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Quacks, kooks, and crackpots, weirdos and weirdies, buffoons, imbeciles, morons and idiots

March 28, 2012 1 comment

From left to right: Sex offender and stalker Daniel Intermont, hyper obsessive cyberstalker and atheist Jimli Oxley
Art credits, from left to right: The Fool, by hellobaby, The Fool, by poisondlo

Where do these words come from and how did they get their meanings?

Quack (and quackery):,,






Dummy: Some might instantly think that this wasn’t even worth mentioning because the meaning would be so obvious: a wooden dummy being the meaning behind calling someone a dummy, which is what I thought, but wanting to give full coverage of common insults, and curious if anyone looked deep into the word, found out I was wrong (and forgot the word “dumb” in the King James version of the Bible I realized when reading the second website linked to the second link),,,




By the way: while looking up these words, I ended up on due to Google having an outdated lookup for the word “kook”, and while looking for the now gone definition, saw the word libertine defined on top. I learned, with some deduction of my own, that it used to mean a person who was freed from Roman slavery, but later freethinkers (often associated with atheists) started referred to themselves as such, and then Christians associated the word libertine with those who were immoral/without morals, and then though maybe that that was where the word “liberal” may have come from. I came across this interesting site on the meaning of “freedom” while doing research to see if I was right. Was my guess right?


FTL: New Evidence Against Relativity… From CERN

September 23, 2011 1 comment

[There is an update to this story, the experiment has been repeated and succeeded again click here to read about it]

Faster than light? CERN findings bewilder scientists
By Eryn Brown and Amina Khan, Los Angeles Times

Physicists at the lab near Geneva say they’ve observed subatomic particles moving faster than the speed of light. If confirmed, it would defy Einstein — and upend our understanding of physics.

The globe of the CERN laboratory shines outside Geneva. A team of experimental physicists there says it has recorded neutrinos traveling 60 nanoseconds faster than the speed of light. Albert Einstein had the idea. A century of observations have backed it up. It’s one of the cornerstones of physics: Nothing travels faster than the speed of light.

But now a team of experimental physicists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, known as CERN, says that one exotic particle possibly can.

The scientists reached their conclusion after sending streams of tiny, subatomic particles called neutrinos hurtling from an accelerator at CERN outside Geneva to a detector at the Gran Sasso National Laboratory in Italy, about 450 miles away.

The neutrinos seemed to get there too soon — 60 nanoseconds too soon, give or take — than they should if they’d been traveling at the speed of light.

That slight edge, if it holds up under scrutiny, has enormous implications for our understanding of the laws of nature, physicists said – More here

“Basically, all of special relativity would be wrong,” said Drexel University physics professor Dave Goldberg, referring to Einstein’s 1905 theory establishing that light travels at a constant speed, regardless of how fast an observer is traveling, and that nothing in the universe can go faster than it. – More here

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Jeff Kripal and Other Authors of Impossible Stupidity

