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Iran, and the Art of War: My World War III Economic Attack Theory

August 29, 2012 Leave a comment

I have a theory, which is, if Iran doesn’t have long range nukes, and has at least three short range ones, and knowing that Israel could easily shoot them down, will attempt another method of devastation: attack the world power economies closest to them: China, Japan and South Korea. Would they do this? There’s no reason for them not to unless their leader is really a greedy man who cares more about money than his personal prophet, Mohammed. The asian countries are mainly Buddhist or atheist, and China is no friend of Islam, but rather, money. Evidence of this is their hard persecution of Muslims in China since Mao’s time of mass murdering to get his way (see Furthermore, they might time the attack to any Israeli attack on them, to make it hard to determine who made the attack. The Chinese might think Iran launched against Israel, but then Iran sneakily redirects the it’s missiles over China, South Korea and Japan. Iran’s leaders may be hoping that no one would retaliate against them for such an attack as there would no tactical reason to, but only a reason of revenge, and hope that China would launch EMPs or nukes against the Allied Forces in some bitter or paranoid attempt to prevent them from attempting to seize China’s resources and land in their crippled state. My guess is if Iran did make such an attack, that just in case Iran planned to try and seize some of China, that they would get hit with an EMP too, unless they saw that Israel already struck them with one. Russia also would have no tactical reason to hit Iran it Iran was in a crippled state and even if not, probably wouldn’t do so if they could see that Iran had no troops positioned for any kind of invasion of Russia. Russia’s attention would also be focus on retaliation from allied forces (if China had launched its nukes), and probably would get hit with multiple EMP strikes from the Allies anyways. Basically, most of the world would be electronically crippled within hours or perhaps less than an hour.

As the pie chart above shows, such an attack would cause an immediate and very long lasting supply/demand disruption. And suppose they are able to sneak into Mexico, and fire a nuke above Mexico as a sure fire way to do damage, it would cause an additional 19% disruption to the US economy, a total of a 40% long term disruption. America then would be immediately forced to choose between two options: stop sending money to other countries, including Israel, putting Israel in a much weaker position to defend itself, including maintain it’s military technology and use that money instead to start taking down it’s stupid environmental and trade regulations so that we can use our own resources, or use it to repair the electronic infrastructure of the devastated countries, which would cost trillions of dollars, or rather than repair, attempt a take over of the disabled countries. But being that Americans are sick of war, it is more likely they will pull in all their troops from all over the world, even Afghanistan with it’s precious rare earth materials. Iran’s leaders may also hope that by causing such a massive disruption, that the US would go into a civil war, perhaps between the liberals, moderates and conservatives, and the states permanently becoming smaller countries. They may hope that then that the Feds will try to enact a martial law form of government, and revert to an oppressive communist or dictator form of government like Obama and the super rich seem to hope for, and even if it doesn’t happen, a civil war might be caused by the attempt, a second American Revolution. A great internal war in America, would devestating I think, because the Feds would in my opinion release any and every hardened criminal from jail and prison and fill them instead with those directly opposing them through the use of those very same criminals they released, or not care if those criminals kidnapped or murdered rather than turn them in for imprisonment. They may even just allow chaos by release those criminals, and then after everyone has spent all their bullets, come in with military force and easily make slaves of everyone who survives. Whatever happens, a 40% disruption would be severe, and make things much worse than it was during the Great Depression, at least for a month, during which tens of thousands of people may die from panic-rioting and panic-looting.

Such attacks on Asia would also help fulfill the prophecy in the Bible, which says that the kings of the east will head for Israel to attack it, by foot (rather than by plane). If it were by plane it would indicate that the Asian countries I mentioned were not crippled by an EMP, and still had use of their electronic planes therefore. Either that or the Bible is only mentioning the ground forces, and not the air, because the air is not significant in comparison to the ground forces (and also because God doesn’t mention certain things so that not everyone will believe him, being that he doesn’t will/want/wish for everyone to be saved, as the Bible indicates.)

