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Why Liberals and the Liberal MSM Hate and Attack Russia, Putin and President Trump

Why Liberals and the Liberal Media Demonize Russia, Putin and President Trump

First of all liberals oppose conservativism, and therefore Republicans, and Trump at least verbally sides with conservatives. Second, Putin and allegedly all of the government under him openly opposes homosexuals and pro homosexual speech. It’s actually against Russian law to endorse homosexuality. Now then logically Russia must oppose liberalism as all liberals support homosexuality, and many even support letting little children having homosexual sex, at least with others their age, and no doubt liberals would enjoy watching it, not many would admit it in public out of fear of coming across as perveted predatory sex-addicts who care more about their personal sexual gratification then children, or almost entirely, or, entirely about their satisfaction, as a psychopath would be like. Now, does anyone think political liberals, well-studied ones who enjoy pushing their beliefs, their faith, their philosphies of men on others will simply sit quietly and let Putin and his conservative anti-gay government who view (at least claim to view) gays as mentally ill or logically confused) become influential in American politics, like tolerate the possibility that some part of the Russian government tried to get a spiritually and morally similar or preferable (at least as far as they could tell) president elected, especially if the opposition candidate was liberal and barely lost by a few votes? Especially if they thought Russia helped to demonize that candidate? Of course, with the tons and tons of wealthy busy-body, gossip-hungry, strife-loving liberals in America they’d counter attack, they’d look for holes in Trump’s armor, try and take him down. Personally and as a true Christian, I oppose conservatism and liberalism as both are anti-Biblical philosophies. I oppose the conservatism of the type of the corrupt hypocrite, Freemason, deist, two-faced, man-fearing, founding fathers because they sanction liberal speech, or at least they claimed to, as do their cult followers called “Constitutionalists” and conservatives. How the humans act who claim to uphold those laws isn’t necessarily going to be in obedience.

That is why today said Russia has a “hostile” government, a misleading lie, a deception. It’s HOSTILE TO LIBERALISM AND LIBERALS and by extension to atheists, which is ironic as Russia used to be atheist dominated. Liberals play the same word game propaganda endorsing liberalism in sneaky ways by demonizing creationists and Bible-obeying Christians by promoting so called “mainstream science” meaning pro-atheist science, a scientific philosophy not based on science that denies Biblical creationism and the need to worship SOLEY the God of the Bible or alternatively, any “God” or god at all. The Bible strongly warns against Christians allowing godlessness in the church, but to instead make sure their children are at least theistic. That’s really what this is about: liberals opposing traditional anti-homosexual, monotheistic Christianity. So then one must wonder why then do liberals support Islam, which is also monotheistic (in a wrong way) and anri-homosexual? Because, the smarter liberals think or did think they could turn these “stupid” Muslims to their side by welcoming them, perhaps also because some liberals found out many Muslims were pro homosexual child-sex lovers and engaged in it but also for a more malicious reason, that being that many Muslims are militant and willing to blow up their enemies (Christians, some liberals think, are their main enemies) and therefore could help kill the “worst” Christians like Pat Robertson and others. Tbe problem: Some militant Muslims must believe if they truly know the Quran and believe it, that “Christians are the closest (you Muslims) have to friends”, which is basically a verse in the Quran. It’s not talking about liberal Christians, but Catholics (that’s all Mohammed knew of in his experience, not Calvinists or Lutherans). So, of course, some Muslims would first attack liberals, like ones in a gay club, not Christian churches first. Think: would a Muslim want to attack first fellow worshipers of God with the good ten commandments, or atheists and “the immoral”, the “lawless” liberals who despise traditional Christian and the similar Islamic morals? But liberals being severely chaotic inside and blind often reject the obvious and do what is stupid, childish and against common sense, severely, so they end up being blown up by the dogs and swine they want to partner with or befriend. Befriending scorpions and venomous snakes is not wise. So, elite liberals in politics who enjoy manipulating and attacking anti-liberals are trying to turn two conservative governments (the US partially conservative) from joining forces and even becoming a single government in the future perhaps which may crush liberals. That, is what this is about. It’s not about liberals wanting justice or fairness or caring about treason or if Obama was really a citizen of the USA or not, but their feelings and philosophy, their point of view not being trashed, and ultimately, their hatred of God.

Ironically the conservative side of the American government opposes Russia because Russia’s government or Putin wants to be self-determining and not economically subservient to far off America who is seen naturally as an economic competitor, including militarily, as in mainly oil and military sales / arms sales. America long ago secured an oil and military partnership with the sexist and religiously oppressive Saudi government and militarily with Israel. Russia partnered with Iran who is opposed to the Saudi government over religious differences. Israel partnered with America naturally because of the government of Iran repeatedly cursing Israel far more than the Saudi government which at worst is racist towards Israel indirectly.

