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‘Motivator’ Tony Robbins, Anti-Christ?

Note: This was meant to be a comment to a Tony Robbins follower’s comment (Laura, whom I quote below) to this blog article on why they left one of Tony’s seminars, but my comment got so long I’m just posting it as a blog post. Some of you may not like me using caps in my reply, but there was no “bold” tool in the comment form.

Laura who stood up for Tony Robbins said on JUNE 23, 2019 AT 11:44 PM,

You have no idea how many great things you missed out on by leaving early! What’s sadder yet, is the fact that you’re using your lame excuses to leave; from possibly convincing another human being not to go and missing an experience of a lifetime! Even Oprah, Who never stays more than 3 hrs anywhere; got so involved that she stayed entire day and walked over coals that night! So anyone looking for advice….be your own best friend and experience it yourself and make your own opinion!

Anthony Robbins is a false teacher like Buddha, Joseph Smith and Bill Gothard. Like all cultist leaders and false teachers (and malicious arguers) he uses vague expressions/is vague, not specific, contradictory leaves out obedience to God/God as the ONLY source of ultimate morality and eternal peace. He’s also now a known hypocrite and sexually and psychologically abusive bully and you described someone with narcissism disorder: boastful, immature (for his age), shallow and a liar (even if you didn’t directly say so.

Also, why is “even Oprah” a benchmark for who should go?

Winfrey and Trump both preach a gospel of wealth, health, and self-determination, following in the relatively recent prosperity gospel tradition, which broadly speaking says that God wants people to be wealthy and healthy and that followers are responsible for their own destiny here on Earth.” – quoting Elizabeth Dias in Time Magazine in January 9, 2018

(Time Magazine:) Oprah Winfrey and Donald Trump Promote the Same Populist Theology

Oprah is also a known liar, a panderer and shallow. And again: why would she be a benchmark? Is Oprah Jesus or God? You’re gullible, ignorant, shallow and you don’t make sense. You’re blind, a hypocrite, contradictory like your idols. You said to have your own opinion (as does Tony Robbins), yet calling Noah stupid in word and actions and shameful for it. Now, lose your LGBTQ sky-high kind of self-blinding pride and delusion, turn to Christ, not narcissism spreading-Tony who contradicts God: he claims POWER AND POSITIVE THINKING AND SOME VAGUE IMPROVEMENTS BASED ON OBTAINING MORE POWER AND MORE POSSESSIONS CAN MAKE YOU FLY AS HIGH AS YOU CHOOSE (MEANING???), AND “GOING OUT AND DOING IT” AND TO, NOT THINK NEGATIVELY.

All he did was gut the specifics out of the Bible, replace God with himself and you as his disciples and use replacement words like exchange “grumbling” in Scripture for “being negative minded”. Tony made HIMSELF the ultimate motivator and our desires SECONDARY TO HIS DESIRE TO MAKE MONEY OFF US AND PLAY LORD OVER US. Don’t you know about Pastor Robert Tilton? The con-artist Christian who twisted Scripture by claiming faith in Christ to get rich on earth / “positive thinking” and to pray with him (Tilton) would help would make it come true? Tilton’s trick was to leave out how how to obtain ETERNAL SECURITY AND PEACE and replace it, as does false Christian teacher Joel Osteen(second reference for Osteen here) and Tony Robbins and long dead Buddha with having eternal success on earth BEFORE YOU DIE. Buddha’s unique or somewhat unique lies was that to desiring anything was an evil and therefore lead to evil and so to not desire anything lead to (his desire to not experience mental or physical pain – which is a narcissistic and childish response to feeling pain. It’s a demonic contradiction BECAUSE one must love God, honesty and moral behavior, based on God’s laws, and DESIRE to not to break his laws: theft (and being greedy), murder (and unjust injury or carelessness leading to it), lying (and commiting adultery), to NOT feel ETERNAL pain. There’s not going to ever be a cessation of pain on earth and God uses it to test everyone so we can all see by our reactions to pain if we are moral or not. If you feel pain then say, “so I won’t love or hate anything” and try it, you’re IMMORAL! Tony Robbins even says TO LOVE, so at least he’s not as bad as Buddha who teaches a straight out contradiction on how to not feel pain. And who doesn’t know that not loving someone you’re in love with, or your parents, children o or pets causes pain to do so and DEPRESSION, a pain of severe and very long-lasting sadness that can end up being eternal sadness!? Buddha was so confused (and confusion is a kind of main sin of the three worst sins in Buddhism) that he believed that hate was an entirely self-pain-causing thing and the opposite of lust (Buddha, not surprisingly, perhaps hatefully and deliberately) did not say LOVE or include it at least. I imagine it was either because he was demon-possessed or was mentally lazy and merely loved the attention he was getting from those gullibles who listened to him and so simply ignored how to deal with LOVE. And Buddha clearly was a narcissist, narcissists are shallow and malicious and beimg shallow have a poor emotionally-retarded/stunted understanding of “love”. They, in their infantile thinking, think love is little different than carnal lust, and like so many “LGBTQs” equate sexual gratification (even sexual assault) as LOVE. It’s a confusion and delusion caused by poor parenting or a sexual assault by either sex and/or bullying, especially over how they look. It’s too bad Tony was not a true Christian, he could have used his charm and voice for goodness, instead he’s like some proto-type anti-Christ. I wouldn’t even be surprised if he were the anti-Christ and ended up with one blind eye and a withered right arm.

