YACM: Yet Another Confused Muslim

Yet Another Lying Muslim: Dr. Adel Elsaie, False Teacher

In the Egyptian myth, Horus and his father, Osiris, are frequently interchangeable, as in “I and my Father are one.” John 10:30.

Dr. Elsaie, why did you place J. 10:30 after that sentence? You committed the logic fallacy of begging the question: you made no point so whoever, having a reasonable mind seeing it, must ask: what was your point? If you eat a banana and tell everyone you like it, and someone in China ate one, and also said they liked it, what would be my point if I put verses in the Bible (which by thousands of years predate your Quran’s rants) next to verses from the Quran,, which are clear credit-thief rip-offs of the Bible, with no comment from me, Satanic truth-hider? How convenient you don’t mention in your long rant that Mohamed clearly plagiarized the Bible, and that your Hell-religion was invented by Catholics. Convenient. Did you like that one word sentence?

Next this evil moron said,

“Egypt, where the myth of Osiris was originated, shares borders with Palestine, where Jesus lived.”

And Mohammed was around a Catholic and Jews both who showed him the historical records of the Bible. Do you like that fact moron. No question mark for you.

“Ancient Egyptians, just as the Christians, recognized in words the unity of the Godhead,”

What does “recognized in words” mean? What else wouldn’t hey going to recognize it in, bananas? Three-toed chickens?

“while worshipping many deities that possessed certain influence on human affairs.”

Which doesn’t speak well of these non-Christians does it? You should point that out, that they were “polytheists”, which your Qurant condemns as unforgivable.

“Ancient Egyptians acknowledged One infinite God, Almighty, and Creator but added the confusing concept of trinity to the Unity of God.”

Confusing to who you weasel? Do you speak for the billion+ Trinitarian Christians you speak out against? No you arrogant narcissistic fool, so why did you not qualify what you said by “confusing”? Now that is what is confusing. You don’t speak for me stupid, nor my friends. You are the confused idiot. If you can’t understand 3 minds which are apart of a single living uncreated being, minds which know each other mind fully and are in perfect harmony, don’t tell everyone else they can’t understand it. And just because you can’t understand something doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. Do you understand the specific reasons why God does all that he does? Does that make him confusing? Do you understand all the confusing verses in the Quran? Does that automatically mean it isn’t true? If I am confused by the Quran the first time I read it, does that mean it is confusing? If I am confused by Arabic, does that mean that it doesn’t make sense? So, you’ve committed two other logical fallacies: pretending that whatever you think is what everyone else thinks despite telling you the opposite, and second claiming that if something is confusing to YOU and your impulsive, head-chopping, child-molesting, rapist, sexually harassing, easily-offended, acid-maiming, rock-worshiping, animal-sex-justifying, babbling buddies, who wrap their heads in towels in the hot desert while making their daughters, wives and sisters to wrap their whole bodies, (and if a female stranger walking among you doesn’t beat her on the head, run her over with a car, bury her in a hole in the ground and shoot her too!), that it must not be true. Of course.

“This is against all the teachings of all the Prophets before and after Jesus.”

Cuz u said so, cuz ur God, God who runs over his daughters with his pagan-made SUV (or Christian) or his little desert-worn pagan-made pinto if they refuse to marry a 66-year old clone of you living in cave without the Internet ranting on and on about how Jews and Americans are why his life is so bad, but decided on someone a little physically and mentally healthier. Terrible of them.

“This is the eternal Satanic step by step to confuse humans.”

Huh? Is is this a bad English translation of some Arabic rant? What a confusing sentence. What is a “eternal Satanic step by step”? Is that a dance? Let’s do the eternal Satanic step by step everyone!
“According to Barbara G. Walker, The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets”

Referring to new age pagans for your history, Muslim? Shame. Like my one word sentence?

““Of all savior-gods worshipped at the beginning of the Christian era, Osiris may have contributed more details to the evolving Christ figure than any other.”

And Barbara Skywalker, scholar of Christianity Extraordinaire’s evidence for this claim, is? Notice she also said, “evolving”, Muslim? Can you guess why she chose that word? Do you believe in evolution? Moving on to the rest of her rant, which you call scholarly,

“Already very old in Egypt, Osiris was identified with nearly every other Egyptian god and was on the way to absorbing them all.”

That must mean Allah came from Egypt. Right Dr. of Throwing Acid-throwing On Women’s Faces and Breasts Who Reject Your Marriage Offers? Oh but wait: if that doesn’t mean Allah was an Egyptian invention, could it also mean that neither is the Trinity? Contradiction. Like my one word sentences? Hypocrite?

And another logical fallacy Dr. of Religious Ranting committed is arbitrary source-making: who said Egypt is the source of all religious knowledge? Is that what the Quran teaches? No bad teacher, it doesn’t, nor does the Bible which the false confusing prophet Muhammed ripped off.

“He had well over 200 divine names.”

They must be Allah’s names, right? Or were they Satan’s inventions too? Why is this scholar calling them, “divine names”? Do you agree “Dr.” that they were divine? Why are you referring to non-Muslim religious teachings, to pagans? Big surprise: Dr. Pagan moon-god worshiper is referring to other pagans to support his moon-god.

“He was called Lord of lords, King of kings, God of gods.”

Well with 200 names big surprise he had some title similar to ones used in the Bible. And with God telling Adam and Eve and their children, including Noah and his family, and Abraham and Sarah who he was, Abraham who taught the Egyptians algebra, which helped them to build the pyramids, big surprise they also knew about the titles of God. The Bible also calls God, “God” and “Elohim” on the first page of Genesis, Genesis is just as old as ancient Egypt, does that mean the Egyptians copied the Christians or that Christians copied the Egyptians? And the Bible was written long before the Quran, does that mean the Quran copied the Bible?

