Sexual Harassment from Muslim Men, Common In Egypt

Revolution signals new dawn for Egypt’s women
By Catriona Davies for CNN
2/24/2011/11:35 A.M. EST

A couple of days after the fall of Hosni Mubarak, 24-year-old Nawara Belal was driving in Cairo when she was verbally abused by an army officer.

“I got out of my car, opened the door of his car and slapped him in the face,” she said. “I realized he wouldn’t do anything about it, and it gave me the power to do what I wanted to do to every harasser in my past.

“I would never have been able to do that before the revolution.”

Belal and many women like her, energized by the visible part they played in the protests that led to Mubarak’s fall, feel they no longer have to suffer in silence the sexual harassment that has been part of their lives for so long.

A survey in 2008 by the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights claimed that 98% of foreign women and 83% of Egyptian women in the country had been sexually harassed.

In an oppressive society, people oppress each other. Under an open society, things can be discussed.

CBS reporter Lara Logan was attacked in Cairo’s Tahrir Square after Mubarak stepped down, and other women reported incidents ranging from mild harassment to violent attacks.

But many women now feel a change in this culture is possible.

Nehad Abolkomsan, chair of the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights, said: “I believe sexual harassment in Egypt had a political reason. Political frustration was a big reason.

“I believe now it can be eliminated. It won’t just be like pushing a button, we have to continue to work on it, but women will not be silent anymore.”

Doaa Abdelaal, a council member with the international solidarity movement Women Living Under Muslim Law, agreed that a more open society would lead to less harassment of women in the streets.

“In an oppressive society, people oppress each other,” she said. “It’s a justification for everyone to be unjust. Under a more open society these things can be discussed, I think changes will happen.”

Belal, a project coordinator for the feminist organization Nazra, said: “Under Mubarak, it was a police-led country and police had a heavy presence in our lives.

“If you were sexually harassed, you wouldn’t have much faith that if you went to the police they would support you.” – More here

Study Says 44% of Egypt’s Females are Subjected to Sexual Harassment
By Ethar Shalaby

Gender A latest demographic study, issued by the Egyptian Information and Decision Support Center, states that 44 per cent of the females in the country are subjected to sexual harassment.

Laila Bahaa, assistant of deputy minister of interior, announced that Egypt works on applying all conventions of the United Nations that relate to human rights. This includes drafting a law to prevent sexual harassment. The law proposal will be presented to the parliament in its next scheduled session.

All Over the Region

The phenomenon of sexual harassment is not a mere issue of one Arab country. The problem is extending from Algeria to Qatar. It covers most countries of the region. In a study prepared by Nehad Abul Qomsan, head of the Egyptian Centre for Women’s Rights, statistics of sexual harassment vary among Arab states.

About 27 per cent of the Algerian female university students assured that they have been subjected to sexual harassment from their professors. Another 44.6 per cent confirmed that they were verbally harassed, while 13.8 per cent of the girls were harassed physically.

In Qatar, the situation is relatively similar. About 21.2 per cent of the females stated that they were subjected to sexual harassment. It is worth mentioning that 30 per cent of Qatari working females were sexually abused by their bossess in their work premises.

As for the conservative kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the phenomenon is evident in children. In 2002, official statistics show that more than 9000 moral cases have been reported. 997 of those were cases of sexual harassment.

In Oman, Mariam Abuallah Al Nahway, a researcher in women and children affairs, states in one of her studies that sexual harassment is spreading in most of the Gulf countries. In her country, she elaborates saying that there are two kinds of sexual harassment: one occurs inside the families, when a male sexually abuse his female relative, and another one exists in public and working spheres.

And despite the wide scale of statistics recorded about the phenomenon, there aren’t any binding laws that criminalize the sexual harasser nor protects the rights of the female victims. – Source

Egypt’s sexual harassment ‘cancer’
7/18/2008/16:24 GMT/17:24 UK
By Magdi Abdelhadi
BBC News, Cairo

Experienced by 98% of foreign women visitors
Experienced by 83% of Egyptian women
62% of Egyptian men admitted harassing women
53% of Egyptian men blame women for ‘bringing it on’
Source: Egyptian Centre for Women’s Rights

Noha Ostath’s ordeal became a subject for discussion in the national press

Sexual harassment of women in Egypt is on the increase and observing Islamic dress code is no deterrent, according to a survey published this week.

The Egyptian Centre for Women’s Rights (ECWR) describes the problem as a social cancer and calls on the government to introduce legislation to curb it.

The findings contradict the widely held belief in Egypt that unveiled women are more likely to suffer harassment than veiled ones.

Participants in the survey were shown pictures of women wearing different kinds of dress – from the mini skirt to the niqab (full face veil) and asked which were more likely to be harassed.

More than 60% – including female respondents – suggested the scantily clad woman was most at risk. But in reality the study concluded the majority of the victims of harassment were modestly dressed women wearing Islamic headscarves.

ECWR head Nihad Abu El-Qoumsan said that even veiled women who were victims of harassment blamed themselves. – More here

CBS correspondent latest victim of sexual harassment, assault in Egypt
2/16/2011/11:33 A.M. EST

About 60 percent of Egyptian women and 98 percent of foreign women are harassed on a daily basis, according to a 2008 study published by the Egyptian Center for

The CBS network released a statement Tuesday saying one of its correspondents was sexually assaulted and beaten by a mob in Cairo’s Tahrir Square where she was covering the aftermath of the resignation of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

CBS correspondent Lara Logan and her crew and their security were surrounded by a mob of about 200 men on Friday. The mob separated Logan from the others. Logan was raped and beaten before being rescued by a group of Egyptian women and 20 Egyptian soldiers, according to the CBS statement.

Logan was flown to the United States the next day and has been hospitalized since then. – More here

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Girls Wearing Burkas in Pakistan Are Allegedly Harassed More Than Ones Who Aren’t

Federal Government Harasses Amish, Wakefield Fights Back

(I know this is old news, but it’s still recent enough to be relevant and I want to help spread the news to keep others from falling for the traps of anti-Christians).

Dr. Wakefield, a British medical science-shunned doctor who helped expose the connection between the MMR vaccines and autism, demands retraction from BMJ who accused him of faking evidence after documents from other scientists who found a link before he did (I’ve retitled the article):

Dr. Wakefield Asks for Retraction of Libel
by Mike Adams

In light of new evidence that has emerged clearing Dr Wakefield of the allegations that he fabricated study data involving MMR vaccines and symptoms of autism, Dr Wakefield is now publicly demanding a retraction from the British Medical Journal and author Brian Deer. Documents just made public reveal that another medical research team which included a senior pathologist independently documented evidence of a possible MMR vaccine – autism link 14 months before Dr Wakefield’s paper first appears in The Lancet — based on several of the same children appearing in Dr Wakefield’s study. – More here

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The Amish Don’t Get Autism but They Do Get Bio-Terrorism
by Thomas Corriher

People outside the alternative health community are often confused by the lack of autism in the Amish people. The Amish do not experience autism, or any of the other learning disabilities that plague our technological society. The Amish live in a society that consists of outdated technologies and ideals, by contemporary standards. Their diet consists of eating organic, fresh, locally-grown produce, and of course, they do not follow the established vaccination routines. To the dismay of the mainstream media and the medical establishment, this has resulted in a healthier people, that are void of all of our chronic diseases. Heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are virtually non-existent in Amish villages. Equally non-existent are modern, chemically-engineered medicines, enhanced (chemically-engineered) foods, G.M.O. foods, and of course, vaccines. How is it that those who are without the “miracles” of modern orthodox medicine are healthier? The truth about health, medicine, and how they both relate to the Amish is becoming an embarrassment to some rather powerful people.

There have been 3 (yes three) verified cases of autism in the Amish, and at least two of those children were vaccinated. No information is available for the third. The strong correlation between vaccinations and autism is absolutely undeniable, unless you work for the medical establishment, the government, or Big Media. Proponents of the status-quo claim that the Amish obviously have a special super gene that makes them immune to autism. They pathetically try to rationalize that autism is some type of genetic failure (i.e. God’s fault), which attacks a brain based on religious affiliation. We’re tentatively expecting a space alien theory next, in a similar vein to the aliens theory used to attack those who believe in a Creator. This is truly is F.D.A. and A.M.A. science in all its shining glory. Vaccine proponents are willing to espouse any ridiculous explanation, so long as they do not have to accept that their entire industry of vaccinations is causing chronic disease, leaving autism for 1 in every 100 children now.

Beware When The G’ Man Comes Knocking

The Amish are constantly harassed by health officials, who attempt to convince them to vaccinate their children. Whilst most Amish still refuse to vaccinate, a small minority are beginning to succumb to the scare tactics. This continues despite the fact that health officials actually have no legal right to visit peoples’ homes and harass them into accepting these poisons. As more of the Amish vaccinate, the autism rates in their community will rise. Fortunately, the majority of the Amish still contend that vaccinations are against God’s will, which interestingly enough, does indeed seem to be bringing about blessings on their children.

Many of the viruses which children are vaccinated against are no longer circulating. However, fear tactics by the media have led frightened parents to vaccinate their children against these viruses anyway. One of those viruses is polio. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny reported that the most recent case seen in the Western Hemisphere was in Peru, in 1991. The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) declared the Western hemisphere free of Polio in 1994. Such inconvenient figures are not cited by the mainstream media, doctors, or the American Medical Association.

On October 14, 2005, the media swung into action after the vaccine-strain of the polio virus was found in the stools of four Amish children. The media initially declined to mention that the polio virus was the chemically-inactivated version, which is only found inside the oral polio vaccine. Of course, this discovery was exploited to terrorize parents who avoid vaccines, and to recreate the disease hysteria that existed in the first half of the 20th century.

