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2-Year-Old Girl Run Over THREE TIMES and Ignored by EIGHTEEN Passerbys, Rescued by a Scavenger

December 23, 2011 1 comment

The girl who was hit and ignored is named Yue Yue (as of 12-23-2011 it seemed over 3,500,000 have seen the video)

“the love of many will grow cold.” -Matthew 24:12

Incredible to see such evil behavior (and from guess who: atheists no doubt), but, I was even more shocked by the one who first picked up the child because she did it in a crude way, but later I found out she was elderly and probably didn’t have the best education being that she was a “trash scavenger.”

“October 13th, afternoon around 5:30, a car accident occurred at the Guangfo Hardware Market in Huangqi of Foshan. A van hit a 2-year-old little girl and then fled. No passersby reached out to help and then another car ran over her. Over the span of 7 minutes, a total of 17 people passing by failed to extend a hand or call the police, up until the 19th person, a garbage scavenger ayi [older woman], who lifted her up after discovering her but the little girl in her arms was like a noodle, immediately collapsing back onto the ground. The trash scavenger ayi called for help, and the little girl’s mother, who was in the vicinity, immediately rushed over and rushed her to the hospital.”

One Chinese commenter on this video said:

It isn’t ignoring, it’s not daring. If one were to encounter a Nanjing judge, one would be screwed.

[Note: “Nanjing judge” refers to the infamous 2006 case of a man named Peng Yu who helped a woman to the hospital after she had fallen only to have the old woman accuse him of knocking her down. The Nanjing judge in that case ultimately ruled that common sense dictated that only the person who hit her would take her to the hospital, setting a precedent that continues only further discourages and reinforces many Chinese people’s wariness to help others in similar situations.]

Another person commented,

I wouldn’t necessarily send her into the hospital, but I would definitely make a call, and call for help. For those people who saw and then made a detour around her, have your consciences all been “eaten by a dog” [lost]? May your own children be the next Yue Yue [name of the 2-year-old girl who was run over in the video].

And another said,

Those people who walked by are animals. No, even some animals have compassion and would at the very least stop to take a look. Those 18 pigs who walked by should also be arrested and taught a lesson with 15 days [in jail]. Instead it was the waste scavenger ayi from other parts [of the country] who had a conscience.

Video and more info here.

Good news!: The woman who helped the little girl (Chen Xianmei) was awarded 25,000 Yuan! ($3,945.40 USD)

” When receiving the money she said Chen Xianmei accepting the Nanhai District Civilization Office’s appreciation, thoroughly reluctantly accepting the reward money. As a simple person, she kept repeating, “I didn’t help her for money.” ” This reminds me of this saying from the Messiah “For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” (Matthew 23:12)

Here’s a different story from China with opposite news: Chinese Crowd Lifts SUV to Rescue Run Over Child in Wenzhou. I wonder if these were atheists too.


More Atheists Misleading In Self-Righteous Hypocrisy

December 19, 2011 2 comments

“Often, a cold shudder has run through me, and I have asked myself, whether I may have not devoted myself to a fantasy ” Charles Darwin…Life and Letters 1887 – sandra, Liverpool England, More False Witness Bearing by creationists. Another one breaks the 9th commandment. Dear Sandra, I would ask you and other creationists to stop misrepresenting Darwin and other scientists by mining their quotes. This above comes from a letter to Darwin’s friend, Charles Lyell. The next line is: “Now I look at it as morally impossible that investigators of truth, like you (Lyell) and Hooker, can be wholly wrong, and therefore I rest in peace.” Darwin, unlike creationists, was intellectually honest and always presented a problem before offering the solution. Creationists usually cut and paste only the problem and try to sully Darwin and science with it. It’s a murky, ugly, untruthful business is quote mining, but desperate creationists are happy to do it in the name of their myth.

– Duster, Canterbury, Kent, 07/6/2010 20:31

Rating   41
And it’s a myth because Duster, part of the group that killed 150,000,000 people in the past 100 years in the name of “I’m God, there is no God” not including millions of aborted babies, which in China atheists forcefully abort and try to stop from being born by sterilizing women after having just one (wow talk about “extremists” and “fanatics” and “kooks”) — because Duster who cares about Darwin being taken out of context, but not the deeds of Christians, creationists, theists or God, said so. Get saved Duster, before it’s too late for you.

James, London said that atheism was: “The belief that there was nothing and nothing happened to nothing and then nothing magically exploded for no reason, creating everything and then a bunch of everything magically rearranged itself for no reason what so ever into self-replicating bits which then turned into dinosaurs.” As a faithful Christian, James, i’m sure you live and fear the 10 Commandments and believe that if you break one, you’re off to hell. Well, you’ve broken the 9th: thou shalt not bear false witness. I would fear if I were you. Your false witness here is against non-belief in your god and all gods, and also against science. Atheists only believe in one less god than you, James, and please show me any astronomer who says “nothing magically exploded for no reason”. And for stuff “rearranged itself for no reason”? Again, false witness: there was a reason: reproduction. You’ve broken the 9th Commandment, James. Really…

– Duster, Canterbury, Kent, 07/6/2010 20:20

Rating (-1)
“As a faithful Christian, James, i’m sure you live and fear the 10 Commandments and believe that if you break one, you’re off to hell.” Duster just showed his massive ignorance of Christianity. Duster doesn’t even know the absolute basics of the Bible aka Christian teachings, yet a room full of atheists rushed to vote up his last comment in which he mined creationists for one alleged quote, taking a liar, out of context, a liar who stole credit for his theory, from guess what?: Just a creationist. Just Edward Blyth, a naturist.

Art, Austin, TX, said,: “Please don’t force me to correct you again. We discussed this before, remember? The Earth-Sun system is CLOSED..” The earth is not a closed system: sunlight (with low entropy) shines on it and heat (with higher entropy) radiates off. This flow of energy, and the change in entropy that accompanies it, can and will power local decreases in entropy on earth. Even if entropy did occur, evolution does not violate basic physical laws because evolution says nothing about the origin of life. Evolution occured only after life originated – however that happened, either supernaturally (unlikely) or naturally (most probably). Even major creationist orgganisations like Answers in Genesis says the 2nd law of thermodynaimcs should not be used as an argument against evolution.

– Duster, Canterbury, Kent, 07/6/2010 20:09

Rating   18

And even the former atheist Antony Flew had to admit there was at least a God of some kind after carefully examining DNA, but despite all of Duster’s careful examining, he refuses to see anything but arguments that can be used against creationists, despite none of them proving evolution possible, logical, or creationism illogical. Talk about intellectual dishonest and pathological science. Deeply sinful.

“The atheists lunatic belief system: In the beginning there was NOTHING – and absolutely nothing was happening to absolutely nothing. Then, one random day – absolutely nothing exploded and absolutely nothing became… absolutely EVERYTHING. Then the nothing that became everything (for no reason at all) rearranged itself into self-replicating, intricately complex life forms. ” – Michael, Scotland, 5/6/2010 11:21 Or your version…. One day there was an omnipotent being who decided to create the most enormous universe full of stars and planets… he chose one little one, put some stuff on it and then did nothing but watch as they killed themselves for millenia… so he sent his ‘son’ to die for us. A bunch of (uneducated) guys in huts 2000 years ago wrote a book about it which has spawned countless wars and even though we’ve made huge scientific steps since then, people still believe what’s written in that old book…. that make more sense? As it doesn’t to me!

– Oli, Braintree, Englishland, 07/6/2010 13:43

Rating   60

“Or your version….”

Whose version?

“One day there was an omnipotent being”

Another person (atheist? agnostic?) who doesn’t know Bible basics: it Bible doesn’t say God suddenly one day appeared, nor that the day appeared at the same time as God. Truly stupid. Truly ignorant.

“who decided to create the most enormous universe full of stars and planets…”

You committed logical fallacy “begging the question”: what does enormity and being full of stars and planets (actually mainstream scientists claim that most of the universe is empty. Millions of people have already been told that. it seems to me you’re not very informed as me and don’t keep up with the latest science. Further “the most enormous universe” in comparison to what other universe? The little imaginary one that exploded one in your skull? Did you read some book about parallel universes or dote on mainstream science fictional tales in the few news articles you read about how “there’s a giant gap in the universe, billions of light years of an expanse with nothing there and scientists think it might be the entrance to another universe” and then all the sudden it’s as real as a billions and billions of years old Carl Sagan big bang that you saw exploding?

