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Expedition to Jarbidge, Elko or elsewhere in northern NV with me

If you have a truck and will let me ride in back, with my bunny, I will show you some incredible paradise areas and abandoned cabins I found in those areas, although, some cabins are many miles from the center of those places, there’s also a paradise creek area truly in the middle of nowhere. There’s also rock hounding spots. I have a massive amount of google earth photos with GPS coordinates of many amazing things, including what looks like an abandoned front end of a train in a creek in the middle of no where, rusted it seems. I am hoping to plant some heirloom crops in these places so they won’t go extinct and to provide food for wild animals and my rabbit at some point in the future. I have metal detecting equipment, gold panning, tents, sleeping bags, two cots, two folding chairs, shovels, animal traps, fishing equipment. I lack however sunglasses and a hat with an insect net, if you would be so kind as to provide those things. I will also tell you a cure for the coronavirus, a literal cure. Don’t believe it? Well, consider this, there was a cure for MRSA in medieval times, the formula is online published by scholars, and it was only recently discovered, now, if that was known for hundreds of years, and only a few people like me, a researcher of everything knows about it, what else might I know? A lot… My storage unit is filled with gemstones… Not everyone who lacks a car is, stupid and poor. I’ve been asking for help with these journeys for years, and ironically, not even this virus crisis inspires anyone to avoid this plague with me. Vegas may be strong, but it is not wise, nor Henderson. This message is on my blog, so you ignoramus life-hating and animal-hating with no friends and no life trolls who keep deleting it on Craigslist: you are failures, as always.

Strange Rock Hounding Experiences In the Desert and Other Goings On In My Life

November 24, 2012 2 comments

What is it?

At about 4:30 AM I went rock hounding and collecting again, and when it was fully daylight, I thought I saw a certain security guard’s truck, and when I thought he spotted me, I biked away into the desert, and expected him to follow me, but it wasn’t apparently, and he instead drove away. For some reason people drive to this certain area of the desert, especially in the morning. Some go to fly rcvs (remotely controlled vehicles) or rather, toys, rcts, toys I say, because it’s not as if anyone can fit inside these flying machines. So, after looking at the beautiful fluor… oh yeah, on Thanksgiving night, my dad tried to force me to attend Thanksgiving with him and I guess my mom, brother, and relatives, despite, and I do mean spite – I know my shallow dad – me telling him that I was exhausted from rock collecting the day before (it’s nearly a full time job for me, it feels that way at least), and that my psoriasis was bothering me badly (and it had gotten very bad recently, and stranger: after disappearing for a few days, which has never happened before). As usual my dad’s narcissism caused him to completely ignore what I said and “to be ready at…”. I knew why he wanted me to go, it was to make him look loving, despite his love being self-serving, and because like the rest of my family, and my relatives too apparently, they are all shallow, devoid of anything to say to keep your attention, lacking in good social skills. If it weren’t for me the year before, I could tell there would have been a lot of awkward silence and broken conversation. And being that every one of them is corrupt, a liar, rude, and a stranger to me (which includes my relatives, because my parents deliberately isolated them from me, because I figure they were afraid I’d tell them they were abusing me), I wanted nothing to do with them. Last Thanksgiving my brother, who barely spoke, was so arrogant and cold, that while eating the disgusting buffet, he said, “You need to get a job”. This is a brother who doesn’t know me, and rejected my attempt to add him on Facebook, a brother who about six years before, said, “I’d never do anything to hurt you.” So, I went rock “hounding”. And what did I find, a vein of banded fluorescent light green something or other in cement like rock on a cliff, and I dug A LOT of it out, I kept digging till I could see no more of it, and made quite a crevice in the cliff trying to get it all out.

I should have used a stick to get out the great amount of dirt that had filled the crack, but by the time that occurred to me I didn’t care anymore and just wore the skin on my hands till there was no more of this pretty stuff. Some of it fluoresces a beautiful orange and purple-lavender color, with some yellow mixed in, and that is the grand prize of this stuff, although I did see again this morning a type I forgot about, which is green with, if I remember right, green-blue circles on the top, the top being the wide flat area which looks wavy on top rather than rough on the bottom (and the sides have the banding/vertical stripes, you can see pictures of similar minerals on flickr via my twitter feed, there’s a link).

But I didn’t go back for it, instead this morning I went to a different spot to check on a certain big beautiful rock I had left behind for months, because it was so big and I didn’t want to damage it. When I went there and shined my light around, I eventually found it, though didn’t remember it looking the way it did at that time, it had no particular shape other than a vague rectangular one, so it wasn’t something easy to remember. And I also saw many others I left behind that I had forgotten about. I gathered the best of it into two or three spots, mainly two, to make it convenient to retrieve when I got back. And I, as I was about to say about, was enjoying the fluorescence of these rocks. Now when the sun was out, I started to bike away, and went onto a driveway to do so, and saw what I thought might be the security guard of this place parked, and I thought he saw me biking on the driveway, because I saw someone inside start to move, and the back lights light up, and so I biked away into the desert, a part which was a small part, and thought he might follow, but instead they drove away to the street where I was headed, at that point I decided to look for more rocks as I biked back to the driveway, which I was doing, because I didn’t want this person to drive past me as they went down the street I was near, in case it was the guard trying to see my face. But as usual, I looked down, and saw a few rocks to get, and more, and more, and more, till once again, I started collecting bags that had gotten caught in the bushes to gather them in. When I found some easily scratched rocks, God provided some napkins lying around (as in they were near those rocks), but soon those ran out, so I used a wax-lined, cup I found, and that filled up, and then I stayed in this certain area, which to my amazement, had a huge amount of sparkling rocks, and a few very good sea fossils, with only about three that were so poorly preserved that I discarded them, one or two of the fossils were faint, but clear enough so that it was obvious they were fossils, only one fossil was so poor on a rock I kept that the only way you would know it was a fossil was because of the druzy that had filled it’s place. I have a theory about why that druzy is there sometimes…