July 19, 2010 2 comments

Jeffrey Kripal, Chair of the Department of Religious Studies at Rice University, is a typical mainstream moron, but extra smug as could be heard with his disgusting attitude towards religious persons, especially Christians on Coast to Coast AM tonight. This person heard from George Knapp that religious persons don’t have a problem accepting the reality of UFO’s, and I as a fundamentalist Christian, a Calvinist, don’t and easily accept them, yet this snot ass Jeffrey Crippled Brain merely used some narcissistic babble with a smug attitude to dismiss their acceptance, saying he had a hard time believing it: WELL DUMB ASS HOW CAN YOU BE A PROFESSOR OF RELIGIOUS STUDIES IF YOU DIDN’T BOTHER ASKING ANY RELIGIOUS PERSON WHAT THEY THOUGHT ABOUT UFO’S OR BOTHERED TO READ ABOUT WHAT THEY THOUGHT ABOUT THEM? And what moron hasn’t heard that the Catholic Church has said that aliens are also God’s creatures? Jeff, on Coast to Coast used Ezekiel as an example of UDOs in the Bible, showing how this conniving worm and weasel is a typical idiot who simply takes the Bible out of context arbitrary to make it fit his hatred of God. There is NO EVIDENCE that Ezekiel saw a UFO. And Jeff even acknowledged that by using the cliche IF WE COULD PROVE, WELL YOU CAN’T SMUG ARROGANT ONE, SO WHY ARE YOU SAYING “IF”? What a stupid childish God-hating brat. IF IF IF IF IF IF, WHO CARES ABOUT “IFS”?, THE POINT IS WHAT DOES THE EVIDENCE SHOW, WHAT DOES THE TRUTH SHOW. This moron also can’t even define words like paranormal right, or rather refuses to. This person thinks that people who can contact the dead are proof that the Bible and religion isn’t needed. HUH???????! IN OTHER WORDS: GHOSTS TELL ALL AND KNOW ALL AND PEOPLE WHO CAN TALK TO THE DEAD CAN TALK TO GOD. What the HELL? How can a “professor” of religion say such obviously demented crazed wrong stupidity? Since when do ghosts or any thing on “the other side” tell everyone whatever they want to know? What a stupid turd brain. Jerk time waster. And who in the world but a small group of crazed morons claim to be able to talk to God, oh wait there are a bunch of crazed Christians who make that claim, AND THE ENTIRE BIBLE CLAIMS TO BE FROM GOD, NOW HOW IN THE WORLD DID THAT GO RIGHT OVER MR. PROFESSOR OF RELIGION’S HEAD? So everything but the Bible counts. This moron also said that what mediums and psychics say “ARE NOT 100% RELIABLE BY ANY STRETCH OF THE IMAGINATION” and notice the narcissistic cliche phrase “by any stretch of the imagination”? God forbid the moron talk simply, because that might mean he’s a simpleton. This guy in other words is A MORON, HE GOT HIS JOB WRONGFULLY AND HAS NO BUSINESS BEING CALLED A PROFESSOR OF RELIGION OR CLAIMING TO BE ONE. He’s a person who contradicts himself and refuses to accept facts concerning religion, and indirectly calls you a liar to your face if you are a religious person, and most disgusting of all, with a smug attitude, as if his personal self assurance is evidence in and of itself that he is right, and that is a mistake that many religious people also make, and yet he pretends to be above them. Hypocrites them all!

On top of all that, how in the Hell is this moron’s book original or contributing anything? So no one RELIGIOUS HAS ALREADY GIVEN THEIR PERSPECTIVE? Not Kyle Ain on youtube? UH YEAH HE DID TWO YEARS AGO AND IT’S STILL THERE AND IS EXTENSIVE. But Jeff wants in on the fame so he puts out smug babble and rehash thinking he is someone just because his friends gave him a title and degrees. Get lost you bitter jealous skeptical jerk.

And I have to go back his claim that if you can talk to the dead you can talk to God and can know all there is to know. WHAT IDIOT DOESN’T KNOW THAT TO BE FALSE??? Anyone ever heard of anyone knowing everything just because they could talk to a spirit? Does anyone in the Bible make that claim, Moses even? NO, A MASSIVE NO. So what the Hell is this person talking about? What demon, what angel, has given us the history of the world and good laws like don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t murder and don’t commit adultery and love your neighbor as yourself and enemies? NONE! What angel has given us prophecy after prophecy that could be confirmed like the ones in the Bible? NONE, not even Nostradamus comes close because his is in code form if sensible at all. Why does this profressor dismiss the Bible as “stuff about UFOs and aliens”? Oh, he can’t because he said himself “if we could prove”. And NO ONE CAN OBVIOUSLY SO WHY IS HE BOTHERING TO SAY THAT? What a stupid HATEFUL moron! Why doesn’t he take into account the Shroud of Turin, or the many miracles that happen today? This guy can’t keep his story straight, he won’t say what he believes, just makes vague babble and laughs. I can’t stand people like that. He is the type of mentally ill person the Bible warns to avoid: A QUESTION-HANKERER, in other words a person who takes joy in questions and is addicted to questioning, thinking it makes them wise to babble on and on asking questions and saying, “We’re still learning” as is typical of God-haters WHO DON’T WANT TO ACCEPT THE ANSWER NO MATTER HOW APPARENT NO MATTER HOW OBVIOUS. And yet this person acts self-assured that no one else can know the truth but him. Contradictory moron Jeff you can’t claim to know the truth while claiming know one else can. How can you know the truth while claiming no one else can know it? Jeff is of the group that believes “THERE IS NO ABSOLUTE TRUTH”, which is A CONTRADICTION. No Jeff, you can’t know every single thing, but you can know the Bible is true and that just because you FEEL that Ezekiel saw UFOs, doesn’t mean the Bible isn’t true. You don’t dismiss thousands of years of work because OMG you feel someone saw flying saucers, but oh, can’t prove it.

