A Demon-fooled Mormon and Noory’s Evil Jester ”JC”

On the “NDEs and Open Lines” September 2, 2011 edition of Coast to Coast AM, after Noory interviewed Kathy Baker, he had open lines and spoke with a Mormon grandmother(?) who told him a detailed story. Her story added to the evidence for my claim that demons pretend to be angels and dead humans to fool people into thinking that the Bible (and the religion of fundamentalist Christians that is based on it) are wrong, in other words that you can get to Heaven without needing forgiveness. She told a story about a 5 year old boy whom she took care of who had a mom he hated. I think it was his grandmother. She said one day he said to her that he wanted to die and to make a long story short missed Jesus and wanted to be with him. And the next day said he could travel through time and space and one day found him in a perfect lotus position, and said that angels taught him how to do that. She said that amazed her because she was a Mormon and thought that only her religion was true. That was a stupid statement because simply sitting in a lotus position doesn’t mean there is more than one true religion, it’s just a way of sitting. It’s ironic too since logically she should have seen it as verification of her religion since unlike traditional Christianity, her false version (Mormonism) teaches we are with Jesus before we are born. But Mormons are stupid when it comes to evidence and logic, so no surprise there. It’s also not surprising she was duped into believing whatever it is those demons bothering the kid wanted them to believe, because the Mormon religion is based on a narcissist named Joseph Smith who supposedly received a revelation/having a vision from an angel or angels (and Joseph Smith kept changing his “first vision” story by the way, despite what most Mormon’s claim) or instead God and Jesus who gave Joseph a new gospel, that being that “none of [the churches] are true.” Gospel means “good news” if you don’t know. Great gospel huh? Instead of, “Good news, Jesus suffered and died for sinners making possible their ability to live in peace forever if they repent,” it’s, “You’re all wrong cuz I had a vision no one else saw, and I’ll not tell you why till nine years have gone by while I make my own more exciting Bible to show why you’re all wrong.” So, from the day the the 5 year old said he wanted to die, he got hit by a car 2 weeks later and died in a car “accident”. I suspect rather it was a demon or demons that caused it, he had been trying ever since he said that to kill the boy and possibly get the grandmother, mom and 16 year old guy who hit him, to all commit suicide.

George also let on a silly person called J.C. I think after the Mormon woman was on.

“J.C.” is an annoying person who has been on more than four times, and each time pretends to be a fundamentalist southern Baptist Christian as best I can tell. George said of him that he “cracks me up”. He decided to let J.C. give his usual rants and to do something “different” this time, and let him speak to other guests. The first caller that comes on at that point is a man who wanted to talk about his dead sister and clearly didn’t want to talk to J.C. So what does George do after J.C. trounces on the other caller? Allowed J.C. to move on to another caller while putting the other caller on hold… How about put J.C. on hold till that caller got to tell his story? Two other calls also didn’t want to talk to J.C. out of three and George finally got rid of J.C.

Ironically George had asked J.C. if he believed in ghosts and J.C. said of course and that they were bad spirits. Interestingly he didn’t say they were demons, but implied that they were dead humans who didn’t qualify to get to Heaven. He also seemed to indicate that he had a conscience without saying it when he pointed out that he would seem like a jerk to people listening when the first caller was someone who wanted to talk about his dead sister, which J.C. didn’t realize when joking with him. A person without a conscience wouldn’t have shown concern. So, I don’t think J.C. was “anti-social”. But, that comment about ghosts not being demons, that is unlike a fundamentalist Christian, since F.C.’s believe ghosts are demons pretending to be humans. On top of his usual poor imitation of them, that comment about ghosts he made is evidence to me that he has little knowledge of F.C.s, even if he used to attend some F.C. church. If he did, he must not have paid much attention. His stereotype is very narrow and seems outdated. For example he was saying that he was rescuing some woman from “rock n’ roll” music, which is something unheard of to me. At best a parent will just try and prevent their kid from listening to it, not try to “rescue” them from it. And not many Christians in my experience are against it. The only ones I knew of who were are the ones who follow the narcissist pseudo-Christian Bill Gothard and “orthodox” Presbyterians, not all of whom are against it, but who just have a problem with the lyrics or it not being a style of music that fits their usual moods, just like most people don’t listen to death metal, because it doesn’t fit their usual moods either.