“he chose one little one,”

Where does the Bible say he chose one place to put life on, when throughout the Bible it talks about angels? You also made a strawman argument: do all Christians say God only made life in one area of the universe? Further, even if it were true, you committed the fallacy of begging the question again: what is your point? You’re point, because you are a morally blind and morally backwards person, is that it’s arrogant to think God would do so, as if you are God of all, or greater than him or his judge to say, “How arrogant of you to choose one place to make life.” Huh? Because? Confused much? And as if you know the future? And read all the atheists here railing against me for pointing out THE NEARLY MILITANT ATHEIST CARL SAGAN’S ABSURD IMPLICATION THAT THE ONLY LIFE THAT EXISTS IS ON EARTH! BUT, “DAMN THEM CHRISTIANS NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY! GOD MADE ME MAD AND DIDN’T GIVE ME MY WAY! HE LETS BAD THINGS HAPPEN! UH UH UH HE DOESN’T LET ME EXPERIENCE WHATEVER I WANT TO! LIKE BAD THINGS! UH UH UH…” Endless contradictions and arbitrary circular reasoning. When will, it end? When will atheists who protest against Christianity no matter what good they see coming from Christians concede they are wrong about God not existing? Pride comes before a fall.

“put some stuff on it”

Listen to that idiot atheist rant. So you have Carl Sagan, an idol among most atheists, seems to me at least, and many atheists trouncing all over Christians with words like, “There’s just this one pale blue dot we know about, precious life all over, glory and beauty all over, look at all the beautiful billions and BIILLLIOOONS of stars my children! Weeee look at me run through the beautiful evolved grass and the beautiful invisible wind that no one can see rushing through my hair but trust me the wind exists even though you can’t directly see it weeee look at me run! Look how I evolved to be able to out run the monstrous dinosaurs and other humans to survive and because my DNA wanted to replicate! Weeee, oh look at the glorious flowers and beautiful everything you crazy evil wicked sinful theists who causes wars and misery and death everywhere due to YOUR gods YOUR God YOUR beliefs (and says very quickly) NOT MINE! and weeee loooook at meeeeeeeeeeeee… you only have one life to live you twists see how awesome the universe is don’t waste your life!” But, you, an idiot, a typical atheist, coming up with an arbitrary argument in smugness and hate and bitterness, have to say the opposite of what you know to be false, just to, “get the Christian to chase his tail” and out of spite for God. The very same group that faults Christians for being stupid for wasting their precious life by not experiencing the “wonderful and beautiful” universe by not “living life to the fullest” (meaning agreeing with whatever an atheist says is fun and good, not the Christians’ version), just say, “stuff” now, because oh: it’s just a stupid Christian ur talkin’ too. Talk about hypocrites. Conniving, evil, wicked, lying, deceptive, time-wasting, hypocrites. How much more of atheist “bullshit” do theists have to listen to before locking them up for temporary insanity, hopefully temporary. Lock those war-starting atheists away. Yes: you are the ones who start wars: 150 million dead in hundred years thanks to atheist communists. And being that atheists lie so much you can’t even trust that they aren’t just using communism as propaganda to get their way, to, how do you say it, “using religion as a tool to control people.”

“and then did nothing but watch as they killed themselves for millenia…”

Wow, really, did not even read page one of the Bible. Here we go again with atheists coming up with arbitrary arguments, committing the fallacy of “circular reasoning”, another damn God if he does damn God if doesn’t argument. Fault: 1) I thought atheists DON’T want God getting involved in every single little thing they do because, “Look how he’s CONSTANTLY ANGRY AT EVERYONE, KILLING LEFT AND RIGHT AND COMMITTING GENOCIDE”, but now, switcharoo: God “don’t do nothin, he just made stuff and watches without feelin'”. What a provoker.

“so he sent his ‘son’ to die for us.”

But wait: you just said he sat and watched, as if he felt nothin’, but all the sudden he sent his (ONLY, PERFECT, AT-ONE-WITH-HIM) son to DIE (WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ETERNITY COMPRESSED INTO THREE DAYS SUFFERING FOR COUNTLESS SINNERS WITH COUNTLESS SINS!?!? WHAT AN ARROGANT DECEPTIVE TRIVIALIZER! YOU SOUND LIKE SATAN MAN!) for us, to DIE for US, THE ENTIRE PLANET(?), but now all the sudden, according to you, God decides, “I’ll send my son to die for them.” Wow you are no story teller, no Bible-story writer. You can’t tell a story that make sense like God can, or those “primitives living in huts” could/. And what happened to the “caves” myth/cliche?. First humans only lived in caves now they only lived in huts.

And despite God dying for “us” you still hate him, even if he died for over 50 billion people, with countless sins. And really?: you care about “millions” of people (theists) dying let alone one, Mr.: “I See No Communist Atheists Muderin’ No One,” Mr. “I Was Around For the Past 6,500 Years to Be Tormented at All the Millions of Deaths I Saw Just as I Was Around To See Evolution First Happen 12 Billion Years Ago and Before that When I Saw the Big Bang Happen!” — huh? just millions? No: over a billion people have died over thousands of years, and over billions more if we really were around for millions and billions of years. You speak CARE-LESS-LY, without care, without care for the truth, just like all atheists. You’re sloppy-minded, like a drunk person, drunk on your delusions of grandeur, thinking you’re superior to God, as if God was just a cloud floating in the sky even though that doesn’t come anything close to the definition of “God.”

“A bunch of (uneducated) guys in huts 2000 years ago”

Wow I’m reading the words of a major moron: You still haven’t seen these things called “pyramids”? Where u been man? Living in a cave, Mr. Uneducated? You haven’t even seen a National Geographic propaganda movie of any kind, no commercials, no magazine covers of the “primitives” you’re talking about? Speed up your education guy who lives in a house superior to a hut (cuz don’t you know what you live in is a definite sign of your intelligence, uh, no):, Or, you could just look up “pyramids” in Wikipedia, dominated by your fellow nerdier-and-living-in-a-darker-danker-basement-than-you atheists friends.

wrote a book about it which has spawned countless wars

Why are you so gullible? Why do you keep repeating a myth? Biased much? Ignorant of history much? You can’t even check the atheist controlled Wikipedia? What “countless” wars moron? Count some for us: which wars? Are you going to refer to the CATHOLICS? Are all Catholics “Christian”? Are all Christians Catholic? And listen to what an idiot this person is: he’s said “all wars are bad.” So no war is fought for a just reason? No fight is fought for a good reason? You might as well have said, “all defending is bad,” “all attacking is bad”, and you do both with your words. Yet another example of how illogical anti-Christians are, yet another overgeneralizing, sterotyping, assuming, hypocritical, simplelton.

and even though we’ve made huge scientific steps since then,

Like what idiot? This is another moron who thinks atheists paved the way for scientific advancements and that atheists came up with all the great scientific advancements and that evolutionism was the cherry on top (despite it only being shown as having been useful for COUNTLESS MURDERS: STALIN, HITLER, POL POT, KIM IL JUNG, AMERICAN EUGENICISTS, and other serial killers. See how hypocritical atheist-defenders are? Their accusations apply to them, not the Christians they lump in together with the fakes in their arrogance and carelessness. It’s the atheist Bible that spawns countless fights and deaths and endless strife. The “spawning of evil” comes from those who worship false gods, and multiply them, those who worship themselves and other humans, comic book characters and animals, and out of HATRED for God’s word is evil spawned, from atheists included, not THE BIBLE, you spawn of Satan. “Your father is the devil, and he was a liar and murderer from the beginning.” Satan, the accuser, the hypocrite accuser and judge, who condemns God throughout the day, just like his children do, yet do the very things they accuse the righteous of.

people still believe what’s written in that old book….

Look how stupid this guy is; he’s so dumb he commits one of the most obvious logical fallacies: “Age Fallacy”. “It’s old therefore it must no longer be useful.” Cool so all I have to do is wait for you to turn some “old” age for you to be wrong about whatever you’ve said, all I have to do is say, “Darwin is dead and old and so is evolution babble.” So many contradictions in atheist ranting. Oh and, since “don’t murder” and “don’t lie” is “old” (ancient even), it must not matter if I lie to or murder you, right Mr. “I’m New”? Or is that what you just believe for yourself and fellow Christian-haters? You sure are “new.”

people still believe what’s written in that old book…. that make more sense?

