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Why Liberals and the Liberal MSM Hate and Attack Russia, Putin and President Trump

Why Liberals and the Liberal Media Demonize Russia, Putin and President Trump

First of all liberals oppose conservativism, and therefore Republicans, and Trump at least verbally sides with conservatives. Second, Putin and allegedly all of the government under him openly opposes homosexuals and pro homosexual speech. It’s actually against Russian law to endorse homosexuality. Now then logically Russia must oppose liberalism as all liberals support homosexuality, and many even support letting little children having homosexual sex, at least with others their age, and no doubt liberals would enjoy watching it, not many would admit it in public out of fear of coming across as perveted predatory sex-addicts who care more about their personal sexual gratification then children, or almost entirely, or, entirely about their satisfaction, as a psychopath would be like. Now, does anyone think political liberals, well-studied ones who enjoy pushing their beliefs, their faith, their philosphies of men on others will simply sit quietly and let Putin and his conservative anti-gay government who view (at least claim to view) gays as mentally ill or logically confused) become influential in American politics, like tolerate the possibility that some part of the Russian government tried to get a spiritually and morally similar or preferable (at least as far as they could tell) president elected, especially if the opposition candidate was liberal and barely lost by a few votes? Especially if they thought Russia helped to demonize that candidate? Of course, with the tons and tons of wealthy busy-body, gossip-hungry, strife-loving liberals in America they’d counter attack, they’d look for holes in Trump’s armor, try and take him down. Personally and as a true Christian, I oppose conservatism and liberalism as both are anti-Biblical philosophies. I oppose the conservatism of the type of the corrupt hypocrite, Freemason, deist, two-faced, man-fearing, founding fathers because they sanction liberal speech, or at least they claimed to, as do their cult followers called “Constitutionalists” and conservatives. How the humans act who claim to uphold those laws isn’t necessarily going to be in obedience.

That is why today said Russia has a “hostile” government, a misleading lie, a deception. It’s HOSTILE TO LIBERALISM AND LIBERALS and by extension to atheists, which is ironic as Russia used to be atheist dominated. Liberals play the same word game propaganda endorsing liberalism in sneaky ways by demonizing creationists and Bible-obeying Christians by promoting so called “mainstream science” meaning pro-atheist science, a scientific philosophy not based on science that denies Biblical creationism and the need to worship SOLEY the God of the Bible or alternatively, any “God” or god at all. The Bible strongly warns against Christians allowing godlessness in the church, but to instead make sure their children are at least theistic. That’s really what this is about: liberals opposing traditional anti-homosexual, monotheistic Christianity. So then one must wonder why then do liberals support Islam, which is also monotheistic (in a wrong way) and anri-homosexual? Because, the smarter liberals think or did think they could turn these “stupid” Muslims to their side by welcoming them, perhaps also because some liberals found out many Muslims were pro homosexual child-sex lovers and engaged in it but also for a more malicious reason, that being that many Muslims are militant and willing to blow up their enemies (Christians, some liberals think, are their main enemies) and therefore could help kill the “worst” Christians like Pat Robertson and others. Tbe problem: Some militant Muslims must believe if they truly know the Quran and believe it, that “Christians are the closest (you Muslims) have to friends”, which is basically a verse in the Quran. It’s not talking about liberal Christians, but Catholics (that’s all Mohammed knew of in his experience, not Calvinists or Lutherans). So, of course, some Muslims would first attack liberals, like ones in a gay club, not Christian churches first. Think: would a Muslim want to attack first fellow worshipers of God with the good ten commandments, or atheists and “the immoral”, the “lawless” liberals who despise traditional Christian and the similar Islamic morals? But liberals being severely chaotic inside and blind often reject the obvious and do what is stupid, childish and against common sense, severely, so they end up being blown up by the dogs and swine they want to partner with or befriend. Befriending scorpions and venomous snakes is not wise. So, elite liberals in politics who enjoy manipulating and attacking anti-liberals are trying to turn two conservative governments (the US partially conservative) from joining forces and even becoming a single government in the future perhaps which may crush liberals. That, is what this is about. It’s not about liberals wanting justice or fairness or caring about treason or if Obama was really a citizen of the USA or not, but their feelings and philosophy, their point of view not being trashed, and ultimately, their hatred of God.

Ironically the conservative side of the American government opposes Russia because Russia’s government or Putin wants to be self-determining and not economically subservient to far off America who is seen naturally as an economic competitor, including militarily, as in mainly oil and military sales / arms sales. America long ago secured an oil and military partnership with the sexist and religiously oppressive Saudi government and militarily with Israel. Russia partnered with Iran who is opposed to the Saudi government over religious differences. Israel partnered with America naturally because of the government of Iran repeatedly cursing Israel far more than the Saudi government which at worst is racist towards Israel indirectly.

Putin also makes sure to in a stealthy way put America’s governmental and police system in a bad light, which of course is a tactic to sway the world in Russia’s favor and put Russia and himself in a better light.

I don’t take sides in these political struggles and the Bible forbids Christians from getting “tangled” in world politics and economic competition. I do however oppose deception, racism, cursing Israel, false religion, and persecution of Christians.



Iran, and the Art of War: My World War III Economic Attack Theory

August 29, 2012 Leave a comment

I have a theory, which is, if Iran doesn’t have long range nukes, and has at least three short range ones, and knowing that Israel could easily shoot them down, will attempt another method of devastation: attack the world power economies closest to them: China, Japan and South Korea. Would they do this? There’s no reason for them not to unless their leader is really a greedy man who cares more about money than his personal prophet, Mohammed. The asian countries are mainly Buddhist or atheist, and China is no friend of Islam, but rather, money. Evidence of this is their hard persecution of Muslims in China since Mao’s time of mass murdering to get his way (see Furthermore, they might time the attack to any Israeli attack on them, to make it hard to determine who made the attack. The Chinese might think Iran launched against Israel, but then Iran sneakily redirects the it’s missiles over China, South Korea and Japan. Iran’s leaders may be hoping that no one would retaliate against them for such an attack as there would no tactical reason to, but only a reason of revenge, and hope that China would launch EMPs or nukes against the Allied Forces in some bitter or paranoid attempt to prevent them from attempting to seize China’s resources and land in their crippled state. My guess is if Iran did make such an attack, that just in case Iran planned to try and seize some of China, that they would get hit with an EMP too, unless they saw that Israel already struck them with one. Russia also would have no tactical reason to hit Iran it Iran was in a crippled state and even if not, probably wouldn’t do so if they could see that Iran had no troops positioned for any kind of invasion of Russia. Russia’s attention would also be focus on retaliation from allied forces (if China had launched its nukes), and probably would get hit with multiple EMP strikes from the Allies anyways. Basically, most of the world would be electronically crippled within hours or perhaps less than an hour.