It seemed as if every rock I looked at had druzy on it. One rock was incredible, it was a large glassy druzy quartz rock lying against a big lava rock. I also found these ultra rare light gray (only found one dark one ever) puttystones I call them (formerly called them graystones), which is my name for them, which were perfectly preserved, and some where the beautiful putty looking type I love to see, but I was always overloaded with rocks in my arms and hands when I found them, and they would fall and as usual, scratch. I found one type I’d never seen before: a light avocado (inside of the avocado color) green one, and I started to feel like throwing up, when I tried to move it out of the dirt it was stuck in, while overloaded, because I thought I would damage that one too. I always damage about half of them after finding them. It makes me furious because my dad, and probably mom, knows I find valuable rocks, and yet won’t do anything more to help me with the equipment and money I need to professionally collect them, nor will any of my neighbors, who have a huge amount of free time on their hands. I imagine though I can hire an artist to match the color of the rock to some paint to repair the damage. It’s such a sad thing that after hundreds or thousands of years, those puttystones, perfectly preserved in some cases, are damaged within seconds of me finding them. It very much angers me.

I tried to just stop at “one more rock”, but couldn’t, I kept searching this certain area till I was sure there was about none left. I was praying to find some rock so spectacular that everyone who saw it would think of God, as in clearly one of his creations. I don’t think I found such a rock, except maybe that near spectacular quartz one. It could be called spectacular, but I’ve seen so many similar rocks now that I’m craving to see one that flashes brilliantly all over, as if holding a little star with some sort of never-before-seen energy coming out of it, like “magical” fairy dust glowing you could say. I collected so many I had to leave what I am estimating was over one million dollars worth, and no I’m not exaggerating. It’s very strange that people, for years, have been walking past these rocks for many years, and haven’t noticed the bulk of them.

From the few people I’ve met around here, those who do go out into the desert do sometimes see them. The day before Thanksgiving I talked to a certain homeless man I’ve talked to many times before, and I showed him a pathetic example or two of what I was picking up, and he said, “Oooh so that’s what you’re looking for.” Now keep in mind he implied about 8 months earlier that he hated rocks, that he’d thrown out a bunch his girlfriend brought to him after she showed them to him, as in did it in front of her right after saying, “Look what I found,” as he put it. After seeing the rock he told me he’d found some and given them to his grand daughter, I think he said it was for her birthday. He then, I think then, told me he had no interest in rocks and never would. Yet a little while later while still talking to him, he said his uncle had found geodes in Arizona and that he had found some too to his surprise in the same place, and even cut some open. He even said he went to a rock show and bought one and put it on display and that he loved it. He said it looked like the Hoover Dam inside. So much for hating rocks. He also told me a little while later where I could find beautiful rocks in a lake and “rocks that change color” in a certain place I’m not going to mention. I wonder what he meant. Then as he started to walk to certain place to watch football for free, he started looking for geodes, and said to me with a smile, “Damn now you’ve got me looking” hah. That same day I went looking for a UV flashlight I lost near a pair of evil homeless guys. I asked if they had it but they said they didn’t, but I’m sure they are lying since it was large, and very ear to where they go to and from where they live, and I saw the worst of the two, not long after asking, do something strange I’d never seen him do before: walk far away in a direction he’d never walked to before, in back of his camping area, and then stop when he seemed to see that I saw him. There was no reason for him to stop since the only thing in his view would have been a bunch of bushes and tree, so I wondered if he had hid the flashlight somewhere in the back, maybe even throwing it into a large thornbush I’d discovered two days before in that area.

It’s ironic that these homeless people living out in the desert are almost always clean in appearance, with the exception of one, at least much cleaner than I look, as I’m always getting dust and dirt on me. Since the day before Thanksgiving there were six, unless the new one who used to live there four years ago, so he said, left. The new one, who was at least outwardly friendly mostly, told me where to find geodes some miles away, but it was a vague description that might require a year of searching. If I do search hopefully I wouldn’t be wasting time but finding other things of value.

Oh I forgot to mention, so after picking a certain spot this morning to gather the bulk of the fossil and sparkling rocks, I saw a shadow come towards me, and I thought it might be someone, or a dog, but when I lifted my head as I was putting rocks down, to my amazement it was a road runner! And it was looking at me as if it were like a pet parrot, it stayed for so long I had time to measure roughly how far it was from me – about four feet! And it went a quarter of a circle around me, and looked at me for a few seconds as I made sounds to it, and then it went away casually looking for ants to eat I guess (there’s nothing else big out here to eat other than lizards, which are almost always much larger than a road runner beak, at least from what I’ve found). It was truly an amazing experience. Thought I did feel a little insulted a few minutes later that it lost interest in me so quickly :(

I took me about an hour to write all this up if you’re wondering when the things I said happened today happened. Interesting, just after I typed that my Sony recorder which I was using as an mp3 player stopped playing due to low power, and didn’t even awkwardly cut into the song.

11:40 PM: I decided to look up on YouTube any vids of road runners coming up to people, and found one and that bird is making the same sound I heard the one making around me earlier. From the video I can see its been is about as big as those lizards (plateau lizards) I mentioned, so they obviously could eat them. I saw a video right before that one of a road runner supposedly killing what was a sparrow.

11/25/1:16 AM: Just learned some amazing facts about Road Runners here, with no pointless mentions of the adult fairy tale of evolution.

