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June 15, 2016 10 comments

“You have disregarded the command of God to keep the tradition of men.” – Yeshua/Jesus (rebuking the Pharisees)
Which “command” or “Law” came first in history? The “10” and two highest (and “Golden Rule” which even atheists won’t) dispute, or all the other books; Quran, “Sacred Tradition”, Joseph Smith’s, White’s, the Talmud, and so on? And what word before Genesis to Revelation will you compare that came before? What word survived Noah’s Flood? As for those who say, “The Bible is altered, it’s missing books, and which translation to believe?”: what books can you prove are missing that matter and why would that prevent you from obeying the Law or G.Rule, and how does it prevent you from understanding, “Don’t lie” or “steal” or “murder”? As for “which religion to believe?”: the one that doesn’t contradict the commands and gospel! The one that says not to be bitter, stingy, to help the poor and needy and to even be honest with evil men and to control the thoughts of your heart and not be like a wild animal, but to use reason/logic and to try and be perfect. The religion that acknowledges that you must be born again (receive a perfect spirit of your own that will stay pure and immortal) to become fully immortal one day, and trust Jesus, God’s son in the flesh, suffered the punishment of unimaginable pain and being shunned by God (yet not forever), for the sins of many people and races, for you, if you with sorrow for breaking God’s Law and tormenting his Spirit of mercy and peace by doing so ask for his forgiveness and believe God will then forgive your sins throughout all time and keep his promise to perfect your heart, mind and transform your flesh into what will be immortal and what will never sin again.

For you who in your confusion and false salvation claim salvation is seperate from eternal life and that “salvation is not eternal”, prove to YOURSELF, with careful study, patience and prayer that confusion is true. How is being saved from Hell not the partner of being born again? How if Jesus’ self sacrifice covedered the sins of those born before and after his life on Earth does is not cover FUTURE SINS? Where in Scripture does it teach that after being born again and becoming “a new creature in Christ” that Paul said nothing in Heaven or the earth can overcome, or where in the parable Jesus explained of God the sower of seeds that the seeds which bear good fruit (obedience to God with love for Him) will NOT mature but will rot and be burned up due to man’s free will or due to “Satan”? If the “free will” of man, which God says is “a slave to sin” BEFORE, BEFORE! he is forgiven and Satan can defeat God’s promise to secure for himself eternal children (including his faithful angels), then throw out the Bible, God is a liar, Satan is the winner and “the sting” and “curse” of death is what is truly eternal, inevitable and sure, NOT God’s “eternal life”, Son, any prophets or word, not his salvation or eternal life, not even his forgiveness of sins.

Why would, as Pentecostals teach, eternal life be something you only get after you die? Does man’s “free will” that Pentecostals and Arminians teach trump’s God’s will cease after he dies so that he can no longer command God to send him to Hell? Their teaching is confusion and has no basis in any Scripture, rather it is a lie that contradicts God’s word.

How can you miss the symbolism God used in the literal story where God saves for Himself some humans and angels, like Noah to Paul and so on, like angels Michael and Gabriel and so on, but rejects of HIS own will (not man’s choice with man’s God-limited will) and rejects others, permanently? Where in Scripture does it hint Noah or Michael will one day fall? It doesn’t, because there is no fall in the flesh or by the spirits of the forgiven that will prevent them from full immortality. And there is one more proof in Scripture that makes it clear that salvation is eternal: everyone who know’s the parable of Lazarus and the rich man knows the rich man is eternally in Hell, that a rift impassible prevents him from going to Heaven, even from getting relief for a moment, but who realizes or remembers the rift between Heaven and Hell is impassible on the side of Heaven too? Jesus even said that Abraham could not, or anyone rather give to the rich man that drop of water he wanted. How then can “man’s free will” break God’s promise and send him past the impassible to get eternal death, the “second death”, which is eternal torment and God showing no compassion to your feelings and thoughts forever and refusing to verbally respond to you nor even give you “a sign”?

The complacent will think, “who cares?” and the cultist think, “I’ll understand later” and the arrogant “scholar” deceive himself into thinking he still has some leverage over God. But this message is first for thosd whom God will unblind, not those as with the Pharisees Jesus said that God would keep heart-hardened and blind.