Big Business: Intentionally Creating a Paralyzing Pandemic

The horrors of polio were greatly exaggerated by the allopathic establishment’s across-the-board removal of tonsils, which is the only organ that produces polio antibodies. Coincidentally, around the same time, the newly-created F.D.A. began suppressing the use of silver in medicines, which were the only substances known to kill viruses (like polio). Finally, ‘the solution’ that industry desired, namely a vaccine, was released at the time that the epidemic was naturally ending, so that the industry’s vaccine could be given credit. All of this was orchestrated to manipulate the masses into buying into vaccines, radiation, and chemistry for health.

“During the polio epidemics, it was found that people who had their tonsils removed were 3 – 5 times more likely to develop paralysis… There were many at that time that suggested that polio was an iatrogenic disease [caused by the medical establishment] … we caused thousands of cases of paralysis. We did not cause the polio, but we converted people who would have recovered from a viral illness into people with a paralytic illness.”

― Dr. Mark Donohoe

With vaccinations, we convert people who may have had natural immune-strengthening infections like the flu, or chickenpox into people who have life-changing disorders like autism. None of the Amish children who had polio in their stools experienced paralysis, or any other horrific symptoms. That fortunate conclusion to their infections is likely the result of them lacking the ‘miracles’ of allopathic medicine.

We must wonder how four Amish children who live in an isolated community managed to become exposed to the unique chemically-inactivated vaccine strain of the polio virus. It is more than likely that such a thing was intentional, especially when the harassment by local health officials is considered. In addition, the vaccine strain that was discovered had not been used for five years, due to the possibility of it causing paralysis. After all, if some Amish children were to get sickened by the polio virus, the Amish may all rush to get their children vaccinated, and the science of vaccinations is proven with a wink and a nod.

The manner in which this was reported is very telling. For instance, if the vaccine strain of the polio virus was found in a normal child, would the media have made the story into front page news? Would it even have been reported? The Washington Post explained that both state and federal officials had informed them of the story. Misleading titles such as, “Polio Outbreak Occurs Among Amish Families In Minnesota” were then used to manipulate resistant parents with bio-terrorism. – More here

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Obama the False Christian Ignores Death Penalty for Afghan Christians

Why Obama needs to intervene to save a persecuted Afghan Christian
by Will Inboden
2/18/2011/11:55 P.M.

An imprisoned Afghan citizen, Said Musa (yes, that’s a name)*, reportedly faces a possible death sentence for the “crime” of converting to Christianity. His plight represents an appalling human rights violation — and a potentially serious threat to the Obama administration’s Afghanistan policy. Musa’s case has thus far not received much attention in the U.S., beyond a few media reports and the valiant alarms raised by religious freedom scholar Paul Marshall. But that may soon be changing, as more and more media, NGOs, and religious groups are learning of his precarious situation. Imprisoned since last summer, Musa has reportedly suffered heinous physical and sexual abuse for his profession of Christian faith. In an eloquent appeal he asks only to be transferred to another prison, and seems steadfast in his faith: “Please, please you should transfer me from this jail to a jail that supervises the believers…I also agree…to sacrifice my life in public [where] I will tell [about my] faith in Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, [so] other believers will take courage and be strong in their faith.” – More here.

Obama (Barry Sotero) bashed the Bible strongly and yet repeatedly called the Qur’an “holy” and quoted it’s verses on God creating mankind and where it says to only say what is true (I wonder where Mohammed the narcissist credit-thief got that verse from?) and admitted to being a Muslim, and even praised Islam many times, which the Bible forbids since it says that God can only be reached through Christ. So of course this liar cares nothing about Christians. Here I quote Barry and refute him:

Barry Sotero: “Which passages of Scripture should we use to guide our public policy?”

Christ’s reply: “Man shall not live by bread alone, but on every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.”

ALL SCRIPTURE; not just the ones you take out of context.

Barry Sotero: “Should we go with Leviticus which suggests which slavery is okay?”

Leviticus doesn’t simply imply it is “okay”, and it isn’t the only book that comments on slavery:

“When you buy a Hebrew servant, he shall serve six years, and in the seventh he shall go out free, for nothing.” – Exo 21:2, and,

“If a stranger or sojourner with you becomes rich, and your brother beside him becomes poor and sells himself to the stranger or sojourner with you or to a member of the stranger’s clan, then after he is sold he may be redeemed. One of his brothers may redeem him, or his uncle or his cousin may redeem him, or a close relative from his clan may redeem him. Or if he grows rich he may redeem himself.” – Lev 25:47-49

That isn’t slavery when the slave is under the rulership of God and another secondarily. If slavery of that kind is wrong, than you are a hypocrite for promoting the imprisonment of anyone and them being forced to work, as is done in all prisons and jails in America, even forced on the disabled.

Further, that God controls everything makes us all “slaves” and God isn’t sinning by being in control, is he Barry? Or are you God to say what is right and wrong for God and Christians?

Barry Sotero: “Or should we go with uh Deuteronomy which suggests stoning your child if he strays with your faith.”

There is no such law liar. The Bible does not have punishment-laws against mental crimes Mr. ‘Christians Shouldn’t Have Full Faith In God’

Or should we go with various state Constitutions which command executing those who disobey their constitution by murdering someone in their state? Or how about the US Constitution which says, in Article III Section 3:

“Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court. The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attained.”

Barry Sotero: “Or should we just stick with the Sermon on the Mount, a passage that is so radical that it’s doubtful that our own defense department would survive its own application. Folks haven’t been reading their Bible.”

The Sermon on the Mount is not a set of laws you abortion-loving, baby-murder-promoting idiot, it says:

“Blessed are the merciful,
for they will be shown mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart,
for they will see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they will be called children of God.”

But mercy and peace is too radical for a murderous warmonger like yourself, as you admit, Mr. We Must All Mericilessly Murder and Not be Peaceful to Defend Ourselves. You don’t always have to mercilessly kill people to have peace, narcopath. Why are you so full of hate? And the few laws in the sermon you refer to, are not meant for the government. The Bible you don’t read, but instead take out of context in your hate, says, moron:

Rom 13:1 Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.
Rom 13:2 Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment.
Rom 13:3 For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority? Then do what is good, and you will receive his approval,
Rom 13:4 for he is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God’s wrath on the wrongdoer.

Like Jesus said:

“Then render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” and “You would have no authority over me at all unless it had been given you from above.”

But you have dishonored your King, the very God who gave you your authority, whom you speak against you impostor with a false name and Connecticut I.D. You are a liar and a thief, and the thief cares not for the sheep.

“For with the judgment you judge shall you be judged, and with the measure you use shall you be measured.” – the Lamb of God.

Christchurch Struck by 6.3M Earthquake, UFO Caught On Video

(Update 10:36 A.M. 2/22/2011: I was curious to know if aliens had taken notice of this event – how could none notice, especially if their is a hidden communications network, like an alien Internet – and after a search saw this link at the bottom of Google: UFO OVER NEW ZEALAND EARTHQUAKE 21 FEB 2011. I segmented the relevant frames below and added some arrows to save people time, and also because the video is annoying and pretentious. The pictures are below. The UFO seems to go down into the column of smoke, perhaps to hide its initial entry, but then goes forward:)

2/22/2011 Sequential CC, NZ Earthquake UFO picture still frames.
Click here to enlarge or right click and save. Post link to this page:

Videos on Youtube:

Christchurch Major Earthquake has hit Christchurch, New Zealand Chaos Earthquake in New Zealand - Christchurch 2011

Another video from Reuters and
another from CNN
and another from the Australian Herald Sun.

Live video news feed from on the NZ quake

Aerial photos of Christchurch from the NZ Herald

New Zealand Earthquake Kills 65

6.3 Magnitude quake strikes Christchurch at lunchtime, badly damaging buildings

from VOA News


New Zealand’s prime minister says at least 65 people are dead in an earthquake that struck the city of Christchurch, collapsing numerous buildings as people worked inside.

Prime Minister John Key said the 6.3-magnitude quake, which struck around lunchtime Tuesday, is “an absolute tragedy” for the city and its people.

Police reported fatalities in several parts of the city and numerous injuries. They say two buses were crushed by falling buildings.

Many buildings in the city center collapsed, and Christchurch cathedral was heavily damaged. Power and telephone lines are cut in some places. Some roads caved in and at least one bridge has been damaged.

Thousands of people have fled buildings and gathered in the streets of Christchurch as the city is now being hit by a series of aftershocks. – More here.

Extremely dangerous shallow aftershock in Christchurch, New Zealand

by Armand Vervaeck and James Daniell

Last update: 2/22/2011 5:26 AM

This article will be ended as it is getting too long. We have copied the last 10 updates in the second part. Click here for the second part for our continuous reporting on the Christchurch earthquake.

UPDATE 05:11 UTC : We are sorry to tell that 17 people have been reported killed so far (official statement by the Christchurch police)

UPDATE 05:00 UTC : State of Emergency has been called for at least the next 5 days. This not for eventual looting but to give all possible freedom for emergency services.

UPDATE 04:57 UTC : Pyne Gould Corporation has confirmed that staff from the building are missing, but would not say how many.

UPDATE 04:53 UTC : We repeat that the destruction is NOT widespread and residential areas at the outskirts of town have not been damaged severely. Most of the damage is located in the city center and in Lyttelton which was the epicenter of the earthquake. Also Brighton got the full shaking load. – More here.