According to Jeff, as he said on Coast to Coast AM, because one priest considered UFO’s demonic, that that is why he skeptical about “religion” (that is the word he used) being able to handle UFOs and aliens. And yet this asshole snickered when Knapp told him that three religious persons had no problem accepting it. So one Catholic priest = “why I am a smug asshole and hate religious people and don’t take them at their word and stereotype them all” is all the proof he needs, but three mean nothing and are really lying, cuz, uh, cuz Jeff snickered and is a skeptic, and skeptics are cool and know everything because they can talk to ghosts, uh, yeah. No crack pottery there. Jeff you’re a jerk, you are the definition of biased, jerk and bigot and the type of person religious people would love to punch into a pulp for being a snot.

According to Jeff on Coast to Coast AM, this book was made to give the paranormal a serious treatment in an artistic way, and that he “frames the paranormal as sacred”. If that isn’t the babble of a self-centered narcissist what is? So Mr. Professor of Religion Jeff Kripal is the first person to treat the subject with seriousness? You mean the Bible hasn’t? You mean the Bible isn’t artistic? You mean no religion has taken “the paranormal” seriously? Why does Jeff act like paranormal means something other than supernatural or miraculous? Typical liberal who arrogantly thinks that because he’s read a lot, that he knows and understands enough to be a teacher about religion, yet is clearly such an ignorant and forgetful person that he can’t even remember what “paranormal” means, while often babbling about it!

And Jeff, go ask a ghost to tell you if Ezekiel saw a UFO or not, and what UFOs are. Oh you mean they didn’t and won’t tell you anything believable? So much for not needing the Bible and “sacred ghosts”.

Don’t give this arrogant fraud your money, let him get a job and work for it. He’s better suited to breaking open peanut shells in a dark room where he can’t annoy the Hell out of anyone with his, “Well I have a hard time believing that cuz me is a professor of religion according to me liberal friends” attitude.

Smug Ian Punnett Spoils the ”Lost” TV Series for Millions of C2C AM Listeners

July 11, 2010 3 comments

Yesteday night on Coast to Coast, the host, the awful Ian Punnett, a false Christian, decided to let loose again with his heart and mind to let millions of people know what he was thinking, and right away, spoiled th plot of the very popular TV series, Lost, which I had been hard at work trying to watch. After having spent many weeks trying, I was very disappointed to hear him give the main point away, especially since I’ve been waiting a very long time to watch something original. Ian Punnet, you are a careless, self righteous idiot, jerk, hypocrite, and snorting moron. Ian is so stupid such a stupid fake Christian, that he confidently stated, that the KJV Bible is not a good translation, and that the Bible no where forbids homosexuality, and yet he proudly allows himself to be used as and considered to be a teacher and scholar of the Bible, because, wow: he graduated from a seminary, as if any and every one was  good.

False Teacher, Pastor Rick Warren, Refuted

April 11, 2010 8 comments

Rick the Harkonnen

I noticed from a fan group that Pastor Rick Warren has, ranting from him. He misquotes Scripture and uses it to back up nonsensical statements, like that “Every CHURCH is precious to God” and he put church in all caps, and then quoted these which says that where two or three are gathered in Jesus’ name that Jesus is present with them. This shows that Rick is shallow and doesn’t even understand basic Bible interpretation. How hard is it to figure out that merely giving lip service to God doesn’t make a person who loves God or cares about him? Any God-hater can pretend to be a Christian, that doesn’t mean God listens to them or loves them. He also said that marriage is to make us “holy”, “not happy” and that “happiness is just a side benefit”. But Scripture does not teach that, as I let him know. And now that I think about it even more, marriage is meant to keep people from having free-for-all sex, being distracted by sexual desires all the time, and potentially getting into and even becoming addicted to perverted addictions. It’s also meant to help us “be fruitful and multiply”. If people spent their time trying to have sex all the time, we’d hardly if ever becoming technology advanced, because too many people would be more interested in sex then caring for their children.

