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How the Atheist Government of China Terrorizes Its Citizens

November 12, 2011 Leave a comment

US Ambassador presses China on

forced-abortion opponent

Ambassador Gary Locke urges China to release blind lawyer-activist Chen Guangcheng.
November 6, 2011 08:06

China chen guangcheng anti forced abortion

In 2007 Chinese human rights activists Chen Guangcheng (in portrait, while jailed) was the recipient of the Ramon Magsaysay award for outstanding public service. (Romeo Gacad/AFP/Getty Images)

TAISHAN, China – US Ambassador Gary Locke is quietly pressuring the Chinese government on a high-profile human-rights case, acknowledging he had lodged a complaint over the extralegal home detention of blind lawyer Chen Guangcheng.

“We are very concerned about his treatment and, for instance, the reports his daughter was not allowed to go to school. Although he’s been freed, he is still under severe restrictions on his movements,” Locke told GlobalPost in a private interview Friday. He said the Chinese government has not yet responded to the letter he sent in September.

Chen was released last year after more than four years in prison but remains under house arrest, without charge, and has reportedly suffered beatings in captivity.

Since Locke sent the letter, Chen’s 6-year-old daughter has been allowed to leave her home to attend school, under guard.

The ambassador, who arrived in Beijing in August, added his voice to the chorus calling for China to ease its extreme treatment of the self-taught lawyer, who is known for exposing forced abortions in his hometown in Shandong province.

Chen has become a galvanizing figure for those concerned with human rights and with the growing clampdown on free expression in China. Dozens of activists, journalists and diplomats have tried to visit Chen in recent months. They have been chased away, beaten and robbed by gangs of thugs who stand 24-hour guard around Dongshigu village.

Still, the visits and support continue, with many referring to it as “adventure tourism” in Shandong.

In recent weeks, thousands of users of Sina Weibo, China’s micro-blogging service, have changed their photo icons to pictures of themselves wearing sunglasses in solidarity with the blind lawyer, who wears dark glasses. This week, iconic artist and government critic Ai Weiwei posted a photo of himself in shades to support Chen. Earlier this year, Ai himself was arrested and disappeared for three months over what he says is a fraudulent tax bill.

Chen, who turns 40 in the next few days, is a self-taught lawyer who ran afoul of authorities in Linyi, in Eastern China’s Shandong province, for exposing forced abortions of local women targeted by local officials under China’s one-child policy. After multiple run-ins with the law over his human-rights work, he was sentenced to prison for “damaging property and organizing a mob to disturb traffic.”

Since his release in 2010 Chen has been unable to leave his village or even his home. Last year, he and his wife managed to smuggle out a video detailing their lives in their home prison. After the video aired worldwide, Chen was reportedly beaten repeatedly. – More here

As for Biblical prophecy, besides this being more evidence of the last days, it also seems to imply that Asian countries, or certain ones, will be ruled by monarchies sometime in the future. This will be more likely to happen if enough Chinese citizens become wealthy enough, wealthy enough to afford guns, including sniper rifles, or grenade launchers. Once they can do that, they can overthrow their oppressive government, and China can then split up into various kingdoms:

Trainee Workers at Issue in China

From the Wall Street Journal:

Recent strikes in China are highlighting a technique widely used by foreign companies to keep costs down: hiring large numbers of “trainee” workers who can be paid less than the legal .

The practice, while legal, has been a source of complaint for at least some workers during recent strikes, and experts say foreign companies may have to refrain from overly relying on it.

For companies operating in China, “the whole labor-unrest saga should lead to a rethinking of labor relations,” said Andreas Lauffs, head of law firm Baker & McKenzie​’s employment-law group in Hong Kong.

As China’s become more aware of their legal rights, they are starting to question some employment practices, such as excessive overtime and the wide use of trainees on the factory floor.

For more on , see also an opinion piece in the Washington Post​ titled “China’s Workers Learn to Speak Up — But Carefully.”

Riot Erupts in Southwest China Town
Thousands rioted in Guizhou’s Qianxi County on Thursday, apparently incensed by an altercation with or “urban administration officials”. From Reuters:

The protest in Qianxi County, province, was the latest of thousands of brief, local and demonstrations that happen in China every year, and like many recent outbreaks this one pitted residents against “urban administration” officials charged with enforcing law and order.

A “clash broke out between urban administration officials and the owner of an illegally parked vehicle, drawing in thousands of onlookers and sparking incidents of crowds smashing law enforcement vehicles and blocking roads,” the website of China National Radio ( reported on Friday.

“Crowds turned over the vehicle of the urban administration staff and attacked police who came to quiet down the situation,” the official Xinhua news agency reported.

The rioters smashed ten vehicles and torched another five, said Xinhua, adding that 10 police officers and guards were injured. The police arrested 10 people suspected of attacking the vehicles.

Unrest also broke out last month in the nearby city of Anshun after chengguan allegedly killed a fruit seller and single father, Deng Qiguo. Soon after, a journalist was beaten by local police after travelling to Anshun to investigate the story.

Strikes & Protests Surge in China

The Los Angeles Times’ Barbara Demick​ examines the continuing rise of “mass incidents” as a means to address specific grievances such as pollution and land seizures.