No Mr. New Drama Dots, that doesn’t make sense. You’re grammar is nonsensical, which is typical of an atheist.

As it doesn’t to me!

Not only does that sentence not make sense to me, it doesn’t make sense at all. What an idiot. But this idiot, got 60 votes up, no doubt mainly from atheists. There were sixty votes up for this rant, this stupid, childish, oaf’s rant. If that isn’t an awesome sign of how stupid anti-Christians and atheists are, if that isn’t evidence of proof, then what is? Do they need to be seen punching themselves in the mouth or running into brick walls over and over saying, “I can defeat you!” til they drop dead?

I belive in the planet god Staurnius. He says that all life is of him and within him. Without him there is nothing. He declares his existance through our belief in him, shun science, burn your books of evil and worship at his orbit. His physical manifestation can be seen with a telescope, the planet you call saturn.

– Saturnius Priest, omnipitent, 07/6/2010 13:17
Rating   10

A moron atheist gets ten votes up because he compared the most influential helpful religion and book in the world, tested against 4000 years of time, and lasted, and bested all other books after all that time, is still used as an archeological guide even by atheists, and used for studying ancient languages, to his little rant about about worshiping a planet. And even though they knew that the Bible says not to worship material things, as do true Christians (not talking about “Pentecostal” Arminian idiots), to use reason, to have evidence for what you believe and not to assume and not to lie, they compare it to a priest worshiping a planet and to the “superior” “logical” atheists whose lives are based on science and worship science (so they claim) yet when it’s pointed out that they use emotional ranting in place of science, they ask you, “what u talkin’ bout science for?” Uhhhhh: because you idiots keep including it in your attacks and basing your claims on your so called science? Just like this Saturn rant? “Duh”? Yet you make fun of “retards” and claim Christians and theists are “retards”? BLIND, DUMB, IGNORANT, ARROGANT, HYPOCRITES. No atheists, it’s not the lovers of Christ or the God who created all the planets and matter in the universe that are apart of an obscure and bizarre anti-reasoning cult, that’s you Mainstreamers who believe you saw a big bang billions and billions of Carl Sagan years ago, saw gas turning into planets and stars, saw energy turning into rocks, saw magic soup puddles giving birth to little animals when hit with Dr. Frankenstein’s lightning, saw evolution over billions and billions of years of these little animals turning into laughing, dancing, singing, sexual humans, turning into male and females subduing their environment and choosing to worship an invisible creator, who think you see transitional fossils, a bag full as proof that these things happened, who think you still see stars forming from gas and planets from rocks floating around billions and billions of light years away, who think that moths being born with spots is proof that laughing, dancing, singing, sex-having, exploring, God-worshiping humans, came from little living thingies that you can’t see and can’t even describe, and can’t show to anyone. Talk about believers in the “invisible”. Talk about “deluded”. Talk about “kooks” and “cranks” and “crackpots”. Talk about mere faith and needing faith and talking about faith all the time because of zero evidence for what you believe in. Your cult even is a perfect description of how you think: “Mainstream” as in “Because we’re the authority, majority, most popular and most accepted, we’re the right and good ones!” Wow! What happened to those logical fallacy lists that you hijacked and spread all over the Internet in the name of “no gods no guilt”? You’re similar to the false pastors Jesus described, you jump over the sheep gate rather than come in through the Gate with permission, pretending to be a shepherd, rob the sheep, then jump over the gate like a thief in the night after doing damage. You repeat logical fallacies while committing them, because you could care less about them in the first place, and just want to appear wise without having to do the work to truly be wise. You are blind guides leading the blind trying to lead the sighted as well, but you fall into a pit while trying.

This Saturnian priest is a typical atheist; he doesn’t know what science is. He couldn’t use a spellchecker, but got ten votes up. Or is that his dumb way of saying, “Theists can’t spell”? And what a statement that deserves voting up right? “Theists can’t spell, dey don’t do science, dey not builded no pyramids, no dey builded nuttin, dey uh, um, dey war all dah time so dat why der is none left and why atheists rule da world and why atheists are the most biggerest group in da world and why der is only 4 persent of theists in world now.” Talk about “bigotry”, “hateful” and “war spawning”. And he thinks he’s being scientific by mere mockery. Truly an idiot. It’s typical for atheists to vote up any “old” cliches, any nonsense, as long as it’s directed against theists. Truly stupid. No moron atheists: the idiots are you, because all you do is pretend to be scientific by saying, “Nanny nanny ur not scientific, we’re the scientists.” or good even though you watched without protest, or a little feeble protesting when it came to standing up for your enemies when they were unjustly attacked. You’re no better then the same who watched while the Jews were taken away to be humiliated and brutally murdered under the pretense of being thieves and anti-progress, and no better than those who committed those crimes. No moron atheists, it’s you who “builded” nothing, there are no pyramids standing in your legacy. You are a tiny minority, because you’re bitterly unpleasant, self-destructive, negative (despite that some of you pretend or delude yourself into thinking that atheism is about living life to the fullest and that fullest means, “being morally good while having fun”), hypocrites, plainly not trustworthy, murderous, arrogant, morally shallow, self-centered brutes.

But here’s something that isn’t taken out of context, said by Darwin: he said that evil existed. Now what, is evil? Can the evolution or survival of the fittest god tell us what evil is? Why did Darwin say evil existed if there’s no God whose personality decides what is evil or not? Is evil killing an animal to eat it? Is it killing at all? Is it lying, stealing, murdering, dishonoring your parents, worshiping false gods, blaspheming God, breaking the Sabbath? What is it? Is it animals killing other animals to survive or for fun? Show me the law book of evil, Duster, which one should I obey? Are you God, Duster, to tell me which laws are evil or not? Or is everything just opinions? And there is the ever present problem for atheists: they know there are absolute things which are good and things which are absolutely wrong, but because of their disgust for God, they can’t explain why and leave you with drama dots for their answer, or the truth, “I don’t care.”

“A fool gets no pleasure from understanding anything, but only in airing his opinions.” – from Proverbs of King Solomon

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How the Atheist Government of China Terrorizes Its Citizens

November 12, 2011 Leave a comment

US Ambassador presses China on

forced-abortion opponent

Ambassador Gary Locke urges China to release blind lawyer-activist Chen Guangcheng.
November 6, 2011 08:06

China chen guangcheng anti forced abortion

In 2007 Chinese human rights activists Chen Guangcheng (in portrait, while jailed) was the recipient of the Ramon Magsaysay award for outstanding public service. (Romeo Gacad/AFP/Getty Images)

TAISHAN, China – US Ambassador Gary Locke is quietly pressuring the Chinese government on a high-profile human-rights case, acknowledging he had lodged a complaint over the extralegal home detention of blind lawyer Chen Guangcheng.

“We are very concerned about his treatment and, for instance, the reports his daughter was not allowed to go to school. Although he’s been freed, he is still under severe restrictions on his movements,” Locke told GlobalPost in a private interview Friday. He said the Chinese government has not yet responded to the letter he sent in September.

Chen was released last year after more than four years in prison but remains under house arrest, without charge, and has reportedly suffered beatings in captivity.

Since Locke sent the letter, Chen’s 6-year-old daughter has been allowed to leave her home to attend school, under guard.

The ambassador, who arrived in Beijing in August, added his voice to the chorus calling for China to ease its extreme treatment of the self-taught lawyer, who is known for exposing forced abortions in his hometown in Shandong province.

Chen has become a galvanizing figure for those concerned with human rights and with the growing clampdown on free expression in China. Dozens of activists, journalists and diplomats have tried to visit Chen in recent months. They have been chased away, beaten and robbed by gangs of thugs who stand 24-hour guard around Dongshigu village.

Still, the visits and support continue, with many referring to it as “adventure tourism” in Shandong.

In recent weeks, thousands of users of Sina Weibo, China’s micro-blogging service, have changed their photo icons to pictures of themselves wearing sunglasses in solidarity with the blind lawyer, who wears dark glasses. This week, iconic artist and government critic Ai Weiwei posted a photo of himself in shades to support Chen. Earlier this year, Ai himself was arrested and disappeared for three months over what he says is a fraudulent tax bill.