I noticed that George seemed about to say that the angels the 5 year old had seen, might be demons, but him not being the type to offend, especially since the 5 year old died and the grandmother distraught, didn’t say that, but just, with a contrived tone, pretended they were angels coming to take him away. What was interesting is that when J.C. came on, my perception seemed right, since it seemed he was hinting at what he was actually thinking concerning the previous call, was that those angels were demons, because he asked J.C. what he thought of ghosts. That may seem like a stretch, but the grandmother had just gotten off and might have been listening, and if he said, “What do you think of those angels the five year old saw actually being demons trying to send him to Hell?” might have gotten the grandmother to cry more and upset a large number of listeners.

I wonder if George, who claims to be a Catholic, but who is more like a pseudo-Catholic, ever thinks about this verses in the Bible:

“God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” – Paul

“Man shall not live by bread alone, by by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” – Jesus

Author: Optimix

This is the gospel, that Christ Yeshua was crucified for sinners as I have been. I was saved and went astray and Yeshua lead me back.

17 thoughts on “A Demon-fooled Mormon and Noory’s Evil Jester ”JC””

  1. I was listening to the same broadcast, and what struck me the most is Noory’s lack of intelligence and any kind of objectivity or enlightenment when it came to his question to this Kathy Baker about a hypothetical question on whether she would forgive someone who murdered a loved one of hers. She said responded him with her own hypothetical question with something like if he would forgive someone who would kill a loved one of his by a hit and run, or something like that. He said he couldn’t answer that because he has no direct experience with something like that. Well, by the same token, couldn’t the guest have answered with the same dismissiveness of a substantial answer? How can a host not answer a hypothetical when he himself is a host of nothing but hypothetical questions? He’s so limited it’s not funny. One time many years ago, I sent him an email during his show when he hung up on someone for mentioning Jesus.
    I’m a Catholic, but Noory is just confused like all who are suaded by multi theories on life and spirituality.
    Excuse my reply if it’s not worded correctly.

    1. No offense intended by this reply, but I don’t understand how the Catholic Church can claim to be the true church when George lets everyone know that he’s a Catholic (so he claims) but almost entirely does things that are against Catholicism and in general, Christianity. By the way do you know that George has said before that he could forgive anyone except someone who killed one of HIS family members? By that reasoning he doesn’t forgive anyone who has murdered anyone of any family. The mark of a person whom God has truly forgiven, is that they are forgiving as God is, not that they can do so perfectly instantly whenever feeling hatred for someone or the hatred never returns, but that’s one of the main signs of a saved person.

  2. No offense taken, but one can’t judge the Catholic Church by a what a non practicing Catholic says on his own, much the same non Christians can judge Christianity based on what a Mormon believes.
    I did’t post my comment to get an argument about Catholicism, so why use this as a time to try and say that the Catholic Church isn’t the true church, when I made my post in agreement with your take on the broadcast.

    1. It wasn’t to start an argument but for your benefit and others that there is something wrong with not just him but all Catholics. That’s the point of this jrnl mainly, leading people to Christ, I didn’t make it for the sake of playing judge of the world, which the Bible forbids, so, rather, it’s meant for leading people to Christ, mainly. It’s also to remind Catholics that their Pope and various other leaders are not doing their job by not rebuking George in mass. They should, if they are really concerned about everyone’s salvation, make some worldwide declaration to shun this man (in hopes that he returns to the faith.) Is there such a decree?