1:22 PM: I just got back from another rock collecting mission, and found what I estimate is another million dollars worth of rocks, and gathered them into a few spots. I suffered the usual hellish frustration of them repeatedly falling out of my arms and hands and damaging more precious putty stones as I tried to gather them into these places. To my delight I found some very beautiful ones, that weren’t just druzy, including one that was very similar to a white botryoidal rock I lost, and in a way this was better because it had flash on one side, but it overall was inferior, because the other one had more spheres and was more smooth looking and had a more pleasing overall shape. I found a gorgeous blue and white quartz rock, and took that one home, and, as usual, though I don’t find them often, two very well broken pieces of what seem to be flat rounded ovular rocks, that look like frosted glass, and are always in a candy medium red to pink to white orange range of coloration with a frosted glass kind of look. I wonder why those ones are always broken, at least the seam broken. it would highly weird if it turned out they form has half ovals naturally, what could cause a crystal growth to make such an unusual shape? For the first time I got sun blindness, and my shitty room light that came with the place isn’t helping, every time I’m in my room it’s as if I’m a little blind. I was out since about 6 (first doing a little grocery shopping), while it was still dark, because I wanted to see the fluorescence of the rocks I left behind yesterday which I was too exhausted to bring back that day. There about eight sixteen twelve fluorescent green quartz rocks which I pocketed and brought back before going back out. After eating some chocolate icecream and chocolate bars and bananas together and drinking some condensed pineapple juice that I mixed with purified water I went out again. I didn’t go back to collect the rocks I had recently left behind though, instead I decided to explore further out into an area I hadn’t well explored yet. I was out for a total about about 7 hours and 30 minutes, giving me a good six ours of UV light in my eyes. The damage would have been much worse had I faced the sun nonstop and looked ahead and had no long had, but I did the opposite of all those things, and looked down at least half the time. I better take some nutrients and vitamins to repair the damage now.

11/26/2012. 5:16 P.M.: I went out at about 6 AM, and collected some rocks I gathered, and then explored more, and found thousands of dollars worth of rocks, including two worth over $5000, and one is apart of a cliff. They are museum sized pieces so I wasn’t able to bring them back. I gathered many rocks in various spots in preparation for retrieval later on. At about 1:30, I believe I found what was as close to star in the form of a rock as I’ll get, the kind that I said would make a person unable to deny there was a God, and though not huge, it was a good dragon ball z size, and sparkled greatly all over in general. It wasn’t very spherical, but was very roughly round and somewhat smaller than the size of my palm. It didn’t have any amazing color, but that didn’t matter since the flashing druzy blended well with the pinkish light brown color of it and is what mainly was what stood out. I’ve seen similar rocks, but this was the most spherical and one most covered in druzy, or whatever it was that was sparkling or flashing. The many grocery bags I used to make sure the rocks wouldn’t brake out failed, so I was barely able to bring back any of what I bagged, and had to make a few trips getting more bags before I could bring in much of what I gathered. I decided to leave the easily damaged banded rocks I gathered behind, since I didn’t want to risk damaging them, but rather took the ones that were harder and more resistant to damage, the ones that I suppose are agates, quartz jasper. I did collect many putty stones though, with about all of them getting damaged as usual.

I hope to replicate whatever these various puttystone types are made of so that I can make various things, like walls, floors, automated spinning doors, or art pieces, or giant sized putty stones. But it wouldn’t be practical without finding some chemical to make them scratch resistant. I hope to replicate the fluorescence some of them have too.

A stupid dad on Facebook got into my friends’ business and cut her off from me with a childish threat, an obvious Christian-hater. I knew her well enough to know she would hate her dad for that, so it will no doubt backfire. No mature adult wants their parent invading their privacy. That will only get you hate and your child will see you as a cold, callous and arrogant control monger. Keep it up, and you’ll never repair the damage, like the scratches on a puttystone.
11/27/2012 2:14 PM: Someone stole my bike at around 12:30, I only left it out for about 20 minutes, but minutes later found thousands of dollars worth of rocks again, and this morning brought in thousands worth, and I have a decent spare bike, with great grips and is more comfortable than the one that got stolen, which is kinda of odd since it’s clearly a $70-$154 bike, and doesn’t even have suspension, so how mad could I get? And not long after the expensive one was stolen, I found out one of my neighbors was friendlier than I thought, so, again, can’t be very angry, at least not yet. I also found a strange yellow rock with red stripes on it, it looked like quartz but had a very segmented body. Wearing yellow glasses made it look dirty mustard yellow, but without them it had a dull light brown appearance if I remember right (I had a huge amount of rocks and it’s not convenient looking through them after bringing them back, and it causes dust to get into the air to look, plus my lighting is ugly and poor anyways so no point looking to give you a precise color).

11/28/2012: I finally got the SSA to stop withholding money from me, sort of, they are shorting me about $1206 in pay, so that I’m only getting $2094. “What a rip off” hah. Better than nothing back though, I’m not gonna argue and stir up the beehive and end up getting no honey at all. At least the monthly amount will be back to normal. I saw a beautiful woman at the local SSA. She had big beautiful sky blue eyes. The day before I saw three other beautiful women in the same general area, a tormenting experience. I found more beautiful druzy rocks today, some I found surprised me because I didn’t expect them to be where they were, where there were hardly and stones, just dirt and pebbles. And one rock I found this morning looked like a piece of the sun, it didn’t sparkle, it reflected as if it were sparkling. It was incredible looking. I would show pics, but my fingers are in pain from having hammered away using rocks to get others loose, and to see what was inside others. The road runner came back, and gave me a big eyed look when I made sounds at it, and after a few seconds ignored me again. And a baby dragonfly came right up to my right arm but I couldn’t keep track of it. I haven’t seen any scorpions or lizards for about two weeks. The last one I had died, and the previous two I let go so they wouldn’t die. The skink got loose weeks ago and I haven’t seen it since. I still have three scorpions last time I checked, and the two large survivors no longer react wildly when I pick them up. They will calmly stay on me if I put them on me.

