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A Resonating Insight Into Negative New Age Positivity

March 17, 2012 2 comments

To Tina Fiorda and Tilde Cameron:

Hi, I’m a logician. I don’t like to waste time so I will go right to the point:

You made a false claim that God, because he “is love” wouldn’t punish. God isn’t literally love, if so, he’d not be God, he’d be an emotion, which makes no sense, because emotions aren’t alive, they are are response of living beings. Further, if God could only love, he wouldn’t have a free will, he’d be a slave to love so to speak (supposing there was such thing as living love that could be God at the same time, but he’s not. It’s too convenient and wishful thinking.

So, major error there. Also, it’s common knowledge you punish for two reason: justice and to teach, just as you said, to teach. Is God NOT teaching by causing pain? Or is he not teaching when he exercises justice? Using your logic, no one should punish, people should get away with crimes, no one should be restrained even. Your logic is one sided and biased too, because you’re saying God shouldn’t have the right to exercise his truly free will.

Your second error: You said he gave us free will. Free will doesn’t justify doing wrong, it’s not a free ticket to do wrong or to try and do whatever we want.

Third error: You said, in response to the Christian who corrected you with the Bible, that “we feel” such and such. Feeling is inferior to reasoning. It’s by following your feelings over reasoning that is the main reason for fights (not as others say in a vague way, “religion” as in, “being religious.”) Simple example: children fighting, bad marrying decisions, unprepared pregnancy, leading to endless baby-murders, divorces and wrecked lives.

Fourth error (though is the same as the third one): Does that “resonate” with you? You said that your message “resonates” with you. What does that mean? It’s a vague statement that explains nothing. You also said that spirits can also be positive and not negative, and asked, “Why must they only be negative”? However your question is a rhetoric fallacy: your question doesn’t prove that spirits communicating in a way forbidden by the Bible won’t always be negative.

Fifth error: You’re use of the word “negative” is also vague. It has multiple meanings that don’t match. Negative can mean, “Displeasing”, “not having messages or an attitude conveying happiness” or “being unthankful and/or having a fault-finding attitude out of hatred”. The first two aren’t necessarily bad, the third is, so these definitions are not all compatible. Your question therefore could not be understood, it was meaningless. If you hadn’t used that deliberately deceptive New Age term and instead used the biblical “evil”, you would have been understandable and not teaching and spreading confusion.

The Bible makes it clear that consulting a spirit will have negative consequences because God forbade it, and sin (going against his command/s) leads to punishment, or what you might vaguely call “negative consequences.” That is why you will always. if “a spirit” really is speaking to you, get a deceptive message over all (not that every single thing said is going to be a lie). It’s also not the same as a sin like theft, in which you may have a temporary “positive” as you might call it, result, like getting a bottle of aspirin and getting rid of a headache. A demon doesn’t do anything beneficial, nothing significantly beneficial, not usually at least. It’s intent is always to deceive or facilitate some deception, including just by being silent if that’s all it feels like doing or was told to do by Satan. A demon is not like a genie in a bottle. It’s like an angry tormented snake covered in sharp thorns that wants to relieve its pain and is willing to harm you if it thinks it can ease its pain by doing so.

Sixth error: You’re use of the word “spirit” is also deceptively vague. You’re purposely avoiding specifying angels and demons and attempting to make people think that you can also talk to dead humans. There is no evidence, with the exception of one debatable verse in the Bible, that humans, especially unforgiven ones, will communicate after dying.

Seventh error: You said God unconditionally loves. Who says that, and what is the evidence for that? The Bible certainly doesn’t teach that, and if it did, it would be a major contradiction using your interpretation. You’re picking and choosing which verses you want to believe, and simply going with what is convenient and sounds most pleasing to your ears.