  3. The job of rebuking people like George is given to the bishops, if George is in fact a practicing catholic, which I he isn’t. He’s not even a practicing Christian. As a Catholic, there is a lack of fortitude with the bishops, and priests, with reinforcing the faith diligently, which distresses me. It’s not the job of the pope to police every person who just claims to be catholic. How can anyone do that? It would take a lifetime. Especially when the pope is in another country. This is a job for the Cardinals to keep the bishops in line, and the bishops to keep the local parish priests in line. So the pope refers to the cardinals. There is an epidemic of permissiveness, but none of this changes the dogma of forgiveness as the path to salvation. George Noory isn’t a spoke person for the Catholic Church, nor is he a spokesperson for me. The only spokesperson for the Catholic Christian dogma is the Pope.

    1. “every person who just claims to be catholic.” I thought you might say that, but if you forgot or don’t know, he has taken over Art’s position on C2C since 2003, is highly esteemed, and I’d bet my millions, and as C2C’S site says, “Coast to Coast AM airs on more than 500 stations in the U.S., as well as Canada, Mexico and Guam, and is heard by nearly three million weekly listeners“. So, he’s not a so called “nobody”. And that’s one of the reasons I speak out against him. They not only have nearly 3 mil listeners, but many go to their site and download their podcasts which are shared as torrents, and many vids I’m guessing are uploaded on Youtube. This is no small operation.

    1. The Bible says to correct and rebuke and rescue, and also to rebuke or correct heretics. On top of that, I made clear, George is not just some guy that can be ignored. If he is deceiving millions of people, and misleading millions of Catholics, how can your Pope ignore him? Do too few Catholics care to ask the Pope to make a decree or a little reply for the world to hear, that George is no Catholic when he claims to be one, and should not be heeded? Or is it, “not a big deal for someone claiming to be a Catholic misleading millions of people, including millions of Catholics as to how one may be saved”? Now how is that elluding you? At what point would it be a big deal when someone claiming to be a Catholic was misleading others? When he claimed to be the Pope? When he is sitting down in a Roman Catholic Church and taking communion? When he promoted child molestation? Where is the line drawn? He sends at least one of his children to a Catholic school, how about that? Should Luther and Calvin have been immediately denounced before the world when they gained a hundred followers, or, a thousand, or a million? At what point should a stray Catholic be rebuked or corrected in public by a Catholic who is obeying the Pope of the Pope himself? Does Catholic tradition or law not say? Or is it “Just when the Pope personally feels like it”? So is my point and logic still elluding you? How about this: “How many millions of people is tolerable for a false Catholic to lead to Hell under the Pope’s watch.”? Is that simply enough? I already told you what the purpose of my journal is for, (correcting and teaching) to lead people to Christ, to lead them away from liars. Has the Pope lost sight of this, that that is also his job, especially as leader of nearly half of the world?

  4. This is going to be my last email to you because you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about when it comes to the catholic church.

    George Noory is not speaking for the church by claiming he is a catholic, even he even does anymore. He’s not explaining catholic dogma or doctrine. General statements by him about whether or not he can forgive anyone is a personal statement, not a statement that reflects catholicism. By your logic, then you would have to be repsonsible for all Christians when you say something about Christianity.

    If, however, Noory was giving advice, or speaking about the dogma of the Christian Catholic church by pretending to be an expert or pretending to be a Catholic Spiritual advisor, then that would be serious and then he should be reported to his bishop or cardinal in his area.

    In all the years I’ve heard Noory, he’s never made that distinction,
    that I’m aware of. If you know of him falsely representing himself as a catechetic expert, then you can report him yourself.

    By your logic, he should be shut down just because at one time he was a catholic. He’s a renegade catholic. He’s not pretending to be a catholic teacher and expert. Also by your logic, he should be shut down because he doesn’t have forgiveness in his heart, and he’s a Christian so he’s falsely representing Christianity. I go by what I said earlier — he neither claims to be a practicing Catholic or a Christian.

    I know you mean well, but the church won’t take action unless he misrepresents himself as a catholic expert in the dogma and doctrine.

    Your website field here is jumping up and down as I’m replying so I can’t tell if what I type is all going through.

