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Liberal UK Police Officers, All Liberals, Love Child Porn

‘World’s largest paedophile ring’ uncovered
by Dominic Casciani
3/16/2011/11:27 ET

International police led by a UK team say they shut down the largest internet paedophile ring yet discovered.

The global forum had 70,000 followers at its height, leading to 4,000 intelligence reports being sent to police across 30 countries.

The operation has so far identified 670 suspects and 230 abused children.

Detectives say 184 people have been arrested – 121 of them were in the UK. Some 60 children have been protected in the UK.

The three-year investigation, Operation Rescue, was led by investigators from the UK’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop).

Speaking at a news conference at The Hague in the Netherlands, investigators said the network hid behind a legal online forum which operated out of the country – but its members came from around the world.

Europol Director Rob Wainright on ‘spectacular international police success’

Along with the Netherlands and the UK, suspects have been identified in Australia, Italy, Canada, New Zealand and Thailand.

The members of the network went into a private channel,, and then used its secret systems to share films and images of abused children, said Rob Wainwright, director of European police agency Europol.

However, child abuse investigators, including a team from Ceop, had already infiltrated the network and were posing as paedophiles to gather intelligence.

In the UK, the 240 suspects include police officers, teachers and a karate teacher. One of the suspects in the UK is a woman.

To date, 33 have been convicted, including John McMurdo, a scout leader from Plymouth. Another forum user was Stephen Palmer, 54, of Birkenhead, who shared abuse images with contacts in the US. A third man, 46-year-old Colin Hoey Brown of Bromsgrove, was jailed for making and distributing almost 1,000 images. – More here

Massive Dutch-run child pornography ring revealed
3/16/2011/4:39 PM

184 suspects have already been arrested in a large-scale international child pornography ring centred in the Netherlands.

Speaking from the Hague, Europol Director Rob Wainwright, together with law enforcement representatives from five countries, announced the break-up of the internet ring on Wednesday.

In the largest ever operation of its kind, police in 30 countries have arrested 184 suspects and identified 486 others. Mr Wainwright says more will follow in short order.

Peter Davies, Director of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, says arrests were being made yesterday and today in the UK and more are planned for tomorrow. Meanwhile, five arrests have been made in the United States and 17 in Spain. The investigation, called Operation Rescue, started three years ago.

Arresting Amir I
An important break in the case came when Dutch authorities arrested Amir I, the brains behind the internet forum, the centre of the ring. At its peak, the forum had more than 70,000 members around the world. No child pornography was distributed on the forum itself, rather, members used the forum to facilitate individual exchanges of photos or videos online. was run out of Amir I’s home in North Holland.

The 37-year-old Israeli-born Dutch citizen was arrested in 2009 for possession of child pornography and has since cooperated fully with investigators. Police have been able to trace 71,000 IP address, in 109 countries, from his computer. On Tuesday, Amir I pled guilty in a Haarlem, North Holland court to possession of child pornography, and to sexually abusing a 14-year-old boy in the Brazilian city of Sao Paolo. He faces up to three and a half years in prison.

Not for the money
Europol has released some of the exchanges between members of the forum. One such text reads, “There is nothing more sexy than a boy in diapers and I thought I was the only one who had this thought.” Most of those arrested so far are suspected of child sexual abuse, not the lesser offence of possessing child pornography.

Europol’s Wainwright says one unusual aspect of this internet ring, and child pornography offences in general, is that very little money changes hands. “Money is clearly not the motivating factor, unlike most other forms of organized crime.” – Source

UK Metro Police IT expert caught with child porn
3/9/2011/8:20 ET

Joseph McCabe was working at the Met Police at the time of his arrest

A computer expert granted clearance to analyse police computers has been jailed for 14 months after being caught with a huge stash of child pornography.

Joseph McCabe, 52, was working as an IT consultant for the Metropolitan Police Service at the time of his arrest.

He admitted possessing 33 films and more than 13,000 images at his former home in Bridge of Earn, Perthshire, which showed child sex abuse.

The force said it had dismissed him when the images were found.

