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Wikipedia Popular Pages Stats Prove That Most Americans and Brits Are Stupid. And What Beggar Jimmy Wales and His Army Want Your $5 For

January 5, 2012 Leave a comment

(The Essjay Scandal and It’s Effect On Wikipedia’s Donations for the Months Ahead)

Wikipedia is a propaganda tool for anti-Christians and narcissists who want to somehow prove that they are superior to those around them and to feed their craving for attention, but without risking their public reputation by being exposed as cyberbullies and retaliation against them for it (hence why they hide their identities). The goal of Wikipedia is also to subtly fool people into thinking that Wikipedia is trustworthy and that the Bible is only partially reliable and ultimately that since there is no God to answer to or who can hurt or reward anyone, that whoever has the control (which wouldn’t be God) makes right, as a narcissist might say.

So what does Jimmy Wales and his army of gullibles want our money for, or as Jimmy puts it currently, our $5 for? They seem to fancy that ht money is meant to enlighten you about anything and everything you want to know about, but it’s not that simple. First, the obvious: Wikipedia is an excellent propaganda tool. The information on it can be found elsewhere, and it puts it together on one page. So what. Second, the money doesn’t just go to bandwidth in general, it’s used up mostly on stupid pages (see list of stupid waste of bandwidth pages below). Guess why? Because most of the world is stupid. I’m sure the idea is to get people to think, “Wow Wikipedia got this right, wow it let me know all these cool facts really fast about Michael Jackson and din’t make fun of him, my hero, at all” so that when Wikipedia says that evolution is true and creationism false, the same idiot will think, “Well they got MJ’s profile right, so they must be trustworthy with everything else,” in the hopes that such morons will influence others to be the same way till there are no Christians left, just stupid and easy-to-manipulate people who won’t make them (the Wikipedia know-it-alls) feel bad for being the immoral, self-centered, lying, hypocrite, manipulators that they are. So, what those donations are mostly covering are pages that don’t further civilization/advancement in living longer, happier, with an improved knowledge of the most helpful truths for those things, but instead, destroy it. Here’s the top 100 most popular pages on Wikipedia for 2009, with my comments written after the number of people given who viewed the page for the year).

1. Wiki (131,383 page hits per day) = 47,954,795 total views for the year. So, Jimmy Wales wants Christians, all theists, and all atheist to pay $5 to teach people that he invented Wikipedia (false)? Cuz that’s the claim where “Wiki” ends up leading visitors to.

2. The Beatles (111,896) = 40,842,040 million hits a year. Jimmy Wales wants Christians, all theists, to pay $5 so the world can learn about the Beatles? No Jimmy atheist, no.

3. Michael Jackson (79,734) = 29,102,910. Jimmy Wales wants Christians, all theists, to pay $5 so the world can learn about Homosexual Pedophile-inclined singer with multiple bad nose jobs even in the controversy section, which Jimmy whitewashes out of the MJ article? Because? Is Wikipedia for celebrity promoting and advertising Jimmy? No Jimmy Atheist Wales, you’re not getting my money.

4. Favicon.ico (78,077) = 28,498,105. No Jimmy, won’t be donating so that you can have more bandwidth to teach people about favicon.ico.

5. YouTube (72,318) = 28,498,105. No I won’t donate $5 so you can learn about Youtube, just go to Youtube and learn from Youtube itself.

6. Wikipedia (52,542) = 19,177,830. No I’m not donating $5 so you can learn about Wikipedia or learn a new random fact from it’s homepage.

7. Barack Obama (49,401). Liberal fodder. No five.

8. Deaths in 2009 (48,758). Lovely what attracts the non-Christian and false Christian world. Not “Breakthroughs of 2009” not “Greatest achievements of 2009” or just all time world-benefiting breakthroughs or achievements, not even for the decade, no, it’s “deaths for this year.” And the anti-Christian world says Christians are morbid and full of hate? Backwards, evil, blind, negative idiots. You’re not inspiring at all anti-Christians, you’re depressing and morbid with an unhealthy interest in pain, fighting and death.