Is it “too good to be true” as a Muslim woman replied? What? Too good to be true that God would forgive some and not others? As opposed to what else? That He would send everything He let be in Hell forever, or the other extreme: every rich one and tyrant to Heaven and everything else?!

Finally, to atheists, what morality (laws) do you obey, and obey perfectly so that you cannot be called a hypocrite and why do you follow those laws? Or, do you just do whatever you feel like if you think you might not suffer for it, and are therefore no better than a “religious hypocrite”?

Judgement Day approaches, death is not far, if you think your life truly precious, then treat it as such.


A World Full of Hypocrites

Beware of those who say, “Do not judge.”
yet who could care less about the Bible and
hypocritically say, “Do not judge.” whenever
it is convenient for them to dismiss criticism
of their wrongs. Beware of those who say that
all humans are equal (a favorite excuse of
Catholics to excuse themselves of punishment):

Beware of homosexuals, who admit to being liars:

The “10% of adults are gay” myth

A gay celebrity says all gays are liars

Beware of the hypocrisy and insanity of
psychopaths and narcissists, who obsess
on mere appearance, beauty and first
impressions, who favor the charming,
judge books by their covers, ignore
the poor and favor the wealthy:

Beware of those using and prescribing
drugs over right behavior and logic,
repenting and seeking God’s wisdom:
Beware of the hypocrisy of atheists:

Beware of vain bigots, who idolize men
and show contempt for their Maker, and
show contempt for those who exalt Him
above their idols:

Beware of the hypocrisy of Judaics,
who pretend be wise and loving,
who want the money of foreigners,
yet use it oppress the foreigners in
Israel and Christians:

Beware of the hypocrisy of Catholics:

Beware of those who think that they control
their destiny and not God:

Beware of the hypocrisy of false Christians:

Beware of the hypocrisy of those who act like experts,
but show no expertise, beware of deists:


Beware of the hypocrisy of those who say you
must be baptised to be forgiven of your sins:
Beware of Muslims who claim they are good yet who all use
false arguments against why the Bible is inferior or not true.

Beware of Muslims, who claim to have the truth about the
Bible, but are unwilling to tell you what it is, and instead
tell you to go to some other Muslims for answers.

Beware of Muslims who resort to violence, because the
Qur’an commands them to be randomly violent to non-Muslims.

Beware of the Muslims, who only love their children based on the
condition that their children make Mohammed’s word equal to God’s:

Beware of those who believe in karma, because karma justifies
any crime, including crimes against children:

What Buddhists forget, when babbling about Buddha
(his correct sayings):
Believe nothing on the faith of traditions,
even though they have been held in honor
for many generations and in diverse places.
Do not believe a thing because many people speak of it.
Do not believe on the faith of the sages of the past.
Do not believe what you yourself have imagined,
persuading yourself that a god inspires you.
Believe nothing on the sole authority of you

[earthly] masters and priests.
After examination, believe what you yourself have tested
and found to be reasonable, and conform your conduct thereto.

Buddhist Extremists in Bangladesh Beat, Take Christians Captive

Sri Lanka bans American rapper Akon for ‘defaming Buddhism’

The Dalai Lama incites violence against theist Buddhists:

The extreme oppression of the Tibetans under the Lamas: The Story of Tibet’s Serfs

Friendly Feudalism: The Tibet Myth

Beware of Buddhists, who lied about
not being superstitious, and who used
Uniformatarianism, Darwinism, and
Psychoanalysis, and other false
sciences, to obtain more power:

Beware of numerology and astrology,
which are false sciences:

Beware of Wiccans,
who claim to to respect
their law, “Do no harm”,
but neglect the harm
that can be inflicted
with words and neglect.:

Beware of neo pagans who claim
to be at one with “nature”, and
to worship “nature”, and to be it’s
protectors, yet neglect man, which is
apart of it.

Beware of the hypocrisy of worshipers of the
false god Random, also known as “Chaos”
(which is really Satan):

“Stop judging by mere appearances
and make a right judgment.”
Yeshua, the King of Heaven