As the pie chart above shows, such an attack would cause an immediate and very long lasting supply/demand disruption. And suppose they are able to sneak into Mexico, and fire a nuke above Mexico as a sure fire way to do damage, it would cause an additional 19% disruption to the US economy, a total of a 40% long term disruption. America then would be immediately forced to choose between two options: stop sending money to other countries, including Israel, putting Israel in a much weaker position to defend itself, including maintain it’s military technology and use that money instead to start taking down it’s stupid environmental and trade regulations so that we can use our own resources, or use it to repair the electronic infrastructure of the devastated countries, which would cost trillions of dollars, or rather than repair, attempt a take over of the disabled countries. But being that Americans are sick of war, it is more likely they will pull in all their troops from all over the world, even Afghanistan with it’s precious rare earth materials. Iran’s leaders may also hope that by causing such a massive disruption, that the US would go into a civil war, perhaps between the liberals, moderates and conservatives, and the states permanently becoming smaller countries. They may hope that then that the Feds will try to enact a martial law form of government, and revert to an oppressive communist or dictator form of government like Obama and the super rich seem to hope for, and even if it doesn’t happen, a civil war might be caused by the attempt, a second American Revolution. A great internal war in America, would devestating I think, because the Feds would in my opinion release any and every hardened criminal from jail and prison and fill them instead with those directly opposing them through the use of those very same criminals they released, or not care if those criminals kidnapped or murdered rather than turn them in for imprisonment. They may even just allow chaos by release those criminals, and then after everyone has spent all their bullets, come in with military force and easily make slaves of everyone who survives. Whatever happens, a 40% disruption would be severe, and make things much worse than it was during the Great Depression, at least for a month, during which tens of thousands of people may die from panic-rioting and panic-looting.

Such attacks on Asia would also help fulfill the prophecy in the Bible, which says that the kings of the east will head for Israel to attack it, by foot (rather than by plane). If it were by plane it would indicate that the Asian countries I mentioned were not crippled by an EMP, and still had use of their electronic planes therefore. Either that or the Bible is only mentioning the ground forces, and not the air, because the air is not significant in comparison to the ground forces (and also because God doesn’t mention certain things so that not everyone will believe him, being that he doesn’t will/want/wish for everyone to be saved, as the Bible indicates.)

As with the situation that could happen from one superpower launching a nuke at another, an EMP attack could provoke China to strike back with an EMP retaliation itself: in order to protect itself from invasion after such an attack, China might commit an EMP attack on its enemies and competitors: Russia, Israel and the USA. So then, by attacking China, Iran could provoke China into attacking its main enemies. And, if Israel is attacked by an EMP, and a high altitude one, rather than very specific one, the countries around Israel would also be affected. Russia might also launch EMP attacks on the European countries, in order to prevent any of them invading or plundering them in their severely diminished power. All this would seem to fulfill Biblical prophecy perfectly, by mostly reducing the world back to the sword and bow ages (the Bible doesn’t hint at guns, electronics or airplanes being used), which the Bible seems to imply will come about again by the language it uses about how Israel will be attacked and the statement that whoever kills by the sword will die by it. Ironically, some of the weakest nations might become the strongest, even if still weak. It would be those of Africa, especially South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Britain, and various island nations who have military jets, fighters, and electronic equipped boats all over and around them. However, that would also put them in danger of being prime targets for invasion and plunder by those seeking to regain their former glory and power.

Update 9/1/2012:

Something I realized months ago, but forgot to mention till now, was the likelihood of an EMP attack against the US occurring (and now these other countries I mentioned). I think it is almost certain that it will happen. I believe this because the Bible seems to imply that the world will forget the meaning of 666, what it stands for, and the danger of taking that mark. The only ones who use it in their name at this time seem to be, not surprisingly, psychopaths and extreme ignorants. However the Bible seems to imply it will be accepted world wide. I don’t think that could happen any time soon because even the psychopaths and ignorants would have to know at this time, because of the Internet and huge amount of Bible’s and it’s mention everywhere, including the Internet, of the danger of taking the 666 mark. So then, I think what would have to happen is an extreme disaster that would cause the Internet to be disabled and riots and panic looting causing churches and book stores and libraries everywhere to go up in flames, and Christians fleeing their personal houses/homes with their Bibles to escape looters and rapists. The same would go for hotels which also have Bibles in them. And because of fleeing Christians, there would also be a lack of verbal preaching. So, no literature about the 666 mark or verbal preaching about it. Now, during such a time the lifespans of many people in the world might be about 25 or 30 years like it used to be for a while in the past, due to uncleanliness. An EMP strike would leave all kinds of toxic hazards around in the cities and factories using dangerous chemicals for whatever, that might be tampered with or leak from poor maintenance and break ins, resulting in the deaths of many if the chemicals get into the ground water. And hospitals harbor many dangerous diseases that might spread like fire in an EMP devastated country if people were to go into the hospitals looking for supplies, and ending up being infected with something that resists everything except hard to find herbs and electronic technology.

It could be argued though, that people would take the mark if they were under extreme pressure. For example, in Nazi Germany, most of the population took the mark of the swastika as their national flag even though Hitler was doing clearly very evil things along with his soldiers. And the Bible mentions the truth that a starving person would commit some grievous sin just for some bread. Bribes can also corrupt a person to do extreme evil, as was the case with Judas, and Judas was with Jesus, knew he was good and saw the miracles all about him. Likewise, there are many traitor-like Christians today, over a billion of them, and many ignorant about obvious things the Bible says, and thinking any religion is okay, so long as it doesn’t say of theirs, “You’re religion is wrong” and especially, “And you’re going to Hell if you don’t choose my religion instead.” But because the Bible also seems to imply that the world will go back to a sword and bow age, I think most likely, is that this stupidity of taking the 666 mark, will be due to ignorance. This verse also, seems prophetic to me, but it’s just my opinion:

“Where there is no revelation the people cast off restraint, but blessed is he who keeps the law.” – Proverbs 29:18. Something to note is that the book, Revelation (aka The Apocalypse), is the only book in the Bible that mentions this 666 mark.

Strange Ice Explosion/Formations Appear Russian Ural Area

This is a translation of a news report on what is either an ice fall or some strange carving or cutting and lifting of ice:

An Anomaly of Unknown Origin Noticed In the Urals

The fall of a meteorite or a natural phenomenon of unknown origin has changed dramatically quiet rural way of life of the inhabitants of the village Rubezhka. In the morning, January 12, a local forester Paul Singilevtsev found a mile from the village uprooted from the middle of the Urals huge chunks of ice and giant sagebrush.