9. United States (46,545). You can only learn about the US from Wikipedia? Nope, far from it. There’s city-data, the CIA, and many other sites.

10. Facebook (42,679). Try watching Social Networking first.

11. Current events portal [] (40,962). An encyclopedia of current events? Uh… what happened to CNN, Fox, ABC, NBC, Reuters, Bloomberg, Asianews, CNBC, and using the many years old RSS feed button? No five dollars.

12. World War II (29,736). But you won’t be learning that Hitler was a narcissist who endorsed atheism. No five for you.

13. Twitter (28,511). Boring. No five.

14. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (28,395). Of course anti-social nerds with no life and little kids are attracted to Wikipedia: it talks about anything and everything except actually giving all the facts against evolutionism, big bangism, and the Jimmy Wales Wikipedia cult.

15. Slumdog Millionaire (26,755). That’s an important topic to use up thousands of dollars of bandwidth for isn’t it? No. No five let alone five million.

16. Lil Wayne (26,210). But not Jesus. No five.

17. Adolf Hitler (25,481). No five unless you’re going to point out Hitler had narcissism disorder and endorsed the atheist Nietzsche’s books (and in stop lying about Christians, Christian history and the Bible).

18. India (25,380). Like the USA, you can learn about India from plenty of other sources than the untrustworthy Wikipedia. I know that Indians are one of the main drivers of the traffic to that page. It’s also one of the most popular because India has one of the world’s largest populations.

19. Transformers 2 (24,842). Fail again.

20. Scrubs (TV series) (24,758). And again.

21. Sex (24,754). Nope: can’t learn about sex elsewhere: you need Jimmy Wales to explain it to you. And like a hodgepodge fest of narcissist atheist nerds have any business teaching anyone about sex? Eeek.

22. Rhianna (24,670). Wow, no. I wonder why Jenna Jameson isn’t in the top 100. Says a lot that no matter how much you whore yourself and no matter how beautiful you still won’t make the top 100 in Wikipedia.

23. United Kingdom (24,300). Same as USA and India: look elsewhere.

24. Abraham Lincoln (23,743). Hmmm, let me guess if there would be an atheist spin on Abraham Lincoln. I wonder why American Civil War and the American Revolution aren’t in the top 100. I know those are standard public school topics. Maybe liberals have marginalized them for fear of being accused of spreading Christian teachings.

25. Heroes (TV series) (23,569). No I won’t donate to Wikipedia.

26. Watchmen (film) (23,544). No Jimmy Silly Wales, I can always go to IMDB.

27. Lady GaGa (23,376). No I won’t give $5 so you can learn extensive information about the idiot narcissist who wears meat on her head and thinks the most important thing in life is looking like a rich crazy. Anyone know what a dandy is?

28. Star Trek (film) (22,990). Atheist Trek.

29. 2009 Swine Flu outbreak (22,968). I really wanna give $5 for atheist propaganda allied with the CDC (Center for Disease Censorship and Propaganda that started off with deadly experiments on humans). Not.

30. Featured content portal (22,829). So Wikipedia home page gets 19,177,830 hits a year, + millions more to their ,”Recommended by atheist narcissist control-freak nerds for the day” page. No five.

31. Megan Fox (22,573). And no one is hotter than MF? Sad. No five for the nerds who obsess on MF on Wikinerdia.

32. Naruto (22,573). Wow, kid and nerdfest. Where’s Pokemon?

33. Australia (22,544). See popular page 38.

34. Canada (22,437). Canada? Wonder if it has anything to do with marijuana.

35. World War I (22,307). Oh I get it: in American public school they have you do a piece on WWI and WW2, so guess where all the kids and teens and college students go for quick facts to reword, and why: cuz Google and Yahoo put it on the top five results (and no doubt those $5 bills are going to pay Google to be on the top ten.)

36. Vagina (22,295). Of course Jimmy is using the world’s money to teach everyone about the female private parts. No five.

