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Daniel Knight’s ‘bigots, bullies, stalkers and sex offenders hall of shame’

March 30, 2010 17 comments

From left to right: Sex offender and stalker Daniel Intermont, hyper obsessive cyberstalker and atheist Jimli Oxley
Art credits, from left to right: The Fool, by hellobaby, The Fool, by poisondlo

Atheist cyberbully (and a clear psychopath) “Katiegirl420” from

katiegirl420 checked to see what this user’s beliefs are to decide whether or not
to harass them or not. The other user’s name whom she was bullying has
been hidden to prevent more trolls from harassing them. On a side note:
katiegirl420 was indeed repeating the fallacy of: “Can God make a rock so heavy
that he can’t lift it?
, in other words: “Can God lie?” NO:
She could have easily looked up on her own even after this user pointed out that
God couldn’t do what was impossible, but she was being dumber than a parrot.)
She also committed another fallacy:” begging the question/circular reasoning“,
which is the fallacy of pretending to have a point when you aren’t making one
with her “impossible rock” question). In other words, she was pretending that
the question in and of itself was making a point and when she was shown she
had none, committed another fallacy: personal attacks, meaning insulting
someone for merely being a Christian, or non-atheist, and refusing to listen
to them for no logical reason. Her question even wasn’t a truth-seeking
question as she pretended since she made it clear she wasn’t looking to
reason, but to bash and force her beliefs.

As for her, “I bet I can answer all your arguments,”:
I wonder if she could refute all of my 600+ arguments against Christianity,
CAME UP WITH, let alone my 31 arguments against atheism here:
I bet this psychopath and any atheist that they cannot refute those
arguments, and will bet $1 trillion dollars that they can’t.

Bully-victims Phoebe Prince (left) Alexis Pilkington (right).

Phoebe Prince, South Hadley High School’s ‘new girl,’ driven to suicide by teenage cyber bullies

by Helen Kennedy
3/29/2010/3:58 PM

Nine Massachusetts teens were indicted Monday for driving a pretty 15-year-old “new girl” from Ireland to suicide in a case that has become a symbol of high school bullying.

The sweeping charges – which come after months of complaints that the bullies weren’t being punished – include statutory rape, violation of civil rights with bodily injury, criminal harassment and stalking.

Phoebe Prince, a new arrival at South Hadley High School from a tiny seaside hamlet in County Clare, was mercilessly tormented by a cadre of classmates later dubbed the “Mean Girls” by Massachusetts newspapers.

“The investigation revealed relentless activity directed toward Phoebe designed to humiliate her and to make it impossible for her to remain at school,” District Attorney Elizabeth Scheibel said.

“The bullying, for her, became intolerable.”

Students said Phoebe was called “Irish slut” and “whore” on Twitter, Craigslist, Facebook and Formspring.

Her books were routinely knocked out of her hands, items were flung at her, her face was scribbled out of photographs on the school walls, and threatening text messages were sent to her cell phone.

Scheibel said she had drawn the ire of the “Mean Girls” by briefly dating a popular senior football player in her first freshman weeks at the school. One student later said it felt like the whole school ganged up on her.

On Jan. 14, Phoebe was harassed and threatened in the school library and in a hallway, Scheibel said. As she walked home, one of the “Mean Girls” drove by and threw a can of Red Bull at her.

Phoebe walked into her house and hung herself in a stairwell.

The nastiness didn’t even end there. Her tormentors posted vicious comments on the dead girl’s Facebook memorial page.

For months, community anger simmered that no punishment had befallen Phoebe’s bullies. Petitions were signed and town hall meetings held.

Scheibel said her investigators were taking the time to investigate thoroughly, and she slammed “the inexplicable lack of cooperation from Internet service providers, in particular Facebook and Craigslist.”

Seven of the nine teens indicted were girls charged with a range of crimes, from criminal harassment to stalking to civil rights violations. A juvenile girl was charged with assault by means of a dangerous weapon – the Red Bull can.

