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23 Signs of the Last Days Before Christ’s Return

1. Serial Killers/massive murder counts by psychopaths including mass abortions/baby-murdering, include mass murders by Hitler, Stalin, Mao which amount to about or more than 50 million combined. Stalin and Mao were atheists by the way while Hitler was anti-Christian, an atheist-leaning and manipulative and supposedly converted to Islam after escaping (I don’t believe he suicided).

2. Narcissism is a wide spread plague. Narcissists are everywhere, both homeless/poverty stricken and wealthy in leadership positions

3. Casual and legalized sexual immorality: prostitution (including child prostitution), pornagraphy, homosexuality and homosexual marraige (mass sexual immorality), and teaching children that homosexuality is normal, good and desirable and allowing them to physically alter their body so they seem to be the opposite sex. In Sweden there is some attempt to deny the sex/gender of children so they can decide what sex they are by themselves. This truly a severe lack of common sense, morally warped, extremely stupid and most likely narcissists are teaching this stupid method of raising children.

4. Punishment and persecution of those refusing to facilitate homosexuality or false religions like Islam.

5. A sudden surge in mass persecution of Christians has begun in certain countries, especially Sudan which split between Muslims and Christians. There is also subtle mass persecution of Christians and those who promote Bihlical concepts like creationism in American and British schools by school leaders.

6. Sexual confusion and delusion as to sex; what I mean is a rejection that males and females are males or females, but are whatever they choose they are even “spiritually”. Liberals teach such people should physically change their genitals to feel better and to not feel “confused”. There is also persecution and punishment by liberals of straight persons (apparently as a method of attacking hetrosexuals, but also due to hetrosexual jealousy by narcissists who also hate males who reject them) who engage in romantic or sexual relations with “underage” (a subjective term in the western world) persons and anyone “older” (another subjective term) who may face harassment and persecution even if dating anyone even a year younger, yes, A MERE YEAR in dating difference!

7. Mass pandering (teachers, judges, police, business owners, doctors and leaders pretending they believe in sex-changing for profit, advancement and to avoid persecution (similar to false Christians rejecting Christ out of fear of persecution)

8. There is greater concern showed for stupid animals and animals in general more than humans, even good human children, so that tax payer money is devoted to spaying and neutering animals rather than to help impoverished and disabled humans or diseased children and so that humans are punished sometimes severely for harming their own animal or making it uncomfortable

9. There are enforced laws based on feelings and subjectivity rather than reason and God’s commands, like condemning someone who made an animal uncomfortable (and in their own mind, as in a false perception of discomfort or torture). Policies and laws are made which are driven by bribes, profit motive, advancement, fear of others in power, narcissistic jealousy and sexual lust so that homosexuality and porography are legal, certain drugs and industrial chemicals not (like bans on alcohol, CBD type marijuana, hemp, chlorofluorocarbons, DDT) and bans on having unsterilized cats or dogs or more than one child) and those who oppose it may be jailed, persecuted and punished. Such laws can also cause a disrespect for property rights, or are created out if envy.

10. Widespread cruelty to animals and regularly by animal control officers and vetrinarians who torment, starve and murder cats

11. Mass lawlessness: mass thefts of everything and anything, mass sexual abuse, mass murders and torturings (including within the American, North Korean and Muslim dominated country’s jail and prison systems), and casual and mass police and leadership corruption (police steal, endanger lives, bully, harass, take bribes, phsyically abuse and lie continually), consider also lawless countries and cities where police have little power or are unwilling to enforce law like in Guatemala, Mexico, Sweden, Germany, Britain, Las Vegas, Saint Louis, Chicago etc., consider also massive numbers of violent gangs  Lawlessness is also due to the poor lacking the money to sue and defend themselves.