37. List of House episodes (21,950). Wow, talk about sad net pollution.

38. Japan (21,797). (Oh I see why now Germany, Japan, China, Russia, Australia, the UK and the US are in the top 100, after I read through the top 100 and had a lil drink of beer): they were the major players in WWI AND WWII and linked to those pages.

39. Martin Luther King Jr (21,786). I wonder if shampedia mentions that MLK JR was an adulterer who preached a social gospel (a false gospel). Obviously this is public school generated traffic and white washed to appease blacks.

40. Miley Cyrus (21,724). Nerds.

41. Robert Pattinson (21,515). Not Pat Robertson? No, Wikipedia doesn’t want you to learn more about a false Christian and why he’s false. Instead it wants to cater and pander to Twlight obsessed emoMoron nerds like themselves. E-morons are not getting my $5 to learn about a pretty boy.

42. Deadpool (comics) (21,264). Shallow silly nerds who think reading narcissistic babble in comic book = learning something useful. Interesting that Superman, Dare Devil, Ghost Rider, Spiderman, Spawn, Hulk and Punisher aren’t in the top 100. I’m sure they’re close by though.

43. Twilight (2008 film) (21,158). Shallow nerds. It says a lot that Wikipedia attracts people who are into shedding blood and using violence to get there way and pretending to have super powers.

44. Windows 7 (21,018). Yawn. No where else in the universe can you learn about Windows 7 except Wikipedia? Try No doubt Jimmy Wales is friends with the ultimate nerd and pays to get that page in Google’s top five so that Bill Gates, a closet atheist (who wants the world’s population reduced to only what he considers the perfect special people), is put in a good light. I’d bet the people going to this page are W7-haters and elderly people who rarely use a computer and looking for info on them.

45. House (TV series) (20,882). No five.

46. Terminator Salvation (20,743). Nerds.

47. Kristen Stewart (20,538). Nerds.

48. Internet Movie Database (20,422). What? Dumb.

49. 2012 (20,347). New Age nerds : )

50. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (20,150). Ultra nerds.

51. Penis (20,076). Sad. I’m sure this is a page popular with sociopaths and psychopaths.

52. List of Presidents of the United States (19,884). Public school fodder. A clever way to draw in kids to Wikipedia and to get them to trust Wikipedia as a reliable source of info, including the Big Bang, abiogensis, and evolution pages. Evil.

53. List of sex positions (19,876). Ultimate nerd and new age grannies fodder. This page I bet links to India too, which would cause India to have higher traffic than many other pages and countries.

54. Masturbation (19,730). N.E.R.D.S., and kids.

55. William Shakespeare (19,714). Emo and narcissist fodder. Jesus should at least be here.

56. Farrah Fawcett (19,584). Wow nerdy.

57. Germany (19,514). Not “beer”?

58. Swine flu (19,092). CDC propaganda page.

59. Israel (19,077). See above. (Yeah atheists are really gonna be experts on Israel).

60. Google (19,070). Of course.

61. George W. Bush (18,964). Liberal fodder.

62. Global warming (18,809). LOL.

63. Wikipedia About Page (18,803). WOW. Six million+ people a year go to learn the Jimmy Wales invented Wikipedia fantasy and that Wikipedia is mostly free of bias it’s atheists claim. No five, for wasting time.

64. New York City (18,251). The mecca or narcissist/dandies, liberals, atheists, and the avaricious.

65. Tupac Shakur (18,186). Losers.

66. Taylor Swift (18,101). Of course the Swift fans making sure everything is factual.

67. Henry VIII of England (17,912). Because atheists need to find dirt about the funder of the King James Bible. “Did you know HVIII was a homosexual you fundies!? Therefore the KJV is bad and God doesn’t exist and the KJV shouldn’t be read and Christianity fails.” Atheist logic = roach poop.

68. Jade Goody (17,802). Who? Don’t care. Wait, let me guess, something to do with Twilight?

69. Sexual intercourse (17,716). NERDS.

70. The Notorious B.I.G. (17,572). WOW, SAD.

71. Human penis size (17,403). ULTRA SAD NERDFEST. Of course it’s the kids too.

72. 2009 in film (17,270). Try IMDB instead.