The two males, 17 and 18, were charged with statutory rape.

Unveiling the indictments, Scheibel said numerous faculty members, staff members and administrators at South Hadley High School were aware of the bullying – some even witnessed physical abuse – and did nothing. – Story continues here.

Phoebe Prince’s Family Slams Report That Teen Was Self-Mutilating Party Girl

Prozac no doubt also helped Phoebe to commit suicide:

Phoebe Prince’s Family Slams Report That Teen Was Self-Mutilating Party Girl

The family of bullying victim Phoebe Prince is pushing back after an online report painted the deceased Massachusetts teen as a self-mutilating party girl bent on killing herself, the Boston Herald reported.

Though Phoebe’s family insists she was driven to suicide by the cruel treatment of the six classmates charged in her death, a report from depicts the 15-year-old as depressed well before she entered South Hadley High School.

Phoebe “started cutting herself in 2008, while she was at a private Irish boarding school,” behavior that continued in Massachusetts, where she moved with her mother and sister in September 2009, Slate reported.

Phoebe once attended school with a cut visible on her chest, and showed an older student scarring cuts she made on her own body from her ribs down to her hips.

At the time, Prince was taking Prozac and was also prescribed Seroquel, a drug used to treat mood disorders including bipolar depression. She attempted suicide in November by swallowing an entire bottle of the drug and went into organ failure, requiring a week of hospitalization, Slate reported. Two months later, she succeeded. – More here

Video and pictures Phoebes’ bullies.

Learn more about the bipolar disorder myth here.

On the left: Channelle

School’s heartache after fourth student takes own life

by Danny Lannen (in Victoria, Australia)

WESTERN Heights College is reeling after the death of 14-year-old Chanelle Rae, the fourth student in six months to take their own life.

Grief-stricken friends and family yesterday described a “happy, beautiful” girl quick to share her warm embrace.They said Chanelle wrapped her arms around those close to her at every opportunity, sharing the gift of her bright, bubbly energy. She did it at home, she did it at school, she did it on all of those game days with the Geelong Football Club cheer squad and then one night the hugs ran out. Chanelle’s tragic death leaves empty arms, cascades of tears and stunned disbelief.

“She was happy and beautiful, loved by everybody and she loved everybody,” her mother Karen said yesterday. “And you can talk to anyone you want and I bet you will not get one person who expected it, ever.”

Chanelle’s death on Friday further rocked the Geelong school’s community already mourning the loss of three existing and former students during the past six months. It also devastated her Geelong cheer squad mates as president Norm Richardson rated the day the news broke as the saddest in the squad’s history.

Chanelle, sister of Logan and Blain, was a Corey Enright devotee. She brandished a banner on game days with his name writ large in silver and counted him as a friend from first meeting the Cat when she was five. Family and friends came and went in ceaseless streams from the Rae’s North Shore home yesterday as Chanelle’s parents Karen and Ian spoke of their loss in the hope of intercepting others. Mrs Rae blames no one but believes cyber bullying might have contributed to her daughter’s action. She was wrapped up in a loving family and there were no warning signs.

“There was no difference to any other single day of her life,” Mrs Rae said.

“One hour of unhappiness in her life was so bad from cyber bullying that she could not see past it. – Story continues here.

Girl, 13, commits suicide after online bullying

by Catherine Elsworth in Los Angeles
11/20/2007/12:01AM GMT

Girl, 13, commits suicide after online bullying

A 13-year-old girl hanged herself after she fell victim to a cyber-bullying campaign orchestrated by the mother of one of her classmates, who masqueraded online as a “good looking” teenage boy.

Megan Meier was in great spirits after she began corresponding with a 16-year-old named Josh Evans, who she met on MySpace, the popular social networking site. They exchanged messages for six weeks before he abruptly ended the friendship, telling her he had heard she was cruel.