“How this is bothering me!”

Nikolai Sitnikov of the Akim District of the County Rubezhinskogo was obviously tired of answering questions from visitors from various regional agencies. He met us, if not with outright hostility, then at least with a solid share of irritation.

“Everybody has been here – he says – rescuers, committee for national security, police. we are fed up with journalists! I will show you how to get into the place so you can do it own your own. I will make up a way for you to get there.” The journalists barely have time to talk back. “I’m tired! I will escort you to the place, I will no go there myself. Now I will draw up a plan on how to get there.”

However, despite the mock sternness …(he) clearly wanted to talk about the incident. …he drew up an impromptu map, taking a lot longer than necessary, while also talking about the details of anomalous phenomena.

We have a forester Paul Singilevtsev – said Akim. — In the morning, the 12th, he went around a lot. On the way back, as he says, he decided to cut off the path and walk across the ice of the Urals. He says that the unusual lump of ice immediately attracted his attention, went and looked, realized that something strange happened, and went straight towards me. And I was brought here along with DESM professionals and all those supposed to have a reason to investigate such cases. The most striking thing is that no one had seen or heard anthying (related to this strange occurrence). One night the ice was quiet, yet later was broken – but no cod to be seen, no explosions, no impact.

According to Nikolai Sitnikov, for the moment he is most interested in the cause of the strange inversion of the ice. He says there is nothing dangerous for the inhabitants of the village (to fear).

“Cheesniki” arrived, and they analyzed samples of soil, water, ice, even measured the radiation levels using a dosimeter, but no change was found. They said that all of the parameters were normal. … To me the main thing that people do threatening. They are then told that the spring is to hold the bottom of a large study of the Urals and just be told what had happened.

By the end of our conversation Nikolay Sitnikov also told how the incident affected Rubezhintsah. According to him, the villagers were “inflated” from a science fiction novel anomaly.

Allegedly, someone has already seen in his yard “green men” as one of the villagers got up at night to relieve himself he saw them flying… [can’t translate]. However, on January 16 he saw a… [can’t translate].

It should be noted that the chart Nicholas Sitnikov made was not very good. Anyways, in his homemade plan, we went quite far from the village. Having strayed a couple of hours in the woods, thoroughly, we froze a few times while firmly stuck in the snow, we finally managed to get to the shore of the Urals.

Here, we had four people in the form of foresters. They immediately understood what we [“were looking for”?], and pointed in the right direction to a strange hole in the ice. [“We questioned”?] Paul Singilevtseva, who discovered the anomaly, who was among the foresters, and… [can’t translate].

After a half or two kilometers of hiking paths on the ice of the river, we found the desired spot.

To say that the fault of the ice cover of the Urals here looks like a strange anomaly is an understatement.

Right in the middle of the river is clean strip not covered with snow and ice. The length of the strip – 100 meters, width – 6 to 10. Around the middle of all this there is accumulation of ice hummocks. Moreover, solid blocks, weighing 200-300 pounds… [can’t translate]. In order to have dispersed these blocks of ice, as in ice thrown from a possible “ground zero” of 10-20 meters, it would have been necessary to use powerful explosives or using a heavy blow of high speed.

On some blocks of ice are visible traces of river sand, as if after a break on them dramatically splashed with water mist lifted from the bottom, and then abruptly left without even having [can’t translate] sand. There was ice of different colors – from transparent to almost black. This fact could be blamed on a different index of refractions of light, though the photographer, [can’t translate] Raul Uporov specially photographed them at the same angle, to minimize this error [in the photos]. The edges of the ice [can’t translate] we thought had been melted.

Cracks are visible on the ice for a few dozen meters from “ground zero” and the ice cracked by strict geometric rules – at right angles and equal rectangles. By the way, uprooted ice, with rare exception, has the shape of equilateral triangles. In short, out editors have never seen anything like this before.

Now we have to wait for the official conclusions of the study, which, as promised, Nikolai Sitnikov, will begin after the ice flow. In the meantime, we can only speculate.

That is my improved translation of Google’s automated translation of this article.

More information: (there’s an English and French translation in the “video info, they are probably bad translations)

Wikipedia Popular Pages Stats Prove That Most Americans and Brits Are Stupid. And What Beggar Jimmy Wales and His Army Want Your $5 For

January 5, 2012 Leave a comment

(The Essjay Scandal and It’s Effect On Wikipedia’s Donations for the Months Ahead)

Wikipedia is a propaganda tool for anti-Christians and narcissists who want to somehow prove that they are superior to those around them and to feed their craving for attention, but without risking their public reputation by being exposed as cyberbullies and retaliation against them for it (hence why they hide their identities). The goal of Wikipedia is also to subtly fool people into thinking that Wikipedia is trustworthy and that the Bible is only partially reliable and ultimately that since there is no God to answer to or who can hurt or reward anyone, that whoever has the control (which wouldn’t be God) makes right, as a narcissist might say.

So what does Jimmy Wales and his army of gullibles want our money for, or as Jimmy puts it currently, our $5 for? They seem to fancy that ht money is meant to enlighten you about anything and everything you want to know about, but it’s not that simple. First, the obvious: Wikipedia is an excellent propaganda tool. The information on it can be found elsewhere, and it puts it together on one page. So what. Second, the money doesn’t just go to bandwidth in general, it’s used up mostly on stupid pages (see list of stupid waste of bandwidth pages below). Guess why? Because most of the world is stupid. I’m sure the idea is to get people to think, “Wow Wikipedia got this right, wow it let me know all these cool facts really fast about Michael Jackson and din’t make fun of him, my hero, at all” so that when Wikipedia says that evolution is true and creationism false, the same idiot will think, “Well they got MJ’s profile right, so they must be trustworthy with everything else,” in the hopes that such morons will influence others to be the same way till there are no Christians left, just stupid and easy-to-manipulate people who won’t make them (the Wikipedia know-it-alls) feel bad for being the immoral, self-centered, lying, hypocrite, manipulators that they are. So, what those donations are mostly covering are pages that don’t further civilization/advancement in living longer, happier, with an improved knowledge of the most helpful truths for those things, but instead, destroy it. Here’s the top 100 most popular pages on Wikipedia for 2009, with my comments written after the number of people given who viewed the page for the year).

1. Wiki (131,383 page hits per day) = 47,954,795 total views for the year. So, Jimmy Wales wants Christians, all theists, and all atheist to pay $5 to teach people that he invented Wikipedia (false)? Cuz that’s the claim where “Wiki” ends up leading visitors to.

