The Ancient Astronaut ”Theory” of Giorgio Tsoukalos

Tonight, on the Kevin Trudeau show, ancient astronaut “theorist” Giorgio Tsoukalos was a guest. Concerning buildings like the pyramids and the ones at Tiahuanaco, Giorgio said, “I defy anyone to tell me how it’s done.” Sure, I’ll tell you without any payment? If someone truly knew does he truly expect them to just explain, freely? That’s what he sounded like. He also said, “real life stone masons that I’ve talked to today… they say to me… he… that not for any amount of time or money” would he volunteer to do this. So, because some stone mason or masons expressed doubt about building giant buildings of stone, and that, as Tsoukalos says “ancient texts” say that the “teachers from the sky” came down and helped them, that therefore nothing as impressive could be built, nowl? 1) What ancient texts does he mean? 2) Aliens gave what help? 3) Therefore we shouldn’t try to figure out how to do so EVEN IF we had had help from aliens building them, despite not knowing WHAT KIND of help? 4) The Bible makes it clear some sort of beings did abandon their assigned dwellings and created Nephilim humans, but what about it? Even if they made the Tower of Babel, what does it matter? Now if they had given us a book on how to make flying saucers, that would be truly impressive.

He kept repeating that “we would have difficulty” building them with modern technology. And?

Tsoukalos is the type, by the way to only hone in on the less than one percent of the Bible that mentions the “flying chariots” and wheels within wheels, as if none of the rest of the 99% is anything but useless or bad filler to control your mind. Arbitrary. Therefore to him, lthe only part of the Bible that matters is the “sci-fi” part. But, which is more important: Ezekiel talking about difficult to understand beings that had a small role in visions he had concerning the downfall and later supremecy of Israel, or being shown how to be good: doing to others as you would have them do to you? What matters more: The star of Bethlehem hovering over Jesus, or learning why not to lie, steal, cheat, bep impatient, murder, hate anyone, blaspheme, throw fits or assume things? Tsoukalos would have you believe it’s seeing a spaceship and dwelling on the question of how stones weighing over 12 tons could be moved for miles, and then uphill and stacked on other such stones, not getting the answer as to how exactly, but just marvelling that “aliens” helped us and forever wondering how it was done. Or maybe he thinks that if we all admit aliens helped us they will come down and tell us how to do it again, and then? So forget self-control and morals, just marvel, wonder and wait on information on how to cut and stack big blocks of rock.

There are a few other good theories as to how these stones were cut and moved, perfectly reasonable with evidence to back them up, but if we all follow Tsoukalos, we’d all be stupid, primitive ignorants doting on such buildings, getting no where, and losing time and money.

Though he claims to be an expert on the ancient astronaut theory, what he says is rehash of what has been said before in many books and shows. He’s just good at rehashing it and making a show of it and is “expertise” is “this looks aliens” and “we can’t build this”.

He also said on the show, “They weren’t stupid they weren’t dumb there were as smart as us we are today.” But no one among them was smarter then “the average person”? No one among them could have discovered some clever way to cut and lift giant rock? Are we all of “average intelligence” today?

Kevin asked Tsoukalos about Roswell, and poised a nonsensical questions, that if aliens have come from tens of thousands of miles, they must be pretty poor pilots because they crash a lot.” Where is the evidence they crash a lot? Where is the evidence that only a few come and a lot crash out of the few? So it’s a question based on assumptions and misinformation. Tsoukalos then went off on a tangent and said he was happy to talk to Kevin and then started talking about Chariots of the Gods and the Nazca lines and then finally go to Roswell, to say, “I don’t know what happened… I live it to my modern experts and researchers”. So he really can’t learn about something so significant, because he too busy looking at ancient buildings to tell us, “We were too stupid to build those, too weak, not clever enough, aliens had to help us!”

