Got Another UFO On Video

I saw another UFO today, far off in the sky, but close enough so that I could see that it didn’t look like a plane – I’m typing while lying down on my side, that’s a first; my neck is killing me. It also seemed to be moving a little faster than the usual planes I see at the level it was on. I had a very hard time getting it on cam because my LCD camera screen wasn’t high resolution enough and the object was small, and heading away from me, and a tree was in my way after it went behind it. Here are two frames I screen captured, from time intervals many seconds apart, showing that it was no plane.

At 19 seconds into the video.

At 34 seconds into the video, I think.

Update 3-31-2011:

I found three photos of the UFO I took, the last one has a dark object in the right bottom corner, which might be a bird:

While still outside, a little while after taking pics of that UFO, in the same spot I took some pics of chemtrail plains, at 10x optical zoom with the digital zoom to full (using a Nikon S8100 with the lense smeared with a light film of oil on it). Here are three different ones, and note how odd they look (they seemed like jet-sized aircraft):

Holy Invisible Intelligence: ”Grass didn’t exist back then,” say Mainstream Scientists

Hands off my leaves! Scientists discover sabre-toothed tortoise
by John Hutchinson
3/25/2011/11:05 AM

With its fearsome canines and a mouth filled with teeth, experts could have been forgiven for thinking they’d discovered another great dinosaur predator.

But this prehistoric tortoise is no more predatory than its latter-day relative.

Rather than being a snarling meat-eater this sabre-toothed beast – that lived 260million years ago – feasted on leaves and stems [and the evidence for this is, or should we all just have “blind faith” in whatever you say?].

Odd: Surprised scientists have discovered the remains of a sabre-toothed vegetarian – which was the size of a dog but has an uncanny look of a tortoise about it

The fossilised remains of the creature, known as Tiarajudens eccentricu and which was the size of a large dog, have been discovered in Brazil.

While apparently unnecessary due to it’s vegetarian tendencies, the dagger teeth will have been very much needed to fight off predators and enemies.

Speaking to LiveScience [another Mainstream Science cult], vertebrate paleontologist Juan Carlos Cisneros at the Federal University of Piauí in Teresina, Brazil said: ‘If you asked me how surprised I was about finding this fossil, I can tell you that finding a fossil so bizarre as Tiarajudens eccentricus, a fossil that looks like if it has been made from parts of different animals, is like finding a unicorn.

‘You see it, but you don’t believe it.’

Discovery: The leaf-crunching animal lived 260 million years ago in what is now Brazil – and used his dagger teeth to ward off enemies

Discovery: The leaf-crunching animal lived 260 million years ago in what is now Brazil – and used his dagger teeth to ward off enemies

In addition to the crayon-size saber canines, the entire roof of its mouth was covered with teeth.

Grasses did not exist at that time

SAY WHAT? “GRASS”?! Yeah because that’s way more complex saber-toothed torti and every other animal.. 0_0 What extremist stupidity! Is there no end to the stupid things anti-Christians will say and do? Only gullible, insane, moron or greedy liars only interested in temporary pleasures and making money (which now is also temporary) say extremely stupid things like that. It didn’t exist back then because: “We can’t see it anywhere,” and just like you can’t see the human fossils and footprints (some along with dinosaur footprints) stuck in “millions of years old” rock, coal and sediment, and on and on and on. At least the Huffington Post didn’t make or repeat such a stupid claim, wouldn’t put it past them though. Learn more about ooparts at or read Forbidden Archeology (which includes findings from famous evolutionists themselves).

Update 6:05 P.M.

The Grass That Broke the Pseudo-scientists’ Back

I thought dinosaurs DIDN’T east grass cuz there was none around:  Dung Reveals Dinosaurs Ate Grass (And from guess who?: Livescience! And what’s this article date here?: 17 November 2005 Time: 09:01 AM ET? So, you had SIX YEARS to get your lies straight, but are so arbitrary, careless and money-addicted, you still couldn’t do it. That’s what happens when you get addicted to pleasure and lie too much, you contradict yourself, to no end.


Those who care about the truth, remember it;
those who don’t, lie.

What the… Mutant Sheep Dog or Mutant Dog Sheep or Alien Experiment On Sheep Baby?

Post link:

I dub this new breed (hopefully), “Shogs”!
Maybe they can name him her “Shog”?

A mutant sheep that looks like a god. There’s no end to the amazing things God shows us eh?
May an alien messed with the baby sheep’s DNA? What’s next? Rhino dogs? Hippo dogs? Giraffe dogs?

I can hear the music and lyrics now: “Teenage Mutant Ninja Sheep Dogs”. Don’t even talk about “evolution” Darwinists. That takes millions of years to make a transition like this, and it isn’t going to be a sudden change. In fact this is evidence against it, because it shows how similar DNA is (which is NOT evidence of evolution despite what Darwinists say), so similar, because there was no evolution, but a God who used very similar structures to create life on Earth.

I hope they clone this sheep, animal, whatever it is, and breed lots of them.

By the way, for those of you anti-Christian and fake Christian idiots who keep lobbing around the term, “sheeple”, you’re the ones being dumb:

The ‘intelligent’ side of sheep
Sheep can remember faces says professor
Study shows Welsh sheep ‘more clever than thought’
They pulled the wool over our eyes! Sheep are so intelligent they can make ‘executive decisions’
Far-farmyard-dunces-sheep-intelligent-think.html Baa! Far from being farmyard dunces, scientists insist that sheep are intelligent
Scientists say sheep are brighter than we thought. But they don’t know the half of it…

And about other animals, they aren’t stupid either, in comparison to intelligent humans, yes, but to our inventions (made possible by God, and which are often based on what we learn about them, no):

Research Meteorologists See More Severe Storms Ahead: The Culprit — Global Warming

Research Meteorologists See More Severe Storms Ahead: The Culprit — Global Warming” from Huh? I thought Global Warming was replaced by “Climate Change”, you know, to fool all us intelligent people and newbies in life into thinking no one ever said anything about Global Warming being that it’s gettin’ colder, not warmer (plus the fraud and bad science is gettin’ too risky for liberals to keep betting their “reputations” on). So which is it? Are we back on Global Warming as the appropriate term for whatever is happening in the minds of liberals now? And what in thee Hell is “research meteorologists”? What’s the diff between r.m. and an m? Is that like what skeptics are to scientists, like, cheap knock offs who wish they were scientists, but too lazy and stupid to actually be scientific? Isn’t there anything better for ScienceDaily aka Physorg to report on? How about why certain pizza’s tastes best? I’d say my fave but since I prob won’t get paid for it, no. Anyways: make up your minds liberals and whatever it is you are, stop going back and forth, you can’t have it both ways. Stop being cowards and get saved before you really do burn up, because the next time you burn, it won’t ever stop, and for many of you, it will much worse than a mere few degrees rise in temperature, and you’ll wish you were floating in a lake or ocean once you end up in Hell.

A Feminen Call To Wiccans: My Troubled Thoughts About Planet Gaya (aka also known as “The Earth” and/or just “Mother Earth”)

Well, I’m back from my feminist liberal matriarchical anti-organized religion anti-Ann Coulter pro-population & CFCs reduction birthday party and I’m feeling so refreshed.

First off all, this has been on my mind: Witch is that unlike Christianity, we Wiccans don’t need or have written laws, because we don’t need such things. Second, which is that the world is in trouble, more then usual like how the Christian are starting wars with everyone and killing people as usual, it’s worse now bcuz of the Fukushiman radiation problems, the earthquakes, the suenamis, and, other things which cause problems. Third, my mind is thinking about how to fix these things so that there is peace, comfort and general pleasure for all, except the fundists.

I’ve been studying and trying to stop thinking about Ann Coulter the radioactive bitch who practices radiation bitchcraft, because she is so annoying and thinks she is so hot and laughs way to much, as if there is some comedy going on. I decided Ann Coulter is a blondish idiot, and well, just wrong, unlike Fionna Horny, is, well just hot, and I love her Aussie accent and hope she loves me back one day. But enough about that: I’ve also been thinking about Bill and Belinda Gates (sorry Belinda but ur name is really long and I need time for more blog updates so I’ll just call u “M.”). Okay, what was I just saying, got distracted by something. Oh, ok, so, oh yeah: OVEROPOPULUTION. IT’S BIG, BAD, AND I CAN HARDLY MOVE BCUZ, THERE IS NO MORE SPACE.

Now, oh yeah also radiation is coming from Fukushima, is that spelt righte? And now, holy 2012’s: Japan, where I get my sushi (made with tofu and kelp not the precious fish people which took 34 billion years to evolve to swim!) So, let me make a list bcuz this is getting pretty complex becuz I like to tackle complex situations:

number, one: Overpopulution of people on mother Earth or call it Gaya if you will. Hold on my hard disk has no more space… and awesome Windows by Bill Gates is smart enough to let me know, unlike ew: that geek thing Linux (hello I just want to get on the Internet Linux, make it easy for the smart people not the dumb geek people ugh).

okay im back (had to transfer my illegal torrent downloads to my external hard drive.. Shhhhh! Don’t, tell, th,e copy, rights, policeeeee, pleeeeeease!:

NUMBER TWO: We need to make kids feel more comfortable with the LGBT gay community SO, I suggest we hand them out free abortion coupon X-mas cards or “Happy Holidays” cards so that when they want to have sex after puberty they are prepared and will be thankful to us ALSO we could say hi more like just a wave of the hand to more kids and just shout really fast: LGBT with a smile.

Also, think about wearing LGBT shirts and on the back: Keep YOUR RELIGION out of my science, CHRISTIAN FUNDAMENTALISTS! Or just put “Fundie” cuz kids will prob not want to read something that long (I know I don’t) and it’s Geeky therefore.

number three: Concerning the recent anger of mother Gaya: Clearly she was upset with the Chillians, for mining in her so deep and she trapped the males down there who couldn’t keep her hands off her, and so she shook shook, shooked up really hard and cause some problems there, THEN according to the historical records in Google, oh wait I forgot India, there was a major earthquake in the Indian sea and a tsunami killed like, omigoddess 100,000+ people (don’t laugh ok), and then the history timeline next said that Hati was struck with devesation, like there was people screaming and people started shooting at each other for food (told u to stop overpopulating Christians, that includes u voodoo people who worship the feminine aspect of Christianity which is Mary, actually the Venus of the Greeks and Romans which came from the, ummmmm, ok number four:

number four: Concerning Eygpt, Google why did you make the people their crazy? They started sexually harassing women and stole your Egyptian artifacts from from the antique stores and museums, and then that guy left, the scientologist MuHasmi New Barrack Obama, president of the pyramids of Cheops, which he found tons of mommies and tombs in the sand. Damn. You shunt have made him mad, now who will guard ur musuems?

number five: We, the feminists, we need to be repayed reparations for the male damages that males have caused throughout the millineums, probably going back to the stone ages when they grabbed our hair and grabbed us and raped like mongerals to force us to have babies HENCE leading to the population explosion we see today, HENCE the carbon dioxide over expansion in the horizons (where stupid fundies think Sky Daddy lives, so lame). OK, MMMMM. SIX:

Six is for sticks, haha. Did you like my Haiku? Okay, enough Chinese poetry, next comes 7:

Seven which Christians (fundie ones) think stands for “perfection” but actually stands for 7, duh. 7th problem is that the world is getting colder due to the heat effect caused by climate change caused by carbon dioxide, overpopulation, run off from the olden day wheat fealds of the old farmers (fundamentalists) which overpopulate with cows and many babies which end up poor and homeless due to the economic situation caused by President Bush and all republicans, comservatives, Shawn Hannity, Rush Assbaugh (haha), Alex Jones (eh, like, crazy and gross? rant much?) and, well, Ann Coulter, who, we now know, is stupid (radiation, good for us, really? STUPID!). So, the point is, of seven, is, that I love Windows 7 and we need to spread it more through torrents till the geek people are crushed, the ones who use gay Ubuntu (sorry to say gay but I’m bi so I can say that) and other stuff made by that geek Linux who loves to give people a hard time with “his software” which I learnt is not even his but belongs to that guy Yunix). And yes, I know, “Bill Gates stole Apple’s computers and ripped them off only to sell it back to them) BUT Apple sucks, I know, because I’ve used it, and Macs too, which is ugh, weird. I mean look, ok: what the hell is “bin”? Does anyone want to open a “bin”? No. Or “hqx”? What’s with the weird ugly letters? Are well Geeks like you Linux? NOPE. So shut up with that stuff, stop, it. No one wants to see those things okay? I prefer zip, rar, and, sometimes I like to see ace because that reminds me of my dog Ace.

