Pathetic for Stalkers

So much for the Great Gazoo, Kjelstad, and gorgeoustxwoman, footprints in the sand (aka Persephone) and novangelis, and a supposed woman named predator hunter (who thinks her nasty comments are worth reading here), and an evil gang at Answerbag made up of a Wiccan, Gypsy, Satanist, atheist and Catholic, who finally have given up. They are all failed stalkers defeated by their own mental laziness and hatred of the truth, truth which God gave to me by his word and giving me understanding. Though they troll Yahoo Answers and Dirtbag (where they know they can get away with it and be exalted as top contributors and get medals of honor for their bitter, stubborn, babble, and make like-minded psychotic and narcissistic friends on top of it, their rewards are temporary and any unrepentant friends they have on the Day of Judgment will be thrown into Hell with them. Novangelis is also a stalker on Wikipedia, who apparently had friends helping him to bully and flame-bait Christians out of that propaganda tool, but not enough to keep track of wherever I went there. And whatever happened to the psychotic Justin, who popped up out of no where to repeatedly harass me?: failed. None of them have nothing useful to say except to show how their way leads to eternal Hell.

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