Here are questions for Tsoukalos and his fellow freethinkers to freely think about if they can:

Does no one make any astounding discoveries or are their no prodigies or people who are highly skilled and learned? Do you know anything about Edward Leedskalnin or the ancient Egyptian model plane found in a tomb? Are you aware of books like Forbidden Archeology, which show that mankind rather than being simple and boring as Tsoukalos implies: were primitive and boring and stayed that way till aliens came down to help us them megaliths? Are you aware of the Flood account, not just from the Bible but dozens of surviving tribes from all over the world? Tsoukalos is aware of an ancient plane found in Mexico, or was it South America. He talked about it with Kevin, and Kevin said they didn’t have electricity and didn’t fly and only maybe invented the wheel, but Tsoukalos said that that is what mainstream scientists claimed. Tsoukalos gave evidence that he thought they did make a wheel because they had a game with a hoop and that they should have thought about some other usage for such a circle. By that logic everyone seeing anything round, like the sun, should have made a wheel. That’s a good example of Tsukoloses very shallow, very weak, very arbitrary. It’s the same kind of logic that evolutionists use, “Oh these ancient bones look similar, and the smaller creatures turned into the big ones, and then the big ones got little again because we got hit with an asteroid. Oh wait, new theory: the giant lizards turned into feathered birds. Wait, another new theory: there was crazy evolution of all kinds going on. Let’s watch a Discovery Channel cartoon and Jurassic Park again, it will help take your mind off those stupid “fundies” and their claims that there is all kinds of easily found evidence to verify the historical records of the Bible, and help brainwash you into thinking we actually have evidence for our theories. We can watch South Park after that and then pass out drunk and spend another five billion dollars on a 10 mile long machine to mash some particles together. Cool right? And those “fundies” will just waste their lives reading the Bible and trying to control you by hitting your head with it.”

Though Tsoukalos makes his theory to be in and of itself astounding and useful, it falls for short of reality, and reality that is far more amazing then he makes it out to be, so much more, that the Bible says it can’t be imagined till seen.

Update 10-26-2012:

Tsoukalous said on Coast to Coast AM tonight (25th) that creationists who believed the world is 6,000 years old (it’s actually about 6,500) are wrong about the fossil record, because “why don’t mainstream scientists and geologists in universities (this is literally how this guy talks, in a simpleton’s way of thinking that is) believe this, are they all crazy? I don’t think so.” Yet this is a guy who goes against mainstream scientists AND ARCHEOLOGISTS, INCLUDING BIBLICAL ARCHEOLOGISTS (which includes ATHEISTS) and MAINSTREAM GEOLOGISTS every moment with his “ancient aliens theory”! And not long before that, in that same hour, said that his show and website was all about ASKING QUESTIONS, not affirming what is true and what isn’t! What an extreme oblivious hypocrite. And after he said, “ALL WE DO IS ASK QUESTIONS”. This is a confused person who states such and such is true but at the same time uses double speak, by saying nothing can be believed since you have to keep asking questions about the same things he implies. He doesn’t understand the importance of believing what is clearly true, but arbitrarily believes whatever he feels like. This is a truly confused and confusing person. He also, I noted, when referring to GEOLOGISTS, did not say MAINSTREAM and spoke as if there WERE NO SUCH THING AS CREATIONIST GEOLOGISTS, OR CHRISTIAN SCIENTISTS? Oh and did I mention that after saying we should accept the right of creationists to believe what they want, and “Who am I to say they are wrong” said that their beliefs, in a pretty sly way, was crazy, by saying, “That’s the crazy world we live in”, he said that right after saying we have to accept what they believe. And just minutes before he was done with his interview ended, said, “Nothing is too wild, because we should always leave open the possibility… nothing has been solved. … We should stop to be arrogant (sic), and (accept that nothing has been solved).” LIAR! IF NOTHING HAS BEEN SOLVED WHY DOES HE SAID IT IS CRAZY TO BELIEVE THAT THE UNIVERSE IS 6,000 YEARS OLD AND THAT MAINSTREAM SCIENTISTS CAN BE WRONG?! Why does he conveniently ignore that not all scientists are mainstream scientists when it comes to assessing if Christians are telling the truth or not? Why doesn’t he take into account the obvious: PRIDE AND MONEY?! DID HE NOT JUST SAY BEFORE HIS INTERVIEW ENDED, “STOP THE ARROGANCE (UNJUSTIFIED PRIDE)”?! Don’t all scholars know one of the most basic most influential verses in the Bible: THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL!?