4:59 P.M.: A few minutes ago I opened a package from China, turned out to be a green quartz crystal cluster I bid on, which cost me about $45. It turned out to be fairy quartz, aka cactus. It had a little damage, poor flash, no druzy type sparkle, and I wasn’t impressed. It’s an interesting specimen at least, and hand sized, so, I’m okay with it. I think I would have been happier with fairy citrine or transparent quartz though.

11/29/2012 10:52 P.M.: Someone sent me a giant fossilized-looking pill bug or trilobite looking-thing (the joined top picture’s in this post), gray in color, in a little cotton ball. I think it was a gift with a ebay purchase, but don’t know who sent it and why it was poorly packaged in a cotton ball. I found it about a week and a half ago on my floor. Maybe the seller forgot he put it in the ball and used it as packaging stuffing without realizing it.

3:02 PM: Thanks be to God I brought back thousands, possibly a million dollars worth of rocks back, it feels like the left half my face is a little asleep though. I didn’t sleep well this morning. Rock hounding and collecting is back breaking Hellish work without a car and partners. None of the teens or older people nearby care that I could be raking in millions, they just walk by, except for Grant, Jack and Leonard, who are too worn out for such work. I took me from about 6:10 AM and three trips to bring back various rocks. I found a few amazing fluorescent ones that fluoresced an amazing green color, and I found out this one huge million dollar rock I’d seen before under UV also fluoresced the same kind of green in various places using a special fluorescence revealing technique. I also found at least one one of a kind rock about thirty minutes ago, it looked like a putty stone that had sheets of transparent but dull calcite form over it. It’s structure is hard to describe. And as usual, I damaged a precious sparkling puttystone – it was on my lap when a rock fell out of my hand right onto it, I yelled an angry bad word when that happened. If I had a partner none of the puttystones I have might have even been damaged. Sad that so many kids and teens could help but instead choose to be idle.

12-04-2012, 7:47 AM: I wonder what the desert I collect in would look like from before I collected to 11 months later. I sapped the color out of it, I think it would have made for an interesting picture. Maybe Google’s map of the area will show a crude color change.

12-06-2012, 8:41 PM: I just got back from rock hunting, and of course met yet another jerk just before getting home. But before that, while r. hunting, almost slid off deadly parts of two cliffs twice. I wasn’t very scared, I suppose I sensed God wasn’t done with me here yet. I now know where not to explore though, or rather, how not to do it. While hunting around much farther out than usual, I discovered some incredible rocks, just like the kind of I’ve been finding, though one was unique. But when I saw how much farther out I was still finding this dazzling and beautiful things, I fully realized something incredibly tragic about this area, that being that this poverty stricken city, growing poorer, that it was most likely covered in over one billion dollars with of rocks, and the people who constructed here, and who still are, are destroying millions worth of natural jewelry, because they don’t have the common sense to look down carefully at the ground they are building on or making roads or paths on. It’s much more horrifying to know that over the past hundred years, these incredible one of a kind rocks have been possibly lost or destroyed forever, than me having two brushes with death (about the 15th time now I think). Even worse, where this one very long path has been made, which probably swept away or buried millions dollars worth of rocks, the sides of the road appear to have been covered in some sort of brown dirt, and by doing so obscuring more of these beautiful rocks. I would like to tell the property owners and city that they are ruining their own income, but if I do, I am sure the place will be covered in rock hounds, and then I will lose money.

12-10-2012: Since the 6th, God has swamped me with more beautiful druzy rocks. The beauty is amazing me again. Apparently on some days, obviously, I won’t be finding the very good stuff always, so I guess that is why I wasn’t that impressed after a while. But once again, today I found a few very beautiful ones. I’m barely finding any fluorescent green quartz anymore, or whatever it is. I found a fairly big chunk of it today, but it was a little damaged from being stepped on while another rock or rocks were on it apparently and seemed to have damaged the druzy there. The druzy on it was poor anyways. I have a lot of non-fluorescent quartz pieces now and plan to tumble them, including the ones that have poor fluorescence and to have some faceted or polished to a specific shape. I may also reuse some for a little zoo that has algae growing under the quartz.

I was planning on going very far out into the desert to a place I’d never explored before, but I was compelled to search a usual area, which is where I found mostly the amazing pieces I did today.

All my scorpions have died, except possible for one large one, which escape while I was warming it with my laptop fan.

12-15-2012 (about 4 P.M.): Just got back from the desert a few minutes ago. I think I was out there for about five hours, only briefly did I come back inside. I found so many beautiful and interesting rocks that I just gathered them into four spots and only took back a few that were of the most interest to me, that being ones that sparkled greatly and the largest that might fluoresce. I found about three beautiful botryoidal rocks. I’m amazed at my next door neighbor. Last night I could here him clearly saying foul things to a little kid, perhaps his brother and to my amazement, his fiance was with him, but I didn’t hear her say but a few quiet unintelligible words. Meanwhile he was loud and banging on things as usual. I wonder when she’ll become wise that he’s not mentally well and finally leave him. She’s a marine I think, or in the army, and he is an airforce squadron leader. They get into little to big arguments seemingly often.

