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‘Motivator’ Tony Robbins, Anti-Christ?

Note: This was meant to be a comment to a Tony Robbins follower’s comment (Laura, whom I quote below) to this blog article on why they left one of Tony’s seminars, but my comment got so long I’m just posting it as a blog post. Some of you may not like me using caps in my reply, but there was no “bold” tool in the comment form.

Laura who stood up for Tony Robbins said on JUNE 23, 2019 AT 11:44 PM,

You have no idea how many great things you missed out on by leaving early! What’s sadder yet, is the fact that you’re using your lame excuses to leave; from possibly convincing another human being not to go and missing an experience of a lifetime! Even Oprah, Who never stays more than 3 hrs anywhere; got so involved that she stayed entire day and walked over coals that night! So anyone looking for advice….be your own best friend and experience it yourself and make your own opinion!

Anthony Robbins is a false teacher like Buddha, Joseph Smith and Bill Gothard. Like all cultist leaders and false teachers (and malicious arguers) he uses vague expressions/is vague, not specific, contradictory leaves out obedience to God/God as the ONLY source of ultimate morality and eternal peace. He’s also now a known hypocrite and sexually and psychologically abusive bully and you described someone with narcissism disorder: boastful, immature (for his age), shallow and a liar (even if you didn’t directly say so.

Also, why is “even Oprah” a benchmark for who should go?

Winfrey and Trump both preach a gospel of wealth, health, and self-determination, following in the relatively recent prosperity gospel tradition, which broadly speaking says that God wants people to be wealthy and healthy and that followers are responsible for their own destiny here on Earth.” – quoting Elizabeth Dias in Time Magazine in January 9, 2018

(Time Magazine:) Oprah Winfrey and Donald Trump Promote the Same Populist Theology

Oprah is also a known liar, a panderer and shallow. And again: why would she be a benchmark? Is Oprah Jesus or God? You’re gullible, ignorant, shallow and you don’t make sense. You’re blind, a hypocrite, contradictory like your idols. You said to have your own opinion (as does Tony Robbins), yet calling Noah stupid in word and actions and shameful for it. Now, lose your LGBTQ sky-high kind of self-blinding pride and delusion, turn to Christ, not narcissism spreading-Tony who contradicts God: he claims POWER AND POSITIVE THINKING AND SOME VAGUE IMPROVEMENTS BASED ON OBTAINING MORE POWER AND MORE POSSESSIONS CAN MAKE YOU FLY AS HIGH AS YOU CHOOSE (MEANING???), AND “GOING OUT AND DOING IT” AND TO, NOT THINK NEGATIVELY.

All he did was gut the specifics out of the Bible, replace God with himself and you as his disciples and use replacement words like exchange “grumbling” in Scripture for “being negative minded”. Tony made HIMSELF the ultimate motivator and our desires SECONDARY TO HIS DESIRE TO MAKE MONEY OFF US AND PLAY LORD OVER US. Don’t you know about Pastor Robert Tilton? The con-artist Christian who twisted Scripture by claiming faith in Christ to get rich on earth / “positive thinking” and to pray with him (Tilton) would help would make it come true? Tilton’s trick was to leave out how how to obtain ETERNAL SECURITY AND PEACE and replace it, as does false Christian teacher Joel Osteen(second reference for Osteen here) and Tony Robbins and long dead Buddha with having eternal success on earth BEFORE YOU DIE. Buddha’s unique or somewhat unique lies was that to desiring anything was an evil and therefore lead to evil and so to not desire anything lead to (his desire to not experience mental or physical pain – which is a narcissistic and childish response to feeling pain. It’s a demonic contradiction BECAUSE one must love God, honesty and moral behavior, based on God’s laws, and DESIRE to not to break his laws: theft (and being greedy), murder (and unjust injury or carelessness leading to it), lying (and commiting adultery), to NOT feel ETERNAL pain. There’s not going to ever be a cessation of pain on earth and God uses it to test everyone so we can all see by our reactions to pain if we are moral or not. If you feel pain then say, “so I won’t love or hate anything” and try it, you’re IMMORAL! Tony Robbins even says TO LOVE, so at least he’s not as bad as Buddha who teaches a straight out contradiction on how to not feel pain. And who doesn’t know that not loving someone you’re in love with, or your parents, children o or pets causes pain to do so and DEPRESSION, a pain of severe and very long-lasting sadness that can end up being eternal sadness!? Buddha was so confused (and confusion is a kind of main sin of the three worst sins in Buddhism) that he believed that hate was an entirely self-pain-causing thing and the opposite of lust (Buddha, not surprisingly, perhaps hatefully and deliberately) did not say LOVE or include it at least. I imagine it was either because he was demon-possessed or was mentally lazy and merely loved the attention he was getting from those gullibles who listened to him and so simply ignored how to deal with LOVE. And Buddha clearly was a narcissist, narcissists are shallow and malicious and beimg shallow have a poor emotionally-retarded/stunted understanding of “love”. They, in their infantile thinking, think love is little different than carnal lust, and like so many “LGBTQs” equate sexual gratification (even sexual assault) as LOVE. It’s a confusion and delusion caused by poor parenting or a sexual assault by either sex and/or bullying, especially over how they look. It’s too bad Tony was not a true Christian, he could have used his charm and voice for goodness, instead he’s like some proto-type anti-Christ. I wouldn’t even be surprised if he were the anti-Christ and ended up with one blind eye and a withered right arm.

