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Smithsonian and “Jesus Died In Japan”

December 29, 2012 Leave a comment

And it allowed a stupid “Paula” to make a stupid and worthless comment:

“This makes as much sense as anything in the bible.”

What did I say?:

“A silly legend. I’ll stick with my eternal God who made and rules the omniverse and will one day bring salvation to all those who loved truth, justice and mercy, and eternal sorrow and destruction to those who hated or ignored it in their addiction to pleasure, or pride or concern more for their own temporary life than God’s eternal will, which if followed, brings eternal contentment and joy.

@Paula “This makes as much sense as anything in the bible.” said the religious ignoramus who couldn’t figure out what

Don’t make or worship imaginary gods:
Don’t use the name Yahweh in vain
Don’t steal
Remember the sabbath, that God made the universe in five days and rested on the sixth,
Don’t bear false testimony,
Don’t commit adultery,
Honor your parents,
Don’t covet what belongs to your neighbor,
The Lord your God is one, love him with all your heart and mind,
Love your neighbor as yourself,
Do to others as you would have them do to you,
Forgive all

Oh, so nonsensical Paula. Truly the nonsensical ones are people like you, who hatefully parrot, who smugly make attacks because it merely feels good. Evil is what you are for denying what is clearly sensible and obviously good.

Now do tell us queen Paula what is your list of good to compare to the one God gave us more than 2000 years ago Miss “I Invented The Real Wheel, Ignore That Thing Over there Which The World Has Been Using and Advancing With for 2000 Years”? You are blinded by Satan and love ignorance.”

Will the liberal, atheist Smithsonian allow my comments? According to smug liberals, they are fair and tolerant of all religions and of all religions too, except to those which say homosexuality is wrong (and why just that, I imagine because it reflects their thought that perversion is a holy and sacred thing, and is one of those things which expresses their deepest hatred of God).

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