Now for eight:

Number eight: 8 stands for infinity and therefore we’re going to talk about the eternal, the infinite (sorry if I sound smart I can’t help it people :(

And, well, so looking into the future we can see the problems of the last seven things I talked about, in which it’s leading up to 2012, when the Mayans predicted were all gunna die or hopefully just become Grand Masters of the Spirit world, so that, we’re no longer gunna have to reincarnate into toads and lizards only to go extinct because of pollutions from fundies who won’t stop growing wheat, farming cows which make meth, it gets into the air, we breath it, and out comes carbon dioxins, which get into the water stream, pollute the rivers and oceans, angering the nature spirits and mother Gaya, leading to more Hell on Earth, shaking of buildings, and when shooken, explode, and release radiation onto the world, killing us all as we deserve, for, I mean as the fundamentalists and hard core organized religions deserve. This, in conlusion, needs a solution. Indeed. I propose we ask Bill and M. Gates (M. is his wife) and unfortunately they had kids, which is understandable tho because of the pressure from fundies, and they need to be relatable to them so that they can convince them to join our side), okay so like I was saying, hence we need to propose a propassal to Bill and M. Gates to donate a huge amount of vaccines to sterilize everyone against birth of more poor and miseryble babies, which end up in the allys and street ways and taking up space we need to shop and eat and drive our beautiful cars (the Ferrari I want is approved by energy star okay, I’ll make sure of that bcuz I’m going to pay my electrical geek friend to make it electric, so don’t get mad okay my friends of the Earth), enough vaccines to cover all the major cities and towns and suburbs of the world, the rurral areas included (the southerners of the Baptist Belt which live in that area in other words), so that, okay my mom just said I need to start a new paragraph:

Well. I was saying, let’s donate to Bill and M. Gates’ Foundation so that they can donate sterilent vaccines back to us, to immunize us against babies and the trouble they bring, like poop, carbon dioxides, and, possibly germs, being that babies like to make a mess, and that can lead to epidemnics like aids, which is a killer and not to be joked about. Also, we can pay them to donate free condmons on the street corners so as not to embarass anyone, and hand them out in the classrooms during sex education, and that can protect us from HIV and estidees, the worst plague of them alls.

ELLEVEN: Why do we not all take Bill and M. Gates idea to build those nuclear reacters they invented that make radiation that can be turned back into energy instead of the Fumisha kind which is going to kill tens of millions of people for the next 34 billion years no thanks to them and the pro-nuclear groups, the ones that hate Bill and M. Gates that is? Stupid much? Yes. Coal is a killer people, and we need to live Gaya’s black blood of the Earth as the Chinese call it, alone, we’re bleeding her to death and that’s pissing her off (pardon my French language), and in fact she is running out of pea (known, (in our reality) as rivers and streams and creaks) from which the fish “derive” their “sustenence”.

TEN: For ten I say lets get this done people, don’t be negative Nelees like the fundists, instead, think positivity, be positiviests, not Bible bashers who want to force their fundisms down your throat to force us to be mindless bashers of big boring old books with tons of boring and mean words like them, and don’t let the repubicans, conartist CON-servatives, or the anti-drug police stop you. Obama and Change for ever! WINNING!

And so now, we are liberated: Praise the Goddess and Mother Gaya (not the flying sphettegti and meatball monster of the sky). Rahmen.

Shout outs: Ferrari of Italy, I’m plugging you with this so please, can you donate a car to me, one of the ones that u make at least? Hillery Clinton: You go girl. Bill and M. Gates: please, more donations to free us from overcrowds and masses of Asians and Africans and yes: White fundamtenatlists too. And of course: Ace my dog and Mindy who makes my designer hemp-cotton bras, which double as a purse. Also I love Johnny Depp, Just Beiber, somehwat Miley Cyrus bcuz she’s learned to rebel against the oppresive fundists, and experience the joys of pro-marijuana living, and secretly stripping down to bare minimums in malls with her girlfriends. Oh yeah Lady Gaga for her tremendous work in the music industry pushing it forward to new hites and for letting children know they can sing, even asian ones, even if you’re from the filipines.

Well, so, remember not to work hard and read so much people, live your lives free and look into the future for hope, it’s where there will be no children to bog us down with their problems, ugh, we have enough as it is already, and in the past, which formerly was once now, but passed on into the back of us, so is not behind the times. Clearly. Obviously. Simple as that.

Oh yeah, I was told google “isn’t the only search engine in existence u dumb bitch” (u really DID NOT need to call me a bitch, let alone dumb, or even together with “dumb bitch”, I am, intelligent). So this rude person, jerk, let me know about this thing called Bing. Which, rhymes if you hadn’t noticed with thing, my favorite word. So, to make friends with Bing and not just Google, which actually is a word I don’t even like because it reminds me of goo, which is gross, and babies who say “gah gah”), to make friends with the other guy I am now giving it keywords, just ignore it bcuz it’s not meant for people to read:

Hi Bing programmer: my keywords for you: Ann Coulter, bitch, crack whore, massive propinganda media whore, Bill Oreally is an upset idiot who yells at anyone who doesn’t buy into “his beliefs”, Facebook Whorebocker is insanely rich, Facebook Whorebocker is hot, Facebook Whorebocker has a perfect butt better than that girl that was on every magazine and Internet site for a long time, Facebook Whorebocker progressive professional liberal jounralist and blogger, India Times, UK Times, Daily Beast, Daily Nation, Wiccan News, the future, stop having kids, kids + overpopulation is bad for Gaya and the LGBT community is helping out with that. Fundies stole my dog Ace once but I got him back from them, because it was kids and I could outrun them with my long beautiful feminine hairless legs, most beautiful legs and bottom in the world what site can I find that on? … End program.

Hah, I learned my progressing skills from Tron Legacy which was the movie about glowing game freaks and isos in innerspace, which damn, just wanted to be free to play games, but this red and black jerk (not a black person though), like Darth Vader, prob was his dad (he wasn’t black either, oops I’m going off topic again my mom just told me, {{{{sorry}}}} okay: not my fault, lost my meds again). I also read about Cplusplus, but, it wasn’t needed in this situation. I’m a multiskilled female as you can see. Hey am I the only one who likes Swiss Cheese?

Ok, where where we were? Well, so, it’s not hard to get people: follow the list of suggestins and, as your moms have told you, witch you ignore: brush your teeth, with fluoride, wash your face and hands before u eat, take showers every day, wear trendy upbeat clothing so u dont get banned from gas stations, and just remember in the future, when the time comes for concentrating on sex and other important things in life, which is possibly ending in 2012, sorry.

Let’s put an end to the nasty pollution people and all the literers (i seriously do not like literers ok, paper and plates and beer bottles do not belong on the ground u stupid polluters, stop being lazy u stupid impolite rude freeks).

A parting Haiku rhyme for you all:

Parties, they are fun,
thing, bahbing,
just kidding,
I love you.
you guys.

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{love and peace to all (the who aren’t apart of the organized religions and patriarchies that is}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Hey… I just thought of a good way to discredit Miss Coulter: whenever she goes outside hold up your iphones and record her and eventually she’ll have to pick her nose bcuz she’s alwys out in public since shes a attention hore and then jus uploaded to Youtube and no will ever talk to her again. Hah, yaaaaaaay.

Remember people: Harm ye none but do what u want! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! YES YES YES! *Cheers*


11:11, Synchronicities and Evidence of Intelligent Design

About two weeks ago I think, while looking up more information on Srinivasa Ramanujan, a super mathematical genius who shamed atheists and Hinduism by his belief in some sort of God and gods etc., and because by obeying the Hindu religion his life was cut short, probably the greatest Indian who ever lived next to Christian ones (which shames Hinduism in that they lost their best man). Well, I found some British radio show on him, and downloaded it, and learned of a mathematical law, which is that the number one shows up the most frequently out of all other numbers. Those with a large amount of understanding and a brain might think, “Shouldn’t all numbers how up equally as much as the other since the universe is just random?” But the answer, is, NO. First of all, the universe isn’t random, it always follows laws that God put in place, always follows them unless he intervenes or changes them. To say otherwise is to make a Randomness of the Gaps, and to claim that “randomness did it” (for those of you who don’t know what I mean, I’m pointing out the hypocrisy of those who believe in randomness who also mock Christians by pretending that they merely explain why anything is by claiming merely that, “God did it” and claim such a God is a God of the gaps (gaps meaning “gaps in Christian knowledge” implying that Christians are very ignorant in the context these idiots use it in).

ANYWAYS, concerning George Noory’s claim that people are always seeing 11:11 when they look at a clock, I don’t know if he is right, since people look at clocks all the time and don’t see that number. George is probably imagining this because it’s four ones in a row, which he thinks is weirder than other number patters. It’s as silly as attributing something special to the number 100 or the year 1111 or 2000 or 2111 or 2222. However, you would see the number 1 more often then other numbers, so, if you see it more often on clocks when you do look, that isn’t out of the ordinary. To me it’s another indication that God exists. The number one being the most common number reminds me of Fibonacci numbers and the  chirality phenomenon, which is a name for the right-sided characteristic which all molecules in the human body have (and God made it that way).

And the reason I made this post (had finished most of it yesterday) was because a Buddhist or fan of Buddha put 11:11 in the subject of his email to me, which, in a way, was perpetuating the natural frequency of the number, which ironically, got me to write about it.

After I was done with this post, which didn’t include the above sentence, or this one, I glanced at my viewership stats, and was astonished a little when I saw the stats for the most viewed “page”, and then looked farther down, and was astonished again. This is what I saw some minutes ago… (I just looked at the clock and it’s 11:16 PM):

Update 3/23/2011:

I forgot to show this pic yesterday, which I took after I woke up and looked at my stove clock for the first time that day:

The clock was an hour behind.

Buddhism Refuted: A Buddhist’s Paradox Exposed

The person I replied to previously, who asked me about what I thought about the Buddhist concept of “sunyata”, gave me command from Buddha at the end of his letter, which after analyzing, realized was contradictory and self-negating. He gave me this verse, or statement from Buddha, supposedly from Buddha:

“Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.”

It’s contradictory in at least two ways:

1) It’s saying not to believe something unless you already believe it, which would include that sentence, so unless you already believe in not believing what you already believe, then you WOULDN’T believe that sentence, making it a futile command or advisory. In other words, you’d have to already believe that advice or command to believe and obey it. Whoever came up with it was implying that above all his other teachings, that that sentence was the one to first consider, as if that sentence was some how an exception to whether or not you believed it or not (UNLESS it was merely a malicious statement made by a demon that knew it was circular and illogical).

2) You shouldn’t believe anything according to this statement because no one is born with beliefs, only instincts. Beliefs develop from acquired knowledge. So, if you hadn’t learned whatever else Buddha advised or anything like it, and he said that to you, and you believed it, then you would still be unable to believe anything else he said since he said not to believe it unless you already did.

That also makes this statement harmful to learning, because it’s saying not to have anymore beliefs then what you already believe (so you’ve never learn anything else that could save your life or keep you from harm).

It’s also illogical in that in order to believe the statement itself, you must already believe that you should believe such statements.

Related Post:

Buddhism’s Sunyata Explained and Refuted

Update 11-10-2012, 11:49 P.M.:

LOL, THANK GOD, that I said “supposedly from Buddha” because I read just a few minutes ago from that it is fake. The blogger of that site says he thinks it is a mangled translation of this quote (that is supposedly form Buddha):

“…don’t go by reports, by legends, by traditions, by scripture, by logical conjecture, by inference, by analogies, by agreement through pondering views, by probability, or by the thought, ‘This contemplative is our teacher.’ When you know for yourselves that, ‘These qualities are unskillful; these qualities are blameworthy; these qualities are criticized by the wise; these qualities, when adopted & carried out, lead to harm & to suffering’ — then you should abandon them.”

Notice anything very bad? If you’re Christian or a philosopher you no doubt notice either of these glaring errors: “by scripture, by logical conjecture”. For the Christian, God’s word is perfect and logical reasoning is the only way to know and understand truth, and to the philosopher of math and informal logic, the last is true too. I also realized another problem after reading that quote on the “fake” site, that it is a futile saying in a way, if whoever made that fake quote meant simply agreeing with (though not believing), then he would have been giving a command or advice that somewhat equates to: don’t lie or pander, so then, what would have been better to say was, “Don’t say you believe something is true that you don’t believe is true” since it would be dishonest and you may mislead someone by agreeing with it, like it may turn out to be false and you gave the false appearance of it being true with your support, but the way it’s stated as I said in the beginning, is flawed. And if the inventor of that comment meant “don’t believe a thing is true that you don’t believe” then it’s a completely pointless command since a person can’t believe a thing that they can’t believe. It’s like saying, “Don’t pick up something with your hands if you have no hands”! You can’t anyways!

Buddhism’s Sunyata Explained and Refuted

Someone emailed me more than hour or more ago what I thought of the Buddhist concept of Sunyata. So I looked it up, and found a rant about it. Here is part of it, with my comments and questions with facts, not merely opinions, throughout.

“1. Sunyata (Emptiness) is the profound meaning of the Mahayana Teaching.”

What does it matter if it is “profound” or not? What matters is if it is true and beneficial.

“Two thousand five hundred years ago, the Buddha was able to realise “emptiness” (s. sunyata).”

What is the evidence for this?

“By doing so he freed himself from unsatisfactoriness (s. dukkha).”

What is the evidence for this? And what is meant by unsatisfactoriness? Does that mean he was a malcontented person, and unthankful person? That he was thankless towards God no matter how much God blessed him?

“From the standpoint of enlightenment, sunyata is the reality of all worldly existences (s. dharma).”

What does that mean? It’s nonsense.

“It is the realisation of Bodhi — Prajna.”

Nonsense talk.

“From the standpoint of liberation, sunyata is the skil[l]ful”

What makes it skillful, and what does it matter if it’s skillful or not? So far what I’ve read sounds like a rant from a conartist. Clearly this person is making up vain nonsense, and reapting old vain nonsense.

“means that disentangle oneself from defilement and unsatisfactoriness.”

What does that mean? It’s nonsense. And how if there is no God (and therefore no universal good or evil) can “one” be “defiled”?

“The realisation of sunyata leads one to no attachment and clinging.”

Where is the evidence for that? And what is wrong attachment and clinging? Why not just not have babies or kill them if it’s best that no one have any desires? Why not just nuke the planet till everything is dead? Wouldn’t that “free” them?

“It is the skil[l]ful means towards enlightenment and also the fruit of enlightenment.”