Chen, who turns 40 in the next few days, is a self-taught lawyer who ran afoul of authorities in Linyi, in Eastern China’s Shandong province, for exposing forced abortions of local women targeted by local officials under China’s one-child policy. After multiple run-ins with the law over his human-rights work, he was sentenced to prison for “damaging property and organizing a mob to disturb traffic.”

Since his release in 2010 Chen has been unable to leave his village or even his home. Last year, he and his wife managed to smuggle out a video detailing their lives in their home prison. After the video aired worldwide, Chen was reportedly beaten repeatedly. – More here

As for Biblical prophecy, besides this being more evidence of the last days, it also seems to imply that Asian countries, or certain ones, will be ruled by monarchies sometime in the future. This will be more likely to happen if enough Chinese citizens become wealthy enough, wealthy enough to afford guns, including sniper rifles, or grenade launchers. Once they can do that, they can overthrow their oppressive government, and China can then split up into various kingdoms:

Trainee Workers at Issue in China

From the Wall Street Journal:

Recent strikes in China are highlighting a technique widely used by foreign companies to keep costs down: hiring large numbers of “trainee” workers who can be paid less than the legal .

The practice, while legal, has been a source of complaint for at least some workers during recent strikes, and experts say foreign companies may have to refrain from overly relying on it.

For companies operating in China, “the whole labor-unrest saga should lead to a rethinking of labor relations,” said Andreas Lauffs, head of law firm Baker & McKenzie​’s employment-law group in Hong Kong.

As China’s become more aware of their legal rights, they are starting to question some employment practices, such as excessive overtime and the wide use of trainees on the factory floor.

For more on , see also an opinion piece in the Washington Post​ titled “China’s Workers Learn to Speak Up — But Carefully.”

Riot Erupts in Southwest China Town
Thousands rioted in Guizhou’s Qianxi County on Thursday, apparently incensed by an altercation with or “urban administration officials”. From Reuters:

The protest in Qianxi County, province, was the latest of thousands of brief, local and demonstrations that happen in China every year, and like many recent outbreaks this one pitted residents against “urban administration” officials charged with enforcing law and order.

A “clash broke out between urban administration officials and the owner of an illegally parked vehicle, drawing in thousands of onlookers and sparking incidents of crowds smashing law enforcement vehicles and blocking roads,” the website of China National Radio ( reported on Friday.

“Crowds turned over the vehicle of the urban administration staff and attacked police who came to quiet down the situation,” the official Xinhua news agency reported.

The rioters smashed ten vehicles and torched another five, said Xinhua, adding that 10 police officers and guards were injured. The police arrested 10 people suspected of attacking the vehicles.

Unrest also broke out last month in the nearby city of Anshun after chengguan allegedly killed a fruit seller and single father, Deng Qiguo. Soon after, a journalist was beaten by local police after travelling to Anshun to investigate the story.

Strikes & Protests Surge in China

The Los Angeles Times’ Barbara Demick​ examines the continuing rise of “mass incidents” as a means to address specific grievances such as pollution and land seizures.

These demonstrators have a narrow agenda and concrete demands: Farmers want a stop to confiscations of their land or to get better compensation for lost property. Homeowners want to stop demolitions. People want cleaner air and water and safer food. Truckers and taxi drivers want relief from soaring fuel prices ….

The number of reported “mass incidents” rose from 8,700 in 1993 to more than 90,000 in 2006, according to the Chinese Police Academy. A professor at Tsinghua University, , has told Chinese reporters he believes the figure last year was up to 180,000 ….

In China, it is impossible to go to court to get a temporary restraining order if, for example, a factory is spewing harmful sustances into the water supply or somebody starts building on your land. Petitioning, an archaic practice dating to imperial times, requires the aggrieved to travel to Beijing and wait for months, if not years.

Rioting gets results. Quickly.

A new China Labour Bulletin report, meanwhile, focuses on the growing number of strikes and other labour protests, as young migrant workers become increasingly assertive in demanding wage increases. From Reuters:

Although migrant workers have often won pay rises in recent years, they feel poorly served by China’s official, Communist Party-run trade union, which has often sided with management in factory disputes, the China Labour Bulletin said in the report.

Instead, and labor have spread through informal channels, with workers often using mobile phones and Internet message sites to coordinate, it added.

“They are giving each other in real time updates of their protests, and this has allowed workers’ rights groups, lawyers interested in workers’ rights, to offer advice, help them push their demands,” said Crothall, the Labour Bulletin spokesman, speaking of these digital tools.

The China Labour Bulletin report estimates that in 2009 China experienced about 30,000 collective labor protests, and adds there is “certainly no reason to suspect that the number of strikes is decreasing.”

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2 million Chinese people attempt to commit suicide every year: 5th Leading Cause of Death Among China’s Citizens

Atheists Do Worse Than Eating Babies: Response to Darrel the Atheist

September 2, 2011 14 comments

Darrel, an atheist said,

“If someone is insulted by my using a label that attributes two nice adjectives to myself, to bad. Want insulting? See “I am a member of the one true religion.” (“Jehovah’s Witness”, “Church of Christ” etc.)” (source)

Me: “etc” meaning what? What does “etc” include Darrel? Why would someone who believes they have the absolute truth be “ABSOLUTELY insulting” Darrel? So if someone believes they have the truth they should always qualify it with, “But I could be wrong and you could be the one with the absolute truth, oh Darrel the atheist.” What with your double standards and insanity? So if math teachers say, “10 X 100 = 1000” they are insulting for stating it as a fact? Or far more complex equations that are flawless?

And in response to Darrel’s, “Considering most people associate it with eating babies, yes, it’s pretty bad.”

Do you know what a strawman is? Who thinks atheists eats babies? How is that not insulting to say to those who disapprove of atheism or think that they are wicked? And hypocrite, they might as well eat babies: forcing abortions on the Chinese, aborting babies every day (that includes atheist Buddhists) WITHOUT ANESTHETIZING THE BABIES, and brutally murdering them.That’s not including the 500 million killed in the past 110 years by atheist leaders and those that went along with their “progress” and “evolution” or the atheists that supported the DDT ban and who continue to spread myths about DDT and all kinds of other lies that rob people of their health, wealth and life.

And Don the atheist, whom Darrel was replying to, said at the bottom of his blog (pretending that they were how theists would respond to being told that the person they are talking to is an atheist):

# They do not believe in God.
# Outrageous! How can this be! I’ve never met someone who didn’t believe in God before.

Don what Christian (not living in desperate poverty or far from a city who lacks an education) has never met an atheist or been informed that there are many of them? Oh the two-year old ones right unfunny, genius joker? Ever heard of the Internet either? Oh yeah no one ever meets an atheist on the Internet… So I shouldn’t think atheists are very dumb (at times), because? Though up until I read that part this post was unusually insightful for one made by an atheist. I found it by typing in that I thought the term freethinker stupid and insulting to Christians.

It’s thoughtless truth-careless hypocritical answers like yours Darrel, one that over looks the gross immorality of atheists over their blooming in the past 110 years, and which is in our faces every day, that many people consider atheists baby-eaters. You’re worse than that: you cut them up mercilessly and trash them or promote taking advantage of them even after that by trying to use their pieces murdered of them for the benefit of sick people psychos like yourselves, who defend all that evil. You are the ones who deserve to be cut up with anesthesia and trashed in Hell forever. Like it or not Darrel, absolute truth doesn’t agree with your lies, and it isn’t a sin to say that you know and understand God and that he loves you and that God doesn’t approve of “whatever” or only Darrel’s absolute truth, only Darrel’s fundamentalist, only what atheists believe is true. Just because atheists are offended, doesn’t mean the ones who offended should change their behavior beliefs or words, or now is “offense” the standard for truth, what offends atheists? Aren’t you blind and arrogant? Who made you God or our gods? How is it you don’t see design anywhere? Since you don’t see the obvious, it’s obvious you will have trouble seeing your own hypocrisy either.

Are Atheists Less Intelligent Than Theists In General? Judge.

In response to a the Cambridge Professor “Simon Baron-Cohen”, who wants everyone to be more specific then simply calling people “evil” and not looking into why a people are evil (as if no one ever tries to find out why people do evil things even though both former theists and religious people obviously do so all the time and though the Bible makes it clear why people are evil), an atheist named “Hector”, supposedly from Scotland, said,

I can buy this more than I can buy evil being a result of direct intervention by the Devil or any other made up mystical being. Why shouldn’t it be the case that “evil” people coming from terrible backgrounds, starved of love, nurturing and have suffered maltreatment, isolation and rejection. Why shouldn’t it be the case that society can looked into ways of fixing things.

