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The Truth vs. ‘Traditionalism’ In the Calvinist Baptist and Presbyterian Church (Universal Church)

In reply to the Baptist traditionalist at of the Southern Baptist Convention, who spoke against the doctrine of predestiny (or just “destiny”) a.k.a. Calvinism and speaking as if its teachers/believers of such are being unfair by not promoting anti-Calvinism (yes, that absurd) at the blog post


What do you mean by “doctrinal bias”? You’re obviously not saved. It isn’t their BIAS, IT’S WHAT THEY BELIEVE IS WHO GOD IS AND HOW SALVATION CAN ONLY WORK. It’s not a preference of opinion or a sway or an illogical view like YOUR BIAS.

Truth is not about giving equal time to any belief, to conservatism and liberalism or whatever, it’s about WHAT, IS, THE, TRUTH. HOW, DOES, A PERSON, GET, SAVED FROM AN ETERNITY IN HELL. NOT, “Oh you’re hurting my feelings by only saying what you believe the truth way and life is”. Huh? Christ didn’t say to preach opinions and diverging views on salvation. You’re crazed and sinful. Scripture says there will be blemishes among the church, ugly spots, sure that can mean certain leaders and teachers, but if you admit THE MAJORITY of the true church, which comprises Calvinist Baptists and Presbyterians preaches 95 percent that GOD’S WILL IS ALWAYS DONE, and you claim without evidence that “many” Southern Baptists “embrace” (how about BELIEVE, CAN YOU SAY BELIEVE?), obviously your way of hyping a minority view, then WHO COULD THE BLEMISHES, the ONES CAUSING DISHARMONY, DISCORD, DIVISIONS BE? It’s those denying the majority belief. And wow, lol, “traditionalism” eh? Are you Catholic? Are you a Pharisee? Tradition vs God’s word eh? Truth is certainly a tradition, but calling some view a pretentious name just as atheists will call themselves “Freethinkers” or the “rational” ones doesn’t change the fact that they are illogical slaves. The fact is: salvation is promised by God to those who cannot earn it and never would based on HIS CHOICE, HIS WILL, HIS PLANS, HIS SON’S SACRIFICE, HIS BLOOD AND SUFFERING AND DEATH AND RESURRECTION, not our whims and corrupt feelings and will, on our unreliable inconsistent choices. You want the gospel to be, “Congrats, you have a choice, free will, are allowed to be complete king over your own life, oh and Christ died some sort of death they say to make that happen, now if you pick my view you’ll have some neat friends and we can watch sports, drink and smoke together and sing Grateful Dead songs and classic rock and think about all kinds of worldly things rather than those booooooring Bible songs and studying doctrines all day on bleah, “destiny” and “God’s will”, how boring that kind of Creator and Savior are! Oh yeah so on the gospel, so you can lose your salvation if you feel like because God is a respecter of persons, knows your will is equal to His, and that true Father’s who love their sons and daughters and the angels eternally wouldn’t torment them with his horribly boring (oh how I fear the possibility God is an eternal bore!) so called “love” but let you dig into that cool place, do-what-you-feel-like land of the free called Hell where you can never get out of, but just ignore that contradiction, wait, I shouldn’t have mentioned that because I should stay true to being intellectually dishonest. Man but my teaching is so much easier to accept than that maddening destiny stuff where God faults us for every little thing even though He says He’s controlling every single thing! So yeah, the good news is you can go to Heaven if you accept Christ as Lord, Lord, Lord and savior and go to Heaven or Hell if you feel like it and get born again a few times in a row in case you backslid and lost your salvation by accident. So, yeah, you might go to Hell, you might not get saved, yeah, good news, uh, yeah, so uplifting and something to shout on the rooftops and get persecuted, tortured and brutally murdered over and have your family including kids and pets destroyed over. Hey now lets have some worldly fun to cheer ourselves up with after that little talk.”

Wow, so you want that crazy gospel, that crazy life to be the optional “traditional” way offered and taught to Christ’s children, to His sheep? Save that for the goats and go join the liberals and libertines. Go to Four Square and Pentecostal crazed churches where you can go crazy all you want babbling such incomprehensible babble all day and not need a translator or proof it’s of God.