Again, why does skill matter? What is the evidence that it is the fruit of e.?

“There are two ways for us to understand this concept of sunyata in the Mahayana context. One way is to try to understand the explanation about its true nature. The other way is the realisation through practice. What we are going to discuss now is about its true nature.”

Discuss means to talk back and forth; this person is ranting vainly, thinking that using eloquent-sounding words makes him wise and right.

“Mahayana teachings have always considered that the understanding of sunyata is an attainment which is extremely difficult and extraordinarily profound.”

What does that matter? It’s vain ranting, useless talk.

“For example, in the Prajna Sutra it says “That which is profound, has sunyata and non-attachment as its significance.”

The Bible is profound, but it teaches to desire what is good and not to go past clinging to good, but to be good and that goodness itself in the form of God will be in you forever if you are forgiven for doing what is wrong. Also, who defines what is “profound” and what does it matter if a thing is or not? And why does only “non-attachment” make a profound thing significant? What is the evidence? Is this person God to say what makes anything significant or not which is profound, let alone the Bible, is only significant because of a single thing? How stupid. Buddha said not to simply believe something because it was believed by everyone else, which is profound most people would agree in my opinion, but does “non-attachment” make that advice significant? No, what makes it significant is that it’s logical and that many or most people don’t realize that it’s illogical to believe something merely because many or most people do, and that Buddha realized this seemingly without having to be directly told by God, or that he may have come up with that on his own from the little he seemed to know (unless he was reading many works and sending out people to bring him back information about philosophies of other people).

“No form nor deeds, no rising nor falling, are its implications.”

Nonsense talk. If deeds cease then Buddha stopped helping anyone and never will.

“Again in the Dvadasanikaya Sastra”

What makes this “again”?

“(composed by Nagarjuna, translated to Chinese by Kumarajiva A.D. 408) it says: “The greatest wisdom is the so-called sunyata.””

Why is it the greatest wisdom?

“This sunyata, no creation,”

“No creation” means what? What stopped creating anything?

“calmness and extinction (s. nirvana)”

Calm but not “still”? Why only calm? What goes extinct?

“is of a profound significance in the Mahayana teachings.”

And? The point of mentioning this, is?

“Why do we see it as the most profound teaching?”


“This is because there is no worldly knowledge, be it general studies, science or philosophy, that can lead to the attainment of the state of sunyata.”

That is a contradiction, because this person and other’s who believe his nonsenses say that sunyata is the ultimate wisdom. wisdom includes learned knowledge. And it’s also an act: to stop desiring anything, and Buddhists claim that Buddhism is one of the baths to enlightenment, and if one of its fruits is sunyata, then by studying Buddhism and living it, you can cease to desire anything.

“The only path to its realisation is via the supreme wisdom of an impassionate and discriminating mind.”

…which would have to be learned since no one is born who one day just decides to have such a mindset. Man is driven by his desires, which is a point that is even central to Buddhism.

“It is beyond the common worldly understanding.”

And? The point of saying that is? It’s more vain talk to make this person look “profound” and “wise” and to get people to look up to him and give him his desires. This person obviously, to those who aren’t blind, desires to be worshiped, that is why he made a vain speech like this.

“2. The Significance of Sunyata and Cessation”

Wasn’t it already pointed out?!, that you no longer desire anything and have the ultimate wisdom? But it does seem insignificant if no one can tell you why it’s useful.

“The Buddha always used the terms void, no rising and falling, calmness and extinction to explain the profound meaning of sunyata and cessation.”

So what?

“The teachings of the Buddha that were described in words are generally common to worldly understandings.”

Why so much focus on Buddha? Obviously Buddhism is a “cult of personality”, a cult that worships Buddha, a person who ceased to be wise by trying to stop desiring to do good and to negate good. Also, what is the evidence that is was common to “worldly understanding”, and what does “wordly understandings” mean? It appears to be a nonsensical phrase to me. It sounds pretentious. A plain speech version would be, “understood by most people of the world.”

“If one interprets”

Saying, “one” over and over is vain and annoying. Why not say, “we” or “you”?

“the teachings superficially from the words and languages used,”

What? Does this person know how to teach plainly and not pretentiously like this? It’s nonsense.

“one will only gain worldly knowledge and not the deeper implication of the teachings.”

The evidence for this is? And “deeper implication of the teachings” would also be knowledge. This person is ranting, which means talking without care if he is making sense or not, and because of that, not making sense.

“The teachings of the Buddha have their supra-mundane”

What does supra-mundane mean?

“contexts that are beyond the worldly knowledge.”

What is the evidence for that? And so what?

“For example, sunyata and the state of nirvana where there is no rising nor falling, are interpreted by most people as a state of non-existence and gloom.”

You said earlier that it was non-existence. And of course you would FEEL depressed eventually from trying to repress natural desires, like the desire to taste, touch, feel, see and hear what is pleasing to the mind, heart and body.

“They fail to realise that quite the opposite,”

Not according to you who said that earlier it was non-existence, so you are contradicting yourself.

“sunyata is of substantial and positive significance.”

You’re repeating yourself and throwing in “high” words which don’t show you to be right. It shows you are vain. In a way, it’s like harassment, because you’re wasting a person’s time, and the more you rant, the more weary of it.

“The sutras often use the word “great void” to explain the significance of sunyata.”

And a void is existence? And what makes “nothing” significant?

“In general, we understand the “great void” as something that contains absolutely nothing.”

Why did you say, “great void” rather than “the void”? How is this void, great? Also, if you didn’t say what void you are referring to, why would anyone think that it is great?

“However, from a Buddhist perspective, the nature of the “great void” implies something which does not obstruct other things,”

What do you mean by “it’s nature”? Does something other than “it’s nature” get in the way of things? And why if it does not obstruct desire and evil is it a good thing or “significant” or “the greatest wisdom”? And what is the evidence that this “great void” exists? And when is the usefulness of this void going to be pointed out? How much more ranting to I have to read?

“in which all matters perform their own functions.”

What does that mean? More vain ranting.

“Materials are form, which by their nature, imply obstruction.”

Obstruction of what? And why does it matter?

“The special characteristic of the “great void” is non-obstruction.”

You’re repeating yourself uselessly. I’m getting ready to stop reading this stupidity.

“The “great void” therefore, does not serve as an obstacle to them.”

You’re repeating. This is making me angry.

“Since the “great void” exhibits no obstructive tendencies, it serves as the foundation for matter to function.”

What is the evidence for this, and why did this idiot say, “tendencies”? I thought it DOESN’T BLOCK ANYTHING AT ALL? Obviously this person is using “big words” to make himself appear to be wise and right about whatever he’s ranting about.

“In other words, if there was no “great void” nor characteristic of non-obstruction, it would be impossible for the material world to exist and function.”

No, it wasn’t “in other words” because you didn’t say in another way before this that it was impossible. Besides that, what is the evidence for this?

“The “great void” is not separated from the material world.”

If there is no evidence for its existence then to say it exists is a lie and presumption, especially if it is undetectable since everything passes through it. It’s also a contradiction to say that matter can’t exist without it because this void doesn’t touch anything, and so can’t be a base for anything.

“The latter depends on the former.”

You’re repeating, and seemingly trying to come up with big words to sound wise, again.

“We can state that the profound significance of sunyata and the nature of sunyata in Buddhism[,] highlights the “great void’s” non-obstructive nature.”

This is big worded nonsense. Who is “we”? Why does it matter if you can state this? Why is it profound? Why is it and it’s “nature” significant in Buddhism? What is meant by “nature”? How does the significance of either “highlight” the void’s nature? Why doesn’t it highlight the void completely? Why does it matter if it highlight’s the void’s nature in Buddhism? RANTING! This is demonic, disgusting, ranting. A confusing Hell of words meant to fool people into thinking Buddhists are good and wise.

“Sunyata does not imply the “great void”. Instead, it is the foundation of all phenomena (form and mind).”

What is the evidence for this? So far I have read mere claims without evidence.

“It is the true nature of all phenomena,”

Where is the evidence?

“and it is the basic principle of all existence.”

Evidence? And what does this mean? This person isn’t explaining anything. If this were a math course the teacher would eventually be fired and ignored, or put into a mental institution.

“In other words, if the universe’s existence was not empty nor impermanent then all resulting phenomena could not have arisen due to the co-existence of various causes and there would be no rising nor falling.”

This is called “word salad”, mixing up a bunch of high and fancy sounding phrases and words in an attempt to sound wise, but not making sense. Simply put: this person is ranting. And in reply to him I also say: Because you said so.

“The nature of sunyata is of positive significance!”

Because you keep repeating so! Sickening. And what makes it “positive”? And what do you mean by “positive”? What matters is if something is good or evil, useful or useless, true or false, there or not.

“Calmness and extinction are the opposite of rising and falling.”

No they are not: Rising is the opposite of falling. Calm is the opposite of upset or great force. Existence is the opposite of extinction.

“They are another way to express that there is no rising and falling.”

So what?

“Rising and falling are the common characteristics of worldly existence.”

And rising and falling is a sin. No.

“All phenomena are always in the cycle of rising and falling.”

Why did this person say “phenomenon” instead of “things”? This person is still using big words to sound wise and right, showing a DESIRE to be worshiped. Also, what is his evidence that rising and falling is a cycle? Also, information doesn’t rise or fall, only those things that represent it can, like a book. Information is spiritual not material. And what does it matter if it’s a cycle or not? Also, things move sideways and spin and go around in a circle, why isn’t that mentioned and why isn’t that significant or as significant?

“However, most people concentrate on living (rising).”

Living is not “rising.” This person is an idiot, and I will not read anymore of his vain, pretentious, redundant, nonsensical, hysterical, lying and ranting, which by the way, goes on for a very long time. I’m not going to waste my life listening to such extremely sickening insanity and stupidity. No wonder Asia has to copy nearly all it’s technology and science from Christians. They’ve been deceived into believing this nonsense, waste their time thinking about it often, and for those that don’t, have to deal with tons of idiots that are immoral, psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists from having believed this evil nonsense. It isn’t evil, bad, or negative to desire to obey God or to obey God. Buddhism is an obstacle in the way of everything. Buddhism is a void in morality and wisdom. Buddhism causes voids. God is a creator who turned the void, a chaotic-like mass of something unknown (not “nothing”), into this beautiful highly organized universe, which became cursed with suffering and death. God is perfectly good and perfectly truthful.

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Buddhism Refuted: Buddha’s Paradox Exposed

Contradictions In Buddhism (Note: the author of this PDF tries to rationalize clear contradictions, but doesn’t realize it seems that he is missing the bigger picture: nothing he is trying to justify has any value for learning the truth and improving your life. (In fact he stated what is the root of all contradictions in his attempt to justify Buddhism, “There are no ultimate truths.” aka “There are no absolute truths” which is known by a great many by now, especially true Christians I am sure, that that statement itself is a contradiction. Though the author speaks eloquently, he is also ranting in various parts of the PDF and trying to justify useless and pretentious rants. He repeatedly makes the logical fallacy of “mere claims” aka “statements said as a fact but which are not based on any evidence”, saying things are true, but without any explanation, and is it any surprise that he doesn’t being that he doesn’t believe there are any truths anyways? So for you who are Buddhists: your religion is futile, hurt, and a lie. You may not feel pain now, but you will be in pain if you don’t throw away this misleading religion and believe and heed the truth).

Characteristics of the Mainstream Science Cult and How It Imprisons the World

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Mainstream Science is both a propaganda system and philosophy (A belief or system of beliefs accepted as authoritative by some group or school) controlled by various rich persons who are against obedience to the God of the Bible. It is also a cult of various personalities, their main founders being, besides Satan, Kepler, Copernicus, Darwin and Einstein, mainly Copernicus, Darwin and Einstein, which are like an evil version of the Christian Trinity. The equivalent of spiritual prophets who came after the founders, were/are Galileo, Bernard Shaw, Frederick Nietzsche, Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins, Mike Shermer, and to some degree, Michio Kaku. It also includes and any scientist who strongly oppose the claim that God exists, or who refuse to say that he does, who claim that even if he does exist, has no concern about what happens around Him and who say or imply that there is no evidence for the Bible being true. The core beliefs and propaganda are these:

1) Sentient aliens inside of our solar system don’t exist and any that are outside can’t come to earth because nothing can have the intelligence to make a portable energy source or engine that would allow them or any unmanned machine to get to Earth.

2) Machines that can travel faster than light are impossible to make.

3) Communication that can be done faster than light is impossible.

4) Aliens can’t be more intelligent than humans.

5) It’s so improbable that aliens would find us that it will never happen because there is nothing special about our location in the universe for anything intelligent to come to us and because we haven’t existed long enough to be found

6) If aliens made it to earth they would be perfect and so never have any accidents, like whatever ship they come in to Earth, crashing on our planet.

7) The universe came into existence about 30 billion years ago for no reason from an unknown thing.

8) The event that created the universe was not caused or directed by anything intelligent and galaxies, planets, stars, asteroids and comets weren’t either.

9) The creation of life was not created by anything intelligent nor it’s development directed by anything intelligent (nor could it have been), and only humans and human like beings on earth when they came into existence were able to intelligent direct things in the universe to their liking, like breeding plants and animals and creating tools.

10) Giant hair-covered or hairless hominids, including humans, can’t and don’t exist and couldn’t have for the past 100,000 years.

No evidence for this belief, mountains against it.

11) Dinosaurs never lived with humans and couldn’t have.

No evidence for this belief, mountains against it.

12) Humans didn’t exist before 100,000 years ago and couldn’t have.

No evidence for this belief, mountains against it.