Christchurch quake: Fears toll will rise sharply as night falls


2/23/2011 Updated 12:13 AM

At least 100 people remain trapped in the ruins of Christchurch tonight following a devastating earthquake which claimed at least 65 lives.

Construction workers and search and rescue specialists are toiling under floodlights on a cold and wet night to dig out survivors and the dead from buildings flattened by the earthquake that ripped the city apart today.

Prime Minister John Key announced tonight that “at least 65 people have lost their lives” and noted the rescuers were still scrabbling through the ruins of collapsed buildings looking for injured and trapped survivors – and bodies.

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker tonight said more than 100 people were trapped in about six sites – but it was possible more were trapped in individual houses.

TV3 has had unconfirmed reports that the death toll could reach between 200 and 300.

The Government is holding a press conference at 5.30am this morning where more details will be revealed.

This is likely to include an updated death toll.

Police have launched a hotline, 0800 779997, that people can call to report missing people.

The death toll is already the second highest in a New Zealand earthquake – outranked only by the 256 people who died in the violent 7.9 1931 Hawke’s Bay quake, whose 70th anniversary was marked earlier this month.

Police have reported “multiple fatalities” at several locations in the downtown area, including where two buses were crushed by falling buildings.

Today’s shake, measured at magnitude 6.3, followed the massive 7.1 tremor last September 4. That one struck in the early hours of the morning and no one was killed.

Today’s earthquake jolted the city at 12.51pm, the worst possible time with the central city packed with lunch-hour shoppers, office workers and many school children.

Victims were crushed to death as buildings collapsed, many of them weakened in last year’s event.

The quake was not as powerful as the September 4 shake but was much shallower, leading to greater damage.

Scientists put the epicentre at 10km southeast of the city – apparently in the middle of the harbour at Lyttelton, the city’s coastal port – at a depth of only 5km.

About 30 people were thought to be trapped in the Pyne Gould Guinness building, its several floors pancaked on each other and tilted at a crazy angle.

In the ruined CTV television building a number of Japanese students, newly arrived [from] Japan, were believed to be in the rubble. – More here.

Click here for the USGS (United States Geological Survey) information on this quake.

Click here for previous NZ earthquake news and data with maps.

So Sad: 23-Year-Old Libyan Woman Speaks Against Gadhafi’s Heavy Oppression

Sara in Tripoli, Libya’s capital, tells a very sad story of her life in Libya:

May all the saved Christians pray for Libya to be free from the iron blanket of sadness that Satan has put over it.

What happened to giant humans, dinosaurs and dragons?

What happened to giant humans? Did they become extinct? I often wondered, as others have, why they died out, or left to live somewhere else out of sight of most of the world. The only giants seen are bigfoot creatures, which obviously are animals, and ones on the Solomon Islands, which may also be animals. Only one story I know of records a giant of about 9 feet that was supposedly seen in Buffalo Mills, Pennsylvania, on August 19, 1973, who may have been a demon or alien if it was a real sighting. I thought they may have gone extinct or withdrawn from the surface world, due to lack of food as dinosaurs, thunderbirds, pterodactyls and mammoths and other animals become less common. Eventually they would have had to have relied on the coast lands and islands to survive, or go deep into forest land further and further to find larger animals. The giants that reached the greatest heights would have the hardest time living long when the giant sized-food supplies started to run out. Some giants no doubt would have gone to live with average-sized humans and offering them help in exchange for food, and they would have had a hard time continuing their race due to the difference in size, however no doubt it may have been tried successfully, and their DNA having become recessive (hence why giants sometimes comes from an average sized family. Why would the giant dinosaurs and mammals have become few?

Some obvious reasons: humans, whatever their sizes, make farms or gardens, and utilize wild plant foods, and wild animals often eat them or trample them, and when that happens, humans which don’t think ahead, attempt to get rid of them all when they see them. And when food is plentiful, they do so wastefully, not eating what they have killed or selling it to make a profit from it. Imagine for example one giant tribe kills off all the dragons that have been feeding off some herd of mammoths that they’ve been using for food. And a giant tribe nearby, who are disliked by that tribe are in need of meat. But the other tribe who is killing off all the dragons refuse or don’t consider sharing the food, and the other giant tribe is afraid to ask, and so goes off trying to live off smaller animals, and only one kind in general, like giant deer, or wolves. By focusing either only on the deer or wolves, they end up killing off the food supply of one of those animals, and then they most go after that type of animal, and once the giant deer and wolves run out they, not considering their mistake, target the next giant animal type for food, and on and on, till they must resort to feeding on smaller and smaller animals and plants, until it is no longer practical. They would then have to rely on giant crops, and if they were foolish enough to only rely on a few varieties, then they would have experienced crop decimations every now and then from diseases. They would then in desperation go to war against other giant tribes which would reduce their numbers. Finally, only smaller giants would be able to survive without having to go to coastal areas for food as much, as they would have buffalo and other such food to rely on. And indeed, the most common heights for giant skeletons found in early America and other parts of the world are about 8-9 feet tall, and the taller, the more rare. So the larger giants, 10-13+ feet tall would be more likely to live in coastal areas, using fishing nets or going out to sea to hunt giant fish, giant walruses and whales, while those of the 8-9 feet height people of giant size and super-human strength would be more likely to remain, living off the largest of the non-giant animals and the few giant animals that remained, if they could find them. But what happened? Where did the tall coastal giants go, and where did the shorter mainland giants go? Supposing all these giants were related, and stupidly kept the same cultural way: to rely only on a few types of crops or wild foods and a specific animal, or worse: using forest-burning to grow large crops, and not mixing with the lesser “pathetic weak humans” (supposing that was their attitude) they would have a very hard time surviving. Eventually they would have turned to incest, and incest eventually leads to deformities and disabilities, and the longer it goes on, the worse it gets. In desperation, as I said earlier, the few that survived would try to survive among the lesser humans, and whatever children they had with them would have only part of the strength and features of their mother or father and the same would happen if their children also had children with a lesser human, till eventually only certain traits would sometimes show up, perhaps in odd ways, like extremely strong jaws, or overall great strength or speed or lung capacity (though nothing like a giant), a tail, six fingers or toes, double rows of teeth, a horn on the head, or, if it were a trait some giants had, a covering of hair or violet eyes, or some other odd color not typical, like yellow or purple.

Coastal giants may have mostly become extinct due to certain native American tribes attacking them for some reason. For example perhaps some native American tribe or tribes got the idea that if they killed the giants and ate their flesh or drank their blood or wore their skins or skulls or used them in ceremonies, that they would also become giants. And it may be that something like this happened, “A native warrior went to a community of giants and either demanded or politely asked for some of their blood to drink, to become like them, and he was either laughed off in his attempt to communicate with them, especially if he didn’t know their language but obviously was asking for them to cut themselves so he could drink their blood, or they attacked him. The Indian or Indians may have even kidnapped or attacked the child of a giant in order to have an easy drink or meal, which if found out, would probably have caused a great battle or war, and if other lesser humans found out about it, may have become afraid thinking that they would be next and so helped to attack the giants. The giants of the coast, once reduced further in size, would have then either considered digging very deep into the mountains and cliffs in order to preserve their race and some may have gone off to live on islands. And if the population of giants had been reduced to about 60 people, and 30 left, then it would have been a great risk, because if one of the groups died, then only 30 would be left, or if one or both groups ended up with less than 19 people, they would have had problems with inbreeding unless they found some agreeable human to help them survive. Supposing they did find a human or humans to help them continue their race, it would have further reduced their size and strength and unique features if the lesser human’s dna kept circulating among them. If that happened with any groups of giants, then they would have been more likely to blend in with other lesser humans, as they would have looked and behaved more normally. Any true giants that remained in small group sizes, who after exploring certain distances, and finding that there were few to no giants left would have returned with that news to their family, and if they were wise, they would have gone into hiding, to some remote island to continue living, and if they encountered lesser humans there, might have gone even further by making extremely deep caves on that island or islands in order to give them further survival insurance. The Bible seems to me, to imply that giants resulted from mutations (planned by God so that the mutations worked out in beneficial ways). The Bible also seems to imply that this mutation was rare. The Bible also seems to imply that those who were giants were arrogant due to their size and strength (and the more power any human gets, the more corrupt they usually become). So it would not be surprising that most giants were defeated by their arrogance, and because of their size looked down on smaller humans or simply thought it strange and self-defeating to their race to attempt to mate with weaker races of humans who would look very odd and impractical to mate with due to the small size of lesser humans even as adults, just as a smaller adult human of 5.5 feet would think it impractical to mate with an 8 foot tall human, especially of an unfamiliar race, language and culture.

Further, it’s unlikely, unless there was divine intervention, that when the giant mutation occurred (the one after the Flood), that someone among the same race of the opposite sex around the time that procreation with that person would have been possible, also had that mutation. So, the giant would have taken a lesser human as a mate and ended up already with weaker children so to speak, or just one child, if they were stupid enough to sacrifice a second child or more to some false god. There children however would have spread this mutation so that eventually there would be enough giants around to start a new race and nation from. If the mutation did occur at the same time in opposite sexes in the same race, and more likely, in the same family, (and incest was not forbidden before Moses was born), and incest occurred (due to one of these obvious reasons: wanting to preserve their unique giant size and strength once they realized they had it, and or because shorter people saw it as impractical to mate with people of such size and vice versa). That doesn’t mean however that the children of the brother and sister would be disadvantaged from inbreeding, because genetic problems from that weren’t significant until Moses gave the ten commandments (because there is no indication that God forbade it or looked down on it before that, and there would be no humans if Adam and Eve’s children didn’t mate with the other children from their parents). The offspring of the brother and sister may have produced more giants and perhaps more inbreeding occurred, but it couldn’t have continued on like that without producing some genetic problems eventually, and it may be that continued inbreeding was also why the giants became greatly reduced in number long ago, or went extinct. Perhaps even among other giant tribes that were produced (and perhaps sometimes from occasionally mating with a lesser human), their appearances, culture and languages were so strange to one another, that they didn’t attempt to interbreed with them, further reducing the chances of the survival of giants. And remember, if there weren’t many giant humans to start out with, and the mutation was very rare, then to survive, they would have had to be very cooperative and careful not to let anyone among their group die before producing offspring if possible.