2. The Beatles (111,896) = 40,842,040 million hits a year. Jimmy Wales wants Christians, all theists, to pay $5 so the world can learn about the Beatles? No Jimmy atheist, no.

3. Michael Jackson (79,734) = 29,102,910. Jimmy Wales wants Christians, all theists, to pay $5 so the world can learn about Homosexual Pedophile-inclined singer with multiple bad nose jobs even in the controversy section, which Jimmy whitewashes out of the MJ article? Because? Is Wikipedia for celebrity promoting and advertising Jimmy? No Jimmy Atheist Wales, you’re not getting my money.

4. Favicon.ico (78,077) = 28,498,105. No Jimmy, won’t be donating so that you can have more bandwidth to teach people about favicon.ico.

5. YouTube (72,318) = 28,498,105. No I won’t donate $5 so you can learn about Youtube, just go to Youtube and learn from Youtube itself.

6. Wikipedia (52,542) = 19,177,830. No I’m not donating $5 so you can learn about Wikipedia or learn a new random fact from it’s homepage.

7. Barack Obama (49,401). Liberal fodder. No five.

8. Deaths in 2009 (48,758). Lovely what attracts the non-Christian and false Christian world. Not “Breakthroughs of 2009” not “Greatest achievements of 2009” or just all time world-benefiting breakthroughs or achievements, not even for the decade, no, it’s “deaths for this year.” And the anti-Christian world says Christians are morbid and full of hate? Backwards, evil, blind, negative idiots. You’re not inspiring at all anti-Christians, you’re depressing and morbid with an unhealthy interest in pain, fighting and death.

9. United States (46,545). You can only learn about the US from Wikipedia? Nope, far from it. There’s city-data, the CIA, and many other sites.

10. Facebook (42,679). Try watching Social Networking first.

11. Current events portal [] (40,962). An encyclopedia of current events? Uh… what happened to CNN, Fox, ABC, NBC, Reuters, Bloomberg, Asianews, CNBC, and using the many years old RSS feed button? No five dollars.

12. World War II (29,736). But you won’t be learning that Hitler was a narcissist who endorsed atheism. No five for you.

13. Twitter (28,511). Boring. No five.

14. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (28,395). Of course anti-social nerds with no life and little kids are attracted to Wikipedia: it talks about anything and everything except actually giving all the facts against evolutionism, big bangism, and the Jimmy Wales Wikipedia cult.

15. Slumdog Millionaire (26,755). That’s an important topic to use up thousands of dollars of bandwidth for isn’t it? No. No five let alone five million.

16. Lil Wayne (26,210). But not Jesus. No five.

17. Adolf Hitler (25,481). No five unless you’re going to point out Hitler had narcissism disorder and endorsed the atheist Nietzsche’s books (and in stop lying about Christians, Christian history and the Bible).

18. India (25,380). Like the USA, you can learn about India from plenty of other sources than the untrustworthy Wikipedia. I know that Indians are one of the main drivers of the traffic to that page. It’s also one of the most popular because India has one of the world’s largest populations.

19. Transformers 2 (24,842). Fail again.

20. Scrubs (TV series) (24,758). And again.

21. Sex (24,754). Nope: can’t learn about sex elsewhere: you need Jimmy Wales to explain it to you. And like a hodgepodge fest of narcissist atheist nerds have any business teaching anyone about sex? Eeek.

22. Rhianna (24,670). Wow, no. I wonder why Jenna Jameson isn’t in the top 100. Says a lot that no matter how much you whore yourself and no matter how beautiful you still won’t make the top 100 in Wikipedia.

23. United Kingdom (24,300). Same as USA and India: look elsewhere.

24. Abraham Lincoln (23,743). Hmmm, let me guess if there would be an atheist spin on Abraham Lincoln. I wonder why American Civil War and the American Revolution aren’t in the top 100. I know those are standard public school topics. Maybe liberals have marginalized them for fear of being accused of spreading Christian teachings.

25. Heroes (TV series) (23,569). No I won’t donate to Wikipedia.

26. Watchmen (film) (23,544). No Jimmy Silly Wales, I can always go to IMDB.

27. Lady GaGa (23,376). No I won’t give $5 so you can learn extensive information about the idiot narcissist who wears meat on her head and thinks the most important thing in life is looking like a rich crazy. Anyone know what a dandy is?

28. Star Trek (film) (22,990). Atheist Trek.

29. 2009 Swine Flu outbreak (22,968). I really wanna give $5 for atheist propaganda allied with the CDC (Center for Disease Censorship and Propaganda that started off with deadly experiments on humans). Not.

30. Featured content portal (22,829). So Wikipedia home page gets 19,177,830 hits a year, + millions more to their ,”Recommended by atheist narcissist control-freak nerds for the day” page. No five.

31. Megan Fox (22,573). And no one is hotter than MF? Sad. No five for the nerds who obsess on MF on Wikinerdia.

32. Naruto (22,573). Wow, kid and nerdfest. Where’s Pokemon?

33. Australia (22,544). See popular page 38.

34. Canada (22,437). Canada? Wonder if it has anything to do with marijuana.

35. World War I (22,307). Oh I get it: in American public school they have you do a piece on WWI and WW2, so guess where all the kids and teens and college students go for quick facts to reword, and why: cuz Google and Yahoo put it on the top five results (and no doubt those $5 bills are going to pay Google to be on the top ten.)

36. Vagina (22,295). Of course Jimmy is using the world’s money to teach everyone about the female private parts. No five.

37. List of House episodes (21,950). Wow, talk about sad net pollution.

38. Japan (21,797). (Oh I see why now Germany, Japan, China, Russia, Australia, the UK and the US are in the top 100, after I read through the top 100 and had a lil drink of beer): they were the major players in WWI AND WWII and linked to those pages.

39. Martin Luther King Jr (21,786). I wonder if shampedia mentions that MLK JR was an adulterer who preached a social gospel (a false gospel). Obviously this is public school generated traffic and white washed to appease blacks.

40. Miley Cyrus (21,724). Nerds.

41. Robert Pattinson (21,515). Not Pat Robertson? No, Wikipedia doesn’t want you to learn more about a false Christian and why he’s false. Instead it wants to cater and pander to Twlight obsessed emoMoron nerds like themselves. E-morons are not getting my $5 to learn about a pretty boy.

42. Deadpool (comics) (21,264). Shallow silly nerds who think reading narcissistic babble in comic book = learning something useful. Interesting that Superman, Dare Devil, Ghost Rider, Spiderman, Spawn, Hulk and Punisher aren’t in the top 100. I’m sure they’re close by though.