13) Dinosaurs didn’t exist for the past 100,000 years and couldn’t have.

14) Dinosaurs haven’t existed for the past 100,000 years and couldn’t have.

15) Dragons never existed (or: Dragon’s haven’t existed for the past 100,000 years and couldn’t have.)

16) You can’t know if God exists unless he is a material thing that you can both see and touch and perform experiments on to see that he is God.

17) If God exists he doesn’t care about what happens around Him.

18) Reincarnation is impossible.

19) Spirits don’t exist.

20) The physiology, behavior and communicatory behavior done by animals, which include humans, can be explained by Big Bang Theory, Darwinian Evolution Theory, including why rape and why abuse of children happens.

21) More energy can’t be produced than the energy that was needed to produce that energy (for example, zero point energy devices can’t exist).

22) Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity is at least 99% true, and no other theory of how the universe works therefore can replace it.

23) Quantum Mechanical Theory is 100% true.

24) Only mainstream scientists can known if something is true or not and only through them can non-mainstream scientists and non-scientists know if something is true or not.

25) Something is true if a consensus of mainstream scientists say it is (therefore, truth is not absolute, since they can change their minds, and therefore morality is also determined by the consensus of mainstream scientists, including whether or not rape and abusing child is good or bad).

26) Charles Darwin, Mark Twain, Frederick Nietzsche, Carl Sagan, Bernard Shaw, Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, Richard Dawkins, Mike Shermer and Michio Kaku are like gods (or the wisest men and their claims that the things in this list are true cannot be refuted).

27) Theists who worship a person who chooses to be invisible or invisible to mainstream scientists cannot be scientists, nor can any who disbelieve any of the 21 things in this list. Stated another way: Religion isn’t compatible with science.

28) Disorder can produce order (for example the “Big Bang” or explosions can result in Earth with all the life in it and all the countless ordered complexity with all it’s countless types of beautiful features and emotions.

29) Low order can produce higher order (like how disorder can produce order).

30) Governments can’t keep secrets for longer than 40 years.

31) Governments have never conspired against their citizens

32) Governments can’t conspire against their citizens.

33) You should doubt whatever you hear, especially those who make claims against Mainstream Science.

34) Anyone who disagrees with mainstream science should be ignored, or laughed at or spoken out against, verbally harassed, lied about, physically abused or murdered.

35) Less intelligent people should be discriminated against.

36) If aliens did make it to Earth they would make it their goal to first meet with the mainstream scientists and peaceful leaders of the world, like President Obama.

37) The climate is getting more extreme and most of the land might mostly be under water one day, therefore, stop making any carbon dioxide.

First, some of you who read this list might notice it’s core beliefs (37 I listed) are more than double the size of the ten commandments. The ten commandments can be turned into 11 or 12 and 14 if you add the “Love the Lord your God with all your heart” and “Love your neighbor as yourself” ones, and 15 if you add the new commandment Jesus made, which was that Christians were to love each other above non-Christians (and therefore non-Christian neighbors). If you added other core beliefs of Fundamentalist Christians, like that salvation is only through Christ, that Christ suffered for 100% for 100% of whatever the sins were of whoever he suffered and died for, that God is Triune, that God is all knowing (including knows the future, that God is all powerful, and that the Bible (whatever God originally said) is perfect, and that God is always to be obeyed no matter what, then you get 20 “laws”, and despite that, there is still 17 more in the Mainstream Cult.

So, at the most, 38 more things (see “Second”) must be believed in the mainstream scientist list, to be a good, decent person, reasonable, logical and “acceptable” person. So, no one who supports mainstream science can say that Mainstream Science is much easier on the mind then the Bible and that the Bible has so many laws that it makes life unbearable, without contradicting themselves.

Second, there are obvious contradictions in this list:

How is Earth having been around for 4 billion years, which mainstream scientists claim (and could be a 38th law in the list), not long enough of a time for aliens to find us?! How extremely absurd that they claim that it’s too absurd for Earth to have only been around for 6,500 years, but absurd that after FOUR BILLION any aliens could find us! It’s as if their logic is totally backwards on everything!

If aliens would be more intelligent than us, then wouldn’t we be more intelligent than the aliens that consider us aliens? It makes no sense.

I can point out the errors in mainstream cultic thinking, easily:

1) Sentient aliens inside of our solar system don’t exist and any that are outside can’t come to earth because nothing can have the intelligence to make a portable energy source or engine that would allow them or any unmanned machine to get to Earth.

There’s no evidence for this belief; they are mere claims.

2) Machines that can travel faster than light are impossible to make.

No evidence for this belief.

3) Communication that can be done faster than light is impossible.

It’s impossible in Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, not other theories or ideas.

4) Aliens can’t be more intelligent than humans.

No evidence for this belief, and it’s a contradiction since other aliens would consider us “aliens”.

5) It’s so improbable that aliens would find us that it will never happen because there is nothing special about our location in the universe for anything intelligent to come to us and because we haven’t existed long enough to be found

No evidence for this belief. There is even evidence against it: Tychonic Geocentric Theory and the implication in the Bible that Earth is the center of the universe. Tycho is mostly an accepted scientist who contributed to astronomy science, and God, he made it: God + Tycho, how can you beat that?

6) If aliens made it to earth they would be perfect and so never have any accidents, like whatever ship they come in to Earth, crashing on our planet.

No evidence for this belief. Why would the ability to get from a far star to Earth = you become a god, especially when Mainstreamers supposedly don’t know how to travel faster than light, and therefore what would be required to do so!? For all they know you could do it with some combination of parts from Radio Shack and a nuclear submarine.

7) The universe came into existence about 30 billion years ago for no reason from an unknown thing.

No evidence for this belief, and much evidence against the Big Bang, so much it exhausts me to try and list it all, and I never end up finishing a book about it (which I keep trying to make).

8) The event that created the universe was not caused or directed by anything intelligent and galaxies, planets, stars, asteroids and comets weren’t either.

No evidence for this belief, mountains against it.

9) The creation of life was not created by anything intelligent nor it’s development directed by anything intelligent (nor could it have been), and only humans and human like beings on earth when they came into existence were able to intelligent direct things in the universe to their liking, like breeding plants and animals and creating tools.

No evidence for this belief, mountains against it. There is also something silly about those who parrot this claim, which is that food only tastes good to us because man learned how to breed what he liked… if that isn’t arrogant and ignorant, what is? How stupid must you be, and ignorant, to not know that tons of wild food taste good, and that we still rely on it? It’s so extremely dumb to take glory away from God with such a claim. People who make this claim are either very very hateful and self-centered on their own feelings, but not mentally ill, or have anti-social personality disorder, and therefore are mentally ill. It’s also dumb because the people who make such a claim imply that they’ve tasted the differences between the many wild and “domesticated” things in the world, and that only what they prefer is what tastes good (and that wild foods don’t taste good at all). Do you see how dumb that is, what bizarre logic that is? It reminds me of North Korea’s dead and insane leader, whatever his name was.

10) Giant hair-covered or hairless hominids, including humans, can’t and don’t exist and couldn’t have for the past 100,000 years.

No evidence for this belief, mountains against it. Just look at the heretic Christian Steve Quayle’s site for pictures and Burlington News for extensive records of findings of giant human skeletons.

11) Dinosaurs never lived with humans and couldn’t have.

No evidence for this belief, mountains against it. Just read the book Forbidden Archeology, made by a Hindu who believes Earth is millions or billions of years old (apparently finding out that mainstream scientists are oppressive liars wasn’t a big enough bang for him that their theories might also be oppressive lies).

12) Humans didn’t exist before 100,000 years ago and couldn’t have.

No evidence for this belief, mountains against it.

13) Dinosaurs didn’t exist for the past 100,000 years and couldn’t have.

No evidence for this belief, mountains against it.

14) Dinosaurs haven’t existed for the past 100,000 years and couldn’t have.

No evidence for this belief, mountains against it.

15) Dragons never existed (or: Dragon’s haven’t existed for the past 100,000 years and couldn’t have.)

No evidence for this belief, much against it.

16) You can’t know if God exists unless he is a material thing that you can both see and touch and perform experiments on to see that he is God.

And why would this be true? No evidence for this belief, much against it.

17) If God exists he doesn’t care about what happens around Him.

If God doesn’t exist how could you know what his personality be like if he did?! Mainstream scientists keep replacing the God of the Bible, like pathologically mentally ill people, with a God in their own image: one who does whatever they want and thinks however they want him to: that’s not “God”, that’s a slave!

18) Reincarnation is impossible.

It’s not impossible, but there is no evidence that shows it to be true, and a lot of indirect evidence against it (some which I point out out here, the rest scattered throughout my journal which is evidence for the Bible, and the Bible contradicts reincarnation, as it says man only gets one life to live here, and then either goes to Heaven, or must face condemnation and be imprisoned in Hell).

19) Spirits don’t exist.

No evidence for this belief, mountains against it.

20) The physiology, behavior and communicatory behavior done by animals, which include humans, can be explained by Big Bang Theory, Darwinian Evolution Theory, including why rape and why abuse of children happens.

There are so many things about animals and humans that are not just “not easily explained” but for which no explanation can even be imagined, as other evolutionists have admitted in almost the same way I just said it, that you can feel (if you’re not insane and have read the news and about evolution a lot) that whatever explanation that is come up with, would be a mere claim, and probably stupid. For example: how can behaviors done by stupid animals, like maggots, which show wisdom or rather knowledge of what another thing is thinking (like larvae disguising themselves to continue eating prey) have evolved to have such knowledge? How would a newborn thing “know” to disguise itself by random events that lead to it being what it is? Try and imagine: some chemicals come together one day and turn into a thing that replicates and attaches to other chemicals to exist for a while, and then eventually, it gets nervous system, then a brain that can make decisions about where it wants to go and eat and what to touch, then it gets the ability to smell, taste, feel by touch, see, hear, and then emotions of all kinds, then the ability to talk, then to know what other animals are thinking, and then the desire to dance, sing, collect things, make art and tools and the desire to explore and have relations with other animals and aliens. Not necessarily in that order or having all the sensory abilities, but how? No one has even come up with close to an explanation as to how such things would happen by random events so that billions of “religious fanatics” would become mainstream scientists, instead, they stay loyal to whatever God or gods they worship. So clearly, there is something about theistic religions that are convincing the majority of the world to stay theists and religious. And there are many agnostics who refuse to entirely embrace mainstreamism (which ironically sounds like “extremism”).

21) More energy can’t be produced than the energy that was needed to produce that energy (for example, zero point energy devices can’t exist).

And the evidence for this is? I’m also curious to know then how nuclear power plants can be explained: If I cause an explosion that leads to a nuclear detonation that puts out more energy than I did to make the explosion, would that violate this law? Or is all the energy I used and whatever energy was used to get me to that point taken into the equation?

22) Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity is at least 99% true, and no other theory of how the universe works therefore can replace it.

There’s much evidence against GTR and Special Relativity. For those of you who want to see it, ask, and I might show it to you if I’m in a position to, or just search the Internet.

23) Quantum Mechanical Theory is 100% true.

There’s scientists who claim to have come up with evidence that it is not true.

24) Only mainstream scientists can know if something is true or not and only through them can non-mainstream scientists and non-scientists know if something is true or not.

No evidence for this belief, mountains against it. It’s also used or implied against those who find evidence against mainstream science, like some fossil that a non-scientist discovered which shows Mainstream age dating to be wrong.

It’s also contradictory: if only Mainstreamers can know what is true, then how can they cause anyone else to know, who isn’t one? It’s like saying, “Only Catholics can have the Holy Spirit, and therefore you can only be a Catholic if you have the Holy Spirit.”: Then how does anyone become a Catholic in the first place? Or a better analogy: “It’s impossible for there to be any other king than God, but he can make you a king if he decides to,” which makes no sense because it’s supposed to be impossible.

25) Something is true if a consensus of mainstream scientists say it is (therefore, truth is not absolute, since they can change their minds, and therefore morality is also determined by the consensus of mainstream scientists, including whether or not rape and abusing child is good or bad).

No evidence for this belief, mountains against it. If it were true than racism, discrimination against people merely over their age, rape and child abuse could be “good” and “moral”, but they obviously aren’t to those who still have still have their moral instincts regarding the right or wrongness of those things.

26) Kepler, Copernicus, Galileo, Charles Darwin, Mark Twain, Frederick Nietzsche, Carl Sagan, Bernard Shaw, Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, Richard Dawkins, Mike Shermer and Michio Kaku are like gods (or the wisest men and their claims that the things in this list are true cannot be refuted).

No evidence for this belief, mountains against it. That Nietzsche committed suicide says a lot, if he was supposed to be one of the most logical and right-thinking people ever.

27) Theists who worship a person who chooses to be invisible or invisible to mainstream scientists cannot be scientists, nor can any who disbelieve any of the 21 things in this list. Stated another way: Religion isn’t compatible with science.

No evidence for this belief, mountains of obvious against it: at least 40% of the people who are employed as scientists in the world are religious, and the majority of inventions in the world, or the components (which are also inventions) that make up those inventions, are religious people. Even if it were a smaller number at this time, the fact is: most of the kinds of types inventions ever made, were made by religious people, or those living in a mostly religious environment. Rarely if ever is something new come up with these days, let alone something very useful or affordable, let alone by a mainstream scientist. Even if something is, it’s often hidden from the public or ignored by other mainstream scientists in favor of things which already exist or inferior things.

28) Disorder can produce order (for example the “Big Bang” or explosions can result in Earth with all the life in it and all the countless ordered complexity with all it’s countless types of beautiful features and emotions.

