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Steve Quayle – False Christian

April 8, 2010 51 comments

Tonight and into the early morning, George Noory had Steve Quayle, a false Christian, as his guest on Coast to Coast AM again, a man who says the word “OK” to no end during his long rants. I just heard Steve say that he believes that the “Map of the Creator” was made 450,000 years ago and that it predated Adam and Eve. Earlier in the show, he said that chemtrails were meant to make mankind tastier for giants, and that all giants are cannibals. Apparently Mr. Steve “OK” Quayle never heard of the Solomon Islands giants, and is deluded. Steve also believes that America is Babylon (something a Catholic is likely to say, and which is why George had him on, being that George is also a Catholic and wants to improve the severely damaged reputation Catholics). Steve also said that all of America was “absolutely gullible”. Not the millions of “Calvinists”, Steve.

After just publishing the above I discovered that Steve Quayle is promoting a Catholic and false prophet named Father Andrew Wingate, who was featured on Coast to Coast AM. There is a discussion about his (false) “prophecies” here.

6/23/2010 Update:

Update 3-9-2011:

Past Confirmed: Steve Quayle is past confirmed being a false Christian as I’ve found from watching this old video of him: (8/2/2011: I just found out that the BBC had this video removed using a copyright claim). He makes it clear he has no love for UN troops. So much for “Love your enemies” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” UPDATE (11/4/2011): FOUND ANOTHER CLIP ON HIM FROM THE SAME BBC SHOW ON YOUTUBE THAT APPARENTLY THEY ARE ALLOWING SINCE IT’S ONLY 10 MINUTES, HERE IT IS:

Update 7-11-2011:

Last night on Coast to Coast AM, hosted by John P. Wells, an anti-Christian carried by his deep voice, but mentally shallow, interviewed Steve Quayle. Steve this time was speaking at a lest frantic rate (I wonder why?) and also just happened to stick in that he is against bowing down to idols and worshiping them (I wonder what inspired him to bring that up?) and that he was very much against “organized religion”. The host, John, added the cliche comment that it turns more people away then brings people into it. John, clue: THAT WHAT THE BIBLE TEACHES HAPPENS DUE TO THE WORLD BEING EVIL. Do you think evil people would want to join ORDER or remain in CHAOS, like you, Punnet, Noory, Art and your friend Steve Quayle? Steve was asked if he was a fundamentalist, and Steve didn’t answer directly at first, but later said that he was the “quintessential opposite of a fundamentalist” and that evangelic Christians didn’t preach the love of God (hypocrite). If Steve is the (pretentious word) oppossite of a fundamentalist Christian, then Steve is fully against the fundamentals of fundamentalists:

1) Obedience to the ten commandments (with Sunday being a new and modified sabbath) and the two greatest commandments (to love your neighbor as yourself and God with all your heart and mind)
2) Belief in the trinity (three spiritually joined persons linked in their living essence so that they are one being, called “God”, yet person each having their own mind, which perhaps could be said to be apart of and forming a super-mind, God’s)
3) Belief that Jesus physically suffered and died in the place of sinners and for all the sins of whomever he came to suffer and die for, and obeyed God perfectly in their place so that none of their sins would ever be counted against them permanently and so that God would accept them all as righteous.
4) Belief that Jesus was brought back to life a physical being and his body being converted to an immortal perfect body, spiritual, and brought into Heaven.
5) Belief that Jesus will one day return to rule the world forever.
6) Belief that the righteous (the ones Jesus saved) will live forever both in body and spirit, and that their bodies will also be changed like Christ’s was.
7) Belief that salvation is eternal, not temporary.

For Steve to be against all these, makes him an apostle of Satan, not God’s, and a futile one, since he teaches that salvation can be lost at any time with a “free will” wish. Steve is like a demon who makes himself appear to be an angel of light.