More Confused Anti-Trintarians Teaching Confusing Oneness Doctrines

I found yet more moron anti-Trinitarians, fervently being stupid as usual, fervently hating God for not explaining every little thing for them, but rather, requiring them, oh no: to wait and reason patiently. When will anti-Trinitarians grow up?

This post is in response to the evil orgy of lies I found in this forum thread: which doesn’t refute the Trinity at all, being that it has no explanations refuting any Trinity doctrine. It’s just the usual fake Christian and an anti-Christian tactic of verse-posting, with no explanations. The implication is: “See I posted a list of verses that makes me right.”

It also has the usual the Horus-Jesus myth ranting, a teaching that even the atheists of Rapid Responders shy away from.

The corrupted minds of anti-Trinitarians can’t tolerate reading anything opposite to what their heart wants to feel, which is why they can hardly stand (if at all) to read anything opposite of what they feel.

When I read their rants, it’s like I’m reading baby-talk like this, “Jesus not say ‘Trinity’ derfore no such ding.” Well morons: He also didn’t say “galaxies” or “dinosaurs” or “asteroids” or “ghosts” or “microchips” or “electricity” or “Bill Gates” or “atheist”, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist you illogical truth-hating morons. Neither does it say, “There is no Trinity” or “Unless a word in the Bible exist the thing that word represents doesn’t exist”, so, according to your “if the word (or phrases) isn’t there the thing of the concept doesn’t exist in reality or is not correct teaching: (wow what a hard doctrine to teach people you anti-Trinitarians, really confusing you could even say, if there wasn’t someone like me to explain who could except the angels and those in Heaven?), so according to that reasoning, then your argument isn’t true either.

Do you really think that parroting the, “Bibble no say Trinity” cliche makes you right, or are you just hateful babblers who resent being wrong?

Anti-Trinitarians, like Satan, accuse others of doing the very thing they do: worshiping more than one god. For example, they claim that Trinitarians believe in three gods, no matter how many times a Trinitarian tells them that isn’t true, and no matter how many times they explain. Since anti-t’s are so lazy and impatient, let me make it easy for you idiots:

One being composed of three persons is what the Trinity is, not THREE BEINGS. You are the polytheists however, because you acknowledge that Jesus is God or, like the Jehovah’s Witnesses cult believes, that Jesus is a god under God. And aside from the Jehovah’s Witnesses who dismiss the Holy Spirit as power (for not logical reason except perhaps to make it easier for them to deal with their anti-t bias), what do you anti-t’s do with the Spirit? Is the spirit “a god” to you? You either ignore Him, like the J. Witnesses, or claim it’s just another name for God (which is obviously not true).

You are also clearly wrong that Jesus is simply God, because Jesus PRAYED TO GOD (no one prays to themselves, morons), and further, HE SAID THAT GOD WAS IN HEAVEN while HE WAS ON EARTH, and to PRAY TO GOD, NOT TO HIM. Further he said to BAPTIZE IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, SON AND SPIRIT, which are three distinct persons, yet he PUT THEM UNDER ONE “NAME”, not “NAMES”. Further, how is a Son his own Father? You are idiots to force something to be a black and white issue with no other colors, you bias yourselves towards one type of thinking so that you don’t have to do any hard work and can simply make your worldview nice and easy for your hateful minds.

Jesus isn’t called THE SON for nothing you morons. How do you miss something that obvious? How? How unless Satan is blinding you and you are full of a sick hate for God?

Further, if Trinitarians believe God to be person with a mind formed of two other minds or joined to them rather, and they worship him as a being in perfect agreement with itself, why do you then make a big pony show out of it and run around like chickens with your heads cut off throwing verses around and accusing them of being divisive? Are they worshiping three gods in opposition to each other, that don’t completely get along? No. Do they say, “help me gods” or “help me God”? THEY REFER TO ONE GOD, WHICH MAKES YOU, HATEFUL, DEMONIC, LIARS AND ACCUSERS. HATEFUL BRATS EVERY TIME YOU SAY, “NO, THREE GODS! UR POLYTHEISTS UR UR BAD NANNY NANNY BOO BOO LOOK AT THIS VERSE LOOK AT THAT ONE!”. Why do you never mention the verses they use, except John 1:1, which you lie about?

And for the idiots who think the Holy Spirit isn’t a person: read the Bible morons. There’s a ton of verses showing it’s a thinking, feeling, speaking person. Oh and, does the Bible say, “The Spirit is merely God’s power”? NO, SO THEN YOU WHO USE THE “IT DOESN’T SAY ‘TRINITY’ IN THE BIBLE ARE CONTRADICTING YOURSELVES BY CLAIMING SOMETHING IS TRUE IN THE BIBLE WHICH IT DOES NOT SAY IN THE WORDS YOU USE.

And what a sick heresy, a confusing heresy, it is, to claim, “Unless the Bible uses the word you use to describe something in the Bible then what the word represents doesn’t exist.” So, if the Bible doesn’t say, “anti-Trinitarians” then people who are against the claim that the Trinity is real must not exist.

And here is a simple obvious reason why the “the Egyptian Trinity is the Origin of the Christianity” heresy is wrong: Genesis, which is a record of what happened AT THE BEGINNING, clearly shows that God called himself, “We”. Further, how can only claim to surely know that the Egyptians didn’t get the idea of the Trinity from the Hebrews, or that Adam and Eve, Abel, or Noah or the other “sons of God” or their descendants, simply let people know that God was a triune being, and that the non-Christians corrupted the original teaching, and that God merely repeated the correct teaching later, and isn’t the Bible composed in part of old truths that the world forgets and corrupts? But the world forgets that that is what the Bible in part is. Further, if those Christians who claim that “Egyptian doctrine and pagan doctrine is older than God’s teachings” are right to say the Christian Trinity is where those doctrines came from, then logically, so is everything else related to those teachings, or anything older, which besides being obviously wrong, negates the Christian religion.

But keep running into God’s fist and getting more and more hateful while his children remain secure in his hand, held in his love forever, while you revel in your “free will” to go to Hell whenever you choose (how special). Good to know that one day you will end up in Hell because of your (unstable, random, unpredictable, sin-prone) “free” will: you need to be there so that God can have peace from your “free speech”.

More Information:

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Author: Optimix

This is the gospel, that Christ Yeshua was crucified for sinners as I have been. I was saved and went astray and Yeshua lead me back.

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