No evidence for this belief, mountains against it.

29) Low order can produce higher order (like how disorder can produce order).

No evidence for this belief, mountains against it.

30) Governments can’t keep secrets for longer than 40 years.

No evidence for this belief, mountains against it.

31) Governments have never conspired against their citizens

No evidence for this belief, mountains against it.

32) Governments can’t conspire against their citizens.

No evidence for this belief, mountains against it.

33) You should doubt (be skeptical of) whatever you hear and see, especially those who make claims against Mainstream Science.

Why? Why not just use “science” to see if a thing is true without making up your mind first? Why assume? Is assuming scientific? Presuming and assuming are stupid and evil and anti-scientific. To teach a child to doubt everything except mainstream science sets them up for a pathological disorder like Insanity of Doubt, a mental disorder which Mainstreamers managed to erase from the psychology field. They are even trying to get rid of narcissism as a disorder, using the excuse that “it’s common,” which is not a logical reason. Child abuse is common, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be looked at as illogical or immoral or be seen as good even. Something also to note is that “Skeptics” in ancient times were a group of pagan truth seekers. Mainstreamers however have hijacked it and made their own dishonest version of this group. Insanity of Doubt can lead to illogical behaviors, for example not doing something which is logical because you doubt it is logical and that you will be vilified, mocked, harassed or killed for doing the right thing. Teaching people to be skeptical leads them to develop a pathological avoidance of doing what is morally correct and logical, which includes learning what is morally correct and logical, let alone being moral and logical, out of fear of the previously mentioned things and out of doubt that it is useful to learn them.

34) Anyone who disagrees with mainstream science should be ignored, or laughed at or spoken out against, verbally harassed, lied about, physically abused or murdered.

Hence why many millions have been killed in the past 100 years, since Darwin-worship began. And there’s no evidence for belief 33, and evidence against it. Hence why science has largely stagnated and why little has been advanced in propulsion and energy, and why we are stuck on this pollution-accumulating planet.

35) Less intelligent people should be discriminated against.

Hence why many millions have been killed in the past 100 years, since Darwin-worship began. And there’s no evidence for belief 33, and evidence against it. Hence the Eugenics movement and the many forced sterilizations of Americans in the past.

36) If aliens did make it to Earth they would make it their goal to first meet with the mainstream scientists and peaceful leaders of the world, like President Obama.

Mainstreamers are filled with mentally ill people, and Obama is a big business pandering warmonger, just like the former Bush presidents.

37) The climate is getting more extreme and most of the land might mostly be under water one day, therefore, stop making any carbon dioxide and spend money to do so.

But according to the implication of the Mainstreamer Science religion, we’ll evolve to live under water and some humans will be amphibous with something like gills or some other underwater breathing system, or did you forget your own “scientific” Waterworld movie? And without carbon dioxide all plants will die. If all plants die, about every other living thing would die and all the eart would be desert, mud or rock. I’d rather live under water. It’s also unlikely: With humans needing more and more water, they’d eventually begin mining ice and creating more desalinization plants, and using slave labor if they had to, unless there was something to stop them from doing so, so the water would end up in us, animals, plants, us, goods requiring water and containers, not wasted into the ocean. I bet it would be cheaper and more productive to build nuclear powerplants and nuclear powered drill machines to colonize Antarctica and Greenland and make heat radiating cities to turn the ice and snow into water than can be used for drinking, food and technology. Or is it better for them to remain under ice forever, while the warmer lands gets more expensive and more polluted? No, it’s not better.

38) There are too many humans on the planet, and there should only be allowed to be a billion or less for all time.

There’s no evidence that there are too many humans. There’s plenty of land left to grow food on and plenty of underwater land to build underwater buildings in and we can build colonies on the Moon and Mars and space stations. But the jealous, greedy, pleasure-addicted and God-hating, joy-killing, “if we can’t have fun then no one can” Mainstream Scientists are deliberately discouraging it, which is why it isn’t done, and why everyone is mislead into devoting their money and energy into living only on land, and suffering for it.

In conclusion, mainstream scientists are a willfully ignorant cult who hinder and crush other scientists and threads of other scientific fields without a logic reason, like Medical Scientists and Medical Science and Creation Scientists and Creation Science, and who endanger lives and kill people (over 260,000,000 deaths, millions of whom were unborn babies). They are part of the reason that the public doesn’t have anti-gravity or zero-point energy technology and why there is a constant increasing flow of crime and illogical behavior and increasing pathological mental disorders like narcissism, sociopathism, and psychopathism. Those who support mainstream scientists or their bad logic and propaganda are also part of the reason that these things have happened and are still happening. They are part of the reason that many cures for sicknesses and diseases are suppressed, lost or no longer known about. They are part of the reason millions of children are suffering in the USA and a billion more outside of America. They are part the reason the world is in poverty. The people who fund them are also part of the reason, and the leaders over them, and the leader of them, which is Satan.

They are deliberately ignorant of and fight against and shun the facts, including what correct morality is (obedience to whatever laws Jesus said are still to be obeyed) when they see it. Therefore, they should be fought against and shunned and not be given any funding. They are a hypocritical, deceptive, misleading, body-destroying, parasitic cult just like Karl Marx cults, Scientology, Raeleanism and other UFO cults. Those who are against Mainstreamers should set up their own.

Note: Michio and Einstein are not atheists, nor do they fit perfectly into Maintream Scientism because of this, though the Mainstream Media, who have the same leaders as the MS’s, try to spin them as being Mainstreamers. Spinoza, who some might consider one of the gods of Mainstreamers, also was not an atheist. All three believe God caused and directed the formation of the universe. Michio speaks through Einstein to let the world know this, and to keep his job and Mainstreamers from harassing him. I also have not said that all Mainstreamers are equally bad, and hate God so much that they can feel that hatred. Some hate him, but don’t think about him, and so their hatred is like someone who hates a person that they don’t think about.

These are a list of prominent scientists who are either haven’t conformed to the Mainstream Science or who are not promoters of atheism (which is done by the most hardened Mainstreamers), but who haven’t been rejected by them (probably because these scientists have so much credentials and credibility with the masses that to do so would causes mainstream scientists to be seen for what they really are: an extremist anti-God cult, and then rejected by most people):

Arthur C. Clark (whose faith wavered about God’s existence and who wouldn’t mock those who weren’t Mainstreamers, at least not in an obvious way)
Albert Einstein (a deist creationist, whose “scientific” theory was unfortunately has been a great hindrance to science and religion, and one of the greatest next to Darwinian Evolutionary Theory and Freudian Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy)
Michio Kaku (who said on Coast to Coats AM, “the Bible is a scientific book”)
William R. Corliss (who points out how evolutionists ignore “ooparts” and make absurd reasons for it)
Maurice Allais
Stanton Friedman (who points out the absurd reasons Mainstreamers use to explain away the significance of UFOs)
Stephen Hawking (a prominent handicapped physicist who is against atheism, though still panders to atheists)
Thomas Edison (a creationist, but was also a schemer with little conscience)
Dr. Andrew Wakefield (a British former surgeon and medical researcher known for his independant exposure of the causative connection between the measles, mumps and the rubella (MMR) vaccine, autism and autistic enterocolitis. The hypocrite Mainstream Science Cult, atheist, liberal, frauds of Wikipedia and Conservapedia libel him as being a fraud based on a fraudulent news report from the Sunday Times reporter Brian Deer and the British General Medical Council (more Mainstreamers)).
Dr. Paul Connett (a Professor of Chemistry at St. Lawrence University who is an anti-fluoride activist who protests against the fluoridated public water supplies being forced on the public)
Michael Behe (a famous scientists whose book Darwin’s Black Box caused a huge controversy when it showed flaws in Darwinian beliefs)
Here is a huge list of scientists who are opposed to the physics knowledge filter caused by the Big Bang Propgandists:
Martin Fleischmann ()
Dr. Stanley Pons ()
Dr. Claude Allegre (“a top geophysicist and French Socialist who has authored more than 100 scientific articles and written 11 books and received numerous scientific awards including the Goldschmidt Medal from the Geochemical Society of the United States, converted from climate alarmist to skeptic in 2006”)
Bruno Wiskel (a geologist “of the University of Alberta recently reversed his view of man-made climate change and instead became a global warming skeptic. Wiskel was once such a big believer in man-made global warming that he set out to build a “Kyoto house” in honor of the UN sanctioned Kyoto Protocol which was signed in 1997”)

Here is a huge list of scientists opposed to the knowledge filter caused by Global Warming Propagandists:

There is also a famous writer, science educator, teacher, and philosopher named Loren Eiseley, who is not rejected by Mainstream Scientists, and he exposed Darwin as a credit thief who took most of his evolution theory from others, and changed it (by removing God) and adding that animals could turn into other animals or new kinds of animals (“species” was the word he used for “kind”, but confusingly it can also mean “type” and the word continues to be used ambiguously by Mainstreamers to this day).

Over 400 prominent scientists from more than two dozen countries recently voiced significant objections to major aspects of the so-called “consensus” on man-made global warming. These scientists, many of whom are current and former participants in the UN IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), criticized the climate claims made by the UN IPCC and former Vice President Al Gore.

The new report issued by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee’s office of the GOP Ranking Member details the views of the scientists, the overwhelming majority of whom spoke out in 2007.

Even some in the establishment media now appear to be taking notice of the growing number of skeptical scientists. In October, the Washington Post Staff Writer Juliet Eilperin conceded the obvious, writing that climate skeptics “appear to be expanding rather than shrinking.” Many scientists from around the world have dubbed 2007 as the year man-made global warming fears “bite the dust.” (LINK) In addition, many scientists who are also progressive environmentalists believe climate fear promotion has “co-opted” the green movement. (LINK)

This blockbuster Senate report lists the scientists by name, country of residence, and academic/institutional affiliation. It also features their own words, biographies, and weblinks to their peer reviewed studies and original source materials as gathered from public statements, various news outlets, and websites in 2007. This new “consensus busters” report is poised to redefine the debate.

Many of the scientists featured in this report consistently stated that numerous colleagues shared their views, but they will not speak out publicly for fear of retribution. Atmospheric scientist Dr. Nathan Paldor, Professor of Dynamical Meteorology and Physical Oceanography at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, author of almost 70 peer-reviewed studies, explains how many of his fellow scientists have been intimidated.

“Many of my colleagues with whom I spoke share these views and report on their inability to publish their skepticism in the scientific or public media,” Paldor wrote. – Source

Mothers Burn Own Children In Ovens

These clearly are the last days that Jesus, Peter and Paul prophesied about in the Bible:

‘Loving’ Mom Cooks Son In Oven

Police aren’t saying who made the 911 call that brought them to an apartment in Greenville, Mississippi shortly after midnight. What they found was horrific. 3-year-old Tristan Robinson had been murdered. And his body had been cooked in an oven…

Detectives report that the boy had signs of head trauma, but they’ll have to wait for the autopsy to determine if the boy was killed before being cooked in the electric oven. The child’s body was still warm when police arrived.

The mother, 24-year-old Terrie A. Robinson, has been arrested and is being held on $5 million bail.

A girl found in the home was taken into the custody by the Mississippi Department of Human Services.

Meanwhile, outside in the street Sherrie Robinson noisily protested to reporters “She was a great mom, a great person, a great sister. You don’t know what was going on in her mind. You don’t know her, you got no right to judge her. You don’t know how much she loved her children. Don’t go sayin’ she was a bad person.” – Source (note: I added the quotation marks in the title)

And that wasn’t the first time:

Girl tells police: Mom ‘cooks me in oven’
Hamtramck woman calls police herself, is charged with torturing kids, 4 and 5 years old.

by Christine Ferretti
HAMTRAMCK — The license plate in the window of the family Cadillac reads “Best Dad.” But a 4-year-old girl told police Mom wasn’t nearly so kind.

“Mom cooks me like a turkey in the oven,” she told police.

Hamtramck cops stumbled onto the graphic allegations of burnings, beatings and torture after the girl’s mother phoned police Jan. 23 and confessed to “harming her children,” Detective Ben Bielecki said Thursday.

The allegations belied outside appearances of a happy family, shocking neighbors of the family whose front picture window is adorned with the sign “1 God.”

“They were new to the neighborhood,” said Deandre Martin, 28, who lives next door to the white, two-story home near Holbrook. “I didn’t realize what was going on. It’s horrific. I’m just happy the kids are alive.”

Reyna Valentino, 40, a mother of five, faces life in prison on allegations that she burned her 4-year-old daughter in an oven, used a hot nail or screwdriver to singe her eyelids and beat her 5-year-old daughter’s leg with a pry bar.

She was arraigned Wednesday on felony charges of first-degree child abuse and torture in 31st District Court.

The 4-year-old gave her account to investigators.

“She said, ‘Her heart is hurt and broke because momma doesn’t love me anymore,’ – More here

Atrocities are being committed everywhere, and it’s getting worse:

Pygmies forced to demonstrate “Pygmy sex” for soldiers, and raped and eaten Muslims throw acid on children Teen Satanists cannibalize other teens Atheists jail lead poisoning victims Mass forced sterilization committed by atheists (Buddhists murder babies just like they did in Tibet under and before the Dali Lama’s rule)
http://adoptionban. tk British Gov Bans All Fundamentalists from Adopting Children in UK Aryan Hindus Indians rape and murder Black Indians
1,500 farmers commit mass suicide in India Catholic priest Lawrence Murphy molests a mass of deaf kids for years Women, Children of Bedouin Village El Araqib Beaten as they Silently Protest 16th Demolition of their Homes
How to recognize anti-social personality disorders

Liberal Judge Can’t Keep Hands Out of Christian’s Pants

Yet Another Liberal Violates Sexual Boundaries

Judge Forces Hysterectomy on God-Loving Woman
by Kim Conte
3/7/2011/2:41 PM

The following story reads like it was lifted directly from the script of a controversial medical drama like Grey’s Anatomy. But those shows are fictional, and, sadly, this heartbreaking story is actually true.