Solicitor John Boyle, defending, said McCabe had “binge downloaded” massive consignments of child porn so he could view the images “at his leisure” later.
Video clips

Mr Boyle told Perth Sheriff Court: “He found himself on a downward spiral. What had started as an interest in adult pornography quickly descended to these offences.” …

Sheriff Michael Fletcher noted that more than 200 of the images and video clips were at the most extreme end of the scale and said he had no option but to jail McCabe. – Source

Mom Julie Carr gets 20 years for sexually abusing own daughter in video chats with British teen
by Michael Sheridan
3/16/2011/8:48 AM

Julie M. Carr sexually abused her young daughter in a video chat with a teenager in the United Kingdom in 2009.

A woman who sexually abused her own baby girl on a webcast with a teenager in England will have at least 20 years to think about her sick crime.

A judge could hardly hide his disgust for Julie Carr during her sentencing this week. The Maine woman received two decades in jail for producing child pornography.

“What you have done, Ms. Carr, is violate the most basic bond of society — the bond between a mother and her child, the bond between a mother and her daughter,” U.S. District Judge John Woodcock said, the Bangor Daily News reported.

“I’ll tell you, unequivocally, that yours is the worst case I’ve ever seen.”

The 33-year-old mother of four molested her youngest daughter while video-chatting with a teen, Nicholas Wilde, across the Atlantic Ocean in 2009. She pleaded guilty in federal court to the pornography charges in 2010 and also is expected to be sentenced on state charges of gross sexual assault and sexual exploitation of a minor.

Carr’s children — three daughters and one son — were removed from her care after her arrest. The videos involved the youngest girl, who was nearly 2 years old at the time.

The mother’s depraved acts were discovered when British authorities arrested Wilde, then 19, two years ago. During the bust, they found a memory stick containing recordings of her video chats, according to the BBC.

Wilde, who has Asperger’s syndrome, pleaded guilty to making and distributing child porn last year and is serving nearly five years in prison.

Carr’s lawyer argued the woman was “conned” into performing the acts online, court documents state.

“I am sorry,” she said during her sentencing. “I never meant to hurt anyone in my family. I regret it.” – Source

Massive child abuse at Amsterdam day care centres
12/13/2010/12:42 PM

Dozens of children at two Amsterdam day care centres have become the victims of systematic sexual abuse. At a press conference, Mayor Eberhard van der Laan confirmed that between 40 and 50 toddlers had been systematically abused by the suspect over an 18-month period.

The 27-year-old suspect has been arrested and made a confession. The man, who worked at the day care centres, also offered his services as a child minder via the internet. In a number of cases, he made photographs and video tapes of the abuse.

Emotional wrecks
At a press conference after two closed-doors gatherings with the victims’ parents and the parents of other toddlers who frequented the day care centres, the mayor said:

“First off we went all out to locate and inform the parents as soon as possible, they have top priority in our approach.”

At the press conference, Mayor Van der Laan showed a photograph of the suspect, primarily to reassure parents. It is very unusual for suspects’ portraits to be made public; Mr Van der Laan explained why in this case concerns about the suspect’s privacy were waived:

“Firstly, we want to reassure certain parents that he was not their child minder. At the same time, we want to alert others to the fact that he may have been their child minder. And to inform them – if we have not been able to reach them during our investigation – that they can report to the police, to aid workers, and the like”.

The closed-door gatherings were chaired by the mayor. He says the meetings made a deep impression on everyone who was there. The Amsterdam council health authority deployed additional workers to assist the shocked parents. An emotional person involved in the drama told newspaper De Telegraaf: “The parents in there are emotional wrecks, it is that serious.”

Child pornography
The suspect is a 27-year-old Latvian man who acquired Dutch nationality in 2008 after marrying an Amsterdam man in 2004</*. Chief prosecutor Justitie Herman Bolhaar explains how the child molester finally got caught… – More here

*bolded by me

Spanish priest arrested over ‘21,000 child porn images’
11/12/2010/16:32 ET

A Catholic priest in Spain has been arrested over the alleged possession of thousands of images of child sex abuse.

