Catmanna’s Top 21 Unexplained Fortean Mysteries

What I consider the greatest mysteries:

1) Why did giant humans and hobbits and most giant animals become extinct?

2) Who made the miniature tools that have been found around the world, tools that are meant for hands the size of supposedly mythical fairies, I am also talking about the archeological discoveries in Japan of some small race of people.

3) Why don’t aliens share their technology with people they’ve determined are moral?

4) Why are there no apparent alien bases anywhere, for example an intergalactic one that encourages humans to develop themselves and join?

5) Why are the various types of forest apes called “bigfoot” so difficult to photograph, unlike apes and other monkeys? (This might actually be due to bigfoot hating the smells of civilization, like various chemicals, and having a very low population, like pandas, and preferring extremely remote terrain, and from their hide and hair, they can probably easily withstand harsh climates).

7) Why are genuine “free energy” devices hard to come by and buy despite them being plentiful?

8) Why hasn’t antigravity been rediscovered by the world after thousands of years except by a few obscure people, and why hasn’t what they discovered been developed further?

9) How are tiny spiders able to live underground where there are no apparent entry ways?

10) What is ball lightning, how does it pass through objects and why does it sometimes explode and how can it be replicated?

11) How were ancient vitrified forts/fortresses made? Those are ancient stone fortress that have walls that were fused into one solid piece by an unknown means and which no one has been able to duplicate even today.

12) Where did the majority of the technology of the ancients before the Flood end up being buried?

13) Is the moon hollow?

14) Is Earth hollow?

15) Are all planets in general, hollow?

16) How did Leedskalnin build Coral Castle?

17) How were the pyramids all over the world built?

18) Why is most of the world unfamiliar with sciences of logical fallacies (the study of illogical and logical reasoning) and the more popular theology (study of religions)? If both were mastered would allow it to advance extremely quickly. According to the Bible the reason humans resist learning true morality and being logical is because Satan and the demons that follow him are negatively influencing the world via their hearts, and they can apparently affect memories too somehow, and can also appear in various ways visually, as ghosts or angels or even make ghostly vehicles, like ships and cars. And everyone knows they can also move physical things.

19) Why are there many more ugly and plain people than beautiful people if beauty is much more strongly preferred over things that are not?

20) What happened to fire breathing reptiles, aka dragons? Why are there nearly no sightings? The last one was in Niger some years ago, and it was a walking, not flying dinosaur.

21) Why are there no human or alien super heroes or villains, but only people that rely on bulky technologies and a large amount of help to stay in power or evade capture? In other words, why doesn’t anyone have a suit that allows them to fly for long periods of time, or that can shoot lasers, or electricity, or someone with a very small ship by which they do the same things, or someone who naturally or artificially has those powers in their body? Why don’t billionaires use their money to build such suits? Why didn’t they do so over the decades? It seems the rich of the world are simply boring people. But I also wonder, why aren’t there alien versions on Earth? If the universe is filled with countless trillions of beings, and they can get here in ships that could destroy entire cities in maybe a month, then why haven’t any decided to play hero, seeing all the injustices here? Can’t any of these aliens gather together some volunteers from their world to make a base somewhere in the solar system as a base and home for themselves after playing superman? But all they appear to do is observe what’s going on, and very, very rarely do any appear to do a good deed. There’s only one account of a what seemed to be something alien healing anyone, it was told on the show Unsolved Mysteries, and a woman claimed that while lying on her bed, a little UFO came in through her window and healed her of her cancer and then left. Atheist Gene Roddenberry seemed to think that they don’t “interfere” due to not wanting to be blamed later on for any trouble that results in their actions. He seemed to me to be saying this through his show, Star Trek. However, there are four strange exceptions:

a) Animal mutilations. Who is doing them? It may be demons, since it would make no sense logically for an alien or aliens to keep this up for decades as there is no logical reason to do so. It would be like a human going to some alien planet and wasting their time butchering animals in bizarre ways. Either there are some insane aliens about or demons, or it could be both. What is so strange is that if it were aliens, then why, if observation is their general rule, in other words, no interference, do the “mutilations” occur in such a way that it’s obvious it wasn’t caused by an animal? They are similar to Jack the Ripper killings. In fact there is one example of a human being killed the way cows are usually found mutilated by a demon or alien (or demons and aliens). The few sightings that have been documented of animals being abducted only give inconclusive evidence since the phenomenon is rare as far as the general public knows. Second, why are the mutilations apparently arbitrary? For example: why is all the blood drained? Why is only one eye removed? Why are the genitals removed? Why are extremely specific surgical acts performed, like a little piece of the tongue removed or some organ removed and the rest left intact? There’s one to three other odd things that happen that are also very specific. If these aliens are so advanced, why not just clone their own cows or make some sort of machine that can artificially make cow blood and the organs they desire? Can’t they find things around the universe to sell and then pay some aliens back on their own planet or others, or even trade with some to make such machines? Or can’t they buy a station used for cloning? Why risk getting caught, or getting some unknown disease when clean sterile copies could be made with a machine? For example, if I have an interstellar, especially intergalactic ship, I would take video and photos of all kinds of things and sell them or trade them for whatever. I would scan some meteorites and asteroids and various things on planets and look for anything interesting and of value to take back. I’d tow or cut up an asteroid if I had to. Then I’d bring it back to whoever for money. And if I wanted to play hero on some planet for fun, I’d use all that money to make base nearby for me to go to when I wanted rest and time to myself. As for language barriers, I could always hire one of the natives to teach me the language, and give it help in exchange for helping me understand the culture or cultures of their planet. Even if I didn’t, I could just hover around invisibly around various parts of a city or some city, and when I see what is obviously a crime taking place, stop the criminal and leave my signature perhaps, some sign that someone other than one of their own kind had helped them.

b) There is one somewhat clear example that aliens too, can become insane, that being the case of Springheeled Jack, an alien that for many years, now and then terrorized some people in the UK. Another possible example, nearly pointless to mention since it is so inconclusive, is the mothman creature, which for all anyone knows, only God knows, was just a demon. Charles Fort recounted a story of chicken mutilations, but it was apparently caused by a demon.

c) Crop circles.

d) Abductions.

f) Antigravity ship sightings (or what seem to be ships). Why show your ship if you have no intention to interfere? Can’t a UFO sighting cause someone to be late to work, interfere with someone’s work in another way, cause a car accident, cause accidental worship of alien beings (and there are UFO cults). Perhaps that is there way of encouraging humans to “reach for the stars” and to be friendly with the rest of the universe, but of course, not everyone will have a sane or logical response, I’m sure they know.

There are many other mysteries, but these ones come to my mind the most and most easily.

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