12-16-2012, 3:31 PM: Just got back from the desert, I was out since about 9:45 AM. I had fallen asleep at around 2 AM, I think. I woke up without being well rested. I found many beautiful rocks again, and many were amazing. While walking back, to my amazement, I found one of the most beautiful of them, probably one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen in all my life. I found two small bullet shells and one long one while looking for rocks. The two small ones were close to each other, and the long one was on the mesa above them. It scared me a little to know people had shot bullets out in the desert. I found a golf ball too, I hadn’t found one for about two months I think, which is unusual since I used to find them every other day it seemed before that. It was nearly covered entirely in dirt, buried, and was pristine. I found two rocks, unrelated to each other, which had both broken into many pieces in two different areas, one on top of the mesa and one below. I could tell that they had broken at least decades, maybe even over a hundred years ago, because they were smoothed out when I found them, rather than having fresh sharp breaks. I tried to fit the pink one together, but only two pieces fit. I wonder if there were other pieces I didn’t find. I found it worth mentioning because besides having found both in one day, it was only one of about three or four I’d found after almost a year of searching what must be hundreds of millions of rocks. Yesterday night I found a cup of sparkling rocks that I forgot about for over a month (in part because of police who had harassed me severely and thrown away thousands of dollars worth of rocks I collected) and during the day found a bag with rocks on and about it, and a pretty mushroom I found that I’d also forgotten about. And today I found two or three other small spots where I’d forgotten about some beautiful rocks I’d gathered together. I made one gathering near the bag of rocks yesterday, and another huge gathering yesterday and put even more there today, and today made two more spots where I gathered together beautiful rocks. There are about 20 spots now at least where I’ve gathered such rocks. I don’t just bag them all because some of them are easily scratched and that would devalue them and I run out of toilet paper to wrap them in fast. I also don’t even want the hard micro crystals scratching against each other so I avoid just bagging them all together unless they are simply smooth and not covered in any druzy crystals. And when I was about done gathering rocks today I found two mushrooms of the same type that I’d never seen before, they were two white small dwarfish looking mushrooms, not tiny, not large, but medium sized. They were the most beautiful I’ve seen in the desert out of about three or four other types I’ve found. Since they were so beautiful and rare, and because I’d accidentally pierced the top of the larger one, and since the soil was moist, I blew the spores about in various locations hoping that more would grow. I also found beautiful areas of moss. I knew about one spot before but it was especially beautiful after it rained. I tried to pick up one large spot of moss but it started to break so I stopped and decided to get it later on when I didn’t have my hands full with rocks and wasn’t in a rock collecting mood. I also planted a long rare cacti out in the desert two days ago, since it seemed to big for me to care for. I rained the day after, which I didn’t expect, so that saved me the trouble of having to water it. Oh and I got this game called Vyruz yesterday. It’s great, unfortunately it’s very buggy and the vehicle that you use in the game gets stuck in place sometimes or it will get stuck on a particular weapon. The second and third levels are also too hard and confusing and the map function drains money fast, which is ridiculous. I can’t get past level three. It’s now 3:50 P.M.

3:58: Ooops, forgot to mention that for the past two days I’ve been trying to help a homeless woman who lives in the desert, but as I thought, she’s an atheist and hates everyone. I gave her a grill I found around the beginning of the year, the one I posted photos on here months ago. I tried to repair it since it was bent somewhat bad on both ends and managed to get it looking better. She doesn’t have a job and doesn’t want one to my amazement, and hates being told to get one (I didn’t tell her to get one). She also said she’d studied religion for 40 years, though she doesn’t look older than 38. She seemed to be lying from the look on her face and tone of her voice. She believes the end of the world is when the Mayan calendar ends, and also because supposedly, the Hindu one and some others end on the same date. I showed her some of the rocks I collected, and she was very amazed at what I showed her.

12-19-2012, 5:37 PM: I was really not expecting this but today when I went out at about 10:30 AM I think, in 20 mph winds that didn’t let up till the sun started to go down (and yes I was cold and miserable since I don’t have the money for good winter clothing and my winter pants were literally falling apart as I was working to the point where I looked more homeless than a homeless person around here), oh so I was saying, I was really not expecting this: I found a huge amount of sparkling rocks over the past two days and today found big sparklers and one made me laugh for a little while and become very happy. I found so many that I am overwhelmed into exhaustion so that I only walk home with less than a bags worth of what I consider the best or most interesting as far as I can tell and remember (there’s a huge amount to look through). I also mined a certain spot to see if I could get out some big pieces of banded calcite, if that’s what it was, and got some good pieces out, but due to lack of money had to smash some rocks it was on to get them out, which damaged them and made them smaller then if I had had a water truck to hose the mud away. A road runner visited me again, and some minutes later, when I was below a cliff and looked up towards a certain tree, one of the only ones, I saw it standing near the edge staring forward, and I made some sounds to get its attention and then it went away. I’m truly amazed that sparkling rocks of various kinds keep showing up in the same places and every one or two steps sometimes. When I walking back home, after about five nonstop hours of work, I even noticed one large rock that I was amazed I hadn’t seen before and which appeared to be of the sparkling type. But since the sun wasn’t shining on the ground anymore I had to wait till I got back, and in the dim light of my kitchen stove light I could see it sparkling. I don’t understand how I could have missed it since I’ve walked that area many times and there was no where for it to hide since it was just about on some plain gravel that had been dumped in the desert, smallish gravel. There was a recent rain, but it was very little, and there was no reason that it would have had dust caked on it and didn’t appear to have any dirt stains on it as if it had been recently washed off and the stain revealed as a result. What I mean is that when dirt is on a rock long enough, at least certain types, it leaves a residue like when soap dries on glass and leaves a film that is very hard to wash away sometimes. I can’t find my UV light, haven’t been able to since yesterday, so I can’t see if any of the opaque quartz I brought back fluoresces. I always bring large quartz pieces back after I find them, because I love that some fluoresce bright green or some pretty shade of green from within, like kryptonite.

12-31-2012. 11:52 AM – I finally won Vyruz about three minutes ago. It’s a very obscure fun, yet very frustrating shootem-um game. It had many bugs but not enough to make the game unfun. It had a funny ending.