These demonstrators have a narrow agenda and concrete demands: Farmers want a stop to confiscations of their land or to get better compensation for lost property. Homeowners want to stop demolitions. People want cleaner air and water and safer food. Truckers and taxi drivers want relief from soaring fuel prices ….

The number of reported “mass incidents” rose from 8,700 in 1993 to more than 90,000 in 2006, according to the Chinese Police Academy. A professor at Tsinghua University, , has told Chinese reporters he believes the figure last year was up to 180,000 ….

In China, it is impossible to go to court to get a temporary restraining order if, for example, a factory is spewing harmful sustances into the water supply or somebody starts building on your land. Petitioning, an archaic practice dating to imperial times, requires the aggrieved to travel to Beijing and wait for months, if not years.

Rioting gets results. Quickly.

A new China Labour Bulletin report, meanwhile, focuses on the growing number of strikes and other labour protests, as young migrant workers become increasingly assertive in demanding wage increases. From Reuters:

Although migrant workers have often won pay rises in recent years, they feel poorly served by China’s official, Communist Party-run trade union, which has often sided with management in factory disputes, the China Labour Bulletin said in the report.

Instead, and labor have spread through informal channels, with workers often using mobile phones and Internet message sites to coordinate, it added.

“They are giving each other in real time updates of their protests, and this has allowed workers’ rights groups, lawyers interested in workers’ rights, to offer advice, help them push their demands,” said Crothall, the Labour Bulletin spokesman, speaking of these digital tools.

The China Labour Bulletin report estimates that in 2009 China experienced about 30,000 collective labor protests, and adds there is “certainly no reason to suspect that the number of strikes is decreasing.”

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2 million Chinese people attempt to commit suicide every year: 5th Leading Cause of Death Among China’s Citizens


Boyfriend Murders Girlfriend for Not Aborting Their Baby: Anyssia Escamilla’s Body Found in Trash Dump

August 12, 2010 3 comments

Anyssia Escamilla

Body of pregnant teen found in landfill

7/5/2010/4:48 PM
by Imran Ghori

Fontana police find body of Anyssia Escamilla in a Corona landfill after more than 70 days of searching. Her boyfriend confessed to killing her and dumping her body in the trash.

An almost three-month search for a missing 17-year-old Bloomington girl ended with the discovery of her body at a Corona landfill, Fontana police announced Thursday.

Detectives aided by search and rescue dogs trained to detect human scent found the remains of Anyssia Escamilla, of Bloomington, on Wednesday around 4 p.m. at the El Sobrante Landfill, Fontana police Sgt. Billy Green said. The San Bernardino County coroner’s division confirmed the remains as hers Thursday morning, he said.

Escamilla’s boyfriend, Jesus Avitia Jr., 18, of Fontana, has been charged with killing her and their unborn baby. Avitia was arrested 10 days after her May 11 disappearance and told police she “died at his hands.” He said he had placed the body in a trash can near his Fontana home, Green said.

The trash can had already been collected by garbage haulers a week earlier, leading detectives to search the two landfills, where the trash would have been taken, for more than 78 days.

“A needle in a haystack doesn’t do justice to the scope of this search,” Green said.

Escamilla’s tearful parents thanked police and volunteers for not giving up on the search for their daughter. They reported her missing when she failed to come home from Bloomington High School, where she was a junior.

“On this day we stand here, we can finally have some closure and lay our daughter to rest,” said her father, Jorge Escamilla, his voice trembling as he spoke. “We miss you. Although you are not here in body, you will always remain in our hearts.”

Police first searched the smaller Mid-Valley Landfill in Rialto for three days before conducting the remainder of the search at El Sobrante, which takes in about 10,000 tons of trash a day, about four times as much as Mid-Valley.

Anyssia Escamilla’s parents, Priscilla and Jorge, read a statement after the San Bernardino County coroner confirmed that human remains found Wednesday were of their daughter. Anyssia’s 3 year old son is with them.

They went through about 85 percent of the 495-acre Corona landfill, separating the mountains of trash that were about 60 feet deep into grids that they went through one by one, said Detective Shawn Hare.

The landfill closed off part of its facility and shut down some operations to aid police with the search. Working through hot days and smelly odors, about 50 police personnel and volunteers, along with eight dog handlers, took part in the search, Hare said.

He said they would not have located the body without the dogs, one of which ultimately located the remains.

The discovery of the body will strengthen the criminal case against Avitia, he said. The details he confessed to match the evidence, Hare said.

Police have declined to describe how Escamilla was killed but say it appears the motive was a disagreement over how to handle her three-month pregnancy.

Hare described Avitia as focused on his goal of becoming a nurse and wanted Escamilla to get an abortion. Escamilla, who already had a 3-year-old son from another relationship, wanted to keep the baby.

An autopsy is planned to determine the cause of death.

Avitia has pleaded not guilty.

He remains in custody at the West Valley Detention Center and will be back in court Aug. 18. – Source

Atheists and pagans sure care when a baby-murderer is murdered, and trumpet such rare incidents up as evidence that God is a bad person if he exists or that it’s evidence he doesn’t (yeah, kill someone and then stick your tongue out at God and say, “See, you don’t exist because you let me disobey you!”, how mature and moral). But how many atheists and pagans care when a woman is murdered for keeping her baby rather than murdering it herself? Truly atheists and pagans “love death more than life”.