The next day, Megan, who suffered from depression and attention deficit disorder, committed suicide. Her parents later discovered that Josh had never existed but was a fictitious persona created by a woman neighbour whose daughter had been friends with Megan until they fell out.

The woman, who attended the funeral before being exposed, reportedly told police she invented the MySpace profile because she wanted to gain Megan’s confidence and find out what the girl was saying about her own child online.

She also told police that she, her daughter and another girl had all been involved in the ruse, helping to write messages from “Josh” to Megan.

Following a lengthy investigation, no charges have been brought in the case, enraging Megan’s parents who are determined to see those responsible prosecuted and also seeking new laws to protect children from cyber-bullying. – Story continues here. Related article. Related video.

NY town angry over Net slurs at suicide victim

by Frank Eltman
3/26/2010/2:08 PM

EST ISLIP, N.Y. — A community reeling from the suicide of a popular high school senior turned its sorrow to outrage Friday over a practice known as “trolling,” in which derogatory, hurtful comments are posted online against a person.

In this instance, a tribute site created for Alexis Pilkington, 17, of West Islip High School was the target of insulting messages after her death.

“I think it’s horrible. It’s vicious. It’s cruel. It upsets me as a parent,” Lorraine Kolar said as she left a memorial service Thursday for Pilkington.

Classmates, relatives and friends were incensed over what they called creepy, insensitive messages about Pilkington, many posted anonymously and also appearing on other Internet sites since her death.

“It’s a disgrace,” said Cathi Musemeci, a close friend of the family. “I think it’s horrible. Let the girl die in peace.”

“Trolling is part of the dark side of cyberspace,” said Anne Collier, co-director of the Salt Lake City-based, a forum about safety issues on the Internet and social Web sites.

“It’s not necessarily tied to any school activity,” she said. “It’s quite anonymous and random and is usually seen as aggressive, egregious cruelty on the Internet. The people who sit behind computers and do this are known as trolls.”

Pilkington received harassing Internet messages even before she killed herself last Sunday. Her parents and other relatives insist she had been troubled for some time. They don’t believe the messages were a major factor in her death.

“It had nothing to do with that,” said Musemeci. “Lexi was in a lot of pain. She was hurting.”

Still, a social networking site that was flooded with mean-spirited messages and graphic images, has been the target of much of the town’s anger.

About two dozen West Islip High School students sported white T-shirts Friday painted with neon green and orange lettering declaring “Boycott Formspring” and gathered petitions outside the school.

“We just want it off the Internet,” said organizer Billy Crawford, a West Islip senior. “If you have anything to say to somebody, there’s no reason you shouldn’t say it to their face.”

A Formspring spokeswoman said the company changed its service in response. Users can now decide whether to decline anonymous questions or allow them. They can also opt to allow them only from a user who is logged into the system, said spokeswoman Margit Wennmachers.

Some Facebook postings, which are not anonymous, also came under scrutiny for negative comments posted about the girl after her death. Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes said the company does not condone cyberbullying, and said it would disable accounts that are found to be intimidating others. – Story continues here“.


Some of My Experience With Cyber-Harassment

Facebook not condemn cyber-bullying? What a lie. I had two atheists rabidly stalk me there , one was an obvious psychopath, used one of his profile pictures to sexually harass me, then switched it to one of himself saying hi to me with his hand in “hi” gesture position. They didn’t know it but I could see him and his female friend conversing about me, a nice glitch, which was how I found out that they were taking their harassment to my journal, and that the female was pretending to be an absurd sexual-teasing Christian, and she took her harassment to Myspace as well, posting my picture on her profile page, and she got other atheists to harass me there, one of whom was a network engineer. Facebook banned the profile where they had harassed me and talked about me behind my back. On Facebook you can also find a group using a picture showing a man throwing the representative religious symbols of all religions into a trash bin as it’s avatar, and groups which use sexually offensive insults for their title and one anti-Islam page does that and its group picture is that of black man’s private part being grasped. They are surely aware of these groups as a few large Muslim owned groups on Facebook which are solely meant for persuading Facebook to delete those groups. I know from experience that many popular Internet companies, including Wikipedia, Amazon, Myspace, Mindviz, Teenspot, CrooksandLiars, Mybroadband, Abovetopsecret, Yahoo! (via Yahoo! Answers), Fluther, Answerbag and Nexopia all condone and participate in cyber-bullying, especially against Reformed Christians. Mindviz, Mybroadband,  Answerbag and Nexopia are the most aggressive.