– Hector, Edinburgh, Scotland, 08/5/2011 19:10

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So atheists are smarter than Christians huh.

Here’s my reply to comment:

“I can buy this more than I can buy evil being a result of direct intervention by the Devil or any other made up mystical being.”

The Devil isn’t “mystical”. And why would you be willing to “buy into” a made up being at all? I sure wouldn’t be willing to believe in lies. But an atheist would, as you admitted in your careless rant.

“Why shouldn’t it be the case that “evil” people coming from terrible backgrounds, starved of love, nurturing and have suffered maltreatment, isolation and rejection.”

Sadly, that jumble of words didn’t make any grammatical sense, so bad is the grammar, no point can be discerned by me, which is sad, since I usually can see the missing point in pointless and badly worded arguments.

“Why shouldn’t it be the case that society can looked into ways of fixing things.”

So, in your dark troll cave, no one has ever been “fixed” by becoming a Christian? No one has ever gotten better? No one has ever looked into “fixing” anyone? No Christian has? No Christian has ever helped anyone else to become a Christian and become more mentally stable and more logical? Get out of your dark troll hole and stop assuming things and babbling nonsense.

31 Reasons Atheism and ”Patience” Are Wrong: My Reply to An Atheist

August 20, 2010 6 comments

This post can be reached at

In response to the 29-year-old female atheist named Patience, who in front of my friends and neighbors said, “People who talk about religion are brainless”, twice, after asking me, “Do you have an opinion on religion” and “are you a hardcore Christian?” and saying at that time, “There is no God”, “Are you afraid of the Devil?” me saying that I wasn’t, and you making mock-scary sounds as if that is simply what Satan does, or as if that is what evil merely is, as if evil didn’t matter, and, “There is no Devil”, and saying and doing all that, despite me obviously not wanting to volunteer the information about what it was that, I am and do, when you asked.

You may have been drunk when you said and did all this, but if you didn’t have that in your heart, it would not have come out. You said that “people who talk about religion are brainless” and you said it twice.

Why you were wrong to judge people as having no intelligence for that reason:

1) To say a person is brainless, when they have a brain and use it well enough to survive, besides being an insult, makes no sense, and can be said to be a brainless comment itself because of that.

2) Another problem with your statement about people who talk about religion being brainless, are that an endless amount of many atheists can be found talking about religion all the time, even among themselves, mainly to mock those who are religious and to show why religion is destructive or illogical, and so you’re calling them brainless too. You can find them doing this especially in question and answer sites like Yahoo Answers, Answerbag, Fluther, and in atheist-controlled forums, or in the encyclopedia “Wikipedia”, especially in their discussion sections on their subject articles. And though they don’t do it all the time, like you, they make a statement about it now and then, but so then you’re calling yourself brainless just for having talked about it yourself. It’s also brainless comment to simply brush off all theists as absolutely useless like you did when atheists are among the least groups in existence, and not suprisingly then, make some of the fewest helpful contributions in the world. In China, where atheists control the majority of the population (which is hardly all atheist), they are known for copying the technology of other (theist-filled) countries. In other words, they are copiers, not innovators. Though sometimes they make improvements, these improvements are made at a severe cost of quality in life of the masses of people they utilize. For example in China, their low-wage workers are so overworked, they can be seen sleeping at the assembly line of their work places, or sleeping in odd places in odd positions, or falling asleep often on the job, or commiting suicide, or people killing others with them before they commit suicide, or get police officers to kill them. The same happens in Japan, and Japan has been having great trouble with illegal Chinese immigrants.

3) Obviously there are facts on religion, not just opinions: but in keeping with your lack of knowledge on the subject of religion, which isn’t suprising if you think merely to mention it is “brainless”, spoke and acted as if there were no such things as having a factual belief about anything having to do with religion, but that speaks against youself since you claim to know they are all illogical and that God doesn’t exist. You implied this when you asked if I had an opinion, as if all there are concerning knowledge on religion is merely opinions. But obviously you can know facts, like that religions exists, that they have certain names and other characterisists, and their history including history of influence on the world, including atheists.

4) How could you ever correct a person if all religion and belief in God or gods was wrong, if you don’t say why? Simply making an insult or saying they are illogical or wrong doesn’t make you right, and if you believe that, then you believe in magic, or that you are God or don’t understand what truth, evidence or reality is, and are contradicting yourself again, because if you believe that your mere word or feelings make you right, then why would that only apply to you and not theists? Why wouldn’t theists be right by what they say and feel? You’ve placed yourself as God above theists for no logical reason and without even realizing it.

5) It’s also obviously wrong, but not obvious to you unless you’ve been living a very self-centered life and not ignoring the every day common things going on around you, or things you could easily learn on your own.

Here are some quick facts you could easily learn from yourself, by going into any common chain bookstore especially, libraries and so on:

6) The Bible originated science. To save you time, you can find it in the book of Judges, and it’s referred to as Gideon’s test. That’s my term for it at least.

7) Being that the Bible originated science, and that Christianity is the world’s most popular religion, is it any surprise that the first group to commit to this method were Christians, and that the first modern scientists were Christians, and that Jews often win prizes for scientific discoveries? A Jewish woman even had come close to discovering the structure of DNA, but some sexist anglo males stole credit from her and she back a footnote in history till recently, but is still mostly obscure. There’s even a book on her.

8) The first modern biologist was a Calvinist Christian named Antony van Leeuwenhoek.

9) Even Darwin had been raised in a Christian environment, and even after he became a doubter or atheist, he implied, intentionally or not, or because of fear of the alternative, that there was a universal good and evil, as opposed to good and evil being whatever an individual wanted it to be. And of course, if there is a universal law, that implies that someone made this law and has let us know what it is, and intends to enforce it (else the Law is pointless to make known as we would go with our will (as we even do partially now, some much more often than others) rather than what we know to be good).

10) Darwin didn’t come up with the theory of evolution on his own, a prominent though now dead Darwinist evolutionist, Loren Eisely, showed evidence that Darwin had stolen credit from (a scientist who was a creationist, and probably a Christian of some sort then, because he was born in Darwin’s era) named Edward Blyth. The only difference is that Darwin removed God from the equation and added that “simple” things (the microscope that Antony invented was still little used during Darwin’s time and Darwin and others who bought into his theory ASSUMED… they assumed everything was governed by simple laws and that there were no ultra small things or highly complex laws that governed the universe) and so made it a “naturalistic” theeory, and not just naturalistic, but as evolution is plagued with today, the problem of oversimplicity. A example of this oversimplicity plague can be found in comments like ones I’ve heard, such as, “There are bones in museums” in other words “Bones that have been found in the ground are proof we evolved from little animals” and is a statement, like so many others evolutionists make, without any evidence. One museum curator who was used for a comment on a show on mystery big cats in Britain, part of a mystery series of shows, was used to make a comment, and he said that when two such cats become isolated on an island, that that is evolution – THAT IS NOT EVOLUTION, and he literally made that simplistic a claim. Evolution involves animals changing over time by mating with ones who survive their environment and the ones surviving more likely because they had more advantageous traits. AND IRONICALLY, Darwinian Evolutionary Theory teaches that INTELLIGENCE IS A FACTOR THAT HIS THEORY WORKS AGAINST! So when you made the brainless comment, you were contradicting the main alternative theory to creationism, which is that brainless is better! But clearly, you even know that brainless is worse! It’s also nonsensical since every animal nearly, has a brain, or some sort of nerve center, and even those that don’t have an intenal programming or clear design (not just a random jumble that is born out of no where or other random jumbles) that helps it to survive and replicate. Eveyone has programming. I once read a book from evolutionists, that said some what that “DNA” was a “program” or rather “programmed”, something like that. I think I know which book the statement is in and wrote it down somewhere on a note. It’s not a rare comment however as evolutionists often say that such and such has a “design” or that DNA is “programmed”. Even Dawkins speculated that there is a “selfish gene”, in other words a part of DNA that instructs creatures to do self-centered things that are hurtful to others, a thing which commands us to compete to come out above another living thing in other words, and more than is needed (to ensure survival, in the same way that many sperm is produced to ensure the survival of at least one which is what evolutionists claim).