Eighth error: You can’t create a reality and there is no such thing as more than one. That’s an incorrect usage of the word. The way in which you use it goes opposite of one of the only definitions, which is, “The state of the world as it really is rather than as you might want it to be.” So you’re midefining it, completely going against it, by saying there is more than one reality. The word has not been used that way till New Agers started misusing it. It’s a delusional use of the word and sets people up for a fall and can get people killed because you are teaching people that they can literally cause dangerous things to be safe just by wishing or that lies can be true just by wishing, like making child abuse a good thing that directly helps children, or driving on the wrong side of traffic something that will improve safety, or jumping off a cliff something that will be a positive experience that leads to enlightenment and immorality rather. It’s an extremely against common sense delusion. It could even cause children to become mentally ill if they were repeatedly taught to believe in imaginary things and told that they can wish things into reality or wish things away, like the sun, and are later traumatized into a permanent mentally deluded state when someone abuses them, by endlessly responding with delusional defenses like pretending that the abuse is good, and even becoming worse by becoming addicted to abuse. Your reality creating fallacy is actually one of the roots of all logical fallacies: denial of absolute truth or rather, that there are absolute lies. And to deny that leads to endless confusion and mistakes. Your claim that we can create realities therefore refutes your very claim, because I can, according to you, create a reality in which you are completely false (and yet that can’t be true either because you deny that there is anything that can be completely true), hence why I said your reality is unworkable. An analogy of your teaching would be if we lived in a completely red universe, yet you say, “The universe is blue, but not truly, really, it’s red, but not really; because we can see blue if we want too, because we have free will. Just imagine you’re seeing red only?” And of course you ignore the test: just check to see if anyone is able to see red only using something other than your feelings and imagination.

So, you’ve created a life-wrecking, false and contradictory reality if anything, one that isn’t loving as you repeatedly insisted during your interview by Noory. And your using vague words makes it harder for the ignorant, gullible and stupid to realize that.

I hope you appreciate my patience in using my “free will” and valuable time to correct your mistakes for the benefit of all. You can learn how to be saved via the salvation link above.

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The Cult of the Demon Ramtha, Refuted

August 15, 2011 Leave a comment

I was listening to Coast to Coast again, this edition described as,

Channeling Ramtha
Sun 08-14

Guest host Rob Simone (email) was joined by founder and President of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, JZ Knight, for a discussion about her experiences connected with the channeling of a 35,000 year old warrior from the lost continent of Atlantis, called Ramtha.

According to Wickedpedia, “Judy Zebra Knight (born Judith Darlene Hampton on March 16, 1946, in Roswell, New Mexico), usually known as JZ Knight, is an American mystic teacher and author. She is also the reputed channel of a spiritual entity named Ramtha. Knight has appeared on US TV shows, such as Larry King,[1] MSNBC[2] and The Merv Griffin Show, offering spiritual insight and inspiration. Her teachings have attracted figures from the entertainment and political world such as Linda Evans and Shirley MacLaine.[3] Knight claims to bridge ancient wisdom and the power of consciousness together with the latest discoveries in science.[4] Some of the ideas are similar to those of Shirley MacLaine,[5] which have in turn been criticized for being “kindergarten metaphysics” by mathematician and skeptic Martin Gardner.[6]

So, I listened to JZ Knight, an obvious liberal from what I heard, who seems to allow herself to be possessed by a demon, and I noted some severely ironic contradictions she made on the show, which some may find funny. I got the impression that host Rob thought she was a liar, because at one point he said that a psychologist (as in any) would label her “a nut” for saying what she did, and asked how she knew she wasn’t being possessed by a demon. Those two things the host, George Noory, has and probably never would say to any guest, unless they were a fundamentalist Christian, at least not in the way Rob put it. George tries not to offend anyone except those oh so bad fundamentalists who try and force everyone to have babies and believe the Bible so that they can rule the world, a book which says not to steal, murder or lie or “Lord it” over anyone, to help the needy with money, not the rich and that both should share if they can, and to seek the truth will all your heart, to be quick to listen and slow to speak and anger, to not show partiality and hate all such immoral things and not to listen to anyone who lives life doing those things, and that those who do live like that and listen to people like that she die and go to Hell forever… A great book to use if you want to deceive and dominate the world right? Moving on.