Nexopia was the worst I found. It’s a social networking website targeted at teens, and which is so anti-religion that there is no “religion” or any religious categories in all their many “what interest you” categories and no religion section in their forum. They will even ban you for making a small praising to God in the “say whatever you want” section of their forum, which was done to me under the excuse that is wasn’t the religion section. The adminstrator there and all the moderators allowed a Mormon (whom they took advantage beacuse she was very beautiful, and her beauty attracted many people to participate on their website merely with her face) named “Bree”, to harass me to the point of allowing her to become a moderator to make a specific forum thread about me, to libel me and encourage others to burn my house down. Strangely, they would ban me while Bree would mockingly encourage me to reply, while calling em a stalker. I had to make many accounts to reply to her libel. One who helped her was a Wiccan, and when I pointed out to her that she was breaking her written law, she denied Wicca had any written law (a contentious reply, besides being false), and when I pointed it out to her, another member briefly cheered my win, and Bree showed her resentment towards him. Bree, hypocritically, was the one being a stalker, and even made what she believed was a phone call to me.

The forum battle against me ended when Nexopia’s head administrator, at least over the moderators, but not the owner of the website, accidentally encouraged racism when trying to argue against my arguments that Mormon doctrine was racist and that so was their founder Jospeph Smith and second “prophet” Brigham Young. Apparently he realized his mistake, and deleted the thread. Afterwards I emailed Bree on Nexopia again, and she admitted to me, “It’s too late for me, I’ve been ruined,” referring to others before her who had argued against her (she didn’t say or indicate “harassed” but with the massive amount of imbeciles in the world and Nexopia, no doubt to me she was). In other words she was too filled with hatred to care to reason logically anymore. It made me very sad, because she was one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen, and for Christians, a great loss because of the many she could have persuaded to follow or better follow Christ with her face alone.

Nexopia showed no problem with allowing Bree to be spoken out against for her religion (though I was the exception because Bree could see I could easily refute her). I’m guessing that even though at least a year had passed after her fights with me, that combined with the other complaints against her stubborn refusal to see any of the obvios flaws in her religion, including it’s hypocritical attacks against all other Christian denominations — that the pressure caused her to leave Nexopia.

In another incident in Nexopia, I told a woman, perfectly politely, that she was taking, “Do not judge” out of context (and it was the only verse in the Bible she mentioned, clearly using it as an excuse to do whatever evil she wanted), and all she had to do was make one complain to a moderator there to get me banned, just for telling her that.

In another incident there, a teen harassed me for merely going to her page and not adding her as a friend or leaving a friendly comment. She got a friend to participate in harassing me, but I didn’t complain because I know Nexopia’s moderators were as moral as the least evil demon.

Mindviz is also very corrupt. The owner is rude and will snub you by blocking you over petty reasons and allow his moderators to directly and plainy harass you. Abovetopsecret hates conservatives and will ban you if they notice you plainly speaking against liberals and will highlight Christian-bashing threads by bolding displaying their titles more prominently then hey advertise their obnoxious ad banners.