It may also be that the few giant humans that are born are not remnants of giants, but the result of another giantism mutation, and like in cat and dogs which can have different mutations that produce similar looking traits, it may not be the same type of giantism mutation, which is why a very tall human, though giant, doesn’t have super-strength like the first or earlier mutations. It may also be that giantism mutations never resulted in super strength, but that the super strength was from a different mutation or that the naturally strongest humans were deliberately persuaded or forced to breed with giants in early times, to produce giant humans of super strength (which would have greatly aided in the transportation of heavy objects and erecting long objects to stand upright, like the stones of Stonehenge and other huge carved objects.

Finally, some groups of giants, if they became too small in number to continue their family/race, and not able to find any other giants to mate with, and worse, no lesser humans to accept them or for some reason avoiding them, might have resorted to suicide.

Another reason what few giants remained is that some may have been treated like gods or flattered, and infighting might have eventually occurred between giants that were treated this way, who fought due to the arrogant attitude they developed from having been treated that way by those they ruled over. There are a few stories of some giants in Ireland that did battle with each other, and no significant if any giants are mentioned as being among the ones that fought, nothing that would indicate a race of giants).

Another reason that giants may have gone extinct or decided to go into hiding, is because of weather disasters. There may have been extreme droughts, extreme heat from the sun during the summer, extreme cold during winter, great floods, mudslides, boulder-falls, hurricanes, tornadoes, accidental fires, devastating earthquakes, especially when and after Christ died (and many think that earthquakes have increased since Christ died and prophesied that they would occur in “various places”, since that would only be something to say if previously earthquakes were rare).

Another reason for their extinction would be insect/bug plagues, which still happen to us today, and which cause great losses in food, which lead to famines.

It may be that in ancient times that there were asteroid impacts in the Americas, large singular ones or rains of large flaming meteors, even ones that happened for days or within the same month, which were great enough and near enough to giants and the food and animals they lived off of to kill some of them, but not great enough that anyone from hundreds of miles away was hurt by it. It may have also happened in heavily wooded areas, so that people far away or within tall trees would have seen the impact or heard the direction of the impact, so that it wasn’t something that could easily passed down in oral stories except perhaps to simply say something like that a thousand moons ago a flaming rock went through the sky and a great thunderous sound was heard from far away.

There is a message from God from what happened to the giant humans and most of the giant dinosaurs and mammals: Great size and strength, great intelligence and arrogant behavior; none of those together or in and of themselves insure survival, peace, or comfort. Such creatures were still weaker than God and weaker than so called ‘gods’, so much so that most of them are gone or had to isolate themselves to survive. And that also shows that they are nothing to worship or to revere, and yet, in a way, people still do worship creatures of giant size. For example many atheists and evolutionists treat dinosaurs, even discussing them, as something sacred. They are used as holy objects of proof of Darwinian evolution by those who believe in it. Some fight to preserve and enshrine them somewhere, public or private. And most of the the animals which though not tall or very large, which were very fast and had sharp claws and teeth, or slow with great armor or strength or strong horns or strong or dangerous tails, are gone. What is left in great numbers is much weaker, much smaller, much more fragile, including the small insects and bugs. How many giant trees are even left? How many redwoods are there or other giant trees in comparison to the smaller ones, or in comparison to roses?

Jews demand signs and Greeks seek wisdom,
but we preach Christ crucified,
a stumbling block to Jews and folly to Gentiles,
but to those who are called, both Jews and Greeks,
Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God.
For the foolishness of God is wiser than men,
and the weakness of God is stronger than men.
For consider your calling, brothers:
not many of you were wise according to worldly standards,
not many were powerful, not many were of noble birth.
But God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise;
God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong;
God chose what is low and despised in the world,
even things that are not,
to bring to nothing things that are,
so that no human being might boast in the presence of God.
And because of him you are in Christ Jesus,
who became to us wisdom from God,
righteousness and sanctification and redemption,
so that, as it is written,

“Let the one who boasts, boast in the Lord.”
1 Cor 1:22-31

Iran’s Warships “going to Syria” and Gold and Oil Prices Rise

Israel anger at Iran Suez Canal warship move
Iran’s navy says it is sending a home-built frigate on the mission

from the BBC

Israel has condemned a decision by Iran’s navy to sail two of its ships through the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean Sea.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said the world should act against Iran’s “recurring provocations”.

The vessels were planning to sail to Syria, Mr Lieberman said.

There has been no response from Tehran, but reports last month said Iran’s navy planned to send a “fleet” to the Mediterranean Sea for a year.

“During the mission, the fleet of warships will enter the waters of the Red Sea and then will be dispatched to the Mediterranean Sea,” Lieutenant Commander Rear Admiral Gholam Reza Khadem-Bigham was quoted as saying in January by the semi-official Fars news agency.

He said the fleet would gain “good intelligence and information of the regions it is due to visit”.

The international community must understand that Israel cannot forever ignore these provocations”

A report in Israel’s Yedioth Ahronot newspaper said the Iranian vessels were a Mk-5 frigate and a supply vessel. – More here

Oil Climbs as Israel Says Iranian Warships Heading for Syria
from Bloomberg

Crude rose after Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said two Iranian gunboats are planning to move through the Suez Canal to Syria, spurring concern that Middle Eastern oil shipments will be disrupted.

Oil climbed 0.8 percent after Lieberman called the move he expects later today a “provocation.” The possible action by Iran comes five days after Egyptian President – More here

PRECIOUS METALS: Comex Gold Higher On Iran Warship News
By Tatyana Shumsky, Dow Jones Newswires
2/6/2011/12:17 P.M. E.T.

NEW YORK (Dow Jones)–Gold edged higher on reports that Iran plans to send warships through the Suez Canal.

Israel has described Iran’s plans to send two warships through the key shipping thoroughfare as a “provocation.”

The news lifted gold prices, with Comex gold for April delivery, the most actively traded contract, recently up 0.4%, or $6.30, at $1,380.40 per troy ounce.

The thinly traded February-delivery contract was up 0.5%, or $6.60, at $1,380.20 per troy ounce.

“In this type of environment you will see gold go up and the dollar, which has been selling off today, may reverse course here,” said Charles Nedoss, senior market strategist at Olympus Futures.

Investors tend to purchase gold in times of political instability because it’s considered a store of value and a safe-harbor from uncertainty.

“You could see the dollar and gold rally at the same time, because they’re both safe-haven instruments,” Nedoss said.

The dollar, which is also considered a safe haven, remained under pressure from the euro, with the single European currency recently changing hands at $1.3577, up from $1.3488 Tuesday.


I’m guessing that Iran’s leaders have heard about the U.S. sending marines into Egypt to help subdue it, and wants the U.S. to know that they aren’t happy about it and won’t sit back to let them do whatever they want there, especially being that Egypt has been helping their “enemy” Israel and because of the trade sanctions against Iran, supported by the U.S.. Here are links concerning the trade sanctions:

This webpage shows secret messages obtained by Wikileaks:

And more info: Senators (Lieberman and Kirk) accuse China of violating sanctions against Iran

Here is extensive information about the Iranian Navy in the atheist-dominated Wikipedia for those of you who are curious about it.

Concerning whether or not trade sanctions against Iran are just, in my opinion they are not because it punishes the evil with the “good” and those who are much less evil than others who are decent and honorable. It also provokes the righteous to do wrong, and those citizens who are evil to take their anger out on the citizens who are righteous. It also endangers the lives of the Jews living in Iran, since they may be falsely accused of some wrong-doing in order to rob them. And what to use in place of trade-sanctions? Send drones over Iran dropping messages of the gospel, pictures of the Shroud of Turin and an explanation about it’s history and silver coins in plastic bottles outside but near to poor Iranian villages with the symbol of the cross on one side and the American flag on the other, and on the side of the cross, a message that says, “‘Give honor to whom honor is due.’ – Jesus”

Atheists Fail at Logic Even When Parroting It’s Rules

Go to to read more.

Is Lawless Belarus the World’s Future?

Dictator Lukashenko pretentiously boasted: “From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank my supporters and congratulate them on my victory. And as for my opponents, I have to inform you on the saddest of occasions for you, that you will now have to deal with the acting president for at least another five years.”

While looking at my Clustrmap stats (no “e”), I wondered about the countries which had no more than 1 visitor to my journal. What would be some reasons for the next to zero visits from developed countries to any Internet journal with many articles on many important topics besides computer failures?: a language barrier problem, economic problems (poverty), and Internet censorship. and decided to look up Armenia’s poverty level, and it wasn’t good. I read that 50% of their population is unemployed, or hardly making any money. Then I decided to learn about Belarus, which to me is an obscure country. And wanting to learn about it from some place other than Wikipedia first (or Wikipedia clones) looked here. And I noticed an ominous remark on that website, which says,

Do not take photographs of government buildings, military installations or uniformed officials.

