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George Noory Strikes the World Again With Giorgio Tsoukalos

March 18, 2010 8 comments

According to George’s narcissist guest this early morning, Giorgio Tsoukalos, the Bible isn’t about God, but gods who were at war with each other, one of which was Satan. Yet another narcissist who couldn’t be bothered to learn the facts or believe any he came across. How hard is it to come up with the thought (as a multiculturally aware adult of average intelligence): “evidence for the Bible” or “is the Bible true” and to then type either or both phrases into a search engine, and to then press enter and then start reading carefully? How hard is it to ask someone to do this for you?

Further evidence that Tsoukalos was insane was when at 1:27 A.M., he said in response to George, “Who cares what the aliens look like, the question is, ‘Do we look like the aliens.'”

Why does George the Catholic Universalist hardly ever bring any guest on that says anything useful, but almost always, insane persons like this? I wish I had my own show. Unfortunately, my new computer broke, so that probably won’t happen any time soon.


Stone Age men had more medical knowledge than [some BIBLE-DENIERS] first thought

February 3, 2010 Leave a comment

[I was aware of this article for more than week, but I’m not the type to say everything at once, and I don’t have the time or energy to do so anyways.]

Evidence of surgery carried out nearly 7,000 year ago has emerged – suggesting our Stone Age ancestors were more medically advanced than first thought [than first thought BY BIBLE-DENIERS. It’s really sickening to millions of Christians when people speak for the world like this, as if no one believes the Bible – so stupid and arrogant. On top of that there are many people who FIRST THOUGHT that the Bible was right, but later disbelieved the Bible.]

Early Neolithic surgeons used a sharpened flint to amputate the left forearm of an elderly man, scientists have discovered.

And, more remarkable yet, they ensured the patient was anaesthetised and the limb cut off cleanly while the wound was treated afterwards in sterile conditions.

Scientists unearthed evidence of the surgery during work on tomb discovered at Buthiers-Boulancourt, about 40 miles south of Paris.

It suggests an incredible degree of medical knowledge was available in 4900BC and the revelation could force a reassessment of the history of surgery.

Researchers have also recently reported signs of two other Neolithic amputations in Germany and the Czech Republic.

More here.

As if the Great Pyramids weren’t a big enough thousands of years old hint that ancient man didn’t start out as stupid brutes. Obviously, we were created with instinctive knowledge, the ability to learn very quickly and use that knowledge quickly, and given immediate wisdom by God from the start. Yet another strong blow to the dry withered gonads of Bible-deniers.

Also note that Earth is not older than 6,500 years.

Related books on ancient archeological artifacts that refute fantasy-agers (F.A.G.S. or if you don’t want to risk offending anyone: FAGERS):

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I’m not sure where the oopart information is in books five-seven, but so that you don’t have to search the books if you don’t have time for it, try this link to a website which unfortunately doesn’t give references to the books in which they were re-recorded.

More related information: Oetzi the Iceman

Ancient Advanced Languages Refute Evolutionist History

December 26, 2007 1 comment

Ancient Asians were using a written language more advanced than those of today, a language called Kavi. Can atheists explain why where the Filipinos using a language 1107 years ago that was more advanced that that of their modern language Tagalog?

And in ancient China:

Mysteries of the Yellow Emperor

Mysteries of the Yellow Emperor

Paul Stonehill


Chinese and Japanese archaeologists claim they have discovered in China’s southwestern province of Sichuan evidence of the fifth ancient civilization, Japan’s Kyodo News reported Monday, October 28 1996. The evidence is an earthen stage, unearthed during a joint archaeology project and estimated to date back 4,500 years. It was found among the remains of an ancient castle near the banks of the Yangtze River 56 miles (90 km) southwest of the city of Chengdu. The archaeologists involved in the excavation project explain that the earthen stage, pointing to an advanced knowledge of construction techniques by those who built it, reinforces the possibility of a fifth civilization. The world’s four oldest civilizations are known as Mesopotamia, Egypt, Indus and China’s Yellow River. Carbon isotope analysis on earthenware found at the excavation site was used to help identify the age of the castle and stage.