43. Twilight (2008 film) (21,158). Shallow nerds. It says a lot that Wikipedia attracts people who are into shedding blood and using violence to get there way and pretending to have super powers.

44. Windows 7 (21,018). Yawn. No where else in the universe can you learn about Windows 7 except Wikipedia? Try No doubt Jimmy Wales is friends with the ultimate nerd and pays to get that page in Google’s top five so that Bill Gates, a closet atheist (who wants the world’s population reduced to only what he considers the perfect special people), is put in a good light. I’d bet the people going to this page are W7-haters and elderly people who rarely use a computer and looking for info on them.

45. House (TV series) (20,882). No five.

46. Terminator Salvation (20,743). Nerds.

47. Kristen Stewart (20,538). Nerds.

48. Internet Movie Database (20,422). What? Dumb.

49. 2012 (20,347). New Age nerds : )

50. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (20,150). Ultra nerds.

51. Penis (20,076). Sad. I’m sure this is a page popular with sociopaths and psychopaths.

52. List of Presidents of the United States (19,884). Public school fodder. A clever way to draw in kids to Wikipedia and to get them to trust Wikipedia as a reliable source of info, including the Big Bang, abiogensis, and evolution pages. Evil.

53. List of sex positions (19,876). Ultimate nerd and new age grannies fodder. This page I bet links to India too, which would cause India to have higher traffic than many other pages and countries.

54. Masturbation (19,730). N.E.R.D.S., and kids.

55. William Shakespeare (19,714). Emo and narcissist fodder. Jesus should at least be here.

56. Farrah Fawcett (19,584). Wow nerdy.

57. Germany (19,514). Not “beer”?

58. Swine flu (19,092). CDC propaganda page.

59. Israel (19,077). See above. (Yeah atheists are really gonna be experts on Israel).

60. Google (19,070). Of course.

61. George W. Bush (18,964). Liberal fodder.

62. Global warming (18,809). LOL.

63. Wikipedia About Page (18,803). WOW. Six million+ people a year go to learn the Jimmy Wales invented Wikipedia fantasy and that Wikipedia is mostly free of bias it’s atheists claim. No five, for wasting time.

64. New York City (18,251). The mecca or narcissist/dandies, liberals, atheists, and the avaricious.

65. Tupac Shakur (18,186). Losers.

66. Taylor Swift (18,101). Of course the Swift fans making sure everything is factual.

67. Henry VIII of England (17,912). Because atheists need to find dirt about the funder of the King James Bible. “Did you know HVIII was a homosexual you fundies!? Therefore the KJV is bad and God doesn’t exist and the KJV shouldn’t be read and Christianity fails.” Atheist logic = roach poop.

68. Jade Goody (17,802). Who? Don’t care. Wait, let me guess, something to do with Twilight?

69. Sexual intercourse (17,716). NERDS.

70. The Notorious B.I.G. (17,572). WOW, SAD.

71. Human penis size (17,403). ULTRA SAD NERDFEST. Of course it’s the kids too.

72. 2009 in film (17,270). Try IMDB instead.

73. Anal sex (17,052). Wow nerds, get lives.

74. Twilight (novel) (17,040). *Shakes head*. What happened to Star Wars and Harry Potter? Are they too intellectual for nerds?

75. Natasha Richardson (17,001). Who? Oh is that Charlie Sheen’s wife? No that’s Denise.

76. China (16,935). Wow never heard of China. Gotta go to Wikipedia to learn… oh: Chinese going to read about themselves. Probably public school fodder too. No doubt anti-communists and conservatives wondering what the atheist liberals have to say about their atheist “one child for Chinese citizens only or we’ll kill your extra kid and sterilize you” brethren.

77. American Idol (16,728). Booooooooring.

78. MySpace (16,240). Super boring.

79. France (16,198). Bleah.

80. Metallica (16,110). Nerds trying to be cool by swinging their heads up and down with long hair and shutting out the world with earphones and pretending to play the drums. Really sad and really anti-social.

81. Relapse (album) (16,099). Whatever. Where’s Bach, Mozart or Vivaldi? Not Chinese or Greek ancient music? Not medieval or renaissance “age of atheist enlightenment” music? … oh, cuz the music wasn’t enlightened by atheists. Fail.

82. List of Family Guy episodes (15,961). Massive conniving atheist nerd fail. Where’s South Park? I guess it would be too embarrassing for atheists to frequent a page about paper cut outs babbling childish nonsense? Pathetic.

83. Bleach (manga) (15,947). But not Hentai? I’m sure in a few years Hentai will pop up in the top 100.

84. Russia (15,674). Same as China: learn elsewhere. Wait, the Russians must be googling, “What does helve Westerners think ehbout Russia, what say them on wooorld’s most poopular ensickcloopedia?”

85. Mickey Rourke (15,616). Sounds familiar.

86. Jonas Brothers (15,561). Gay nerds?

87. Vietnam War (15,306). Public school fodder, college fodder, Vietnamese and American veterans and their family doing fact-checking. no doubt to me.

88. Kim Kardashian (15,213). What? Not Kim Jong Il?

89. Lost (season 5) (15,107). Atheist and liberals are truly lost.

90. Selena Gomez (15,086). Get a life. She’s dead. I wonder how many Mexicans make up the traffic to that page.

91. Wolverine (comics) (15,062). Lol nerds.

92. Family Guy (15,013). This again? Talk about obsessed.

93. Valentine’s Day (14,924). Huh… I wonder why nerds are so interested in this day… oh, never mind. I can just imagine, “We’ll you see my nerd blow up doll girlfriend, this isn’t really a day that needs to be celebrated because it’s really a Catholic thing, and look how much people spend on this day to give silly gifts. See, it’s all about making money, so we can safely ignore this day.”

94. Hotmail (14,880). Holy nerd fest.

95. The Dark Knight (film) (14,782). Ultra nerd fest.

96. America’s Next Top Model (14,752). So sad, nerds have no life.

97. Mexico (14,709). Nerds wishing to escape to the greener grass on the other side, dreaming of seducing an ignorant poor chica. I wonder if there’s such thing as Mexican brides.

98. Batman (14,654). Classic nerd icon.

99. List of Heroes episodes (14,652). *Shakes head.* No five.

100. Pornography (14,650). Of course: the ultimate atheist liberal kids-looking-for-easy-porn nerd food. I wonder if Hentai is somewhere in there.