Putin also makes sure to in a stealthy way put America’s governmental and police system in a bad light, which of course is a tactic to sway the world in Russia’s favor and put Russia and himself in a better light.

I don’t take sides in these political struggles and the Bible forbids Christians from getting “tangled” in world politics and economic competition. I do however oppose deception, racism, cursing Israel, false religion, and persecution of Christians.



New Survey On Catholics Further Shows They Are Hypocrites: Catholics and Abortion

Here is more proof that Catholics are false Christians, from an article with a nutty liberal title (nutty because the authors make looking for a church sound like something unimportant and wasteful like shopping for necessary things at a mall, and as if there was never any oh so bad “polarization” in the world, and the authors’ pretentious use of the word “polarizing”):

How church shopping is polarizing the country
by Naomi Cahn and June Carbone, Special to CNN

The difference in viewpoints between traditionalists and modernists has dramatic effects on the culture wars, June Carbone and Naomi Cahn say.

Editor’s Note: June Carbone and Naomi Cahn are law professors and authors of the recent book “Red Families v. Blue Families: Legal Polarization and the Creation of Culture”.

A report this month on who gets abortions showed some surprising results: Catholic women are about as likely as any other woman to terminate a pregnancy. Then again, the striking thing about American Catholics is that they look almost exactly like the average American.

According to the Pew Research Center, for example, Catholics supported Obama in the 2008 election by 1 percentage point more than the general public. Even when it comes to abortion, which the Catholic Church strongly opposes, American Catholics are only 2 percent more likely than the general public to favor making it illegal. – More here

The authors say this is surprising (which is typical of narcissists to speak for everyone), but it’s not surprising to people who aren’t ignorant about religion and don’t fall back on making cheap shots in their hatred of studying the truth, like the authors, it’s not surprising to true Christians who know the difference between right and wrong, know what Catholics are like, and not surprising to Catholics who associate with many other Catholics, because they know how hypocritical they can be, and how big a surprising can it be when the Catholic cult is always having trouble with child-abusers and drunkard members and crime in general? Common sense.


Media Propaganda Triangles

Yahoo and Google have formed separate anti-Christian propaganda triangles, each one having the same agenda: to unite the world against Christ.  Yahoo! has primarily allied itself with Digg and Wikipedia, and Google: Time Warner (AOL and CNN) ( and Wikipedia.

Though Google does not directly utilize Digg, Digg pages often turn up in the search results of Google. Google’s owners clearly realize Digg is a powerful propaganda tool and have logically then tried to acquire it. One of their offers to buy Digg was $200 million. Yahoo! has also tried to directly combine forces with Wikipedia:

Other powerful propaganda media machines in competition with each other are:, Web Networks (a liberal "Christian" company controlled by cold-hearted liberals), (whos CEO via "moderators" skew product reviews, especially book reviews, allowing Creationism, Intelligent Design, and Pro-Calvinism books to be bashed by false reviews, including by the same users for a single book, while deleting negative reviews against Pro-Darwin books), National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Discover Magazine, Popular Science, Scientific American, New Scientist,, and Do you notice the common theme among these machines? They use "Science" and Discovery (Learning "New" Things) as disguise to make themselves appear to be wisemen and women who bring you the truth and who are on a quest to learn it themselves (as if to say, "We’re open minded to everything, even to what you have to say stupid little people with your nutty beliefs, so keep listening to us, we might finally agree with whatever you say is true."). However, one thing they will not agree with, is Intelligent Design and Genesis.

Though false teachers like Francis S. Collins with their ridiculous narcassitic books pretend to believe in Genesis, they in fact don’t believe it, but believe their false interpretations of Genesis. For example Francis, via a dead Catholic panderer named Augustine, pretends that Augustine knew about science, and that Augustine taught that "science" is what the Bible will conform too. And uses that magical rationalization, Francis arbitrarily interprets the creation of the universe as the Big Bang event. In other words, Genesis isn’t literal, and it means whatever Francis feels it must mean. Therefore Francis is just using science as a disguise for his interpreting the Bible with his feelings above all else, rather than with reliable evidence above feelings. Reliable evidence would be the Bible’s internal consistency with extreme complexity (demonstrating that it was at least made by someone with greater-than-human wisdom), it’s moral superiority (demonstrating that it was thought up by someone other than a human), archeological evidence showing the Biblical records to be true, the behavior of Christians and non-Christians (which show the Bible is true about how Christians and non-Christians act), the design of the universe and everything in it, which shows a repeating patter rather than random patterns (random patterns would indicate that the universe was not ordered by some intelligence like God, but by unintelligent chance events).

Superior sources of news are,,,,,,, and