After going back to that site to copy and paste that here I just noticed the sentence below it, which confirms what I suspected about it after reading that no photographs remark, which is that it is a police state. After reading that remark I looked up on Google, “Belarus police state,” and found this recent news:

‘European’ Police State

The bloody aftermath of the elections and the ensuing government crackdown testifies to the fact that Belarus is not a state governed by law.

Friday, December 24, 2010

The bloody aftermath of the elections and the ensuing government crackdown testifies to the fact that Belarus is not a state governed by law.

Former Chief Justice of Belarus’s Constitutional Court, Valery Tsikhinia once called the situation in the country “legalized lawlessness” — government institutions and their leaders carry out laws in an arbitrary manner, while citizens are bereft of any understandable rules of the game.

This is particularly true in the economic sphere – where it is virtually impossible to work and not violate some law, decree, or regulation. Businesses are compelled to operate within some sort of “gray zone.” Consequently, nobody is immune to possible “kompromat,” especially if ordered from above. Only in Belarus are 99 percent of all inspected business entities found to be guilty of some violation and, consequently, sanctioned.

The line between law and lawlessness has become invisible.

In such a situation, everybody is guilty of something; however, not all the guilty are punished. Culpability is designated either by political expediency or sheer happenstance, and all but Belarus’s President Alyaksandr Lukashenka are defenseless in this environment. No one is immune to politically-motivated retribution – neither ministers (for example, former agriculture czar Vasil Lyavonau) nor prosecutors (senior investigator Svyatlana Bajkova).

In 2007, Belarus was in second place in terms of number of prisoners per capita. As in Stalin’s times, prison labor is exploited in the construction of grandiose government projects, like the Minsk Arena sports complex. Belarus is also among the countries in the world that have high numbers of children in correctional facilities. The average length of incarceration in the country — 6.3 years — is one of the highest in Europe.

In 2009, Lukashenka ordered changes to the law allowing for security services to search and arrest anyone without prosecutorial warrant. Under law, officials of 68 different government agencies have the right to institute administrative charges against citizens, and 27 different government bodies are empowered to review those charges. In 1997, over 4 million Belarusian citizens – more than half the adult population — were charged with administrative offenses. Since an explosion in downtown Minsk on Independence Day in 2008, every male citizen has been summoned to provide finger prints — they all instantly were suspected of having committed a crime.

Lukashenka’s government has effectively transformed every “meek and tolerant” Belarusian into a criminal. Eurasian Monitoring’s sociological surveys of the CIS reveal that more Belarusians — 23 percent — fear incarceration than any of their neighbors.

And then there are the repressions against representatives of the political opposition and civil society. Such people have no constitutional protections. They are beyond the pale, fair game.

Yet, it’s not enough simply to say that Belarusians live in a lawless state — in fact, where they live is in a police state. Evidence of this is the absence of rule of law as a regulator of civil life and the enormous role of the security services. The security services are the most paramount of all government institutions, the chief instrument of power maintenance, the ultimate mechanism of generating societal fear. Eight powerful security apparatuses are empowered to conduct investigations – a hypertrophied reflection of a societal anomaly. They monitor not only the opposition, but are also tasked with sniffing out potential political disloyalty within the ranks of officialdom.

Paradoxically, these powerful security services are strangely impotent in fulfilling what should be their primary job – protecting the populace against crime. The myriad, extant security apparatuses notwithstanding, not a single high-profile crime has ever been solved.

In a 2008 speech addressing members of the security forces, Lukashenka brought forth the following facts:

The crime situation in the country had been deteriorating since 2001. In a six-year period, the level of criminal activity per 100,000 citizens rose by 70 percent. In the same period, the numbers of victims of crime and criminal recidivism doubled.

In spite of their numbers and scope, Belarus’ security services fail to protect the country’s citizens, because they are not concerned with protecting citizens. Instead, the main task of the security services is to defend the government from political opponents. There is simply no time or energy for anything else.

— Valer Karbalevich

Though it is an oppressive country, a large part of it is prospering in general, which is evident from this comment below from a report on Belarusian poverty from the United Nations Development Program:


Compared to many transition countries, Belarus has one of the lowest poverty rates. Less than 1% of the population is living in extreme poverty, as defined by an income of less than $2 a day. At the same time, a significant number of Belarusian people fall into the low-income category: according to official statistics, in the middle 2000s, the number of people living on less than the minimum subsistence budget is still considerable, exceeding 1.7 million or 17.8% of total population. As in other CIS countries, in Belarus the rural population, children, and single-parent households run the highest risk of poverty.

The challenge is how to turn the nation’s high rate of economic growth into a sustainable reality while lifting the low-income category of people into middle-high income categories.

In 2009, Belarus was found to have a very low unemployment rate, less than 2% have no jobs. It is a socialistic country however, so that everyone has a job there doesn’t surprise me; it’s not hard to assign jobs in mass, but it is a problem to make sure everyone is good at the job/s they’ve been assigned, and making enough money to do something other than survive to work for the next day.

But, back to why I only had 1 visitor to my journal from Belarus after a long time with many varied articles: it turns out that its very oppressive government extends its oppressiveness directly to the Internet:

Controversial decree on Internet censorship signed

The scandalous decree on national segment of the Internet has been signed by Alyaksandr Lukashenka. The decree is to come into effect on July 1.

The text of the draft decree appeared on the Internet in last December. It brought on criticism by the Belarusian media community and international human rights organizations, including OSCE. The draft decree met unambiguous estimation – the document is prepared to block uncomfortable for authorities pro-opposition Internet resources in Belarus.

The decree On Measures for Revising Use of the National Segment of the World Wide Web, signed by Alyaksandr Lukashenka on February 1, hasn’t undergone many changes. It contains the dubious norms that caused so many protests by journalists and human rights activists.

In accordance with the document, Internet resources in Belarus will be controlled in an order established by the Council of Ministers on agreement with a special service, the Operating and Analytical Centre under Lukashenka’s Administration (OAC). The Centre is also to control the country’s Internet service providers. The OAC “on agreement with the President of the Republic of Belarus” will define the list of “telecommunication operators, which have the right of direct access (interconnection) to international telecommunication systems, and authorized Internet service providers”.

Activity of a provider can be stopped on a decision of the Council of Ministers. The Operating and Analytical Centre will also be able to forbid access to the information illegal in accordance with the Belarusian legislation. The OAC will also control registration of .by domain names.

Internet users will also be controlled:

“Owners of places of collective use of the Internet or their representatives must identify Internet users in places of collective use of Internet services… Information about user devices, personal data on Internet users and information about the Internet services rendered must be submitted upon request of state bodies which carry out investigative activities, prosecution agencies, and preliminary investigation agencies.”

Lukashenka has created secret service for Internet

The Operating and Analytical centre under the president is given a right to control online correspondence of Belarusians and monitor which websites they browse.

On January 4 Alyaksandr Lukashenka signed the law “On amending some laws of Belarus to clamp down on criminal activity”.

Thus since yesterday the Operating and Analytical centre under the president is invested with authority to carry out operational-investigative activities at the territory of Belarus. In other words, the Centre has a right among other things to control online correspondence of Belarusians and monitor browsing of websites by Belarusian internet users, informs.

We remind that the OAC is a governmental agency with regulates activities on protection of information containing data with state secrets of Belarus or other information protected user the law from leaks through technical channels, from unsanctioned and unintentional influence. Besides, the OAC is the administrator of BY domain.

The state budget will give 12,540,583.0 thousand Br for fin[a]ncing the activities of the Centre in 2010. – More here.

[Did] (the Belarus) dictator [“privatize” the] .by domain zone?

By one decree Lukashenka has made so many problems and inconsistencies in ByNet, that the mess is to be cleaned up for many years.

The Belarusian ruler has encharged everyone with tasks and responsibilities: from clients of an internet café to webmasters of state websites. And in an odd moment he adjusted distribution of BY domains, as long as they are “Belarusian”. Under decree number 60, the Operating and Analytical Centre under the President (OAC) “defines the order of registration of .by domain names”.

However, as website informs, in fact .by domain is not owned by the Republic of Belarus, and it does not belong to the OAC and “Open Contact”, which are just an administrator and a technical administrator of the domain zone respectively. “OC” and the OAC have been given the right of administration and setting rules of domains registration by the international non-profit organisation IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority), which is in its turn is controlled by the ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). And that’s not all. The ICANN had been created with participation of the US government for regulating issues concerning Internet Protocol (IP) address space allocation, top-level domain name system management and other aspects of Internet functioning. No matter how many times Libya, Iran, North Korea, Cuba and other countries which are “progressive” in terms of Internet freedom, tried to change the existing situation through the UN, the Internet is still under the US government, thank goodness. – More here.

Increased Internet censorship in Belarus

The Belarus government has adopted new measures increasing the control of the Internet and restrictions on online freedom of expression.

Following Decree no.60 (On measures for improving use of the national Internet network) issued on 1 February 2010 by President Alyaksandr Lukashenka, Belarus Council of Ministers adopted five resolutions with new Internet regulations introducing the compulsory registration of all web sites and the collection of personal data of Internet cafe users.

The decree will enter fully into force on 1 September but the police has already started interrogations and equipment seizures in a campaign meant to intimidate Internet users and online journalists. According to the new regulations, all ISPs on the territory of Belarus, irrespective of their commercial or non-commercial nature, must register with the Communication and Information Ministry and provide technical details about online information resources, networks and systems used to connect to the Internet, including computers and mobile phones. – More here.