Yahoo, in its Yahoo Answers section, allows trolls to constantly harass anyone of any religion, especially Christians, especially “fundamentalist” ones, and merely makes token arbitrary bans to give the false impression that they care, and some trolls there are so stupid that they believe it’s really all equal banning, failing to notice the obvious years-long standing trolls there who’s harassment they excuse. Yahoo’s moderators also allow of harassment-point-gaming, which is my term for harassing a person by making mere insults as replies (which include merely off-topic comments) and then making false reports against person they replied to so that their harassment is erased, the person they attacked punished, and Yahoo’s moderators pretend that due to deletion of the question, that they can’t punish those who replied. Yahoo Answers had gotten so bad that Yahoo removed the Yahoo Answers complaint forum (as it was becoming obvious their moderators were immoral and allowing Yahoo Answers to be overrun with harassers, as was obvious from the many evident complaints. And it seems to me that Yahoo redesigned their homepage last year to distract everyone they were removeing the link to Yahoo Answers from their homepage, and though putting it back up for a little while, removed it again, realizing what a failure it was, but not for keyword spamming search engines, attracting more gullible morons, harassing the intelligent, dumbing the world down, and no doubt for taking money from famous sponsors or sponsors seeking fame, asking stupid or redundant questions (which is a hallmark of Yahoo Answers).

In Answerbag, blasphemy is allowed, including by a Wiccan, who used God’s personal name in child-abuse sex joke. A Catholic helped her to harass me, as did others, till the moderators there banned me, after repeatedly locking my polite questions (but hated because no one could refute me). And everyone who isn’t ignorant knows that Wikipedia’s administrators and moderators are anti-religious propagandists, harassers and stalkers who take advantage of the knowledge and wisdom of others to appear to be wise and moral in their attacks against religion.

The moderators of Digg banned me for speaking out against one of their members calling Christian fundamentalists “fundies” under the excuse that “the community reported you” and claimed I was “directly insulting” but calling millions of Christians “fundies” and desiring all the world to die isn’t? They also said I was trolling, without evidence of course. “Trolling” of course to a God-hater is “replying and showing me wrong, and that hurts my feelings”.

Here are the insulting comments that Digg approves against Christians that I am referring to (starting with the first, which could be construed as an insult by it’s uselessness, but which I include so that the insulting comment has context):

vampqueen522: 16 hr 30 min ago
it doesn’t matter because we’re all dying in 2012 anyway, right?! +69 diggs

JKALJKAL: well assuming you are talking about the Mayan predictions, it goes along the lines that the world will end “as we know it” I.E. there will be major changes, it does not mean everyone will die.
Alarmists and Christian fundies wishing for the armageddon are the only ones predicting(hoping) total death & destruction.

Now is the time to invest in outdoor survival equipment, food and underground shelters. And I mean that as a supplier, because there are plenty of suckers out there who are buying and in 2013 you will be laughing are their broke asses. -6 diggs

Notice the oh so trustworthy “community” the Digg moderator referred to, only voted this insulting bigot and troll, 6 times down, and his insults and stereotypes remain. So clearly, is headed by and staffed by insulting hypocrites. The trolls are them, using a propaganda website ( to try and rid the world of religion through endless lies and distractions.

CrooksandLiars: The moderators of also harassed me, erasing my replies to psychopaths like abbywood and other atheist liberals, while allowing them (like abbywood) to connivingly express their extreme hatred of “fundies” (Christian fundamentalists). I quoted abbywood’s gleeful hateful ranting here.

The moderators of Mybroadband tolerated me for a while, but then their “Grand Master” stalkers couldn’t take the truths anymore and began harassing me, including sexually harassing me on my journal and their moderators, banned me under the pretense of supposedly spamming. Hypocritically their forum forbids blasphemy. A rabid anti-religious sexual harasser from South Africa followed me from there to my journal, repeatedly sending me vile messages, and after reading my Twitter comments, then began mocking me for being single, saying things about how I’d never get anyone to love me because I was such and such. He seemed to have accidentally revealed his name and that he was a business owner of a wedding store in South Africa (his name is Raymond Fritz).