Conclusion: Tsoukalos not someone to listen to for spiritual guidance, or building design, or Biblical interpretation or guidance.

Are Atheists Less Intelligent Than Theists In General? Judge.

In response to a the Cambridge Professor “Simon Baron-Cohen”, who wants everyone to be more specific then simply calling people “evil” and not looking into why a people are evil (as if no one ever tries to find out why people do evil things even though both former theists and religious people obviously do so all the time and though the Bible makes it clear why people are evil), an atheist named “Hector”, supposedly from Scotland, said,

I can buy this more than I can buy evil being a result of direct intervention by the Devil or any other made up mystical being. Why shouldn’t it be the case that “evil” people coming from terrible backgrounds, starved of love, nurturing and have suffered maltreatment, isolation and rejection. Why shouldn’t it be the case that society can looked into ways of fixing things.

– Hector, Edinburgh, Scotland, 08/5/2011 19:10

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So atheists are smarter than Christians huh.

Here’s my reply to comment:

“I can buy this more than I can buy evil being a result of direct intervention by the Devil or any other made up mystical being.”

The Devil isn’t “mystical”. And why would you be willing to “buy into” a made up being at all? I sure wouldn’t be willing to believe in lies. But an atheist would, as you admitted in your careless rant.

“Why shouldn’t it be the case that “evil” people coming from terrible backgrounds, starved of love, nurturing and have suffered maltreatment, isolation and rejection.”

Sadly, that jumble of words didn’t make any grammatical sense, so bad is the grammar, no point can be discerned by me, which is sad, since I usually can see the missing point in pointless and badly worded arguments.

“Why shouldn’t it be the case that society can looked into ways of fixing things.”

So, in your dark troll cave, no one has ever been “fixed” by becoming a Christian? No one has ever gotten better? No one has ever looked into “fixing” anyone? No Christian has? No Christian has ever helped anyone else to become a Christian and become more mentally stable and more logical? Get out of your dark troll hole and stop assuming things and babbling nonsense.

It’s Official: Atheists are Deliberately Ignorant, Truth-hating, Credit-theiving, Hypocrites – Extreme atheist fails

Post link: http:/

Think atheists can be good? Wonder why atheists are the most hated and mistrusted group? Here’s a little of the endless evidence as to why atheists should be locked up in insane asylums:

Today on a certain stupidity-filled website (it’s for atheists only, so big surprise) I found these two ultra stupid comments:

“why not think Harry Potter is real, there are millions who think god is real and thats just rediculous” from “Atheist Princess”.

For you very young people who don’t know why that is super stupid, this is why:

1) She’s comparing what no one believes is real to what many believe is real, and not explaining what the connection is.

2) She doesn’t say which of her statements is ridiculous: which is ridiculous: not believing that Harry Potter is real or that God is real or both?

3) She didn’t give any evidence as to why whatever she is saying is ridiculous is ridiculous.

4) She didn’t even spell ridiculous right.

On her profile she said this:

Notice she says that she is obsessed with the “fairy tale” Harry Potter, and even made a forum on it? Notice she gives no evidence as to why she became an atheist, and had believes that no Christian teaches, which is that you weren’t to ask any questions about the Bible, when in churches that is done all the time, and when Christians pose them all the time everywhere? Notice she gives no explanation at all as to why she became an atheist, except because certain things didn’t make sense to her, and yet can’t be bothered to say what those things were even though she also says she is trying to convert her sisters to atheism (which having such a hatred for religion, says, “deconvert” in place of convert). She also not many minutes ago posted a video link to a narcissist named Laci Green, who resorted to using a severe sexual insult against Christ and stereotype of Christians, based on her experience on one encounter with a Christian who gave her some short simple preaching in a single encounter, and yet Laci merely said for the video description (and notice the type of facial expression she gave at the end):

My opinion based on science, reason, logic, rationale, and the undiscriminating pursuit of truth. What’s yours based on? ;)

The good things are done by god, and the bad things just….happen. LOL…cute. :|

And what does her last sentence have to do with truth, reality and the previous sentence? Is that logical? No, it shows she is shallow and truth-hating: she chose to joke about some stupid thing she heard, rather than give any evidence to justify her attacks on theists, Christians, or Christ.