4:56 PM – I finally went exploring during the day a part of the desert I thought I hadn’t been to before, but turns out I had many months ago, at night. It was worth it, I found awesome rocks including a big one of the sort I thought there was a slim chance of me ever finding again, but amazingly it was just lying on a rock, as if someone had placed it there. I’m sure it was since it stood out from the rest. But why they didn’t take it, that to me is a mystery. I’m guessing it was perhaps a new ager or kind person who wanted others to enjoy it and perhaps didn’t think any good would come of taking it themselves. Perhaps they didn’t have the stamina to become a regular rock collector to be able to turn their collection into a museum display, so left it there for someone else to do. I was praying as usual to find great rocks and I did. I sometimes wonder if it’s angels or an an angel leaving the rocks I find where they are because they many times are placed in such a way as if they were meant to be found. I met a guy on the trail while going to that part of the desert who knew some things about the area and informed me a little about what it used to be like over a decade ago and he confirmed some of what I thought, like why houses weren’t built there (the soil is too soft) and he knew that fossils were around too. Later I met three young boys, not even teens yet who were exploring the area on the trail with their bikes. One talked to me first asking what I was doing and I explained. I think the same one said my bike was cool. I asked if they bullied anyone and they quickly said “no”. I slipped that in because of all the bullying these days and was hoping to discourage them from ever doing it. After a little more words they wished me a happy new year and I them and I biked away back home with my treasure.

01-02-2012, 3 PM – I found my biggest chunk of green-fluorescing quartz ever a few hours ago and once again, hiding in almost plain sight. The fluorescence isn’t impressive to me though, because it’s a little above decent, nothing like the intense glow of others I have that are much smaller. So, I must say, I still have not found anything I can call “Kryptonite”. About an hour ago I found, while gathering some putty stones and other various stones by a rock, I noticed when about to go back home for bags to put them in, a large rock sparkling next to them, when I picked it up and shined it in the sun I was taken aback because to my amazement it had wonderful sparkle, and yet I hadn’t noticed it despite having been repeatedly at that spot and going by it a great many times this year. It was clean and just sitting on the ground. That is what I mean about it seeming like an angel is just putting stones and rocks around for me to find.

01-11-2012, 11 PM – I’ve still been finding nice rocks, but much much less, with the exception of banded yellow calcite, however I can’t seen much more in this one vein I hit and another one I found, which seems to be some sort of calcite, requires a huge amount of water to dissolve the complicated mess of dirt encasing the rest of it, and which also seems firmly attached to large boulders which I can’t remove without destroying the calcite with it. And the yellow vein I mentioned which only seems to have one last large chunk is firmly attached to the side of some very hard and very thick limestone, which is also easily damaged by vibrations, and I don’t want to risk damaging it further. I’d rather wait till I can afford a $15,000 rock saw.

I’ve been thinking about farming out in the desert, I found a certain type of grape that can grow in desert conditions. It would take a lot of work though to remove the garbage that idiots have dropped onto the dirt, large amounts of waste rubble, broken glass bottles and fibers.

I had a pretty bad German roach problem for the past two months, but I was so persistent in clearing and killing every one I saw (with the exception of a few, to see if this skink I found would eat them), that there appears to be only a tiny amount left, and they seem to be moving slow due to having nothing left to eat. I’ve barely seen any today, which is not the usual situation. I made a little campsite under a tree out of curiosity to see if any good rocks were under the debris, there were only about two or three and two or three nearby I discovered today, and one was very white and sparkled a little and isolated from the rest of the rocks and against the dark background of the natural dark compost from the debris of the tree it was next to, so I found it odd I hadn’t noticed it while working that spot for about five hours nearly non-stop yesterday.

The campsite I made. I managed to mostly flatten it out when I kept working into the night. I didn’t work on it today, my muscles were in too much pain.

The skink I caught (and some weird little bug I usually find around pine trees, as I did with this one, the skink wouldn’t eat it).

01-15-2013, 8:50 AM: Two days ago while rock hunting again, in a place I thought there would be next to nothing left, I found a bag full, a in enough to fill up a grocery bag, and I jut discovered a few minutes ago, that a remarkable looking one with a cavity of dirty sparkling druzy, SPARKLES IN VERY LOW LIGHT! I’ve seen one or a few sparkling rocks barely sparkle as the sun was about down, but there was no sun where this was spakrling, but in a hamper covering the light over head with only a little light coming in from one side (the hamper was on its side). It’s also a very unique looking rock, not common at all. I found many druzy rocks that day, and one was excellent with fine white druzy on botryoidal structures, or what I what some call “bubbly” rocks.

And yesterday night I finally got my skink to eat a little piece or raspberry while it was on my knee, only thing is that by the time I looked to see if it had eaten it, it already had :( I didn’t even get it on video sigh. I least I know it’s a kind that will eat fruit. I tried everything to get it to eat it short of forcing it’s mouth open, which I avoided since it was clearly a fragile creature, too small to try that on without risking big damage to its muscles or mouth structure and didn’t want to stress it out bad. I already have a few lizards that died after me trying to force feed them when they seemed to stressed out to eat. I wish I had the knowledge, money and equipment to breed hybrid skinks, they are such interesting and fun creatures to play with and watch.

One of the few evil neighbors I know of that lives near me has been bullying me and harassing me lately. God will pay that narcissist idiot back I’m sure.

Yellowstone: Find Any Crystals or Beautiful Rocks?

November 9, 2012 Leave a comment

I’m interested in anyone who while looking around in some spot in Yellowstone National Forest has found any of the following:

geodes, crystals, banded agate, bubbly-looking rocks (aka botryoidal), pieces of quartz, sparkling rocks (druzy/drusy) but which are not geodes (geodes meaning rocks that contain crystals or agate on the inside and most be broken or cut to expose the material inside), very large unnamed boulders in the middle of no where (meaning far away from most other large rocks and the spot in which you found them not having but a few boulders), strong>arrowheads, petrified wood, especially drusy petrified wood, dinosaur or plant fossils, amber, groups of old bottles (including ones from 1980 and before). Don’t waste my time with comments about such and such being illegal.