JZ reminded me of another popular liar, much more popular (because he uses “God” to endorse his babble), who allegedly wrote, “Conversations With God : An Uncommon Dialogue”. That liar’s name i Neale Donald Walsch. I call him a liar because I found that he made severe contradictions in his claims about humans and God. I don’t call someone a liar for nothing. But back to JZ: Rob asked if she or her followers went out and preached, and she told an utter lie, which was that she didn’t “prosetize” or said in some incorrect way like that, contradicted by the fact that she moves around and leaves her house and lets the demon Ramtha speak through her! And was on the show preaching about her religion, which she also claimed wasn’t religion, though it obviously was, since those following Ramtha allow it to take control of their lives and want it to in order to “ascend”. She didn’t say ascend on the show but knowing these types of cults I’m sure she’s used it before. Demons like Ramtha are called “ascended Masters”. The concept was used heavily in Stargate, an atheistic sci-fi series. How can someone say they aren’t attempting to get anyone to follow their way of life when they are emphatically endorsing it and putting religion in a bad light? She said that in the ancient times people would listen to prophets, but then religion got mixed into it, as if that were a bad thing. Why would it be a bad thing? Is simply listening going to get you anywhere if you don’t apply the truths you here? If you don’t live them? Blind ignorants and liars who hate truth, like forget and don’t want to learn that that is what TRUE religion is, as opposed to human-invented rituals and reasonless parroting like Catholicism, Mormonism and Jehovah’s Witnessism.

She also said on the show, “it’s about free will” then almost right after said, “we’re predestined”. This is very strange since most people, except Calvinists, would say that that is a contradiction. Near the end of the show she was asked by Rob Simone if it was true that (according to her x-Catholic friend, who left Catholicism “for Ramntha”) that Ramntha was in a UFO which shined a beam on the Holy of Holies which is what tore it when Jesus died. She replied, “I wouldn’t know, I’m not here when Ramtha speaks.” What happened to free will!? And doesn’t this person record, or anyone else, what she says when she babbles supposed ultimate truths or truths that lead to it?! And no one writes it down even!? Not even about what happened in the time of the perfect one Jesuss!? WOW! How worthless Ramtha’s words must be if the very whom the spirit “master” of the truth speaks through is ignored by her! And how is it she said that if she repeates other things Ramtha’s said to her? And how can you endorse your cult if you don’t know what it is your cult leader says!? AAAAAHHHH!!!!! Liberals are so frustrating! Frustrating because they claim to have the truth and living free while bashing truth and twisting the meaning of freedom and accusing those who point out that they do that with condemnation, that they are the ones who do that! In other words, frustrating because they are hypocrites claiming to be honest accusing the honest of being hypocrites. The worst ones are the ones who are conniving to those who point out there errors, who point it out to help them.

When the host asked if it was true that she believed that she was being spied on at some point, she replied as if preparing to lie, “If I personally believed that?” and then the host seemed to think he accidentally threw her a hard ball (oh no, can’t ask tough questions to clearly deluded people who wreck lives can we?), and changed what he said by asking if she or others (apart of her cult) thought that. And she said she was sure, and that it was the CIA and knew this because of remote viewer who was amazed to have finally been with her. It was a remote viewer who was on Coast to Coast AM a few times I think, becacuse the host repeated his name in a way like he was well-known. She then said absurd things like that everyone was being spied on, and therefore, she said, “it’s not like we’re really free… it’s like we’re in a bubble… in a great experiment… but they can’t control your mind, if you realize you have one” and that the CIA monitors YOUR EVERY WORD, yes, all of them, and that evidence of this is that they can read the letters of a dime with a satellite, basically a rant reply. So, a cult leader JZ, who for some strange reason doesn’t know what her leader Ramtha teaches, while teaching what Ramtha teaches, he says that we have free will while being trapped in a bubble-like world and therefore aren’t really free [because the CIA will stop you or hurt you for it?!] unless you realize you have a mind [a poor way of saying free will that allows you to do whatever you want to?]. But that’s not all of the incredible infant-talk by this woman at 65 years of age she said with a depressed tone, who has been leading her cult for 36 years: she said in set-up-knock-down fashion, “I just make up my own reality.”…

The sins of some are obvious, reaching the place of judgment ahead of them; the sins of others trail behind them.1 Timothy 5:24

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In Response to Frances Kelly’s Request To Receive an Opinion on Channeling

November 25, 2009 4 comments

Channeling is forbidden by the Bible, it is the same as trying to speak with the dead, whether the person channeling knows it or not. They are opening themselves up for communication from a demon, and demons are all liars, everyone except Satanists and those as deluded as them know that demons, are, by definition, evil beings.

