Just Have Faith: Stephen Hawking says, “Gravity did it.”

Stephen Hawking has recently declared that God wasn’t needed to make the universe, because, he says,

“Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing,”

I think that logic should be a required course in Junior High, and High school, and every college, and that if you’ve already taken it, that you should be retested before being allowed into High school and college. No doubt Hawking has come up with some scheme in which gravity, along with other laws, magically decided (just like DNA supposedly decides to be greedy according to Ricky Dawkins) to just assemble the universe, simple is that. He might as well say, “Laws wrote themselves” or “information made itself.” He even said, “Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist.” And whatever he says is true because he spontaneously said so! Who made Hawking and the co author of his book, God? And clearly Hawking is suffering from narcissism disorder as he believes the force of his statements makes him right as he goes on to make this superfluous useless statement: “It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going.” So, making statements apart from evidence is “science” according to Hawking and Dawkins.

Hawking also said recently, “The fact that we human beings – who are ourselves mere collections of fundamental particles of nature”. No, humans are not “mere collections of matter”, Hawking’s should have spent more time leaning biology. We’re not just robots or magically sentient beings with built in error correcting codes and brains more many times powerful than the most powerful modern supercomputers. Rape and child abuse are not, “just concepts humans made up and is only wrong to whoever decides it is”. The rest of his sentence was: “– have been able to come this close to an understanding of the laws governing us and our universe is a great triumph.” And it’s just a coincidence too! Here’s his evidence that coincidences lead to life on Earth, and it’s such awesome proof!: in 1992 an astronomer found of a planet orbiting a star other than our Sun, therefore, he says, “That makes the coincidences of our planetary conditions – the single sun, the lucky combination of Earth-sun distance and solar mass – far less remarkable, and far less compelling as evidence that the Earth was carefully designed just to please us human beings”. In other words, “we found a planet around a sun other than our own, therefore all the precise conditions in the universe including in our solar system and in Earth’s atmosphere, magnetosphere, all the chemicals on and under earth, and all the chemicals and structures needed for the simplest to the most complex living thing on Earth, are also just chance. Why again? “Cuz we found a planet around a star.” HUH?! Could Hawkings also have been psychotic or demon possessed? Using his moronic logic: if you find one ultra complex robot full of life-preserving and life-creating programming and technology, it isn’t proof of intelligent life, and if you find another one, it’s LESS proof of intelligent life. CAN YOU GET ANYMORE BACKWARDS? Again: If you find another Earth with humans on it, or some other planet with sentient beings on it, IT’S LESS PROOF THAT THERE IS DESIGN. Or: If you find one planet, that’s not proof of a designer, but if you find two: it’s LESS proof according to Hawking. That is the kind of insanity that mentally strikes people who hate God and greatly reject him. GOD IS THE SOURCE OF TRUTH, so the farther you get from Truth, the more backwards you become, The more you hate God, the more dishonest the more immoral you become. In a way, you become the opposite of God when you hate him: you become a living lie.

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