Raymond Fritz – Former President of Nokia Connect, Current Head of,
an atheist, racist, cyberbully and cyber stalker and sexually abusive psychopath

He hatefully joked about Jesus  doing certain sexual acts and he doing sexual acts with Mary (I can’t remember exactly, but they were very vile) and insulted me directly on top of  all that. I emailed his business partner Lizette, a female, and she pretended to know nothing and that Raymond was too busy to do anything online. I warned her in the email not to tell him what I said, but what did she do?: She told him and he pretended he wasn’t the one who harassed me, but just a nice guy giving a nice opinion on religion, and more sickening besides a female helping a sexual harasser to sexually harass indirectly, was that she then started harassing me, and Raymond wouldn’t stop either. Months ago I emailed the South African police first about this and told them what was happening, but they didn’t reply. I emailed them again I think, and still no reply. I then emailed at least four high level South African government officials who were under the president of South Africa, who were his direct or nearly direct helpers, and none of them replied either. I couldn’t even get the main South African organization for the defense of sexual harassment against females to reply.  A top South African law firm would also not reply, and they were the only ones I could find that dealt with cyber-harassment, or that tried to appear as if they did. Lawyers who dealt with cyber harassment in America wouldn’t reply to me either.  Raymond and Lizette’s store: They even have a Facebook page and many fans, and ironically prominently support an anti-racism “Green Skin initiative”, but nothing against sexual harassment. So sexual harassment is good, just not racism. Ironically, and hypocritically, Raymond made a racist remark to me amongst his sexual harassment letters, which was “whitesonly” (no space between the words).

Meanwhile, Facebook keeps banning me and the  Monterey, Califonia; Fairfax Virginia; and Albuquerque, New Mexico police keep harassing me now and then, (and once an Abq, NM sex crimes detective who was repeatedly harassing me at the request of another officer,  and the sex crimes one did so once to me for supposedly cyber-harassing a stalker, a stalker who for a span of  a year was sexually harassing me and who tried to murder me out of fear I’d report him for it). Bullies helping bullies: big surprise. More sickening was that I was told many months before this harassment by the sex crimes detective, by an FBI agent who only referred to himself as “Joe”, who made it clear he was ignorant about stalking, literally, that neither the FBI would help me OR THE ABQ POLICE FOR MY PROBLEM WITH CYBER-STALKERS. Talk about massive hypocrisy. You can see what Mr. Fritz looks like here: (he has the  stereotypical “he looks like a nice neighbor you’d never suspect look” and even voice to go with the mask):!/video/video.php?v=222334939324

Here was my first letter to Lizette:

From: (me)
Sent: 24 March 2010 12:56 PM
Subject: hi

Are you aware of what your business partner whose email you also
show is doing on the Internet usually? Does he display psychopathic
behavior? Someone from south africa has been harassing me on my
journal at and he used your business partners
email. He keeps sending me sexually harassing emails. Please
explain why this person would choose your business partners email
and if your partner shows signs of hatred towards religion, let me
know. If you know something and don’t disclose it, I will hold that
against you in a lawsuit. It’s better you tell me what you know now
to avoid a public lawsuit.

Her reply (with other email info):
On Wed, 24 Mar 2010 05:02:32 -0600 Lizette Duncan wrote:



After I told her to stop screaming like a little baby, and threatened to call the police, she replied:

Like I said this is not me – nor my partner so call whoever you wish as this was NOT SENT FROM US !!!

Neither myself nor my partner has time for sending stupid harassing emails neither is it our business policy – did you for one second consider that your email looks like JUNK EMAIL??? You added no contact details no further information.

Kindest Regards

To my disgust I learned she, endangering evidence that could be used against a sexual harasser, went ahead and ignored my warning and common sense and told Raymond what I had said to her. He replied:

To: (me)
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2010 05:58:31 -0600

You know exactly what I sent you and it wasn’t any sexually harassingemails. Just because I submit a differing view on the topic of religion toyours, does not mean you are correct in your findings. i take exception toyour bully tactics to my business partner (what a weak character you have)and your readers appear to feel the same. Our email filters and hostingcompany will easily refute your ridiculous accusations of harassment. [other conniving comments not shown] shame on you.