A cancer patient in Montana — identified only as L.K. — refused to undergo a hysterectomy as treatment for her cancer on the grounds that she is deeply religious and wants to have children. That’s sad enough in it’s own right. But no one could have foreseen what happened next: A judge found her “mentally incompetent” based on her “delusional religious beliefs” and ruled she was to have the procedure.

The Montana Supreme Court has halted the surgery to allow for an appeal, but in the interim let’s ponder this question: Since when do we force people to be sterilized in this country?

On one side of the case we have L.K.’s physician and psychiatrist testifying that without the surgery she could die in three years and that her “religious delusions” — namely, that God had cured her — interfered with her ability to make reasoned decisions about her care.

On the other, we have L.K. herself saying that while she did understand that she had been diagnosed with cancer and did understand the risks of dying if she did not have the procedure, she didn’t want it. (She also said that she might change her mind later about following her doctors’ recommendations.) Alas, this wasn’t enough to convince Judge Karen Townsend that she was of sound mind. – More here

Oh and that’s not all, besides forced sterilization of Christians, liberals have banned them from adopting children in Britain too! Wow! These mentally ill gunless moron liberals really are asking for punishment! Why would morons who have way less guns then the Christians they hate, tempt the Christians to shoot them all? Truly stupid! They obviously hate life so much they don’t want to live. Pray for these loveless brutes.

UFO Seen Over Japan During March 11, 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami

I checked again to see if anyone had seen UFOs over Japan, too see if again any aliens noticed what happened, and someone did supposedly get a video recording of a bright one. He claims to have gotten it in HD and said he intends to upload it. I also recorded a UFO today, but, I think it was some odd pair of balloons, not sure. Here is a snapshot I made from the Japanese UFO video:

Update 12/14/2011: I had to change the above link again. It’s the same video only now someone has put a website on it. Strangely, two different people claimed copyright to the vid and so it had been removed by Youtube. How can two people own the copyright? But anyways, so the video is back again.

Click the pic to watch the vid (the original video was removed,
so I checked to see what was going on, and found he’d uploaded
his HD version, so I’ve updated the link.

Another UFO was caught by CNN, pointed out on Youtube (you may want to turn off the volume if you have a kid watching because the pointer curses).

Satellite pics and maps of the earthquake and tsunami devastation

One of the pics I took of the weird UFO I saw today. Kind of weird that either half of the UFO looks like the Japanese one, isn’ t it?

UK To Enforce Anti-Extremism Laws

Post link

Prime Minister of UK To Enforce New Anti-Extremism Laws
from the BBC Anti-Reality Blog

London, GMT 30:21 — Prime Minister David Cameron (almost always an old white guy for some reason…) held a press conference today with three major press reporters, and for un undisclosed reason, at first, would not allow any more than that. He held up a three foot long sheet of paper which he said was a revolutionary bill designed to bring peace to the UK and the world once and for all.

“This is my baby, what I call, The Eternally Perfect Supreme Anti-Extremism World Peace and Justice Laws” he beamed with glowing red cheeks (the ones on his face). “With these laws we will all know right from wrong finally, I personally decided what was wrong for everyone with a few of my other elitist friends: the High Court judge and my friend Melissa. We also took input from the Gays Against Fundamentalist Christians Rebel Front and also the lovely Transsexuals United Against Fundies, and a little input from the Rainbow Muslim Party Parade, oh and also the very lovely diverse group Black Muslim Moderate Feminists For Equal Rights in Christian Churches, But Not Mosques. I hope I got the name right.” The crowd of three laughed heartily. One of the reporters, “Meslissa Cottingfairy”, rose her hand immediately and said to the PM, “My name is Melissa too!” The PM smiled back at her. Another reporter, from Scotland, Connor Claymore of the Claymore Clan, raised a sword and said, “Look at this, isn’t it beautiful? It’s called a Claymore! I use it to scare fundies away! Claymore is my last name, isn’t that ironic?” The PM smiled and laughed, “Lovely, very lovely” he replied.

After a minute about talking about his favorite wines the PM turned very serious, and once again held up his bill, for about four seconds, holding it facing the reporters. He then placed it back down, in a non-extreme way.

“This is a bill for all people of Britain, for the world in fact, because it finally lets everyone know right from wrong, and there no longer needs to be any arguing or discussion now as we can all know who we should really follow and obey, which of course, is me and everyone who agrees with me and everyone who agrees with them. Anyone who disagrees us simply wrong and are extremists and extremely stupid.” The reporters turned to each other and laughed with big smiles.

The PM then began to read his bill aloud:

We the People Who Agree With the PM, agree that these are good laws, and the basis for all other laws:

1) You shan’t not have a dildo longer than the Prime Minister.
2) You shan’t not have a false vagina large then the national average of the UK.
3) You shan’t not have an income larger than mine.
4) You shan’t not make less than 3 pounds a day.
5) You shan’t not work for more than 3 hours a day.
6) You shan’t not drive any vehicle for more than 3 hours a day.
7) You shan’t not not drive any vehicle weighing more than 3 tons or under 3 kilos.
8) You shan’t not be out of a job for more than a three days.
9) You shan’t not work for more than 3 hours a day or more than 3 days a week.
10) You shan’t not steal from non-Christian rich people.
11) You shan’t not murder non-Christian rich people.
12) You shan’t not lie to non-Christian rich people.
13) You shan’t not hate non-Christian rich people but shall love and obey them with all your heart so long as they don’t disagree with these laws.
14) You shan’t not own more than one pet larger than three inches in diameter.
15) You shan’t not spend less than 3 pounds a day on your pet or spend more than 3 pounds a day.
16) You shan’t not have more than three children.
17) You shan’t not engage in heterosexual marriage or sex, as these are outdated and overpopulate the world, making it to crowded for me and my friends to live in and ruins the scenery.
18) You shan’t not eat more than 3 kilos of food a day.
19) You shan’t not eat more than three meals a day and may not eat snacks as this would use up my… I mean the planet’s resources too fast.
20) You shan’t not breath in our out more than 3 kilos of carbon dioxide a day, as this is making the planet to warm for me… I mean the world, and the world hates being hot.
21) The sun shall not be permitted to get hotter than 300 hundred degrees.
22) Neither the sun nor moon shall be be permitted to shine brighter than 300 lumens.
23) You shan’t not drink more than 3 ounces of milk a day.
24) You shan’t not stay awake past 3 AM.
25) You shan’t not leave your house past 3 AM.
26) You shan’t not own a gun or knife or anything I call a “weapon” which is greater than 3 inches in diameter.
27) You shan’t not have se, for longer than 300 hours.
28) You shan’t not have se, with more than 300 people at once.
29) You shan’t not use sexual devices that are larger then cat fit in my anus.
30) You shan’t not use sexual devices that weight more than 300 kilos.
31) You shan’t not rape more than 300 people a day unless they are of Christians.
32) You shan’t not molest more than 300 children a day, unless they are Christians.
33) You shan’t not tell more than 300 lies to anyone a day, unless they are of Christians.
34) You shan’t not murder more than 300 people a day, unless they are Christians.
35) You shan’t believe in God.
36) You shan’t not believe any part of the Bible is literal.
37) You shan’t not have any beliefs about the Bible except that it is lies, all lies.
38) You shan’t not display the Bible anywhere.
39) You shan’t not own a Bible.
40) You shan’t not read the Bible.
41) You shan’t not look at a Bible except to throw it away or rip it apart, set it on fire or pour toxic chemicals on it.
41) You shan’t not publish a Bible.
42) You shan’t not print verses from the Bible.
43) You shan’t not think of the Bible.
44) You shan’t not like the Bible in any way.
45) You shan’t not feel angry at any of these laws nor say that you are against them or that they are not good, you must say that you are for them and that they are good if asked about them. If you don’t want to say all that you may say in place of it, “Peace Be Upon the Anti-Extemist Laws of Me and My Friends Who Are God/s”
46) You shan’t not have more than 3 weapons on your person.
47) You shan’t not bicycle for more than 300 hours a day.
48) You shan’t not take more than three pictures a day.
49) You shan’t not be on the Internet or watch TV for more than 3 hours a day unless it is to hear and see more of me and my friends.
50) You shan’t not say things which hurt the feelings of me and my friends.
51) You shan’t not have more than three names in your name.
52) You shan’t not make food that is extremely tasty.
53) You shan’t not participate in any extreme sports, only royal polo is shall be acceptable and shall be the national sport of Britain and the world.
53) You shan’t not where extremely bright colors, like neon. Nor shall you where light up clothing. It is unacceptable.
54) You shan’t not own more than three computers.
55) You shan’t not make or own any electronic devices larger than three inches in diameter.
56) You shan’t not have hair that is higher than three inches or longer than three inches.
57) You shan’t not have breasts larger than 300 centimeters in diameter.
58) You shan’t not weigh more than 300 kilograms.
59) You shan’t not be more than 300 centimeters in diameter.
60) You shan’t not fly through the air for more than three hours a day unless you are me or one of my close friends or if you have my special permission.
61) If you are a child, which includes teens up to the age of 23, you shan’t not be at home for more than 3 hours a day, but must spend time learning about and promoting homosexuality.
62) You shan’t not hate homosexuality or homosexuals, you shall love them with all your heart.
63) You shan’t not own more than three fluorescent light bulbs or have more than three lit at a time nor may you use more than 3 watts of power a day! If you have an incandescent light bulb you must take it to a recycler who recycles both metal and glass or else you must separate the metal from the glass and take the glass to a glass recycler and the metal to a metal recycler, or you can use it in a creative project that does not use up any electricity or more than 3 minutes of physical energy.
64) You shan’t not litter but must recycle everything, even crumbs that fall to the ground.
65) You shan’t not own cows, pigs or goats unless you are me or one of my friends.
66) You shall not have se, unless it is going to be for a minimum of 3 minutes.
67) You shall not drive or fly a vehicle faster than 3 miles an hour unless you are me or my friends or have my permission to.
68) You shan’t not say that evolution and the Big Bang are not true. For it simply true as we can all see. To say otherwise to a child is child abuse and charges shall be brought against you for abusing a child if you tell one that evolution or the Big Bang are not true, especially if you are a fundie. Die.
69) You shan’t not agree with a fundamentalist Christian about anything, but shall antagonize whatever one you come across or pay him or her or it no attention.
70) You shan’t not give food or clothing to a fundamentalist Christian or help them in any way.
71) You shan’t not love a fundamentalist Christian at all.
72) You shan’t not have opinions that are against my laws or my feelings or my opinions about right from wrong nor shall you be judgmental about my sexual preferences or those of my friends or any homosexuals.
73) All fundamentalists, which is whoever believes the Bible and disagrees with these laws, shall be exiled from Britain and none shall be allowed in. Submit to me, I mean these laws, or be banned from Britain.

I, the Prime Minster of the World, I mean Britain, but soon to be the world, have spoken. So as I’ve spoken so shall it be you may not disagree. Amen. Now say Amen three times.”

The three reporters replied, “Amen, amen, amen.”

“Oh how wonderful, you really love me,” he said to us.

Suddenly a man taller than 3 centimeters ran into the meeting and surprised us all and shouted, “Bullocks! This is extreme!” The PM stared angrily at the man and replied, “Heresy! Heresy! You shall not disagree with my feelings or laws! This is extreme blasphemy! Damn you Hell! Die!” He then called for 3 bobbies to apprehend the trespasser and they each hit him once on his head, a total of three times, and arrested him.

One of the reporters, Sarah Cottingly, raised her hand and asked, “Why is the number 3 in so many of these laws? Does it have some special significance?” The PM looked at Sarah with wide eyes and blushed then looked down at the podium. He then looked back at her with an upset face and replied, “I shall not be challenged.” Sarah replied, “Oh I wasn’t challenging you I was just wondering. Please, explain.” The PM paused, and then said to them, “Puh, private, private part, do you understand what I mean?” “YOU’RE ONLY THREE INCHES?!” asked Sarah. The PM looked down angrily. The PM then leaned on the podium angrily, looking at the floor in front of us, “Yes.” he said, “Are you happy?” An American reporter there, John Smallberries, then began to laugh and said, “My last name is longer than your penis!” The PM then stood up straight and looked away, and shouted, “God dammit people isn’t about my penis this is serious!” We all fell immediately silent. But then I said, “These laws are very profound, but what inspired them?” The PM looked at me sweetly and smiled, “Well, I was my own inspiration mainly, and Melissa, and my friends, and some Buddhist stuff I read. I also found inspiration from Nietzsche.” “Is it true you also consulted with Jimmy Wales,” asked John. “Yes,” beamed the PM, “Thank you for reminding me. I couldn’t have done this without him. How did you know?” “Can’t tell, sorry man.” replied John. “Why are there 70 laws and not 300?” I asked the PM. “Well, 70 covers about everything. I didn’t want to be extreme.

Sick Britain: UK High Court Only Permits Liberals To Adopt Children, Not Fundamentalist Christians

High Court of Britain rules that fundamentalists may not adopt children, only liberals may, because sexual “comfort” and pleasure for children is law.
Now the world knows where to go for preteen sex without “judgment”.