I’m also interested in stories of undocumented caves, sinkholes, springs, sightings of unknown insects, including flies, bees and wasps. I’m also interested in strange plant finds, including mushrooms and anything that looked like grape leaves, but were very rough feeling and twisty (a weed I think it is). I’m also interested in any unusual animal sightings like strange snakes, giant snakes, dinosaurs (including dragons) and giant birds. And if you found any giant human skulls or saw a giant, or a “little person” other than a modern day dwarf, I’d also like to know. I’m not interested in UFO sightings because those are common and happen anywhere, unless you had something put in you by whoever was inside, and have proof of it, and no I don’t want to hear a story that you have proof, I want to see it.

Remember to give the specific location of your find, and if you can get a picture, try. If you want something for what you know, then make an offer, I’m willing to trade very valuable information of my own, if you have video to back up your claim. If you only have witnesses testimony, they must have some sort of social networking account, must appear to be decent people at least, otherwise I’ll think you might be using different emails, or getting some friends to lie for you.

What’s Been Going On

For many months now the SSA has been withholding $300 a mo. from me, out of what’s sposed to be $708 because, despite me volunteering that I changed addresses, didn’t give three proofs of address change, which my state requires. The operator I spoke to didn’t indicate this at all. They owe me something like $1,200 by now but I’m too depressed, exhausted and cash strapped to the SSA, where ever it is around here.

And on eBay, I made a bad auction, because there proper category wasn’t provided, and not being so wise at the moment, decided it would be okay. But I started to see the bad sign of only a few people looking at my auction despite me selling very good items. And despite it getting about 7 watchers, not many, maybe two, bid, and it only went up to an astounding $41 out of what should have been $300 at least! So, angry, I eventually decided to not go through with it and stating why, basically, eBay’s incompitence in not, after a decade, providing a basic category that should have been there. Further, they didn’t notify me, despite this being the first time selling with the account, that I wouldn’t be able to change the categories once I chose them. And why shouldn’t I have been allowed to? And having lost tons of money and valuables over the years, including from a major burglary (which was devestating as I lost refinements of my books and four harddrives, one which was packed with information and video and audio documentation of insane police harassment, and which I suspect an officer set me up for, the burglary that is) — as I was saying, having last tons of money, I couldn’t bring myself to go through with the auction. The buyer was merciless despite apparently being very wealthy (had about 1000 ratings), and gave me a bad rating.

I also had some minor purchases and bids on eBay to pay off, but ugh, Paypal, which eBay owns, won’t let me use it: they limited it right when I was about to pay all my debts! And why? Because I forgot I’d get charged a seller fee for that auction (even though I refunded the buyer’s money). My Paypal account was tied into an old bank account that had expired. I tried to close it and reopen it with a new debit card to pay off the sellers, but of course, Paypal wouldn’t let me close it. And out of curiousity, tried to see what would happen if I put in a new working debit card, but it kept rejecting it, telling me I was invalid or wrong info, yet I know it was correct, 100% correct. I also tried to at least go through two of the limit gates, and got up to the verification of identity by a phone call, but never got a call. And why were they putting me through this, that is, trying to ID me? Was there any indication I wasn’t who I said I was? No. And now that I think about it somemore, I’m not even sure this is about a seller fee. I thought it might be because Wellsfargo told me by email my account couldn’t be charged, but, I never linked it to Paypal, so, mostly liekly, that’s Wellsfargos’ recurring monthly fee, $15, which they’ve been hurting their customers with. I only got one email months ago from them about this fee, and though two or three months ago trying to close it, was denied because despite having other ID and my debit card, didn’t have a state ID (it was stolen months ago). So, they’ve been charing me maintenance fees I can’t pay AND TACKING ON BOUNCE FEES FOR THEIR OWN MAINTENANCE FEE! Can anyone say sick, greedy, psychopaths? How about “ursury”?

Paypal and eBay are just hurting htemselves since I can’t pay the $200 I owe to the sellers and that is a loss of money for both companies. It also provokes their sellers to go in search of some other place to sell other than eBay and to use another money transfer service. I wonder why eBay hasn’t been sued by any government for their breaking some monopoly law, being that they won’t permit any other electronic transfer other than Paypal.

I told the sellers about the Paypal problem and asked to pay by cash, and they accepted, however one seller, strangely, hasn’t responded after days.

Meanwhile, I’ve been mining for gypsum, and hoping to find precious minerals, but only found one beautiful gypsum display piece. My shovel and hammer were stolen, so I’ve been having to use a chisel and large rock, which is exhausting, so exhausting I decided this morning to instead go look to see what a nearby construction site had dug up, and looked at some pinkish boulders near the entrance to the construction site. To my amazement some of them were covered in beautiful druzy crystals, not anything big, but still beautiful and sparkling in the sun. And when I just about finished that last sentence just remembered I’d found a large rock near my house that had light pink druzy coating on it. But what was on these boulders was much more beautiful and some crystals, though small, were large for their type. It nearly made me cry to see that there was much damage to these boulders, including on the druzy areas, because these rocks could have been making money rather than being pushed around and damaged. So tragic because such boulder crystals are rare. I’m hoping I can afford a rock saw and cut them off the boulders before worse happens to them. I’d chisel them off but seeing what happened to those other beige crystals I found on the boulder about last month, would only do that as a last resort. I saw there were construction guys at the bottom of the construction site, and didn’t want to get caught, so went farther down past the boulders, down as in to the side of them, and after about two hours, found some great display pieces of various types of crystals on rock. Most of them are still down where I left them because of the awkward ditch/hill spot they are in and because the main gate was closed by the time I got out of it, and a car was parked in front of it, making me wonder if the owner of the area or head construction guy was around. Of course didn’t wanna get caught, so am taking a break till the car is gone to go retrieve what I found. Hopefully I’ll have so many good pieces to display I can make money off of them. I’ll try to add pics to this post later in the day, but due to my last digital camera breaking, and owing the sellers most of my income for the month, am stuck with two webcams for now.