73. Anal sex (17,052). Wow nerds, get lives.

74. Twilight (novel) (17,040). *Shakes head*. What happened to Star Wars and Harry Potter? Are they too intellectual for nerds?

75. Natasha Richardson (17,001). Who? Oh is that Charlie Sheen’s wife? No that’s Denise.

76. China (16,935). Wow never heard of China. Gotta go to Wikipedia to learn… oh: Chinese going to read about themselves. Probably public school fodder too. No doubt anti-communists and conservatives wondering what the atheist liberals have to say about their atheist “one child for Chinese citizens only or we’ll kill your extra kid and sterilize you” brethren.

77. American Idol (16,728). Booooooooring.

78. MySpace (16,240). Super boring.

79. France (16,198). Bleah.

80. Metallica (16,110). Nerds trying to be cool by swinging their heads up and down with long hair and shutting out the world with earphones and pretending to play the drums. Really sad and really anti-social.

81. Relapse (album) (16,099). Whatever. Where’s Bach, Mozart or Vivaldi? Not Chinese or Greek ancient music? Not medieval or renaissance “age of atheist enlightenment” music? … oh, cuz the music wasn’t enlightened by atheists. Fail.

82. List of Family Guy episodes (15,961). Massive conniving atheist nerd fail. Where’s South Park? I guess it would be too embarrassing for atheists to frequent a page about paper cut outs babbling childish nonsense? Pathetic.

83. Bleach (manga) (15,947). But not Hentai? I’m sure in a few years Hentai will pop up in the top 100.

84. Russia (15,674). Same as China: learn elsewhere. Wait, the Russians must be googling, “What does helve Westerners think ehbout Russia, what say them on wooorld’s most poopular ensickcloopedia?”

85. Mickey Rourke (15,616). Sounds familiar.

86. Jonas Brothers (15,561). Gay nerds?

87. Vietnam War (15,306). Public school fodder, college fodder, Vietnamese and American veterans and their family doing fact-checking. no doubt to me.

88. Kim Kardashian (15,213). What? Not Kim Jong Il?

89. Lost (season 5) (15,107). Atheist and liberals are truly lost.

90. Selena Gomez (15,086). Get a life. She’s dead. I wonder how many Mexicans make up the traffic to that page.

91. Wolverine (comics) (15,062). Lol nerds.

92. Family Guy (15,013). This again? Talk about obsessed.

93. Valentine’s Day (14,924). Huh… I wonder why nerds are so interested in this day… oh, never mind. I can just imagine, “We’ll you see my nerd blow up doll girlfriend, this isn’t really a day that needs to be celebrated because it’s really a Catholic thing, and look how much people spend on this day to give silly gifts. See, it’s all about making money, so we can safely ignore this day.”

94. Hotmail (14,880). Holy nerd fest.

95. The Dark Knight (film) (14,782). Ultra nerd fest.

96. America’s Next Top Model (14,752). So sad, nerds have no life.

97. Mexico (14,709). Nerds wishing to escape to the greener grass on the other side, dreaming of seducing an ignorant poor chica. I wonder if there’s such thing as Mexican brides.

98. Batman (14,654). Classic nerd icon.

99. List of Heroes episodes (14,652). *Shakes head.* No five.

100. Pornography (14,650). Of course: the ultimate atheist liberal kids-looking-for-easy-porn nerd food. I wonder if Hentai is somewhere in there.