11) D.’s Evolutionary Theory can’t explain the human brain’s massive intelligence, not only that, as I’ve written about: animals and even insects have massive intelligence, so great that the best known modern super computers can hardly imitate the speed and complexity of an insect brain.

12) Not even simple living things are simple, like bacteria. If viruses are alive, they would be simplist living things, but even they, until modern times, are hard to replicate, and only certain one are replicated. I mean scientists are just replicating whatever virus they feel like from scratch. Only recently has a bacterium of some sort been replicated, but whether it is “alive” or not, I don’t know. And imagine how hard it must be to replicate a bacterium froms scratch if it is hard to do so with the most simple virus.

13) No one has ever seen life created randomly, as I said in fact 7, and as you can find out for yourself, it takes millions of dollars to try and make some simple living thing at the molecula level (or trillions if you take into account what it took to get to the level of technology and manpower needed to even be able to try to do so at the molecular level) and when two scientists tried, who are famous for having tried, who supposedly replicated the conditions of Earth at the time when life didn’t exist – when they tried, they failed miserably and without intending to do so, showed that besides extremely specific circumstances being needing to exist for life to be created, showed that “their” method was destructive to life. And it’s already been shown, intentionally and not intentionally, that not only would some extremely specific circumstances be needed for life on Earth to exist in it’s own environment, but that the entire universes laws had to be very specific, and the physical environment outside Earth. For example, as you may have heard, the Sun needs to be a specific distance for life to exist on Earth, if too far away, we would be frozen like many other bodies in space, and if too close, we’d be too hot, and as many bodies are, with molten rock everywhere. No or few scientists expect to find life in the solar system except maybe on Mars or Titan. Though I believe life may have been discovered in secret, the point is, all life needed to be created using some specific way and can only live in the natural world in a specific environment, or else they will die soon or right away.

14) There is no evidence for the Big Bang, only evidence against it. There’s no evidence for abiogenesis (the chance creation of life), only evidence against it, there is no evidence for evolution (molecules having the ability to assemble into men let alone any living thing by chance), only evidence against it, no evidence of “no God”, only evidence against that claim, and no evidence that right and wrong are just rules we invented on our own.

15) The evidence that we were created, is that we can see from observation that it’s not possible to create a living thing except through the natural way we already know of. We can’t do it in any other way, like taking some molecules and sticking them together some how, and adding more and more until without hands we’ve assembled a bacterium or baby from the same parts we know they are made of today. The bacterium that was created a few months ago by the way, was not made from the usual things bacterium are made with. Besides that, even if we did replicate a bacterium from scratch from the usual substances that they are made of, does that show that we know how all the programming in its DNA works, why it was assembled in such a way to begin with? No: we’re copying what we already saw in existence. So, how did this information, within DNA, appear? And even if you didn’t know about DNA, you can ask yourself: How did living things that have certain behaviors common to them all come into existence with these behaviors being BORN WITH THEM? For example, did you notice that ducks defend their eggs or babies, but when the babies become adults, they hardly as much will defend another duck? It’s been shown in many experiments, that animals are born with certain behaviors and language. And language is information.

16) Many atheists deny that spiritual things exist, like God, because, “I can see God or spirits”. But that is very ignorant thinking, because there many things which atheist and evolutionist scientists (and creationist ones) have shown exist using INDIRECT evidence, meaning with evidence we can’t directly sense. And that is something you could figure out even without their help, since we all know then when you hit an object, it keeps moving by some unseen force. Today we call that “kinetic energy”. We can even watch other things being hit by other others things and moving, or watching the wind blow against things, and yet we usually can’t see the wind unless its with some other visible gas or filled with dust. And even the wind is moved by kinetic energy, so when we feel wind occuring, but don’t see it, it’s like indirectly observing with our skin or ears, two invisible things happening at once. Another invisible thing, which is definitely spiritual, are laws, moral and natural ones. No one can see the law of conservation of energy directly or the moral law “Don’t lie”. Both are instructions, just neither can be seen except through material representations like these words or energetically represented with sounds, like if someone spoke these words and told you about such laws. So clearly, invisible things do exist.

17) Another thing that many atheists forget or brush off in pride, is that there are many atheists who decided that God does exist after having seen overwhelming indirect evidence. One famous one who was famous for fighting against theism and theistic religions, was Anthony Flew, but to my disgust, even after he realized he was badly wrong, still could not acknowledge that God himself had feelings, in other words, cared about anything. That’s absurd because obviously if God, who is an all knowing being who created a super complex beautiful and ordered universe, created us to have feelings, then surely he knew of them and has them. If he didn’t know about feelings, or saw it was better to not have them, why would he have made them? And especially why program us to desire revenge on people we FEEL have wronged us? Surely there’s a message behind him programming us to have that reaction when we feel someone has broken a moral law against us, like stealing from us, especially something we worked hard for or needed to survive or to keep strong physical pain away. Further, many former theists become atheists because they perceived that God or some god or gods they were worshiping were cruel, and so after that made the illogical action of deluding themselves into believing they don’t exist. It’s illogical because they abandoned their belief for reasons of injustice, not because of a perceived evidence of non-existence of who they were worshiping (and such an illogical action by masses of atheists is one evidence among many, as I’ve shown, that an atheistic mindset is not superior to belief in a superior spiritual being with superior power of control over others.)

18) Religion basically means “a binding to a way of life in which you follow the lead of someone you believe to have a superior quality or fully superior to yourself or superior in all ways”. More basically, or you could say another definition is, “a binding to a way of life.” Do you live your life a certain way and close your mind to other ways of living? Will you only eat vegetables and not things you see can feel pain? Do you repeat the beliefs of atheists whom you believe are wiser than you? For example, do you repeat that, “there is no God” because you heard that a so called scientist whom you consider to be superior to you in math and physics, said that?

19) Many atheists think that if a person is good at a soft science like math or some hard science like biology or physics, that they must then be qualified as experts in religion. But why? What does the religious-spiritual have to do with the physical, or math? At best you can make some analogies, like that 2+2=4 and so it is also simple that God exists, which ironically as you can see isn’t used as evidence that God doesn’t exist. Some mistakenly think that a physicist would know if God existed or not, because they said that God wasn’t needed and that the Big Bang was sufficient. But atheists forget that they have no evidence for their statement. The non-phsycisist atheists merely believe this because they assume a phsycisist by his ability to do something more complicated that they can’t, which they assume is sufficient to know how the universe came into being, is superior to them in knowing then if God was needed. In other words they assume physics knowledge is sufficient for knowing if God exists AND gives them knowledge in all other fields of knowledge, including other sciences. But all they need to do is give more thought with sufficient time to see that such an assumption is wrong: does being an expert in physics make you an expert in ALL AREAS OF PHYSICS? For example, if someone is scooled in basic physics, learns SOMEe higher physics, like spends three years learning about the Big Bang and Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, is that going to make them an expert in archaeology or a sub-field of archeology like Biblical archeology? Or will it give them expertise in an even more specific field of B. Archeology like Israeli-Roman archeology or Egytpian or Babylonian archeology? It would only give you knowledge as far as the physics-related things with archeology go. But that even doesn’t ensure that your knowledge in the physics-related part of archeology will ensure that you are, HONEST about it, because as you have been told about theists, especially Christians, bias is a problem, basically, PRIDE and as is lesser thought about with theists but which can be a twisted form of pride, which is the same with atheists, and that is a desire for revenge at those who’ve hurt your pride.

20) Pride: Pride gets in the way of everyone. It affects police officers, judges, physicists, atheists, theists, everyone. Just having the title “police officer” doesn’t make you God, a god, or anything close to perfectly moral. The same with any title or personal name or a sentence for a name, like “I’m a Perfect Person”. Everyone has their judgment affected by pride. So though some think that an atheist physicist, a “scientist” as some would simply call such a person, would be perfectly moral because, “hey, they’re a scientist, and seek the truth”, they are clearly wrong, clear because it’s often observed that scientists do immoral things, including lie, and commit fraud, out of both pride, and, for:

21) money. Some would say that greed or trying to get money using cheating, or lying or as some would simply call it, “fraud” is also a part of the pride problem, because the person who cheats does so because they think they deserve it or should be satisfied with the money, shouldn’t have to feel pain, like hunger or being left with some inferior chair to sit on at home, but should have a more comfortable chair, and so have the natural or moral right to steal to live better.

