To King Jeffrey of Sprouts

Jeff, not reading this little book about your life will be a mistake.

I’m judging you based on your callous, impulsive responses and casual attitude over human suffering and poverty and your assumption that anyone who looks poor or is poor is worthless, of low low value, stupid, criminal, incompitent and self centered all of which you clearly are.

I told you, and you knew I was there in jail, I’d been in there for 5 months (for crimes committed by cops and animal control). You replied to me asking what you did wirh my cats that you were going to give them away, no you didn’t you disgusting liar, you said you’d give them to the head vet/owner of the vet clinic on Sandhill to be fostered while your female friend kept them. Second, when someone tells you, anyone, they’ve been a long time in jail, and you had seen their desperation and pleas to keep them for you – I told you not to give them away – is it anyway appropriate or reasonable to say, “You should thank me for giving them good homes” and “I wouldn’t have given them back to you”. Jeff, you retarded stupid fool: they were 1. My kids, 2. Only friends, 3. Only family 4. My life, 5. My hard earned work and money and-extreme-suffering-earned kids – as you “knew” – because you callous hard-hearted oaf: if I’m just a bum as you assume and assumed: then how did I get them? Surely didn’t buy them (if I had how can you just give them away let alone speak to me like I’m a criminal and bum? And you saw the trap, so ohviously I worked at getting them, and that was a high quality trap I BOUGHT FROM 1. DONATIONS FOR ME RESCUING CATS 2. THE VERY VERY FEW KITTEN AND SALES I MADE, it wasn’t grown in 3 seconds or conjured with easy magic, so how can you just lose it?

I was falsely accused of CRATING AND BOXING and starving and killing my cats, yet Lied is the one who boxes them. Even accused of crowding “emmaciated” kittens right after I get out of the sheler I see a Lied worker hauling in tons of screaming kittens crowded in kennels.

One of the ones I was accused of neglecting and killing was a new born I cared for and rescued and only had for a day and posted a craigslist ad trying to get it a foster mom and antibiotics and for two black kittens that were not mine and their white brother (that animal control deliberately – as they have before on purpose to cause ownership-reclaim problems – mislabeled as being female), the white one being mine. The 2 black and white had been confiscated in an arrest. They were at Lied for 10 days.

I, knowing Lied is a kill shelter and cats are treated poorly there and many are killed and me loving those 3 dearly, AND ME KNOWING WHAT JAIL IS LIKE, AND KNOWING THEY WERE EXPERIENCING THE SAME CONSTANT NOISE, BAD FOOD, STARVING, OFTEN-ON BRIGHT LIGHTS couldn’t leave them their.

So, in my poverty, weak and very-pained and shoddy physical state strived hard, wearing myself out to male the 100 to get them back, using my other dear 3 that I put blood, literally bled for, lots of sweat and tears, never sleeping!, listening to endless druggie-roommate screaming I bought them back, and avoiding bully cops and their endless monkey-wrenching and MONEY THEFT and they even steal property and animals, they did it to me repeatedly, taking my dogs first, killing a helpless one that loved me and I her.

When I broight them home and cracked open can of cat food the 3 kittens loudly screamed and BEGGED for the food DESPERATELY trying to get to it. I let the white one eat first and was shocked when I felt it, it was bony. So shocked I recorded it on my phone while squeezing t show how thin it was. A few hours later in the dark I heard extremely faint desperate squeels, after an hour of hard searching that could have landed me in jail or gotten me shot, I found it. It was suffocating from mud (its mucous mixed in with dirt) and getting cold, and so I rescued it. I went to the pet store to get feeding tubes and fed it goat milk as everyone advices, kept it warm.

The next day I went to the Strip with it, the 3 and my three to prepare to movie to a new house – YES, IDIOT, I HAD AN APARTMENT – YOU IDIOT STEREOTYPING BIGOT – made the $146 and was about to head to the vet to get antiobotics, but a detective arrested me at the Strip after a woman lied about me trying to sell kittens when he asked about me. He told me to put the cats away (into my carriers) as I had just made the $146 I needed, Jeff The Assumer. It takes me mere hours to make that kind of money when morons like you don’t stick their nose in the way thinking WITHOUT EVIDENCE, JEFF that they know better. The detective tossed the newborn onto the bridge I was on while it was in my bike bag. He argued that I was wrong to sell cats because, “they’re living creatures which is against the law” and “how do you know the people you’re selling them to will take care of them?” Yet I told him I wasn’t selling them. He refused to look at my vet papers showing I’d spent $145 in one vet visit and about $100 to get 3 back 2 days earlier.

