Knight’s Theorom: A Proof and Formula for Knowing the True Religion

It occurred to me at about 9:25 P.M., while thinking about a refutation against Hinduism I’ve been writing and then thinking why it was so easy to refute various religions, and then thought that it was because there were so few variables, and remembered how one of the few and main variables is, “There is no absolute truth” which is self refuting. I then realized that religions which teach the opposite, like the Hindu religion, are self-refuting because that is indirectly saying, “Religions which say that Hinduism is false are also correct religions.” Obviously if you’re saying, “It’s true that I am wrong about how to achieve perfect lasting peace,” then you are admitting to being in error about how to achieve lasting perfect peace. Catholicism, a pagan Christianity, is also self-refuting as it accepts healthy adult persons and religions which are ignorant of the Bible or gospel, that would include religions against Catholicism, religious people who would kill Catholics and any other opposing religion without listening to reason (like “Fundamentalist” Muslims would do). Even traditionalist Catholic religions like Mel Gibson’s accept as good and would allow eternal life for those who ignorant of the gospel and yet tend to increasing destructiveness. Arminian Christian religions like Interfaith, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian in USA, Mormon, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Free Will so and so, liberal churches and certain so called non-denominational Arminian ones (which is incorrectly taught as meaning “is not like other churches because they it doesn’t have the same name”, wrong because obviously you can have a different name but the same or basically the same main beliefs as other churches) are also accepting of adult ignorants.

So, formulas for judging what the so called “true religion” if any, would be:

1) If  (religion) A says “There is no absolute truth” (in other words everything is false) then A is also false.

2) If (religion) A says (religion) B is a true religion and (religion) B says (religion) A is a false religion then (religion) A is a false religion because it says (religion) B is correct about (religion) A being a false (religion).

3) If (person or religion) B says “no person is true (or: “is not truthful”; “is not correct”; “is not real”) then (person or religion) B is not true (or: “is not truthful”; “is not correct”; “is not real”).

4) If C says C is false and true than C is false.

5) If D says D is true and only itself and A, B, and C false than D is true.

C could be replaced with “Islam” because in the Quran it teaches that all Muslims will go to Heaven, but it also says that all Muslims will go to Hell, and even if you don’t believe that, then it still fails, because all Muslims know that the Quran teaches that the Bible is God’s word, and the Bible excludes all religions except one. Any Christian religion that contradicts the method of salvation in the Bible some way while claiming that the Bible is entirely true can also be placed in C, because it’s refuting itself, and that would include every Arminian-compatible Christian sect (who teach forgiveness and God’s love can be earned or kept with good deeds, which the Bible either implies or directly says is impossible in some way, both in the Old and New Testament).

There is only one religion that I know of that excludes all other self-refuting and universalist-type religions (like Catholic, Arminian, Universalist, Interfaith, Hindu and Buddhist ones) that is not self-refuting and only accepts itself as the true religion, and that is the one which is known as Calvinism (though those who are Calvinists don’t always call themselves Calvinists, but may call themselves Reformed Christian, Baptist, Presbyterian, or Christian or non-denominational. That doesn’t mean that anyone calling themselves by those names is what they calling themselves however. Calvinism teaches that there is only one specific way to know the truth, be truthful and have eternal perfect peace and says what it is specifically (unlike all other religions), which you can learn here:

…when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth… – Arthur Conan Doyle

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