Police said they found 21,000 images on computers inside the 52-year-old’s church in Vilafames, in the east of the country.

The priest, who has not been named, has been bailed and will appear before a judge in a fortnight, media say.

The Segorbe-Castellon diocese said it had suspended the priest and was ready to clarify the facts in court.

“If the accusation is true, this is something that hurts us deeply, that we sincerely regret and that we reject unreservedly,” the El Pais newspaper quoted a statement from the diocese as saying.

It said it would also offer the priest “the necessary means for a fair defence”.

Spain has largely escaped the child sex abuse scandals that have hit the Catholic Church in many European countries and the US.

But formal accusations have been made against a Carmelite monk in eastern Spain and Franciscan brothers in the south.

Police also launched an investigation in May into three members of staff at a care home run by a Catholic order in Cordoba.

Spain has arrested hundreds of people for distributing child pornography in recent years.

In May, police carried out almost 100 raids across the country after uncovering a network sharing abuse images.

The country’s biggest raid was in October 2008, when 121 suspects were detained. – Source WAS THE “CHILD ABUSE” AGAINST GIRLS OR BOYS? AND IF BOTH, HOW MANY GIRLS, AND HOW MANY BOYS. WHY SO VAGUE? I WONDER.

Child abuse ‘big business online’
5/12/2010/21:49 ET

Many of the images depict very young children being abused

There are around 450 criminal gangs around the world making money from images of child sex abuse, the UK’s Internet Watch Foundation has said.

The watchdog’s annual report says that the 10 most prolific of these account for more than 650 web pages.

But despite these gangs being well-established online, the IWF says the the industry is not growing.

Such groups are, however, finding new ways to distribute images, the report adds.

Smaller social networks, image-sharing sites, free website hosting platforms and hacked websites are increasingly being used by content distributors desperate to avoid detection.

To help obscure their movements, they move their distribution networks regularly between different providers and countries.

Most of the gangs operate a pay-per-view system, charging a monthly fee of around £55 for access to images and videos. – More here

Interesting and hypocritical that the LIBERAL New York Daily News calls pedophiles “pervs”, being oh so judgmental about the sexuality of others, yet doesn’t call homosexuality, another deviant sexuality, “perverted”. Liberals perpetuate the very crimes and perverted behavior and speech that they claim to be appalled at. Meanwhile, Britain’s government has banned all fundamentalist Christians from adopting kids. My journal is filled with evil stories like these; when will the sickness end?

For those of you who want to argue that there is no link between homosexuality and child molesters (note that I didn’t say “pedophiles”), you’re wrong:

Homosexuals more likely to molest kids, study reports
by Ken Walker

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (BP)–A social researcher who has studied sexual behavior for 24 years believes the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has sound reasons for maintaining its prohibition against gay scoutmasters.

A homosexual cannot automatically be considered a child molester, said Judith Reisman, president of the Institute for Media Education in suburban Louisville, Ky.

But with 17-24 percent of boys being abused by age 18, nearly as many as the 25 percent of girls, there is cause for concern, she said.

Since heterosexuals outnumber the homosexual population about 44 to 1, as a group the incidence of homosexuals molesting children is up to 40 times greater than heterosexuals, she said.

“You’re looking at a much higher rate of abuse,” said Reisman, a former university research professor who recently completed a study titled, “Crafting Gay Children.” “The Department of Justice just released data and the rate of abuse are off the charts.”

BSA’s policy has been the subject of constant attacks from gay activists, who have convinced a number of school boards to oust the Scouts from board property.

In a story that aired Apr. 1 on CBS, “60 Minutes” also questioned its validity. After California congressman Dana Rohrabacher called the prohibition common sense, reporter Lesley Stahl remarked that common sense turns out to be a myth.

According to the FBI and several clinical studies published in reputable journals, gay men aren’t more likely to sexually abuse boys, she said.

“In fact, the largest database of child molesters in the country shows that those who molest boys are over three times more likely to be heterosexual in their adult relationships than homosexual,” she said.