He then ignored my cat food cans when I pointed them out as he led me down to the burning hot sidewalk (I had been in shade all that time with a water sprayer and cool water for the cats – tho kept the newborn warm, and these 3 put the carriers on the hot walk in the sun’s light, my two older cats started panting hard. Meanwhile the detectives obsessed over the $14 in a brass bowl, and the detective that threw my newborn acted casual and never said what he did. He took my ID, debit card, ebt card and medical card that had numbers on it for free hospital rides.

One detective looked at the newborn and said, “Yeeeeap, it doesn’t look like it’s gonna make it”, while a cop/corrections officer pulled my hat off my head and told me he was a big rescue guy and new animal abuse when he saw it. He asked what the name was of the animal hospital I used and when I hestitated mocked me before the detectives.

(Later in court when I would be arrested on Halloween, he tried to upset me by saying I was sure to get years of prison time unless I took a deal, who even later roughed me up when couldn’t get a chain off me).

I waited with the cats about 15 minutes. Then waited long in a van as that ass ate his sandwhich. When I got to CCDC that as told me he didn’t care, as in could care less about cats, if I really took them to a hospital.

I was released without my ID, and other cards, with $90 missing and my bike pump. It was sabotage and theft. My ticket had “Trial notes” on the back from the detective he tossed the kitten. It was lies, backhanded insults. Said, “First I read him his Miranda rights… malodorous carriers… dirty water”

When I went to Lied the next day to buy all seven back I was shocked to discover the newborn and 3 kittens had been killed (or so they claimed). I was also forced to sign tickets, for boxing and crating a cat, starving them and giving them dirty water because if I didn’t wouldn’t be allowed to get my others back.

Now Jeff, do animal exploiters, bums, imcompitents, callous hearted, druggies do as I’ve described?

I was also forced to have them sterilized, a massive blow to my future business plan to breed short-tailed hypoallergenic therapy cats, a business I could have started soon and along with the huge amount of cute Youtube worthy cat vids I had could have been well on my way to a wealthy life. I had even just bought awsome cat-named website names, and still own them. Somewhat happy to say a woman is caring for those and another woman has the Siamese.

I was arrested again ON MY BIRTHDAY right after I fed the sis of my stolen gray Pusspusspuss, Sept. 21, and accused by a detective (who I’d later find had harassed me on this blog, saying he’d force me to get the help I needed) of ‘”saying cops lied” and asked with no recorder in quick bursts, “did you take kittens from their moms, did you give them dirty water, were you trying to sell kittens?”, and so charged me without hint he was, with, “WILLFUL, MALICIOUS TORTURE, MAIM, KILL, CAT, DOG, AMIMAL”, “BOXING, CRATING, CAT”, and four counts of depriving animals food and water, and blocking a sidewalk.

I was loudly mocked in jail, assaulted with endless loud meows, torture mockings about what happened, snickers, forced to leave the first unit because it sounded like the whole unit was meowing. I was then in a small unit with many murderers one of whom kept humming early and late as I tried to sleep. I was mocked their too. Then was sent to “overflow”, a two tiered hell where sleep was impossible from the loud noises, snoring, noisy officers, drawer-slams, commisary-noises of scrunching Ramen soup bags, endless gas-passing from an inmate below, their mocking my itching-burning psoriasis which doctors wouldn’t give me effective meds for, one even burned my scalp, and there I started to starve and nearly went insane after months of not sleeping. I was forced to lie and say I saw flashes of light (instead I started moaning quietly from sore bones, back ache and from sleep loss unintentionally when a nurse had me “woken up”) to help me get back to “South Tower”.

I was sent to the section for mentally ill. There I was plagued with loud endless schizophrenic ranting with non-words by a guy across from me who when he begged for extra trays (as we in that unit who couldn’t afford commisary did from extreme starvation) usually got the extras, and of all people from a Christian officer whose religious defense I came to when another C.O. mocked him a little – I showed a list of books and a video defending creationism, and he just brushed it off without looking me in the eye.

In that unit the ceiling was low with multiple intercoms blasting messages repeatedly as we tried to sleep. One inmate sexually harassed me, put his fingers on his anus and penis and smell them and then extend them towards me. He also tried to get me beat up. A female seargant very callously and rudely scolded me for accusing him of sexual harassment.