How are atheists and liberals supposed to be more informed about Christianity and religion then Christians when no where in these top 100 is anything about religion, not even about the worlds biggest religions, not even Catholicism, not even the Bible or most popular Bible verse, “Do to others as you’d have them do to you,” or “mistakes in the Bible” even, and not even EVOLUTION! Not DARWIN, NOT CARL SAGAN, NOT MICHIO KAKU, not the word “atheist” or “Big Bang” or “arguments against religion.” And only two wars (no doubt atheists looking for something to blame theists on too) but not the Crusades which atheists love to use as a sole top example of why not to be religious (talk about simple-minded and not reasoning)? WIKIPEDIA IS AWESOME: because it is useful for showing what is on the mind of non-Christians and anti-Christians, even the rest of the world (which no doubt to me parallels the English world’s fixations and idols). It shows atheists, liberals, anti-Christians and the world in general is NOT scholarly, is not more interested in what matters most in life, but rather, temporary pleasure fixes, what kids and silly females and boys are interested in for the moment. Tis is what the atheists loons, nerds with no life, and liberals attract with Widgetpedia: Shallow morons, narcissists, kids, teens, recluses, fanboys and fangirls, in other words, stupid people, shallow people, ignorant people, those curious about what liberals have to say about pop culture figures and idolaters/man-worshipers. What a whopping massive monster of a fail. But of course, it’s not a fail in that atheists have managed to put a somewhat fun and professional face on the chaotic, warped, morbid mass-murder-filled face of atheism, and the atheists who pretend that atheism = “this life now matters most (meaning their life, not yours)” rather than simply meaning “no belief in God or gods.” But again, a fail: because Wikipedia’s information content would have had to have come mostly from theists, since atheists only make up 4% of the world by some estimates, and there is no way it’s more than 10%, and there’s no evidence that atheists contribute more information than theists. It’s the crazy shattered-mirror reflection of the combined faces of the atheists and liberals in control of Wikipedia.

It’s a satisfying feeling to know Wikipedia’s bandwidth is being drained away on stupidity. Hopefully one day an EMP will disable that monster propaganda machine, or God will take it over.

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Top 10 Reasons Not to Donate to Wikipedia (haven’t read it yet)
Jan/13/2011: “Jimmy Wales says Wikipedia too complicated for many.” Thanks Captain Obvious. Now guess why Wikipedia is mostly staffed by obsessive compulsive, social misfits and hatemongers with no lives, aka: “geeks”?


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The Rise of Atheism, Irreligion, Buddhism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Islam, Crime Rates and Immorality

April 7, 2010 21 comments

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Some historical facts (they are approximations for obvious reasons):

Over the past 1000 years, the Catholic church killed 50,000,000 people, including a few types of Christian groups worse then them, like the Cathars. Not everyone is equally bad, but as a group they are very bad. Here are some ancient accounts of some of the many persecution-murders they have committed.

Atheists have done worse: In the past 100 years, and in less than that time, they’ve  killed 150,000,000 people. Some atheists try to excuse this by saying that atheism just means “no beliefs”, or “no beliefs in gods”, but that doesn’t get rid of the fact that mass murder is done by the atheist group all the time. It would be like  a Catholic saying, “Catholicism is just belief in Mary being God’s mother, and praying to her and saints for forgiveness… and doesn’t lead to any other kind of behavior.” And bother groups are always aborting babies, and never with anesthesia, and cutting them to pieces and then throwing them away like trash.

Though these two groups are the worst, so called “pagans” have also done evil, before Rome converted to Catholicism, the pagans there killed about 6,000,000 Christians, including children, and in very cruel ways. It happened from 64 AD to 311 AD. If their rate of killing had continued for 1000 years, as with the Catholics, a total of 24,291,498 Christians would have been killed. Notice how that’s less than half the amount killed by Catholics, so, when they converted to Catholicism, they became more than twice as bad.

Some people say atheists only killed about 81,000,000, supposing that is true, and they killed that many in 90 years, if they continue for another thousand years at that rate, then 900,000,000 people will die.  That’s about as many people living in China right now. Because atheists are very oppressive. Right now they have 300,000,000 impoverished citizens,  and  the government thinks that they are helping them by murdering any second children they have before they are born.

Both Catholics and atheists continue to cause extreme damage to the world. Everyone knows about the problem the Catholic church has with sex crimes committed even by it’s priests, and some know that it hordes the donations it gets, money which is meant for the poor or to buy forgiveness of sins.