There is no evidence that any channeler has ever channeled an alien, all the evidence suggests that they are either lying or a demon is speaking through them, as the things that come out of their mouth is always wrong in some way, and always fits a certain type of communication style, that is the person supposedly being channeled always claims (and they are always things that anyone could make up, like about Atlantis) that what it is saying is fact, never opinion. For example, something lie this, “The Atlanteans lived 10,000 years ago but destroyed themselves in their carelessness), and that is the sign of a prideful liar. I’m not saying that people must arbitrarily saying, “This is my opinion” but I’ve heard and read supposedly channeled aliens and dead humans, and there is always something that goes against the Bible. Why isn’t there one single spirit that agrees with the Bible? If you claim it’s because they find out it’s wrong, well then why don’t any say, “I was a former Christian and learned this part of the Bible was wrong.” No, it’s always, “Go for the kill” so to speak, in other words, get the lie out as fast as you can. And the lack of sophistication also shows that the beings speaking are careless about the truth (not bothering to be clever about it like saying that they were a former Christian or that they also had a Bible on their planet that turned out to be false and that they learned their lesson). This is evidence of low intelligence or a lack of concern for the truth, of a personality that just goes about sloppily bashing the truth as if it were a joke. On the other hand it could be that the reason we only hear stupid spirits that lack sophistication is because God only allows the stupid ones to possess a person or speak through them. The reason for that may be that if more clever spirits were allowed to use a person to speak, that the deception would make it more difficult for people in general to tell the truth from a lie, a level of difficulty that God doesn’t want the world in general to have to deal with for whatever reason.

Evidence of God or at least some superior being imposing a limit on what these spirits can do is that it’s known they can sometimes possess people and do things that humans are not able to do naturally: manipulating objects without touching them, speak in languages not known to the person being possessed, do things that are so painful that it’s unlikely that even an insane person would do them (like repeatedly biting on things that cause teeth to immediately break off or scratching things with your fingers so that your nails ripped off), floating, saying things that couldn’t be known without having been spied on or seeing and hearing a person’s memories, making smells seemingly out of no where (probably by transmuting the particulates in the air into some other form that smells),  changing the temperature of the air or an object, making or projecting images like of an object or possibly of some creature (which may be a demon or part of a demon itself rather than a projection or temporary manipulation of matter), making vocalizations or music on audio recordings that were apparently directly imprinted onto the recording, making images directly onto video recordings so that the images couldn’t have been seen by anyone, causing wounds that don’t get infected, and that can remain opened for long periods of times and bleed greatly without the person they’ve wounded, dying (stigmata), HOWEVER, that these powerful spirits aren’t doing this whenever they want, and let us know now and then that they don’t like to hear or see anything that is strongly related to God (for example a certain famous prophet who commanded that his followers randomly terrorize non-believers, and that command is recorded in their holy book) was said to go beserk when he saw crosses, suggests that it’s God who is limiting them. And note that no one has ever heard of a spirit being saying, “Stop talking about Shiva! I don’t want to hear about Zeus!” to someone trying to cast them out using their names, but only throwing fits when hearing something like, “In the name of Jesus,” or verses from the Bible, and so on. Though God seems to have limited the kinds of spirits that can possess people, he has allowed much great deception in the form of misleading people as to what the true religion is (as opposed to allowing any supposed alien or dead human to teach that there is no God). For example implying that no one goes to heaven but just reincarnates or reincarnates a certain amount of times then goes to Heaven, or that Catholicism is the true religion (a few times Catholics or people that could be persuaded to become Catholics have seen or at least claimed to have seen visions of angels fighting or while possessed, supposedly hate to be touched with holy water, and the holy water concept is strongly associated with the Catholic religion). You never, not even in movies, see a possessed person being exorcised by an Episcopalian priest, a Mormon, or Baptist, it’s always, suspiciously, a Catholic, and since the New Age, by sorcerers/witches and or mediums. The malicious intent of the demons is also evident by their choice of what they throw fits over with regards to who and how they are repelled: Catholic priests, mediums, and witches. Why these three? Here is a psychological analysis again:

