Anti-Trintarian Stupidity

The stupid argument of anti-Trinitarians is, “The Bible doesn’t say God is a trinity, in fact, it doesn’t even say the word ‘Trinity’.”

In fact, the statement, “The Bible doesn’t say God is a trinity, in fact, it doesn’t even say the word ‘Trinity’.” isn’t in the Bible either, therefore using their own contradictory logic the possibility that God is Triune must be possible. Their error in logic is what I call “literalism fallacy,” which is that it is illogical to believe that unless something is stated directly, literally, or int he way that you feel or believe it should be stated, that it isn’t true or didn’t happen. Here is an obvious example of why that would be fails. Imagine someone says, “Unless the Bible says with these words in this order, ‘You are only a true Christian or a saved Christian if you disbelieve the Trinity,” then it’s acceptable to God to believe in the Trinity.” Would that be true or false for a person to say? Or how about this, “Unless the Bible says this sentence, “It’s not wrong for anyone to beat animals or children to death who were good to you and who did nothing significantly wrong to you,” then it’s good for me to do so.” Would that be true? It’s also a fallacy that I call, “Mere claim,” meaning that it’s simply someone saying something is or isn’t true without giving any evidence either physical or spiritually (as in by a reason that can be reasoned out as being true from comparison to other known factual reasonings, like, “2+2=4 must be true therefore 1+1+1+1 must also equal 4”).

In conclusion, those who don’t believe in the Trinity based on the above reason I gave, believe in what is stupid, very stupid, and have poor or twisted reasoning capabilities. Why? The Bible gives the general reason that Satan is blinding them, and for those who are deliberately using a false argument like that, they would still be blind in that they are deluded enough to think that it’s worth making such arguments, because they don’t believe that God would punish them in such a way so that they would eternally regret having deliberately lied about what God is.

“Now the Lord is the Spirit…” – Paul. Did you forget that verse?

  1. April 13, 2015 at 10:27 AM

    this message is for the trinity church that says Mormon faith is a fraud the lds church states. the articles faith of the church of jesus Christ of latter day saints states we worship god for the dictates of our conscience and we allow others to to believe in what they is a thorn in my side to read the trinity church disgraces the beliefs of Mormon faith.the things that they state is the their is no trinity but I believe god the son jesus Christ and the holy ghost is three separate beings. if this was not so jesus christs prayers to the father he would only be praying to himself. their is one thing that is unbelieving is the catholic church baptizes babies for adams transgression jesus Christ blessed little children and said this is what heaven is like .how can babies and little children knows what they are baptized for as they are innocent. .god forbid this beliefs. i believe that all are trying to get to heaven. so don’t knock other churcher. live the best you can

    • September 7, 2015 at 2:27 PM

      Your comment is a rant from a brainwashed cultist. Learn what a cult is and what narcissistic personality disorder is. Study North Korea’s dictator dynasty and stop worshipping a mentally ill false prophet who died long ago and will burn in He’ll forever regardless of your feelings.

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