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Mormon Elizabeth Smart and Her Mormon Rapist Are Hypocrites

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Message to the Mormon Church and their infighting members Elizabeth Smart and the Mormon who repeatedly raped her, Brian David Mitchell (yes, he’s a Mormon, something which Fox News and other mass media outlets hide, Fox News no doubt because many of their viewers are Mormons and because Mitt Romney owns 1100 radio stations and Clear Channel): Stop being hypocrites. Elizabeth: Why did you make hateful remarks to your brother Brian Mitchell? Brian Mitchell: Why did you repeatedly rape your sister? Elizabeth: if you are relying on the worldly court system of the United States, which includes Methodists and Presbyterians, shouldn’t you also speak out against the Mountain Meadows Massacre in which Mormons pretended to be Native Americans, lied to the caravan with millions of dollars of goods with it by pretending they wouldn’t attack them if they surrendered, and when they did, massacred them with their children, kidnapping some of the children and stealing their property and not having returned it? Oh, but you did return the family members how many decades later? And when will you give up ownership of the land on which the massacre was made, and stop insulting the dead with the pile of rocks you laid over them as if they were cursed, rather than a cross (to show that they followed Christ and not Joseph Smith and your flesh gods), denominations which your cult slanders every day as abominations of Satan? Can you stop being a self centered hypocrite Elizabeth Smart, spreading a gospel of hate, a gospel in which the Holy Spirit leaves whoever sins and in which no one gets eternal life, and must trust in themselves to have peace? Why don’t you speak out against Joseph Smith for having seduced a married woman into marrying him and for having threatened in the name of the Lord a father to get his teen daughter to marry him? Why don’t you tell those you lie to that Joseph Smith’s own wife left to join another Mormon cult? Aren’t you against adultery, Elizabeth? Why was it okay for your founder Joseph Smith (not Christ) to repeatedly see a prostitute in secret, but it’s not okay for two Mormon women to go into the house of a “single” man? Why is it okay for them to go into the house of a single woman? Is your church sexist? Does it approve of homosexual seduction? You’re worse that your Mormon brother who KIDNAPPED you and REPEATEDLY RAPED YOU under the CONFIRMATIONS he received (CONFIRMATIONS which Mormons ARBITRARILY approve of, because that is what they use to determine the truth, THEIR FEELINGS), because you are free to preach the truth, but have used it instead to continue to be self-centered, vengeful, violent and to spread lies that lead to more lies, kidnapping and murder.