22) Another problem with atheism is that, as I mentioned in a way earlier, the problem of morality. Just what is wrong or right, both morally and logically, if there is no universal Truth or Enforcer of Truth? In other words, if there is no God? I say in other words, because one of the definitions of God, is “Truth”, at least so Jesus said, and which the entire Bible implies. If there is no Universal Judge, a Judge above all us judges of right from wrong, then right and wrong is whatever anyone wants it to be. But really, nothing would exist if there was no God, no truth, because without truth, there is no “this exists” or “this doesn’t exist”, there’s no instructions, no statements, no information that ist true or false (a disortion of truth). Truths wouldn’t exist and lies wouldn’t exist, because lies depend on the truth to exist and with God, there would be no universal truth, no univeral laws of nature or morality, and no matter or energy, because all matter and energy are information based, they have informational value, and matter and energy in this universe had a beginning, as even atheists who believe in a single Big Bang believe. If morality doesn’t really exist, or is just whatever a person believes it to be for themselves, then rape and child abuse could be good for that person. In fact some evolutionists, as is recorded on, believe that rape is apart of the evolutionary process, in other words is an advantage of survival, as if to say, “it’s good for survival”. And is surviving wrong for atheists? If rape is used to perpetuate atheism, is that good or bad? For an atheist they would surely use it to villify any theist who rapes, but would they do so for an atheist, or as often? Clearly not, as atheists are not known for preaching morality, but rather against morality, especially that of the Bible, even the clearly good “ten commandments” so called.

23) Those who believe that there were simply endless Big Bangs in the past and will always occur (because the universe is something like a closed bubble to them and is what they want others to believe), they have no evidence for ones that occured in the past, it is just wishful thinking that matter and energy have always existed and just go through cycles. Some would like to believe in alternate universes or that others exist and are somehow connected to ours in such a way that we can get to them one day, or can be connected. Another problem with an endless universes theory and other universes that can be connected to them, is that if beings like ourselves existed (and they should have if there were infinite universes in the past), then there would be ones (as we can see from our ability to make great technological progression) who could connect other universes, or even if they couldn’t, who would become virtual gods or like God and have the desire to procreate to no end. But where are these gods or God-like being? And if you may say that my question is evidence that there are no gods or God-like being, you’re missing the logic then, because I mean where are these gods or God-like being or both who have their origin from a Big Bang? The God of the Bible says he always existed and that no other Gods and not even gods (lesser beings similar to him) exist, and there is no evidence that he is a liar or used any of the “prophets” who wrote the books or letters of the Bible as people to tell lies for him. Also, the universe should be filled with gods if there were infinite universes in the past. We should be seeing beings struggling for power all the time or beings in harmony helping us or a mix of both. But instead, at best, people see strange beings acting demonic, or angelic-looking beings like Jospeh Smith, the founder of Mormonism allegedly did, that produce corrupt religion like he did, or demonic-acting beings that produce corrupt religion, or demonic beings that produce corrupt actions in general, or some see angelic-like beings that are helpful or just noticed, and others supposedly see aliens, and many of which if true, act corrupt, like taking people against their will. But none of these beings act like gods, that is, limited beings with very great and near perfect or perfect intelligence greater than most humans (like Tesla, Einstein or king Solomon) and the power to defeat the will of any other gods at times, and who special supernatural abilities, like the ability to give someone fetility or make crops grow or grow well, or attack people with lightning or water, and so on. The Bible only once or twice makes demons out to be like gods, and once calls Satan a god, but in context, it’s only figurative speech, since Satan it always teaches, is under God’s will, in other words can only do whatever God decides to allow. There is no evidence of any pagan gods or some pagan God like the God of the Bible.

24) Many atheists and evolutionists claim that science lets us know any truth from false, but that is a false statement since science is not alive as some seem to think it is, and whenever it’s been pointed out that this tool “Science” has come up with mistakes, the people who endorse science like God correctly say, “we’re still learning” or “people make mistakes but science corrects them soon”, so at first they act like it is perfect and self-aware and able to act on its own, but then admit their error and correctly point out that it relies on flawed people to work. But it’s not just a matter of a logical fallacy like that, but the fallacy that science only improves. But there is no evidence that just science in general gets better and that regardless of man’s flaws, that it does. The evidence is this: atheists, when they admit that there are Christian scientists, or theist scientists, will imply that such people hinder science and perpetuate a false science (though once one atheist simply said that Christians were hypocrites, and didn’t deny they get better at science). So that is in example atheists unintentionally give of science not (magically) making a person better, or of scientists not seeking the truth. Opposite, Christians and some other types of theists point out that atheists perpetuate the corrupt or non-science of the Big Bang, Life-from-Chance (abiogenesis) and Darwinian evolution or other types of molecules-to-man evolution theories, and it is evidence that all three of these fields of science or so called sciences, don’t get better but are perpetuated without evidence, but false evidence. I say false evidence not without my own evidence for saying that, but which you can see for yourself in the endless articles from atheist and evolutionist controlled magazines and websites which are always putting up false titles about such those theories as being facts, and not showing any evidence for it, or using false titles, similar to, “Link between bird and dinosaur fossil found” or “Star formation seen in distant galaxy” or some title implying some evidence has been found of “no God needed”. But when you read such articles, you’ll see it actually says, “more research needed till a definite conclusion is needed” or there is simply no evidence matching the title’s claim, like in the case of claims of stars being seen in the process of forming, you’ll never see two photos showing a star coming together from gas and or dust, as atheists and evolutionists claim is how they are made, let alone see a galaxy forming. It’s simply false titles and statements of “evidence” and or “proof”. In a few cases outright lies have been admitted, and these examples are not surprisingly, hidden or rarely mentioned by atheists and evolutionsits.

25) If atheism is the best way of life, how can you explain why it is atheists, not merely “communists” as some atheists claim in the bias – how can you explain why atheists are the most violent group in existence? Isn’t it a strange irony that the people who are the greatest supporters of evolution, which they imply or also call “progress” have killed more people then any group that ever existed and in the shortest amount of time? Catholics for example killed an estimated 50,000,000, incluing oppositional Christians, over 1000 years, but the communist-atheist lead groups of the former Soviet Union, Vietnam, China and Turkey, killed 150,000,000 in 100 years, and in the past 100 years. That’s not including the millions of abortions they endorse for depopulation, saving the dirt we walk on, to punish rapists (which I think is a twisted and evil, arbitrary, fake reason that only helps rapists, because rapists rarely rape to make a baby but as an act of violence and to make the other person submit to them (which many atheists will say when wanting to appear good and moral), and rapists would rather it be killed so they can keep on raping without having to pay for any baby they leave behind, and to prevent “poor babies who will have a bad life” from existing (as if atheists are prophets of the future and that poor are worthless – and if worthless why then don’t the atheist-ruled governments of the world kill all their poor people?), and so that the one who gave birth can live a more fun and happier life (if that’s not an immoral reason what is?).

26) If atheists are so moral as many want all theists to believe, if they are superior in morality, if they don’t need the threat of Hell, why do they risk, murder, of endless amounts of babies, let alone one baby? Just what is their evidence that babies aren’t human and don’t feel pain? Why don’t they even campaign for anesthatizing a baby before killing it? And how can atheist ones they be so cold, as to care more about saving the life of some tiny fish, or some little insect, some tiny fly, one that spreads disease, over a human baby? And who made them God over life, let alone human life, over who should be aborted/murdered or not? Who made them God over life period?

27) Another logic fallcy many atheists spread is that, “Christians are immoral because they need the threat of Hell to be moral”, which is a distotion of what both the Bible and Christians say. It’s also hypocritical:

28) If atheists don’t need the threat of Hell to do right, why do they need the threat of punishment of any kind to do right? Are atheist dominated countries like Russia and it’s former states, or Estonia, Vietnam or China, without laws? Do they simply have requests like, “Please don’t murder” or “Don’t murder” (but if you do we will just ask you not to do it again or let you be open-minded and free to do whatever you want)? Never. And any individuals like that are considered to be psychopaths and or narcissists, to mentally ill, or at least very ignorant and stunted in maturity with a childish mind.