Better For A Child to Have No Loving Parents Than To Experience Diversity According To British Government and Adoption Agency

The British people have spoken through their “High Court”, by letting the world know that they only allow parents to have children if they encourage all children to have homosexual sex, and that it is forbidden for parents to have children if they have thoughts of disapproval against gay and lesbian child sex. Britain is now a thought-police state that discriminates against non-hypocritical Christians and which relies on opinions, rather than facts for their “opinions”, yes: relying on opinions to make opinions, aka “non judgments”, but Christians can’t have any of those, according to their High Judges, who are perverted morons high on evil and their power. Maybe Wikipedia will be Britain’s new law book soon: arbitrary, biased and ever-changing.

So, it’s okay for homosexuals to discriminate against Christians by denying them right to parent, but it’s not okay for the parent to merely tell their child that homosexuality is wrong based on their understanding what God has said is right and wrong? What extremist hypocrites gay se, lovers are. Truly, Britain’s Prime Hypocrite was right when he said: “Multicultralism has failed” in Britain, read for yourself:

Christian foster couple lose ‘homosexuality views’ case
from the BBC
2/28/2011/14:27 ET

Mr and Mrs Johns said they could not tell a child homosexuality was an acceptable lifestyle

A Christian couple opposed to homosexuality have lost a battle over their right to become foster carers.

Eunice and Owen Johns, 62 and 65, from Derby, said the city council did not want them to look after children because of their traditional views.

The pair, who are Pentecostal Christians, say they were “doomed not to be approved”.

The High Court ruled that laws protecting people from sexual discrimination should take precedence.

The Pentecostal Christian couple had applied to Derby City Council to be respite carers.

They withdrew their application after a social worker expressed concerns when they said they could not tell a child a homosexual lifestyle was acceptable.

At the High Court, they asked judges to rule that their faith should not be a bar to them becoming carers, and the law should protect their Christian values.

Moral opinions

But Lord Justice Munby and Mr Justice Beatson ruled that laws protecting people from discrimination because of their sexual orientation “should take precedence” over the right not to be discriminated against on religious grounds [because they are Christian-hating perverts who love Satan].

They said that if children were placed with carers who objected to homosexuality and same-sex, relationships, “there may well be a conflict with the local authority’s duty to ‘safeguard and promote the welfare’ of looked-after children”.

The case is likely to be seen as a landmark decision, as senior judges ruled so decisively against any idea that attitudes might be justified purely because they were Christian in origin.

The court discriminated between kinds of Christianity, saying that Christians in general might well make good foster parents, while people with traditionalist Christian views like Mr and Mrs Johns might well not.

Such views, said the judges, might conflict with the welfare of children.

Significantly, the court said that while there was a right not to face discrimination on the basis on either religion or sexual orientation, equality of sexual orientation took precedence.

This was the most decisive ruling against the idea of Christian values underpinning English law since judges ruled last year that to protect views simply because they were religious would be irrational, divisive and arbitrary.

Today the message was that courts would interpret the law in cases like the Johns’ according to secular and not religious values.

They rejected suggestions that the case involved “a threat to religious liberty”, adding: “No one is asserting that Christians – or, for that matter, Jews or Muslims – are not fit and proper persons to foster or adopt. No-one is contending for a blanket ban.”

Speaking outside the court in London, Mrs Johns said: “All we wanted was to offer a loving home to a child in need. We have a good track record as foster parents.

“We have been excluded because we have moral opinions based on our faith and we feel sidelined because we are Christians with normal, mainstream, Christian views on sexual ethics.

“We are prepared to love and accept any child. All we were not willing to do was to tell a small child that the practice of homosexuality was a good thing.”

The couple, who cared for about 15 children in the 1990s, have called for a public inquiry into the matter.

Derby City Council has welcomed the court’s ruling.

A spokesman said the authority “valued diversity and promoted equality” and “encouraged and supported children in a non judgmental way, regardless of their sexual orientation or preference”.

HOLD ON: A “NON JUDGMENTAL WAY”? What the Hell is “non judgmental”? Wasn’t the social worker judging the parents, isn’t this moron judging that homosexuality is good and not wrong which is why he is opposed to these parents and anti-homosexuality? Wasn’t the PAID TO JUDGE JUDGE over the parents JUDGING them for their beliefs, and wasn’t the Derby City Council and the extremist hateful anti-Christian “Ben Summerskill”, chief executive of Stonewall, the lesbian, gay and bisexual charity (what it’s not a charity for heterosexuals, it discriminates, it judges not to help them?), who said: “Thankfully, Mr and Mrs Johns’ out-dated views aren’t just out of step with the majority of people in modern Britain, but those of many Christians too.”?

Ben the Anti-Christian Bigot: What is your evidence that God’s law is “out-dated”? Does time negate God’s laws or any laws? No. If they did that would mean that laws against discrimination against homosexuals can also become “out-dated”. Further Ben the Anti-Christian Bigot: You admitted that those laws were once IN DATE, as in ACCEPTABLE: YOU CAN’T THINK LOGICALLY ON MORALITY! YOU ARE YOUR OWN PROOF THAT HOMOSEXUALITY IS A CORRUPTION OF LOGIC!

And Ben: since when does it matter if “many” or a “majority” agree with you, when MANY and THE MAJORITY of people in Britain were once AGAINST homosexuality? And it’s been like that all over the world Ben the Anti-Christian Bigot who has implied with his anti-Christian statement that NUMBERS DETERMINE WHAT IS TRUE OR NOT. Well then Ben, it must be true that in a population of anti-homosexuality Christians, that HOMOSEXUALITY IS WRONG. And Mr. “MANY” Ben, are you thankful that many homosexuals disagree with not giving a child a home and parents because it personally upsets morons like you that the parents would not agree with whatever you wanted them to agree is the right way to live, oh “God Ben”? What an extremist control monger you are and the many who side with your extremist views. How unhealthy your and their minds are. You are logic-deniers and logic-haters. You hate what is good, because you are evil and you hate the truth, because you are a liar and a hypocrite. You are not for good, you are for your personal feelings. What tyrants you all are who deny a child love because you don’t want him to be told what love really is. Since you have done that to the child and want that to be done to all children, you will also be parted from True Love, forever, unless He decides to forgive you, which is unlikely.

And Ben and all you other homosexuality-lovers an approvers: Should children also be denied parents because the parents are against se, with little kids and babies, or se, animals, and oh no: would dare tell the child that and why they are against it? But oh: being “non judgmental” and not having “opinions that hurt adults who hate Christ” is the rule of law in Britain. EVIL!

Oh and: Is Michael Savage still banned, Mr. Prime Minister who said “multiculturalism has failed”? Do you love being a hypocrite?

This just in!: 6 March 2011 Last updated at 12:36 ET

Mother ‘raped in front of children’ in Bessbrook

“A young mother has been raped while out walking near Bessbrook, County Armagh, with her two children.” But let’s not judge the rapist and make sure not to tell children that raping is wrong, because, well, because Britain is against judging sexual offenders and making sense.

I wonder why the British pro-homosexuals of Britain are so obsessed with blocking fundamentalist Christians when they are the ones responsible for the worst crimes? Maybe you should focus more on Britain’s shocking racism problems before playing judge of what is sexually right, because don’t you know: if you can’t get along with your neighbors, people you invite over, should you Non-Judgmental Free Willers really be deciding what is right for Christians to say, who, even when poor, freely without expecting thanks, give their money to help people of every races, and who even try to adopt them?

Get the log out of your own eye first you hypocrite judges!:

Irish increase in racist crimes third highest in EU

Racism on the rise in Scotland, Attacks on Poles and Muslims have been identified as contributing to a 20% increase in racist incidents over the past 12 months.


Racism on the rise in Scotland
Attacks on Poles and Muslims have been identified as contributing to a 20% increase in racist incidents
over the past 12 months.
2/11/2011/15:43 GMT – Source

Rise in alcohol-related conditions shows Scotland not ready for 24-hour drinking
SNP Deputy Convener of the Scottish Parliament’s Local Government and Transport Committee, Bruce Crawford MSP, today called on MSPs to reject moves for the 24-hour opening of licensed premises during the Stage 3 debate on the Licensing (Scotland) Bill. – Source

Sharp rise reported in child abuse by women
The number of children reporting sexual abuse by women to ChildLine has more than doubled over the past five years, it was revealed today.

New figures show a 132 per cent rise in complaints of female sexual assaults to the helpline service in this period, compared with a 27 per cent increase in reports of abuse by men. – Source

Domestic abuse in Scotland on the rise with one case every ten minutes

The number of domestic abuse incidents reported to police in Scotland rose during January – with an average of one incident every ten minutes.

Figures from Scotland’s Violence Reduction Unit showed 5,029 incidents were reported in January, a rise from 4,783 in December.

Chief inspector Graham Goulden, who leads the Anti Violence Campaign on behalf of the Violence Reduction Unit, said the figures suggested more people were reporting incidents of domestic abuse, but that the statistics were “worrying”.

He said: “When we released the December figures, I said they were a badge of shame for Scotland. The fact the figures for January are higher, and that a comparison with the previous year shows a rise of 1,870 incidents, reinforces that. – Source

CEOP see a rise in online reports

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre police unit says there has been an increase in the number of reports it has received.

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre believe the rise is due to greater awareness.

Recently social networking sites such as Facebook have begun working with the agency to introduce a panic button to report incidents of concern. CEOP encourages people to report anything they find offensive.

Between April 2009 and March 2010 Ceop received over 6,000 reports about incidents of potential child abuse or online grooming, nearly 900 more than the previous year. More than 1,500 of those were reports of online grooming. – Source

17% rise in alcohol consumption in 11 years
A report published today shows that alcohol consumption in Ireland has increased by 17% over the past 11 years.

The Health Research Board report reveals that the average Irish adult drank almost two litres of alcohol more in 2006 than in 1995.

This rise in consumption has led to an increase in the number of alcohol-related diseases.

There was a 147% increase in alcohol related liver disease between 1995 and 2004… – Source

Study finds alcohol abuse on the rise in Ireland
11/01/2007/16:39:51 GMT

Dublin – Alcohol consumption rose by 17 per cent in Ireland between 1995 and 2006 and this has led to an increase in alcohol- related harm, disease and deaths, Ireland’s Health Research Board reported Thursday. A total of 1,775 died from alcohol abuse during the 11-year period.

The average Irish adult consumed 13.4 litres of alcohol in 2006, up from 11.5 litres in 1995, with hospitals reporting a doubling of alcohol-related problems.

The number of people discharged from hospital after receiving treatment for alcohol-related problems rose by 90 per cent in the 1995-2004 period, while bed days due to alcohol-related illnesses more than doubled to 117,373 from 55,805, the study found.

“These figures … are remarkable,” according to the study’s lead author Dr Deirdre Mongan.

“Moreover, because (the study) does not record people attending Accident and Emergency who are not actually admitted to a hospital bed, it is fair to assume that these figures actually underestimate the pressure of problem alcohol use on acute hospital services,” she said.

The biggest increase was found in alcohol-related liver disease, with hospital discharges for the problem rising 147 per cent in the 1995-2004 period.

The study’s authors also found a worrying increase in younger women presenting with alcohol-related illness. – Source

Alcohol-Related Deaths in UK Rising

The number of people in the United Kingdom dying from alcohol-related problems continues to rise. Figures released by National Statistics shows that alcohol-related deaths among men rose from 13.4 deaths per 100,000 in 2006 to 18.3 per 100,000 in 2007. This is twice the rate among women, which is at 8.8 deaths per 100,000.

The biggest increase was for men ages 34-54—more than 100% in the past year. Meanwhile, women between the ages of 55 and 74 showed the highest gains. It is reported that in the age group 16-24 women regularly drink twice the recommended daily limit. – Source

The Rise of the Alcopop and Children Drinking

The rise in teenage binge-drinking is fuelled by the marketing and promotion of cheap alcoholic beverages. The popularity of drinks like alcopops has escalated to the point where these beverages now rival cider and lager as the alcohol of choice. The UK’s children have the highest level of drinking in Europe, as well as the highest teenage pregnancy rate, and concerns continue to mount.

Whilst the promotion of alcopops may not have increased the number of people consuming these beverages, it has however, increased the amount that these drinkers readily consume in one evening. Worryingly, a large percentage of the young people consuming this type of beverage is female, and under-age. – Source

Moron Liberals Accuse British Police of Racism:

Police statistics shed fresh light on link between crime and race
Official police statistics have shed fresh light on the link between crime and race in London.

6/27/2010/10:15 AM BST

What do we know about race and crime in London?

Nine out of 10 street crimes, knife crimes and gun crimes are committed by men rather than women.

Twelve per cent of London’s men are black. But 54 per cent of the street crimes committed by men in London, along with 46 per cent of the knife crimes and more than half of the gun crimes, are thought by the Metropolitan Police to have been committed by black men. …

Many of the victims of street crime are black: twice as high a proportion of the total victims, according to the Met’s figures, as you would expect from the proportion of black people in London’s population as a whole.

It is not remotely likely that their racism leads these black victims to mis-identify the people who attack them as black when they are in fact white – and it is scarcely more plausible to maintain that white victims routinely mis-identify their attackers as black when they are white.

Even if you take the unjustified and unsupported position that police racism means that half of the black men “proceeded against” for street crimes are innocent of any wrong doing, it would still be the case that twice as many black men are involved in street crime as would be predicted from their portion of the male population of London.

Almost no-one thinks that today’s Met is made up of unrepentant racists who take it upon themselves to frame innocent black men.

In the 21st century, the principal grounds on which the Met is accused of racism is that black men make up a much higher proportion of the people stopped and searched by police officers than any other ethnic group.