I rebuked this obvious narcissist and his incoherent, gullible followers repeatedly and am sure he saw what I said. His moderator even spoke to me personally, hiding his hatred behind very smooth talk, but I rejected his multiple annoying attempts to pacify me. Incredibly, this moderator said to me, after reading my clear concise rebukes against his Master Warren, “If you need any answers” to talk to him (the moderator). I pointed him to my journal in disgust. The moron then muted me so I wouldn’t be able to reply to Rick’s endless idiotic one-liners. But I rebuked again for that “church” comment. He’s a true hypocrite, preventing gays from marrying each other, yet twisting or ignoring the God’s word whenever it disagrees with his feelings. I think this glutton replied to one my statements, as I got a notice about him commenting on the same thread that I rebuked him on a little while after I did so, but I was too disgusted after being muted to see if it was a reply. And besides that, he’s an obvious narcissist and condemned to Hell, and so whatever he has to say to me or anyone is just going to be worthless.

I searched to see if anyone else had written about this false teacher, and found some good sites exposing and refuting his sickening teachings.

One more article:

Rick Warren: Shameless Liar

Update 02/29/2012:

I found out that Rick Warren completely lied about his comments about homosexuality, whether he supported it or now, and that he claims to have gay friends (the Bible forbids homosexuality as he himself admitted and being friends with the world, which would include homosexuals). This old news, but it helps complete this article on Rick Warren concerning the evidence that he has narcissism disorder and is a false Christian and false teacher and unreliable person in general. Here is an article on his lying about that and his unbiblical entanglement in the world’s affairs, which the Bible forbids:

George Noory Stupidly Cuts off Caller

February 20, 2010 Leave a comment

A few minutes ago a C2C AM host, George Noory, cut off a guest caller when she was in the middle of giving a fascinating story about her Ouija board experience, when she was at the point of saying what happened to a friend of her whom she used the o. board with, who had a deep cut in her hand bandaged over. She said her cut friend finally told some friends, but not her, why she had the cut, and that “dark figures were following her” and then George cut in and said not to play with Ouija boards and immediately went to another caller, and that caller didn’t ask George why he cut the previous one off, but joyfully said he would listen to George and not play with Ouija boards. I’ve heard George twice and once a few days ago, say that callers didn’t want to hear his opinions but what his guests have to say, why then did he do such a stupid disgusting thing? The caller hadn’t even been for long. Ian Punnet never would have done that and would have had the caller send him the rest of the story or wait till after a commercial break. George is truly a sickening jerk. I hope the caller who told that story will contact me and tell me the rest of it.

John Michael Greer Is Stupid – But Hopefully God Will Save Him

March 18, 2009 2 comments

Right now John Michael Greer is being interviewed by George Noory on Coast Coast. John is an idiot, and George is an idiot for not rebuking this idiotic babbler who is after our money.

I can tell that George is disappointed with and hates this guy, and I rarely hear George express disgust with a guest – George asked John if he believed that all UFO sightings reported were disinformation (and earlier John the Idiot said that you couldn’t even use science to study the UFO phenomenon because everyone was lying about it even if they didn’t know it) and John said he was more interested in it as a debunking-cultural phenomenon, or something nonsensical like that. Did I mention that John is a high druid? Yet more evidence that pagans are anti-scientific, and that it sure as Hell was not pagans that have been speeding the world along scientifically, and yet this idiot John dares to tell us on Coast to Coast that we humans overestimate our ability to be able to travel through space because of our scientific achievements. Hey John the Moron, message for you: IDIOTS LIKE YOU HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR SCIENTIFIC ACHIEVEMENTS, IDIOTS LIKE YOU HINDER THEM AND HAVE BEEN DOING SO SINCE SATAN, YOUR DAD, STARTED BABBLING HIS STUPIDITY. You’re an underestimating thief and liar who uses cliche babble against real science while pretending to promote real science (anti-Christian big bang and evolution nonsense) to make yourself appear to legitimately love the truth, and to hide your insecurities about how stupid you are, and to decieve everyone into following your magical stupidity so that you can have your way with them.

Here’s a sad description from Wikipedia about John the Pseudo-Scientific Druid:

John Michael Greer (b. 1962) is an author, historian of ideas, Hermeticist and Druid who resides in Ashland, Oregon Ashland, Oregon. He currently serves as the Grand Archdruid of the Ancient Order of Druids in America Ancient Order of Druids in America, a position he has held since 2002.

John, in his attempt to sound wise, claims that no one can prove a negative. Hey John, if no one can prove a negative, than how do you know that that statement is true? Can you prove that no one can prove a negative? No, but I just proved you can. But have fun claiming that no one can prove that there is no Earth where moon sized ants lounge in Central Park talking about Madonna’s past life as a cybernetic anteater on crack, oh archdruid.