But Reisman points to figures from a 1991 population study by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

It showed that 8 million girls were abused by age 18 by heterosexual men, a ratio of 1 victim to 11 adult men. However, 6-8 million boys were abused by age 18 by 1-2 million adult homosexuals, a ratio of 3-5 victims for every gay adult.

Questioned about Reisman’s claims, CBS stuck by its story.

Spokesman Kevin Tedesco said “60 Minutes” staffers spoke with leading sources of information on child molestation, including the FBI, American Psychological Association and several clinical researchers.

The database was assembled by psychologist Dr. Gene Able, director of the Behavioral Sciences Institute in Atlanta, he added.

However, Reisman also cites a past study by Able to bolster her contention that BSA has reason to fear admitting homosexuals to the scoutmaster ranks. It found that 150 boys are abused by one male homosexual offender, compared to 19.8 girls by heterosexual offenders.

In a study published in 1987 in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence, Able said homosexuals sexually molest young boys with an incidence five times greater than the molestation of girls. (Calls to Able seeking further comment were not returned.)

“We looked at the leading gay travel guide,” Reisman said of her research. “Forty-seven percent of the 139 nations they talked about identified places to find boys. The average heterosexual travel guide is not concerned with finding children.”

Crime statistics also pose concerns. Figures released last summer by the Justice Department reveal that adults are not the primary victims of sexual assault, she said.

They showed that 67 percent of all reported sex abuse victims are children and 64 percent of forcible sodomy victims are boys under 12.

Two analysts with Washington-based, pro-family organizations agree that homosexuals pose a greater risk to boys.

Tim Daily of the Family Research Council questioned “60 Minutes” claim that adults who molest boys can even be called heterosexual.

“I guess you determine someone’s sexual orientation by their relationships,” said Dailey, who wrote a paper on pedophilia in the fall of 1999.

“If a man is married and has sexual relations with boys, he’s obviously a combination. To say he’s heterosexual is an outrage. Overall he’s a pedophile. Whether you call it omni-sexual or pan-sexual, he’s indiscriminate…in relationships.”

“Who cares if a guy is married?” echoed Peter LaBarbera, senior policy analyst for the Culture and Policy Institute, a division of Concerned Women of America. “If he’s into molesting boys, that’s homosexual behavior. It’s academic nonsense to talk about these people as heterosexuals.”

Editor of the monthly Lambda Report, LaBarbera has been following the homosexual movement for a decade. He said it is disproportionately involved in pedophilia, as shown by the large number of males among sexual abuse victims.

“The homosexual movement is shameless,” he said. “Gay activists are the ones who are trying to bring down (the Boy Scouts), a venerated institution which has very little to do with sexuality. They’re making it seem those who are against homosexuals are the problem.”

Among the reasons Dailey cited for being concerned about the potential for homosexual molestation of boys:

— Almost all sex crimes against children are committed by men and significant numbers of victims are males. In 1996, the journal Adolescence reported several studies indicate that up to one-third of all sex crimes against children are committed against boys.

— Even homosexual activists don’t try to hide the connection with pedophilia. In The Gay Report — a book published back in 1979 — authors Karla Jay and Allen Young found that 73 percent of those surveyed had had sexual relations with males 16 to 19 or younger.

— A 1999 article in the Journal of Homosexuality by Helmut Graupner argued that same-sex relations with minors should be considered a gay rights issue. The article argued that children wouldn’t necessarily be harmed by sexual contact with adults.

This debate flared up in New Jersey when a column by Toni Meyer, senior research analyst with the New Jersey Family Policy Council, appeared in several newspapers around the state.

Citing Reisman’s research, she wrote, “We must speak up in support of the Boy Scouts to our community leaders and not allow them to be unfairly and unethically pressured to go against their standards.

“To allow them to be denied the support they need or public privileges they are entitled because of that stance would be a total disservice to, and a potentially dangerous decision, for society and our local communities.”

That brought an angry response from New York’s Glennda Testone, northern regional media manager for the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD).