“He was the Resurrection and the Life, the Good Shepherd, the God who made men and women to be born again.”

What is this fake expert Barbara quoting? Egyptians hated sheepherders and sheep and referred to the Semites in the desert as “sand ramblers”, but he’s supposedly called “the Good Shepherd”? I don’t think so, and neither do billions of Christians and angels you don’t think for. You’re gullible to believe whatever pagans say and stupid to promote it.

“From First to Last, Osiris was to the Egyptians “the god-man” who suffered, and died, and rose again, and reigned eternally in heaven.”

Again: what is pagan Barbara referring to? I don’t believe quotes from pagans who make mere claims.

“They believed that they would inherit eternal life, just as he had done.”

So did moon-god worshipers, what about it? Why are you quoting irrelevant things? It’s because you’re illogical weasel self is trying to make it appear as if the Egyptians must have been a source of the corruption of the Bible because it has certain similarities. But why can’t I then claim the Quran is a massively corrupt version of the Bible. They really are similar, don’t think? Muslim propagandists even point them out, but their hypocrite selves don’t do it to show that the Bible is a source of corruption of the Quran, but to show that the Quran agrees with the Bible so much so that the Quran must also be God’s word! You can’t have it both ways hypocrite Muslims. Stop being insulting weasels and hypocrites.

“According to Egyptian scriptures, “As truly as Osiris lives, so truly shall his follower live; as truly as Osiris is not dead he shall die no more; as truly as Osiris is not annihilated he shall not be annihilated.””

The Bible doesn’t teach annihilation, it teaches Hellfire, just like Muhammed who ripped off and heavily distorted the Bible, so much so, he made Mary apart of the Trinity, but you forgot to mention that ERROR IN THE QURAN, Dr. Mary is not apart of the Trinity. It is evidence Muhammed was taught by a Catholic though.

“These same concepts still exist in the Christian theology.”

No, annihilation exists in Jehovah’s Witness theology, a cult, just like Islam. Furthermore, “these same concepts” also exist in Islam; you’re contracting your own Holy Confusing Satanic Rants.

“Osiris coming was announced by Three Wise Men:”

Mere claim. Further, the Bible doesn’t say THREE, “Dr.”.

“the three stars Mintaka, Anilam, and Alnitak in the belt of Orion, which point directly to Osiris’ star in the east, Sirius, as a sign of his birth.”

The Bible doesn’t say the wise men were stars. You’re truly a time-wasting idiot.

“Angelic voices hailed the coming of the ‘Universal Lord’ on this occasion, which marked the rising of the Nile flood.”

Mere claim. Even if it were true, the Bible doesn’t associate the coming of Jesus with a flood, let alone the Nile flood. Further moron, you know God tests people, allows false prophets to sometimes make prophecies that come true, so is it any wonder that he would allow some things to be said that devils like you would choke on and pretend are evidence of the Bible being false? Further, atheists and neo-pagans use these arguments as evidence that there was no Christ or God, and that they are just myths, and you are using THEIR SAME REASONING. Why are you using illogical atheist reasoning? It’s also the same illogical reasoning of evolutionists: “Here everyone I found an old skeleton deep underground, and above it, a thousand miles away, I found a more primitive skeleton, with more bones, that looks like this primitive skeleton, therefore the one above it must be newer because it has additional bones and was above the older one, which older because it was below the one above it, which is why it has less bones, because it’s primitive, and less bones means more primitive, and primitive things are below skeletons that are above it that have more bones, which have more bones because they are more advanced, and not below the primitive skeleton… x infinity. That is the logical fallacy of circular reasoning.

“Certainly, Osiris was a prototypical Jesus.”

Because you said so. And your Qurant must certainly then be a lie since it claimed Jesus existed, performed miracles, and was hung on a cross for telling the truth. What other Muslim performed miracles, and many of them, yet was hung on the cross AND persecuted by the world for telling the truth? NONE: BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL IMPURE LIARS AND IMPOSTORS OF CHRISTIANS.

You also made another logical fallacy, as I saw from a glance at the bottom of your rant: how is Catholic heresy, which the Bible does not teach, evidence that the Bible is wrong? Can you make any sense?

And moron: how did you miss the word “we” in the first page of Genesis? God referred to himself in the plural? Did you forget that 5000 year old part of the Bible Mr. “Dr.”? You sure aren’t a theologian, nor a doctor of religion, nor a scholar of religion, let alone Christianity.

I will not read the rest of your confusing, stupid, logic-fallacy-filled, conniving, life-wasting rant. Obey God by ceasing from worshiping a demon and stop promoting their sickening, hateful insults, and ask him to forgive you, if you don’t want to end up in Hell, imprisoned forever away from Yahweh and his one and only Son, whom you are jealous of, Christ Jesus.

You reasoning is just as bad as Acharya’s origins-reasoning, which is arbitrary, over-simplified and circular. Why does this absurdly pretentiously named Acharya S. claim there was an original solar deity and yet not show evidence? Was does she claim there must have only been one? Why, like you, does she use the fallicious reasoning “whoever name gets written down first is the first one to exist”? She didn’t literally say that, but that is the type of little kid reasoning she uses, and obviously in a conniving way. If someone patents something first does that automatically mean that they were the first to come up with what they patented, and that whoever makes anything similar must have gotten their idea from the one who patented the similar thing first?

Stop committing sins of omission; stop hiding the truth, and stop spreading logical fallacies.

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