Catholic Radio Show Host George Noory Promotes Demons Again

Yesterday night George featured the medium Mary Ann Winkowski. She is used, sadly, but not surprisingly, by the FBI. George allowed people to call in and ask her questions, and she was asked if she believed in the Bible, and she said that she did, and the same caller then told her that the Bible said that “the dead know nothing”, and said that Satan likes to play tricks, but she dismissed it, and instead of saying, “That’s not true” was disgustingly sly by instead saying that not all (human) spirits cross over, and so, negating God’s word in the next breath. A few minutes later another person called in and asked her why not all spirits cross over, and she gave the common, but nonsensical reason, which is that God gave us free will (and by saying this again negated God’s word and which implies that man’s will/what he wants is more important that God’s). Though she no doubt believed that God’s will was that man’s will be done, it’s a clear nonsensical error because mankind has multiple conflicting wills, things like I’m sure, putting God in Hell, or making a visible slave of him on Earth. So how can God do both? Obviously he can’t be in Hell and on Earth at the same time, or have the same woman’s body in two different locations for whatever man would like to be with her. The Bible clearly teaches that it is God’s will that is always done.

On top of that, Mary was implying (and all Arminian Christians, which includes many Pentecostals, and any Christian who believes that man’s will is accomplished over God’s) is implying the insane, the illogical: that man can do anything he wants simply by wanting to, by willing to do so in other words, or some would say, “wishing for it”. How insane is that? It’s against the common sense that everyone on Earth believes, except the severely insane, to believe that you can do whatever you want simply by wishing to. This teaching I just remembered, is more widespread than I realized: ever remember being taught “if you want something enough you can have it” or “if you try hard enough” or “you can accomplish whatever you want if you set your mind to it“? These pretentious cliches are used to encourage kids and young adults in public schools, especially the poor minorities no doubt (and no wonder most of them remain poor and die young being mislead by such stupidity). It was also spread all over the world by “gurus” by people like the super narcissist Tony Robbins.

A little while later, another caller asked Mary if she believed in reincarnation. Mary reluctantly said that she did believe in. When George asked why she was uncomfortable saying that she did, she said that she wasn’t supposed to because, get this: she was a Catholic.

Why doesn’t the Pope, if he is a so called by Catholics, “good man”, “of God”, does he, the leader of the Catholic Church, excommunicate Noory and Catholics worse than him? Some Catholic may say, “Well we don’t believe whatever the Pope says, only if he says it comes from God,” well hello: The Pope didn’t get to be the Pope by accident: he was put there by the other leaders you put yourselves under. And don’t Catholics realize that they are admitting that the Pope is a liar then? Does the Pope say, “It’s my opinion that babies shouldn’t be aborted”? No: he and your leaders state in public that it is wrong. Now if that is merely their opinions, then they are lying by claiming it’s Catholic doctrine, God’s will that it not be done. So Catholics are not justified by simply dismissing things the Pope says as merely his isolated opinions. It’s the same with child sexual abuse that occurs in their church: if it’s epidemic and generated by some sanctioned teaching itself in the church, like that priests should abstain from having a wife and sex at all, than to support that same “Church” is to approve of the child sexual abuse.

An argument against that, which I just realized, that someone might use against that, is “Well aren’t you supporting the evils of the US government or your local ones if you pay taxes to them and you know they will use it for wrong?” My answer is “No”, because the tax money is spread out for many different uses, often good, and are not highly focused in what they are used for, which in the Catholic church is always, supplies for demonic rituals, dogmatizing, setting up situations for secret abuse, church utility bills, with a little help for the poor and needy on the side, and that even is meant to convert/draw people into people to Catholicism. All governments are corrupted with evil men and women in them, so it can’t be helped that some of the tax money they get will be wrongly used. If there was a better government and not hard to live under, and the difference in behavior was great, and it wouldn’t kill you to try and go live under them, then I would agree you should do so. Besides that, God said,

If a ruler listens to lies, all his officials become wicked. (Proverbs 29:12)

And God is trustworthy. Therefore, anyone who accepts the Pope as their leader is very evil and an overall liar, and therefore a person who shouldn’t be trusted at their mere word and especially not for important jobs, especially not with saving someone’s life, unless that Catholic is highly constrained to do what is right.

After Mary, George had Hank Wesselman as his main guest. That man was so annoying, so pretentious, and mixed anthropology, traditional Darwinism and demonism (he said he was communicating with “jinn” (the Arabic word for demons) at one time. He went on and on excruciatingly about his talks with jinn, acting like he was telling the world something profound, and like he was some super holy wise man for having had the experience). Incredibly this man was so hardened, that even though he had read Forbidden Archaeology “for hours”, he still refused to believe the obvious fact that Earth is not older than 7000 years and implied a damaging confusing teaching was that he would have to see the objects himself that were mentioned in the book in order to believe in them. By so doing this evil idiot was teaching that multiple written eyewitness testimony cannot be trusted, but illogically that only him directly seeing and testing the objects is the only way to know (which is the attitude of a narcissist and blind person). Many excuse-makers who don’t want to believe the Bible use his excuse of, “I have to see it myself” yet hypocritically don’t use this standard for other things which they don’t perceive as validating the Bible (like seeing someone on TV jumping on an alligator or a singer at a concert – they just believe those things really happen). Yet if they see video or pictures of things which validate the Bible, they automatically doubt for not logical reason, and can’t be bothered to do a little research on the discoveries, and if they do, and find what merely appears to be a reasonable argument against the evidence, like in some forum or blog, they then automatically write the evidence off, and forget about it.

No wonder the world is devolving into extremely immoral idiots, like Adrianne Curry: they embrace demons. Even police officers and governments themselves are doing so. And this validates the incredible claim in the Bible that in the last days the world will openly accept Satan, calling him “The Beast”, and if not openly accepting him, openly accepting someone whom they know has his character.