As with the situation that could happen from one superpower launching a nuke at another, an EMP attack could provoke China to strike back with an EMP retaliation itself: in order to protect itself from invasion after such an attack, China might commit an EMP attack on its enemies and competitors: Russia, Israel and the USA. So then, by attacking China, Iran could provoke China into attacking its main enemies. And, if Israel is attacked by an EMP, and a high altitude one, rather than very specific one, the countries around Israel would also be affected. Russia might also launch EMP attacks on the European countries, in order to prevent any of them invading or plundering them in their severely diminished power. All this would seem to fulfill Biblical prophecy perfectly, by mostly reducing the world back to the sword and bow ages (the Bible doesn’t hint at guns, electronics or airplanes being used), which the Bible seems to imply will come about again by the language it uses about how Israel will be attacked and the statement that whoever kills by the sword will die by it. Ironically, some of the weakest nations might become the strongest, even if still weak. It would be those of Africa, especially South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Britain, and various island nations who have military jets, fighters, and electronic equipped boats all over and around them. However, that would also put them in danger of being prime targets for invasion and plunder by those seeking to regain their former glory and power.

Update 9/1/2012:

Something I realized months ago, but forgot to mention till now, was the likelihood of an EMP attack against the US occurring (and now these other countries I mentioned). I think it is almost certain that it will happen. I believe this because the Bible seems to imply that the world will forget the meaning of 666, what it stands for, and the danger of taking that mark. The only ones who use it in their name at this time seem to be, not surprisingly, psychopaths and extreme ignorants. However the Bible seems to imply it will be accepted world wide. I don’t think that could happen any time soon because even the psychopaths and ignorants would have to know at this time, because of the Internet and huge amount of Bible’s and it’s mention everywhere, including the Internet, of the danger of taking the 666 mark. So then, I think what would have to happen is an extreme disaster that would cause the Internet to be disabled and riots and panic looting causing churches and book stores and libraries everywhere to go up in flames, and Christians fleeing their personal houses/homes with their Bibles to escape looters and rapists. The same would go for hotels which also have Bibles in them. And because of fleeing Christians, there would also be a lack of verbal preaching. So, no literature about the 666 mark or verbal preaching about it. Now, during such a time the lifespans of many people in the world might be about 25 or 30 years like it used to be for a while in the past, due to uncleanliness. An EMP strike would leave all kinds of toxic hazards around in the cities and factories using dangerous chemicals for whatever, that might be tampered with or leak from poor maintenance and break ins, resulting in the deaths of many if the chemicals get into the ground water. And hospitals harbor many dangerous diseases that might spread like fire in an EMP devastated country if people were to go into the hospitals looking for supplies, and ending up being infected with something that resists everything except hard to find herbs and electronic technology.

It could be argued though, that people would take the mark if they were under extreme pressure. For example, in Nazi Germany, most of the population took the mark of the swastika as their national flag even though Hitler was doing clearly very evil things along with his soldiers. And the Bible mentions the truth that a starving person would commit some grievous sin just for some bread. Bribes can also corrupt a person to do extreme evil, as was the case with Judas, and Judas was with Jesus, knew he was good and saw the miracles all about him. Likewise, there are many traitor-like Christians today, over a billion of them, and many ignorant about obvious things the Bible says, and thinking any religion is okay, so long as it doesn’t say of theirs, “You’re religion is wrong” and especially, “And you’re going to Hell if you don’t choose my religion instead.” But because the Bible also seems to imply that the world will go back to a sword and bow age, I think most likely, is that this stupidity of taking the 666 mark, will be due to ignorance. This verse also, seems prophetic to me, but it’s just my opinion:

“Where there is no revelation the people cast off restraint, but blessed is he who keeps the law.” – Proverbs 29:18. Something to note is that the book, Revelation (aka The Apocalypse), is the only book in the Bible that mentions this 666 mark.