Since I sometimes catch cats and kittens in Vegas and often don’t find buyers right away and can hardly care for many cats at once without exhausting myself quickly and ending up with extremely bad muscle, joint and back pain and headaches and starving (I’m a homeless nomadic cyclist with psoriasis on my scalp and arthritis biking heavy loads almost always when traveling), I’m going to list new ones here in hopes of making quicker sales. Whether you like or not I rescue cats to support mine and myself, I don’t care. I do love cats in general though, obviously, or I wouldn’t have my own pet cats and nearly slave over them.

This is a gray and white kitten with a pink nose and olive eyes for sale. He’s somewhat tame, not combative, somewhat soft, not shedding so far:




Make a comment and call 213-929-8455 to call me.

Rules: you must post a comment with an ip address leading back to a las vegas residence with your first and last name and non-anonymous email like hotmail, yahoo or gmail. You must text me and leave a clear voice message identifying youself with first and last name and when you want to meet me and say which kitten you want. When you meet me I must see your cash in hand or I may leave.

Why? Because I have stalkers, and get pranked and it is usually by atheists and Christian-haters and now cat-haters.

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