29) Atheists often say that God could not exist because he allows evil, and more knowledgeable atheists say this because they Bible says that God is love, and that a loving person doesn’t allow evil. The problem with that statement is that there is no evidence for it. Even the Bible commands Christians to be loving yet not to interfere in some things and to allow certain evils to happen, including against themselves, and to instead giving a loving response back to whoever commits the evil against them. But is that hateful, to allow yourself to be insulted and to be loving back, or is that “love”? So atheists have it backwards again. It’s also hypocritical because:

30) Many atheists say that God is a “control-freak” who is always angry and treats us like children. But how is allowing us to do what we want, even to the extreme, being a “control-freak”? If a parent allowed their child to go around murdering people, raised them without any morals, would the parent be called a control-freak? Would the parent be spoken of as, “Trying to force their will on others” or as one false evil Christian radio show host says, a “cosmic rapist”? So again, atheist, and those who treat themselves as God, like their will is God, have it backwards and are blind to what is clearly not true. It’s also not true that God simply allows anything to be done, because if that were true, we would all be dead since there are many people, atheist and theist, who at times or all the time, would like to destroy the world in moments of rage. But only do we still exist, but so many, that many atheists and theists claim “too many people” exist on this planet.

31) Where did you learn that Satan is simply someone who makes sounds like a cute monster in a stereotypical children’s book? Does the Bible say that Satan simply made scary sounds to Eve, or that he goes around merely doing that? Did someone tell you that “evil” is merely making scary sounds? It’s no surprise that if that is all you think evil is, that that is why atheists show little concern for truth and true morality, but rather for doing as they feel like, which they falsely claim as morality. Morality, goodness, is not, “Whatever I feel it is”, it’s not whatever the majority of humans say it is, it’s what God says it is, and which is why there is fighting: because some choose to obey God, and some choose not to to the hurt of others, to the hurt of others who won’t stand for immorality that brings harm.

32) Christianity is not simply based on “faith”, a word which atheists also confuse with the phrase “blind faith” as if faith can’t be said without “blind”. I wouldn’t be surprised if some atheist listening to a sermon many years ago, took some pastor’s phrase: “blind faith”, out of context to mean that that is all Christians have and admitted to having. And though some so called Christians do merely go about by faith, the Bible does not teach anyone to merely have faith, but faith with evidence, and I’ve given you plenty irrefutable evidence in this letter, which if you deny, make it evident that you are deluded. If you want to read about more evidence for the Bible being true, and there is an overwhelming amount, go to, and scroll down to the section where websites are listed which give various types of evidence for the Bible, or as I pointed out the obvious: go to a bookstore, library or use the Internet to search for truth. You can ask if any person is willing to simply tell you, but it could be looked on as you being lazy and wasting time if nothing his hindering you from doing this, no big hindrance at least, since the information has already been written to save time.

Update: Two days ago, Patience claimed not to be an atheist, and on that day I noticed that when she gets drunk, she says things that are the opposite of when she is not drunk. She claimed to love Jesus completely. I’m not sure what she believes. I think she is very cute though, and I love her.

Twitter Censors Christian Speech While Promoting Hate Speech Against Muslims

April 24, 2010 7 comments

This post can be reached at

Twitter's CEO, Evan Williams

On April 23rd 2010, Twitter raised it’s evil stupidity to a new low, suspending my account for my religious beliefs and religious speech under the pretense of my account being used for “strange activity” but if anything was strange it was obviously Twitter’s immoral behavior, in other words the CEO and whatever moderator or moderators had persecuted me.

Why did was my account attacked? My profile description was:

“I’m an Eternian: a Christian who believes he has eternal life, unlike others who believe they can negate it with their will.”

(That’s the description of a Calvinist type Christian).

And my last “tweet” which he or she deleted, was at mtdreamaker, which said, as best as I can remember:

“God control’s all things, his will is always done: I 65:12, Dan 4:35, A 4:28, Rm 8:29-30, Ep 1:5,15”

I don’t remember putting “Dan 4:35” but I do remember thinking about it, so I’m guessing I put it in. I remember having to heavily abbreviate the verses like that because I had a hard time fitting them all in.

That last tweet is one I can’t confirm with my own records, my clipboard recorder, because for some reason didn’t record my copies and pastes of it, and actually it looks like my clipboard archive for April 23rd is entirely missing. But mtdreamaker should be able to confirm it (even though she is no doubt the one who libeled me by reporting me for not agreeing with her stupid trite self), because I gave her that verse message twice, though the first part was worded a little differently.

The rest of my tweets for the 23rd were:

@HeidiBylsma animals could talk then most likely, and/or Eve didn’t realize it was strange, since she’d only had a few hours of life.

I really like clustrmaps, but i wish they would update my stats every 6 hours.

@secupp yet another hypocritical irony

@MABaker2009 Something tells me that “tyranny” isn’t censoring a foul-mouthed paper-cut-out cartoon for immature adults.

@CarolineMueller you shud replace “LORD” with what it was meant to say, “Yahweh” or “Jehovah”, bcuz we’re to glorify God’s name, not hide it

@delwilliams I wonder if any of the abusers were Catholics.

@oschambers Who is “we” Mr. Condemn Every Single Person on Earth, Including Christians?

@oschambers Yes: damn all people who talk about their inabilities, damn those blind men, crippled and lame who dare ask Jesus for healing.

@johncmaxwell Teresa was a false Christian who doubted God’s existance making all her works worthless:

@WSJ man that is junk

@timothywhitley There is NO excuse 4 perpetuating the global warming my when anyone can use a search engine 2 learn the truth. No excuse.

@timothywhitley And Huffington removed Jesse Ventura’s claims for also being a hoax by the “the rest of us, a cabal of corrupt scientists”.

@AndreaSweets86 There is NO excuse 4 perpetuating the global warming myth when anyone can use a search engine 2 learn the truth. No excuse.

@AndreaSweets86 And Huffington removed Jesse Ventura’s claims for also being a hoax by the “the rest of us, a cabal of corrupt scientists”.

@allanharden Now there’s a verse to remember.

@Gen315 C.S. Lewis was an Arminian heretic who thought Christ told lies, you should quote him in that context.

@KarynBrownlee “And behold, the glory of the God of Israel came from the way of the east: and his voice was like a noise of many waters…”

@KarynBrownlee “The people therefore, that stood by, and heard it, said that it thundered: others said, An angel spake to him.”

@KarynBrownlee “Father, glorify thy name. Then came there a voice from heaven, saying, I have both glorified it, and will glorify it again.”

@KarynBrownlee “Now is my soul troubled; and what shall I say? Father, save me from this hour: but for this cause came I to this hour.”

@travelermom Shakespeare was an evil foul-mouthed man (or men).

And if you look at my twitter archive here, you can hopefully find where an atheist, Monicks, said:

Everybody Draw #Mohammed Day! | Slog | The Stranger, Seattle’s Only Newspaper #atheism #atheist”
(about 23 hours ago via HootSuite, Retweeted by lippard and 2 others).

She looks like she’s using a picture of Buffy the Vampire slayer. Her profile description says:

  • Name Monica
  • Location This Pale Blue Dot.
  • Web
  • Bio Atheist, FreeThinker, Humanist, Twitaholic, with a passion for friends & laughter, movies junkie, a bit of a geek & BlackBerry addict. I follow awesome people.
  • So it’s okay to try and provoke worldwide riots and the destruction of the world with suicide bombings and nuclear war, but not to teach that God controls everything.

    And does anyone see any spam from me, and flood of links? And my account SHOULDN’T have been suspended for “agressive following” if that is one of Twitter’s excuses because I was only following about 700, which is way below Twitter’s following limit, including for how many you can add for a single day, and I’d even come across one person who was following over 44,000 people AND was advertising links like crazy (big surprise that a person following 44,000 people was doing that).

    So, it very much looks like my account was suspended because I was a Calvinist and a clear fundamentalist who was vocal, and that I was targeted for not being a man-pleasing, world-panderer, or a Rick Warren (a guy who makes trite and obvious remarks, like “Adopt a child and there’ll be none left” or “The Bible says not to lie, if we stopped lying the world would be full of truth”) or a “random” verse flooder.  Banned for not flooding useless or childish remarks or verses anyone could read in the Bible for themselves, but instead suspended for being concise and to the point.

    A saved archive of my last Twitter posts on April 23, 2010 can be found here:

    Here is a study that shows Twitter is about half useless and stupid, and no wonder with a stupid CEO in charge of Twitter.

    All Muslims and Christians should boycott Twitter.

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