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Got Another UFO On Video

I saw another UFO today, far off in the sky, but close enough so that I could see that it didn’t look like a plane – I’m typing while lying down on my side, that’s a first; my neck is killing me. It also seemed to be moving a little faster than the usual planes I see at the level it was on. I had a very hard time getting it on cam because my LCD camera screen wasn’t high resolution enough and the object was small, and heading away from me, and a tree was in my way after it went behind it. Here are two frames I screen captured, from time intervals many seconds apart, showing that it was no plane.

At 19 seconds into the video.

At 34 seconds into the video, I think.

Update 3-31-2011:

I found three photos of the UFO I took, the last one has a dark object in the right bottom corner, which might be a bird:

While still outside, a little while after taking pics of that UFO, in the same spot I took some pics of chemtrail plains, at 10x optical zoom with the digital zoom to full (using a Nikon S8100 with the lense smeared with a light film of oil on it). Here are three different ones, and note how odd they look (they seemed like jet-sized aircraft):

A Possible Blow To Darwinian Evolution Theory: ”Surivival of the fittest” is Wrong

March 29, 2011 1 comment

Evolution: Not Only the Fittest Survive
from ScienceDaily

Darwin’s notion that only the fittest survive has been called into question by new research published in the journal Nature. A collaboration between the Universities of Exeter and Bath in the UK, with a group from San Diego State University in the US, challenges our current understanding of evolution by showing that biodiversity may evolve where previously thought impossible.

The work represents a new approach to studying evolution that may eventually lead to a better understanding of the diversity of bacteria that cause human diseases.

Conventional wisdom has it that for any given niche there should be a best species, the fittest, that will eventually dominate to exclude all others.

This is the principle of survival of the fittest. Ecologists often call this idea the `competitive exclusion principle’ and it predicts that complex environments are needed to support complex, diverse populations.

Professor Robert Beardmore, from the University of Exeter, said: “Microbiologists have tested this principle by constructing very simple environments in the lab to see what happens after hundreds of generations of bacterial evolution, about 3,000 years in human terms. It had been believed that the genome of only the fittest bacteria would be left, but that wasn’t their finding. The experiments generated lots of unexpected genetic diversity.”

This test tube biodiversity proved controversial when first observed and had been explained away with claims that insufficient time had been allowed to pass for a clear winner to emerge.

The new research shows the experiments were not anomalies. – More here

On, a Catholic biased website, which discriminates against non-Catholics, in an evil way, there were these significant comments about this story:

“This isn’t really news, it just shows that the self-correction claim of scientists is for all practical purposes mythical. Extinction happens suddenly to entire taxa due to various catastrophes; mutations arise at random; and that’s it”

and a reply to that,

“‘This probably isn’t news… even to Darwin. It is the most adept in the given the selection circumstances, that survive, and not the “fittest”.’

That’s what the “fittest” means: those most fit to survive under the circumstances. This “fitness” may be a genetic predisposition, innate qualities, size, color, etc., or even something learned…but whoever or whatever has it will have a greater chance to survive under specific circumstances.”

Here is a related article:

In amoeba world, cheating doesn’t pay – October 1, 2009 07:40 PM

Why Do Evolutionists Insist On Using Strawmen and Bait and Switch Against Creationists and Fundamentalists?

Post link:

Written in response to an essay by Jorge A Fernandez entitled “Talk.Origins: Deception by Omission”:

Why Do Creationists Insist on Linking Abiogenesis and Evolution?
One of the problems that Christian fundamentalists (specifically Biblical literalists) have in dealing with biologists who say “Evolutionary biology and abiogenesis are two different topics” is that they have no answer.

And why do fundamentalist evolutionists insist on using over-generalizations and strawmen attacks on creationists like that? Even a moron could type “abiogenesis problems” in a search engine and find articles by ICR and AIG treating them as separate, and hundreds of others.