Another High Ranting Catholic Proves He’s Apart of a Cult

“Message: Thank you for your email and the opportunity to help you with your errors. I have a M.Div. from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and a PhD from Duke Divinity.”

Yet you fail in common sense and righteousness and here’s your failing grade (I’m referring to this reply/this journal post):

Ian Punnet has a Masters of Divinity degree from Columbia Theological Seminary in Atlanta and has been ordained a Deacon in the Episcopal Church. Since 1998, Punnett has intermittently hosted Coast to Coast AM and is loved by the world (and guess which group makes up the majority of the world Mr. Catholic?) and yet Ian Punnet is a heretic of the severe kind by the main sect of Catholicism and it’s many heretic daughters (the traditional Catholic branches and heretical “protestant” sects). But because Ian Punnet has a high and might education in Christianity and religion and listens to heretics babble all day for years while interviewing them, does that mean he isn’t a blind hypocrite and abomination in God’s eyes? Absolutely not according to Scripture: “You hate all who do wrong.” That’s is a severely oppositional verse to the Catholic and it’s Daughter the Episcopalian’s false potential convert pick-up line, “God loves you (join our Church now because we said everything is okay, and then we’ll ask you for some charity so we can repeat this line to others and get you to admit you’re a sinner like us so we can feel better about ourselves and more so by getting as many people to go to Hell with us as possible if that’s where we’re going.”

“I wrote my doctoral thesis comparing John Calvin’s “Institutes” with the writing of St. Augustine named “Confessions”. You might do some study as well.”

I already corrected you, and you ignore that correction and then pretend I didn’t study what I just corrected you on while citing evidence, which makes you a conniving hypocrite. Stop making backhanded insults you stubborn, malicious, idiot. And how man false doctoral theses are there in there world that have passed by the world’s standards with flying colors? And are you saying that those Baptists approved a heretical rant? If so, then they must have been pro-Catholics (rather than “Calvinist” Baptists as you imply). Or, are you saying you wrote something you believed to be false in your spiritual confusion? You’re trapped.

“Jesus said that His Church will never fall into apostasy and the Bible clearly states that the Church is the “pillar and foundation of the truth” [and the Catholic church is the “pillar and foundation of the truth” Jesus said that His Church will never fall into apostasy and the Bible clearly states that the Church is the “pillar and foundation of the truth” [and the Catholic church is the “pillar and foundation of the truth” x infinity.”

In your schooling ignoramus, did they teach you logical fallacies? You’re obviously a cultist moron stuck in a circular reasoning loop. I suggest you study logical fallacies from your next of kin the atheists (who list them all over the net). Also, circular reasoning is something a spiritually unblind person can spot, hint hint.

“I would be very careful in calling the Word of God and Jesus liars if I was you.”“You seem to think of yourself as God”

A straw man of the malicious passive aggressive type. Stop hiding the raptists and child-molesters. And instead of telling me to be very careful about mishandling God’s word, why not obey your own advice hypocrite? Hint: don’t make insults that can simply be repeated back to you: that’s a pretty big hint that mere insults are not evidence of anything. Are you really unaware of something so basic late in your life?

Which is why I back up what I say with evidence and you merely accuse like Satan does :)

And who cares what “seems” to be real to a delusional babbler? Give evidence babbler, not your vague special Catholic who rejected the truth feelings.

Hypocrite much Mr. Accept the Pope Or Ur Going to Hell? So what were you saying about some man thinking he was God lol? Polytheist moron.

