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Death to America’s Stupidity

December 1, 2009 Leave a comment

Whyis the republican and liberal media and the leaders of these groups going on and on about the couple that legally entered Obama’s state dinner party?

1) They were allowed in, the end.

2) How arrogant to think no one can see through their, “Look how concerned I am for the president!: Execute them for treason for party-crashing!” stupidity?

Really hard to pray for people who are so desperately stupid and petty despite being well into adulthood with plenty of money and information around them showing them right from wrong.

And now the couple is being called for a hearing? Ugh! What an insult to the Americans and Chinese: on top of all that so called borrowing, they’re going to waste more of our time and money asking the obvious: “How did you get into the party?” If only God would rebuke these fools already.

And then I read this about six hours ago: I knew that most of the world, being evil, would be filled with thugs. I knew that would be the case with the U.S. military. I already read about the gasoline tank being blown up and burning people, and killing some, but I didn’t know it was close to 150, and it’s sickening to read what this one unit did this hospital. Of all the places to go to harass people, and then with this news they are going to accuse others of being terrorists? God, sick, the hypocrisy, incredible.

To kill people at a poor hospital using military force in a land that is one of the closest to Hell – and with all the other sick things going on in the world already, torturing and persecuting Christians in mass numbers again, over 200,000,000 in the past 100 years being killed by evil men unjustly, including through deliberate hoarding of money and good and denying them medicine, governments making extreme lies and burying the truth far out of reach – what time  more evil then this?

Glenn Beck: A Dangerous, Passive Agressive, Mocker

November 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Glenn Beck, about two or three weeks ago, was obviously trying to incite conservatives and Republicans to war, at least two prominent liberal radio show hosts noticed this. This man is more evil than liberals, as he uses Christianity to try and justify his war-mongering, which can mislead people into thinking that true Christians are war-mongers. Though making such a stereotype is not justifiable despite Glenn’s subtle, but obvious calls to violence. And how can this man be expected to be taken seriously when he spends his time, often, which moronic co-hosts, mocking others and making childish jokes in snide arrogance? He bashed and bitterly mocked hundreds of thousands of 9/11 Truthers and he thinks he’d be safe in a war after that? I’m sure plenty would be gunning for him for his hypocritical, arrogant, traitorous, mocking.

Even on his new book, Arguing with Idiots: How to Stop Small Minds and Big Government, he shows himself to be a moron. What is meant to be conveyed by such a picture? A pouting general with a black eye? Meaning? I think it means: “Look at all these gullible idiots who will buy my books and listen all day long to me no matter how obvious I make it that I’m preaching for fame money.

True Christians are caught between violent anti-Christians, liberals, and fundamentalist false Christians. We should find another country to move to the moment it becomes clear that these three groups intend to go to war with each other, lest they attack us in their narcissistic role-play, with some pretentious excuse like, “If your not part of the solution you’re part of the problem.”

Meanwhile, we should pray often that there will be no civil war, or not any time soon, and that the state governments and federal governments will stop being oppressive and turn to God. Though that is not going to happen any time soon according to the Bible, prayer from enough decent and righteous Christians will help slow the increase in bad behavior by non-Christians and also keep other Christians from sinning as much.

Media Propaganda Triangles

Yahoo and Google have formed separate anti-Christian propaganda triangles, each one having the same agenda: to unite the world against Christ.  Yahoo! has primarily allied itself with Digg and Wikipedia, and Google: Time Warner (AOL and CNN) ( and Wikipedia.

Though Google does not directly utilize Digg, Digg pages often turn up in the search results of Google. Google’s owners clearly realize Digg is a powerful propaganda tool and have logically then tried to acquire it. One of their offers to buy Digg was $200 million. Yahoo! has also tried to directly combine forces with Wikipedia:

Other powerful propaganda media machines in competition with each other are:, Web Networks (a liberal "Christian" company controlled by cold-hearted liberals), (whos CEO via "moderators" skew product reviews, especially book reviews, allowing Creationism, Intelligent Design, and Pro-Calvinism books to be bashed by false reviews, including by the same users for a single book, while deleting negative reviews against Pro-Darwin books), National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Discover Magazine, Popular Science, Scientific American, New Scientist,, and Do you notice the common theme among these machines? They use "Science" and Discovery (Learning "New" Things) as disguise to make themselves appear to be wisemen and women who bring you the truth and who are on a quest to learn it themselves (as if to say, "We’re open minded to everything, even to what you have to say stupid little people with your nutty beliefs, so keep listening to us, we might finally agree with whatever you say is true."). However, one thing they will not agree with, is Intelligent Design and Genesis.

Though false teachers like Francis S. Collins with their ridiculous narcassitic books pretend to believe in Genesis, they in fact don’t believe it, but believe their false interpretations of Genesis. For example Francis, via a dead Catholic panderer named Augustine, pretends that Augustine knew about science, and that Augustine taught that "science" is what the Bible will conform too. And uses that magical rationalization, Francis arbitrarily interprets the creation of the universe as the Big Bang event. In other words, Genesis isn’t literal, and it means whatever Francis feels it must mean. Therefore Francis is just using science as a disguise for his interpreting the Bible with his feelings above all else, rather than with reliable evidence above feelings. Reliable evidence would be the Bible’s internal consistency with extreme complexity (demonstrating that it was at least made by someone with greater-than-human wisdom), it’s moral superiority (demonstrating that it was thought up by someone other than a human), archeological evidence showing the Biblical records to be true, the behavior of Christians and non-Christians (which show the Bible is true about how Christians and non-Christians act), the design of the universe and everything in it, which shows a repeating patter rather than random patterns (random patterns would indicate that the universe was not ordered by some intelligence like God, but by unintelligent chance events).

Superior sources of news are,,,,,,, and