Russia, a mostly atheist nation, is suffering from widespread alcoholism and addiction to other types of drugs, especially meth (1) (2). Their population is in decline. The atheist government of China uses much of its money to grow its military, apparently to ready itself to take over other nations, and meanwhile, a third of it’s population is poor, and often abused by their corrupt local government.

Crime in Britain has become very great ever since its atheist population began to grow. Britain’s population was about 31 to 44% atheist. (1) (2)

“A poll published this week by the French newspaper Le Monde shows that the number of people describing themselves as atheists has risen to 31 per cent – from 23 per cent in 1994. The poll also shows that only half the population of France now considers itself to be Catholic.” Crime in France has also been rising since the number of their atheists has increased.

Notice how both in Britain and France, that greater punishments are not stopping the increase in crime (which by the way refutes the claim of many atheists who claim that unlike Christians, they don’t need the threat of punishment to do good, when actually, the threat of punishment has no affect on them in general).

Atheists are so bad as a group, that it’s self defeating, in that their own corruption and self-centeredness works against the spread of atheism.

They expanded artificially in that when they killed off the many religious in their areas, they were the ones left mainly to breed there, but over time, they’ve bought into the false belief that they have to kill off people so that they can keep up their troop population, which is dumb, because if they just let them go to other countries they could send money back to their country.

Buddhism also has a problem, in that it teaches people to be cold, to be like psychopaths, loveless, and to take advantage of others, despite some of it’s laws which are like the “ten commandments”, like not to steal. Examples of the contradictions:

“Associate not with evil friends, associate not with mean men; associate with good friends, associate with noble men.” – Verse 3 of Panditavagga (The Wise Man)

Notice it doesn’t say to be loving yourself, just to associate with “good” friends, whatever that means. Even if Buddha meant to be loving and to only associate with such friends, he then contradicts himself in these verses that come after:

“The good give up (attachment for) everything; the saintly prattle not with sensual craving; whether affected by happiness or by pain, the wise show neither elation nor depression.” – Verse 8


“By having no attachment and desires… and by forsaking sensual pleasures, a wise man gets rid of his impurities.” – Verse 13

So, “have no attachment” and “no desire” for love, goodness, or the company of good friends, or the desire to obey Buddha’s laws. So to practice Buddhism fully leads no where, but to confusion, and for some, insanity. That is why Tibet became so corrupt and oppressive that it was easily defeated by the Chinese atheists.

Here is another contradiction:

“A wise man renounces evil and sensual pleasure and he does all meritorious work in order to attain Nibbana. He becomes a homeless one.” – Verse 12


“My teaching does not require anyone to become homeless” – The Majjhima Nikaya, or “Middle-length Discourses” of the Buddha, is the second of the five nikayas (collections) of the Sutta Pitaka.

Perfectly obeying Buddha is supposed to lead to non-existence according to Buddha, yet he also said,

“Victory brings sadness”>

How can you feel sadness if you achieved victory by not existing anymore?

In Australia, in 2004, were about 4,779,120 people who didn’t believe in God (24% of Australia’s population at that time) according to Mr. Zuckerman. Buddhism greatly spread throughout Australia since at least 1986.

Since 1996, the number of Australians affiliated with the Catholic church grew by 7% to 5.1 million. The Anglicans decreased by 5% to 3.7 million, Uniting Church by 15% to 1.1 million, and the Presbyterian and Reformed churches by 12% to .6 million. The fastest-growing Christian denomination was Pentecostal (which are plagued with Arminians), which increased by 26% to about 220,000 members.

There was decline in irreligious citizens according to the Australian 2006 Census of Population and Housing, which reported that 18.7% Australians said that they were without religion or wrote in a response which was classified as non religious, which is equal 3,706,555 Australians, and which was a decline of 1,072,565 atheists since 2004.