“and to be deeply delusional”

You’re mere rants and claims awesome evidence no matter how “deeply” you feel about it. Once again babbler: you’re feelings are not evidence of anything, nor hatred, nor insults. And moron, you’re not God Mr. Whatever I Feel and Say Is True, and moron, God isn’t merely right simply because he makes a claim, you don’t even understand truth right (of course a false Christian wouldn’t).

“if you really think you can know another’s heart.” … Which is why you made false claims about me and are calling the Bible a lie when it says that you can JUDGE A PERSON BY THEIR ACTIONS AND APPEARANCE you moron. Read and believe the Bible you ignore, twist and hate:

“Proverbs 13:5: The righteous hate what is false”, and of course you’re not righteous so you wouldn’t remember something like that. So then moron, is a person claiming to “know a person’s heart” when they say the righteous hate lies? NO MORON: SO YOU’VE LIED AND COMMITTED ANOTHER FALLACY, A MALICIOUS TYPE SINCE YOU’RE GOING AGAINST WHAT IS COMMONLY UNDERSTOOD, THAT YOU’RE NOT CLAIMING TO “KNOW A PERSON’S HEART” MERELY BY CLAIMING THAT THEY ARE BEING HATEFUL LIKE YOU DID TO ME, YOU BLIND HYPOCRITE. You’re also saying then that you don’t understand BASIC SCRIPTURE. You’re teachers must have not been paying attention when they passed you (something common these days in this corrupt world Mr. But I Studied Calvin and Augustine, therefore I Must Know What I’m Talking About And You Mustn’t!” Sure Mr. Pharisee. I think not.

“You seem to be completely consumed by irrational hatred and bigotry.” … if you really think you can know another’s heart.” Blind hypocrite apart of the Whore that Rides the Beast says what? Contradicting yourself in one breath (typical of blind, arrogant, hypocrites).

“When this is in league with intentional ignorance”

Wow: moron: LEARN WHAT EVIDENCE IS, IT’S NOT “MY INSULTS” IT’S NOT “MY EMOTIONS” IT’S NOT “MY MERE CLAIMS”. I suggest you do some studying reality-hater (and God-hater).

“it is a recipe for the death of one’s soul to Christ.”

And pretentious insults really make you “righter” right child-molester-hider? Wrong.

“Are you aware of the Decalogue that forbids the bearing of false witness against others”

Are you aware of the Catholic Bible’s that remove the law to not make idols and that “Don’t lie” is in the Bible Mr. Christoper Columbus Church of Basic Right and Wrongs Those Protestants Don’t Know Cuz We’re The True Church? Are you aware that the Jesus rebuked the most popular religious leaders of his time for negating GOD’S WORD WITH “TRADITION”? Are you aware that the Bible says “Isaiah 29:13: The Lord says: “These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me is based on merely human rules they have been taught.“? So merely READING AND REPEATING SCRIPTURE DOESN’T MAKE YOU RIGHTEOUS. BIG, MASSIVE, CHRISTIANITY AND COMMON SENSE 101. And are you also aware that Jesus said,

“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them.” (Matthew 7:15-16)? Yet the Catholic DisUnified Church negates his words with it’s malicious “everyone sins :)” line. Stop being a broken record, cultist parrot and a vain, malicious, liar.

“and that doing so is a mortal sin?”

And whatever they delusional false Christians claim is true is true because they said so. Not.


Are you a narcissist Mr. Obviously?: You should really study the signs of narcissism disorder Mr. Obviously Whatever I Say Is True Merely Because I Said It Is and Found Others Who Agree With Me (While I Can’t Cite Any of God’s Word That Backs Me Up On That).

“you either do not or have no fear of God”

And on and on the Catholic goes citing no Scripture and ranting his insults as if that makes him right (typical behavior of a cultist and prideful sore loser).

“that prevents you from this mortal sin.”

You love saying “mortal sin” don’t you? How about understanding and preaching the truth rather than phrases you find to be catchy?

“You seem to be consumed in an effort to do and spread evil.”

Say what about knowing my heart? Insults in ignorance x infinity (typical cultist).

“May our Lord have mercy on you. God bless!”

With their mouths they bless and hearts they curse.

“In Christ”

Because you said so.

“Fr. Joseph”

Neat, you’re a “Friar”. Were you one of the ones that helped Robin Hood to rob “the rich”, or do you spend your time robbing the poor? Or is it both?

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