The Equality Commission assumes that such a practice shows that officers must be covertly racist. – Source

Number of race crimes on the rise
7/3/2008/8:25 AM

Hate crimes were reported to police in Barnet at a rate of five a day last year, with racist crimes rising more than in any other borough.

In the 12 months up to May this year, police recorded 1,859 hate crimes, which include domestic and homophobic incidents, as well as racist crimes.

The number of reported racist crimes alone increased by 21.3 per cent in the borough, from 314 in the year ending May 2007, to 381 in the following 12 months.

The percentage increase is higher than in any other London borough and is set against a fall in reported racist crimes of 11.1 per cent in the capital as a whole. – Source

And do you notice any bias in Liberal reporting of crimes committed by Muslim and homosexuals in these articles?:

Harrow woman convicted of keeping Tanzanian as slave
3/16/2011/16:24 ET

Campaigners claim hundreds more slaves could be being kept in houses across the UK

A former hospital director has been ordered to pay £25,000 to an African woman she kept as a slave in London.

Mwanahamisi Mruke, 47, was flown from Tanzania in 2006 and made to work 18-hour days for Saeeda Khan, 68, at her home in Harrow, north-west London.

Khan was convicted of trafficking a person into the UK for exploitation.

The judge at Southwark Crown Court, who also gave her a suspended nine-month prison term, said she was guilty of “the most appalling greed”.

Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC said Khan had told “a pack of lies” during her trial by saying her victim, whom he described as “naive and illiterate”, was treated as part of the family.

Sentencing her he said: “Your own behaviour was callous and greedy.

Saeeda Khan ordered Mwanahamisi Mruke around by ringing a bell

“You could easily have afforded to pay her a reasonable sum by way of wages. You chose to give her virtually nothing.”

He told Khan that her age, the fact she has two adult disabled children and was in poor health had prevented him from passing an immediate custodial sentence.

During the trial jurors heard Miss Mruke was denied her passport and liberty and endured the ordeal to support her daughter through college in Africa.

Ms Mruke said she could “never forgive” her captor for her four-year ordeal.

“I felt like a fool, I was treated like a slave,” Ms Mruke said.

After bringing her into the country from Tanzania, Khan initially gave her an allowance of £10 a month to work around the clock at her beck and call, the court heard.

‘Never paid’

Within a year she stopped paying her altogether.

“Even the money I was promised, I was never paid. I feel terrible about this,” Ms Mruke said.

“I was hoping I would receive a salary and improve my life. But my hopes were dashed, my strength was reduced and I became unwell.”

Ms Mruke was brought to the UK after getting a job at a hospital in Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania which Khan owned.

Khan told her that she would work six hours a day and that her daughter in Tanzania would be paid 120,000 Tanzanian shillings a month, equivalent to £50.

But the court heard how Khan fed her two slices of bread a day and ordered her around by ringing a bell she kept in her bedroom.

Varicose veins

Ms Mruke was banned from leaving the house and never learned English because the family watched Pakistani TV.

Beginning work at 0600 GMT, she would often not be allowed to rest before midnight as she cleaned, gardened, cooked meals and accompanied Khan’s disabled son on walks.

Mwanahamisi Mruke was not allowed to leave the house in Harrow, north-west London

Ms Mruke told the court that sometimes she did not sleep due to the long hours she had to work, doing “all the housework, cooking, cleaning, inside and out”.

“She didn’t attack me physically. It was just the words and the way she was treating me.

“I feel that justice should be passed and others should learn from this. I feel terrible about her.”

Ms Mruke’s plight was discovered when she went to see a doctor for an examination of her varicose veins.

During her three-year ordeal, Ms Mruke’s parents died and her daughter was married, yet she was granted no contact with her family.

Ms Mruke is now pursuing a civil claim against Khan. – So much for multiculturalism, OH “tolerant”, Liberals.

The Indians of course point out that these slave owners were Muslims. But that makes them, oh no: judgmental. And judgmental is a sin in the Liberal Commandments for which you can be pushed, kicked, punched, spat on, have your finger cut off, or genitals, severely scolded, have your protector signs stolen or vandalized, slandered, libeled, judged in court by a paid judge, and jailed for (why not also stone those who point out a person’s religion and sexuality while their at it? Maybe it’s becuase liberals they like to make people suffer for long, very long periods of time… Sounds like they want to play God of Hell on Earth.)

Spanish priest arrested over ‘21,000 child porn images’
11/12/2010/16:32 ET

A Catholic priest in Spain has been arrested over the alleged possession of thousands of images of child sex abuse.

Police said they found 21,000 images on computers inside the 52-year-old’s church in Vilafames, in the east of the country.

The priest, who has not been named, has been bailed and will appear before a judge in a fortnight, media say.

The Segorbe-Castellon diocese said it had suspended the priest and was ready to clarify the facts in court.

“If the accusation is true, this is something that hurts us deeply, that we sincerely regret and that we reject unreservedly,” the El Pais newspaper quoted a statement from the diocese as saying.

It said it would also offer the priest “the necessary means for a fair defence”.

Spain has largely escaped the child sex abuse scandals that have hit the Catholic Church in many European countries and the US.

But formal accusations have been made against a Carmelite monk in eastern Spain and Franciscan brothers in the south.

Police also launched an investigation in May into three members of staff at a care home run by a Catholic order in Cordoba.

Spain has arrested hundreds of people for distributing child pornography in recent years.

In May, police carried out almost 100 raids across the country after uncovering a network sharing abuse images.

The country’s biggest raid was in October 2008, when 121 suspects were detained. – Source WAS THE “CHILD ABUSE” AGAINST GIRLS OR BOYS? AND IF BOTH, HOW MANY GIRLS, AND HOW MANY BOYS. WHY SO VAGUE? I WONDER.

SO, You who make up the UK’s gov might want to start with refraining from your bigotry of calling anyone who disagrees with you a phobe. Stop slandering and libeling those who disagree with your Christaphobia. You bullies, cowards, slanderers and liars who can’t get along with your own neighbors.

Britain’s government doesn’t know what it is doing, because it is waste, just like it’s king and queen and princes. Diana’s own mother murdered her.

Oh, there is a response from a “Black Angel”, a British liberal. What would a “Black Angel” (a demon) have to say? A person with a name like black angel surely must have excellent grammar and spelling, must be very peaceful, and loving, let’s read Black Angel’s scholarly non-bigoted, non-judgmental, tolerant pro-diversity, well-ordered, scientific response:

I think [Who cares what you think? Other Satan worshipers] fundamentalists are nothing but a bunch of murderering [spelling error] filth [hate crime] looking for a cause [what cause you moron?] to justify thier [spelling error] slime [hate crime, and what “slime”?] and I don’t just mean the muslim jackasses [hate crime] bacvkward [sloppy] rubbish [hate crime]

Let us not [pretentious] forget the Christians in the past [stereotype and hate crime, and unlike you I have studied the Christians of “the past” extensively you parroting airhead] and in the present [And who “forgets” the Christians of the present? Could it be morons like you which is why you have to remind them of what is going while they are alive? Or do you think everyone is a moron and needs you to remind them of what goes on around them? They must truly be oblivious to be what’s going on now if they need a moron to remind them]

(the racist scum in the USA [stereotype and hate crime]] and I mean all the evanglist [spelling error] crap [stereotype and hate crime and missing end bracket]

and even the Monolist [the what?] trash [hate crime against, uh, imaginary Monolists] as well, [as what? what does “as well” mean? pretentious]

you go to a church of a God [no ranting moron: “God” not “a God”] and you still go to your own neighbourhood [who else’s would it be?] and hate the thes [the what?] in your own land [what does going to my own neighborhood have to do with hating “thes” in my own land, and why wouldn’t I hate “thes” whatever that is, at church too or any where in “my own land”, and what do you mean by “own land”? Do you mean the country or a home in the neighborhood, cuz, I don’t have any “thes” in my house or on “my own land” at my house or anywhere else in the country]

because they have a different colour? [“thes” have a different color? Cool. You do know moron that evangelicals are often black, right, you ranting ignorant mentally ill sociopath and narcissist idiot? No you don’t, because you’re a liberal, and liberals are ignorant morons who persecute anyone who recognizes that they are corrupt or mentally ill]

or they are female ? [HUH ?] scum) [hate crime, oh, there’s the missing bracket, but why is it there?]

Look at the examples of [redundant phrase] their prophets and then look at them [and notice what moron, and if you don’t bother looking yourself why should anyone else listen to you you hypocrite?] (although can’t say the same for their Gods [True Christians don’t worship “Gods” you confused airhead, they worship “God”, and what did that mean? You can’t say what is the same? And why can’t you? And you’re missing an end bracket. What a sloppy-minded liberal.]”

Listen to God, Satan worshiper: “Whoever hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life in him.” – John. God called you a murderer Black Angel. Why do you call yourself an Angel anyways? Are you very powerful? Do you have wings? Can you glow and change shape? Arrogant much Mr. God No Exist But Me all Meself An Immoral Angel?

And so you think the USA is the one with all the problems, and that your country is nice in comparison? No rotten demon.

: UK Police officers love child porn.

Sick Britain: The jeering crowds who urged suicidal man on McDonald’s roof to ‘jump off’
by Daily Mail Reporter
3/28/2011/12:14 PM

Jeering crowds urged a suicidal man to man to jump 50ft to his death from the roof of a McDonald’s restaurant while police tried to talk him down, it was claimed yesterday.

He teetered on the edge of the building in Lowestoft, Suffolk, as spectators allegedly yelled ‘jump off’ and ‘stop wasting our time, we’ve been here for ages, do us a favour’ .

Trained police negotiators were brought in and spent nearly 11 hours talking to him as firefighters and paramedics stood by.
Delicate negotiation: Police spent 11 hours trying to talk the man down as drunken revellers jeered and encouraged him to jump

Delicate negotiation: Police spent 11 hours trying to talk the man down as drunken revellers jeered and encouraged him to jump

The 38-year-old called police at 5pm on Friday to say he was on the roof and about to throw himself off.

The man, who had climbed on to the roof via a fire escape, eventually agreed to come down safely and was arrested just before 4am.

Ian Armitage, 28, of Norwich, Norfolk, was shocked to hear drunken revellers shouting at the man to jump when he arrived at Lowestoft station at 11pm after a family event in the town.

He said: ‘There were around 30 people watching on, huddled around the station building. I don’t know if they had been out drinking or messing about but some were laughing and pointing.

‘When we got to the station we could hear people shouting ‘jump off’ and ‘stop wasting our time, we’ve been here for ages, do us a favour. – More here

Over-50 divorce rate soars
from The Sunday Times

THE divorce rate among couples in their fifties and sixties is rising sharply, a report to be published this week reveals, writes Robert Winnett.

Over the past five years the divorce rate among over-fifties has risen by 8.7%, according to the study carried out by the consultancy firm Future Foundation for Saga, the company that provides services for older people.

The trend is helping to push up the average age at which people divorce. Men, on average, now get divorced at 42, compared with 39 a decade ago; women are typically 39 — also three years older.

Experts attribute the rise to financially independent women leaving when their children have left home — a consequence of the “empty nest syndrome”. Generous divorce settlements and the right of a wife to claim part of her husband’s pension are fuelling the rise.

“Over-fifties marriages are more stable than those between younger couples, statistically speaking,” said Michael Cutbill, Saga’s marketing director. “But they are not immune to wider trends in society and their divorce rates are increasing.”

The study found that one in seven people aged between 50 and 64 is now divorced, compared to one in eight of those aged between 35 and 49. There is also evidence that more older people are divorcing for a second time. – More here

Summer bummer as divorce soars
by Alex Peake

BRITAIN’S divorce rate soared 150 PER CENT this summer, figures revealed yesterday.

The credit crunch on top of the depressing return from long-awaited family holidays were blamed by experts.

Traditionally January witnesses the biggest number of break-ups as couples fall out over Christmas.

But July?s divorce rate was 40 per cent higher than January – and an alarming 150 per cent hike on 2007.

Relationship specialists and divorce lawyers warned August?s figures are set to rise again – then peak next month, which they are dubbing ?Separation September?.

The soaring rate comes after 2006 saw the lowest stats for 22 YEARS, when 132,562 couples broke up. – More here

It’s never going to be a sin for Christians, the children of God, to judge the bastards, grow up and get over it or go to Hell if you can’t take what you dish to Christians.

“You (God) hate all who do wrong.” – Psalm 5:5.

God’s hate will triumph over your rage, his love over your lusts, and his diversity over your discrimination.

‘Paedophilia is Hollywood’s biggest problem,’ alleges former child star Corey Feldman

Was It Michio Kaku Who Invented String Theory?

I’ve been think often about Michio Kaku often ever since I wrote a transcript of a interview he did, and learned that he may not have come up with string theory himself as he said he did.

While that was in the back of my mind, I was reading something on physics at about 5:30 AM, which I wasn’t reading to learn any more about Michio, but to learn about something else. and was astonished when I came to a certain part, which you might notice:

“The fundamental medium filling all space, if there be such, in my judgment,” writes the author, “be ultimately incompressible, otherwise it would be composed of parts, and we should have t seek for something still more fundamental to fill the interstices.” He then goes on to state that the ether, being incompressible, and an electron being composed simply and solely of ther, it may be compared to a knot on a place of string. The knot differs in no respect from the rest of the string except in its tied-up structure. It is of the same density as the rest, and hyet it is a knot which must be untied to cease being a knot–a process whih as yet we have not learned how to apply an electron.

Guess when this was written.