Daniel Radcliffe’s Perverted Sexual Pedo-Obsession

Gender identity philosophy refuted.

First watch https://www.instagram.com/reel/CrJ3oFJLIUm/?igshid=MjljNjAzYmU=

First off, my article is not intended to stole fake Christians, conservatives and virtue signalling jail bird liberals into calling Radcliffe a pervert, groomer, sick or other names or any cultist such things so they can feel better about their own level of sinfulness or feel righteous in comparison. This is strictly an article on good tradition, the Bible, logic, hypocrisy and common sense.

So, why do Woke Liberals like Daniel Radcliffe keep confusing biological gender with state of mind and why are they obsessed with the sexual state of mind of youths and little kids? Notice they don’t interview 2 to 10 year olds? They interview teens: which are . young adults, not kids. As a consequence of everyone improperly calling young adults “kids” liberals in their attempt to carry that logic fully out then decide kids have adult thoughts then. This is what happens when you don’t stick with the traditional definitions of words and the Bible. How ironic it is conservatives who perpetuate this misdefinition while mocking liberals for their own misdefinitions. Conservatives do this so severely, besides being hypocritical and irrational it is clearly backfiring by causing a thorn-in-the-side effect in which liberals double down on their reverse beliefs. But now even if conservatives corrected themselves and admitted a kid is strictly under 11, there is a large entrenched part of the world now that accepts kids as simply being young adults now, and that actually adults can somehow be like interpreters of supernatural signs as to what a kid is sexually in their mind. But why do this “sexual mentality” diviners of kids think it is up to them to facilitate what a kid wants, the whims of a kid? Suppose a kid wants to be a bully or cruel to animals, should that be nurtured and facilitated? They may not know it but their way of attempting to raise a kid is a recipe for a sexual narcissist or psychopath. Without the Bible’s laws being taught to kids the kids will be raised to be permanent residents of Hell. Who wants someone to raise you to be self and sex obsessed and end up in Hell as a result? “As you want done to yourself so do to others, in everything.” – Yeshua