Isn’t Raymond the sexual harasser and cyber bully who hid behind the SAIX proxy company such a good guy, especially to add “shame on you” at the end? What an extremely evil hypocrite.

Later after other emails, Ms. Duncan said to me (and remember Raymond was hiding behind a proxy to harass me):

Dear (me),

At least my contact details and email is open to the world as unlike you I have NOTHING to hide so go ahead you big Christian prove to the world how “god loving” you are to your neighbours.

Stop hiding behind a false email hushmail and have the guts to tell me your real name, contact numbers and real email – if I had something to hide I would send it from my hotmail account…. with initials

Continue your path of destruction, unlike you I KNOW WHO I AM and I know my own self worth. I am more Christian than you will ever be in your life.

I wish you peace and happiness for the remainder of your life, may you be successful in everything you want to achieve.

PEACE my friend


So, I warn Lizette that her partner sexually harassed me and persecuted me for my religion, jeopardizes evidence that could be used against a criminal sexual harasser and religious persecutor, and she tells me that I’m the unloving one one on the path to destruction, and implies I’m being evil for hiding my info instead of letting the possible sex criminal anti-religious bigot know who I am and where he can find me, and that at least she does, and therefore, therefore she and Raymond are the good ones! Despite her claiming Raymond had no time to harass and being shown to be wrong by it, and being told off for jeopardizing evidence, she’s vilifying me. And notice her bizarre comment on that if she did something to hide, she’d use an anonymous email, and admitting that she does have one? So then she’s admitting that she does have something to hide. What demonic, idiotic psychopaths.

South Africa also has a major problem with sex crimes, including rape, in general (so no surprise that the S.A. government happily ignored me):,2933,233447,00.html

Here is the email of the president of South Africa to help persuade him to prosecute Raymond Fritz and his partner in crime Lizette Duncan:

Teenspot‘s owner and forum moderators are anti-Christian and strongly biased against males and despite their hypocritical claim in which they command their members to respect all religions  allow 100% Christ-following ones to persecuted, who are mainly Calvinist Baptists and Presbyterians, or Calvarians, who are a recently created denomination in comparison to the Baptist and Presbyterian ones).  But it’s not okay to speak against Satanists or Catholics (though recently I was able to speak against Catholics because they had committed so many acts of child abuse and it was  big news). But a Catholic troll there who was friends with one of the moderators eventually got me banned again, more than once. I was  once banned there at first, years ago, for, ridiculously, supposedly, “not letting others speak”. “How can I do that if I’m not a moderator, you were the one that locked the thread” and a moderator replied, “I don’t care.” That’s often the reply I get after refuting a person, always from an anti-Christian or fake Christian, even if they were strongly claiming or implying that they cared about truth and being good, or “ethicical” which many anti-religious persons say in place of “good”.

Teenspot’s main chatrooms are flooded daily with beginnings of perveted role-play stories, people using using sexually crude names and all kinds of sexually crude statements, and sometimes attacks on Christians who go there, rarely, to preach. It was in their main chatroom that years ago I was able to lead about 100 teens to Christ, but since then the hearts of people have become much more hardened, and have had no success there since that time, except for maybe one or two people years after that time, but not recently.

Salem Web Network, a false Christian company, which uses Christianity for the main purpose of making money, discriminates against the suicidal, and being that their main purpose is to make money, to me, it’s obviously done to prevent any lawsuits against them. Their moderators of their  Crosswalk forum discriminate against the suicidal, and will ban them if they express that they are suicidal, even if it’s to ask for prayer that they don’t commit suicide, which the moderators claim is against their rules, and that the person should instead get professional help instead. So banning a suicidal person without explaining to them why, especially after they ask for emotion support and prayer, and implying that there are no Christians who are wise enough, and there there are not Christian psychologists in the Crosswalk forum let alone any at all, and that only “professionals” can help a suicidal person, is helping them and not going to make them worse? So claiming to be good Christians or decent ones, but shoving a sad person a way coldly and only after they ask why, saying, “You broke my rules” is love, is the way of Christ? No, but it is the way of Arminian Christians, of “work-for-your-salvation” Christians, of so called, self-called “Free will” Christians, who just like that label, do as they please, thinking that God is permitting them to defeat his will, when the reality is, that for the majority of such hypocrites, he’s allowing them to heap up greater punishment upon themselves.