It is a very significant discovery . We may be closer to solving the enigma of the “Yellow Emperor,” Huang-ti (27th century B.C.), who, it is said, lived in those misty reaches of time before the Shang dynasty.

In the beginning

Archaeological evidence suggests that China is one of the cradles of the human race. The earliest known human in China, whose fossilized skull was unearthed in Shanxi Province in 1963, is believed to date back to 600,000 BC.

Around the 4th or 3rd millennium BC, in the New Stone Age, great changes occurred in the lives of the ancient Chinese. Larger numbers of people began living together at settled places, cultivating land, and domesticating animals. These people made polished stone tools and built shelters in pit dwellings and beehive huts that were covered with reed roofs. Such villages were found mostly in the area of the great bend of the Huang He on the North China Plain. Despite its severe winters, this area was well suited to agriculture. In fact, it closely resembled the other cradles of ancient civilizations, such as the valley of the Nile in Egypt. As we will see, this is an important fact, because there are other striking similarities between the ancient civilizations. According to Chinese tradition, the Chinese people originated in the Huang He (Hwang Ho or Yellow River) valley. The legends tell of a creator, P’an Ku, who was succeeded by a series of heavenly, terrestrial, and human sovereigns. Rice was grown in eastern China circa 5500 BC, and about five centuries later an agricultural society developed in the Huang He valley.

The Emperor’s legacy

Chinese civilization owes much to the legendary ruler. Agriculture and husbandry simultaneously developed in the ancient times when Huang-ti ruled. Silkworm raising was accomplished earliest in China. Yue Jue Shu says Emperor Huang-ti started the silk clothing industry and cultivated mulberry (for silkworms) and hemp; as the Chinese archaeologists state “it is from historical records” (Selections of Chinese Relics and Archaeology, Foreign Languages Press, Beijing, 1995). We should be grateful that at least some historical records reach to us from the mists of time. Ancient scribes took care to leave us an incredible tale of a very strange being, the one they called the “Yellow Emperor.” And it was in Huang-ti’s age that the most ancient Chinese writing was “invented.”

Like other ancient peoples, the Chinese developed unique attributes. Their form of writing, developed by 2000 BC, was a complex system of picture writing using forms called ideograms, pictograms, and phonograms. Such early forms of Chinese became known through the discovery by archaeologists of oracle bones, which were bones with writings inscribed on them. They were used for fortune-telling and record keeping in ancient China. In 1899 a small group of Chinese scholars and antiquarians collected quantities of inscribed bones from the fields around Hsiao T’un. Five years passed before enough symbols could be deciphered to reveal the true nature of the “dragon bones.”

They were a record of a people who called themselves Shang, and ruled lands surrounding Anyang some four thousand years ago. The objects embedded in the fields of Hsiao T’un came not from dragons but from tortoises and cattle. Shang kings desired to glimpse into the future, and their diviners inscribed the royal inquiries on a carefully scraped and polished tortoise shell or ox blade or leg bone.

Years later the People’s Republic of China archaeologists uncovered thousands more Shang oracle bones. Corps of learned people created a whole new anch of linguistic study, Jia gu shu, the study of shell and bone writing. As scholars pored over the writings of ancient diviners, they reached a provocative conclusion: Shang writing was not the oldest Chinese writing, not by a thousand years at least. The characters used then were already so sophisticated that they undoubtedly had many centuries of development behind them.

Who knew? Creation scientists knew, because according to the Bible the first men were healthier (and so had an easier time processing information than our brains can). The Bible also teaches that what is has already been (meaning the advanced technology we have today was already invented in the past).

For more evidence that the Big Bang, Steady State, and evolutionary theories are wrong click here.