Another inmate was similar acting, deranged in the same way, worse, acted like a 6 year old who hated washing, thought germs harmless, like Trump. He smelled of old sweat and ass and wouldn’t shower, repeatedly hocked phlegm and made slow wet spitting sounds for hours that sounded like he was spitting next to me or on his own lips, this even right after we ate. A few times he kept trying to touch me, and did, one time put his hands in his old hairy mouth and then touched my hair and tried again. He was next to me and officers refused to let me switch beds.

We also were raided, twice I was, and there my yellow envelopes full of private papers were spilled out, folded hearts were stolen and trashed.

I even had food taken and trashed, 3 days worth, because, “So no one accuses you of trying to make alcohol.”

I can go on and on how awful it was there with my psoriasis and tears, begging for ibuprofin, the torture of non-stop starved-feeling which alone besides constant officer-chatter and laughter at any hour, upsetting repeat comments like, “shit, piss, throw up” before we ate breakfast, bright lights, never-ending cold vent wind, the skin-destroying burning showers, AND HOW MY WHOLE LIFE 35 years Jeff, of shit only CATS throught giving me intense love and comfort.

I even told you how campus cops helped UNLV sorority girls on Sept.21 (YEP, MY BIRTHDAY AGAIN, 2014) bully me out of my beloved cats and kittens, my daughters…, when I came to those girls for help, and they repaid me with absurd accusations and nasty shouts and false contact info then banned me “because of your record”.

Five months later Lied Shelter refused to show my adoption records or video cam footage, only confiscation records, and my attorney’s investigator refused to look for them behind the house, five months of tears over those cats, who were my dearest and only family who I intended to keep and treasure forever in a new house, five months waiting to hear from Jeff to tell me how my kittens were, ask what he should do, advice, if I had parents to give them to, and tell me where the other three were taken, like Lied, perhaps where you could have bought them back using my parents’ money.

After I was a day out of jail Jeff, I found my somewhat hidden Lied records, even one from Banfield at Petsmart for “Sasha” my beloved daughter who everyone thought an ugly cat, stolen by Sorority girls.

Did you know detectives stole one just like her in looks, but much more loving and peaceful, two days before Halloween from me, which I also named Sasna, had no excuse for it, and a little tabby I was going to sell for cat food money and bus money to court, one was the Sept. 21 detective who also said, “I don’t care if you get out of court or not”. The other was a female blonde detective who pointed to a scar on her neck to brush off my claim I was disabled so couldn’t hold a job (carrying for cats and saving them doesn’t count to those rats, as they seem most to hate them or like you, see them as having no human attachments and merely as property, and any owners as being shit to be spat on unless of royal heritage like YOU, right Jeff?)

Jeff, two days after jail I was shaking and felt like puking from that jail stay. I repeatedly had to see judges, over 5, one who laughed off “displaying cats at the Strip”. Another, the one who prevented my release, said, “no, you’re a danger to animals” for bringing them to the Strip.

Jeff, have you ever gone under a hazardous building, rubbing on dust, getting sewage poured in your mouth to rescue your pets, then harassed by cops, PETA, had pets stolen, had security guards repeatedly get you to move, repeatedly thieved on by cops, then backstabbed and ditched by a guy named Jeff from Sprouts who after you get out of jail and feel a little okay finally, then have Jeff tell you when you politely asked him where your pets are that you gave to him, and Jeff acts confused and like you were never gone, and tells you be had no place to put your cats except your smallish trap, and did you a favor for keeping them jailed for 3 weeks, then jailed at that smell-hole Dewey where my Pusspusspuss had been jailed… but not just that!: Jeff then adds this cherry to “serf/bum/silly/incompetent/dirty-cat-handling/Daniel’s life, right outa 5 months of jail crying repeatedly over them and whether he’d see them again: “You should thank me… I wouldn’t have given them back to you”.

Do you value your life Jeff, or care about God? Don’t you know the Bible says over and over to not oppress the poor, warns to be your brother’s keeper and to “Do to others as you’d have done to you.”

