Bible Evidence For Beginners (And Supposed Contradictions in the Bible)

This page serves as a simplified summary of some of the most well known (but not a full detailed list) of the evidences for the Bible being God’s exact word, especially Genesis, as presented from a traditional creationist interpretation (that being that the universe is no older than 6,500 years) based almost entirely on fact or the most reasonable interpretations rather and some on logical opinions. By “exact” I don’t mean every single word but 90-95% where it is most important, nor do I mean that all of the Bible is perfectly understood, but rather, mostly, or well enough for a near-perfect life in morality and logic and health which follows from those two, to be achieved through it. It also acts as a gateway to other evidences under the types I mention here.

I often come across people who speak as if there’s no evidence for the Bible, basing this on their simple-minded gullible falling for whatever fits their predisposition to their sinful lifestyle, in other words, believing whatever is convenient and justifies their feelings, their way of life. I have written many articles in my journal (there’s over 700 articles now, not including the “pages” that always stay on top) and many references throughout my journal, which I’ve noticed are very VERY rarely clicked on, and yet I’ll get atheists and agnostics and Christian-haters babbling about how there’s no evidence for what I say on my journal, and saying I’m a liar, dishonest, and one “secular thinker” in under about an hour of reading a few articles of my journal, says I have no evidence for my “assertions” and “You clearly don’t care about truth”, a phrase this conniving weasel was repeating back to me since no doubt he came across it. It’s incredible that evil morons like that think I’d let their comments be posted, but they seem to be hoping to anger me so much that in some sort of angry state my judgment will be compromised and that I’ll just go ahead and let their rant get posted so that they can anger. mislead and waste the time of others (he had also stuck in a link to his stupid journal, no doubt stupid since he was denying evidence all over my journal right in front of his face, let alone in hundreds of thousands of pages all over the Internet, evidence in countless bookstores and libraries and the evidence that can be understood from Bible itself). But to shut these morons up, these devils, I’ll make a list, a convenient list of them to start from, to go learn on their own. That way, when they talk to me, they cannot say, “What evidence, dur?” as if they have no clue where to start. This is also for people who are young, and who grew up strongly mislead, and threatened into not looking into things like evidence for the Bible. Anyone who cares about truth can simply use a search engine to find “evidence for the Bible”, however, all kinds of pages will come up. I’ll tell you what to look for, which can also be found either in my journal articles or linked already. But, if you want to start using a search engine (and you can search, look for these topics:

1) Archeology:

The archaeological evidence is already linked to thoroughly in my 20 Questions for Muslims article. Note: if any links are expired or not working you might still find them on just copy the url into the second search engine on that page:

Biblical cities (1)
General archeology (2)
General (3)
Genera (4)
General (5)
Jerusalem wall (6)
A Dead Sea Tablet Which Indicates Christianity Was Original Religion of the Jews (7)
A Pay to Read Article (8)
General (9)
General (11)
General (12)
Petrified forests (18)
geological evidence which refutes Big Bang/evolutionist geology (19)
General: Why I Don’t Have Faith In “No God” (20)
General (21)
Joseph’s tomb (22)
The James Ossuary (an ancient/human bone storage box) which says, “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus” 23
Pre-flood Archeology (24)
Pre-flood (25)
Pre-flood (26)
The Shroud of Turin (27)
Bible Prophecies (this isn’t archeology directly but ancient prophecies have been verified at times by ancient archeological research 28)
Geological: Island formation (29)

And these things confirm the Bible’s claims about various types of religions having existed, and specific cities, and races of people, and other things. Do the research, retyping it is a waste of time when it’s already there to read. Books on the archeology of the Bible:
1) The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict, Fully Updated

2) The Historical Reliability of the Gospels,

3) Jesus Under Fire: Modern Scholarship Reinvents the Historical Jesus,

4) Jesus and the Eyewitnesses: The Gospels as Eyewitness Testimony,

5) History and Christianity,

6) Can We Trust the Gospels?: Investigating the Reliability of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John,

7) Evidence and Paul’s Journeys,

8) Miracles: The Credibility of the New Testament Accounts (2 Volume Set),

9) Acts and the History of Earliest Christianity,

10) The Bearing of Recent Discovery on the Trustworthiness of the New Testament,

11) A Biblical History of Israel

12) On the Reliability of the Old Testament

2) Geology:

The most obvious evidence are sea fossils on mountain tops and dry land masses all over the world, and that are bunched together. They are like that because of huge water currents pushing the sea animals into large clumps. It’s the same with land animals that were killed, which are almost always found buried together. There are many petrified trees too, including two forests in two different parts of the world, that were fossilized upright. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other fossilized forests, just that those were the ones found. There are also various fossilized human footprints, and though evolutionists try and “debunk” them, they fail, and you’d be wasting valuable time reading their meandering (and on a side note: completely boring) attempts to. Another obvious sign of the flood are the many crystals all over the world (crystals require liquid chemical mixing to form, and to form large and well formed shapes). It seems more reasonable that something like a quartz crystal would have more likely formed due to a large amount of chemicals in liquid mixing up and forming over a few years, rather than an 7000-15 billion years. The crystal evidence occurred to me on 4/24/2012, after one of my crystal digs of an unknown crystal type nearby, which today, on 4/25/2012, concluded was gypsum. When I read a few sites on it today, I came upon one that said mineralogists thought gypsum was the result of the ocean once being over landmasses. Do you think all these things happening in the order I described them are mere coincidence? I myself don’t think so.