How are atheists and liberals supposed to be more informed about Christianity and religion then Christians when no where in these top 100 is anything about religion, not even about the worlds biggest religions, not even Catholicism, not even the Bible or most popular Bible verse, “Do to others as you’d have them do to you,” or “mistakes in the Bible” even, and not even EVOLUTION! Not DARWIN, NOT CARL SAGAN, NOT MICHIO KAKU, not the word “atheist” or “Big Bang” or “arguments against religion.” And only two wars (no doubt atheists looking for something to blame theists on too) but not the Crusades which atheists love to use as a sole top example of why not to be religious (talk about simple-minded and not reasoning)? WIKIPEDIA IS AWESOME: because it is useful for showing what is on the mind of non-Christians and anti-Christians, even the rest of the world (which no doubt to me parallels the English world’s fixations and idols). It shows atheists, liberals, anti-Christians and the world in general is NOT scholarly, is not more interested in what matters most in life, but rather, temporary pleasure fixes, what kids and silly females and boys are interested in for the moment. Tis is what the atheists loons, nerds with no life, and liberals attract with Widgetpedia: Shallow morons, narcissists, kids, teens, recluses, fanboys and fangirls, in other words, stupid people, shallow people, ignorant people, those curious about what liberals have to say about pop culture figures and idolaters/man-worshipers. What a whopping massive monster of a fail. But of course, it’s not a fail in that atheists have managed to put a somewhat fun and professional face on the chaotic, warped, morbid mass-murder-filled face of atheism, and the atheists who pretend that atheism = “this life now matters most (meaning their life, not yours)” rather than simply meaning “no belief in God or gods.” But again, a fail: because Wikipedia’s information content would have had to have come mostly from theists, since atheists only make up 4% of the world by some estimates, and there is no way it’s more than 10%, and there’s no evidence that atheists contribute more information than theists. It’s the crazy shattered-mirror reflection of the combined faces of the atheists and liberals in control of Wikipedia.

It’s a satisfying feeling to know Wikipedia’s bandwidth is being drained away on stupidity. Hopefully one day an EMP will disable that monster propaganda machine, or God will take it over.

Related Info:

Top 10 Reasons Not to Donate to Wikipedia (haven’t read it yet)
Jan/13/2011: “Jimmy Wales says Wikipedia too complicated for many.” Thanks Captain Obvious. Now guess why Wikipedia is mostly staffed by obsessive compulsive, social misfits and hatemongers with no lives, aka: “geeks”?


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Russian Protesters Defy Putin’s Warning On Illegal Protest Gatherings

August 31, 2010 Leave a comment

The Russian protesters who won’t give up
The 31ers are making their protest global after being fenced out of a Moscow square
8/30/2010/20:00 BST

For the Kremlin it has become something of an embarrassment. On the 31st of the month, a group of noisy protesters gather in downtown Moscow’s Triumfalnaya Square. They shout slogans against Vladimir Putin and his regime. The 31ers, as they are known, are seeking to defend Russia’s much-abused constitution and in particular article 31 – meant to guarantee freedom of assembly.

Over this year Moscow’s city government has devised various tactics to stop these rallies from taking place, ranging from the brutal to the surreal – the campaign is beginning to look like a convoluted game of chess for control of the square. The authorities have turned down all applications to stage the “Strategy-31” gatherings. And in time-honoured Russian fashion, mayor Yuri Luzhkov has sent in the goons, with riot police deployed on every occasion to arrest protesters and chuck them in the back of police vans. In May police broke a journalist’s arm; in July officials came up with a rival event in the square – a car rally.

Ahead of the latest 31 gathering, these tactics have reached a new level of ridiculousness. The government last week announced it was building an underground car park underneath the square and fenced off the whole area. On Friday, two workmen could be seen slowly digging a small hole next to a statue of Russian futurist poet Vladimir Mayakovsky. It is clear that nobody is in any hurry to get the work completed, which could now drag on for years.

In retaliation, the 31ers have decided to take their protest global – with the first demonstration taking place today outside the Russian Embassy in Kensington Palace Gardens, London and in New York, Helsinki, Berlin and Tel Aviv. “We Russians living abroad cannot stand by quietly and watch as Russia gradually turns into a police state,” Andrey Sidelnikov, organiser of the London picket, says. He adds: “In recent years, in Russia the government has consistently refused to citizens of Russia their legitimate right to assemble freely.”

In the eight months since the rallies started, protesters have included elderly dissidents who fought against the Soviet Union and teenagers who were born in the 1990s, well after the collapse of communism. The protests rarely attract more than a few hundred people – although the rally in May drew a crowd of 2,000, which was violently broken up by police.

At some point, one hopes, Russia’s authoritarian-minded leadership will have to come up with a creative response to Russia’s vigorous social protest movement. A fence simply doesn’t cut it. – Source

Stray Bullets – 31ers Plan Global Protests, Nokia Sued And Sudan’s Child Soldiers
Strategy 31 protests

Russian Protests Set To Go Global:
by Richard Lemmer

A Russian protest group, known informally as the 31ers, are planning to stage global protests against the Russian government’s breaching of the national constitution. Started on July 31 2009, Strategy 31 is a civic movement which holds public protest meetings in Triumfalnaya Square, Moscow, on the 31st day of every month that has 31 days. This is a symbolic reference to article 31 of the Russian Constitution, which asserts the right to peaceful assembly.

January of this year saw more than 150 protesters arrested, including 82-year-old renowned human rights activist Lyudmila Alexeyeva. In July 2010, city officials helped organise a bike festival from 30 July to 1 August, in Triumfalnaya Square; in what many see as a deliberate move to foil the protests. Now, the government has announced the square is out of bounds to the protest group because an underground car park is being built beneath the square, which has been partially fenced off.

In retaliation, the 31ers are planning demonstrations to take place outside the Russian Embassy in Kensington Palace Gardens, London, and in New York, Helsinki, Berlin and Tel Aviv. Viktor Korb, secretary of the Omsk Civic Coalition, told Open Democracy:

Observe the Constitution, the message from our Soviet past, has now become relevant. The possibilities afforded by this disaffection with life in a false imitation of democracy are potentially massive. Unfortunately, our civil society is still fragmented, but Stratergy-31 offers the possibility of uniting on the basis of a common idea.


Video of 31ers protest in Russia:

Related Article:

Russia’s “day of wrath”
Thousands protest across Russia in largest show of discontent since
Vladimir Putin came to power more than a decade ago.

by Miriam Elder – GlobalPost
3/20/2010/15:23 ET in Europe

Opposition supporters shout slogans during a protest rally in St. Petersburg, March 20, 2010. Thousands of Russians rallied against Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s government in a string of protests fueled by sharp falls in living standards since the economic crisis hit. (Alexander Demianchuk/Reuters) Click to enlarge photo

KALININGRAD, Russia — They gathered under rainy gray skies — men and women, young and old — demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, a man long seen as untouchable in Russia’s tightly controlled political scene.