Atheist Princess, like Laci, merely posted insults as the description for this video, but more direct and severe. She said:

LMAO@ the jesus freaks! Grow up. Don’t you know? Fairytales are for children! Please get a fundamental grasp on science, philosophy, metaphysics, and log[ic]

Notice that she didn’t say, “believe in fairy tales is for children” but rather that they just are. Why then does she obsess on Harry Potter as she admits, even making a thread dedicated to it and commanding others to participate in it? Why doesn’t she acknowledge that making mere insults and ranting with hatred is childish and not “grown up”? Why does she think saying “LMAO” is mature, or that being sexually offensive to theists or Christians is mature, or that getting getting drunk and being stupid and insulting every theist who has existed, insulting the ones whose inventions and music she enjoys to no end and obsesses on and giving them no acknowledgment, no credit, and instead tearing down civilization, why does she think that that is mature, truthful, and logical?

She also thinks that it’s appropriate to claim to “own” Christians, as in slavery. Yet aren’t atheists the ones who attack Christians for promoting slavery? Which is it atheists: is slavery good or bad? You boast about owning Christians, therefore you say it is good, and therefore God will make slaves out of you. By your words you will be judged. She also promoted a thread that claimed Spinoza was among the greatest dead philosophers. Does she know that Spinoza was a theist? Does she know that atheists have lied about what Spinoza thought about God, in order to make Einstein (who was influenced by Spinoza) to look like an atheist? Maybe if she wasn’t so busy getting drunk and being stupid, like so many atheists do and say the love to do.

Further, where is the evidence on her twitter wall, that she is someone who is logical and seeks truth?:

# i would totally get into that 3:10 PM Sep 3rd via Atheist Nexus App

# I LOVE YOU!!! 10:38 PM Aug 26th via Atheist Nexus App

# I HAVE BEEN ELMIFIED @elmify 11:36 AM Aug 18th via web

# Labels… who needs them! Tear them off, Throw them away, Who cares what size the shirt is! lol 9:06 PM Aug 9th via Atheist Nexus App

# there are no words… 11:33 AM Jul 29th via Atheist Nexus App

# just 4 giggles! 8:53 AM Jul 22nd via Atheist Nexus App

# my name is inigo montoya you killed my father prepare to die! 4:22 AM Jul 22nd via web

# Reza1991 #happybirthday daniel radcliffe 3:51 AM Jul 22nd via mobile web Retweeted by AtheistPrincess and 1 other

# you can kiss the lower part of the back of the canister that is my body 4:12 AM Jul 22nd via web

# *insert witty atheist quote here* 10:06 PM Jul 14th via Atheist Nexus App

# because im a follower #HugoChavezSucks 12:00 AM Jul 14th via web

# seekertruthnet #showsweneedback — Legend of the Seeker // 10:16 AM Jun 24th via web Retweeted by AtheistPrincess and 100+ others

# go to google type in “lol limewire” and click the “im feeling lucky” button…… Your welcome! 10:51 PM Jun 24th via Atheist Nexus App

# molly ringwald so should have picked duckie!!! 11:58 AM Jun 23rd via Atheist Nexus App

# loves wearing shorts in 20 degree weather!!! 10:31 PM Mar 9th via a Ning Network

# Bingle bongle dingle dangle yickety doo yickety dah ping pong lippy toppy too tah! 2:31 AM Mar 6th via a Ning Network

# this makes me want to go to Amarillo, TX and start punching mofo’s in the face! 11:02 PM Mar 4th via a Ning Network

# I am, apparently, the best employee with the best work ethic you’ll ever lay off. (i think i have a thing with sleeping with co-workers) 12:13 PM Mar 2nd via a Ning Network

# Men rarely (if ever) manage to dream up a God superior to themselves. Most Gods have the manners and morals of a spoiled child. 9:21 PM Mar 1st via a Ning Network

# I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it 9:19 PM Mar 1st via a Ning Network

What does any of that have to do with a love for truth and logic, let alone seeking either out? All that shows is a scatterbrained person who is obsessed with themselves, with pleasure and beauty and a hatred for logic and truth and reality in general. It shows she is immature and shallow and has poor self-control.