Would you do that to TWO little service dogs too Jeff, or if I had been a king, Jeff, or promised you $15,000 for keeping them, and by the way you idiot, I actually WAS AND AM IN THAT POSITION YOU PREJUDICED ASSUMING HYPOCRITE BULLY. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU YOU WAGE SLAVE, TO TALK DOWN TO ME AND LIKE YOU’RE A COP WHO CAN ARREST ME IF I THE “BUM” TALKS BACK TO YOU, AND LIKE I’M SOMEMIGNORANTNLITTLE BRAT KID AND YOU, SOME CLEARLY RASH IGNORANT SILLY TWIT ARE ABOVE THE LAW? “wouldn’t give them back to you” huh, you bold twit thief? Is that so admitted thief? And O high king Jeff o so high: is THAT attitude the same then I should treat you with, the same blatant contemptous “you’re nothing to me douchbag” attitude?

“The Lord sent Nathan (a prophet) to (king) David. When he came to him, he said, “There were two men in Las Vegas, one well-to-do and respected man named Jeffrey who even knew the doctor at Sandhill Vet Clinic, and the other poor Daniel, despised as being a common bumbling stupid beggar with no future in assuming Jeffrey’s oblivious mind. Jeffrey had a truck, much poperty, health, steady and decent income, steady phone time, even health insurance. But poor Daniel had nothing except two little ewe lambs he had bought and three wild ones who couldn’t afford to house so raised half-wild. They grew up with him and they showed him more love than any humans and he planned and dreamed of housing them every moment saving up his painfully hard earned money for them. He often slept outside to keep watch over them all.

They shared his food, drank from his cup and even slept in his arms. They were like daughters and sons to him, no wealthy ones’ human children ever caused him envy they were so loving. Now a cop and rich head of Las Vegas Hoarder Neglect and Kill Animal Jail named Ingrid Newark, who secrety despised sheep and Daniel’s humble and peaceful life and outspoken love of God asked Jeffrey to rob Daniel: “he can’t afford to house them! They’re dirty and starving, they’re dirty, see!” They hated Daniel tok for speaking against their extravagant and hypocritical living. Now Jeffrey loved attention, especially from the wealthy and officials. “Give us his lambs for our jail, take our bribe” they said to him. Jeffrey seeing Daniel said he was near, and to come get him. He took their bribe and took the two little lambs that belonged to Daniel. Ingrid shouted, “Give them over,” but Jeffrey being a little afraid as he was being watched by some who respected Daniel, and knowing he might be carefully questioned, said, “Not yet, for he may become wealthy enough to buy it back from me, I’ll give him some days and keep them jailed in a trap he gave me, however take his wild ones that wait and call on him, the ones he slaves to keep well-fed and happy, I’ll tell you where he hid them.” The cop seized Daniel and Ingrid stole all his wild lambs, and sent them to her animal jail to be killed and eaten. When Daniel was released from prison after many days in shock from being denied food, sleep, and most ckmfort, his money and wagon and beggar’s sign we’re even still at the prison being withheld. He begged Jeffrey for his family back, but Jeffrey, not missing a beat of his self-centered life, replied with his middle finger at Daniel and said, “I wouldn’t givem’ back to ya if I had em’, sent em’ to ah good home tho, you should thank me, now I gotta get back ta money-making, I’m hungry. You don’t matter to me man, those lambs were being tortured by you, they needed rich peoples’ care and from cops n’ stuff, not wild living, they can’t survive on their own you goof. Seeya, wouldn’t wanna beeya.”

Now David burned with anger against this “Jeffrey” and said to Nathan, “As surely as the Lord lives, the man who did this must die! He must pay for those lambs and the trap and time lost and suffering he caused FOUR times over, because he did such a thing and had no pity!” Then Nathan said to David, “You are the man! This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: ‘I gave you a good life, a truck, plenty, and I delivered you from many troubles. And if all this had been too little, I would have given you even more had you been good to Daniel and treated him as peacefully as he did you, and been your brother’s keeper. Why did you despise the word of the Lord by doing what is evil in His eyes? You struck down Uriah’s heart with the sword of your mouth saying in Uriah’s inner and physical pain as he was dying lf sorrow before you yet finally cleaned up of mere dirt and tattered clothing, and rather than words of sorrow and compassion for him you told him to thank you for taking his life and love from him and acted as if he were not worth your time even.”

For this a severe curse will come on you and never leave, o king Jeffrey who rubs in salt a wound of a friend as if he were a despised enemy who’d mocked him. What did I say to you, Jeff, that earned, “I wouldn’t have given them back to you,” you evil loser and thief? Jeff, you loser white grave of bones: you are cursed by God, and will no doubt be imprisoned in Hell forever.

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