In 2007, the three most common non-Christian religious  citizens in Australia were Buddhists, who made up 2.1% of the population, Islam at 1.7%,  and Hindus at .7%. Hindus more than doubled since 1996 to 150,000 members and Buddhists about doubled to 420,000 members.

Catholicism was the most common religious throughout Australia, but Catholics made up 18% of the population of  Tasmania while Anglicans made 29% of its population.

According to Australian Institute of Criminology’s crime records, overall crime began increasing since at least 1994, then began to decline in 2002 and continued to decline till 2008.  Though  crimes have in general decreased or remained about the same in Aus., alcoholism and binge drinking have increased, which would be an increase in immorality. The crime rates probably went down in general because of the rise of the Pentecostal denomination, whose adherents obey the Bible’s commandments, including the Arminians among them, however, Arminians eventually stop obeying the Bible out of a greater concern for material things or out of fear of persecution. That can take years, so an increase in crime may not be soon, but it will eventually happen once they start falling away:

Concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered to him, we ask you, brothers, not to become easily unsettled or alarmed by some prophecy, report or letter supposed to have come from us, saying that the day of the Lord has already come. Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for (that day will not come) until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction. He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God. – 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4

The passage came through apostle Paul, from God. Paul meant that there that the world wouldn’t know who the anti-Christ was until the all false Christians gave up obeying God in mass (in other words, all at once, over a few days or weeks).

Crime will increase for sure once these false Christians decide to live like atheists, and it won’t just increase in Australia, but wherever these Christians are, and they are all over the world. If Catholics are included in this prophecy, then the increase in crime will be extreme, being that there are about 1 billion of them, out of the world’s population, which is about 6,813,592,000 as of 4/9/2010.

In America, atheism or non-religiosity grew since at least 1990. The proportion of the American population that can be classified as Christian has declined from 86% in 1990 to 77% in 2001. (ARIS survey). And in there were 10 percent fewer religious people in 2008. The crime rate went down according to some websites, but it’s untrue, because it doesn’t take into account legalized crime, like the Drug War and Iraq War and Afghanistan War, in which police and military are paid to do illegal things. Scroll to the bottom of this website where it says “US Arrests“, and you can see how arrests have risen. Now though it’s not a crime in the Bible to have or smoke marijuana, even if your government says that it is illegal (because you can’t make a law that contradicts God’s legally, like telling people it’s illegal to medicate yourself), and even though the arrests rose, those figures don’t represent true crimes, but imagine all the police that had to do wrong when doing those arrests, and think about all the wrongs that police do all the time that they get away with, and all kinds of crimes in America that go unreported:

“It is estimated that for every one case of elder abuse, neglect, exploitation, or self neglect reported to authorities, about five more go unreported.” – National Ctr. on Elder Abuse, The Am. Pub. Hum. Serv. Ass’n, The National Elder Abuse Incidence Study, 1998, (source).


The FBI estimates that only 37% of all rapes are reported to the police. Bureau of Justice Statistics are lower-only 30.7% reported the crime. – National Criminal Victimization Survey, 1996

According to this site 10 to 14 percent of all rapes in America are marital rape. If there was such a thing, then there are still at least about 23% non marital rapes.

Police officers are also told to lie about crime activity in San Diego.

So, reports like this, are false.

At, statistics are shown which show that even though atheists make up a small amount of the America’s population, they make up a high number of America’s prison populations, especially if you count Buddhists as atheists. There are more Catholics in prison but this is because there are many more Catholics than atheists and Buddhists in America. And for those who want to point out the larger number of “Baptists” in prison, I’ll bet anyone $1000 that most of those Baptists are Arminians, and mostly ones who know little about basic Biblical teachings or the history of Christianity or the Bible and so are not truly Christians.

If a person believes in looking the other way when they see a crime in their neighborhood, it endangers the lives of their neighbors. If they believe in doing crimes that makes it unsafe for their neighbors too. If they believe in fighting against crime, by prayer or reporting it peacefully to news agencies, that can help make it safer. What you believe matters, it affects how much you will decide to learn and what your actions will be: good, or evil.

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