How To Get Eternal Life

The One and Only Way to Eternal Peace and Happiness
By Daniel Knight

First remember: Just because we can’t understand something, or completely, doesn’t mean that that thing is not true or real. This is what you must believe if you want to live and be happy forever without any pain:

God is a spirit who never lies, is always fair, knows everything and controls everything, though not always directly. His will is always done no matter what anyone else’s will is. Though he never desires that anyone disobey him, it was his will that man did, so that he could convince all with evidence that his love truly was better than anyone else’s, his wrath worse than anyone else’s and that it was better to always obey him than to ever disobey.

God is neither male nor female, but because he has more male-like traits, he mostly refers to himself using masculine words. He is three different people at once who are all joined in such a way that they are one being: God. The three people who form the being God, whose name is Yahweh, are known as The Father, the Son (Jesus/Yeshua) and the Holy Spirit, also known as the Comforter. Jesus and the Holy Spirit voluntarily submit themselves to the Father, whom they simply refer to often in the Bible as “God” rather than “God the Father”. Though they voluntarily obey him, his will is in harmony with theirs, and because of that, they are always at peace with one another.

Jesus said that his greatest law was, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart”. He also taught that those who love God are people who don’t want to lie, steal, commit adultery, murder, hate anyone, and love God’s word (and it’s also important to know that he didn’t teach that if you are not perfect that it means you don’t love God). Jesus said that the second greatest law is, “Love your neighbor as yourself” which means to care that everyone loves God with all their heart. As most people realize, it’s not possible to do this perfectly, and many realize they can’t even love God at all.

To God, if you disobey one of his laws even a little, even if you try to obey it, he doesn’t see it as a good thing, but as disobedience. That doesn’t mean that everything you do isn’t right in anyway, like if you say, “God doesn’t exist, but I exist”, he sees the second half of that sentence as correct, but the first half as a lie, but even if you say something correct, that doesn’t mean God will say you were good to say what was right, because God doesn’t think something a person does is good unless they love him when they do it.

God sometimes calls disobedience to his laws sin”. “Sin” means “missed-mark”, like when a someone shoots at a mark, like a small cross mark on a tree, but misses it because they didn’t care about aiming exactly on the target. So, God uses the word “sin” and “sinner” because he wants us to know that he wants us to obey him exactly like hitting a small target, and to hit a small target, you must aim perfectly figuratively speaking. God also says to always obey him. But we all know that no one unless they are perfect, can hit a small mark nonstop perfectly, and God also wanted us to realize that too. The punishment for not obeying God perfectly, is to be sent away from him in a place called Hell where you will be in the dark and in pain forever and never get rest from the pain. So what God is letting us know is that to escape that punishment we can’t rely on ourselves to be perfect, and that what’s left then is to ask him for forgiveness. God knows everything, so he’ll know if you are truly sorry and intend to stop disobeying him, so a false prayer will be ignored. But a prayer for forgiveness and deciding not to disobey God is not enough to be saved from Hell, God needed to take his hatred, his anger for disobedience out on someone else, but it couldn’t just be another sinner, it had to be someone perfect according to the Bible, which is is word. Jesus decided to show love and obey God’s laws perfectly for those God decided to forgive, and Jesus also suffered the full punishment that they deserved. Part of the punishment Jesus has to suffer was being hung on a tree, to be bled, and killed. This happened to him when he was beaten with whips, nailed to a cross, and pierced with a spear. He also had to suffer all of the pain that those he came to save deserved, and he did, and because he knew the future perfectly, he was able to suffer all of their punishment in a short time instead of forever. Because Jesus started out as a spirit, he couldn’t bleed or be killed, so he had to become a human. The Holy Spirit made made a body for him from a virgin Jewish woman named Mary, but it didn’t have a soul or spirit, and so Jesus became it’s soul and spirit. After Jesus was murdered on the cross and then buried, God brought his body back to life and changed it into a body of spirit that will never die. Because God showed such great love by doing this, and so that everyone would know how to have this love, Jesus said,

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son,
that whoever believes in him will not perish, but have everlasting life.”

And Paul, a man who God spoke through, said:

“While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

Finally, to be forgiven by God, and have eternal life, you must do these things:

Be sorry for disobeying him and decide to never disobey him again. Trust that his son died for you; Believe that if you ask God to forgive you for breaking his laws with true sorrow for offending him, that he will forgive you as soon as you have asked and has forgiven all your future sins; that after he forgives you that he makes for you a spirit that can only obey him and will never die (your spirit is immortal when God returns so will your body); and that if your body dies that he will bring it back to life just like he did with Jesus and that he will make it so that it is never able to hate him again and will live forever.

Many atheists and anti-Christians argue that if they were God they would do things differently, yet many of the same ones say that no one can know what God is like because he’d be to hard to understand. Well which is it? And that they argue against themselves like that shows that they don’t know what they are talking about. Also, how do they know what they would do if they were God? They also argue against their other arguments by saying that the God if the Bible is wrongfully hateful because he said he will punish people forever for sins that aren’t forever, but that is wrong because it’s hypocritical for them to say when they are constantly commit crimes against God, including by lying about him, and they refuse to stop, and will go on forever sinning, just like the Bible says they will in it’s last book. Also, just by them saying that the God of the Bible is “hateful”, they admit that such a God can possibly exist, or else they would only say, “It makes no sense to talk about a God who hates anything because it’s not possible as you can see.” and nothing more. Instead they have long arguments of all kinds, arguments that don’t make sense and that don’t agree with their other arguments, about why they feel hate for the God described in the Bible. If it were not possible that the God of the Bible exists, it’s as silly for them to use these arguments as it would be for someone to write a book about why there can’t be dead trees that like to dance, wear clothes and hate people, because everyone knows that all you have to say is, “No one has ever seen such a thing and dead things don’t have emotions because dead things don’t think.” Some also argue that if God really wanted people to believe these things that he would make it easy for them to understand. But what is their “proof” for this? The same people who say that don’t make things easy for others all the time or themselves, and often don’t want something to be easy, like a game, because then they would be bored all the time. They even use the silly excuse that they wouldn’t want to live forever because they would be bored forever, yet they have never lived forever, can’t imagine it, hardly know anything of what can be known, don’t know God, and know they can have happiness by doing the same things over and over by just kissing someone beautiful. All they have is their heart as supposed proof that God would make it easy for them to know that he existed and what he wants from them. They are also hypocritical to act like they care, because they can sense he designed nature, but reject knowing who he is, and even when they find out who he is, they reject him because he doesn’t fit their desire to be their slave. And as everyone knows, human hearts are not reliable for truth, which is why we often use science to learn the truth. But science isn’t the only way to learn the truth, the Bible has been shown for thousands of years to lead people to peace and the truth, but people who hate the truth ignore it, lie about it, or use it to hurt or take advantage of others. But misusing what is good doesn’t make what is good something evil, but makes what is good more easily seen, because they can also see the evil in front of them, and that it does not look or feel like what is good. Remember: if you want to know the truth about God, believe that he exists and ask him to let you know if what I’ve written is true, but if you don’t intend to obey him after learning that the Bible is true, then why should he let you know if it is? If you are struggling wrongful joy, may God give you sorrow. If you are struggling with sorrow, may he give you happiness.

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