Then, I found this in the forum:

What do you believe in?

Posted by Travis Brummett on March 24, 2010 at 10:25pm in Atheism

What stuff do you believe in even though you dont have evidence and are atheist? I believe in aliens and some sort of afterlife. I also believe theres a 4th density that has different laws of physics. The 4th density im talking about is not about time. I believe theres alot of stuff the universe can do that would seem supernatural. I believe in magic and supernatural like powers that humans arent capable of.”

So this atheist doesn’t even know what the right word is for “dimension” and replaces it with “density” and doesn’t realize that most people who have an education in physics believe that a 4th dimension exists: time, or that most people have no problem with it being called a dimension, and therefore acts like he’s believing in something out of the ordinary worth mentioning. On top of that, rather than believing in logic, he trusts in magic, magic being something that happens for no logical reason like in Dungeons and Dragons (or something caused by demons).

Now these are not comments I “cherry-picked” out of many, these were two comments I came across after reading a very few other things on that site, maybe three other pieces of information besides the logo on that site, a little of Atheist Princess’ profile description and two links she posted, one to a video called “I love you” (which was a vain rant from a white guy acting cute for attention and making it seem like it was something profound for him to say, “I love you”, like he was even close to being as loving as God or Christl) and another link to something so stupid I can’t remember what it was.

And these are not unusual experiences for me when I read what atheists say or talk to them: everything almost that comes out of their mouth on religion, is INSANE. Even the wisest atheists I learn about, make severely illogical claims concerning religion and morality, and do very immoral things (stalking for example). Another example of what would appear to be a wise atheist (but turned out to be as mentally ill or as severely illogical as the rest of them), is Kramer, who claimed to have a degree in psychology, and didn’t bother saying where, so as far as anyone knows it’s a cracker jack degree, claimed that theists make the “argument from authority” error, and from the context he said that in, meant that their only evidence is “God did it” or “my god did it”, which only an ignoramus, or truth-hater would say (which includes forgetful people), being that there are millions of theists who refer to evidence for their theism, one which torments millions of atheists: intelligent design evidence. So if he truly had a good education and who was knowledgeable in religion from his life experience (and he looked about 49 from his picture), he had at least no excuse for ignoring ID theory or Christian creationism evidence. In fact: I found him in the same forum I posted comments from above, commenting in a thread on Ray Mcgovern: a Christian who expertly points out the many evidences for a created universe. That makes Kramer, a deceiver.

In addition to that, I’ve noticed that atheists, without giving any credit to the originator, have been copying and pasting logic fallacy lists, and have twisted them to make make Christianity to appear illogical, and not only commit logical fallacies by being deceptive in that way, but even committing the same logical fallacies they claim are fallacies! Take for example this hate speech against theists sanctioned by Shippensburg University, posted by their former professor George Boeree:

“We must encourage our youth to worship God to instill moral behavior.”

But does religion and worship actually produce moral behavior? Of course not!

This hack philosopher, WITH NO DEGREE IN PHILOSOPHY LET ALONE LOGIC, who copied and pasted a fallacy list and made it anti-theistic, made a circular argument himself: he’s making a personal attack against religion (ad hominem) and is committing the fallacy of “appealing to obviousness” by his weasel word: “of course not!” and committing the fallacy of “appealing to emotion” by using an exclamation mark. He’s also indirectly committing the fallacy of “appealing to authority” by implying that his mere word as a former professor with a degree in psychology and whatever works he’s written (which are obscure, and not authoritative, so he’s being a vain hypocrite on top of all this).

Why in the world, would I convert to atheism, when they are extreme hypocrites, destructive (constantly brutally killing babies, and have killed over 150,000,000 people in the last 100 years, not even counting abortions), who stereotype Christians and tell whatever lie they think of so they don’t look as bad, and so that no one imprisons or executes them as dangers to life, and when it’s pointed out that they are severely corrupt, merely repeat their stereotype in various ways: “Well Christians are hypocrites too.”

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