And what hypocrisy:

In Talk.Orgins’ pre-feedback rules, it says:

Understand that abusive, inflammatory, and willfully dishonest statements, as well as cowardly anonymity (e.g., bogus email addresses), lend no credibility to one’s position.

And yet childish jabs at fundamentalists like the screed above are accept by the Talk.Orgins cult? What did you do take a survey on fundamentalists Jorge? So you said, “Hey you who say abiogenesis is impossible and therefore evolution, are you a fundie?”

Being that Talk.Origins doesn’t obey it’s own hypocritical rules (and by the way where did you get those rules? Did you just magically come up with them on their own, or could CHRISTIANITY HAVE POSSIBLY INFLUENCED THOSE ARBITRARY RULES? YOU KNOW: LIKE, OH: “DO TO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO TO YOU”? OR, “DON’T LIE,” “DON’T MURDER,” “DON’T ENDANGER THE LIFE OF YOUR NEIGHBOR,” OR “LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.” OR HOW ABOUT, “DON’T EXCHANGE REVILING FOR REVILING”? You are blind credit thieving hypocrites, just like your father Satan.


And why do evolutionists keep insisting on pretending “evolution” only means one thing, and so committing the logical fallacy of ambiguity by doing so and setting up, in your willful bigotry, the same old strawman argument of “Creationists say evolution is wrong” against us? MACRO AND MICRO EVOLUTION ARE NOT THE SAME THINGS. HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU NEED TO BE TOLD THAT YOU PSYCHOPATHS?

And why do evolutionist keep insisting on associating CREATIONISTS AND FUNDAMENTALIST CHRISTIANS when they attack creationists? What a big “Ooops, oh yeah, we, forgot we do that all the time.” And why do Darwinists insist on calling fundamentalists “biblical literalists”? Evil morons: can you stop misdefining fundamentalism and pretending we believe a multihorned monster is going to come out of the sea with a whore riding on it with a crown on her head, you conniving ignorant arrogant morons who hate to be called what you are? Do you love the fallacy of ambiguity much? Love using weasel words much? Love bait and switch much? Bigoted much? Discriminate much? Block science much? Hypocrites much? So much for your CREDibility and love. What you love to do is argue in your lazy mindedness towards the truth and hatred towards God.

And please: stop the avoidance game already: IT IS YOU, WHO HAVE NO ANSWER. NO ANSWER FOR THAT PRACTICE AND NO ANSWER FOR WHERE THE EVIDENCE FOR ABIOGENESIS, “EVOLUTION”, OR YOUR BIG DEFLATED BANG. You have, NO TRANSITIONAL FOSSILS. IT’S YOU WHO WORSHIP A GOD OF THE GAPS. We do have an ever increasing amount of living fossils though, including bacteria that “skeptics” insist can’t be real even when their own scientist kin find them in “millions of years old” rocks, tar, animal stomachs and ice. I wonder why they just can’t believe it? I wonder. Not: BECAUSE THE “MILLIONS OF YEARS OLD BACTERIA” ARE VERY LITTLE DIFFERENT THEN THEIR MODERN ANCESTORS. And of course, they know their enemies, the real scientists, the fundamentalists and creationists, will point that out. So no evidence against their God of the Gaps Trinity: Big Bang God, Magic Puddle of Spontaneously Generated Life From Whatever Soup God and Magical Animals God,which forms the “Flying Spaghetti and Meatballs Monster” godhead, is good enough for a deluded liar who refuses to love the truth, and is only interested in rebellion.

More on the Mainstream Science cult and how these pleasure and money-addicted Mainstream morons obstructs scientific progress and causes it to stagnate and enables mass murder, even of babies:

Holy Invisible Intelligence: ”Grass didn’t exist back then,” say Mainstream Scientists

March 26, 2011 2 comments

Hands off my leaves! Scientists discover sabre-toothed tortoise
by John Hutchinson
3/25/2011/11:05 AM

With its fearsome canines and a mouth filled with teeth, experts could have been forgiven for thinking they’d discovered another great dinosaur predator.