12. Extreme lawlessness: violent murders (bombings by American and other NATO soldiers and Muslims) and extremely sadistic (decapitations of kids, skinning, eye-gouging, bombing, stoning)

13. Mass drug and alcohol addiction

14. Forbidding children to work, adding to mass impoverishment, child prostitution and abuse at home and punishing those who employ children

15. Stealth and open racism, discrimination of the poor and Christians and females (for example giving females lower wages in jobs they can perform as well as males or better, it’s blatant in Muslim dominated countries and India and females can end up raped and stoned to death for accusing someone of rape or wandering alone).

Look how Twitter has even blocked me the blatant Christian for questioning the biological, moral and scientific usefulness of homosexuality:



See also


16. Protection of evil bigoted speech which includes bigotry from LGBTQs. A blatant example is Megan Rapinoe the soccer player claiming that hetrosexuals are unable to win anything without gays. Destructive heresies are also being protected. Sadly, liberal, libertarian and conservative philosophies all endorse the protection of evil speech. Liberals are hypocritical and inconsistent about it which is causing conservatives to rethink there position on free speech I imagine and which may lead wars causing the downfall of Western civilization.

17. Lying for profit and out of bitterness against God. Examples: lies that promote evolution, panspermia, global warming aka climate change (claiming carbon dioxide is a bad thing – ignoring that plants need it to thrive), overpopulation of humans (which may be why elitists attacked cfcs and carbon dioxide as they are used to increase food longevity and productivity), the big bang and steady state theories. The lies for money even extend into food and medical science, for example teaching saturated fat and carbohydrates are bad.

18. Mass endangerment of lives for profit (using high fructose syrup, aspartame and hydrogenation) that lead to diabetes and cancer in high consumption. One might even argue that the continued use of oil/petrol in cars and jet fuelmrather than using magnet-motors is endangering lives due to the endless fire hazards and air poisons put out by oil mining and burning.

19. Mass willful stupidity and ignorance (DESPITE instant search engine access!) There are endless examples. One is using the word “racism” or “racist” to describe someone against Islam or “phobic/Islamphobic” which is of course a backhanded conniving insult like calling a Christian “homophobic” (persecuting the Christian to get them to be silent or agree with the one bullying them).

20. Mass atheism, mass godlessness. One might say Buddhists are godless, however many if not all worship Buddha, which is nonsensical since his identity/self according to Buddhism shouldn’t exist since he attained “nirvana”, a Buddhist version of perfection, but such blindness, confusion and hypocrisy is to be expected of cults, including man-centered ones (that includes Islam, Catholocism, New Ageism and Mormonism

21. Mass divorce

22. A sudden mass surge in hauntings and channeling spirits (demons) in western culture including demon possessing and people being enthralled by it, pursuing the exploration of haunted houses

23. A sudden rise in false prophets and teachers in western culture beginning perhaps with Nostradamus, continuing with “spiritism” in early America and false prophets like Joseph Smith and from Jehovah’s Witnesses and 7th Day Adventists and the tithing/riches and free will-obsessed Pentecostal Christian sects.

Please look forward to and pray for a book I intend to publish on extended signs.


Persecuted Medical Marijuana Seller Reveals Government Agent Responsible for Some Famous Marijuana Strains

February 23, 2010 Leave a comment

I was just listening to the Alex Jones show, and a few minutes ago, a medical marijuana seller named KevinCraig or Greg (not sure, hard to hear) who had been harassed by the federal government despite being permitted by the state he was selling in to sell marijuana, revealed that police officers were secretly making marijuana clubs and running bars to catch sellers, and that a government agent was responsible for the creation of various famous marijuana breeds like Bubba Kush and Grape Ape. God has made one amazingly strange and interesting world hasn’t he? The revelation was on hour four. On the right of my journal you can watch a video of this revelation via the link to the Alex Jones Youtube Channel. Usually he uploads a video of his podcasts after he is finished with them. If you’d rather listen to an audio only podcast go to and click the live feed link and wait for the refeed.

My reply to the false Christian “ladymusic”

August 4, 2009 5 comments

To a user I call ladymusic, which is almost exactly her user id (who has her own journal on Livejournal), I’ve written this reply:

ladymusic: “First off, why did you add me to your friends list?”