1) Catholic doctrine and the Bible forbid channeling or consulting demons, casting spells, and even fortune-telling. And demons give us the impression that Catholics can repel them, but not other types of groups that many consider Christians, whether considering them to be hypocritical Christians or not. And a careful study of a certain chapter in Revelation indicates that God considers the Catholics church to be the “whore that rides the beast” who is “drunk with the blood of the saints”. In other words God considers them to be unfaithful, both physically and spiritually adulterous (including not being faithful to God) and to be responsible for the deaths of a great many true Christians. The clue is the reference to the city on “seven hills” in this chapter (Rome is the only known city on seven hills with great influence of the world). Now if you suppose that Satan is a very malicious liar, and a clever one as the Bible teaches he is, then it’s makes sense as to why he would want to give the appearance that one “Christian” group (that God took the time to write about as being the worst on Earth), as being the only Christians powerful enough to stop him, or that even have a chance (Catholic priests have a high failure rate of getting rid of demons, and as far as the evidences shows, they don’t actually get rid of any demons, but rather the demons leave on their own, and according to the Bible, possess the same person again, and probably sometimes when their are no priests around or anyone to notice the possession, (like hidden abuse)).

2) Demons give the impression that mediums and witches can make them leave, at least in the mass media (for example no medium has ever been shown being attacked by a demon, a ghost investigator was recently attacked/possessed, supposedly, and it can be seen on youtube, but there was no indication that he was a medium or a witch that I knew of). Now what makes no sense about that, is that, again, traditional and official Catholic doctrine teaches that mediums and witches are evil and are under the persuasion of Satan, and if Satan, then the rest of the disobedient angels/demons, as Satan is their leader. The Bible also implies this.

Notice the polar opposites: Catholics, supposedly the only true Christians or rather only ones who will make it to Heaven and live forever in peace, and the mediums and witches, mediums who are said to channel demons, and it’s implied that witches, even if they don’t know it, rely on Satan/demons to accomplish their magic. Do you notice the irony, or the joke of this “Trickster”, this comedian, this mocker, called Satan?:

He’s simultaneously promoting the Catholic denomination, which at least in the opinion of 50+ million Christians is the most hated by God of of all Christian cults and the mediums and witches, whom Satan works and speaks through, and more ironic, is that Satan often uses mediums to console those who are tormented over the loss off someone they loved. In other words Satan is making it look like the worst cult on Earth is the true religion while causing great confusion also by making it look like Catholicism is completely wrong, by putting mediums and witches in a good light. And this makes the Bible look wrong to those WHO KNOW that the Bible forbids speaking to the dead and witchcraft, and which implies that the Catholic denomination prevents lasting peace.

Is what I’ve said just ranting? If so, then show the flaw or flaws in my logic. Note: simply telling me that the Bible is false is not evidence of anything, let alone scientific evidence, also showing any supposed evidence that it is won’t be accepted by me, since I’ve already examined it all, and though I’m not a professional biologist or physicist or archeologist, I don’t need to be anymore than any who disbelieves the Bible needs to be in order to “know” it’s not true, rather we can read the research of those who are and examine their trustworthiness in various ways to know if they are telling the truth, or if their research makes sense. And for those of you who think, “Well if you won’t except the only evidence that the Bible is false then you’re preventing anyone from showing your reasoning is false”, that’s wrong, because you can view my belief in the Bible as true as a hypothesis that it is true, and then look for any flaw or flaws in my exposition based on that hypothesis.

For example, if someone wouldn’t accept that the basic evidence for macro-evolution were true, and wrote a exposition based on it, that wouldn’t prevent me from showing that their exposition was wrong (if it were long enough) being that flaws are inevitable in any teaching based on a lie, especially a great amount of lies as many think the Bible is.