But this prehistoric tortoise is no more predatory than its latter-day relative.

Rather than being a snarling meat-eater this sabre-toothed beast – that lived 260million years ago – feasted on leaves and stems [and the evidence for this is, or should we all just have “blind faith” in whatever you say?].

Odd: Surprised scientists have discovered the remains of a sabre-toothed vegetarian – which was the size of a dog but has an uncanny look of a tortoise about it

The fossilised remains of the creature, known as Tiarajudens eccentricu and which was the size of a large dog, have been discovered in Brazil.

While apparently unnecessary due to it’s vegetarian tendencies, the dagger teeth will have been very much needed to fight off predators and enemies.

Speaking to LiveScience [another Mainstream Science cult], vertebrate paleontologist Juan Carlos Cisneros at the Federal University of Piauí in Teresina, Brazil said: ‘If you asked me how surprised I was about finding this fossil, I can tell you that finding a fossil so bizarre as Tiarajudens eccentricus, a fossil that looks like if it has been made from parts of different animals, is like finding a unicorn.

‘You see it, but you don’t believe it.’

Discovery: The leaf-crunching animal lived 260 million years ago in what is now Brazil – and used his dagger teeth to ward off enemies

Discovery: The leaf-crunching animal lived 260 million years ago in what is now Brazil – and used his dagger teeth to ward off enemies

In addition to the crayon-size saber canines, the entire roof of its mouth was covered with teeth.

Grasses did not exist at that time

SAY WHAT? “GRASS”?! Yeah because that’s way more complex saber-toothed torti and every other animal.. 0_0 What extremist stupidity! Is there no end to the stupid things anti-Christians will say and do? Only gullible, insane, moron or greedy liars only interested in temporary pleasures and making money (which now is also temporary) say extremely stupid things like that. It didn’t exist back then because: “We can’t see it anywhere,” and just like you can’t see the human fossils and footprints (some along with dinosaur footprints) stuck in “millions of years old” rock, coal and sediment, and on and on and on. At least the Huffington Post didn’t make or repeat such a stupid claim, wouldn’t put it past them though. Learn more about ooparts at or read Forbidden Archeology (which includes findings from famous evolutionists themselves).

Update 6:05 P.M.

The Grass That Broke the Pseudo-scientists’ Back

I thought dinosaurs DIDN’T east grass cuz there was none around:  Dung Reveals Dinosaurs Ate Grass (And from guess who?: Livescience! And what’s this article date here?: 17 November 2005 Time: 09:01 AM ET? So, you had SIX YEARS to get your lies straight, but are so arbitrary, careless and money-addicted, you still couldn’t do it. That’s what happens when you get addicted to pleasure and lie too much, you contradict yourself, to no end.


Those who care about the truth, remember it;
those who don’t, lie.

Cavemen or Smartmen? Mainstreamers Budge a Little and Have a Supposed Truth-Eureka

Why ‘sophisticated’ cavemen were not so different to us
from the
3/2520115:43 PM

Cavemen were far more sophisticated than their dimwitted reputation suggests, a leading archaeologist claims.

Professor John J Shea says evidence of early humans’ weapons, symbols and burials 195,000 years ago shows they had more in common with us than we like to think.

He claims Homo sapiens emerged all at once, ‘not as modern-looking people first and as a modern-behaving people later.’

Professor Shea, of Stony Brook University, New York, started researching ‘behavioral variability’ in 2002 after excavating a 195,000-year-old site in Ethiopia.

‘Nothing about the stone tools … struck me as archaic or primitive,’ he wrote in his article, Refuting a Myth About Human Origins, published by American Scientist magazine.

