October 20

“You would benefit from learning theology, given you are a failed writer.
Regardless of your religion”

And you, “roseeurekacross” are a successful writer? You, an obvious wordly cultist who makes harassing over generalizations a clear ad hominem, immature, conniving, hit-flag-and-run comments and a hodge podge of babble pandering to other Catholics for a worthless internet forum “trust level” from other sinners, other child abusers and abuse excusers? Sure you’re a role model for successful writing.

Well ad hominem attack-making low blow insult machine who makes insults then flags like a typical troll so you don’t have to hear the rebuke (grow up you festering pharisee narcissist), well pagan Mary worshiper, knowing I said disasters prevented me from publishing, and you showing no sympathy, but giving a trolling reply and flagging like a little run away bully who enjoys abusing, I have a theology blog that gets over 100 hits day, 800 articles eternian.wordpress.c o m, over a 1000 comments, none from a Catholic as none, including you know let lone care about what theology actually is pet alone to practice it with intellectual honesty.

And harasser, send me another harassin comment to my email and I will report you as a cyber harasser and bully to the local police, you who pretends to be against rape as a an act of desire for power and forcing control, you hypocrite.

Tell me, without being a “haha” *runs away* after a childish vague baseless insult,

1. Does sacred Scripture which you treat as toilet paper command to preach the gospel, flag and run away after making an unrepliable low blow immature insult, pretend to be holy and pretentiously care about the abuse while you harbor extreme resentment, bitterness and commit abuse yourself, or to fear and obey God and preach the gospel of salvation as I do on a permanent page on my blog, you forum troll who hides behind this forum?

As on my journal where is your permanent gospel explanation page? None, you hate God and won’t tell anyone how to be saved. Instead in hate and conceit you make a conniving ad hominem attack. Good job cult homosexual child abuse priest defender. Good job.

2. In your own church history your cult sanctioned a demon possessed monk, and did not exorcise him. Are you aware of this? No, fake theologian. Your cult is filled with demoniacs and priests who failed to exorcise demon-infested houses. Your cult also starts participates in endless wars and murdered 1000s of Jews, repeatedly, or shall we backtrack to Rome’s fully pagan days and count the millions murdered, you saint/god worshiping blasphemer? You idolator? Your cult is full of corrupt popes and split three ways and split further producing rebel whore daughters your cult can’t bring back despite your murderous warring. Your cult has demon attacked members, bleeding from wounds, even your idols bleed, but your cult pretends they’re miracles.

3. Failure to publish due to crimes perpetrated by your cultists against me, including corrupt Mexican catholic cops, druggies, viruses and hardware failures doesn’t make me a failed writer.

4. Why would you attack an apologist, you stupid viper? How if I said, you clueless blind hypocrite, wrote multiple books defending the Bible against all arguments, would I  know “theology”? Moron, you extreme airhead, the refutations would include arguments from Buddhists, Wiccans, Hindus, atheists, clueless Catholics not realizing they’re contradicting Scripture and as such providing ammunition by doing so to Bible-deniers?

5. You’re childish quick to speak before hearing the matter out, quick to judge. You failed and that is clearly your habit.

6. Tell me, if the RC Empire is the dominant church, how is it the “few who are chosen”?

7. And no, Catholic, none of you who try in vain to take credit for salvation and negating Christ’s suffering have ever left one comment on my blog. You’re an incestious cult just as the Mormons, can’t debate, so result to insults, abuse, lies, murder and cultist behavior (only listen to other Catholics), and yet you whores and hypocrites pander to Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and atheists rather than exposing their false teachings as the Baptists do.

You’re behavior and speech is pretentious is that of a narcissist, trolling away. “Rape isn’t about sex, but power”? Oprah Winfrey why are you repeating a worldly and unbiblical cliche? You think lust doesn’t cause rape, and that Catholic priests who rape and molest kids, priests commanded to disobey the Bible by taking a pastoral role yet abstain from having a wife, which the NT commands church leaders to have, and your whore “church” being vain and going instead with it’s pharisee traditions doesn’t result in lustful sins, but rather that everyone of every age has FORCED SEX, YOU PRETENTIOUS MORON IMBECILE thinking, “this is for power!” Shut up. So a guy gets hard, or woman wet and forcing herself on someone, FOR POWER… It’s because of mentally ill hypocrites like you who set aside the Bible. Yet you make a conniving snipe about benefiting from some vague notiom of theology you have and yet refuse to acknowledge verses, the gospel let alone the common sense defintion of rape. The Bible commands those who rape a female to marry her, not to repent of pride or desire from power. You, you clod, would benefit from ceasing from narcissism, fearing and obeying God whom you take casually, and doing actual repentance and begging God to forgive ALL YOUR SINS, NOT SOME and nonsensically vainly trying to suffer the rest in imaginary purgatory or obey God and confess to some sex offender hiding behind wood and a gown some sins, as if Jesus didn’t know you were going to commit more and forgot to suffer for them all.

Learning a little theology and refraining from specific curse words and pretending that’s sufficient for salvation and a holy life, you Cretan, you pagan excuse maker, won’t save you from the burning hate in you or the fire God prepared in advance for your kind.

God’s children are chosen by grace, saved by faith in Christ’s sacrifice, not your cult with it’s seven mountains of rotten fruit and sex offender shepherds.

Priests raping nuns and aborting masses of babies and them being discovered later… and that’s a good “church”? Deluded.

Try using a Bible that doesn’t leave out the commands from THEE TEN COMMANDS, HELLOOOO, THE TEN, sleepy one, the commands to not make or bow down to idols, excuse maker for sin, who pretends he knows THE REAL definition of rape. VAIN. WHAT RANK, EXTREME STUPIDITY.

By the way, there’s no erasing my reply to your snide snipe, it’s going on my blog under, “a reply to a typical catholic”. Congrats on inspiring my first article, response to a Catholic “defense” (which all can see was no defense, just a vague, loveless, hit-and-run, anti-biblical insult), and making it a permanent page. Let’s see how many Catholics will make excuses for your in-the-dark sin, which I’ve exposed with the light. your sinful rotten fruit self can magically save yourself, and make yourself part-savior. Good riddance to reading anymore of your useless and destructive whore-rants.

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