When looking through Russia Today’s video on the 2010 Belarusian election riots for frames to use for this post, I noticed that when I found what seemed best, was that Lukashenko’s mustache resembled Hitler’s. When I put Lukashenko and Hitler into Google, I learned that he minimized Hitler’s evil by acting like Hitler’s persecution of the Judeans was something to overlook:

Publication: Monitor, Volume 1, Issue 142

Belarus president Aleksandr Lukashenko yesterday defended remarks he made in an interview with the German newspaper Handelsblatt, in which he praised Adolf Hitler for his creation of a strong German state, and compared his own role to that of the Nazi leader. “The history of Germany,” Lukashenko said, “is a mold for the history of Belarus… It took centuries to form the German order. Under Hitler, this formation reached its highest point. This corresponds with our understanding of a presidential republic and the role of a president in it.” He agreed, however, that the consequences of Hitler’s leadership “were bad in foreign policy.”

And then found this:

Bigotry in Belarus
10/20/2007 22:10

The problem of the new anti-Semitism goes beyond Bobruisk, its long-gone Jews and Lukashenko’s bigotry.

Belarus is a special case even against the background of some of the more troublesome members of the former Soviet Union. Its president Alexander Lukashenko, who had been dubbed “Europe’s last dictator,” is notorious for his anti-Western positions. He has sought to outlaw his political opposition and nationalize much of the media. Last week he delivered a long rambling rant in which he reminded anyone who may have forgotten that he also ranks among the world’s most unabashed and brazen anti-Semites. It wasn’t a slip of the tongue that could be conveniently overlooked. In a live broadcast of a press conference he gave, Lukashenko addressed himself to the issue of shoddy conditions in the provincial city of Bobruisk. He had no doubt about where the guilt lay – with the Jews. And he kept hammering home that message. For several extraordinary minutes, the president of a European state in the 21st century took unimaginable pains to blame the city’s former Jewish residents (it’s now nearly empty of Jews) for its squalor, dilapidation and poor state of sanitation and repair. Bobruisk, Lukashenko stressed to his listeners, “is a Jewish town and Jews don’t look after places in which they live. It’s a fact. Take Israel for example. I was there and saw it for myself.” Bottom line, Lukashenko determined that “Jews had turned Bobruisk into a pig sty.” Things began to look up, he contended, “only after the Jews departed.” That said, he still urged those “Jews who have money” to return to Bobruisk. This wasn’t a one-off either. Lukashenko has a long and dishonorable history of anti-Semitic diatribes. His most noted outburst dates back to 1995, when he went to great lengths to praise Adolf Hitler, asserting that “the history of Germany is a copy of the history of Belarus. Germany was raised from ruins thanks to firm authority and not everything connected with that well-known figure Hitler was bad. German order evolved over the centuries and attained its peak under Hitler.” – More here.

(2/15/2011: After publishing this journal entry I found an article about religious persecution about two days later, here’s most of it:

BELARUS: ‘Forbidden Christ’ and right to legally challenge warnings forbidden
by Felix Corley, Forum 18 News Service

‘Forbidden Christ’, a Belarusian film documenting Soviet-era persecution of Protestant churches, was banned from a Catholic film festival by the Belarusian State Plenipotentiary for Religious and Ethnic Affairs, Forum 18 News Service has learned. It was seized from film director Aleksei Shein and sent for an “expert analysis” to the KGB secret police. However, the KGB told Forum 18 that it would be returned to Shein. He told Forum 18 that “perhaps the authorities fear that some believers will see a parallel with what is happening in our country now”. Separately, the latest attempts by Jehovah’s Witnesses to establish the right to legally challenge official warnings against literature distribution have failed. Both the Supreme Court and Gomel Regional Prosecutor’s Office have rejected the right to make such legal challenges – despite a Constitutional Court decision upholding the right to make them. One Jehovah’s Witness community has been warned that it faces liquidation if it continues to distribute literature.

‘Forbidden Christ’, a Belarusian film documenting persecution of Protestant churches in the Soviet period, was in September banned from being shown at a Catholic film festival by order of Leonid Gulyako, the Belarusian State Plenipotentiary for Religious and Ethnic Affairs, Forum 18 News Service has learned. In February it was seized from the film’s director, Aleksei Shein, as he was leaving Belarus and sent for an “expert analysis” to Grodno [Hrodna] regional KGB secret police, according to a 21 October Customs Committee document seen by Forum 18. Grodno Regional KGB told Forum 18 on 4 November that it found nothing against the law in the film and it has been returned to the customs for it to be handed back.

‘Forbidden Christ’ is based on archive footage of trials of Protestant leaders during the Soviet period, and 20 interviews with victims of Soviet anti-religious policies and historians. The 52-minute film took Shein six years and 4,540 Belarusian Roubles (8,690 Norwegian Kroner, 1,080 Euros, or 1,500 US Dollars) to make. (The first section can be viewed at

Why is the state hostile to the film?

Film director Shein says two reasons could lie behind the state’s attitude to his film. “One is that the film not only recounts the Soviet repression of Protestants, but also shows believers’ refusal to compromise and give in to the communist system,” he told Forum 18 on 30 October. “It shows Soviet reality – the authorities’ total control over information, elections and the absence of freedom of expression and religion. Perhaps the authorities fear that some believers will see a parallel with what is happening in our country now.”

He maintains that the Belarusian authorities would prefer that people do not know about Soviet-era repression of religious communities, as they regard themselves as the heirs of the Soviet regime.

Belarus discourages the commemoration of Orthodox Christians killed for their faith by the Soviet Union, the KGB secret police – which retains the Soviet-era name – has sought to have icons of them removed from Grodno Cathedral. KGB officers also often monitor visitors to mass graves of Stalinist repression victims. An Orthodox chapel planned for the site has never been built (see F18News 12 May 2008

Shein also pointed to the authorities’ dislike of his role as a leader of the opposition Christian Democrat Party. “Perhaps that’s enough of a reason for the authorities to obstruct the showing and distribution of this film.”

“Countering extremist activity”

The authorities did not obstruct the film’s launch on 26 January at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the capital Minsk. Shein told Forum 18 at the time that he thought the authorities would not seek to obstruct showing of the film because it was about the Soviet period, not about current developments.

However, on the morning of 11 February, Shein was stopped on the border with Latvia and held for five hours. Six DVDs of the film, as well as Christian Democrat leaflets, were confiscated. The Department of Customs Investigation of Oshmyany Customs began an investigation under Article 14.5 of the Code of Administrative Offences (“undeclared goods”). “The protocol records that these materials will be examined as to whether they contain testimonies which could slander the honour and dignity of the Republic of Belarus,” Shein’s Christian Democrat Party said at the time.

Pavel Skrobko, head of the Ideology Department at Grodno Regional Administration, told Forum 18 on 4 November that Oshmyany Customs had sent the confiscated materials to his office for an expert analysis. But he had had to return them, as “it is not within our competence – there’s a Religious Affairs Office in Minsk”.

On 15 March, the Customs Service ended its investigation, after finding that no crime had been committed.

Shein returned to the customs post on 12 October to collect the films and documents confiscated from him in February, but was asked to submit a written request for their return. On 21 October, in a letter seen by Forum 18, Gennady Kuzyuk, deputy head of Oshmyany Customs, wrote back to him to say that the items have been sent for a decision by Grodno regional KGB secret police.

Kuzyuk cited regulations requiring state agencies to work together “with the aim of countering extremist activity in relation to printed or audiovisual materials brought through customs containing information which could cause harm to the political or economic interests of the Republic of Belarus, its state security or the health and morals of its citizens”.

“It is a completely normal film”

“I didn’t need to declare these items, as they were being taken abroad for personal, not commercial use,” Shein told Forum 18. “The materials were confiscated for the simple reason that the authorities did not like the theme.”

He added that as one of the Christian Democrat leaflets had already been cleared of extremist content by the KGB, after being confiscated from another Christian Democrat, the authorities must be targeting the discs of ‘Forbidden Christ’.

Kuzyuk of Oshmyany Customs was not answering his phone each time Forum 18 rang on 4 November. However, his assistant Gennady Andrushkevich, who drafted the letter to Shein, insisted to Forum 18 that the confiscated materials “will be returned” to Shein. “Printed and audiovisual material which has not been produced by a state firm must be checked,” he maintained. “Then the KGB will return it.” He denied that the material had been confiscated, insisting it had simply been “removed”.

However, Natalya Baklaga, spokesperson for Grodno regional KGB, said it had checked the film and the leaflets and found nothing against the law. “It is a completely normal film,” she told Forum 18 on 4 November. She said that the materials have already been returned to the customs for them to be returned to the owner.

She stressed that the materials had not been taken by the KGB. “The customs were suspicious that these items contained extremist material,” she told Forum 18. “Different agencies send us all kinds of things.”

‘Forbidden Christ’ forbidden

‘Forbidden Christ’ was due to be presented on 9 September in Glubokoe in Vitebsk [Vitsyebsk] Region at the Catholic-run Magnificat 2010 festival of Christian documentary films. Although the festival’s opening ceremony on 7 September was addressed by State Plenipotentiary for Religious and Ethnic Affairs Gulyako, he subsequently ordered the festival’s leadership to remove ‘Forbidden Christ’ from the programme. Otherwise, he threatened, they risked having the festival closed down. Press reports said that Gulyako had personally telephoned festival organiser Yuri Gurulev to issue the order. The festival removed ‘Forbidden Christ’ from the programme.

“Religious affairs official Gulyako told Gurulev that my film had not been approved by state religious affairs experts, that is it had not successfully passed some kind of expert analysis,” film director Shein told Forum 18.

Forum 18 was unable to reach Gulyako on 4 and 5 November. Officials told Forum 18 he was in a meeting or out of the office.