We need to discard an incorrect and outdated idea about human evolution, the belief that prehistoric Homo sapiens can be divided into “archaic” and “modern” humans.’ [NO: YAH THINK?] You’re about 6,500 years late. Anti-Christians sure are stubborn. You tell them 34,000,000 times God made us intelligent from the start, 6,500 years ago, show them the evidence in every direction they look, and after 34,000,000 years of ignoring that they finally evolve to say, “Eureka! We just found out our fathers weren’t as stupid as we thought!” Why not just say, “Nanny nanny boo boo we can’t hear you, oh look what we found, all on our own, but ur still wrong, and we’re still right, we’re the scientists, ur not, hahaha.”? It’s not like your followers would reject that either, being that they deeply hate God and his children (meaning: those he loves). And how interesting: Only 34 people commented on that article and it’s already been a day. Just goes to show how resistant evolutionists are to truth, even when their science leaders give a sliver of it to them. You’re turned people into monsters you Mainstreamers. That includes you news propagandists and hate-profiteers who support them, like Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Brittanica, National Geographic, Livescience, Sciencedaily, Physorg, Discovery Networks, the BBC, Scientific American, Discover Magazine, Popular Science, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Greenpeace and countless other myth machines.

And how obvious is this: If animals aren’t simply dumb, not even sheep, not even insects, then wouldn’t humans be much smarter than them? “Duh”?

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What the… Mutant Sheep Dog or Mutant Dog Sheep or Alien Experiment On Sheep Baby?

March 26, 2011 3 comments

Post link:

I dub this new breed (hopefully), “Shogs”!
Maybe they can name him her “Shog”?

A mutant sheep that looks like a god. There’s no end to the amazing things God shows us eh?
May an alien messed with the baby sheep’s DNA? What’s next? Rhino dogs? Hippo dogs? Giraffe dogs?

I can hear the music and lyrics now: “Teenage Mutant Ninja Sheep Dogs”. Don’t even talk about “evolution” Darwinists. That takes millions of years to make a transition like this, and it isn’t going to be a sudden change. In fact this is evidence against it, because it shows how similar DNA is (which is NOT evidence of evolution despite what Darwinists say), so similar, because there was no evolution, but a God who used very similar structures to create life on Earth.

I hope they clone this sheep, animal, whatever it is, and breed lots of them.

By the way, for those of you anti-Christian and fake Christian idiots who keep lobbing around the term, “sheeple”, you’re the ones being dumb:

The ‘intelligent’ side of sheep
Sheep can remember faces says professor
Study shows Welsh sheep ‘more clever than thought’
They pulled the wool over our eyes! Sheep are so intelligent they can make ‘executive decisions’
Far-farmyard-dunces-sheep-intelligent-think.html Baa! Far from being farmyard dunces, scientists insist that sheep are intelligent
Scientists say sheep are brighter than we thought. But they don’t know the half of it…

And about other animals, they aren’t stupid either, in comparison to intelligent humans, yes, but to our inventions (made possible by God, and which are often based on what we learn about them, no):

Research Meteorologists See More Severe Storms Ahead: The Culprit — Global Warming

Research Meteorologists See More Severe Storms Ahead: The Culprit — Global Warming” from Huh? I thought Global Warming was replaced by “Climate Change”, you know, to fool all us intelligent people and newbies in life into thinking no one ever said anything about Global Warming being that it’s gettin’ colder, not warmer (plus the fraud and bad science is gettin’ too risky for liberals to keep betting their “reputations” on). So which is it? Are we back on Global Warming as the appropriate term for whatever is happening in the minds of liberals now? And what in thee Hell is “research meteorologists”? What’s the diff between r.m. and an m? Is that like what skeptics are to scientists, like, cheap knock offs who wish they were scientists, but too lazy and stupid to actually be scientific? Isn’t there anything better for ScienceDaily aka Physorg to report on? How about why certain pizza’s tastes best? I’d say my fave but since I prob won’t get paid for it, no. Anyways: make up your minds liberals and whatever it is you are, stop going back and forth, you can’t have it both ways. Stop being cowards and get saved before you really do burn up, because the next time you burn, it won’t ever stop, and for many of you, it will much worse than a mere few degrees rise in temperature, and you’ll wish you were floating in a lake or ocean once you end up in Hell.