Cries of “Freedom!” and “Putin resign!” filled Kaliningrad’s dilapidated main square, as up to 5,000 people gathered to take part in a nationwide “Day of Wrath.” From Vladivostok in the far east to this, Russia’s westernmost region, dozens of protests were held today in the largest show of discontent since Putin came to power more than a decade ago.

What began as distinct protests against specific economic policies — a rise in utilities prices, an increased tax on imported cars, environmental concerns — have now been united by a growing concensus on who is to blame, said Vladimir Milov, a former energy minister under Putin and current co-leader of Solidarity, an umbrella opposition movement.

“People are clearly moving from specific economic and social demands to general political demands, from the resignation of local governors to the resignation of Putin’s government,” he said, sitting in a Kaliningrad cafe after flying in from Moscow to observe the day’s events.

“There’s a recognition that political factors, and the government, are to blame,” he said.

As yet, it’s unclear how true that is. Putin’s popularity rating remains high and many of today’s protests garnered just 150 to 500 participants. In Irkutsk, where locals voted in a Communist mayor in local elections last week, dealing a heavy blow to the ruling United Russia party, just 500 people turned out (versus the 2,000 who attended a pre-election protest earlier this month).

In Kaliningrad, the population is certainly calling for political change. Today, protesters wore pins disparaging United Russia and called for the ouster of the Moscow-appointed governor, Georgy Boos. The smell of tangerines filled the air as they held aloft the fruit that has become the symbol of the unpopular leader. “It’s because he used to be fat,” said one protester (failing to mention that his face carries the distinct orange glow of a badly done fake tan).

Kaliningrad has held the largest anti-Putin protest to date, with 12,000 taking to the streets on Jan. 30.

Yet ask anyone here, and they will tell you Kaliningrad is different. Nestled between European Union members Poland and Lithuania, and separated from the Russian mainland, it is unlikely to be the launching pad for a wave of large-scale protests — all the more so since television in Russia remains largely state-controlled, and coverage of events here has been nonexistent.

“Our population is different from Russia,” said Konstantin Polyakov, a regional Duma deputy from United Russia. (Nevermind that Kaliningrad is, actually, Russia.) – 2 page here.

Abovetopsecret, Lying Atheists and Skeptics, Mel’s Hole and Screams from Hell

Post link:

Would have published this about 2 P.M. or earlier, but was really exhausted and had to sleep.

A fake news article headline says, “Researchers record the screams of the damned”

Early in the morning George Knapp had on Mark Allin, the corporate officer responsible for managing the day-to-day activities of the corporation and for operations management of “The Above Network” ( and and the co-creator of both sites. Mark is one of the men responsible for the discrimination of Christians in both websites, having them banned if they post Bible verses or speak against liberals or promote Christianity or creationism (despite the token forum sections set up for such talk). The corporation is meant to destroy all major religions, as his words, moderators and certain stories he features sometimes show. For example he made a nonsensical attack against all major religions when Knapp was interviewing, by saying that he (Mark) didn’t know why governments were hiding (and lying about) the fact that aliens and UFOs exist (after having given out the typical guesses as to why) being that “the major religions no longer control government”, or he said something almost exactly like that. In other words, “the major religions are against the truth, so I don’t know why non-religious people who now control the government won’t tell the truth”. That statement is a contradiction, besides being bigoted as it’s not based on truth itself and is libel against Christians who obey God and do good by doing so and that good ends up helping bigoted, vain, hypocritical liars like Mark to survive and live well. It’s also an absurd statement being that many people in governments all over the world are religious, which shows that Mark is an ignoramus and forgetful of the very obvious. It contradicts itself in that what he said implies that non-religious people are truth and beneficial, and so they shouldn’t be lying to or hiding helpful information from the world: they can’t be truth and hindering liars at the same time. It’s also a contradiction in that it makes out all religious people to be mere liars and people who only hide beneficial knowledge, but if that were true, they would all be dead and would not have formed governments let alone any family units that benefited anyone or which helped produce facts. No governments would have been formed being that the first people known to have existed were all religious (and therefore according to Mark, the opposite of orderly), and if you don’t believe that the fist humans were religious, archaeological logical evidence of all the first civilizations shows that they were entirely or mostly religious. The U.S. government also started out partially based on Christianity, and slowly became secular. In other words Mark implied that order and truth came from chaos, disorder, from liars and truth-hiders: but as we can see, liars and truth-hiders cannot maintain order on their own, they need the help of honest and beneficial people in order to do so, or have the appearance of doing so (and it sure wasn’t atheists or secularists who were secretly stabilizing the governments of the world for thousands of years). Because of people like Mark however, especially people who teach that the universe had it’s sole origin in a chaotic beginning and that chaos/randomness is a real “law of physics/nature” that affects everything, it doesn’t sound like a contradiction to them to say “disorder produced order”. If that is the case for you, consider this contradictory statement: “The liar is a truthful person” or this one, “those who hide the truth are people who show the truth”, or “those who promote disorder are people who promote what leads to order”.

Now some may argue that Mark was merely generalizing, but from the actions he allows on ATS, which is the endless banning of Christians and constant vilification of Christians (especially fundamentalists of any religion – and fundamentalists to them are basically, “people who teach that only one God exists and that he wants his will to be followed regardless of anyone elses will, and that God is perfect and wants you to be perfect too, and will punish you if you aren’t). And people like Mark (and many of them are atheists) always leave out that Christians or Muslims show any love. It’s also noteworthy that Mark said “major religions” which would include Buddhism, even though it’s atheistic, and so some might say that Mark isn’t an atheist and therefore very biased as I and other Christians might imagine, however, if Mark were the type who didn’t want to immediately offend, but to try and persuade people to go to his website to make a profit off them and continually by making converts of them to humanistic atheism, then it would have been logical for him to hide his hateful focus on Christians, Muslims and Hindus by making a more generalized statement, which in the minds of many, sounds more fair (and not a bias/hateful attitude due to pride) and therefore less offensive.

