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Galaxies beautifully arranged everywhere, but hardly an atheist will think

On Coast to Coast AM tonight, at 10:24 P.M., Seth Shostak, of SETI, was asked by a logic-ignorant caller if whether or not it was a coincidence that during a solar eclipse it was a coincidence that the moon perfectly blocked out the sun (and asked some stupid questions), and Seth, an evolutionist and probably a Big Bang believer, said that he thought it was a coincidence. He didn’t say it was, I just realized, but that he didn’t think it was anything other than a coincidence. But when I listened to the caller bring up this fact, and knowing the other things about the universe and this planet and the solar system that make life possible here and possible all over the universe, knowing about the so called “fine tuning”, I was amazed, and knew it was no coincidence. The next caller was angry at Seth for not acknowledging that we were being visited by extraterrestrials, and brought up witnesses with high reputations for being honest and very intelligent, whom the caller said would be willing to sign affidavits. Seth gave an illogical and deceptive reply by saying that science wasn’t done by affidavits but by experiments. No Seth: science is not that simple; it doesn’t exist in a vaccuum. In science a hypothesis is made, like this: If intelligent life existed outside of Earth, and decided to visit various planets, and there is a great amount of intelligent life outside of Earth (and Seth emphatically implied that he believed there could be billions around the time that he was asked the question about the solar eclipse), and many of these living things were like humans, only able to survive by breathing in gas or liquid of a speficic type, needing protection from various temperatures and chemicals, and if space travel can be accomplished in various ways using ships with widely varying materials and energy sources, than we should see objects entering into our atmosphere from space which appear similar and very different to craft which we build, which show great speed and or manueverablity due to the aliens having enough intelligence to reach earth from great distances and who would logically want to creat a ship that can quickly avoid capture by enemies among themselves or among aliens, and to avoid collisions to be able to witness any amazing discoveries they make back to their own alien kind and bring back anything of value, or to trade with other aliens. Further, if any of these aliens appear to be non-human and not very similar to any life that is known to have existed on Earth since its beginning, than it would be further evidence that they were not from Earth, but outside of it. And to carry out an experiment to verify if such a thing were true, all one would have to have people watch the sky all over, and observe if there are any objects which appear to have superior speed and manuverability and a different shape than craft made by humans, and also to observe the outside of the atmosphere, and also to observe if anyone seese any beings which come out of these objects which appear to be non-human. Conveniently, people are often watching the sky and there are also cameras in human-made ships outside of the planet looking down upon it and away from it. And what are the results? There have been millions of people who have seen such craft that show superior speed and manueverablity to human-made ships (before we may have acquired alien technology and used it or copied it or both), and sometimes there are multiple witnesses to a craft, sometimes over one hundred, sometimes thousands. As for whether or not there have been two witnesses or more who have seen an extraterrestrial entering or leaving such craft, I don’t know, but there have been many people who saw aliens leaving or entering such craft, but with no second witness. There have also been two or more witnesses to an apparent alien or aliens (for example in Brazil (2) where a ship with some inside had crashed, and living occupants went out of it, with at least one was captured) There are also a few people who have regularly seen such a thing happen (which count as repeat experiments, and even if they were not intentional experiments, that would not invalidate what was seen and make the sighting invalid evidence).

How ironic that Seth and other God-deniers are blind to what is right in front of them, that even searching far out past this planet, they still see no sign of intelligence anywhere, not even when they see countless glorious galaxies containing countless glorious stars. Like God says of such people: they are always searching, but never coming to the truth.

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