Update 5:53 PM:

As if things couldn’t get any worse, I discovered, after repeatedly trying to get into my Amazon account, that it had been closed, forever basically, because I got “an extraordinary amount of refunds.” Of course: blame the customer when items aren’t packaged well, who cares if you even have a package review system due to such problems, blame them when an item breaks within the first few days of normal use, blame them for defective products, blame them when they merely suggest a little refund and the seller on his own obliges, and blame them when you, instead of crediting them for reporting seller violations, are given a refund on their last order, which they didn’t ask for. Oh and thanks for locking me out from replying to anyone who leaves a comment on my reviews, even when they ask me for a response, because you moderator decided I’m in “bad standing with the Amazon community” over his anger that I didn’t agree with that the world would be flooded from global warming in 100 years, and his deleting years worth of my replies and comments on other reviews. Thanks “we strive to have the best customer service” Amazon. How about: don’t punish me for your own and seller decisions to refund me, and don’t let them happen in the first place if you don’t agree with one being given? How about read the individual cases before locking someone out of their case before deciding they’ve a scammer and threatening to blackmail people unless they get refunds? That is what was implied by banning me. And how about not letting a single moderator claim a member is in bad standing with others over their personal views? Like maybe: have a panel of judges whose beliefs are common in America and the world, but not all the same, who must all agree on a vote to ban a person or not, so that personal retaliation won’t be so easy. And how about crediting me for those ideas? Can I get $10 towards my next purchase, it’s your choice Amazon, not mine.


A careful review of your account indicates that you’ve requested refunds on a majority of your orders for a variety of reasons.

In the normal course of business, we expect there may be occasional problems. However, the rate at which such problems have occurred on your account is extraordinary, and it cannot continue. Effective immediately, your account is closed, and you will no longer be able to shop in our store.

All other accounts related to yours have also been closed. If you were to open a new account, it would also be closed. We will not accept the return of any additional orders placed under a new account, and we won’t issue further refunds for those orders. We appreciate your cooperation.

Best regards,

Account Specialist

And let me guess: this is a hand typed letter, and not a copy and paste one, right? Right. Carefully reviewed my pet golden sea serpent. What’s very outrageous about this, on top of the other things I mentioned, is that I’ve repeatedly told them about their community moderators harassing me, including one deleting years worth of replies to other people leaving replies on reviews, mine included, and allowing clearly unlawful ones to stay, like one which called me a child molester, which was totally unrelated to my review. It stayed for years after my replies were deleted. Add to that the moderator claimed I was in bad standing with the community as a reason to prevent me from ever replying again. And why did he do so? Because when I asked one how to make a product link to “The Skeptical Environmentalist” on a review by a problem stalker who left a review on a global warming book, the moderator said my comment was hateful, so hateful apparently it required his action to delete years worth of comments on all the reviews I’d ever commented on, including my own replies to Amzn. members who questioned me. Obviously he didn’t bother reading them, despite me previously and recently pointing asking the mods to read the harassing ones being left for me by the anti-creationist stalker!

The harassing comments I got remained, after complaining at least ten times about such comments and a stalker behind most of them, who spent his time leaving one star reviews on creationist books, and making fake accounts to vote reviews and replies out of sight.

So, Amazon hates to give too many refunds, whatever that is, but is okay with its income being permanently curtailed by an anti-creationist who always, always rates a creationist book one star, regardless of any points it makes that he has no logical way to explain away, but who would have to rely on arguing a few points and pretending that that settled the matter and that nothing else was a significant problem. What a dysfunctional company.

For those of you wondering what my reply was about that upset this moderator so intensely. It was in response to the reviewer, scaremongering, by saying that in 100 years the world would indeed be flooded. My reply was, without any insults, basically this:

“So you bash the prophets of the Bible whose prophecies have come true, yet you state as a fact that the world will be flooded in 100 years, when you will conveniently be dead. And why does a global flood sound so familiar? Hmmm, isn’t that a Bible story? Could someone be ripping off the Bible they bash? And aren’t atheists supposed to not care about what happens in the far future since they only have one life to live and are supposed to be having fun?”

I don’t think I said the last sentence, but may have been trying to add it later, when I discovered I had been banned. May not have even managed to get the sentence in before that one either. But as far as I know, there was no “moron” or anything like that, at worst, I may have said “moronic”, especially being that I knew the moderator might look at what I had to say, and when I’d already been repeatedly punished by the moderators for leaving a positive review on Roman Catholic Controversy, a short review, and for leaving a long one on some pro-Buddhism anti-Christian book, which a moderator said was deleted for being a “dissertation.” Yet anyone can find a “dissertation” on Amazon left for all kinds of products with a huge number of votes up. My guess is that the mods are discriminating against and harassing what they believe are fundamentalist type Christians. It was clear from my profile I was a type of F.C., so, no one can say I’m just being paranoid or irrational. Last year I even had a customer service rep stalk me a little because he thought I thought all Indians in India were stupid (but anyone who has had extensive communication with Indian customer service reps knows they are far from perfect, and that’s even joked about in the first Transformers movie a little).

Let me guess what will happen next: Google will decide this blog is hate speech and ban me from ever, everyly super everly everst more super ever from ever showing up on the search engine ever again, x infinity. But “” gets to stay, right?