      3) You contradicted yourself because you’re implying Mormons cannot be very sinful and yet you said, “It’s too easy to pretend to be a Mormon while acting like a jack ass,”, and even said it was easy, and even “too easy”.

      4) Why is it “too easy” to pretend to be saved or that you are being saved while acting very stubborn? Can you tell us why?

      5) “It’s too easy to pretend to be a Mormon while acting like a jack ass,” then Mormonism must be a group of people who act like “jack asses”, in other words, stubborn. You also said “acting”, not hiding the stubbornness inside. What makes your sentence confusing is that you complicated it by saying “too and “pretending”. If you had said, “Mormons easily behave very stubbornly” or “Mormons are very stubborn” – that would have made sense, and I don’t mean that sarcastically at all, I’m showing the contrast between the confusing statement you made and simple truthful ones.

      “telling people lies… like my mother is dying from cancer and so forth. To me given that I do know him, this is a case of being a pathetic bastard,”

      I know Mormons, and I know they have many problems in their logic when it comes to what is true and good, and I’ve made that clear with reasons I’ve posted, including my replies.

      “and not being a racist Mormon…”

      Mormonism has been racist and that is historically documented. It’s just as easy to find this out through a search engine (prophecies of convenience or Racism and Mormonism – An Apology ) as it is for a pathological liar to pretend to be a Mormon for years and for them to support him for years.

      “Just saying!”

      And not explaining. You even emphasized that you were merely making claims with an exclamation mark.

      Instead of disagreeing because of what you merely feel to be true, which is what Mormonism and all false religions and all untruth is based on, why not agree from what is clearly logical, and not rejecting the feelings you have which tell you a thing is logical, merely because they go against your feeling or pride and the feeling of pleasure you get from friends giving you agreement and praise when you do what they do instead of what God commands?

      Also, did you know that Brian David Mitchell is a Mormon, the one who kidnapped and then repeatedly raped Elizabeth Smart for many months? Why does the main media, including Fox News, which is partially owned by Mitt Romney, a Mormon, hide that important fact? Did Elizabeth Smart mention this? Why did she say that she was “thrilled” for him to be convicted and then going off to France to convict more to become Mormon’s with a group of other Mormons? Doesn’t the Bible teach not to be happy over the downfall of enemies, especially not brethren? Is Mitt Romney pointing out that Mitchell is a Mormon? Shouldn’t he if he is in the business of reporting the news thoroughly while competing against other news agencies? Or is it not news, not important to know?

  2. Danielle
    January 2, 2011 at 9:49 AM

    Look, like I said before, I do happen to know the person who you are talking about, this has nothing to do with religion. Antonio pretends to be Mormon so that he can pretend that he is a good guy, but in all honesty what he really needs is psycological help.

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