And NO, God doesn’t simply, “control all things” and “your will”, the Bible says He accomplishes his will, plan through indirect ways including direct, but He doesn’t hypnotize anyone. He absolutely uses force, but salvation isn’t “forcing a sinner to love God or face the facts begrudgingly”. That’s how your kind thinks because God has kept you blind and your heart hardened and mind unrepentant so that you don’t have God’s love in you. To you it’s an inconvenience and annoyance, a cruel “fact” of life you hope to eternally ignore so you can promote your own so called “truth” and “love” and “reasoning”. But you hate all three true versions of each so much so you simply refer to some “many”, to three Christians, avoid SCRIPTURE and true reasoning, and an appeal to tradition, like a cultic Catholic or Pharisee or Ultra Orthodox Judiaiser. People like you are the true Pharisees who make up or pander to the countless rules of men but despise the core laws of God, to love Him with all your being and to love your neighbor as yourself and do to others as you’d have done to you. Like it or not God already chose who he’d save and had nothing to do with some kernel of goodness or foreseeing they’d choose to love him, will force every rebellious knee to bow, and He will force the goats out and throw them in Hell and keep his own children pure and in ecstasy forever. If you want Hell as an eternal choice, you’ll get more than that, that will be all you have, Hell and nothing else, as Christ said, whatever you have will be taken away and even what’s left over will be gone. You’ll have less than nothing in Hell forever. So if you don’t want that, then take God’s threat fully seriously for once and truly repent if you can and stop obsessing on having to give up sinful friends, thinking and living.


Who Cares About Carabane?: A Grand Example of Wikipedia’s Hypocrisy

February 13, 2010 4 comments

Today, the nerds of Wikipedia, called Wikipedians (which includes truth-hider Jimmy Wales), is featuring an extremely obscure and not noteworthy place called Carabane, at least until Wikipedia decided to make a show out of it:

Here, you can see how Wikipedia presented this article full of eloquently stated information, yet casually neglected, with apathy towards their own rules, to cite references for a large bulk of it (the first parts), as I kindly revealed for them and their audience:

And here you can see how two of their administrators broke their own precious arbitrarily and hypocritically enforced rule against reverting a particular page more than three times in one day:

Notice how wannabe Pope “Pontificalibus” lies in his last “reason for editing” (undo/revert) comment section by implying that he’s only reverted one of my edits? What a rabid, malicious, liar, and yet this liar is allowed to manipulate Wikipedia left and right to no end. This is the typical rabid hypocrisy you can expect from Wikipedia, and yet Google Corp is perfectly happy to promote Wikipedia as a relevant reliable encyclopedia and so promoting Wikipedia’s massive anti-Bible propaganda.

And notice here how his partner breaks their rule to assume good faith, and almost immediately warns he’ll ban me?:

Notice another reference to the Bible in the name of this idiot moderator “Sangrail”? Clearly they see themselves as holy warriors in a jihad against reality.

These are the typical tactics which the atheist dominated Wikipedia uses in order to silence, subdue or crush their opposition, hoping to appear to be running a professional, neutral and factual encyclopedia.

On top of all that: how is this article “noteworthy“, and yet it’s featured on their home page as the number one featured article! Wikipedia’s administrators are noted for making out obscure hardly useful articles to be noteworthy and deleting things and people which clearly are noteworthy out of jealousy and hatred of some truth or truths.

Other common tactics is to twist the meaning of neutral to mean “unbiased” (when it means “in the middle” and in context meaning “not taking sides” which is the last thing they do, they are clearly biased) and to claim to be factual, asking for facts arbitrarily, or pretending some member they are against isn’t giving them facts or enough facts to back up some claim must be done) and yet implying that “factual” doesn’t mean, at least in part, “truthful”, which they do by insisting that, Wikipedia is not about truth.” when the facts inconvenience them.

Skepticism: Biased Philisophy and Mental Illness

February 11, 2010 Leave a comment

There are two kinds of skeptics, and types who can suffer from any of these types of skeptical mindsets:

1) Paranoid Skepticemia (doubting that which is real. Subtypes: a) Spirit Skepticiemia: doubting the existance of spirits; b) Narcissistic Skepticemia (doubting that any being or person smarter than themselvs can exist) and or

2) Philisophical Skeptics (people who believe, for no logical reason, that it’s healthy and wise to be biased against any claim) and or

How did pro-bias/prejudice and paranoid denial of truth become “healthy”?: Ever since Satan taught that lies were true and truths were lies.