In 2008 Belarus banned a Christian music festival, initiated by Catholics, minutes before it was due to begin (see F18News 25 September 2008 Fr Zbigniew Grygorcewicz, who helped initiate the festival, was expelled with four other priests and three nuns from Belarus in December 2008 (see F18News 7 January 2009

“Mass quantities”?

One of State Plenipotentiary for Religious and Ethnic Affairs Gulyako’s assistants, Marina Tsvilik, insisted to Forum 18 on 4 November that permission is needed from her office to export religious literature or films “in mass quantities”. Asked whether six copies represented “mass quantities” she said she did not know. She denied that requiring such permission represented censorship. “We have to make such that such materials contain no calls, for example to religious hatred,” she claimed.

Right to legally challenge warnings forbidden

Two Jehovah’s Witness congregations, given official warnings after some of their members offered religious literature to passers-by on the street, have failed to legally establish a right to challenge such warnings through the courts.

The community in Gomel [Homyel] received a written “final warning” from Aleksandr Prusov of the Religious Affairs Department of Gomel Regional Executive Committee in September 2009, shortly after it had been heavily fined. Both Gomel Regional Court and the Supreme Court in late 2009 rejected their attempt to challenge the warning – despite a 2007 Constitutional Court decision upholding religious organisations’ right to make such challenges (see F18News 18 January 2010 – More here.

A frame from an RT video of the 2010 Lukashenko vote riot

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Matthew 24:9-13:

…they will deliver you up to tribulation and put you to death, and you will be hated by all nations for my name’s sake. And then many will fall away and betray one another and hate one another. And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray. And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold. But the one who endures to the end will be saved.

Update 04-18-2012:

After having been jailed more than once based on hearsay and over judicial and police maliciousness and incompetence, and now that Obama has the power to cause anyone to disappear under the pretense of terrorism, I can say that America has become Belarus, or rather, Belarica.

Beyond 2012 Predictions

I finished 90% of this at 5 P.M. 2 days ago, but delayed from wanting to comment on the Isaiah 18:1 prophecy, which I had researched three or more years ago, but still hadn’t drawn a conclusion to make a likely prediction based on it.

These are not prophecies (except the ones which are alternately worded prophecies from the Bible, which I mixed with my predictions), but my guesses based on past events of what is to come, though some is based on prophecies. I planned on writing this last year, but due to setbacks by various stalkers, especially atheists and narcissists, I kept delaying and forgetting, and my laptop froze a few minutes before starting this today, and I had to start over again. Now, here are my predictions:

In 2013 a small obscure tribe off the coast of near the Baja Peninsula, in Mexico will mostly become a Christian and will form a city in the shape of Israel, and will make their own temple of God, a version modeled after Ezekiel’s prophesied temple, though not made of transported stones, but limestone and cement and various cheap but beautiful and durable materials. This city will be spoken of like it is a nation even though it is not, and be called the Mesrael, though in jealousy the Israeli’s will refer to it as Miserable, calling the place an ugly desert and laughable copy of Israel. The Mexican government will promote it as a major tourist attraction, and drug lords will stay away from it out of fear of bad luck from God. The Catholic church will ignore it and one of the prominent Catholic leaders will refer to it as a shameful provocation of Israel in order to win the favor of the Israelis. Arabs will find this copycat pseudo country an intriguing though disgusting creation because of what it represents. Mesrael will become renown for its beauty and very advanced technology, so much so that they will have trouble from spies from other nations repeatedly attempting to infiltrate them and steal technology and information from their government and private companies.

In 2014 China will discover a vast amount of oil in it’s offshore territory and on land.

India will claim that China is funding terrorism against it in order to break India apart.

Soon after suicide bombers will attack the Chinese government, including provincial leaders and China will begin to politically break apart.

India will move out many of its troops from Kashmir and southern India to protect the richest parts of India from Chinese invaders and Maoists. When they do this there will be a great rebellion by the poor Indians and India’s states will become independent countries. The Dalits of India will massacre the Brahmans of India during the rebellion.

Israel, on behalf of the begging of USA’s surviving government, will launch a nuclear missile at Beijing and destroy it with a direct hit.

Japan will send submarines and battleships to take over Hawaii, Washington D.C. and northern California and will succeed. Afterwards they will also conquer Venezuela and Brazil.

China, after ten years will have become a place of various kingdoms.

America will be stricken with great poverty, and gangs will roam around causing crime everywhere. Mobs will form to lynch former Senators and Congressman and any vice president and presidents that are still alive.

America will break up into many countries.

The cost electronics, guns and bullets and greater weaponry will become as or more valuable then gold. This will soon cause electronics making companies to go bankrupt as they can find few buyers wealthy enough to afford what they make. Also, most of the electronics companies will lack the resources necessary to make new electronics because China and Russia, their main supplier, will no longer be supplying them with those resources.

Russia will be reduced to the size of Moscow and will be allied with the countries immediately surrounding it.

Greece will go to war against Germany and Spain will go to war against Britain, and will be at war with each other for resources, though the Grecians will also be looking for revenge against Germany for what they did to them during World War 2.

Black powder rifles and guns, swords, knives, spears, maces, clubs, bats, whips, hammers, brass knuckles, crossbows and bows and arrows will become the most common and popular weapons, though rifles and guns will be rare due to their high prices.

Solar panels, oil, coal and ethanol will be worth more than gold, platinum and jewels, and wise scientists knowledgeable in energy and mechanics will be worth more than their weight in gold and be highly sought after.

Camels, donkeys and horses, chariots, carriages and boats will become the main transportation of the world. Basic airplanes and air balloons will be made in a few places throughout the world, and a one or two companies will make small blimps for those who can afford them. Ones with built in electronics that work will be extremely expensive.

WW3 will break out due to a desperation for food among all nations.

A king of Italian descent, living in the Middle East (the king of the North in the Bible) will become prominent in the world, and he will peacefully deceive Europe, America, Asia and South America into believing that he will restore order and the electronics industry to where it was before the EMP attacks. He will claim that Israel was responsible for the war to focus the world’s hatred away from the other countries and unite them, however not everyone will believe him, especially Middle Eastern countries which will see his claim as too easy to say.

Europe will become highly populated with Arabs, and being warned by their Middle Eastern homelands not to trust the anti-Christ, will protest against him when they see that he is worshiping a strange fortress god, and the anti-Christ will devastate the nations in which they protest by dropping fuel bombs over the areas of the protests. He will also threaten to use nuclear weapons, but will only be pretending to use them at first.

The Russian king will have the favor of most of Europe, except Greece, and will use it as an opportunity to show off his might by having fuel bombs dropped over many Greek Orthodox Churches at once, scarring Europe into submission under him. The European royalty that went into hiding will come of hiding to meet with him to discuss being given back their former territory after his mass killings of the Greeks.

Wherever protests against the anti-Christ appear he will either send an army to ravage the area or drop fuel bombs on those areas.

Because of the great loss of wood, stone, metal and glass housing due to the anti-Christ’s devastating anti-protest retaliations, millions of people will begin to live in tents, but these tents will be “cheap” and not last more than a year without becoming very worn out and Bedouins seeking to survive and prosper will sell tents for the homeless Europeans to live in. After they have run out of material, Israeli’s who see money to be made on this new “housing market” will help supply tent-making materials and the technology to enable the Bedouins to help them make millions of tents.

The Mexican government with the help of drug lords will attempt to take over New Mexico, Arizona and Texas, but various South American countries will successfully thwart them to keep them from becoming so powerful that they are also attacked by Mexico.

The USA will break up into many kingdoms and small republics, and many will be at war with each other over resources.

The Israeli government will drop a bomb from high above directly onto the Dome of the Rock in order to devastate the Muslim influence in Israel and the Judaics will immediately begin removing the Israeli archeological artifacts from beneath which the Muslims had been destroying to hide Israeli’s past presence in Israel. About two years after that the Judaics will begin building a new temple in dedication to God where the Dome of the Rock once was, though Hamas will give them much trouble by launching small missiles at the most populated areas of Israel. This will cause many Israelis to move away from those cities into other areas which have not yet been settled, or which have few people living there.

The Negev, after a large earthquake, will break out in springs, and many beautiful trees will grow there. Though it will seem peaceful at first and have much grass, there will be many vultures, many giant eagles, giant snakes, exotic wild cats of various kinds and various types of deer throughout the land due to these animals having been released by certain malicious Muslims from a zoo that was set up in the Negev. The deer will eat the grass and weeds that at first and quickly made the Negev very green, but the snakes and wild cats will help keep the deer from eating all of the grass and weeds.

The new temple of God will be completed after about twenty years.

During those twenty years, that time the world’s population will have become very low due to pollution, earthquakes, fueds, mob-justice, wars, pesticide poisoned crops, bed bugs, mass rat and roach infestations, flea and lice infestations, lack of medicine, clean water, clean bandages, clean surgical tools and famines.

Many false Christians throughout the twenty years will betray each other and persecute true Christians in order to be spared and rewarded by the anti-Christ, though he will secretly also kill the false Christians or forbid them from speaking of Christ in a positive way or having any Bibles out of his extreme hatred for Christianity, even forbidding them to quote it. A great amount of Christians will abandon worshiping Christ when they realize that there will be no rapture due to the great wickedness occurring without such a rescue, and others who still believe it will happen will also abandon Christ out of bitterness for being allowed to greatly suffer during this time and meeting few to no decent Christians before being raptured. Because of this, both true and false Christians will become very few in number than the number they were during the first EMP over China.

Huge numbers of UFOs of all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes, some making very strange sounds will appear all over the world and frighten the world because of their incredibly large numbers. Rumors and speculation will spread all of the world from many places that an invasion by alien races has or will begin.