3) Internal Consistency of a Very Complex and Ancient Book:

This refers to the Bible saying a very large number of claims within itself that are in agreement (and so don’t conflict/contradict). The Bible is a large book with many different claims and teachings, prophecies and laws and using various literary devices like symbolism and figures of speech. So then, it is not a simple book over all. It doesn’t even use periods or commas, making it even more complex. It also doesn’t use every single word to express a thought like is often done in English. You have to fill on the blanks using logical deduction and from knowledge of the language use of the Jews who spoke the language in ancient times (by reading other ancient writings that are more modern and translated into other languages) or from Jews who still speak the language. The Greek part of the Bible is not as hard to understand as Hebrew. But so, again, the Bible is not a simple book. The point is, humans are very prone to making mistakes, and so the Bible being as large and complicated as it is, should have major mistakes, especially since it was written by over 50 different people, and was a struggle to preserve over thousands of years of famines, wars, journeying and persecution. Yet, if you’re not blinded and spend enough time researching, you should find, like me, that the Bible has no contradictions. I’ve heard every supposed contradiction and even thought of ones that no atheist seemed to notice, but they always turned out to not be errors. Here is a list of sites that deal with alleged contradictions in the Bible:

Here’s an example of 101 failed attempts to find contradictions in the Bible:”>

Answering Islam (This deals with arguments made by Muslims as does the 101 Cleared Up Contradictions book/site)

Alleged Contradictions in the Bible Answered

There was one explanation for something on thinktank that I thought was wrong, something to do with Adam and Eve. It’s been since about 2005 since I last read any contradictions on that site.

Another Christian also spent the time to refute some of the basic errors in the Skeptic’s Annotated Bible (more like “scribbled in rantings Bible”):

The Most Common Philosophical and Moral Arguments Against the Bible by me

I also recommend that you read the 12 Biblical archeology and testimony books I list here

4) Successful Bible Prophecies:

There are no provable failed prophecies. Here’s a list of fulfilled ones and ones in waiting:

5) Peaceful Lives of True Christians: Anyone can see that reformed Baptists and Presbyterians are a peaceful and loving people, charitable to the poor and kind to those who hate them, risking their lives to better others. These are true Christians. No one can say, “The Bible doesn’t improve or help anyone to be happy, or to make them courageous” and that it simply makes people stupid mental slaves, when honestly judging these two groups. A person who makes such a judgment is ignoring what is easily seen and full of hate and pride. They are also ignoring history. It wasn’t these two groups that committed mass murders like the Catholics, Mormons and atheist groups have committed. This can be called the Christian testimony of changed lives.

6) The Unpeaceful Lives of Non-Christian lives: endless crime, wars, battles, fights, riots and on and on. Compare that to the lives of the RPs and RBs I mentioned. The Bible says you will find evil among those who reject him and his word, notice I said HIS WORD, and peace, in general, among those who love him and obey his word. It’s true, go find out for yourself if it’s not obvious to you.

7) Evidences For Genesis and Against Alternative Creation Theories:

There is much evidence for the universe (not just Earth) being no older than 6,500 years. If you research the news long enough, you will find that the numbers 4,000 and 5,000 (years old) comes up often. For example, it’s been estimated that there was a massive die off of coral reefs 5000 years ago, that in China an ancient advanced civilization died off 5000 years ago, that civization had a technological surge 4000 years ago, and on an on, which supports the Bible’s claim that there had been a world-wide kill off of most life on Earth’s surface which involved water as the main killing agent, and that mankind became technology advanced after the first 1000 years, but then was killed off almost entirely, and then after another 1000 years, had again become very advanced (lasting examples are evidences of extensive intercontinental travel, advanced ship-building in China, megaliths, various extremely advanced micro technologies evidence by jewelry, small machine parts, stories of ancient robots, flying vehicles, some models of which survived, and giant stones they moved and ancient stories of what seems to be devestating fighting between powerful and advanced civilizations, but apparently from diseases (various pestilences, war, and earthquakes, which the Bible prophecied would come, devastated itself).

