Psoriasis Cure?

A few days ago I noticed my scalp psoriasis, feeling wise, as in how it felt/didn’t feel, had gone away form my scalp, which is where I have it. I just suddenly noticed I was no longer itching, and I scruffed my hair up to see if the usual huge amount of flake debri would start coming out to no end, but there was nothing. So then I went to the mirror thinking maybe it was this certain medicated shampoo I used that was just working for an incredibly long time, and I saw no flakes and no redness as I usually do, and my scalp felt normal for the first time in 20 years, yes TWENTY, almost normal… when I went to lie in bed not long after I had this irritating feeling, it was this vague itching like sensation where I have it in the most itchy areas, the sides above my ears, and what was happening was I was feeling stressed for some reason, probably just the usual reasons, but when that happens I usually have to scratch my scalp (the stress/psoriasis flare up phenomenon), but since it was only this vague feeling, I didn’t need to itch, and it felt so odd, because it had become routine after 20 years to do so, and had unknown to me become a way of dealing with / releasing the stress so to speak. As time went on, a few days, and the usual happened: various neighbors / strangers and the local idiot security guard harassing me and me thinking of how the US government has been withholding from me now over $3300 in SSI money, merely because I told them I moved, and then popping a new surprise on me, saying not only do I need to prove it, I need to retake all my medical tests (which they never put me in through in the first place despite repeatedly stressing me out to take them, obviously so they could short me, and they did, from having to pay for everything I told them I had), and I’m only a few days or weeks away from never getting that money back, ugh, grrr!!!!!!!!. Stress was also coming from me having no more space in general to store my rocks, and having a huge amount in piles in various places, some of which are easily visible to anyone, many of which required hard hellish work to get. And I have beautiful rare ones with me that getg damaged from rubbing against rough things and falling. It also has been stressing me out know my parents can easily prevent all of this from happening (they are rich), yet won’t help out of malice and not caring about me. I was also stressing over the police stealing some of my rocks and never getting any compensation for it. And so the scabs started coming back, in the usual places. But I wondered, what caused it to go away after all this time? I wondered if it was that spontaneous remission phenomenon that I think I read happens to some people with this, but I think it was a combination of things, I hadn’t been eating meat as much, I think, not sure, stopped taking high protein powders which I often took recently, though it wasn’t something I did for years at all as far as I know, so not sure if high protein was a problem, and had barely been eating any sweets, had been working very, very hard for months, something I haven’t done for over 10 years in general (and so draining all that adrenaline in me that seems to cause the flare ups – when I have a lot of energy and don’t use it I get anxious/stressed), had been shining a lot of UV light of a certain wavelength on my hands over the past two or three months, not excessive to the point of burning but a lot, and had been listening to much peaceful music, and in general I don’t consistently listen to music much, but because of my isolated job I try to keep my mind busy with music, and had been listening to more peaceful music then usual. I was also eating certain foods I rarely eat, I think, and in high amounts, and also, my job is a pleasing one even though hellish, because I get to see incredibly beautiful things, and also I had a temporary win against some evil neighbors, not all of them but many, and things were going well for once in my life, more than usual at least. I think what happened was all of that was that the very low level of stress, low amount of sugars and meat and eating certain somethings… and maybe this supplement I’ve been regularly taking, a certain vitamin and mineral and other things combined in the pill they are in, and using up all the energy I had, forcing me to be relaxed rather than stressed out, and early on taking this certain shampoo so that the stress was much less for a while (as in no itching to cause the cycle of stress induced psoriasis to continue) had caused it to go away, almost completely.

I think it may have been all that, and after having written all that, I think it may be something else too, it is something very strange…

If you want to know what I think it was, as in get me to mention the specific details of what I ate and think also may have caused it to go away in addition to that, the strange thing, hand over the $. I need the money, bad.

There’s no way I’m going to live on a meatless very low sugar diet though if that’s what had caused it to go away mostly, I just don’t have that kind of will power and I’m not going to work myself to death just so my scalp doesn’t itch every few days when shampoo apparently made it stop well enough for a long while. I hope in a way that is it was this shampoo, because then I can eat how I want and not go crazy from food cravings, which is hellishly stressful for me to the point of causing me to severely degrade in mental self control.

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