Armilius the AntiChrist Discovered in a single Torah Skip Code

According to an ancient translation in the Torah, “Armilus” is the name of thee AntiChrist, the worst one of them all the Bible implies in various verses.

Nehemiah chapter 5:4 apparently contains a “skip code” that may say, “And there is Armilius and Carmino”. I am not sure about the Carmino part. Carmino means “song” according to some websites. There also appear to be the words כף‎ (meaning “scale” or “sole of the foot”) and ארם which means “Aram”. I found it maybe two or three weeks ago as I was looking to see if Armilus could truly be the name of the AntiChrist, the one an ancient rabbi or rabbis claimed would deceive Israel and end up pretending to be God in (some future) temple meant for God, in Jerusalem. It is obvious to me that some Orthodox Jews would deny this and claim Christians made it up as they know to admit otherwise would be an admission that they are not the true religion or church, because if they were mislead into following a false god, Satan’s literal or spiritual son even, then, logically, it would also be evidence that their rejection of Christ (Jesus, Yeshua) was wrong. Jesus even warned unrepentant Jews that they would accept a false Messiah coming in his own name, meaning a man who does not even have a name praising or glorifying God but a name that is godless, metaphorically and character that opposing God and His Son, Yeshua,

“I have come in my Father’s name, and you do not accept me; but if someone else comes in his own name, you will accept him.” – John 5:43

The previous chapter which says “And there is Armilius and Carmino” concerns the rebuilding of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem and recontinuing the sacrifices to God in it, evil opposition to it and a curse on those opposing it’s rebuilding and against those cursing the Jews. The following chapter seems to concern overtaxation by Israel’s ruler.

The name Armilus or Armilius in my opinion seems to be a variation of Arminius, and Arminius (Hermann in German) means, “Man of War”. Arminius was a parallel figure if a sort to Christ in Christ’s time on earth. Arminius was a traitor to the Roman empire who fought Rome to a stand still and was assassinated by someone of his own family according to historical records around or at the time when Jesus was crucified. Arminius is also the name of one of the worse heretics in Christian history, a heretic who taught that God was not Sovereign over man’s will. The name Armilus/Armilius (or Aramilius) seems to mean, “Northern light”, or in other way mean “Exalted war man-wolf”.

I suspect “Carmino/Carminu/Carmina”, if that is a name in this code, is the name of twin living statue image of Armilos/Armilus or is the name false prophet. It may even be the name of one who opposes Armilus. We cannot know as these codes are only hints at best as to the future and are certainly not commands. They also show the divinity of God’s word by showing impossible coincidences within it that a mere angel or man could not be have caused to be apart of Scripture.

I have no doubt there will be other skip codes around this one related to the AntiChrist, the end times/last days.