“The incorrect stereotype of the gay man as a pedophile is one that has been medically and scientifically debunked,” she said. “Heterosexual men were responsible for 74 percent of assaults on male victims and 77 percent of assaults on female victims, according to an American Academy of Pediatrics study (July 1994).”

However, Meyer says those statistics only prove her point — a small number of the population is responsible for 26 percent of the assaults on boys.

“She overlooks there are a lot more heterosexuals than homosexuals,” Meyer told Baptist Press. “People don’t understand. You have to balance these numbers by overall population to see there’s a greater incidence of abuse by gay men.” – Source


Sexual Abuse: A Major Cause Of Homosexuality?

It is a well-documented fact that many many homosexuals were sexually abused when young. (This paper will conclude with a list of some books which support that statement.)

In other words, there is an abundance of evidence that many many homosexuals were born heterosexual but were disoriented by sexual abuse.

Indeed, there are many more cases of sexual abuse than there are cases of homosexuality. As one large study discussed in a 1997 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association found, on average 12.8% of women and 4.3% of men recall being sexually abused.1 (How many do not recall it?)

According to Dr. James E. Soukup, author of a book which deals with several subjects including sexual abuse: “In one national study in 1985, 27 percent of the females interviewed and 16 percent of the males reported to have been sexually abused as children. Other studies indicate that these figures are too low. It is suggested that eighty percent of all sexual abuse is not reported.”2

The Associated Press noted in late 1998 that, according to an analysis of 166 studies covering the years 1985-97: “As many as one in five boys is sexually abused….It [also] concluded that sexual abuse of boys is underreported and undertreated….Earlier studies have shown that 25 percent to 35 percent of girls are sexually abused.”3

(According to a JAMA review of literature re the sexual abuse of boys, only 10%-33% of male abuse victims ever tell anyone about that abuse.4 The review also found that: “Abused [male] adolescents, particularly those victimized by males, were up to 7 times more likely to self-identify as gay or bisexual than peers who had not been abused.”5 And regarding female abuse victims, one study found that 38% of adult women ages 18-31 who were sexually abused when young [between ages 10 months to 12 years] did not remember that they were sexually abused when young.6)

Whatever the true percentages are of male and female sex abuse victims, considering how high the suggested/reported numbers are compared to the percentage of the population that is homosexual (only 1%-2%), we can see that sexual abuse can theoretically account for every case of homosexuality.

Too, there currently is no definitive proof that anyone is born homosexual. Several studies by homosexual researchers claimed to find some possible biological bases for homosexuality. But other scientists easily pointed out the flaws in those studies, and the results of those studies have yet to be replicated by others. In the words of pro-homosexual Newsweek magazine: “In the early ’90s, three highly publicized studies seemed to suggest that homosexuality’s roots were genetic….More than five years later the data have never been replicated.”7 (This fact has been almost totally ignored by the biased, untrustworthy, dominant liberal media.) And in the May/June 2008 issue of Psychology Today we have this: “No one has yet identified a particular gay gene….There is no all-inclusive explanation for the variation in sexual orientation, at least none supported by actual evidence….[T]here are many different mechanisms [involving both nature and nurture], not a single one, for producing homosexuality.”8

(And even if there ever was a “homosexual gene,” since most if not all homosexuals do not sire offspring, one would think that homosexual genes would disappear or die out.) – More here

Much more information on a clear link between homosexuals and an increased tendency to abuse children.

And some easy reasoning: Who is more likely to molest males: those attracted to males, or those disgusted by it (guess who is disgusted by it)? And who is more likely to commit sexual crimes at all: a minority who must often go through extremely stressful situations with few partners to choose from (partners who are often those who were abused as children or exposed to strong pornography, leading to sexual addiction and sexual deviance), or those who feel shame about their sexuality and have many people to partner with of the opposite sex? Who commits more crimes in general: those whose goal it is to forgive and to treat others as they want to be treated, or those whose goal it is to have a happy sexual life, but are repeatedly disappointed when their lust isn’t satisfied?

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