You said you are a Christian, can you guess what I am?

ladymusic: “Secondly, I hope you know, I’m a christian. ;)”

You clearly are a false Christian as you’ve shown with your letter, I’ll explain:

ladymusic: “& I hate everything you’ve been saying in your LJ.
(I only read the titles)”

If you only read the titles how can you hate what is under them? So, you pre-judge, and on the mere hint that I speak against anti-Christians you hate what I say. Therefore you are not a Christian, but an anti-Christian. You break one of the main common laws of anti-Christians! DON’T JUDGE, AND DON’T ASSUME, AND DON’T PREJUDGE! As I repeatedly say in my journals and profiles myself: DON’T ASSUME AND MERE CLAIMS ARE NOT EVIDENCE. If you had bothered to care about such good teachings which CHRIST TAUGHT, and bothered to read what I actually say beyond the titles, you’d have noticed that.

ladymusic: “I would block you, but I don’t
think I can.”

You call yourself a CHRIST-FOLLOWER (or did you not know what Christian meant either miss “I can’t be bothered to read the explanations”, that would be no surprise to me), and yet BRAG about your evil desire to block me based on your hatred of my titles showing I’m against ANTI-CHRIST-FOLLOWERS? WOW, SOMEONE IS CONFUSED, BLIND, BIGOTED, A LIAR, AND A TIME-WASTING HYPOCRITE. It’s “Christians” like you the make the real ones look bad, why so many anti-Christians are against Christians in the first place. Stop being a hypocrite.

ladymusic: “I’ve already looked.”

You’ve already looked at what you idiot?

Get ever more lost stupid or get saved already, but stop the stupid dungeons and dragons narcissist bullshit. Thank God you didn’t pepper your letter with stupid narcissist phrases like, “Please do” though.

Read the Bible and learn what a Christian is really supposed to do, here, since you’re lazy and can’t stand to read beyond a title of something promoting good, I’ll help you:

Jesus said the greatest law is: Hear oh Israel the Lord your God is ONE (not many): You shall Love the Lord your God with all your heart. He said the second was, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” (clearly you don’t with your boasting of your hatred for me and the other dozens of millions of non-hypocrite ones like me). He said that on those two laws stemmed all the other commandments, which CHRISTIANS AND THE ENTIRE WORLD ARE TO OBEY (NOT IGNORE):

ONE: ‘You shall have no other gods before Me.’

TWO: ‘You shall not make for yourself a carved image–any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.’

THREE: ‘You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.’

FOUR: ‘Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.’

FIVE: ‘Honor your father and your mother.’

SIX: ‘You shall not murder.’

SEVEN: ‘You shall not commit adultery.’

EIGHT: ‘You shall not steal.’

NINE: ‘You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.’

TEN: ‘You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor’s.’

And finally, who cares you fake boaster of hate that you would love to block the truth? That you would love to be even more of a hypocrite? That you are so full of hate and so ignorant, you can’t explain why you hate me but merely boast about it in order to hurt me for no good reason? You sicko, “Your father is the devil”. One last thing hypocrite, if you refuse to read past the titles, why should we Christian bother to read past yours or listen to your explanations (not that yours ever make sense or that you always have one).

See what a hypocrite you are?

ladymusic: “So, just to let you know, you’ve added a christian ;)”

Cuz ye said so, and whatever ye say is true cuz ye said it! How have you let me know you are a Christian? Reasonless hatred sure isn’t an explanation is it? Showing me that you hate it when I speak out against false Christians and anti-Christians like yourself isn’t an explanation either. Was it with your malicious winks along with your mere claim to be one? No: you’re not the one and true God, you will never take his place and will never cast him down to Hell as you desire to. Learn what evidence means, use a dictionary, and stop hating the truth and misdefining it to suit your corrupt desires and feelings. When you learn to explain your hatred, and in a grammatically correct way, and it’s something original, not one of the 400+ arguments I’ve already defeated, then reply, when you’ve obtained the self-control, ability to keep your hatred from immediately exploding, and patience that true Christians have to read beyond a title, then bother to reply.