Various Findings That Contradict Big Bang-Evolution Theory Documented By Prof. William Corliss
The Cave Man Myth
Advanced Cities That Flooded or Sank Underwater
Ancient Nuclear Technology

Design: This is the most obvious evidence for a creator according to God’s word, but not just any design, beautiful design. You can see beautiful design in nature everywhere. Those who say it is random don’t know what they are talking about or are lying. Design is not random, there is no such thing as randomness. Everything follows laws (and if not, then God’s commands). When a scientist says something is random, he’s appealing to a Random God of the Gaps (this is a twist on an insult phrase used against Christians, which is used to promote a myth about Christians simply saying, “God did it” to explain things). When a scientist or anyone against Christians says a thing is random, they are explaining a thing away without any effort in in depth reasoning themselves. They are being lazy and denying reality, and denying what is already well known, and taught by scientists themselves: that everything goes according to physical laws. Some will even say, whether contradictory or not, that randomness is one of the laws, in other words, that it is constrained too and cannot go beyond certain statistical probabilities. For example, no one can truthfully say that a person with their imperfect muscle control and imperfect senses can roll a dice so that four dots turn up 100 times in a row. A machine could do it, but not a human, unless they had been greatly enhanced or constrained by a machine. You can learn about this here: Also consider that cryptologists have spent decades trying to figure out how to make a password or encryption method that is perfectly random, so that no one can break the code. However, that is not logically possible; if it was, than no password/decryption method would be able to decrypt the encryption. In conclusion: no one can rationally say that design, especially highly ordered and beautiful design, came about by randomness, without any thought being responsible for the beautiful thing they are seeing.

The Golden Ratio: Fibonacci

Miller-Urey/Electro-chemical Abiogensis Experiment Disproved

Thermodynamics of Living Systems

Ten Reasons Evolution is Wrong

Lava Dome at Mount St Helens Debunks Radio-Dating Methods

The Big Bang Theory Collapses

No Fruit Fly Evolution Even after 600 Generations

Living Fossil Articles: (a list of articles of from this site)

Various Books:

Science Was Wrong: Startling Truths About Cures, Theories, and Inventions “They” Declared Impossible (more accurately: Bible-Deniers Were Wrong Despite Claiming to Be Objective Because They’re Still Doing Science and “still learning”)

Bad Science


The Trouble With Physics: The Rise of String Theory, The Fall of a Science

Seeing Red: Redshifts Cosmology and Academic Science

The Big Bang Never Happened

Reinventing Gravity

Old Physics for New: An Alternative to Relativity

The Great Gravity Probe B Hoax

Faster than a Speeding Light Wave

The First Test That Proves General Theory of Relativity Wrong

Was the Speed of Light Faster In the Early Universe?

Speed of Light May Have Varied in the Early Universe

The Decrease in The Speed of Light (Video) Part 1

The Decrease in The Speed of Light (Video) Part 2

The Decrease In the Speed of Light – An Update On Developments

Reports of the Death of Speed of Light Decay are Premature

On the Constancy of the Speed of Light

Contradictions in the Big Bang Theory

FTL: New Evidence Against Relativity

Earth Is At the Center of the Universe Unlike What Big-Bang Evolutionists Claim:

There is much that evidence humans are one of the top concerns of God as the Bible implies and the centricity of Earth is one of them. The center of the universe was discovered using triangulation (and if so it, could help explain how aliens have apparently found this planet among countless others, if they had the technology to use a similar type of triangulation). Look up geocentrism in my journal or the Internet and read, watch and or listen to what Malcom Bowden teaches.

The Earth IS the center of the visible Universe

Earth is even in the center of the solar system:

Evidence of Geocentrism

8) Supernatural Events/Activities Including Miracles:

Is it too hard for anyone to spend time in a haunted house to verify if spirits exist? And think: if humans are just matter, with no spiritual component, not even a mind, then that would mean after 7 years, when your body has replaced every molecule, that you are no longer the same person. Therefore, when someone refers to something you did longer than 7 years ago, it’s not true, because that was a different human being entirely. Do you feel or reason that you really are a different person every 7 years? If that were true then you would not be responsible for crimes past 7 years ago, and no one could honestly charge you or anyone with a crime that long ago. Would you be willing to use that excuse in court? Could anyone in jail longer than 7 years say, “The molecules in my body have been completely replaced now that 7 years have passed, I’m a different person, let me go.”? But if we have a soul that isn’t be replaced or destroyed, then you are the same person. And if souls exist, then that is one more evidence for the Bible being right about people always being responsible for their actions no matter how much time has passed, and having an eternal part of themselves (the soul and the spirit – but only those God forgave have a spirit according to the Bible – a spirit is basically like another body, which survives death, though there is nothing “in” it like the physical body, though it does have an emotional heart, mind and perhaps the soul sticks with it at death).

Miracles: There are many miracle stories, some can be attributed to demons, but the point is, “amazing supernatural events” happen. One of the best documented positive type miracles is the “angel in the hospital” events. An angel healed a girl in a hospital in North Carolina, and on following days, healed more children. However that second fact is not well known. However, many “skeptics” have heard of just the one healing (and ignore it) and instead claim (without any evidence) that the angel that was seen was just a reflection. Amazing how all the sudden one day reflections show up shaped like angels lighting up a hallway that coincides (randomness again!) with kids being healed of extremely hard to heal sicknesses. Miracles can also be lives changed for the better (like I referred to in evidence 5).

Now, what excuse does anyone have who reads this for saying, “There’s no evidence for the Bible”? Can someone who isn’t hateful or mentally ill, having done the research on the topics mentioned here, or accepting the already obvious evidence stated here, say, “What evidence”? They may do so, and claim to be lovers of truth, logical, rational, or truth seekers, but they would be either blind, forgetful, or lying in extreme hatred.

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