    Take care

    1. Of course I have an idea of what the Catholic Church is about: it’s a cult: it’s centered around the Pope and the traditions of men, and you are spiritually blinded by Satan that you can’t see the obvious. Furthermore, my previous post shows I have very well studied Catholic dogma. Stop assuming things and denying the obvious truth. And in case you forgot, you are the one that took issue with me correcting you rather than being content to say to you nothing at all, or to just express my pleasure that you agreed. Isn’t that shallow of you? What do you expect me as a Christian to do? You keep conveniently forgetting what being a Christian is about. I’ve already been through many arguments with Catholics, all their arguments failed. And I’m sure, that unlike you, I have refuted over 500 arguments against Christianity, and wrote a book on logical fallacies, superior to the lists that are currently in existence. You really should stop assuming things about who you are talking to, and break out of brainwashing. Pray for wisdom and to know the truth, rather than assuming you already have it and assuming God opened your eyes, if you even believe you needed his help for that. You are the one who doesn’t know what you are talking about. Consider how stupid this argument is: “A Catholic who no longer practices Catholicism is of no concern because they aren’t a Catholic.” That’s your argument. Not literally. But by that you are saying there is no need to correct them. Really? So it’s okay to just let them wander to their own destruction and that of others? Is that what the Bible teaches to do? How many times do I have to repeat that that is not what the Bible teaches to do Mr. Pope is My Leader Tradition is the Lens to Interpret Scripture Through? How many times Mr. There’s A Hidden Aramaic New Testament that Proves Us Right, Trust Us. How many times Mr. But We’re the Oldest Church, Never Mind the Jewish Christians And That Killing Off All Non-Catholic Christians Doesn’t Necessarily Mean the Church Has Been Defeated By the Gates of Hell. I know your Church. I meet hypocrite Catholics all the time. Mother Teresa as an awesome example of a hypocrite Catholic that was considered to be a Catholic. So are your many child molesting priests. I also know that argument, “If they are sinning they aren’t Catholic.” aka “If they are sinning they aren’t Mormon.” or this version, “Humans don’t murder, that’s inhuman, therefore murderers aren’t human.” Shouldn’t you know logical fallacies as being apart of hundreds of years old church which you claim is older than all the others? So then how is it you didn’t master Greek logic and further it? Where’s all that money that should be going to teaching you logic? “That guy’s sinning so he’s no Catholic, Catholics are only good and don’t sin much! They go into the church building and confess, and um, well then if they molest a kid, that’s okay, as long as they do those other Catholic things, and oh yeah, confess that Pope is world leader (oh and is speaking for Christ, till he gets back).” Well how convenient. Negate Scripture again by simply saying that Catholics aren’t sinners. So then what’s the good of your “confession”? Oh, as long as confess to a priest that makes it all better, unless it’s a mortal sin, or not? Because some Catholics go about claiming they can pay for mortal sins. Your logic is arbitrary, your whole church is hypocritical. No surprise then that God calls it a whore. You can’t have it both ways: a person can sin and be Catholic, or Catholics don’t sin. Till the Pope makes a decree against heretic Noory, otherwise I have no reason to believe that he is against him and his hypocritical universalism.


      You are right to stop arguing with me, the Bible says not to engage in arguments of ignorance, or with the contentious.

    2. “This is going to be my last email to you because you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about when it comes to the catholic church.” hence how I quoted all your cult’s crazy and baseless arguments, did I include “Jesus wouldn’t have point to himself saying, ‘but on this rock I will build my church'”, of course he wouldn’t anymore than when he said “tear down this temple” when he was referring to himself. Was Peter so dumb he needed Jesus to say, “I’m the rock not you Peter”? Why would Peter think he’d be the foundation when Jesus is the Messiah and God? Utterly stupid doctrine, as delusional as the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses, but the Catholic cult massacred millions, Jews included.

  5. P.S.
    You are right to stop arguing with me, the Bible says not to engage in arguments of ignorance, or with the contentious.

    That’s totally you! :)
    We’re praying for you bro!

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