Mark, who makes himself out to be an knowledgeable of religion and conspiracies and mysteries also showed his vanity and carelessness when a caller that morning asked if Mark

had ever heard of the recording of screams from Hell made by a Russian researcher. Mark and Knapp said they didn’t know anything about it, but Mark said he had heard of “Mel’s Hole” and that it had been a popular topic when Art Bell was the main host of C2C A.M., and that Art was friends with Mel, and that Mel had made recordings of sounds in the hole and it probably had to do with the hole. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. It’s been shown for a long time now, more than a year, that “Mel’s Hole” and the screams from Hell were hoaxes. Even on ATS, one alien-believing member “AlienS” credit thieved off and on the same day “ladyspiritguide” plagiarized AlienS and AlienS plagiarized (owned by the Darwinist couple Barbara and David Mikkelson) and Barbara and David apparently credit-thieved off (credit-thieving and plagiarism is something common among non-fundamentalist Christians, and no surprise Darwinists are being that Darwin credit-thieved off Edward Blyth).

The article I linked to as a reference (which I wouldn’t have done for a main reference if I had found another source I found years ago) itself has lies in it, claiming that a man named “Red Elk” claimed no native American ancestry, even though it’s clearly stated on Coast to Coast AM that he had (long before the Mel’s Hole skeptoid article was published). The skeptoid article also makes the absurd claim that,

These [Coast to Coast] episodes [in which hoaxes were accepted as fact by Art Bell and George Noory] show that Coast to Coast AM will gladly give a platform to any caller, with any story, no matter how preposterous, even those made up on the spur of the moment with no documentation or verification. Now, there’s nothing wrong with doing that and I don’t think it’s a fair criticism; after all it’s a show about weird stuff and they make no representation that everything (or anything) they broadcast is true.

Besides the obviously false claim that in order to have “weird” and strange material you most embrace any story that comes your way and that there’s nothing wrong with lying or assuming, it’s not true that C2C AM allows anyone on – as I’ve shown, it avoids fundamentalist Christians and usually belittles and vilifies them, and I don’t remember in my years of listening one Muslim guest.

Something I just realized after having typed all of the above info: George Knapp had expressed his disgust for skeptics while interviewing Mark, but Mark never once mentioned Bill Irvine, the CEO of Above Networks, and participating member of ATS, under the user name, “Skeptic Overlord”.

Teen Satanists Murder and Cannibalize Teen Goths

Murdered by Satanists

Murder Victims: Olga Pukhova, Varya Kuzmina, Andrei Sorokin and Anya Gorokhova

A gang of Satan worshippers murdered four teenagers by stabbing each of them 666 times, police believe.

The number of wounds is the same as that revered by followers of the devil.

The three girls and one boy, all described as Goths and aged 16 and 17, were allegedly forced to drink alcohol by the gang before they were attacked.

The killers then allegedly lit a bonfire under a tree near their cottage in Russia’s Yaroslavl region, 300 miles north-east of Moscow, where they cooked and ate their victims’ body parts.

The remains of Anya Gorokhova, Olga Pukhova, Varya Kuzmina and Andrei Sorokin, who went missing from their homes in June, were discovered last month.

The body of a small rodent crucified on an upside-down cross was also found.

After arresting eight people in connection with the murders, police realized all four victims had made phone calls to the flat of alleged gang leader Nikolai Ogolobyak, a former church choir boy.

Officers discovered the victims’ body parts in a pit 250m from Ogolobyak’s apartment block.

One of those arrested is alleged to have told police: ‘Satan will help me to avoid responsibility, I made lots of sacrifices to him.’ Another, Alexander Voronovic, claimed the gang had previously dug up a grave and eaten the heart of the girl buried there.

One of the gang, when asked what made him do it, is claimed to have said: ‘I tried to turn to God, but it didn’t bring me any money.

‘I prayed to Satan, and things improved.’ – More hereMore info here.

Who with common sense would put their faith in the Russian Orthodox sect after this?

Satanic Murder Shocks Argentina
EWTN News Brief

BUENOS AIRES ( – The brutal murder of a 50-year-old father at the hand of his two young daughters as part of a satanic rite has shocked Argentine society and raised concern about the proliferation of satanic and other cults in Buenos Aires.

The mutilated body of Juan Carlos Vazquez was found on Monday surrounded by his two daughters, Silvina, 21 and Gabriela 29, who stabbed their father 100 times and ate part of his face. – More here.

Satanists killed man ‘on Devil’s orders’
01//18/2002/13:40 GMT

A court in Germany has heard a chilling and lurid account of the death of a man at the hands of satanists, who say they were acting on the Devil’s orders.

I got the order to sacrifice a human for Satan

Daniel Ruda, 26, and his wife Manuela, 23, admit killing Frank Haagen, aged 33, with hammer blows and 66 knife stabs in July last year, but deny responsibility for the act.

“I got the order to sacrifice a human for Satan,” Daniel said in a statement read out by his lawyer to the court in Bochum, near Dortmund.

Mrs Ruda said: “It was not murder. We are not murderers. It was the execution of an order.

“Satan ordered us to. We had to comply. It was not something bad. It simply had to be.” – More hereMore info.

‘Satanic killings’ shock Italians
by Mark Duff
6/8/2004/17:55 GMT/18:55 UK

A gruesome find in a wood outside Milan has sparked fears that bored young Italians could be coming under the influence of Satanic cults.

The news has caused an outbreak of soul-searching in Catholic Italy.

Even hardened police officers were shocked by what they found outside the sleepy commuter town of Busto Arsizio.

Two teenagers’ bodies were discovered in a makeshift grave, killed – police say – as part of a satanic ritual involving sex, drugs and rock and roll.

The two – a 19-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy – were last seen alive leaving a pizzeria with other members of their heavy metal rock band, called the Beasts of Satan. – More hereMore info.

The stoning of Du’a Khalil Aswad by the demon-worshiping Yazdis.

Muslims are also like Satanists, brutal and cowardly, going along with mobs and not obeying the Qur’an which says to execute Muslims who make false accusations of sexual crimes, and yet this is often ignored by Muslims, who will even attack young women who come crying to other Muslims for help after being raped. Buddhists who worship the Dalai Lhama and who attack other Buddhists in his name and the Japanese Buddhists who discriminate against the Burakumin, and Hindus who do nothing to try and stop the brutal oppression of the Dalits, are little better or just as bad.

Though Satanic murders are not new, it wasn’t something that happened much, with the first known documented case being in 1675, allegedly having been committed by two or three Catholics, a case which became widely known as The Affair of Poisons. It was recorded that a Catholic priest along with Catherine Montvoison (king Louis XIV’s mistress) sacrificed babies to Satan.

But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days.
People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful,
proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy,
without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control,
brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited,
lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God—
having a form of godliness but denying its power.
Have nothing to do with them. They are the kind who worm
their way into homes and gain control over weak-willed women,
who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil
desires, always learning but never able to acknowledge the truth.
Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so also these men
oppose the truth—men of depraved minds, who, as far as the faith
is concerned, are rejected.

2 Timothy 3:1-8