On Twitter I had my account suspended for supposed “strange activity” even though I’d done nothing wrong was simply talking the way a good Christian would. I wasn’t ranting, using foul language, posting endless Bible verses like some do, or making endless trite comments like the false Christian and heretic Rick Warren, hardly had any followers, hadn’t even come close to the following limit on Twitter let alone for one day, hardly had said anything, as anyone can see. Since when are people suspended for “strange activity” and yet Twitter is supposed to be about free speech. I’d bet it’s CEO is an atheist.

And on, the community moderators stalk and harass me, for having disagreed with their belief in global warming and refuting books that bash all religions, “fundamentalist” Christianity, and for speaking out against Catholic propaganda and the Joel Osteen types who preach nonsense and to give your money to him to become rich (that makes sense doesn’t it? Not). It got worse when I repeatedly reported to them about a troll who was trolling creationist books and making fake votes on his reviews and those who opposed him. The moderators ignored me and instead repeatedly deleted my reviews, edited them without notification, allowed me to be trolled severely and plainly by “Carl Flygare” and his friends, who repeatedly voted my reviews down and by making false accounts, and repeatedly rating his own reviews up, and he would even repeatedly vote my comments to his reviews or to his comments down to make it appear as if everyone disagreed with me and to hide them. Apparently one trolling incident was so obvious (he repeatedly voted one of my reviews down on  digestive supplement and harassed me about religion with a friend in the comments section of my review) that weeks or months later a moderator removed his votes down, but they allowed his harassment and that of his friend to remain. On top of all that, they banned me for supposedly being hateful when I left a comment refuting Carl’s claim that the world be destroyed by global warming in a thousand years. I didn’t use any insults, didn’t rant, and the comment was concise, and yet I was banned from commenting for it being “hateful”, while Carl’s blatant harassment is allowed to continue. And in addition to being banned from commenting, the moderator also deleted ALL my comments, which included replies to trolls who were plainly libeling me with plain and malicious insults, and claimed that it was because I wasn’t in good standing with the community. And obviously, being that I had made many comments, there was no way he could have read them all within a few minutes, unless he was so obsessed that he used all the hours of his work day to investigate me out of millions. And it that is true, it shows all the more what a stalker he is. And that wasn’t all the persecution I received, he also banned me from participating in their forums, even though I’d never left a comment in any of them. So, it’s okay for Carl to harass me, and his friends, whom I repeatedly reported for doing so long before I was banned, but not okay for me to reply to them even if they are harassing me, even if they are libeling and defaming me, Yet Amazon’s CEO and controlling shareholders want the world to literally believe, that they, “are the world’s most customer centric company.”

YouTube also gave me a belly stab when it permitted one of my videos to be removed merely because a few atheists ganged up on one and flagged it, and when I finally figured out how to appeal, was stabbed again by the moderators. You can read about it here, I hope, I wrote about the incidents in detail.

All this extreme never-ending harassment and bullying,  from individuals and groups, from parents who are supposed to be loving and raise up loving children,  from police who are supposed to protect, from judges who are supposed to be just, to the most powerful governments who are always provoking their citizens to fight against them: its more evidence that the Bible’s prophecies about the age before the return of Christ, the last days, have more than come true:

“But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God—having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with them. They are the kind who worm their way into homes and gain control over weak-willed women, who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires, always learning but never able to acknowledge the truth. Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so also these men oppose the truth—men of depraved minds, who, as far as the faith is concerned, are rejected. But they will not get very far because, as in the case of those men, their folly will be clear to everyone.” – 2 Timothy 3:1-7