Many people are hunted down under the false pretense of being Christians or Christian sympathesizers, and Christians begin to be derogatorily referred to simple as “Fundies”, and bands of people form all over the world called Anti-Fundies, who make their living capturing Christians and making money off them somehow or using them as slaves. Many non-Christians join with Christians when they find out that they are being hunted under the false pretense of being Christians and to gain the help of the Christians, make the situation worse by actually pretending to be Christians they were accused of being. Many Christians will be fooled for a little while into believing these liars, but soon after will shun them. The Catholic church will repeatedly try to gain the favor of the anti-Christ and convince him that they are not “Christians” or “the kind he is thinking of” and he will begrudingly, so long as they don’t refer to Christ, show his image or use or refer to the Bible and turn in any Christians, support them. He will learn however that they are still attempting to secretly use the Bible and bowing down to images of Christ and his hatred will be sparked by this, and in response he will have his soldiers and hired Italian non-Catholic anti-Christian saboteurs in Rome set fire to churches in Rome which do this, to teach all the other Catholic churches not to disobey him.

UFOs will for a time give a major help to the true Christians somehow, but the media of the world will dismiss it as Christian propaganda and a misconception.

Two prophets will appear claiming to be named Enoch and the other will be named Elijah, and they will strike fear into the anti-Christians of the world when they are shown on live television from a station, for the first time blowing fire on a mob of anti-Christians running at them to kill them. From then on the anti-Christ will forbid anyone showing live footage of these prophets, but independent and TV stations and paper news journalists will follow and record them repeatedly blowing fire on anyone who attempts to kill them. It will be claimed by anti-Christian theists that these prophets are possessed by demons or aliens from the UFOs who are trying to destroy the world with lies.

After some days go by, the prophets will be killed by a trap, but the ones who set the trap will also be killed by the fire of the two prophets. When the media and witnesses of the death of the prophets report to the rest of the world their deaths, the world will declare “Peace” among themselves and those who were against them will send gifts to one another to express their joy and as a witness to each other that there is now peace over the death of these prophets, who after their deaths, the majority of the media will declare as the last of great blocks that needed to be defeated to finally get rid of the remaining Christians. The bodies of the prophet will be allowed to remain where they are as an evil monument of triumph against God and will stay there for days when to the astonishment of the world the bodies will be resurrected at an audible and great voice. The world will be filled with terror over this thinking that they will again return to “terrorize” them.

Someone will shoot the anti-Christ in the head with a sniper rifle with a laser sight. He is then called the second Kennedy by the news network he owns and the rest world repeats this claim while he is at a prestigious hospital, being dead from his severe head wound.

The anti-Christ’s dead body is brought outside the hospital after a day of him being dead and many worshipers of him or his god and mourners come to grieve over him. There are many celebrities there and many are shouting, “Death to the Christians and death to Israel.” The top of his head, which is missing, is covered by a towel made of gold. To the amazement of all, while television cameras are focused on the casket, his body begins to glow and float and a very dark billowing cloud envelopes his body and when it is gone, he is seen sitting up in his casket, looking around, with his head restored, and looking around with a dazed and amazed expression. Doctors then rush to him and bring him back into the hospital to examine him, but he soon gets out to continue his evil ambitions.

The anti-Christ, realizing that his end is near, will give the command to launch his hundreds of Russian and stolen or purchased American, French and Chinese nuclear missiles on three cities in every nation that have the highest populations of that nation, even on Russia in an attempt to exterminate all life on Earth with heat and radiation and the resulting pollution that will spread after the missiles hit their targets, but Christ will return and prevent his commands from being heard, and kill him.

Seven years after the completion of the temple, the anti-Christ, with Moscow, their allies will begin to prepare their armies to make an attempt to conquer Israel for its electronic technology, Dead Sea resource and it’s new glory: the Negev, and to prevent them from using their nuclear missiles and to win the favor of the Muslim nations (who still be reviling the anti-Christ for being an idolater). The Asian kingdoms will learn of this preparation and attempt to get to Israel first and begin their journey on millions of horses and boats to cross water river they must cross to get there. They reach Israel at the same time as the Russian armies and a fight breaks out among them, including between the Russian allies in the confusion and rivalries between the allies over the treasures of Israel that had sparked among the allies for various reasons during the preparation against Israel.

Israel finally has peace for a little while after making a major attack against Hamas and the Palestinian leaders, though their is much talk among the Palestinians about making a suicidal attack against the Israelis of Jerusalem which Israeli spies report back to the Israeli government. The Israeli government however decides not to warn the people and they feel that they are safe being that they have devastated Hamas and because tr Palestinians are more poor than ever, and because they want to be praised by their citizens for finally bringing peace to Israel (but won’t seek God’s praise at all) and so that the world will also praise them, and so that they will gain money from tourism of the finished temple, which they see as something to make money with, and not holy. The temple-keepers in Israel will receive a request from the anti-Christ to go into the temple to pay tribute for his resurrection, but he will not say it is to God, and the temple-keepers, thinking he means, “to God” will allow him in, but to their dismay he will conquer Jerusalem with a small army and for some days they with a great show of cruelty terrorize the Israelis there and try to sell many of them off as slaves and send some to Egypt to also be bought, but they will be in such poor condition and filled with terror and confusion that no one will buy them. The anti-Christ will cast a spell outside the temple and create a living creature that looks like a cross between an animal and the anti-Christ from the dust of the earth, and he will command everyone to worship it and to have either his name or the number representing his name put on their right hand or forehead. He will forbid anyone to be allowed to buy or sell anything if they don’t gave these marks. He will set up a system by which certain peoples of the nations must come to worship the beast at a certain time, and the ones who refuse to go will be executed, and the ones who refuse to bow down to the beast and take the mark of the anti-Christ from it (if they don’t yet have it) when standing before the beast will be murdered by the beast as they stand before it.

The Assyrians will hear that Israel is about to be attacked, and hoping to erase their shame and gain Israel as their new homeland will head for Israel to join the other armies, but they will be poorly, with just rocks and sticks. They will plan on killing the other armies after they have spent their energy doing battle and if unable to defeat the Israeli’s of Jerusalem will plan on taking over the Gaza Strip, which by the time they arrive, will have few inhabitants. A few Assyrians will not join the march because they were recently married or had a child.

Somalia will experience a severe flood that wipes out their crops and the survivors will bring a gift to the temple of God in Israel out of thanks for sparing their lives.

Egypt will experience a severe drought that is so severe that the Nile River will dry up and the few Egyptians that survive will turn to God and become true Christians. There will be five cities in Egypt among a few others that will decide to use Hebrew as their main language rather than Arabic, in order to honor God and show friendliness to Israel. They will also set up a pillar in dedication to God at the border road crossing between Israel and Egypt.

When the northern armies reach Syria, Syria will demand a large toll and to inspect the soldiers, but the soldiers will ravage Syria in their anger and only a few Syrians will be left after the armies pass through to Israel.

The gold of Ophir will be rediscovered, and it will be estimated that there are 1,142 tons of gold there. The news of the discovery and estimate will greatly devalue the price of gold, causing many of the gold-owners of the world to become very sad, though some will think it is good news, as then the currency of the world could more easily be backed by gold, and because it will make electronics much more affordable.

When the armies reach Israel they will kill most of the Israeli’s leaving about 100,000 left, but then the armies will turn against each other to fight over the land and the goods remaining and besides killing each other God will also strike with death the ones who remain alive.

God will sink all of the small islands of the world below water and level all the mountains of the world except the ones in Israel to prevent evil people from fleeing to them to hide from him.

Very few humans will be left in the world, about 2,140,000 people, or about 10,000 people from every nation which has 10,000 or more people, not includes the Israelites or Judeans. The number of Israelites and Judeans (“Jews”) saved will be 144,000, saved from all over the world. The combined weight of the world’s population at that time will be less than all the gold discovered at Ophir.

God will give the remnant of Assyrians a homeland in the Middle East again and they will be a Christian nation.

The Israeli’s scattered about the world will be returned to Israel at God’s command by the survivors near to them.

Israel, Egypt and Assyria will become the most blessed nations on Earth.

It will be discovered that the former elite leaders (during the time of the EMP over China) of the USA, Britain, Canada, Russia, Switzerland, Norway, Mexico, Brazil, Japan and China are hiding in anti-gravity ships in the center of certain nearby stars, thinking that no one would ever think to find them there, but Christ will “find” and remove them from the stars and destroy them before the world.

While Christ is reigning from Jerusalem, anti-gravity and “heat- and fire-proof” technology will finally become used by the majority of the world and cancer will become rare. Most of the ice over Antarctica and Greenland will disappear within a few years and Siberia will become a pleasant place to live.

There will be many cities at the bottom of the oceans, homes within undersea cliffs.

Dinosaurs, including dragons and sea serpents and other animals that were usually hidden by God will become easier and easier to photograph and find as time goes on.

There will be many space stations in the solar system.

There will be large cities on the moon and Mars.

Humans will do business with beings that were created outside of the solar system.

The many lies and life-saving secrets that the former secretive clubs, governments, schools, institutions and business companies of the world kept will be made known to the world and Christ will thoroughly explain what they were and refute the lies. After a few decades all of the animals and planets that mostly remained hidden since the creation of the world will be easily found and studied. Over a 1000 year period a rumor will grow into a belief and propaganda tool among the evil ones of the world, which is that Christ and the Israelis of Jerusalem are an alien race and can be defeated. They will seek a time to destroy that city and Christ’s temple and throne their when after 1000 years have past, Christ disappears unexpectedly to most of the world, which will think that he has left for good after some period of time has past.